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Awaken Chaos Era Bonus Attack is the ability that allows a hero to perform another attack after the first attack is completed and a condition is achieved. The trigger for the bonus attack could be based on a success rate or when it fullfill a certain condition such as attacking an enemy who has being inflicted with a specific debuff or has a particular buff. Each hero will have its own unique skill criteria to be met in order to activate this bonus attack!

Bonus Attack Heroes (12)

Bonus Attack (Self)


  1. Hydrissea (DM-LOW)
  2. Mulhex (DM-LOW)
  3. Nicklaus (LA-LOL)


  1. Antinua (SW-EOP)
  2. Earendil (SW-EOP)
  3. Edicris (HL-EOP)
  4. Helmar (SW-EOW)
  5. Scarlett (LA-EOF)
  6. Zatlux (DM-EOP)


  1. Elson (FC-BOF)
  2. Evelyn (LA-BOF)
  3. Zachary (FC-BOF)



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