Watcher of Realms Summoning Guide: Lust & Arrogance vs Silas & Vierna

In the vibrant world of Watcher of Realms, summoning decisions wield significant influence over your journey. Let’s dive into a comprehensive analysis to help you decide between summoning for the “Lust & Arrogance” banner or the “Silas & Vierna” banner. We’ll explore the strengths, weaknesses, and strategic implications of each banner.

Summarization of Key Considerations

Exclusive Characters:

  • The allure of exclusive characters, particularly Lust from the “Lust & Arrogance” banner, stands out. Lust is considered the pinnacle of exclusivity in the game, with unparalleled strength and unique abilities. However, once Lust’s banner concludes, she will vanish from the summoning pool, adding urgency to summoning for her.
  • In contrast, Silas & Vierna, featured in the opposing banner, remain accessible beyond their banner’s duration. This accessibility offers you a chance to obtain them over time, albeit with potentially reduced drop rates.

Strategic Versatility vs. Late-Game Dominance:

  • Silas is praised for his versatility and late-game dominance, described as the epitome of a powerful DPS unit. His unmatched status in battles, particularly in gate three encounters and other endgame challenges, makes him a cornerstone for rapid progression.
  • While Lust offers undeniable strength and strategic potential, Silas’s indispensable role in expedited advancement is emphasized. Silas’s utility extends beyond combat prowess, offering you a multifaceted tool for overcoming obstacles.

Progression Considerations:

  • Let’s explore your progression nuances, urging you to align your summoning choices with overarching goals. For immediate advancement, the Silas & Vierna banner emerges as the preferred option due to Silas’s pivotal role in battles. Silas’s contributions, particularly in guild boss encounters and void rift challenges, are emphasized.
  • However, the allure of Lust’s exclusivity and potential long-term benefits may resonate with you, prioritizing strategic foresight over immediate gains.

Player Archetypes and Spending Dynamics:

  • Different player archetypes are addressed, recognizing varied preferences and spending habits within the Watcher of Realms community. As a free-to-play player, you’re advised to prioritize summoning for Silas & Vierna due to potentially longer acquisition times.
  • Low spenders may find merit in the versatility of Silas & Vierna, while players with ample resources may be enticed by Lust’s exclusivity and long-term potential.

Mitigating Personal Bias and Content Creator Influence:

  • You’re urged to confront personal bias and external influences, maintaining objectivity in your decision-making process. While Lust’s allure may sway you, you’re encouraged to weigh the practical benefits of summoning for Silas & Vierna.
  • By acknowledging your personal biases and content creator rewards, you can make informed decisions that align with your strategic objectives and enhance your overall gameplay experience.


Navigating the summoning dilemma between the “Lust & Arrogance” and “Silas & Vierna” banners requires careful consideration and strategic foresight. This guide serves as a beacon for you seeking clarity amidst the tumult of choice. Armed with a deeper understanding of each banner’s intricacies, you can embark on your summoning journey with confidence, knowing that your decisions are grounded in informed deliberation and tailored to your individual goals and preferences.

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