Awaken Chaos Era Patch Notes 2021

Awaken Chaos Era Patch Notes (2021, 2022)

Jan 2021 ~ Apr 2021

Close Beta Test (CBT)

May 2021 ~ Aug 2021

Close Beta Test (CBT)

Sep 2021 ~ Dec 2021


(2021-12-29) Patch Notes

Game Updates

  • Added Winter Festival Packs.
  • Improved the gear rating dropped from Arcane Dominator: Increased the drop rate of 5-Star gear in Stage 10; Stage 11 will only drop 5 and 6-star gear.
  • Arcane Dominator: Reduced the Speed and Resistance of the Queen of Tides from Floor 7 to 12.
  • Adjusted Challenge Quest from Clear Endless Trial (LV. 50) to Clear Endless Trial (Lv. 50+)
  • Reduced the damage dealt by the lightning effect in the Arena.
  • All offensive heroes will receive 10% damage once at the start of each round after 7 round(s). Damage scales 5% each time it is received.
  • Optimized the lightning effect in Arena.

Other Adjustments

  • [Index] Fixed the problem of missing icons in the Hero Search interface.
  • [Hero Pass] Fixed an issue where the weekly earning limit was not reset correctly when the season of the Hero Pass was reset.
  • [Combat] Fixed an error in the display of the health bar of the Blackhorn Totem.
  • [Combat] Fixed an error in the calculation of the skills of BOSS-Agulis in the Winter Festival. Now the mechanism of causing additional damage based on the reduction of the number of units will not count the summoned creatures.
  • [Dungeon] Fixed a bug in the dungeon leaderboard interface that caused data loss due to the calculation of New Year’s Eve.
  • [Combat] Fixed an issue where the AI target probability of Mytheasia’s healing skills would be selected incorrectly.
  • [Season Tower] Fixed the problem of an incorrect Rage configuration of monsters with the energy mechanism in the tower.
  • [Multi-battle] Fixed a bug where there was no prompt message when using items when the energy of the multi-battle was insufficient.
  • [Friends] Now there will be no reset accounts in the recommended friends list.
  • [Music] Fixed a bug that the music continues to play after the storyline is skipped.

(2021-12-23) Patch Notes

Dear adventurers. To deploy the new update, the server will shut down for a scheduled maintenance.

Winter Festival Event Updates

  • Challenge Agulis: Use two teams to challenge the ever-changing Agulius, win event points and redeem generous rewards at the White Whisker Shop.
  • Winter Quest: Don’t miss the Winter Festival quests that are updated every day, you can get generous holiday rewards.
  • Winter Pass: Updated Winter Pass. Completing the quests of the Winter Festival can quickly upgrade and obtain the legendary hero Tia and Stardust.
  • Winter Shop: The gingerbread obtained via holiday events can be exchanged for a large number of rewards from White Whisker.
  • Festival Rewards: The winter gifts given by White Whisker will be updated every day in the tavern, don’t miss it!

