Chapter 2-S1 Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

Hi everyone, today I’ll be showing you how I clear Chapter 2-S1 in Awaken Chaos Era as a new player to get the juicy rewards of 1 Advanced Summoning Crystal and 50 Diamonds as the first clear reward!

Note: You can only use the provided Storyline Hero to clear this challenge, who are Abbott, Zachary, Urzag and Bruszakk. The first 3 waves are easy, which you can auto-battle. However, the final boss at Wave 4, you will need to perform the battle manually to defeat the boss quickly before he goes on a killing spree with 1 hit KO single-target attacks! This video guide walk you through the process of beating this boss step by step!

Ayumilove: Chapter 2 S-1 Walkthrough | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Hero Actions in Wave 4 vs Hector

  1. Spell: Smoldering Flames (AoE Attack)
  2. Abbott: A1 – Radiant Orb
  3. Zachary: A1 – Chaos Blade (Attack Up)
  4. Hector: Hits Urzag, lowering his health to 10%
  5. Spell: Gaia’s Renewal (AoE Healing)
  6. Urzag: A1 – Swift Strike (Defense Down)
  7. Bruszakk: A3 – Groundbreaker (Defense Up)
  8. Abbott: A3 – Grace (Heal and Shield Urzag)
  9. Zachary: A3 – Chaos Burst
  10. Hector: Attacks Urzag again. His Ultimate skill is ready.
  11. Urzag: A3 – Bloodthirst Blade
  12. Bruszakk: A2 – Battle Cry (Block Hector’s Ultimate)
  13. Urzag: A2 – Sundering Whirlwind (Bleeding)
  14. Abbott: A2 – Holy Cleansing (Heal Bruszakk)
  15. Zachary: A2 – Chaos Punch
  16. Urzag: A1 – Swift Strike (Defense Down)
  17. Use your heroes to knock out Hector!

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 2-S1 Guide | Awaken Chaos Era

  1. nolea

    step 14 should heal urzag

  2. Daze361

    Don’t work at step 4. Hector one Hit with his attack urzag

  3. John

    Thank you very much ☺

  4. Jacob

    Thank you! Just downloaded this game and was going nuts trying to beat this!

  5. StarkRedTony

    After step 11, the Heroes don’t go in the order of the list. Naturally, I failed the mission.

    Also, Chrome stopped an ad on this video and it won’t play.

  6. Alan Lesene

    Thank you so much for the help. I’ve been trying to beat this dungeon for a week.

  7. Vicento

    Thanks a lot for this guide !

  8. hangman

    Worked well for me, thanks a lot!

  9. kratos63

    merci bien !

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @MrMane: You’re welcome 🙂

  11. MrMane

    You are the real MVP for this – thank you!

  12. Lasting_Light

    Can you please make a page for all the secret rooms and what enemies are found there. It’s hard to know what elements to take in since they don’t let you know.