Borgoth Scarab King Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

Borgoth the Scarab King Guide | Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Boss
Borgoth the Scarab King is the new boss in Doom Tower Rotation 1 and 3 in Raid Shadow Legends, where he has the ability to counterattack the enemy if they do not have Shield buff on them. In addition, the Scarab King is also able to steal buffs and hit your champions multiple times based on the number of buffs your champion have! To make things more challenging, he has a powerful shield that reduces the incoming damage significantly. However, this shield can be broken by using a Destroy Set or Decrease MAX HP skills. Check out the guide below to learn more about his game mechanics!

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Scarab King Stats
Scarab King Guide
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Scarab King Champion Tier List

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Celestial Griffin
Dark Fae
Eternal Dragon
Frost Spider
Magma Dragon
Nether Spider
Scarab King

Borgoth the Scarab King Skills

  • A1 Madness Fog [ATK] Attacks all enemies. Places a 50% [Decrease ATK] and a 30% [Decrease SPD] debuff for 2 turns. Places an extra hit on enemies with no [Shield] buff. The extra hit places a [Provoke] debuff for 1 turn. (Damage Multiplier: 2 ATK)
  • A2 Vile Absorption [ATK] Attacks all enemies. Places an extra hit on each enemy for each buff on the target. Each extra hit steals one random buff from enemies that have no [Shield] buff and removes one random buff from enemies under [Shield] buff. Places [True Fear] debuff for 1 turn on enemies who have buffs stolen and a [Fear] debuff for 1 turn on enemies who have buffs removed.
  • Spectral Horror [Passive] Decreases the damage received according to how much Borgoth’s MAX HP has been decreased. Damage received is decreased by:
  • 90% if Borgoth’s Max HP has been decreased less than 10%.
  • 60% if Borgoth’s Max HP has been decreased between 10% and 20%.
  • 30% if Borgoth’s Max HP has been decreased between 20% and 30%.
  • 0% if Borgoth’s Max HP has been decreased more than 30%.
  • Easy Prey [Passive] Counterattacks when attacked by enemy that has no [Shield] buff.
  • Almighty Immunity [Passive] Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Active Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effets and cooldown increasing effects.

Borgoth the Scarab King Stats

Stats of Borgoth the Scarab King based on Doom Tower floors and difficulty.
Tower Rotation 1 (Force): Floors 30, 50, 100
Borgoth the Scarab King Guide Stats in Doom Tower Rotation 2 (Normal and Hard) - Raid Shadow Legends
Tower Rotation 3 (Spirit): Floors 20, 60, 100
Borgoth the Scarab King Guide Stats in Doom Tower Rotation 2 (Normal and Hard) - Raid Shadow Legends

Borgoth Scarab King Guide

How much Accuracy and Resistance Needed for Scarab King?

How much Accuracy required to apply debuff on Scarab King?

To apply debuff (e.g. Poison) or negative effect (e.g. Decrease Turn Meter), your champions will need to have a minimum of 100 Accuracy for Doom Tower Normal and 330 Accuracy for Doom Tower Hard for all floor stages! However, these minimum requirements can be halved if you have champions who can consistently provide your champions with Increase Accuracy buff. In addition, you can also use Accuracy Aura champions in the Leader position to fill in the missing Accuracy gap if you do not have sufficient Accuracy substats on your equipment nor having an Accuracy banner.

How much Resistance required to resist Scarab King debuff?

To resist Scarab King debuff such as Decrease Attack, Provoke, Steal Buff and Remove Buff, you will need to have at least 200 Resist for Doom Tower Normal and 350 Resist for Doom Tower Hard. However, these Resist requirement can be halved by applying Decrease Accuracy on Scarab King, which means you can allocate stats to other areas such as Health, Speed and Defense to tank the damage dealt by him! In addition, you can also gain additional Resist stat by having a Resist Aura champion in the Leader position if you do not have many Resist substats on your artifact set or not having a Resist banner.

How to defeat Scarab King?

Apply Shield Buff on Champions

Use champions who can provide AoE Shield Buff to prevent Scarab King from retaliating whenever your champion attack him. It’s recommended to speed tune your team to have your Shield champion to be the fastest among everyone to consistently apply the Shield Buff before allies take their turn to attack the enemy. Alternatively, you can use Bloodshield accessories on your champions, so they can generate their own shield whenever they deal damage to Scarab King! Bloodshield accessories are obtainable from winning CvC (Clan vs Clan Tournaments). Best Shield champions are Metalshaper, Lordric Falconheart, Miscreated Monster, Toragi the Frog, Valkyrie and Sigmund the Highshield.

Use Destroy Set or Decrease MAX HP skill

Equip your champions in Destroy Set or use champions who have Decrease MAX HP ability to reduce Scarab King’s MAX HP. The lower his MAX HP, the more damage you can inflict on Scarab King as his passive skill will not be able to decrease the damage received. This allows you to takedown Scarb King quickly if you are speed farming for Scarab Claws to craft Untouchable Set! However, this is not necessary as you can defeat the boss using Poison and HP Burn debuff paired with Activate HP Burn too. Best champions for Decrease MAX HP are Outrider, Dark Elhain and Scrapper.