Balance Adjustments


  • Ability has been redesigned.
  • Moonlight (Old): Each stack allows this character to ignore +2% of enemy Defense (Max +20%). Heals 3% of Max Health per Moonlight obtained.
  • Moonlight (New): Expends Moonlight. Grants a joint attack alongside the attack of any ally.
  • Moonlight Blessing (Old): Grants 1 stack of Moonlight at the start of the turn. (Ascension → If this character is below 50% Health, grants 3 stacks of Moonlight. Can only be triggered once per wave of battle.)
  • Moonlight Blessing (New): Applies (1 → 3) Moonlight at the beginning of the turn. Grants this character an unremovable Moonlight upon receiving an Defense Pierce Up. Max 20 stacks.
  • Lunar Slash (Old) Deals 100% damage to an enemy, with a 50% chance to grant 1 stack of Moonlight. If this ability lands a Critical Strike, then there is a 100% chance to grant 1 stack of Moonlight.
  • Lunar Slash (New): Deals 100% damage to an enemy and grants 1 Moonlight. +1 Moonlight and +30% Damage per Critical Strike.
  • Moonblade Shot (Old): When an ally attacks, launches joint attack that deals initial damage of 30%, which decreases with each bounce. This consumes 1 stack of Moonlight. When an ally lands a Critical Strike, launches a joint attack that deals initial damage of 50%, which decreases with each bounce. This consumes 2 stacks of Moonlight.
  • Moonblade Shot (New): When an ally attacks, launches joint attack that deals initial damage of 30%, which decreases with each bounce. This consumes 1 stack of Moonlight. When an ally lands a Critical Strike, launches a joint attack that deals initial damage of 60%, which decreases with each bounce. This consumes 2 stacks of Moonlight.
  • Crescent Dance (Old): Grants 2 stacks of Moonlight to this character, then deals 120% damage to all enemies and removes 1 positive effect from each. If removal is successful, grants 1 extra stack of Moonlight to this character. (Level 2: Damage +10% / Level 3: Damage +10%. / Level 4: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s). / Level 5: Damage +10%.)
  • Crescent Dance (New): Applies 2 Moonlight to this character and removes 1 positive effect from all enemies. Deals 150% damage to all targets. Each successful removal applies +2 Moonlight. (Level 2: Damage +15%, Level 3: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s). / Level 4: Damage +15% / Level 5: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn(s).)


  • Brand: Mountain Shelter: Shield is now removed after the round is finished.
  • Darkened Nicklaus: Dark Will: Modified from gaining 4 stacks of Death Immunity to gaining 4 Death Immunity.
  • Melizza: Hunter: Modified from increasing Crit. Rate to increasing Crit. Damage.
  • Windstrex: Winds of Peace: Now refreshes the ultimate ability of a teammate on cooldown randomly.
  • [AI] Optimized the AI Design of Desmond, Ztlin, Harbeg, and Hector.

Stage Updates

  • [Queen of Tides] Blessing of the Empress
  • Old: Grants a random positive effect each turn.
  • New: Grants a random positive effect every 2 turns.

Other Adjustments

  • [Combat] Fixed that the summoned creature was too large that it blocks the target selection.
  • [Summon] The function of skipping animation is added for normal summons.
  • [Quest] Modified Zatlux’s Covenants from 6 different items of +15 gear to 6 items of different +12 gear.
  • [Optimization] Fixed the issue of inaccurate damage statistics.
  • [Optimization] Fixed that some artifacts did not take effect correctly in Endless Trail.
  • [Optimization] Fixed some other interface display issues.

Additional Changes

  • Fixed a bug where gingerbread in Adventure and Dungeon would still be displayed on the drop interface after reaching the daily limit.
  • Fixed a bug where all gears in the Arcane Dominator would be dropped on the mobs, and gears would now be dropped on the dungeon Boss.
  • Fixed a bug that monsters in battles could not be selected.
  • Fixed an error in the Christmas interface picture.
  • Due to our work mistakes, some products in the Hero Essence Shop have increased purchase restrictions and the new update log on the products has not been correctly conveyed to the player.
  • We would like to express our sincere apologies for the issues you encountered while playing. We will review the updated content more carefully to avoid such issues and create a better gaming experience for you.

Ayumilove Patch Review

  • As you may noticed, ACE has implemented a limit of 5 Advanced Summoning Crystals that can be purchased weekly with Hero Essence (obtainable from banishing Elite and Rare heroes) in the Tavern. Previously, there is no limit in purchasing Advanced Summoning Crystals using Hero Essence.
  • This would make it difficult for F2P (Free to Play) players in completing Hero Summon Event using Advanced Summoning Crystals, since there is no other method to quickly farm the resources within 1~2 days to complete that event.
  • The workaround for F2P players is to stockpile at least 40 Advanced Summoning Crystals to prepare for Hero Summoning event to reap the rewards.

