Raid Shadow Legends List of Champions by Ranking

RAID: Shadow Legends Champion Ranking is categorized under 5 Rarities (Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common) and sub-categorized based on Ranking. The list is sorted in alphabetical order to ease searching by champion name.

Disclaimer: It’s not possible to create the perfect ranking list since each champion can be useful in a certain situation, with the right team composition and excellent equipment set with godly stats. The champions in this tier list are ranked by comparing the champions of the same rarity based on their utility. In addition, they are tiered according how they synergizes with other champions in terms of buffing allies and debuffing enemies so everyone can win the battle more efficiently. It also takes into consideration how well they performed in multiple scenarios such as Arena Offense, Arena Defense, Faction Wars, Campaign, Clan Boss and Dungeons (Spider’s Den, Fire Knight, Ice Golem, Minotaur).

Abbreviations (Faction-Rarity-Role-Affinity)
Example: BL-LAF refers to Banner Lord, Legendary, Attack, Force Champion


BL : Banner Lords
HE : High Elves
SO : The Sacred Order
BA : Barbarians
OT : Ogryn Tribes
LZ : Lizardmen
SW : Skinwalkers
OR : Orcs
DS : Demonspawn
UH : Undead Hordes
DE : Dark Elves
KR : Knight Revenant
DW : Dwarves


L : Legendary
E : Epic
R : Rare
U : Uncommon
C : Common


A : Attack
D : Defense
H : HP
S : Support


F : Force
M : Magic
S : Spirit
V : Void

Champion Tier List by Usability

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Legendary Champions Ranking

S Rank | Legendary Champion

A Rank | Legendary Champion

B Rank | Legendary Champion

C Rank | Legendary Champion

F Rank | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

S Rank | Epic Champion

A Rank | Epic Champion

B Rank | Epic Champion

C Rank | Epic Champion

F Rank | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

S Rank | Rare Champion

A Rank | Rare Champion

B Rank | Rare Champion

C Rank | Rare Champion

F Rank | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

S Rank | Uncommon Champion

A Rank | Uncommon Champion

B Rank | Uncommon Champion

C Rank | Uncommon Champion

F Rank | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

S Rank | Common Champion

A Rank | Common Champion

B Rank | Common Champion

C Rank | Common Champion

F Rank | Common Champion

New Champions

Champion’s Rating and Ranking

All of the champion’s ratings will be re-evaluated based on the range below as of 2020-01-01.

Champion Ranking

Legendary, Epic and Rare Ranking

S Rank (★60~65) – Suitable in all areas. Increase team efficiency substantially
A Rank (★50~59) – Suitable in almost all areas. Capable to self-standalone
B Rank (★40~49) – Suitable in some areas. Provides decent support to allies
C Rank (★30~39) – Does not offer much compared to champions of same rarity
F Rank (★00~29) – Useless

Uncommon and Common Ranking

The champion ranking will be lenient towards Uncommon and Common champions as they have weaker skills compared to Rare, Epic and Legendary champions.
S Rank (5★ in at least 1 area) – Capable to clear an area efficiently and effectively
A Rank (4★ in at least 1 area) – Capable to clear an area effectively
B Rank (3★ in at least 1 area) – Provides decent support to allies
C Rank (2★ in at least 1 area) – Does not offer much compared to champions of same rarity
F Rank (1★ in all areas) – Useless

Champion Rating

The champion rating on an area is determined based on the champion’s skill. These ratings are summed up to create the champion ranking. Assumming if the champion has 5★ in all areas (13 areas in total), it would be calculated as (5★ x 13 areas = 65★).
5★ Best champion to get it done efficiently.
4★ Good champion that get it done effectively while supporting allies.
3★ Has utility skills to support allies.
2★ Somewhat useful. Will not be used if there are alternatives.
1★ Worse champion to not get it done effectively nor efficiently.

Champion Rating Calculation

Clan Boss Rating

+3★ Rating

  • Has ENEMY MAX HP (Poison/HP Burn/Damage) skills

+2★ Rating

  • Has Increase Attack, Increase Speed, Increase Turn Meter skills
  • Has Decrease Defense, Weaken skills
  • Has Heal, Shield, Ally Protection skills
  • Has Decrease Cooldown or Reset Cooldown skills
  • Ally Join Attack or Counterattack skills
  • Has Block Damage, Unkillable skills

+1★ Rating

  • Has Instant Remove Buff, Steal Buff skills
  • Has Block Debuff, Revive, Leech skills
  • Has Reflect Damage skill
  • Void Affinity Champion
  • Defense Role Champion

-1★ Rating

  • Long Skill Cooldown (4 turns and above)
  • Buff/Debuff has pre-conditions to trigger
  • Buff/Debuff has low success rate to trigger (below 50%)
  • Buff/Debuff is the lower rank version (e.g. Decrease Defense 30% vs 60%)
  • Buff/Debuff lasts only for 1 turn
  • Has Bomb skill
  • Has Healing Reduction skill

Spider’s Den Rating

+3★ Rating

  • Has ENEMY MAX HP (Poison/HP Burn/Damage) skills
  • Has Crowd Control (Provoke/Stun/Sleep/Freeze/Fear) skills

+2★ Rating

  • Has AoE damage skill
  • Has Increase Attack, Increase Speed, Increase Turn Meter skills
  • Ally Join Attack or Counterattack skills
  • Has Decrease Defense, Weaken skills
  • Has Decrease Turn Meter, Decrease Speed skills
  • Has Heal, Shield, Ally Protection skills
  • Has Decrease Cooldown or Reset Cooldown skills
  • Has Block Damage, Unkillable skills

+1★ Rating

  • Has Block Debuff, Revive, Leech skills
  • Void Affinity Champion

-1★ Rating

  • Long Skill Cooldown (4 turns and above)
  • Buff/Debuff has pre-conditions to trigger
  • Buff/Debuff has low success rate to trigger (below 50%)
  • Buff/Debuff is the lower rank version (e.g. Decrease Defense 30% vs 60%)
  • Buff/Debuff is single-target
  • Buff/Debuff lasts only for 1 turn
  • Extra Turn skill

Force Keep Rating

+3★ Rating

  • Has Decrease Defense, Weaken skills
  • Has Block Debuff and Remove Debuff skills
  • Has Increase Speed, Increase Turn Meter skills

+2★ Rating

  • Has Increase Attack, Increase Defense skills
  • Has Ally Join Attack or Counterattack skills
  • Has Heal, Shield, Ally Protection skills
  • Has Decrease Cooldown or Reset Cooldown skills

-1★ Rating

  • Long Skill Cooldown (4 turns and above)
  • Buff/Debuff has pre-conditions to trigger
  • Buff/Debuff has low success rate to trigger (below 50%)
  • Buff/Debuff is the lower rank version (e.g. Decrease Defense 30% vs 60%)
  • Buff/Debuff lasts only for 1 turn

-3★ Rating

  • Magic Affinity Champion
  • Champion Role mismatch with Skill (e.g. Defense Champion uses non-Defense stat)


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271 thoughts on “Raid Shadow Legends List of Champions by Ranking

  1. Corne Cloete

    I see I received a Hero that is not on your List
    Legendary – Undead – Magic – Attack.
    Name Saito

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @uwucreamies: I have added some explanation of the rating system in the guide below. Please check them out :)

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Connor Patrick: I would recommend not using any Legendary and Epic as food. Legendary are very hard to come by.
    1. Ignatius is great for Arena Defense Tank Resist Team composition.
    2. Rae is an excellent Attack champion for Arena Offense.
    3. Umbral Enchantress is great for Crowd Control in Arena Gold.
    4. Bellower can be your campaign speed farmer if you are using Big Un for a slow but heavy damage team.
    5. Tayrel will be a great champion in Clan Boss for his Decrease Attack and Defense Aura.
    6. Stag Knight is used for end-game Speed Run Dungeons.

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Aidan Gennuso: I’ll be going all over hundreds of champions again to include the Faction Wars rating. Apart from that, I’ll be using a weighted rating system, which means based on the areas which is deemed much more valuable (e.g. Clan Boss, Arena), it will be given a higher points compared to the rest as these areas provides the most amount of benefit (e.g. daily rewards) in game progression.

  5. uwucreamies

    How do you compare champions of different rarities and rankings? My personal understanding is b rank epic champions = A rank rares,C rank Legendaries, or s rank uncommons. Is this an accurate assumption,or am I way off?

  6. Connor Patrick

    @MapleMonkey I would say Miscreated Monster, he is all around a good champion, especially in the arena, campaign, and the spiders den.

  7. Connor Patrick

    I have Big ‘Un and Miscreated monster waiting to be six stared, should I use Ignatius as food, also my other guys include but are not limited to: Altan 6*, Rae 6*, Shinesa 6*, Vergis 6*, Kael 6*, Mother Superior 6*, Bellower 5*, Athel 5*, Elhain 5*, Tayrel 5*, Umbral Enchantress 5*, and Stag Knight 4* (gotten recently) If I should 6 star one of those instead.

  8. MapleMonkey

    Love the site! I qm just 1 month in and love the game already. Still I get overwhelmed sometimes by the complexity. Can you help me out recommending the next 6star for me?

