Friend System Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era Friend System allows you to borrow your friend’s support heroes to complete difficult stages to earn rewards. These support heroes can be use anywhere except Endless Trial. You can have up to 50 friends linked to your account and able to borrow each hero 3 times a day.

To set your Support Hero, click on your Hero Avatar at the top left corner and under Support Hero tab, select your most powerful hero. Ensure your support hero is geared, so your friend can utilize them to bypass a challenging area, especially in Adventure (Hard to Mythic mode) and completing Covenants Quest to unlock Asrina by completing Roaring Tulpa Stage 7.

What are the best Friend Support Heroes?

  • Ciara: Allows you to clear the Adventure mission within 3 turns in Evelyn’s Quest.
  • Zatlux: To clear Wood and Water element enemies quickly as he can go on a killing spree when he kills an enemy.
  • Evera: Best AoE and single-target nuker for all areas in the game, especially against Water enemies. Fast Adventure mob clearer.
  • Hydrissea: Best AoE nuker and debuffer, especially against Fire enemies. Fast Adventure mob clearer.
  • Valeria: Best AoE nuker but weak single-target attacker. Decent against Wood element enemies. If she is able to kill 3 enemies, she can re-use her ultimate again instantly.
  • Nathalia: Amazing Epic AoE nuker. When she gets a kill using her ultimate skill, it resets her ultimate to be re-use again on her next turn!
  • Siress: Used mainly for single-target bossing as she deals massive amount of damage, especially when enemies health drops 50% and below. Great for defeating Darkened Nicklaus at Chapter 10-8. She has the ability to protect herself, taking 0 damage.

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