Use Poison Debuff for Damage

You can defeat Scarab King using Poison debuff as it deals damage based on Enemy MAX HP. However, this strategy does not synergize well with Decrease MAX HP ability and Destory Set as Poison debuff deals lesser damage when enemy MAX HP is reduced. Best Poison champions are Urost the Soulcage, Bad-el-Kazar, Aox the Rememberer.

Utilize Turn Meter Reduction

You could also use Decrease Turn Meter to prevent Scarab King from taking his turn to attack your team! However, you will need to speed tune these champions to be faster than Scarab King. Scarab King base speed is 150 in Normal Doom Tower and 225 Speed in Hard Doom Tower. Best champions for Decrease Turn Meter: Alure, Armiger.

Use Immortal Set and Regeneration Set

Considering Scarab King has a passive skill that mitigates a large amount of damage at the start of battle, Lifesteal Set will be not be useful to replenish your champions health quickly as the damage dealt is low. Hence, using Immortal Set and Regeneration Set to replenish your champions health resolves this issue, so your champions can self-sustain for a lengthy battle. It’s advisable to stack high amount of Health on your champions to benefit from this passive healing artifacts! These artifacts is highly recommended for champions who can solo Scarab King!

Use Survivability Passive Skills

There are a few champions who has amazing passive skill that allow them to heal themselves or apply Shield buff to reduce the damage intake. For instance, Vergis is able to apply shield on himself whenever he takes damage from enemy. Apart from that, he can apply Continuous Heal buff and Ally Protection buff on a single-target ally. Having 2 Vergis in Destroy Set to duo Scarab King is an option to speed farm this boss! Alternatively, you can use 2 Vrask in Retaliation Set to heal each other quickly when duo the boss too. The recommended champions are tested in Hard Doom Tower on the highest floor. Best passive skill champions for Scarab King are Vergis, Vrask, Valla, Scyl of the Drakes and Urost the Soulcage.

Borgoth the Scarab King Videos

Raid Shadow Legends Scarab King Guide by StewGaming

Raid Shadow Legends Scarab King Guide by Cold Brew Gaming

Raid Shadow Legends Scarab King Guide by BGE

Raid Shadow Legends Scarab King Guide by ASH

Borgoth Scarab King Champion Tier List

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Mythical Champions Ranking

5★ Scarab King | Mythical Champion

4★ Scarab King | Mythical Champion

3★ Scarab King | Mythical Champion

2★ Scarab King | Mythical Champion

1★ Scarab King | Mythical Champion

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Scarab King | Legendary Champion

4★ Scarab King | Legendary Champion

3★ Scarab King | Legendary Champion

2★ Scarab King | Legendary Champion

1★ Scarab King | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Scarab King | Epic Champion

4★ Scarab King | Epic Champion

3★ Scarab King | Epic Champion

2★ Scarab King | Epic Champion

1★ Scarab King | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Scarab King | Rare Champion

4★ Scarab King | Rare Champion

3★ Scarab King | Rare Champion

2★ Scarab King | Rare Champion

1★ Scarab King | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Scarab King | Uncommon Champion

4★ Scarab King | Uncommon Champion

3★ Scarab King | Uncommon Champion

2★ Scarab King | Uncommon Champion

1★ Scarab King | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Scarab King | Common Champion

4★ Scarab King | Common Champion

3★ Scarab King | Common Champion

2★ Scarab King | Common Champion

1★ Scarab King | Common Champion

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122 thoughts on “Borgoth Scarab King Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. m00se

    For hard stages

    i use champs with bloodshield rings and good revivers and supports

    Duchess Lilitu
    Sun Wukong

    the team is slower but Brimestone on Sunwukong help speed it up

    i run two champs that block buffs so the Scarab doesnt keep the stolen buffs like Continuos heal etc

    Rhazin is a good substitute,Burn champs like Drexthar are good
    Nethril is a good poisoner and TM control

    Visix is good

    the boos isnt diddfult to beat its just tedious…when i get Mirthala im sure my farm times will be shorter

    I dont run Destroy max hp

    If you have Dark Elhain at 60 go for her as well

  2. Paha-Pirkko

    150 lvl (Normal, floor 100), a little over 17 minutes, full auto, no tuning. Cooked fish soup while team did its thing.


    Lilitu (lvl 60, fully booked, full masteries, Immortal and Speed gear, *-blessed)
    Armiger (lvl 50, fully booked, almost full masteries, Destroy gear)
    Ninja (lvl 60, a bit booked, almost full masteries, Destroy and Perception gear)
    Visix (lvl 60, half booked, full masteries, Righteous and Perception gear, *-blessed)
    Teodor (lvl 60, almost fully booked, full masteries, Immortal and Regen gear)

    Crappy time? I don’t care. This team does what needs to be done, and I can do irl stuff while waiting.

  3. Thoraxis

    Teodor the Savant in a regen set just soloed this boss no issue.
    I accidentally clicked in without thinking on the team.
    Everyone else got offed within a few turns but Teo stayed alive and soloed the boss form 80%
    Took a good 8 minutes, but i think he derves better than a 2 star here.

