Flaming Asura Garrell Event | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era introduces a new sign-in event known as Flaming Asura Garrell, which starts on 2nd March 2022 and ends on 15th March 2022. Players will need to sign in for 7 days to get all of the rewards within that period! There are no player-level requirements or tasks to complete before you can obtain these juicy rewards!

Flaming Asura Garrell Rewards

Day 1: 10,000 Gold
Day 2: 3 Advanced Gear Charm
Day 3: 100 Diamonds
Day 4: 1 Advanced Summoning Crystal
Day 5: 4-Star Holy Pumpkin
Day 6: 2 Special Gear Charm
Day 7: 2 Advanced Summoning Crystal

Event Screenshot

To access the sign-in Flaming Asura Garrell event page, click on the Events tab located on the left side within the Tavern, then select “Garrell’s Sign-In Event”. Click on the reward to claim them. You can only claim one reward at a time, so remember to access this page daily to get all of the rewards!
Awaken Chaos Era Flaming Asura Garrell Event (March 2022)

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