    My current team setup: Cupidus(6*), Miscreated M(5*), Elhain(5*) or Athel(5*), High Khat(5*)
    Depending on Dungeons I add/swap in my Reliquary Tender(5*), Frostbringer (5*) or Jizoh (4*).

    I am currently thinking to upgrade Athel next for more burst in Arena. Whats your take on the pool or would you rather wait for a new opportunity?


  9. ROBO

    Easy to ask, probably more difficult to do……

    I would love your Equip Guide Pages to include encoding of the rankings you have allocated for each area: e.g.

    Baron | BL-LAV | TS66-GD25C5AD5AO5CB5FW5-D19ML5SD2FK2DL5IG5-P20VK5FK5SK5MK5 | Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    Kael | DE-RAM | TS60-GD25C5AD5AO5CB5FW5-D20ML5SD4FK2DL5IG4-P15VK5FK2SK4MK4 |Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    Axeman | BL-CHF | TS14-GD05C1AD1AO1CB1FW1-D05ML1SD1FK1DL1IG1-P04VK1FK1SK1MK1 | Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide

    Total stars#-Grinding#Campaign#ArenaDefence#ArenaOffence#……

  10. Aidan Gennuso

    So based on what I am seeing, this system isn’t 100% in date because you forgot to update the * criteria for people who are considered S, A, B, C and F. You still are using a 65* based system when there are a total of 70*’s when all the categories are all added up. Love the site and have used it a lot when it comes to who to use and where. Just wanted to point that out.

  11. John K

    First off, great great job.

    Secondly, many people may question the rank of the champions and some people blindly follow these ranks as absolute.
    I think this list serves as a great STARTING point and not absolute. What works for you may not work well for others depending on gear, team synchrony, and location.

    Instead of complaining why a champion went up or down the list, because it really doesnt matter if that particular champion works for you.
    If it doesn’t work for you, no matter if that champion is listed GOD tier S tier, etc….it really is pointless.

    So, you should TAKE this list as a STARTING point, not the end point.
    You be you and find what works BEST for you.

  12. roy537

    Hey Ayumilove,

    Great content you have on your website! I was wondering, might it be a good idea to add the champion skill multipliers to the champion pages? StewGaming shared it a while ago in this vid:

    The google spreadsheet containing all the multipliers is in the description of the video. Let me know what you think and keep up the good work! :)

  13. revs

    Hi my current team setups are:

    1:Kael, elhain,warmaiden,apothecary

    would you recommend switching any of this around?

  14. Ben

    I would like to say two things:

    1. Thank you very much for this site.
    It is as helpful and sacred as the shards. 😀

    2. Is it possible for you to add a search engine to your site? It will be highly productive.

    Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Connor: Here are the list of champions that I would 6 Star:
    1. For early-mid game progression, Vergis will be able to help you tank most of the damage in Arena, Dungeons and also 3 Star Campaign (Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare).
    2. For early-mid-late game Arena, I would pick Umbral Enchantress. She will require skill tomes to make her function perfectly and no RNG.
    3. For early-mid-late game Clan Boss, I would pick Tyrant Ixlimor. He will be able to help reduce incoming damage from the boss and apply HP Burn for extra damage.
    4. Doompriest is for Faction Wars and to counter niche Arena teams such as Tormin the Cold or champions that uses Crowd Control Set artifacts.
    5. Battlesage has limited/niche usages and I wouldn’t build her unless for Faction Wars. However, when geared right with 200+ Speed or 4K Attack, she can be a great speed campaign farmer (6 seconds clearance).
    6. Both Athel and Elhain are decent starting champion who can help in the early-mid game progression but not much into late game. Elhain can be used kill Rotos the Lost Groom with her double-hit attack (ensure that she has very high attack to make this happen).
    7. Hexweaver is a decent healer for early game progression but not much into mid-late game, unless you did not get any decent healer after opening multiple shards.

  16. Connor

    What champion should I make into a six star out of these: Vergis, Athel, Elhain, HexWeaver, BattleSage, Tyrant Ixlimor, Umbral Enchantress, or DoomPriest?

  17. steven vaughn

    is there a way you could have a thumbnail of the champions portrait show when you hover over the champions name? or have a thumbnail next to the name that enlarges when you hover over it?

  18. Drew Wolfgram

    NVM I just saw her on the new champions section at the bottom. Great work as usual thanks.

  19. Drew Wolfgram

    @Rakkasan He is a B tier Epic champ.

    @Ayumilove When do you plan on getting the Kreela guide out?

  20. Rakkasan

    I noticed you don’t yet have Ultimate Galek listed. That said, thanks for all the work you put into this guide. It’s really helpful.

  21. Finn

    Just noticed that in your Clan Boss rating calculation you give no points for decrease attack. Thought that would be an important skill to bring to the CB…

  22. WileyMan

    With the addition of the Faction Wars ranking, you now have 14 categories instead of 13, which throws off the star count described on this page as the way the overall rating is calculated.

  23. EazyGreazy

    @Ayumilove: Thanks so much for the guide. It is really helpful. This game is fun, but a bit overwhelming at first, so these breakdowns saved me a ton of time.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to give me some advice on team composition. When I started playing, I just used whatever was available, but I’ve been playing for long enough to gather up a few champions, and I’m not sure where to invest resources first. Here are mychamps:

    6 star:

    Tormin — about 60% booked, 5 star ascended, geared in defensive gear

    5 star:

    bellower — fully booked, 5 star ascended, geared in lifesteel/attack gear with good speed and crit chance

    kael — fully booked, 5 star ascended, geared in attack gear that is serviceable but could use an upgrade

    warpriest — about 20% booked, 3 star ascended, geared in super basic HP gear (needs an upgrade, but I haven’t figured out what set)

    steelskull — no books, no ascension, no gear (levelled him up before getting champs that I find fit better in my team)

    4 star:

    tayrel — no books, no ascension, no gear

    ultimate galek — no books, 3 star ascended, haven’t decided on gear yet

    elhain — no books, 4 star ascended, crappy gear

    apothecary — about 80% booked, 4 star ascended, gear that prioritizes speed and defenses

    kael (duplicate) — no books, 3 star ascended, crappy gear

    jingle hunter — no books, 1 star ascended, crappy gear

    dark elhain — no books, no ascension, crappy gear

    shaman — no books, 1 star ascended, no gear

    adriel — no books, no ascension, crappy gear

    frostbringer — no books, no ascension, no gear

    whisper — no books, no ascension, no gear

    shatterbones — no books, no ascension, no gear

    ursine icecrusher — no books, no ascension, no gear

    reinbeast — no books, no ascension, no gear

    crypt witch — no books, no ascension, no gear

    hordin — no books, no ascension, no gear

    Jizoh — no books, no ascension, no gear

    Luria — no books, no ascension, no gear

    Who should I prioritize for my next 5 star/6 star? I’m torn between trying to get bellower up to 6 star so I can complete the campaign, or getting apothecary and tayrel to 5 star. Would you recommend something else?

    For arena, I feel like there is a great synergy between ultimate galek and tormin, but ultimate galek needs a bit of help to get the HP burn going, so I was thinking to add the warpriest, and then round it out with the apothecary. I would gear them such that warpriest and apothecary prioritize speed and go 1st/second. Not sure how I would gear galek, but accuracy seems important for this to work. Does this team have enough pushing power? Does it rely too heavily on Tormin’s gimmick? Would you suggest another team?

    I have 12 epic champ skill books saved up. If the above arena team looks optimal to you, would you recommend I use the skill books on ultimate galek? Tayrel seems like a great all-rounder and thus another great champ to use skill books on. I’ve used every legendary book I’ve gotten on Tormin. Should I save them instead? For rare champ books, right now I’m prioritizing apothecary. Should I go with someone else?

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  24. Bungus

    @Ayumilove: as a starting point what teams would you recommend?

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    @Bungus: It depends on how the enemy/opposition Tag Team Defense setup. If they are slow, you can overpower them with speed by adding Apothecary into the team. Then nuke team with AoE attacks such as Bellower, Warmaiden and Kael.

  26. Bungus

    What team comps would you recommend for tag team arena, I have the following maxed out: Robar, lightsworn, doompriest, tayrel, relickeeper, vrask, hordin, zelotah, warmaiden, kael, athel, apothecary, bellower, elhain & soulbond bowyer

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @Destroyer39: I have added them into the list above! Also corrected the page link from “Grush the Mangler” to “Ghrush the Mangler” (typo error).

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @AB: Thanks for the notice! I have added the 3 new Daily Login Reward Champions into theis list and also updated the Patch Notes section.

    Patch Notes page updated with 2.10 details:

  29. AB

    Ghrush the Mangler? Why no entry for him?

  30. Destroyer39

    New Daily Login Rewards Champions?

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lord Rage 2020: For Arena Offense, I would go with this setup: Spirithost, Warmaiden, Kael and High Khatun. High Khatun is geared with the highest speed, followed by Spirithost, Warmaiden and Kael. High Khatun must have full speed gear to boost everyone in the team to go first before enemy starts their turn. Next, Spirithost buff the team attack by 50%. Warmaiden decreases the enemy’s defense by 60% so enemy will take more damage. Finally, Kael perform the killing move. If he did 1 or more kills, his skill provides him additional turn meter boost, which allows him to go next turn to perform the 2nd finishing kill.