    I run him with high HP, mid speed with high accuracy, and modified solo masteries(resurgent instead of bloodthirst, and lasting gifts instead of spirit haste) but i honestly dont really think that made a big difference other than the HP.

  4. Markhal

    Metalshaper, Melga and Dark Elhaim beat Skarab King in level 60…

  5. Jeffrey Sanborn

    I put LONATHARIL in Regen and Resilience to get his HP over 100k and his DEF over 3,300. I was trying something new and the other 4 died during the waves, but he went on to beat Scarab King in well under 600 rounds (which went quickly, that is, 18 minutes). His HP dipped a bit, so I thought he was going to lose, but he ended up at almost full HP at the end. I had previously done a long grind using his Destroy Max HP A1 skill (along with 2 champs in Destroy sets). That skill was not relevant in this little slugfest… just did damage and Scarab King does not heal.

  6. Blood

    @FivePointPalm lololol – so does Ulimate Deathknight around 1200 turn count 42mins

  7. Andy

    Grizzled Jarl works well here. I have mine fully booked and fully mastered in Perception, Defense, and Accuracy sets. Against the Scarab King I put the Jarl with Deacon Armstrong, Ninja, High Khatun, and Scyl of the Drakes. This team was full auto and won in less than 5 minutes reliably. Oh and I prioritized the Jarl’s Ancestral Shield skill (A2).

  8. Oakstave

    metalshaper not listed in rankings?

  9. eric

    This is the shield the boss has that decreases damage. The only way to bring it down is to use champs in Destroy set or champs that decrease enemy max hp

  10. TruthEndures

    Ayumi – I think you should move Skull Lord up in the rankings now that his passive affects the boss. The numbers seemed really low when I looked at the description but with all the hits Borgoth applies it’s ridiculously easy to burn down his max.

  11. FivePointPalm

    Yo! Samar Gemcursed does a Scarab King SOLO, Vergis style! Sure, it takes like a week, but still:)

  12. Super DC

    Can you update the picture of Scarab King stats ? I cannot see anything

  13. Robert Connelly Jr

    Madame Serris (Speed, accuracy, and Perception Sets) and Tayrel (Immortal set) are beasts on this level.

  14. TruthEndures

    @clhtjh – that is a bar that shows how much of the 30% max health you’ve removed, I believe. You’ll see it decrease as his max health cap goes down. It’s really the key to the guy at least at my low level – it’s a grind getting it started but then it snowballs. Check out the description for his Spectral Horror passive for more details

  15. clhtjh

    What’s the purple meter above his health? I never understood that, and it doesn’t seem to move.

  16. Noah

    Hi – Roshcard the Tower is actually pretty good vs the scarab so not sure how he gets a low ranking here. I use Tower throughout the DT except obviously in Dark Fae where you really regret having to fight him from the other side..

  17. Shana Shiina

    Can u update the picuture ? I think it’s dead

  18. courageouslio

    also it doesnt say it anywhere but if he steals a “revive on death” it will not expire, youll have to either steal/remove it or kill him twice

  19. courageouslio

    basilius roanas needs to be up higher, block/steal buff A1 for anything he manages to snag is huge

  20. Xyzot

    I don’t believe I noticed Royal Guard, anywhere on the lists. I’m curious where he’d rank?

  21. Burzurkur

    @Valla Valhalla
    if youre not going to use a destroy set and just hoping to out heal and outlast the scarab, youd be better off with a regen set and immortal set, rather than 3 immortal sets. regen set heals for 15% for 4 slots. 2 immortal sets heal for 6% and 30% more hp for 4 slots. that 30% hp is on your toons base hp (vergis is 16k), which i believe boosts vergis by 4800 hp. going by your stats, 9% heal of 48790 is 4391 hp per turn heal. an 18% heal of 43990 (your stats minus the 4800 extra hp) is 7918 hp per turn heal.

  22. Michael

    I just have Destroy set on Scyl of the Drakes… put shield rings on all champs… that takes care of it. Doesn’t matter much what other champs I bring.

  23. Perico

    Tested Geomancer, Brogni and Shamael with destroy set.
    Only worked in Brogni and Shamael. The key is to attack him without a shield to make him counterattack you. Brongni’s passive only works if you have shields.
    Best alternative is Shamael, to counterattack with each debuff, but you have to make him tanky and able to deal damage also. It’s not easy at all.

  24. critical. Thompson

    I tank through with My Mountain King
    Regen/Immortal gear with high res,acc and crit.

  25. Perico

    I’m waiting for next rotation on Doom Tower and see if I can try Geomancer on a destroy set. I want to see if his passive destroys the shield and the scarab, along with a pair of Vogoth to keep his health up. The more he counterattacks, he’ll suffer more.

  26. Hultan

    @Valla Valhalla I have no idea how you are soloing with those stats, I have like 10% better stats on all fronts (resistance 280) and I get REKD on 100 hard.

  27. Valla Valhalla

    Valla solos hard 100 Scarab in just under 20 minutes (auto).

