Sage of Sylvan Godfery Event | Awaken Chaos Era

Awaken Chaos Era introduces a new sign-in event known as Sage of Sylvan Godfery, which starts on 1st February 2022 and ends on 10th February 2022. Players will need to sign in for 7 days to get all of the rewards within that period! There are no player level requirements nor task to complete before you can obtain these juicy rewards!

Sage of Sylvan Godfery Rewards

Day 1: 10,000 Gold
Day 2: 3 Advanced Gear Charm
Day 3: 100 Diamonds
Day 4: 1 Advanced Summoning Crystal
Day 5: 4-Star Holy Pumpkin
Day 6: 2 Special Gear Charm
Day 7: 2 Advanced Summoning Crystal

Event Screenshot

To access the sign-in Sage of Sylval Godfery event page, click on the Events tab located on the left side within the Tavern, then select “Godfery’s Sign-In Event”. Click on the reward to claim them. You can only claim one reward at a time, so remember to access this page daily to get all of the rewards!
Awaken Chaos Era Sage of Sylval Godfery Event (February 2022)

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