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Awaken Chaos Era Gemini Dragon is one of the Arcane Dominator dungeon where you farm Guard Set, Divine Set and Rebel Set gears by defeating the boss guarding the area. Gemini Dragon has 2 unique abilities that makes this boss challenge. The first ability is the more attacks you inflict on him up will cause him to go Berserk mode. Beserk mode increases hit Attack, Critical Rate and Critical Damage stats and this self-buff cannot be removed by your hero skills. The second ability is the boss skills are damage boosted when his Health reaches 50% and below. In addition, his right Ragehammer Guard applies Immune buff to prevent the boss from being inflicted by any debuff, while the left Ragehammer Guard applies Defense Buff to reduce the damage intake from your heroes.

How does the Gemini Dragon Boss mechanics work?

  • Each time you hit the Gemini Dragon boss, he gains 1 stack of Fury buff (+5% Damage).
  • You can use remove this Fury buff by using remove positive effect skills (e.g. Gangelo) or apply No Positive Effect debuff to prevent the boss from gaining Fury buff.
  • Upon reaching 10 stacks of Fury buff, it is converted to be an unremovable Fury buff, and this allows the boss to wipe out your entire team!
  • In addition, when the boss’s health reaches 50%, he gains a bonus turn to perform an AoE attack. You will only have 2 rounds to defeat the boss before he wipes out your entire team!
  • The boss will keep gaining a bonus turn whenever he defeats at least 1 hero in your team to perform another round of attack!

How to beat Gemini Dragon?

  • The most efficient method to beat Gemini Dragon is to apply Poison on the boss to dwindle his Health slowly. Poison debuff deals damage based on the target’s Max Health, which makes it a powerful arsenal especially in higher difficulty stages where enemies have enormous amount of Health.
  • Attacking Gemini Dragon directly will grant 1 stack of Fury through his passive skill Insatiable Fury. However, Poison damage does not count as a direct attack, which means you can avoid triggering the boss from going Berserk mode!
  • The first strategy to defeat boss slowly mainly with Poison using Valuk as he has a passive skill that applies Poison to the attacker if they attack any of your heroes. Pair him with 2 support heroes that heals and cleanses debuff such as Mary, Connor, Blackhorn and Celestial Kane. Ensure the other heroes does not perform AoE attacks to avoid granting Fury to the boss!
  • The target sequence in Gemini Dragon dungeon is to defeat the right Ragehammer Guard, followed by the left Ragehammer Guard and finally the boss. Defeating the left sidekick prevents him from applying Immune to the boss that blocks your Poison debuff.
  • Use heroes that deals minimal damage to the sidekicks and let the Poison do the job. If you kill the Ragehammer too quickly, you will end up fighting the boss early when his health is still above 50%.
  • Alternatively, you can clear Gemini Dragon stage by using Poison Detonation Team, which consists of Gangelo, Santis and Ghajar. You can pair this team with a DPS champion such as Zatlux and Hydrissea to clear the mob of enemies quickly or support champions such as Hakrin, Blackhorn, William for survivability to ensure your run is a 100% win rate!

List of Enemy Skills

Gemini Dragon Skills

  • Dragon Lineage: When Health falls below 50%, uses Dragon Breath and enhances all of this character’s abilities.
  • Insatiable Fury: Attacks on this character grant 1 stack of Fury. This character enters permanent Berserk Mode at 10 stacks.
  • Purple Lightning: Deals damage to 2 enemies and removes all of their positive effects.
  • Tail Sweep: Deals damage to all enemies and grants a bonus turn at the end of the round.
  • Dragon Breath: Damages all enemies. The damage dealt by this attack scales with the amount of Health lost by targets.
  • Air Assault: Damages all enemies and removes all positive effects from targets. A removal boosts damage dealt to the target by +100%.
  • Wing Strike: Deals damage to all enemies and applies No Positive Effects for 2 turn(s).
  • Dragon Flame: Deals True Damage to all enemies. Damage dealt by this attack scales with the target’s Max Health.

Ragehammer Guard (Left)

  • Note: This boss guard is only present from Stage 7 to 12.
  • Beat: Deals damage to an enemy.
  • Defense Boost: Applies Defense Up II to the boss for 2 turns.

Ragehammer Guard (Right)

  • Note: This boss guard is only present from Stage 7 to 12.
  • Beat: Deals damage to an enemy.
  • Damage Immunity: Applies Immune to the boss for 2 turns.

Gemini Dragon Screenshots

Gemini Dragon Menu: There are 14 stages you can choose to fight against the Gemini Dragon enemies to farm gears. The last 2 stages are Hell Mode difficulty, which has enemies that are much more difficult to defeat. From this menu, you can check the enemy’s skills and the popular team formation used by other players to defeat Gemini Dragon’s enemies.
Gemini Dragon Menu in Awaken Chaos Era

Gemini Dragon Hero Tier List

Legendary Heros Ranking

5★ Gemini Dragon | Legendary Hero

4★ Gemini Dragon | Legendary Hero

3★ Gemini Dragon | Legendary Hero

2★ Gemini Dragon | Legendary Hero

1★ Gemini Dragon | Legendary Hero

Epic Heros Ranking

5★ Gemini Dragon | Epic Hero

4★ Gemini Dragon | Epic Hero

3★ Gemini Dragon | Epic Hero

2★ Gemini Dragon | Epic Hero

1★ Gemini Dragon | Epic Hero

Elite Heros Ranking

5★ Gemini Dragon | Elite Hero

4★ Gemini Dragon | Elite Hero

3★ Gemini Dragon | Elite Hero

2★ Gemini Dragon | Elite Hero

1★ Gemini Dragon | Elite Hero

Rare Heros Ranking

5★ Gemini Dragon | Rare Hero

4★ Gemini Dragon | Rare Hero

3★ Gemini Dragon | Rare Hero

2★ Gemini Dragon | Rare Hero

1★ Gemini Dragon | Rare Hero

Common Heros Ranking

5★ Gemini Dragon | Common Hero

4★ Gemini Dragon | Common Hero

3★ Gemini Dragon | Common Hero

2★ Gemini Dragon | Common Hero

1★ Gemini Dragon | Common Hero

Gemini Video Guides

Ayumilove: Gemini Dragon 12 Team (Gangelo, Santis, Hakrin, Blackhorn/Rodira/Mytheasia)

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  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Aurora: I have added some useful tips in the guide above to understand the boss mechanics. With this information, you can devise a strategy based on his attack pattern. Currently, the best option to defeat the boss quickly is to use either Poison debuff or deal True Damage based on the enemies’ MAX Health. If going with the latter option, you will need to have a support hero who can remove the boss Fury from stacking up too high to prevent it from becoming a permanent Fury stack.

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    Hey can you do an update on your Gemini Dragon walk through with more detailed information and maybe some more ways to accomplish for auto farming?