    3 sets Immortal. Ayumi masteries, 100% booked.
    HP 48790, ATK 1248, DEF 3151, SPD 193, CR 62, CD 107, RES 182, ACC 69

    Resistance, speed, and healing are key, otherwise just wear Scarab down. Doing more damage takes less time, but not needed to win in the long run.

  28. TPOD80

    @GrumpyFeijoada. It’s not solo if you use two champs, that’s duo 😉

    My Vergis for solo Scarab king hard 100:
    In destroy set: HP 53137, Atk 1663, Def 3849, Spd 221, Crate 36, Cdmg 122, Res 389, Acc 119

  29. GrumpyFeijoada

    With two Vergis, at least 1 in destroy gear, you can solo it on manual. Both follow Ayumi’s masteries and are 100% booked.
    my stats:
    HP 57527, ATK 1675, DEF 3004, SPD 209, C.RATE 54, C.DMG 82, RES 267, ACC 78
    HP 41638, ATK 1646, DEF 2410, SPD 201, C.RATE 100, C.DMG 91, RES 319, ACC 119

  30. terrbear

    stag knight works well here……level 60 with regenerate gear….my stag knight is not booked up and does not have level 16 gear….masteries are maxed

  31. Nito

    You can solo him using Scyl of the Drakes with Regeneration Set.
    Just search “scarab king cheese scyl of the drakes”on youtube.

  32. Iliyanna

    Both Lyssandra and High Khatun should be added to the MVPs here. Both have speed auras, turn meter boosts, turn meter reductions, and increase speed. High Khatun may even ben better with her Decrease Speed A1.

  33. Klippa

    Vergis is not listed as MVP for this? He can do it solo but I add some glass cannon damage dealers to get through the waves and die off. Running mine in Destroy + Immortal with high resist (chest + banner) to stop the boss stealing buffs. He easily clears Hard 50 on the boss solo. Cheers 🙂

  34. SniffyFingaz

    Gurptuk and Martyl….paired together rip the SK in under 9 mins on auto

  35. Darkeasterbunny

    @LinePk Gala won’t do you any good. I love her … but she’s the least viable. I’d go for Drokgul or metalshaper myself, though if you have one, Vergis. Vergis in destroy set wrecks the scarab with no help whatsoever 😛

  36. ghettogero

    Wasnt paying attention and didnt get a shield buff off before his turn started. Jareg solo with regeneration and immortal 90 minutes. Couldve reset after 3 minutes but i wanted to see how long it would take.

  37. LinePk

    HI, im thinking about up one champ specifically for Scarab, im doubt in Drokgul, Gala Longbraids, Scrapper or Metalshaper, which one i should up to rank 6?

  38. HW3

    I am completely baffled by the level 100 scarab on hard. He always gets a turn despite draining his turn meter. And once he starts he doesn’t stop.

  39. LordDestino

    You must add Valla as MVP for this boss… She´s really good,

  40. Angwil

    You have a typo in “0% if Borgoth’s Max HP has been decreased less than 30%.” Should by “MORE than 30%.” Thanks for all you do.

  41. sirrosso

    Scarab 100 normal: just – Vrask (retailation, immortal- 8000 hp heal/crit), about 40 min

  42. Baygon

    F2P here – finally beat SK on normal difficulty level 30 dungeon:
    4mins 42 secs, 77 turns

    Vergis lvl 5, destroy set, speed set
    Scyl lvl 6 maxed, relentless set, speed set
    Kael lvl 6 maxed, Cruel set, lifesteal set

  43. DavidK

    Love your site Ayumilove – on this page – the older comments link doesn’t work 🙁

  44. Jonnbenet

    Bad el Kazar is the man for this. Strips off debuffs, throws out poison, etc.

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @HoboStick: I have corrected the title from “Kuldeth the Magma Dragon Videos” to “Borgoth the Scarab King Videos”. Thanks!

  46. HoboStick

    Ayumi, just a note; it says “KULDETH THE MAGMA DRAGON VIDEOS” above the first embedded video. 🙂

  47. Strawberry369

    my warpriest has regen and resilients with 6* lvl 16 DEF% and HP% gauntlets/chestplate and she takes out normal floor 30 in 45 minutes and normal floor 50 in a hour an a half.

  48. Osterholm

    If you try Valkyrie for this boss, make sure you’ve got some high res & def for some meaty shields. Since the boss places extra hits for each “other” buff and then steals them, I ended upp having my counter attack stolen a lot. Needless to say, that got me killed a few times…
    Now I usually just send my Vergis in there and go grab a cup of coffee!

  49. King Lithos

    You should add Lodric to top ranking list for Scarab King. His shield buff on all allies for 2 turns with 2 turns cooldown after booked is very usefull.

  50. Dy0gene

    Again & again…put Lugan in MVP.

  51. Dy0gene

    Again…put Lugan in MVP.

  52. MadVlad

    My son just beat Scarab 100 normal with the help of Vergumkaar, Mausoleum Mage, and Khoronar. No Destroy set, but between the three of them, they kept each other going

  53. SiJebat

    Managed to finally clear floor 100 Scarab King Normal with Vergis and Romero combo after days of trying. Didn’t change my Vergis Lifesteal gear to Destroy set, so it took 30 min to beat SK on auto.

