Critical Rate Aura Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

Raid Shadow Legends Critical Rate Aura is an aura that boosts the champion’s Critical Rate stat, so they have higher success rate to inflict Critical Damage against its target. Currently, champions who are between Rare to Legendary rarity are able to provide Aura to their allies depending on their specialized areas (e.g. Dungeons, Arena, Campaign, All Battles). To benefit from Critical Rate Aura, the champion who has this aura is required to be in the Leader position to provide his allies with additional Critical Rate stats! The amount of Critical Rate stats provided from Critical Rate Aura is based on a fixed amount.

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5 thoughts on “Critical Rate Aura Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @JustSmurfy: Necrohunter has been added to the Critical Rate Aura champion list!

  2. JustSmurfy

    Necrohunter has CR in all battles

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: The Critical Aura champions have been updated! Added these champions: Umetogi and Scion.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Cherek: To achieve high amount of Critical Rate and Critical Damage, your equipment must have multiple rolls/upgrades on the Critical Rate/Damage substat on your equipment. In addition, equip your champion in Critical Damage amulet and Critical Rate/Damage gloves. Also, Great Hall will help boost your Critical Damage stats too on your champions.

  5. Cherek

    trying to complete the 75% crit rate and 150 crit damage quest is there a certain champion which has base higher crit rate and crit damage? and what would be the best set up i have tried the crits rate and damage sets and still cannot get it high enough