  32. Lord Rage 2020

    Awesome Site, thanks for this guide.
    I am struggling in the Arena and just can’t go further than Bronze 3! For someone playing 132 days i thought i should be doing better than that. Please advise.
    I have a lvl 60 Kael fully booked. My lvl 50s include:
    Spirithost and
    I have lvl 40s including
    Aothar, Galek, Banshee, Veteran, Dark Athel, High Khatun, Jizoh, Jinglehunter, Seducer, Dark Elhain, Executioner, Golden reaper, soul drinker, Pain Keeper, Fellhound, Knight-errant, Warpreist and Galkut to name a few.
    What am i doing wrong? Who should be my next 60 and my next 50?

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @here: I have added Kantra the Cyclone champion into this site at

  34. Ayumilove Post author

    @AceT: I’ll recommend focus on Bellower and Apothecary as both of these champions are end-game useful in Dungeons, Arena and Campaign farming. Shaman for end-game Orc Faction Wars reviver. Diabolist is also end-game Demonspawn Faction Wars speed buffer.

  35. Стилиян Първанов

    Guys, anything below 70% chance should be rated -1. You cannot rely on that skill and it can let you down in the intense moment. Most of the champions in game are no way near to “marriage material”.

  36. RaspyBill

    This has been really helpful. In the early game currently (I think) and working to get Athel to 60. Trying to round out my team to compete in everything to continue to advance: warmaiden, warpriestess, Diabolist, executioner, atur, hexweaver and heiress are some of my best. Few dwarves too! Any advice would be great

  37. AceT

    @ayumilove Thank you for a great resource as a new player to the game your side has helped a lot. I got Elhain to lvl 60 and am wondering if I should focus on Bellower, Apothecary, Gala Longbirds, Shaman, Frost Bringer or Diabolist, as my next lvl 60 champion? Which order should I rank them up?

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tacosaurus Rex: For Arena Offense, I would pick Bad-el-Kazar, Sir Nicholas, Madame Serris and Blind Seer. For Arena Offense, you will need to based on the enemy team composition. If they have build for Speed, you will need faster champion with Aura such as Arbiter/High-Khatun/Gorgorb/Seeker to win the speed lead.

  39. Tacosaurus Rex

    Thanks so much for this site.. I’ve really been getting into this game and have found all this information invaluable. I would love your input on arena offense and arena defense teams. Right now I have the following champs maxed out: Venus, Sir Nicholas, Bad-El Kazar, Coldheart, Blind Seer, Elhain, Sinesha, Madame Serris, Skartorsis, Vrask, Tyrant Ixlimor, Razin Scarhide, Stag Knight, and Zargala. Would appreciate your recommendations!

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    @JUGGERNATE: If you would want to have a more detail champion ranking for a specific field such as Clan Boss, kindly view the Clan Boss page instead. The ranking here displays the champion’s overall strength in all areas instead of just 1 area. Based from my experiences, she is not worth S rank as her overall performance isn’t that great (I have tested her in all areas Level 60 fully ascended). If it is shown S Rank here but she is almost useless everywhere else, it will also mislead players too. For long term investment champions (specific for certain areas), you can check on the individual specific pages on the right side panel.

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    @newsun: I have updated the list above without numbers now.

  42. newsun

    The numbers are silly and misleading since this is alphabetical list inside each tier.

  43. Tyler Kraft

    missing arcane keep

  44. Y A S 0

    Hi Ayumilove,
    How do i get in contact with you?

  45. Jack


    First of all, thx for the amazing content.

    A quick sugestion : can you add a dark theme, the white “is hard” at night (even with a software like f.lux)


    This ranking system needs a major rework. It’s useless in its current form. The question that should be answered from the ranking is this: “is this champ worth investing in?”. Currently, S tier champs like Frozen Banshee are listed as C, just because she only excels in Clan Boss. WHO CARES? The important information is that she’s worth investing in because she’s worth using in Clan Boss. Well-rounded champs that don’t excel in anything are USELESS for mid to end game. THAT’s what people want to know – is this a good long-term investment? If you want to make a separate list of “champs that excel in early game”, that’s fine, but a champ’s overall ranking should depend on whether or not they are worth 6 starring and booking.

  47. Scarlight

    Hello, first of all I should tell your page really helped me a lot. Thanks a lot.
    I have a question. I am not sure about my cb team since there are lots of possible heroes that I can replace them. For now, my cb team includes apothecary, reliquary tender, frozen banshee, outlaw monk and gravechill killer (all are 50lvl, apothecary and outlaw fully booked, apothecary-reliquary-frozen banshee nearly have full masteries). As alternatives that I newly got:
    Corpse collector( Maybe she can be replaced with reliquary? since corpse collector can place leech, so she heals too, also she can place poison and decrease acc)
    Bulwark (for his passive and hp burn. I thought I can organize juliana’s and bulwark’s hp burn. So, cb will nearly almost have hp burn)
    Sepulcher sentinal (Tayrel and she can decrease atk but + sepulcher sentinal can increase team’s def and block debufss. And her passive is really good. So, May she be a better choice than tayrel for cb?)
    In these 10 heroes, which heroes would you suggest me to have a better team for cb?

  48. YoYoYo

    Could you also make a section for champions like Elenaril and Zavia who have skills that deal damage from all Poison Debuff s instantly.

  49. RaidWarrior

    Rotos has an ignore unkillable.

  50. YoUw

    There are 14 areas, so do Faction Wars Stars not count toward the ranking of a champion? Because then a champion could have 70 stars, not the 65 stars which is the max amount listed.

  51. Quice

    Hi again Ayumilove,
    I’m sorry my question was not clear. Maybe better if I’m more specific.
    There are 2 Uncommon champions you give A ranking to – sister militant and yeoman. I have both of these. I also have some lower rank Rare champions such as Sorceress and Maiden. Is it better just to ignore the Uncommon Champions even if the ranking is A and stick with any rare champion even a weak one?.

  52. Destroyer39

    There are actually 14 areas including faction wars or do you just not count faction wars toward the rankings.

  53. RaidWarrior

    In the Raid Shadow Legends Champion Skill Section there is one missing thing. Ignore unkillable is missing, few champions have this skill but I remember that there is such thing.

  54. Destroyer39

    Can you make a new linked section named- Ability 1- Crowd Control with a stun sleep freeze fear or provoke on their A1

  55. Maximara1945

    I have found that Kael works a little better if you give him the Regeneration and Cruel sets. The Regeneration set has pulled him through situations where he would have died loosing the battle. It likely has to due with the fact I don’t have much in the mastery section yet.

    Of course it going to take some work to get that combo but if your mastery is low it is a insanely powerful one.

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nik: You can work on Skullcrown and Sinesha. I’m using both of them in Arena Offense and Defense. Also, Skullcrown is very powerful if you build her correctly. Previously, I build Skullcrown mainly for Arena by concentrating mostly on her damage as how the Youtube Content Creators recommended. However, after experimenting her more with different equipment set (wasting millions of silver re-gearing her), I have found the best setup that works for me (using Lifesteal Set and Warmaster mastery) Ever since then, she sped up all of my Dungeons 20 Run (end-game dungeons). Dragon’s Lair (1 minute 30 seconds), Ice Golem (2 minute), Fire Knight (2 minute), Minotaur Labyrinth (45 seconds), Potion Keep (under 1 minute), Campaign (under 10 seconds). Her potential increases substantially base on the quality of the gears you have on her. Sinesha will help a lot as a Tank Bait for Spider’s Den. I equipped her Lifesteal Set and Resist stat, so she can resist those poison debuff applied by the Spiderlings. Sinesha also can solo Minotaur run too (took me 2 minutes per run before I tried Skullcrown).

  57. Ayumilove Post author

    @Quice: The ranking shown here indicates the overall usefulness in all areas. The more stars (higher ranking such as S tier) a Champion has, the more usability it can be use in many areas. Investing resources in this type of champions will reap the most benefit for early-mid game players. Once you are at end-game, you will want to have a champion who specializes in an area that provides the best results. Hence, few of these champions can be found in other rankings as you can check it on the right panel (if you are viewing on computer Internet Browser). Some of these specialize champions can be found in ranking below S tier (e.g. A, B and C). A good example would be Frozen Banshee. Although she is C rank, she is an excellent champion in early to end game Clan Boss. She has no other usages outside of Clan Boss area. Since she is a Rare champion, she is easily obtainable through pulling multiple Ancient Shards. I have approximately 6 Frozen Banshee is my account, and use them as fodders since I have 1 fully maxed out.

  58. Quice

    Really helpful ayumilove:). I’ve just started playing this. What’s your view on how warrirs compare from common, uncommon, and rare. Is a S or A common better than a C level Uncommon. Or is it that all warriors at Rare are better than any uncommon for example? Cheers, Quice

  59. Baledin

    I wasn’t sure where to put this but I use the Google Sheet quite a bit as I can sort and rank champions (and tweak any ranking for my playstyle). I’ve noticed that you’re missing a number of them in there however, including:

    Frozen Banshee
    Cillian the Lucky
    Soulbond Bowyer
    Sandlashed Survivor
    Ursine Ironhide
    Gravechill Killer

    Keep it up, I love the site!

  60. Destroyer39

    Gurptuk was put in the A Rank category as a placeholder.