  54. Mike

    I just wanted to let someone know your name and email are being automatically filled out in the comment box… seems like I shouldn’t be able to see that.. mikemar**** and the name Mike are automatically filled in

  55. Mike


  56. LeshaC

    How is it possible that scarab attacks me without turn meter and with shield on all heroes?

  57. RawDawgRandi

    Some missing VIP’s: Vergis and Valla. They always have their shields up. I’ve beaten Scarab with just these two champs. My usual team consists of three champs only: Two Vergis and one Valla. These three champs absolutely destroy Scarab.

  58. Osterholm

    My 60 Vergis in Destroy + Immortal soloed Hard 50 (Lvl 250) Scarab King. Had a Venus in lead for the 33% HP aura and put some squishy ATK champs in there to clear the waves. Everyone except Vergis died in the first round against the boss, then he went head to head with the boss for about 4-5 mins.

  59. Kaz Vorpal

    I’m thinking Klodd Breastfeeder is designed EXACTLY for Scarab King…a shield based on his HP instead of the target HP, and a fifty percent ACC boost. I six-starred Metalshaper for nothing.

  60. bruvollized

    Lordic Falcon should be a VIP

  61. Teacup

    Hard 100 team:
    Lyssandra – lead
    Lodric Faconheart – shield set with the fastest speed
    Coldheart – destroy set
    Visix the unbowed destroy set A1 turn meter reduction, A2 speed decrease 30%
    Alure – maxed Crit %, A1 occasionally failed because of WEAK HITs, took some hits but managed to stay alive, will replace with Armiger to test if better.
    Took about 9m 19s to kill it on auto
    Best champ with Shield is Valkyrie and Krisk, too bad I do not have them.

  62. Hands999

    Noobie question but I’m rally struggling to clear Lvl30 in normal, any advice as to the best combo at that level?
    Did it before the last update then ‘Computer says NO’ after that…………

  63. Kaz Vorpal

    Misbegotten Monster can clear 100 Scarab all by himself, if he has Destroy on.

    I use MM along with Vergis and Raglin, with Destroy only on Vergis.

  64. Groovdog

    One that worked for me on 100 Scarab (normal) is Shamrock. Acc aura helped (despite my Alure being 310+ accuracy). Speed buff and speed debuff.

    So Sham lead, Nick, Draconis (only 50), Alure, and Arimger (destroy set). Stupid as her accuracy is way above what is needed but I would see her A1 barely move the TM on a speed debuffed boss. The speeds got out of whack towards end (I will not optimize anything for DT alone) so I ended up sneaking through on the back of Arm taking the shield to zero and Nick alternating Shield and UK but it could be tweaked to work way better.

  65. Pearlharb0

    Also vergumkaar mvp

  66. Apple16

    Updated Scarab 100 is a problem now for ftp players

    I’ve used all green Brago, Valkyrie and Steelskull like a kind of unkill team
    it took 15 minutes to finish him

  67. MRB

    @Chrom I’m a free to play player. I’ve got 24 6-star heroes all with +16 gear. It’s very doable for F2P.

  68. Thomas Åberg

    During fight when shield wears out i get caught in an endless serie of counterattacks eventhough there are no counterattack buff active.
    I found that one of my champion had a counyerattack mastery, so i cleared those champagne out of my team.
    Still… I get caught in this anoying problem.
    Does anyone recognice this and have any suggestions on solution.

  69. anonymous

    the rewards aren’t even worth 1/10 you have to spend to compete in this garbage

  70. ilves

    Should be “0% if Borgoth’s Max HP has been decreased MORE than 30%.”

  71. Teacup

    You forgot Lyssandra? she is the real MVP for this.

  72. Dy0gene

    Hello, I think we can put Lugan in the MVP team. No shield breaker in the team and when all died, he can finish the job solo.

  73. vlad

    thx guys for ur imputs, workin on booking metalshaper and changin ear for coldheard n armiger. cheers n bless

  74. MadVlad

    Thoughts on Lord Champfort?

  75. Chrom

    It is important to understand that Ayumilove suggestions for gear and substats is for lvl 60 champions, that means accuraccy and Resist banner. If you play with lvl50 champions you dont have that hugh amount of these stats from banner.
    Therefore for champions that has need of high accuraccy it is important to have accuraccy-set cause you wont get enough without it.

    The best way is to see for you self when you play, if your debuffs get resisted to often you need more accuraccy and if the debuffs from enemies works to often you need more resistens.

    And Scarab is a beast when it comes to laying debuffs, and high resist is needed,

  76. Moonbiter855


    The Shield set on Metalshaper is a great idea! With that shield starting out in each round he does not need to be the fastest anymore.

    Alure would be great and could certainly replace Tayrel in that line up. With Alure you need 100% crit and a high amount of ACC to land the turn meter reduction.

    Another thought, for Coldheart, is that she only needs 75% or greater crit because her A3 has a built in +25% Crit modifier. She should be first on Destroy set because her A3 should erase it the fastest.

