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Raid Shadow Legends Sand Devil’s Necropolis is a new end-game dungeon released in December 2022 to allow players to farm Oil to ascend their artifacts and accessories! The boss, known as Al-Naemeh, utilizes the Slumber mechanic where you crowd control him with Sleep debuff to prevent him from blocking your debuffs during this state! However, the boss will be awakened once he receives a certain amount of hits from your champions, which is the opposite of the Fire Knight dungeon boss!

How to beat Sand Devil’s Necropolis Boss?

Recruit a Sleep debuff champion to put the boss into the Slumber state, so you can disable his Debuff Immunity and enable him to receive 100% damage. In addition, use champions who can inflict Enemy Max HP damage such as HP Burn, Poison, or direct damage. Bring at least a reviver to revive fallen allies if your damage dealers aren’t able to tank the boss AoE nuke.

Sand Devil’s Necropolis Skills

  • A1 Rage of the Sands: Attacks all enemies. Places a 30% [Decrease SPD] debuff and a 50% [Decrease ACC] debuff on all enemies for 2 turns.
  • A2 Dune Tempest: Removes all debuffs from Al-Naemeh, then heals him. The amount healed is proportional to the total amount of destroyed MAX HP on the enemy team. After healing, attacks all enemies. The damage this skill inflicts decreases for each removed debuff.
  • A3 Feasting Swarm: Attacks all enemies. Ignores [Shield], [Block Damage], and [Unkillable] buffs, as well as 100% of the target’s DEF. After attacking, place a [Sleep] debuff on Al-Naemeh for 2 turns. [Passive Effect] Increases the current cooldown of the skill by 1 turn whenever a [Sleep] debuff is placed on Al-Naemeh by enemies.
  • Rest of the Wicked (Passive): Al-Naemeh is immune to receiving debuffs except [Sleep]. Also immune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, cooldown increasing effects, Turn Meter reduction effects, and debuff duration increasing effects. When under a [Sleep] debuff, Al-Naemeh is only immune to receiving [Stun], [Freeze], [Provoke], [Block Active Skills], [Block Passive Skills], [Fear], [True Fear], and [Petrification] debuffs, as well as HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, and cooldown increasing effects. Decrease incoming damage from enemy skills by 25% on Stages 1 to 5, by 50% on Stages 6 to 15, and by 75% on Stages 16 to 25. The innate damage reduction is decreased by 10% for each debuff that Al-Naemeh is currently under.
  • Soul Sustenance (Passive): Whenever Al-Naemeh attacks, destroys the MAX HP of all targets by 10%. Whenever an enemy decreases Al-Naemeh’s Turn Meter, destroys the MAX HP of that enemy by the same percentage. Whenever Al-Naemeh is under a [Sleep] debuff and an enemy Champion is healed, restores a portion of that Champion’s destroyed MAX HP. The amount restored is equal to the value of the heal.
  • Dreamless Sleep (Passive): Activates the Slumber counter whenever a [Sleep] debuff is placed on Al-Naemeh. The Slumber counter disappears whenever a [Sleep] debuff expires on Al-Naemeh or is removed from him. [Sleep] debuffs are not removed from Al-Naemeh when he is attacked. Decreases Al-Naemeh’s Slumber counter by 1 whenever Al-Naemeh is hit. Whenever the Slumber counter reaches 0, remove any [Sleep] debuffs from Al-Naemeh and fill his Turn Meter by 50%. Whenever a [Sleep] debuff expires or is removed from Al-Naemeh, he becomes immune to [Sleep] debuffs for 1 turn. The duration of the Slumber counter is 10 on Stages 1 to 5, 7 on Stages 6 to 15, and 5 on Stages 16 to 25.

Sand Devil Champion Tier List

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Sand Devil | Legendary Champion

4★ Sand Devil | Legendary Champion

3★ Sand Devil | Legendary Champion

2★ Sand Devil | Legendary Champion

1★ Sand Devil | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Sand Devil | Epic Champion

4★ Sand Devil | Epic Champion

3★ Sand Devil | Epic Champion

2★ Sand Devil | Epic Champion

1★ Sand Devil | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Sand Devil | Rare Champion

4★ Sand Devil | Rare Champion

3★ Sand Devil | Rare Champion

2★ Sand Devil | Rare Champion

1★ Sand Devil | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Sand Devil | Uncommon Champion

