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Awaken Chaos Era Flame Lizard is one of the No Man’s Land dungeon where you farm Fire Gems, Fire Crystals and Fire Obsidians to upgrade Fire element heroes. Checkout the Flame Lizard boss skills and the strategies below to learn more about this dungeon so you can farm it more efficiently!

How to beat Flame Lizard Boss?

  • The enemies in Flame Lizard dungeon are all Fire element. Using Water element heroes allows you to deal +50% more damage to them and have 50% chance to receive 50% less damage from their attacks. Using this elemental advantage increases your survivability rate and enable you to defeat them swiftly.
  • Flame Lizard has 2 unique abilities that makes him dangerous. The first ability is he gains a spark whenever he attacks your team, which increases his damage output significantly. The second ability is he can perform a bonus attack whenever he defeat 1 of your heroes.
  • To keep his damage output at a minimum threshold, you will need to have your Offense heroes land Critical Hits on the Flame Lizard boss to remove the Spark from getting stack up. It’s recommended to have them in high Critical Rate stat by equipping a Critical Rate Ring or using Rage Set to achieve 70~100% Critical Rate.
  • To prevent him from taking a bonus turn, avoid using Wood element heroes as it put your team in a risky position to die easily from the boss single-target nuke attacks.
  • For Flame Lizard Stage 10 and 11, he will gain an additional skill that allows him to have Lifesteal ability. However, he also gains a weakness which is he is proned to crowd control such as Taunt. You can use Charles (Elite Hero) to Taunt the boss consistently, so he does not perform lifesteal on all of your heroes to recover his health quickly.
  • The recommended Offense Water heroes are Ciara, Hydrissea, Nathalia, Andre and Mulhex to deal high damage to the boss. If you do not have any of them, then rely on Celine who is provided in the Adventure storyline to help farm skill materials from Flame Lizard.
  • In addition, you need support heroes to heal your heroes when raiding Flame Lizard boss. The suitable heroes for this healing role are Connor, Abbott, Marian, Hassel and Blackhorn.

Enemy Skills

Flame Lizard’s Skills

  • Spark: Each Spark increases damage by 20%. One Spark is removed when a Critical Strike is landed on this character.
  • Slayer: Grants a bonus turn upon defeating an enemy.
  • Ultrasensitive: +100% Life Steal. Amplifies damage taken by 50% if affected by control effect. (Unlocks on Stage 10 and 11)
  • Claw Slash: Deals damage to an enemy and grants 1 Spark.
  • Flame Chain: Deals damage to an enemy and grants 2 Sparks.
  • Lava Burst: Deals damage to all enemies. Damage decreases based on the number of surviving Heroes on the battlefield.

Fire Imp

  • Scorching Strike: Deals damage to enemy, with a 50% chance to apply ignite for 2 turns.

Flame Lizard Screenshots

Flame Lizard Menu: There are 11 stages you can choose to fight against the Flame Lizard. Each stage rewards different amount of Fire Gems, Crystals and Obsidian. On the right side, there are 2 buttons, which allows you to check the Flame Lizard skills and the popular team formation used by other players to defeat Flame Lizard. Click on the “Rewards” to view the First Clear Reward, Likely Loot and Possible Loot.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Flame Lizard Dungeon - Menu
Flame Lizard Battle (Wave 1/2): You will need to defeat the first wave of Fire Imps before getting to the Flame Lizard boss. These enemies does not provide much of a threat as they are pretty slow and can be easily wiped out using AoE (Area of Effect) nukes from Water Element heroes such as Hydrissea, Nathalia or Ciara.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Flame Lizard Dungeon - Fire Imp
Flame Lizard Battle (Wave 2/2): This is the Flame Lizard boss residing in this dungeon where you will be farming his Fire Gems, Crystals and Obsidian drops. Apply consistent Critical Hits to prevent him from stacking up Sparks that could lead to higher damage output against your heroes.
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Flame Lizard Dungeon - Boss
Flame Lizard Battle Results: After defeating the boss, you will be greeted with the Battle Results. The one shown here is the multi-battle result along with the total items being collected from farming this dungeon. It’s recommended to farm Stage 4 to upgrade Elite Hero skills (highest amount of Fire Gems), Stage 6 for Epic Hero skills (balance of Fire Gems and Fire Crystals), and Stage 9 for Legendary Hero skills (Fire Crystals and Fire Obsidian).
Awaken Chaos Era No Man's Land Flame Lizard Dungeon - Battle Results

Flame Lizard Hero Tier List

Legendary Heros Ranking

5★ Flame Lizard | Legendary Hero

4★ Flame Lizard | Legendary Hero

3★ Flame Lizard | Legendary Hero

2★ Flame Lizard | Legendary Hero

1★ Flame Lizard | Legendary Hero

Epic Heros Ranking

5★ Flame Lizard | Epic Hero

4★ Flame Lizard | Epic Hero

3★ Flame Lizard | Epic Hero

2★ Flame Lizard | Epic Hero

1★ Flame Lizard | Epic Hero

Elite Heros Ranking

5★ Flame Lizard | Elite Hero

4★ Flame Lizard | Elite Hero

3★ Flame Lizard | Elite Hero

2★ Flame Lizard | Elite Hero

1★ Flame Lizard | Elite Hero

Rare Heros Ranking

5★ Flame Lizard | Rare Hero

4★ Flame Lizard | Rare Hero

3★ Flame Lizard | Rare Hero

2★ Flame Lizard | Rare Hero

1★ Flame Lizard | Rare Hero

Common Heros Ranking

5★ Flame Lizard | Common Hero

4★ Flame Lizard | Common Hero

3★ Flame Lizard | Common Hero

2★ Flame Lizard | Common Hero

1★ Flame Lizard | Common Hero

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2 thoughts on “Flame Lizard Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Bosley: You can use heroes who can crowd control the boss so that he only performs lifesteal on 1 of your hero rather than a group of heroes. The best candidate for this job is Charles. Just disable his abilities so he can consistently Taunt the boss on Stage 10 and 11.

  2. Bosley

    You make no mention of how to deal with the Lifesteal ability. I am surprised as that is the most difficult part of the fight to overcome for me. Is there any way? The Unhealable ability does not work…. 🙁