Awaken Chaos Era Tier List | Hero Ranking

Awaken Chaos Era Hero Tier List uses a ranking system to categorized heroes based on their usefulness. The heroes are grouped in 5 Rarities (Legendary, Epic, Elite, Rare and Common) and sub-categorized based on ranking aka tier list. The Awaken Chaos Era hero tier list is sorted in alphabetical order to ease searching by hero name.

How to use this tier list?

There are 5 rankings shown in this tier list (S, A, B and C) and each hero is grouped in a specific ranking based on their overall performance in the game! The highest tier (S Rank) indicates that they are useful in many areas whereas the lowest tier (C Rank) means they have very niche usecase, useable in very few parts in the game. This tier list is not to deter players from not experimenting with the heroes who ended up in the low ranking. However, it act as a quick guide to identify heroes that are worth your time to invest resources in leveling them! Always checkout the hero links to learn more about them as they might be helpful to you in the areas you are struggling with!


It’s not possible to create the perfect ranking list since each hero can be useful in a certain situation, with the right team composition and excellent equipment set with godly stats. The heroes in this tier list are ranked by comparing the heroes of the same rarity based on their utility. In addition, they are tiered according how they synergize with other heroes in terms of buffing allies and debuffing enemies so everyone can win the battle more efficiently. It also takes into consideration how well they performed in multiple scenarios such as Arena Offense, Arena Defense, Guild Boss, Adventure and Arcane Dominator Dungeons (Roaring Tulpa, Ash Magisteria, Queen of Tides, Witch of the Wind, Gemini Dragon) and No Man’s Land Dungeons (Bane Wraith, Flame Lizard, Wrathful Flood, Lord of Holy Light and Shadow Captive)

Abbreviations (Faction-Rarity-Role-Affinity)
Example: HL-LOW refers to Holy Light Empire, Legendary, Offense, Water Hero


HL : Holy Light Empire
CR : Crisas
LA : Lasir
SP : Soulplunders
SW : Sylvan Woodlands
TI : Titan Icelands
FC : Free Cities
DM : Dragonscale Marsh


L : Legendary
E : Epic
B : Elite
R : Rare
C : Common


O : Offense
D : Defense
C : Control
S : Support


F : Fire
W : Water
P : Wood/Plant
L : Light
D : Dark

Legendary Hero Ranking

S Rank | Legendary Hero

A Rank | Legendary Hero

B Rank | Legendary Hero

Epic Hero Ranking

S Rank | Epic Hero

A Rank | Epic Hero

B Rank | Epic Hero

Elite Hero Ranking

S Rank | Elite Hero

A Rank | Elite Hero

B Rank | Elite Hero

C Rank | Elite Hero

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5 thoughts on “Awaken Chaos Era Tier List | Hero Ranking

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @TesarioN: Prioritize on leveling up Evera as she will be your key hero to quickly reach Adventure Mythic. You really need to get there to get the maximum amount of EXP Jelly to build fodders quickly to level up more heroes who can specialize in specific dungeon farming, Endless Tower and Void Tower.

  2. TesarioN

    Hello, thanks for your advice for both RAID and ACE, I wanted to ask you what you think about start an account with Evera + Crazed Urzag, I read that the latter is bad .

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mike: I have added Hydrissea to the Tier List! Thanks for highlighting the missing hero.

  4. mr p

    Hydrissea – atk% crate, cdmg, spd, and focus if u wanna land spd debuff

  5. Mike

    Where is Hydrissea?