  61. Brian

    I mean gorgorab

  62. Brian

    Really a question I have booths a level 50 apothecary s rank rare and a 50 epic forgot about. I’m not trying to build the fastest turning one shot crew but I am trying to find ways to beat them the timing of who does what is such a pain to me. I want to take both to 60 but high would be the better first move

  63. Nik

    Hi Ayumilove,

    Loving your guides, keep em coming they are really helping out a lot a lot of the RAID community. I am a newish player, and I am at a cross roads and would like help on making the right decision on who to 6 star next.

    Here is a basic list of whom I currently have at 6 star, and my option on whom to 6 star next.

    Current 6 stars
    Rhazin Scarhide (half booked)
    Tayrel (Fully booked)
    Lua (Fully booked) I regret taking her to 6 star before some of the others, and especially booking her.
    Kael (Fully booked)

    Options for next 6 star
    Teela Goremane(no books)

    Gorgorab (half booked)
    Sinesha(no books)
    Skullcrown(no books)

    Apothecary(fully booked)
    Athel(Fully booked)
    Coldheard(Fully booked)

    Any help or insight would Greatly be appreciated!


  64. Furtivity

    Is there a rule of thumb for maximum * rating to take the different rarity champions to? For example, if you have an S Rating uncommon champion, should you not take it above 4*?

  65. Nano

    Wtf! Yesterday Gurptuk was in the A rank. What happened?

  66. Ayumilove Post author

    @Paxler: Highest probability is Plarium has set a lower percentage rate to get the S or A rank Champions compared to other ranking champions.

  67. Paxler

    Am I just unlucky or are F rank epics easier to acquire than S, A, B, or even C epics. I now have several epics and even a legendary, but they are all C’s and F’s. Is just luck of the draw or are they more common in their rarity?

  68. Ayumilove Post author

    @Darth-Fusion: Higher rarity will be much better than the lower rarity when compared in the same ranking type as the champions will have better skill versions of it. The ranking here indicates the areas that they can be used. Higher ranking means more areas are covered better, while lower ranking may have a specific area covered very good but not in other areas (a specialist for a particular area).

  69. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Gurptuk Moss-Beard has been added into this Champion List!

  70. Darth-Fusion

    Is it safe to assume that a better rarity should still be better? Are there any cases in which say, an “A” Rare will Rival an “A”epic?

  71. vivi

    I cant sacrifica Heiress even if I push sacrifice button after they told me that she is good for fusion. So i’ve disarm all heroes for upgrade and now I;, looking they like a fool…

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    @Karma: Skull Lord Var-Gall still remains the same since the Patch 1.15 update did not buff up his skill utility.

  73. Karma

    Do you think skill lord var gall is any better now with the added effect?

  74. Alpha H

    KAEL is A Tier????!!!! you Should put him in his own Tier alongside Apthecary and Coldhheart. Athel is way off, should be B Tier or maximum A tier.
    Bloodgorged is overrated, and Elenaril is underrated.

  75. Destroyer39

    Does anyone else think that Kael is much powerful enough to make it to S – Rank? He is a very even match against Athel so I think he deserves S – Rank.

  76. Megan

    I have an error with log in. Anyone else having issues?

  77. Ayumilove Post author

    @Paul: Tyrant Ixlimor is a better version of Ultimate Galek in terms of HP Burn for Spider’s Den 20 (end-game) and Clan Boss (end game). I would 6 star Tyrant Ixlimor, so he will be able to help you in Clan Boss battle. Clan Boss is an important source of Immortal and Cruel Set, which are better versions of Life and Offense Set. Immortal Set provides passive healing based on the Champion’s MAX HP, while Cruel Set provides some Ignore Defense to allow more damage to reduce enemy HP.

  78. Paul

    Is it worth it too 6* Ixlimor or should I 6* my Starter (Galek)

  79. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Epic CHampion List updated:
    Updated Umbral Enchantress ranking from B rank to A rank (Epic)
    Updated Skytouched Shaman ranking from C rank to B rank (Epic)
    Updated Harvest Jack ranking from B rank to A rank (Legendary)

  80. Ayumilove Post author

    @ShadoSgt: The Skull Lord Var-Gall is kinda subpar as a Legendary champion. He is probably the next vault keeper successor who replaces Ma’Shalled place. Reason being, he deals very little damage compared to an Epic or Rare champion with fully maxed Level 16 equipment. However, he is pretty tanky. His current state only makes him viable for Fire Knight 20 with his Skullsworn minion as a side kick. I would not recommend spending resources getting this Legendary as an early-mid game player. The resources (energy, silver, potions) can be better spend on other champions that can boost your game progress much faster such as starter champion (e.g. Kael).

  81. ShadoSgt

    @Ayumilove would you say the new fusion monster is worth it if you dont have any other Legendaries? Currently have 7 of the Skullworms all at lvl 40 and Ascended just wondering if it is worth continuing on.

  82. Ayumilove Post author

    @Erebus: Thanks for your suggestion. I have just created a page for Faction Wars at which includes useful videos on building your team to clear them to farm Glyphs. Glyphs allow players to instantly boost their equipment substats, so they become much stronger quickly compared to farming Arena medals to build the Great Hall stats. The Faction Wars page is incomplete as I will need to go through each champion to evaluate their ratings for Faction Wars. Also, the shortcut links will be added for this page at the side panel.

  83. Ayumilove Post author

    @karamnik: Warchief skills did not get a drastic change as Ma’Shalled. Therefore, his ratings remains the same. Plarium will need to revamp his damage scaling to be based on HP instead of DEF to synergize his passive skill “Standstill”. Currently, the more Defense stats you have on him, the lesser the damage he receives to return it to the enemy. Current optimized equipment build for him is to have high amount of HP stat and less Defense stat, so he can return high incoming damage from nuking champions in Arena. This makes him more of a passive defense-style champion. If you are mostly using Warchief in Dungeons or Clan Boss, I would recommend going with stacking high amount of Defense stat rather than HP stat.

  84. Ayumilove Post author

    @here: Mausoluem Mage ranking updated from B Rank to A Rank.

  85. Erebus

    I’d appreciate more Faction Wars rankings. Thanks you for everythong so far though!😊

  86. karamnik

    Hi, with the updated Game Version 1.14 has change some champions, could you update it? I’m specially interested in Warchief, I want to know if the changes could get better punctuation and maybe go to A.


  87. Ayumilove Post author

    @Travis Timdal: It’s best to upgrade champions based on your current needs/situation. If you’re looking for a key champion to boost your damage in Clan Boss or improve the team survivability against Clan Boss damage, I would look at this list Use the specific listing to find out which champions to keep. Use this rating page to get an overview of what champion does well in overall places. If you upgrade a champion that can be used everywhere, it will help boost your game progress very quickly as you don’t need to spend your resources an exorbitant amount of (energy/time/silver). Once you’re on End-Game where you clear all Dungeons, and want to min-max your damage or speed up your Dungeon Runs for a specific area, you need to get specialist champion that does very well in 1 thing but not the rest. (e.g. Frozen Banshee for Clan Boss). This is the strategy/approach to take when playing this game :)

  88. Ayumilove Post author

    @Karma: Do take note that the ranking here gives an overview of the overall score of the Champion. If you do have a Champion in Rank C, click on the link to the specific champion to see where he/she shines in specific dungeon. Take for example such as Frozen Banshee. She isn’t great in all areas except Clan Boss. Therefore, she is a specialist champion that deals high damage for that area only. The overall score gives players an idea where the champion who has high rating can be used almost all places (e.g. Early~Mid or Mid~Late Game), but for specialist he/she can be great from Early~Mid~Late Game).

  89. Ayumilove Post author

    @Prowlerr: Skull Lord Var-Gall skills seems lackluster. He will be great for Fire Knight Dungeon, but for the remaining areas he is not up-to-par with other Legendaries. He is a tanky champion but deals very little damage compared to other Legendary Champions and Epic Champions.

  90. Ayumilove Post author

    @here: I have re-updated the overall ranking for Vergis (Rank C → Rank A) and Ma’Shalled (Rank F → Rank A). I’ll be going through the rest of the revamp champions later on. Also, I have re-updated the offer page with new Offer Packages.

  91. Slandaro

    Hey does anyone have an opinion on the new legendary yet im just about to finish fusing him would love to hear what you guys think?

  92. Prowlerr

    Lord Var-Gall new legendary, your opinion?

    Love your guide, have used it since day one. Keep up the phenomenal work!

    And many thanks!

  93. Karma

    Thank you so much for this list!
    Overall, would it be smarter to invest on a C or even D epic champion or an A or B Rare?

    Thanks in advance!

  94. JP


    I found a few missing champs in the downloadable sheet. Hope this helps, I love this site. Mostly the Pass Champions and a few randos.