(2021-12-16) Patch Notes

Hero Balance Adjustments

  • Ztlin: The curse effect cannot be dispelled now, nor can it be extended.
  • Ghajar: Modified the Viperous Potion from applying poison to all enemies to applying poison to the remaining enemies. Modified Venom Influx from reducing the target’s attack to reducing the target’s resistance.
  • Blackhorn: Totem will now purify a negative effect of all team members at the end of each turn. Nature’s Revival removes the purification effect and reduces the cooling time by 1 turn.
  • Valeria: The life steal ratio of Scarlet Feast has been increased from 20% to 35%. The life sacrifice ratio of the Eye Of The Cursed One has been reduced from 30% to 20%.
  • Mary: Changed the ability Protector from grants all team members 1 stack of Invincible for 2 turns to 1 turn.
  • Optimized the battle AI of Blackhorn, Yolanda, and Windstrex.

Dungeon Adjustment

  • Fully reduced the attack power of dungeon boss: Roaring Tulpa.
  • Adjusted the dungeon boss: Ash Magisteria.
  • Fixed the target selection for basic attacks. Now the target of the restraint element will be attacked first, followed by the target with the most Health.
  • Fixed the bug with the summoning of the Fire Imps. Now Fire Imps are summoned once for every 3 rounds.
  • Increased the drop rate of high-quality equipment on the 9th to 11th floors of Arcane Dominator.
  • Adjusted the dungeon boss: Queen Of Tides
  • [Trait Ability] Old: Grants a random Blessing of the Goddess at the end of the turn. If the Conchblade is upon death and this character is buffed by at least 2 positive effects upon using an ability, launches a bonus attack with Dragon Bomb. New: If this character is buffed by at least 3 positive effects upon using an ability, it launches a bonus attack with a Dragon Bomb. (Greatly reduced the attack value of Dragon Bomb; Changed from removing all positive effects to removing 1 positive effect).
  • [Basic Attack] Old: Damages an enemy and steals 1 of their positive effect(s). New: Damages an enemy and applies 1 random Blessing of the Goddess to this character.
  • [Ultimate Ability] Old: Summons a tsunami to damage all enemies. This attack deals more damage per positive effect on this character. If the Conchblade is defeated, then this attack deals more damage per positive effect. New: Summons a tsunami to damage all enemies. Damage increased based on the number of casts.
  • [Conchblade: Left] Old: Applied Attack Up to the boss for 2 rounds. New: Grants a joint attack with this character’s special ability alongside the attack of any ally. (Cast on the target with the lowest Max Health)
  • [Conchblade] New-added Passive: Removes all team members’ positive effects upon death.

Other Adjustments

  • Modified the tavern with a Christmas theme, and a Christmas event will come next week!
  • Optimized the rules for resetting the points in the Arena, reducing the score drop for weekly resets and season resets.
  • The damage that caused the target’s Max Health percentage in the Endless Trial artifact effect was modified to the current Health percentage damage.
  • Adjusted the ability icons of Mary and Evelyn Firstdawn.
  • Fixed that nug that allowed the gear in the Arena store to be purchased repeatedly.
  • Now you can no longer receive the corresponding guild quest rewards repeatedly after joining a new guild.
  • The hero rating function that appears after clearing Arcane Dominator will no longer pop up repeatedly.
  • Reduced the trigger probability of the Party of Three in Arcane Dungeon.

(2021-12-09) Patch Notes

Arcane Dominator

  • Difficulty of Arcane Dominator has been adjusted as followed:
  • The stats of all Bosses stage 9 or lower have been reduced.
  • Reduced health of guards in stages 7-11 of the Arcane Dominator.


  • In order to improve your gaming experience, we have reduced the cost of Diamonds and made other adjustments.
  • Reduced the cost of Stamina from 80 diamonds to 50 diamonds.
  • Reduced the daily limit of Stamina refills in the Diamond Shop from 50 to 30.
  • Reduced the Stamina exchanged from the Guild Shop and the Arena Shop to 20.
  • Reduced the Stamina consumption in the Arcane Dominator.
  • Increased the Stamina dropped in Arena.
  • Removed the Stamina Pack in the Shop.

Arcane Dungeon

  • The difficulty and output of Arcane Dungeon have been adjusted as followed:
  • Reduced the Stage Difficulty of the World Challenge and the Friend Challenge.
  • Increased the number of Stages and rewards of the World Challenge.
  • Reduced the Stamina consumption of the World Challenge and Friend Challenge.
  • Increased the number of rewards of the World Challenge.
  • Removed the Stamina consumption of the Party of Three.