  77. vlad


    yeah what about alure? not need for her?

  78. vlad


    hey, thx a lot for ur reply. yeah the gear, ton of silver needed. have 3 5* destroy set basic, so have to save up silver to be able to change it. armiger only 75 crit, have to try harder. no healer needed? i put shield armor on metal shaper. but not booked, so will be 3 turns. anyway thx a lot ill for sure try that out. bless

  79. Moonbiter855


    Hi there! There is a very tough fight, but you will get there!

    You definitely have the right group of champions to get this fight done, but I think the question is gear.

    Since you have to keep a shield up at all times, unless you can resist tank, you could probably get a way with just Metalshaper if he is booked. I would include Miscreated because he’ll help with initial wave clears and he’s that extra shield up for the group if you need it.

    Next is turn meter mitigation, to prevent Scarab from attacking, and based on your group that includes Coldheart, Armiger, and Tayrel.

    Here’s the tricky part: I would try to outfit both Coldheart and Armiger in DESTROY gear and that might very well get it done. DESTROY gear knocks out that pesky shield he has and once depleted he goes down fast. It’ll be tough because Armiger needs 100% CRIT still and Coldheart needs ACC to make sure that her A3 (Heartseeker) erases turn meter.

  80. vlad

    hi guys, pls help. i cant pass lv 30 on normal diff, its really frustrating. have alure full upgr but not booked, smashlord 50 booked, kael full upgr book n master, also coldheart, tyrel, apothecary. battle sage 50, booked, armiger 50 booked, mis monster 50 almost booked, valer 50, metalshaper 50, draconis 50 almost booked and still nothing. artefacts on kael, coldh, apoth on 16.
    thx for ur tips
    bless n take care

  81. Nero

    MVP Champions you forgot: lugan and vergis, they can solo him

  82. RevJTtheBrick

    Dost mean 0% if max HP is reduced MORE than 30%?

  83. Teacup

    hard lvl 100 is FORCE, Alure will have many weak hits against it, and if Alure shoots A2 A3 instead of A1, you are dead, it breaks all shield in 1 hit, you will need Armiger for this, Lyssandra if you have her.
    You can do Armiger, Armiger, Metalshaper, Coldheart, Coldheart.
    Armiger, Armiger, Metalshaper, Coldheart, Alure.
    Lyssandra, Alure, Armiger, Metalshaper, Coldheart
    they all have to be 400+ ACC, mine has over 350+ but still many resists.
    You can not rely on Alure alone, you need Alure, Armiger, and a back up in case Alure shoots A2.A3 or weak hit. Armiger with 355ACC still got some resists.
    Do not upgrade Alure’s skills, do not fully upgrade Armiger’s A2(last is Cooldown-1),you do not want them using A2 A3 in this fight.

    preferred 200+ speed with Metalshaper the fastest,
    Lyssandra ACC 346
    Alure 1 ACC 359
    Alure 2 ACC 365
    Armiger ACC 355
    Coldheart is for damage, speed does not matter, if you get her a ring/amulet/banner that can prevent cooldown on skill, that will be great, she can shoot her A3 more often.
    For those that have super legendary champs, they can just get their defense/resist up and kill him with heal/revive defense/ with Septimus. I don’t want to switch gears on my champs, so I built a turn meter reduction team, you can kill him however you like if you have the right defense/resist.

  84. WinRAR

    Chrom, I get you point but doom tower is for late game, when you do have 60’s, maybe focus on getting the 60’s before tackling DT, don’t have to be a whale, just play the game for a certain amount of time.

  85. Chrom

    Please dont just say some champions name like it would work.
    If you are a FtP like me you dont have so many lvl 60 champions and not lvl 16 on all gear.
    If people goes into this site it should to be to get help with the game, do only talk about lvl 60 champions with a 6 star legendary lvl 16 set it will only help the ptp players.

    With lvl 50 champions you dont have the resistens banner, wich means that you can not resist his provoke, Coldheart has the skill to take him out, but not the resistens or the survailability for it if shes just a lvl 50 champion.

    I have played with a turn down team
    I have played with a destroy team
    I have played with a shield team
    And I have mix these up in so many ways.

    lvl 90 Scarab kind normal is a PTP level boss, and not 10 dollar a mount but 100 dollars amount ptp. This just show of little plarium thinks of ftp players, at least make normal mode little easier.

    I asked for stats for resistens cause I get one turn of each champions then he hit me 1 time that takes away all shields and next attack provoke and fear on all champsions, after that I almost never have the turn cause its just provoke actions from my champions.

    If anyone know how to get past him with a serious answear please help me out here.

  86. Blodøkse

    Floor 100, normal: Scarab King
    11:52 min. using: Rhazin, Madame, Scyl, Valkyrie and Aothar

  87. Cebollicus

    Paired just Duchess Lilithu and Coldheart and the job is done.

  88. Chrom

    “Borgoth the Scarab Kind stats” What is the numbers after the new round of Doom tower?
    I can not clear Borgoth lvl 90 on normal , mostly because to low resistens, I have around 120-130 on most champs and they can never resist his provoke and fear.