    Wurlim Frostking
    Stag Knight
    Ursine Icecrusher
    Ursine Ironhide
    Corpulent Cadaver
    Frozen Banshee
    Gravechill Killer
    Hatchet Slinger

  95. Shaaw

    @Ayumilove, I think you have erred in your skill prioritization… Specifically on how high you rate the “Has ENEMY MAX HP (Poison/HP Burn/Damage) skills”. There needs to be differentiation here as they are not all created equal and they are not equally useful for all situations… Let me explain…

    Clan Boss:
    POISON – Poison is awesome, no problems here…

    HP BURN – No difference between AOE vs single target, but HP burn can’t be treated as being “as good” as poison… First, HP burn deals 50k (from rares) and 75k (from epics/legos)… This means that for a rare, HP burn is only equal to a 5% poison champ if that champ can only ever get one stack of poison on, and also if there are no other HP burn champs in the team. For epic/lego, its 1.5 poison stacks… Any of the commonly recommended champs for CB poison damage are placing multiple stacks of poisons simultaneously. The best CB teams end out with 6-8 concurrent stacks of 5% poison. 5% Poison > HP Burn, this should be reflected. I’d say HP burn is on par with 2.5% poison at a +2 ranking, but if the champ only brings HP burn to the table, that should not automatically give them a 5 star CB ranking, they need some other utility… This is because there are plenty of champs that bring both HP burn or poison AND something else to the table… That should be the default for getting that 5th star.

    ENEMY MAX HP DMG – If enemy max hp damage was that good for CB, you’d be seeing coldhearts and royal guards in every team… It just doesn’t scale well up to the higher CB difficulty levels… Enemy max HP damage should be at best 4 stars, maybe even 3 stars for CB… Show me a bunch of high level NM/UNM CB teams using royal guards, husks, armigers, and coldhearts… If they are out there, they are rare, because they just aren’t as good as poison/HP burn overall.

    -50% ATK DEBUFF ON A1 – There is no one thing that will improve survivability more in CB than a champ that can lay a -50% atk debuff on the CB with 100% uptime… The vast majority of those have it as a high percentage on their A1. This should be added to the +3 category (only if on their A1). It is essential for 95% of CB teams unless using unkillable/blockdamage/revive cheeses…


    Spider’s Den:
    +3★ Rating
    Has ENEMY MAX HP (Poison/HP Burn/Damage) skills
    Has Crowd Control (Provoke/Stun/Sleep/Freeze/Fear) skills

    POISON: This should only be +3 star rating if it is 5% poison you can guarantee to hit the queen, with high probability… For example, Kael’s 5% poison is random… you only get one guaranteed proc attempt out of 4 on the queen, and even if theres only 2 minions, the chance of actually procing more than 1 poison on queen is so minimal and on a 4 turn cooldown. AOE or targetted 5% poison on a short cooldown is +2 or +3 stars for sure, but there needs to be differentiation between the poison that works for spider’s den and the poison that doesn’t… The other part is that the main way to take our the boss here is by stopping her from taking frequent turns… Poison damage only procs if she takes her turn, which counteracts the main utility of most other spider’s den strats. The effectiveness of poison strats dips off as you get to higher stages (16+) of the den. Poison should probably be +2 stars not +3…

    HP BURN: Here the differentiation needs to be between AOE and single target… A single target HP burn simply doesn’t do the work it needs to in order to become REALLY useful, unless paired with a debuff spread champ. AOE HP Burn is godly for spiders den, but single target is clunky and hard to make it work, usually requiring specific other champs to make it shine. I would say single target = +2 stars… AOE HP Burn +3 stars…

    ENEMY MAX HP DMG: This is the holy grail for spider’s den… +3 stars is right…

    TURN METER REDUCTION: Solid turn meter reduction is absolutely essential for spider queen at high stages… Whether using an AOE HP burn strat or an EN MAX HP dmg strat, the main way this works is by stopping the queen from taking turns. Champs with either full turn meter reduction on 4 or less turn cooldowns or those with high chance to proc a 30%+ turn meter reduction on their A1 should be getting +3 stars…

    I guess the TL;DR here is that all damage that runs off the target’s max HP can’t be created as equal for CB/spiders den…

  96. Jonathan

    Yor list is versatile and very helpful. Could you please email it to me so I can have a complete list to print. Thank you.

  97. Travis Timdal

    I am having difficulty understanding the ranking between epic and rare champions. If I can level up an S rank rare or an A or B rank epic, which one should I upgrade?

  98. Travis Timdal

    I am struggling a bit with deciding between Epic or Rare characters. Is a rare character always better than an epic? Or is an S ranked Rare character better than an A ranked Epic character?

  99. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zackery Brinkley: Ultimate Galek is in the Epic champion Tier List.

  100. Zackery Brinkley

    Wheres ultimate Galek?

  101. Stephen

    Sorry delete previous message please, and this one, wrong place

  102. Stephen

    Why has he dropped to B.
    I just pulled him and because you rated him so highly I spent 800 gems on his masteries, now he’s average? I thought you had him in S tier?

  103. Ayumilove Post author

    @Monster: The tags helps in identifying the Champion details (Faction, Rarity, Role, Affinity) in a glance.

  104. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kedvarius: Thanks for your input! It will take some time for me to go through all 400+ champions to rate the champions based on Faction Wars.

  105. Ayumilove Post author

    @William: There is a typo error in your search keyword “Conqueror”. The “Conquerer” champion can be found at

  106. raven2wolf

    I love this site…

  107. Monster

    Ayumilove- ok thank u for your response. It’s just hard to find the champions now when looking at the site on mobile.
    It was easier & faster to locate a champion in each tier before the tags or abbreviations were added. Now it just seems too cluttered with lettering whereas the site looked so neat and organized before. I’m not trying to be negative, but the site really looked amazing before! :-)

  108. Kedvarius

    Any chance we can search for rankings by faction (or/and faction wars rating) filter? This listing, and the separate boss/dungeon/arena/skill listings are amazing! But being able to sort by faction would also help us narrow down which champs are best for faction wars too.

  109. TBossa

    Hey! I read through most everything on this particular page, but definitely wanted to leave a comment. Love the list! I appreciate all the effort gone into this game and website. I was just wondering if there was any reason for lumping Champions together in a categories and sub-categories rather than just ranking them 1 —> X? I can understand that that is going to be an insane amount of work, but each Champion’s page seems fairly detailed enough, I thought you would have the data to do something like a numerical ranking system. NOT a criticism, just something I noticed and thought about when I was researching Champions in multiple databases.

  110. Frog_Mages

    Game sucks ass but the champions are dope for DnD character inspiration

  111. Ayumilove Post author

    @A: The rating is based on their overall performance in all fields. The rating for Uncommon and Common is more lenient compared to Legendary, Epic and Rare champions due to their limited amount of skill capabilities.

  112. A

    Is a rare C-tier better than an uncommon A-tier?

  113. William

    I couldn’t find Conqueror. Please let me know by email when you correct this.

  114. Unnamed

    Would you please reconsider Excruciator’s rank, I believe she could be better than B rank. I could be wrong I am still relatively new to RSL so I could be completely wrong if that is the case I’m sorry. Hope this is helpful!

  115. Ayumilove Post author

    @HateWaitin42: I wouldn’t be able to see the bookmark that you save since its saved locally on your computer/laptop. I would just go back to the bookmark page, unbookmark and rebookmark to view the original name.

  116. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nic Mercy: I have updated the champion list based on your suggestion where the Champion Name comes first, followed by the Faction/Rarity/Role/Affinity to make it easier and less confusing when searching for the champion alphabetically. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  117. Ayumilove Post author

    @ Nunnuvya Bizness: If you are on computer/laptop, try using CTRL+F in the Internet Browser to search for “Preserver”. It’s listed up there :)

  118. Nunnuvya Bizness

    Hi, I don’t see Preserver ( Rare) on this list.


  119. HateWaitin42

    Quick question, it may seem unrelated to this website but I assure all other members it isn’t. If anyone on here is a programmer or computer scientist I’m trying to find out if its possible for the owners of a website to be able to keep track of if a member bookmarks their page in chrome. and if so can they also see what you name the bookmark if you edit the original name?

  120. Nic Mercy

    @Mac I believe those letters you are seeing refer to faction/rarity/role/affinity. So say an Undead Hordes-Rare-Attack-Magic champion would have UH-RAM before its name.

    I must admit this new naming convention does make finding champions much more complicated than simple alphabetical order though. Perhaps those acronyms could be placed after the champion name to make finding specific champions less confusing?

  121. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mac: They are tags on each champion. For example: BL-ESS refers to (Banner Lords|Epic|Support|Spirit) Champion, while KR-ESF refers to (Knight Reenant|Epic|Support|Force) Champion. The list of abbreviations are described at the top of this page.

  122. Mac

    Hi there! Corpse Collector (Epic) disappeared off the list. Also, something has made it appear jumbled in certain parts of the Epic and LegendRy champs, so I hope you weren’t hacked:

    S Rank | Epic Champion
    BL-ESS Raid Shadow Legends Stag Knight Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    S Rank | Epic Champion
    BL-ESS Raid Shadow Legends Stag Knight Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    KR-EHM Raid Shadow Legends Miscreated Monster Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    KR-ESF | Raid Shadow Legends Sinesha Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    Raid Shadow Legends Madame Serris Skill Mastery Equip Guide Raid Shadow Legends Miscreated Monster Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    KR-ESF | Raid Shadow Legends Sinesha Skill Mastery Equip Guide
    Raid Shadow Legends Madame Serris Skill Mastery Equip Guide

    These types of letters had appeared all of a sudden before the words Raid Shadow Legends “ KR-ESF“.

  123. Michael Diaz

    Where is the legendary Sethallia?

  124. Wozers

    Hi this is a fantastic website, can u tell me why spirithost has got more 5star ratings than battlesage when they seems to have the same skills?

