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Awaken Chaos Era Party of Three is a time-limited Arcane Dungeon that allows you to obtain Legendary gear by defeating 3 group of enemies with your friends! This event last for 2 hours and occurs at randomized time within the day, so be sure to look out for them!

Tips: It’s important to have friends who are actively playing the game to suport one another to get this amazing gear, as it will massively help in your game progression, especially when you are struggling with farming Arcane Dominator Stage 9~12! You and your friends will need to defeat 3 groups of enemies in Party of Three. Each enemy group are separated to 3 different elements, which are Fire, Water and Wood. It’s recommended to have 3 different element attacker hero to be able to complete this challenge easily.

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How to access Party of Three (Po3)?

Step 1: Click “Dungeon” located on bottom right within the Tavern.
Party of Three Guide - Step 1 How to Access | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 2: Click “Arcane Dungeon” located on the right side.
Party of Three Guide - Step 2 How to Access | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 3: Click “Party of Three” tab located on the left side. Next click on the “Challenge” button to defeat the pre-selected enemy group for your challenge.
Party of Three Guide - Step 3 How to Access | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 4: To complete the Party of Three challenges, you will need to invite your friends to assist you in defeating the remaining 2 group of enemies. Click on the “Invite” button as shown Step 3 and select your friends. The game system will prompt them that you need assistance to complete your Po3 (Party of Three).
Party of Three Guide - Invite Friend to Assist | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 5: Upon defeating the enemy in battle, you will be rewarded some EXP Jelly and Friend Support Pack Chest containing random reward such as Summoning Scrolls, Charms, Diamonds or Gold.
Party of Three Guide - Battle Rewards | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Assist Challenge: You can also assist your friends to complete their Party of Three challenge within the Party of Three window if you receive their invitation. It will also have a time-limit to be completed. If it expires, your friend will not be able to receive the reward. However, there is a chance where his/her friends helped to assist him quickly and you might miss the opportunity to get rewarded for the assistance (EXP Jelly and Friend Support Pack).
Party of Three Guide - Friend Assist Challenge | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

How to claim Legendary Gear reward?

Step 1: Once all 3 challenges are completed in Party of Three, you will receive a message in your inbox to claim your reward. Head to the Tavern and click on the Inbox.
Party of Three Guide - Step 1 Open Inbox to Claim Reward | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 2: Search for “Arcane Dungeon Rewards” message in your Inbox and open it. Click on “Claim” button to receive your reward.
Party of Three Guide - Step 2 Search for the Message | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 3: The reward will display a random Legendary Gear (e.g. Raptor Set – Additional focus stats on hero). Click on it to continue.
Party of Three Guide - Step 3 Claim random reward from message | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 4: Head over to the Tavern again and click on the Backpack button.
Party of Three Guide - Step 4 Open Backpack| Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 5: By default, Consumeable tab will be displayed. Select the 6-Star Custom Set that you have received, and click “Use” button on the bottom right corner.
Party of Three Guide - Step 5 Use the Custom Set | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Step 6: It will display 6 gear types, which are Weapon, Helmet, Chestplate, Boots, Ring and Necklace. It’s recommended to choose either the first three (Weapon, Helmet or Chestplate). Reason being, there is a risk where you get flat stats on the Boots, Ring or Necklace, which makes it not useful to be equipped on your hero for your game progression heading to end game content. Click Confirm after selecting the item type. Tips: Check your Gear Management to see what gear type you are lacking before selecting the item!
Party of Three Guide - Step 6 Selecting the Gear Type in Custom Set | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

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