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Watcher of Realms is a tower defense, fantasy-themed, role-playing gache game, which can be played on mobile (Android, iOS), PC and MAC. Players will need to assemble a team of heroes to battle against the enemy. There are 9 Campaign Stages with 3 difficulties (Normal, Hard, Mythic), 3 Gear Raid dungeons to farm powerful hero equipments (weapon, armor, necklace, ring, bangle), and Guild Boss to earn amazing daily chest rewards!

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How to progress quickly in Watcher of Realms?

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Watcher of Realms Overview


There are over 150 heroes in the game and each of them has a unique combination of rarity, faction, and role. There are 5 rarities (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common), 5 roles (Defender, Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Healer), and 10 Factions (The Watchguard, North Throne, Nightmare Council, Cursed Cult, Infernal Blast, Star Piercers, Esoteria Order, Chaos Dominion, The Unameable). In this tower defense game, hero placement and timing of skill activation plays a big part in determining the success of your battle along with having the right faction allies to pair with the lord skill hero.

How to progress in Watcher of Realms quickly?

  1. Upgrade your 5 core heroes in your team. Get hero for each role (2 Mage, 2 Marksman, 1 Healer) to avoid encountering difficulties when farming Insignia from Promotion Raid. Defender and Fighter heroes are prioritized later once you need to promote healers.
  2. Clear Campaign stages as far as possible to unlock those Gold and EXP Dungeon before farming those resources from that dungeon. Higher difficulty Gold and EXP dungeon provides higher amount of rewards for the energy spent!
  3. Complete the storyline quest first before doing your dailies to avoid getting stuck due to lack of energy.

Unlock Watcher of Realms Features

  1. Complete Campaign N1-1 to unlock Rex (Rare Defender Hero)
  2. Complete Campaign N1-3 to unlock Camile (Rare Healer Hero)
  3. Complete Campaign N1-4 to unlock Liam (Uncommon Marksman Hero)
  4. Complete Campaign N1-6 to unlock Mage and Marksman Insignia Dungeon
  5. Complete Campaign N1-8 to unlock 7-Day Search (Marri & Ain Reward)
  6. Complete Campaign N1-9 to unlock Summoning Portal (Summon Morene)
  7. Complete Campaign N2-6 to unlock New Commanders 2X Legendary
  8. Complete Campaign N2-7 to unlock Storyline
  9. Complete Campaign N2-11 to unlock Healer & Defender Insignia Dungeon
  10. Complete Campaign N2-12 to unlock Hero Gallery
  11. Complete Campaign N3-4 to unlock Fighter Insignia Dungeon
  12. Complete Campaign N3-12 to unlock Guild
  13. Complete Campaign N5-1 to unlock Arena

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