  125. Bucket Head

    @Matthias Schuster I completely agree. Souldrinker is fantastic now.

  126. Gigarayzor

    While it would be difficult to maintain a tier list for every single faction’s faction crypt, being able to filter/sort this list by faction could be a close approximation and quite helpful!

    Also, thank you so much for this site, I reference some part of it almost daily as I’m learning this game!

  127. Ayumilove Post author

    @Trimonium: Beast Wrestler is already added into the page! If you do not see it, kindly clear Internet Browser cache. Thanks!

  128. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kurt: Please clear your Internet Browser cache to view the latest update of this page. Stag Knight is already added in the champion list above!

  129. Kurt

    stag knight is missing in the “ALL: Ranking overview” – i guess its an “S Rank Epic champion”?

  130. JohnF

    Is there a more up-to-date version of the spreadsheet here? I’m building a spreadsheet to manage my champs based off your suggestions, but not all are in the above spreadsheet.

  131. Trimonium

    Still missing Beast Wrestler

    AyumilovePost author
    January 29, 2020 at 8:29 PM
    @Ben: Thanks for pointing out the missing champion! I have added Beast Wrestler into the champion list above.

  132. stauron

    HAHAHA sorry, I refreshed and they are already added. My bad sorry. Thanks again!

  133. stauron

    Thanks, love the site. Any chance you can add the last couple champions? Cadaver and Ursine Icecrusher and the others from the recent events?

  134. Spartigus

    nvm, was using an old version on cache lol

  135. Spartigus

    Hey, Corpulent Cadaver is missing also, cheers

  136. karamnik

    Please, Fang Cleric

  137. Ayumilove Post author

    @Johndengineer: I have re-checked the champion list and Frozen Banshee is indeed listed above :-)

  138. Johndengineer

    Never mind, I just noticed I mistyped the name when searching for it *facepalm

  139. Johndengineer

    Hi Ayumilove, it looks like Frozen Banshee is missing from your list as well. Thanks for making this guide, as a new player it has been really helpful!

  140. Ayumilove Post author

    @megame007: You can contact me at this e-mail: ayumiyoutube(at)gmail(dot)com

  141. megame007

    I want to make some cooperation with you, can we try it? I want to contact you by mail.

  142. Ayumilove Post author

    @notrevejh: Fleshmonger is now available in the champion ranking list!

  143. Ayumilove Post author

    @Rico: Myrmidon is now available in the champion ranking list!

  144. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hun Atilla: Soulbond Bowyer is now available in the champion ranking list.

  145. Ayumilove Post author

    @Player1: The champion ranking has been updated based on the Patch 1.13 skill revamped for Angar, Foli, Sethallia, Shamrock, Tormin and Yannica.

  146. Hun Atilla

    Soulbond Bowyer add pls
    Ekleyin artık yeni gelenleri

  147. Player1

    With the rebalance where would you put Angar, Foli, Sethallia, Shamrock, Tormin and Yannica now?

  148. Rico

    It seems like Myrmidon its missing…

  149. Stanislove

    Hey,do u update ur tier?

  150. DogonKing

    Lütfen listenize aşağıdaki şampiyonları ekleyiniz. Teşekkürler…

    Banner Lord: Minaya, Stag Knight, Myrmidon
    Barbarians: Skytouched Shaman, Soulbond Bowyer
    Dark Elves: Fang Cleric
    High Elves: Fencer
    Knight Revenant: Wurlim Frostking, Sepulcher Sentinel, Coffin Smasher
    Orcs: Sandleshed Survivor
    Skinwalker: Khoroner, Ursine Icecrusher, Ursine İronhide, Fleshmonger
    Undead Hordes: Rotos the lost Groom, Siphi the lost Bride, Frozen Banshee, Gravechill Killer,
    Corpulent Cadaver
    Dwarwes: Cudgeler, Hatchet Slinger

  151. notrevejh

    please add Fleshmonger rare champ on your list, thank you.

  152. Ben

    Please add soulbond bowyer rare champ to list, thanks

  153. François Ender

    I can’t open the spreadsheet? Can you republish it or change the name please ? Many thanks

  154. Drew

    Just pulled – Myrmidon (Rare), I dont see him on your list. He looks like he possibly has a chance of being good. Have not had time to rank up or anything.

  155. antonni9801

    Why is there no ranking for the arcane keep?

  156. Heavy10mm

    Hello there! I see you’re subtracting a point for heal reduction. Isn’t that beneficial? It sure seems beneficial to me. In the arena, the spirit boss, and in other protracted battles, hell reduction is absolutely vital.

  157. Alex

    Hatchet Slinger is missing.

  158. Elmo

    I just got Epic Fang Cleric. I noticed he is not in you list. He is a dark elf support.

  159. Aaron

    Missing champions with the 1.13 update

  160. Antonni9801

    Hi Aymilove. Thank you so much for these guides they are so helpful!
    Why is dervish only a tier when she has 5 stars in the spirit keep?
    I liked the spreadsheet that once were here and I understand that it didn’t fit but could you instead link the spreadsheet?

  161. Maarten Haket

    Ah that’s fair about the spreadsheet. Can I still find it somewhere on this site? I like being able to see how many ‘points’ each hero gets :)

  162. Emi

    Are the “stars” rating based on rarity, or overall?
    Meaning… Say, if a rare hero is rated “4 stars” for arena offense, does it mean “4 stars overall”, or “4 stars compared to other rares”, which means that an epic 3 stars might be much better?

  163. Yoshi

    It would be cool to have a PDF version guidebook

  164. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lord Pear: The excel spreadsheet could not fit on this page as its quite narrow, therefore I have removed it from the page.

  165. Lord Pear

    Heya! Thanks for all the info. Is there a reason the excel like file is gone?

  166. Ayumilove Post author

    @sip0t: I believe if players would want to view which champion excels in a particular field should view the specific ranking such as – It would make much more sense, for instance, if I were to want to search who is the best defender player in football, I would go to a tier list for best defender than overall tier list. That’s the reason why I have added specific rankings for each field to simplify the search for champions. The overall rating tier list here gives a quick indicator whether the champion you have (e.g. Occult Brawler) is good everywhere or few areas. Those champion has lower ratings would not be beneficial for early-mid game players since it will take a long time to get the first Level 60 champion, and investing their early resources into Rank C champion Occult Brawler will not bring much progress early to complete the starting Dungeons 1~14.

  167. Ayumilove Post author

    @Isaac: Thanks for your input. The ranking shown here is the overall performance of the champion. To view which champion is excellent for a particular field such as Clan Boss, I would highly recommend visiting the specific ranking areas such as . No doubt Occult Brawler is an excellent champion for inflicting many Poison debuff in Clan Boss, that’s why he is rank S (5 stars) in Clan Boss. However, in other areas, he is not so viable since the other bosses such as Arena and Potion Keeps can be defeated easily without the need of stacking Poison debuffs. Therefore, rated lower in ratings.

  168. Ayumilove Post author

    @F8smine: I have made the spreadsheet downloadable and print, so you could perform your very own modifications. Do take note that the copy you downloaded will not have the latest update whenever I do update the ratings of the champions based on player’s feedback on my site. Adding pics to each champion will take up a lot of space in the spreadsheet, making it quite lengthy though. If you would like, you can add the pictures to your spreadsheet and I can copy over to the main spreadsheet.

  169. Toadameat

    Just wanted to say thank you for running this site. I know some of my comments might come off as bad, but they arnt intended that way, just wanted to clarify because I still use your site on a daily basis for review, to look up new champs I pull, and to give a basis for a starting point whether I fully agree or not. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort to help all of us have easy access to information on the champs available and its greatly appreciated :-)

  170. sip0t

    Last changes on champ ratings ruined the original approach on this tier list. As analogy, I guess no1 linked to soccer would rank Lionel Messi as “B” rank, because he cannot play as defender or goalkeeper, leaving out of consideration he shines as forward and therefore he is God Tier…
    I get the intention of bringing an “overall” champions ratings, and it really works in that sense. But it truly handicaps “specialist” roles (Occult Browler mentioned before, Bulwark, etc), and could create a mess on new players who rely in this list as helping guide.
    I know its a ton of work but… Could both kind of lists coexist?? (the old one which show “true potential” and this one in overall terms).
    Just my two cents, tried to be constructive.

  171. Isaac

    kind of weird Occult Browler is C ranked when it’s one of the best damage dealer in CB. and SkullCrusher is not S ranked? Tallia can’t be that bad either…

    I think this throws people off because it’s meant to be a guide as to whether a Champion is worth investing in. when people see the champion ranked C or lower, they’re not going to invest in it, or even treat it as food. which is in my opinion misleading.

    but still, thanks for the great job, it has helped me on my journey.

  172. F8smine

    Love this but I do have a request…could you add pics of the champions to the spreadsheet and could you make the spreadsheet downloadable?

  173. Nugglo

    Thank you for working on this list! I appreciate immensely!

  174. Ayumilove Post author

    @V I D A R R: Thanks for your highlighting the missing champion. I have added Azure into the list!

  175. V I D A R R

    it looks like Azure is missing..

  176. Ayumilove Post author

    @Magus Raistlin: Thanks. I have added Slasher into the spreadsheet.