    Gala longbraid Destroy set
    Is my most used champs but also switch with Armiger, Alure, Coldheart (destroy set) Ripper (destroy sett)

  89. Charles BROWN

    Wish they hadn’t jacked this boss up – had Ma’Shalled solo him (one was killed by the second wave, the other four in the first turn of combat against Scorpy) first Doom Tower iteration. Now, can’t get past this beast no matter what I throw at him. Probably need to get Drokgol’s skills maxed and the lizard slug I can never remember the name to up to 60 and try them plus Scyl to back him up but that’ll be about two Doom Towers down the line.

  90. Begone!

    Got the reset Scarab King down in NORMAL with: lvl 60 6* Fang Cleric (lead) for speed and revive champs, lvl 60 6* Scyl of the Drakes (revive), lvl 56 6* Armiger (turn meter), lvl 60 6* Zargala (nuke), and lvl 60 6* Apothecary (main healer).

  91. Thomas Schmitt

    Use Lugan… Kill him alone…

  92. Teacup

    It’s all about turn meter control or extremely high resist after the reset.
    This set up is for hard doom tower.
    Alure with 100% Crit %
    Amiger with 100% Crit % destroy set
    Coldheart destroy set – use skill cool down ring/amulet/banner
    Metalshaper in shield set fastest in the team
    Valerie in shield set – increase buff duration is very useful here
    Alure and Amiger will keep the crab from getting a turn, Coldheart helps with turn meter control every few turns.
    Some run with Vergis with Destroy and immortal set,
    Lord Champfort also has self shield always on, needs immortal set
    Madame Serris also with self shield every turn, needs immortal set

    @nbmayo Warlord needs about 400ACC for that A3 skill mine has 300ish and sometimes got resisted. if you can get the turn meter under control, Metalshaper+Valerie will keep the team shielded the whole time, remember DO NOT use relentless set here

  93. Mike

    Has anyone tried inithwe bloodtwin in destroy gear yet? He already has decrease max hp..also what about ripper? He has two skills with decrease max hp..would he be worth adding destroy gear to also?

  94. nanmzhao

    Scrab King enhanced so much after the reset. I built a team with 200 Resist around, and got stuck in NORMAL 49 Floor. My team is not strong enough, I admit. Two Armiger, MM with Shied , High Khatun and Royal Guard.Though it’s not the best ,it was enough even for Normal 90 Floor in last DT. I can’t imagin how Scrab King can debuff MM so easily. (260 Resist , seldom got debuff last time ).My team is ruined by Scrab King. I can’t believe this is the FINAL DESIGN. I’m talking about NORMAL 49 ,not HARD 90 OR 110. The stats is definitely destroyed by Plarium Dev.

  95. nbmayo

    Would Warlord be a good Champ to use against the Scarab King? He has a Shield Buff and a Turn Meter reduction debuff in his kit but I have not read where anyone has mentioned him when fighting this boss.

  96. kie

    Thanks for the info but hes Acc looks to be a fake because he applies alot to debuff even against my Apothecary with 240 resistance that can solo him. Yes Apothecary he can solo him even without Destroy Set if have a decent speed/resistance, tested in level 30 and 50 in normal.

  97. Ayumilove Post author

    @Gathrogg: You need at least additional 30 Resist to Borgoth the Scarab King’s total accuracy to prevent him from Provoking your champions and stealing their buffs. For example, if you are fighting against Scarab King (Stage 100 Hard), he will have 250 Accuracy, you will need a minimum of 250 Resist and additional 30 Resist to increase the chances of Resist by 5%. The max chance you can resist the debuff I believe is 97%. 3% is hardcoded to allow debuff to have a chance to be placed.

  98. Gathrogg

    How much Resistance is needed at his various levels to consistently resist his Taunt?

  99. Daniel


    I am sorry, wrong ability about Rotos, this is the good one :

    Vitality Plunder [ATK][HP] (Cooldown: 3 turns)
    Attacks 1 enemy. Decreases the target’s MAX HP by 20%, then adds that HP to this Champion’s own MAX HP. [Cannot decrease a single Champion’s MAX HP by more than 60% in one Battle. Cannot increase this Champion’s MAX HP by more than 60,000. Does not decrease Boss’ MAX HP. This Champion’s MAX HP will be increased by 15,000 when this Skill is used against Bosses]
    Note: The MAX HP gained in a battle will be reset upon entering the next round! (e.g. After each Dungeon/Campaign rounds, Rotos MAX HP resets to the original MAX HP)

    The A2 doesn’t work on/against Bosses

    Here is a video of StewGaming explaining it too :

  100. Daniel


    Rotos doesn’t work for this boss, check his passive ability :

    Spurn Oblivion [Passive]
    Will decrease damage from a single enemy hit so that incoming damage will not exceed 50% of this Champion’s MAX HP from that hit. Can occur once per enemy attack. Grants an Extra Turn if this damage reduction occurs. [Does not work against Bosses] Decreases the damage taken from Bosses by 15%. Decreases the damage taken from Bosses by 30% if Siphi the Lost Bride is on the same team.