  • Summon Updated the display of the cumulative number of draws and probability of the Limited Summon.
  • Stage Optimized the battle mechanism of the Queen of Tides.
  • Summon The pity system of Limited Summon will now carry over to the next card pool cycle, and the number of card draws accumulated in the current cycle will also carry over to the next cycle for the minimum number of triggers.
  • Gear Removed the drop of Epic gear in Adventure: Mythic Mode. Reduced the difficulty of the Arcane Dominator.
  • Ascension Adjusted the Ascension Trait of some Light/Dark Legendary heroes. The Ascension time needed for the following heroes has been advanced from 5 to 2: Nicklaus, Imogen, Crazed Urzag, and Evelyn Firstdawn.
  • Mail Added a Star label for the system mail. Confirming is now required before deleting starred mail.
  • Name Increase the number of random names.
  • Summon Fixed a vague text description in Advanced Summon.

Performance Optimization & Fixes

  • Optimized art resources and overall performance.
  • Fixed some other display issues.
  • Playback of Ultimate Ability effect now can be accelerated while playing.

(2021-12-02) Patch Notes


  • Added a new item: Arena Pack, which has a chance of dropping in energy-consuming battles.
  • Updated hero strategy system.
  • Reduced the difficulty of some stages from chapter 8 to chapter 10 of the Adventure in hard mode.
  • Reduced the Energy consumption of Void Tower from 5 points to 2 points. All players will be rewarded with 5 Meal Coupons.

Fixes & Optimization

  • Optimized the texture size of some art resources.
  • Optimized the performance of some scenes.
  • Optimized the health recovery mechanic of Berial.
  • Fixed the wrong Shield effect display of Tulpa.
  • Fixed the crashing issue when having Imogen in battle.
  • Fixed the description error of Tupla’s positive effect: Counterattack Boost, which can be removed now.
  • Fixed the ability effect of Asrina.
  • Fixed that Ice Shard would be triggered repeatedly when two Hydrissea were present.
  • Fixed the incorrect line-breaking issue on mobile devices.
  • Optimized the interface effects of Rookie Challenge.
  • Optimized the battle record display of Guild bosses.
  • Fixed the issue that diamonds were not issued correctly after the officially subscription of Monthly Card.
  • Optimized a text display error on Ascension interface.
  • Optimized the issue that a music plug-in that caused the problem of not being able to uninstall music.
  • Optimized a crashing issue on formation saving interface.
  • Fixed a bug where the priority target selected in battle would be invalid when the wave is switched
  • Fixed the abnormal display of some product ads prop tips.
  • Fixed the description error of Antinua’s Trait.
  • Fixed that same legendary hero may appear in different result combinations in rookie summon.
  • Fixed a typographic display error and a time calculation error on the Multi-Battle interface.
  • Fixed a wrong Challenge Quest name from “Auto Ash Magisteria 7” to “Auto Ash Magisteria 10”.
  • Fixed the description error of Challenge Quest: Upgrade Abilities.
  • Fixed the prompting errors when switching on and off the EXP Potion.
  • Optimized the interface for viewing friend information.
  • Fixed a progress display issue on Tower reward interface.
  • Fixed the clicking error of Purchase button in the Shop.

(2021-11-30) Patch Notes

Fixes & Optimization

  • Fixed the “Maxing Out” requirement that couldn’t be cleared correctly in Challenge Quest.
  • Fixed the display issue in some Guild interfaces caused by abnormal player data.
  • Fixed a bug where the curse effect of Ztlin would not be resisted.
  • Optimized the adaptation of the Arena settlement interface.
  • Fixed a display issue of Guild logs.
  • Fixed a description error of quest: Shopping Experience.
  • Fixed the unclear description of the Monthly Card purchasing.
  • Fixed the abnormal death of small monsters in the Mythic mode of Adventure level 4-7.
  • Optimized the length of a description on Dispatch interface.

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