  177. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lisa Watt: Thanks. I have added Ithos into the spreadsheet.

  178. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ben: Thanks for pointing out the missing champion! I have added Beast Wrestler into the champion list above.

  179. Voy

    @Ayumilove Thanks so much!

  180. Ayumilove Post author

    @Voy: Here is the direct link You can use the Google Spreadsheet Filtered Views to sort the data. The sorting effect will only be shown to you without affecting other users who are viewing the same spreadsheet.

  181. Voy

    Could we have a direct link to the spreadsheet so we can sort, etc.?

  182. Magus Raistlin

    Great Work as always. To extend the comment from Lisa Watts further: The only champion missing besides Ithos is Slasher

  183. Lisa Watt

    Love the new spreadsheet listing. Noticed that Ithos is missing, however. :)

  184. Ben

    Was looking for the Beast Wrestler equipment guide but it is not listed in the rankings chart. I did find it using the search function though.

  185. Ayumilove Post author

    @CBAYUM: The previous rating was based on in-game ratings which were inconsistent. Therefore, I have re-updated the Champion ratings using the Champion Rating Matrix as defined in this page for more accurate presentation of the Champion’s skill potential.

  186. CBAYUM

    Your List is so fluctuated, I follow your guides to invest on Tallia and Frostbringer, and now you placed them at horrible rank. sigh…

  187. Ayumilove Post author

    @Miachel: The list of champions who are used for Champion Fusion are listed in this page

  188. Michael

    Ayumi – New player , find the champion ranking list invaluable , think an obvious “used in fusion” comment for the relevant champions would save newbies like me from sacrificing champions we may need later – Doh

  189. Tyler

    Is there a way to see your change log?

  190. H0NEYL00PS

    Ayumi – how come you removed the wording on the tier headings? e.g. (Terrible) next to F… small change but just wondering why? Makes the list take a little bit longer to scan through! (check it every time I summon a new champ)

  191. Quixote

    I think the void epic Azure somehow got left off your list. I’d appreciate any advice you have on him, as I haven’t been able to find out much about that champion.

  192. Campos

    Ayumi do you intent to make an overall tier list, i’m a little lost, is a terrible legendary always better than an excellent epic, or are there some excellent rares that can replace even good legendaries. These are just some examples, but I guess you can see what I mean.

  193. Ayumilove Post author

    @mjot: If you have Divine Speed Set, you can replace Speed Set with them.

  194. Jusemon

    Diabolist has 53 stars, I think she must be in the excellent tier.

  195. Bruce

    You either have Bloodpainter (rare) in wrong location (bad) or hav his stats wrong. Says he has 5 stars in almost every type of battle….please reply so I know what to do with him

  196. mjot

    Hello, why in all the guides in the artifacts section there are items speed, attack etc and not divine speed, cruel, though have the same percentage bonus.

  197. JPKing

    First: You have a Reality nice Site Here! Thanks for All.

    Now: I pulled Guardian (Rare) few Seconds ago and was looking whether he is usefull. I think he is really Good. Why is he Ranked as Bad? Ingame and also here he has almost always 5 Stars.

    Thanks For checking:)

  198. Angelique

    Thanks for the great work, fully interesting and informative for all kind of heroes.
    the best site you can find for RAID.

  199. aquap

    wouldn’t battlesage be an A rank and not S rank based on the star count being under 60?

  200. Vrbk

    I’m noticing you recommend 1 speedset 1 lifesteal set on ALOT of good champions. I’m wondering why this is? In my opinion lifesteal is great for campaign or newer players. But once your champion pool expands and you get some good healers, it doesn’t seem that great anymore for most of your champions. What’s your opinion on this?

  201. Snoopy

    Is it possible to show CHAMPION RATING CALCULATION also fo other dungeons? it looks like very effective tool to me.

  202. GeeMan

    So why was Kael and Bellower moved down from god tier to excellent?

  203. Rookwood

    @Ayumilove Thank you so much for the time and effort you spend on the site. It’s amazing.

  204. Emily

    Just wanted to give a hearty thank you for your work! It is VERY appreciated :)

  205. Mike

    Hi! Love the work you do!

    Will you update the list with Armantine Skeleton? He’s a Rare Void DEF champion with the Undead Hordes

  206. Angela Mason

    Never mind.. I spoke before I read posts… carry on .😁

  207. Angela Mason

    Most excellent list. Good job!! :). Will you be updating this link as more champions are introduced and/or changed? 👍🤓

  208. Angela Mason

    Most excellent list. Good job!! :). Will you be updating this link as more champions are introduced and/or changed?

  209. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Legendary champions have been re-evaluated using the Rating system defined above. Epic and Rare are currently work-in-progress.

  210. Ayumilove Post author

    @MyopicRhino: I am currently updating all the champions ranking based on the rating matrix indicated at the bottom of the page, since the in-game rating is inaccurate for certain areas. The ones that are already completed are Uncommon and Common champions.

  211. MyopicRhino

    This has been suggested before, but it’d be very helpful to have a change log. I use your ratings in my own spreadsheet where I track what heros I have, and it’s very tedious to have to go through the whole list every time you update. Also, an explanation of why a hero moved would be awesome. I noticed, for example, that Corpse Collector moved down, and Damphir moved to God tier (from terrible, if I remember correctly), but it’s not clear why.

  212. Matthias Schuster

    Souldrinker is now excellent in my book
    Frostbringer is way underrated
    Valerie could be one up too
    And Warmother got a significant buff, could be higher, idk her in personal experience.

    Bombs are super nice since they ignore defense, very strong

  213. Pol

    Por cierto.

    Muy buena la página.

  214. Pol

    Una duda.
    ¿Por qué al cambiar una pieza me ha aumentado el poder del campeón en 4.000 puntos más?
    La anterior pieza es de estadística base d.critico y la de ahora p.critico (guantes). Misma rareza de pieza y nivel.


  215. Pol

    Una duda.
    ¿Por que al poner la misma pieza, pero con otro estat base me ha aumentado el poder 4.000 puntos?
    Era un guante de d.critico cambiado por uno de p.critico.
    Mismo nivel y rareza de la misma pieza.


  216. Ed

    Is there a reason that champs aren’t ranked for Arcane Keep or Faction Crypts?

  217. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jberg_13: It’s a good idea, but would be difficult for me to manage them in the long run. I’ll think of a way to see how to include them if possible.

  218. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lee: Haruspex page has been updated to include mastery guide and equipment guide :)

  219. Ayumilove Post author

    @Cybermes: Thanks for highlighting the missing champion! I have added Valla (Epic Champion) into the article above :)

  220. Shelllynne

    This was so helpful thank you


    Can you say that S-rank of 3 stars is better than A-rank of 4 stars? At level 6, full ascend state.

  222. Jberg_13

    On the List by Ranking, is there any way including the affinity icon associated with each character on the ranking list?
    In Fact, having the faction icon would also help see rankings for a given faction or affinity.

  223. Lee

    Can you please update Haruspex on items and how well he handles the map? Love what you do!

  224. Cybermes

    I got Valla, epic champion in a rare shard, don’t see her on your champion list??

  225. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ital0s: Thanks for asking regarding the new Champion addition that is only available from Amazon Prime. I have added Ultimate Galek into the list above!

  226. Ayumilove Post author

    @Samantha Mackenroth: Ultimate Galek has been added into the list above!

  227. Kakshui

    From what ive seen so far, Ultimate Galek would be great for clan boss but is too reliant on having an atk buff on him at all times. I wouldnt rank him as Godly or Excellent but definitly a keeper.

  228. Samantha Mackenroth

    When can we expect to see this epic list updated with the newest champs?

  229. Ital0s

    Ultimate Galek?

  230. Nagrom

    Nvm, see him after I scanned the list for the sixth time

  231. Nagrom

    Is there a reason Harvest Jack is not on the rating list yet?

  232. Matthew Wilganowski

    How is Aina ranked terrible but she scores high in almost every category?

  233. Dr. Zaius

    @Ayumilove Thank you for these rankings and your entire site! Please keep updating.

  234. hardbrocklife

    I just want to say thank you for this listing. Ive found alot of free content recently to have mostly critcal comments attached to it. “Where is this at?”, “Why isnt x in this mod release?”, “X is missing from this listing.”, etc… So I just wanted to leave a thank you.

  235. Louis

    OOPS, RageMonger, Barbarians..

  236. LOUIS

    Warmonger, Magic clan, {NOT In Ratings Above] appears to be equal to Kael, been working pair together, with MotherSuperior & WarPriest, can speed thru normal campaign, at level 40, reached 12.4, missed very few three star.. ratings

  237. Steve

    Thank you for all your hard work.

  238. Achtyn

    TL/DR: learned these: in-game ratings aren’t always trustworthy. Rank/tier lists aren’t black’n’white, because of the so called ‘team synergy’.

    Since my previous post about Conqueror I’ve been exposed to two ideas I want to share with the beginners, such as myself.