  101. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jt: It’s a work in progress. I’m currently filling up the ratings for the Doom Tower for all 522 champions in the game. Once that is done, I’ll create a list here. I could put a non-complete list, then probably get a lot of comments stating there are some missing champions not in the list yet.

  102. Jt

    Love your work, but perhaps as you rate champs v. Doomtower bosses, you could add them to the boss pages? It’d make it much easier than checking ones entire roster champ by champ to see who’s rated…

  103. Moonbiter855

    @Mike, Destroy gear and certain champions like Dark Elhain have a “Decrease Max HP per hit” ability that also will decrease his overall HP. That is why you see people suggesting equipping Armiger and Coldheart in Destroy gear because they have the turn reduction while also decreasing his HP as a dual effect.

  104. sonic

    I have been able to solo with Mashallad. Takes a long time, but in the lower level scarab king he can do it.

  105. Mike

    I have a question about ‘Spectral Horror [Passive]’.

    Decreases the damage received according to how much Borgoth’s MAX HP has been decreased.
    Which abilities decrease Borgoth’s MAX HP?
    I use Rotos but his Borgoth’s MAX HP is not decreased.

  106. Ayumilove Post author

    @LeshaC: Miscreated Monster’s shield is based on the damage inflicted to the opponent. You will need to apply Decrease Defense and Weaken debuff to the enemy before Miscreated Monster casts his A2 skill “Lightning Storm” to generate the large shield. However, Scarab King has a passive skill that puts up a barrier that mitigates 90% of the incoming damage, which renders Miscreated Monster A2 skill not so effective, resulting in a smaller shield being applied to your allies.

    The first strategy to counter Scarab King is to pair Miscreated Monster or any Shield buffer champion with a Decrease Turn Meter champion to prevent Scarab King from attacking/ripping out the applied shield. The shield is there to prevent Scarab King from counterattacking. Armiger, an Uncommon Champion, is excellent choice to help with decreasing enemy’s turn meter reliably. They can be geared with Destroy Set to help reduce the boss’s barrier.

    The second strategy is just to tank the damage done by Scarab King, but it requires superior healing and sustainability. There is a champion from High Elves faction known as Vergis has a unique passive skill that self-heal and auto generate shield whenever enemy attack them. By having 2 Vergis, they can support one another with Continuous Heal and their shield will prevent the boss from counter-attacking them. Both are recommended to be geared with Destroy Set to reduce the barrier much more quickly.

  107. LeshaC

    Don´t get it. I have MM maxed with the highest speed and about 70k hp and shield set. Three Amigers and healer. Even with turnmeter at 10% he attacks and rip off my shields. So what is wrong please?

  108. prunefeld

    i used draconis and mother superior for shields
    zargala with destroy set for attack. (i also have a destroy set on draconis)
    madam serris to drop defense and attack. also, she always has a sheild up
    crimson helm to put a increase def buff on everyone

  109. Brian Reid

    After seeing Nemanja’s comment I added Lugan to my roster…the rest of the team died off quickly but Lugan was able to solo him…took 35 minutes but still killed him 🙂

  110. Anonymous

    Best here hands down is Miscreated Monster with Shield Set.
    Sheid set will gave 3 turns with shields and is HP based which MM is.
    MM has 3 turn Shield on a 3 turn cooldown
    All you have to do is make him the fasted on the team

    Next, have two or three heroes that steal Turn meter like Armager
    This is enough to win. can swap out other heroes like cold heart etc

    Another alternative to MM is Metal Shaper with 2 turn shields on a 2 turn Cooldown.
    Same rules apply, have to be fastest on the team to keep shield up 100%

  111. Searchable via Google Anonymous

    Best here hands down is Miscreated Monster with Shield Set.
    Sheid set will gave 3 turns with shields and is HP based which MM is.
    MM has 3 turn Shield on a 3 turn cooldown
    All you have to do is make him the fasted on the team

    Next, have two or three heroes that steal Turn meter like Armager
    This is enough to win. can swap out other heroes like cold heart etc

  112. teacup

    Build your crab king team:
    Armiger, Armiger, Coldheart, Duchess(or Scyl of the drakes), Metalshaper, if you have counter attack champs, replace one of the armiger

  113. Wylie Irving

    Its been hard for me

  114. Andres Montenegro


  115. garfscores

    He steals continuous heals from your champs. One of his skills steals one or two random buffs from his targets.

  116. Ayumilove Post author

    @Richard Campbell: The rating section for Scarab King is under construction.

  117. Poppa09

    How does he heal when there aren’t any heal buffs in his skills?

  118. Poppa09

    How does he heal when I don’t see any heal buffs in his skills?

  119. Poppa09

    Why does he heal when I don’t see any heal buffs in his skills?

  120. Richard Campbell

    I Use To Be Able To Accesss Your Site And Now All I Get Is This Page, Can You Tell Me Why?

  121. Jason

    i think champs with shield buff up will work well like Valerie and then decrease turn-meter like Armiger

  122. Nemanja Lukovic

    Valla and Lugan duo Skarab King. Ez