    The in-game ratings tend to be somewhat inaccurate, because the way our brains tend to work.
    Here’s how I understand this at the moment: someone inexperienced might level a new hero up to lvl50 really fast, and think the hero is better than the few heroes they own. Then they proceed to rate it 5* and 4* for some jobs.
    Later casuals and beginners like myself will eventually try this hero out, and once the rating gets available at lvl50, some of us will want to rate it also.
    Now along the lack of experience and small hero pool we can add the inertia or the so-called herd mentality (others rated this hero 5*, I feel it’s 3*, so I’ll rate it 4*; others rated 5*, I feel 4* – okay, I’ll rate it 5* too), taking the heroes’ overall rating for some dungeons to 4.8*.
    Same goes for the heroes rated as low as 3.5* to 4*, where there is consensus among experienced players that it is recommended taking the hero to lvl40 or even 50, for a specific role, if you don’t yet have a better, rarer one. Which smoothly introduces the next idea.

    Keeping in mind the above, a low base stats, lower rank/tier (Rank C/Bad) hero can be crap by itself, but when it’s in synergy with other champions, and in some cases has a specific gear, it can outshine the better-ranked, long-term-project hero utility-wise. Even when we have already reached the mid-game. It’s because they’re easier to come by (Green and Blue shards/Campaign battles), and easier to skill up (no need for Skilltomes).
    In other words you won’t waste time by taking this kind of particular champion to lvl 40 or even 50, and maxing their skills, because they – in turn – can grant you an early access to areas, where you can then already start farming the gear, potions and exp/food for the rarer god-tier hero. Plus as a bonus, if and when this weaker champion does lose its purpose, and gets outshined by the stronger one, it can serve as a maxed out food. As a 5-star chicken, if you will. =)

    That’s at least how I see it now. I’m still learning – so everyone’s commentary and criticism are very welcome.
    Sorry for no referral links – there were some YT vids about heroes’ ranking/tiers lists (why they’re not all black&white), and in-game ratings (why they’re not always trustworthy).
    This said – this same champions ranking page here is immensely helpful (especially the ‘S’, ‘A’ and ‘F’ rank parts). Having it in tandem with this site’s Champion Fusion Guide page, makes for a neat safety net and saves a great amount of time. (^u^)/

  239. Ayumilove Post author

    @Achtyn: Thanks for your input! I have adjusted Conquerer rank to B now. I’ll need to do some testing on Conquerer to see his effectiveness in-game. Currently, I’m leveling him up to 5 stars.

  240. sip0t

    Since this list is getting updated frequently, would be nice to have some “changelog” in order to trach each update movements.
    In addition, would ge great if there will be the causes (i.e. “moved up due to patch buff; moved down after tesing”…) but it might take a significant time increase for each post…
    Anyways, very nice job on the tier list :)

  241. Achtyn

    I’m a quite new player & I wonder why Conquerer is listed under category as low as “C Rank Rare Champion (Bad)”.
    His in-game ratings for some dungeons are neat: a sweet 4.8 for Ice Golem’s Peak & an above average 4.7 for Minotaur’s Labyrinth.
    Is it that there’s some better Rare hero for the Ice Golem’s Peak dungeon I’m not yet aware of?
    Thank you in advance!
    And thanks for the work you’ve done for all these years, as this site has helped me a lot since back in MapleStory days! (^u^)/

  242. Micahz

    What about Haruspex ? IS a good character or not ?

  243. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lazopaul: Umbral Enchantress champion is released today and she is available at

  244. Lazopaul

    Umbral enchantress. Demon spawn.
    Is she new? Epic.

  245. Shuzz

    Good posting. very nice.

  246. Ayumilove Post author

    @Midu: Goremask and Avenger masteries and equipment guide has been added!

  247. Ayumilove Post author

    @Rigalto: Thanks for highlighting the error! I have updated Witness Speed from 193 to 103.

  248. Rigalto

    There is an error for the speed of ‘Witness’.
    The actual speed is 103 and not 193.

  249. Panikattak

    Why is madman ranked as terrible, with 5 stars in almost every category? Hes rated pretty high in game too. I havent used him yet. Just wanting to know if I should keep or feed

  250. Midu

    Please update equipment set and masteries for Goremask and Avenger

  251. Genghus

    Suwai firstborn rated b rank epic but in game review show very low?
    Trying to decide whether f worth keeping for faction war as have following to choice from:
    Suwai firstborn
    High Khatun
    Blood raid

  252. Genghus

    Why is Alika rank as F for an epic, in game review are quite high, and I have found her useful with the increase cooldowns?

    But I’m new and don’t have many champions so she may just be worse than the rest I guess.

  253. Ayumilove Post author

    @midu: I would keep Shaman since she can resurrect allies in Faction Wars to get max 3 Stars on each stage without having any team members defeated :-)

  254. miđu

    Thank you. I need some advise. I pulled nazana on the 3 days of playing, and now I have shaman too, should I food shaman for nazana to hit rank 5? Cuz I checked the tier list and nazana is S tier compare to shaman B tier (or sometime C)

  255. Ayumilove Post author

    @midu: Thanks for your input. I’ll consider your feedback :-)

  256. miđu

    Can you change so the name of the hero be able to read first. I mean, why name every heroes after game name. It look so confusing

  257. Ayumilove Post author

    @Andrew: Currently I’m working on the Reliquary Tender since she has interesting skills under her belt as a Void Rare Champion.

  258. Andrew

    Hey there! Would you currently be working on any of the new Champions that were released last week? I currently have two Lurkers and a Defiled Sinner sitting in Vault. Not planning to do anything with them any time soon but wondered if you had played them (or any others) as of yet.

  259. Ayumilove Post author

    @Diana: Thanks for your comment! I’ll rework on Magus ranking since she seems to be quite decent for Clan Boss and higher difficulty dungeon boss such as Dragon and Ice Golem.

  260. Diana

    Hi, I was just wondering why Magus is in the F tier? I’ve had amazing experience with her and most people I’ve seen talk about her have as well.

  261. Ayumilove Post author

    @Noe LIGER: The stars are the ratings provided by users in-game. The tier list here is based on the comparison of champions of the same rarity and skills. Crusher is given a lower rank as there are better Uncommon champion (e.g. Fireblade) that provides Decrease Attack buff more consistently. For Tunnel Steward, he is able to place the 2.5% Poison debuff more frequently compared to other Uncommon champions that also inflicts 2.5% Poison but less consistent. Usually the ranking of Champions is lenient for lower rarities as they do not have much good skills to offer. Therefore, if they specialize in 1 skill very good (e.g. Outlaw Monk for double 5% Poison debuff), then he will be rated highly. For higher rarities such as Legendary, they usually have 3 or more skills (passive and aura) under their belt. If they do worse than a God-Tier/Excellent Epic champion or worse than average Legendary champions, they are given a lower ranking.

  262. Noe LIGER

    Hello ! I don’t understand why Crusher is ranked “Bad”, she’s got 3,92 stars average while Tunnel Steward, with 2,15 stars average, is ranked “Good”. Do i miss sth ?

  263. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shurdivoj: The champions in this tier list are ranked by comparing the champions of the same rarity. In addition, they are tiered according to how it synergizes with other champions in terms of buffing allies and debuffing enemies so everyone can achieve overall better results (e.g. higher success rate of winning a battle instead of himself/herself only). Also, the ranking also considers how well they performed in multiple scenarios such as Arena Offense, Defense, Faction Wars, Campaign, Clan Boss and Dungeons (Spider, Fire Knight, Ice Golem, Minotaur). I’ll be updating this tier list again including re-evaluating the champions for Chevalier and Sentinel (I have both of these champions, but vaulted as I had better champions that is more all-rounded for multiple scenarios)

  264. Shurdivoj

    Why is Chevalier in the “bad” section? He should be in the S tier. Absolutely amazing with life steal and deff artifacts.

  265. Ash

    I’m surprised that Sentinel is ranked as C (bad) – he’s been one of my most reliable and he continuously outlives most of my other champs in all types of battles. I have him geared up with Life, Divine Offense and Offense Artifacts, with Masteries in Offense and Support. He’s at 17,300 power and I would rate him A (badass) instead lol.

  266. Ayumilove Post author

    @Spider Jerusalem: Thanks for your input. I have raised Stitched Beast ranking from C (Bad) to B (Good).

  267. Spider Jerusalem

    Stitched Beast, new in August, is no dog… pardon the pun. Mine is 5 star (5 ascended) but still working on getting his skills leveled up. Even at base skill levels he is a solid damage dealer to Boss mobs and his Pack Tactics is very handy in the Dungeon Boss fights to fully wipe the Turn Meter.
    Please consider placing Stitched Beast into the B ranks.

  268. Ayumilove Post author

    @Chris Wondree: Dwarf Champions has been added into the ranking above :-)

  269. Chris Wondree

    Hi! Thank you very much for creating this, I’ve referenced it more than I’d ready to admit :) Do you plan on updating it soon to incorporate the newly added Dwarves?

    Thanks again!

  270. Ayumilove Post author

    @James: Thanks for your input! I have updated Preserver ranking from C to B. Have you tried Lifesteal Set when clearing Campaign Brutal to increase her survivability? In addition, do you have any videos of Preserver in action at Campaigns/Arena/Dungeons? If you have a video of her, I’ll add it into Preserver page at

  271. James

    Rare preserver I would rank higher than bad. Give her B. My preserver at 5 star does solo of all but the last few levels of campaign brutal. I gave her 4 immortal gears and 2 defense set. She also solo run several ice golem levels. Until I got some god champs leveled up she mostly carried arena battles as well, virtually unkillable except by the well developed teams.