4★ Sand Devil | Uncommon Champion

3★ Sand Devil | Uncommon Champion

2★ Sand Devil | Uncommon Champion

1★ Sand Devil | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Sand Devil | Common Champion

4★ Sand Devil | Common Champion

3★ Sand Devil | Common Champion

2★ Sand Devil | Common Champion

1★ Sand Devil | Common Champion

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19 thoughts on “Sand Devil’s Necropolis Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Gregory P Bowerman

    I’m using Noct, Ursala, Turvlold, Ronda and Altan, all 6*60, full skills. armor and masteries, and I can beat Stage 5 of the Sand Devil maybe half the time. Never beaten stage 6. It’s completely possible that I just suck at Raid, but I wonder if I’m just missing something simple.

  2. Dragnier

    Why is Vrask not in this list? I have him and Minaya duo sand devil 10 with so-so gear. They just need to survive the AOEs and restore their max hp back to maximum before the sand devil wakes up so that he can’t heal himself. It’s slow but very consistent. I have another Vrask that I’ll build with a daze set to see if he will be a good addition.

  3. Martin

    JiraeHuePo: The stream of shards (and books) will start once you reach NM Ultimate Chest. (2x if boss goes down=look for a strong clan!!) Your main goal is to organise a CB team and put your bonusses and gear into that team. The game really starts from that CB NM point. Good Luck!

  4. JiraeHuaPo

    I have literally none of those champions. Shards are so rare in this game. How do people get so many legendaries and epics?

  5. DarkalPrime

    Stage 6: Wythir, Archbishop Pinthroy, Conellia, Valla and Skyl works but they can’t finish stage 7.

  6. JiraeHuaPo

    Great strategy! All I need are both of those champions.

  7. _PocoK_

    Stage 7: Ninja+Aniri. Done.

  8. Jim Hicks

    I can consistently beat stage 7. Hellhound is an easy to get Common champ with Sleep on his A1. I have Taras (Legendary) as a damage dealer that can restore his own damaged MaxHP. Rotos (Legendary) can increase his MaxHP while destroying MaxHP on the Sand Devil. Tagoar (Epic) revives, heals, +SPD, shield, and will reduce damage received on champs with <50% HP. Rakka Viletide (Legendary) has SPD aura, revive, heal, etc. Other champs I can swap in are Chaagur 9legendary) with sleep and good attack, Ghostborn (Legendary) with Sleep gear, heal reduction, -DEF, and an ACC aura.

    The biggest issue I have is with the lost MaxHP and champs that continually heal themselves (Lifesteal gear for example). If a heal occurs while the Sand Devil is awake it could simply bring HP up to what's left of MaxHP without restoring any lost MaxHP. This leaves no room for a heal when the Sand Devil is asleep and no restored MaxHP. The Sand Devil just keeps destroying MaxHP until there is no HP available at all, it's not limited to X% of original MaxHP.

    I would like to see a list of champs like Taras that can restore their damaged MaxHP. I know there is a Blessing for healers that can do it. I wish there was some gear that could do it.

  9. Pinewik

    I got to stage 6 using Riho Bonespear, Madame Serris, Conellia, Apothecary and Scyl.
    After stage 3 i have to manual.
    I don’t have too many champions that have a good sleep debuff.
    Conellia, seems to do the job for now.
    Healers, debuffers and applying sleep is the way.
    Having Riho on the team is great for when the sand devil sleeps, I use Riho’s A2 and get those debuffs in.
    This enemy is tough but there is way.

  10. Ice1980

    Can’t even beat the stage 5 with 300k power team… His first attack removes 80% of everyones hp and it can’t be healed back. Heals have nearly zero effect. The boss is seriously bugged. Sleep champions don’t help as the boss wakes up instantly after a successful sleep debuff has been applied.

    Luckily the rewards are not worth farming as they give very little buff to gear. 200 hp or something

  11. Ashley

    Guys I just beat Stage 7 with Miscreated Monster, Ninja, Scyl, Tyrant lxlimor and Ultimate Galek.

  12. Ashley

    I beat stage 6 with Rugnor, Cleopterix, Royal Huntesman, Ultimate Deathknight and Brakus. All level 60.

  13. Ashley

    I am on Stage 6

  14. JW

    where are the stats for this boss?

  15. Beowulf

    Hi guys, I’m getting past lvl 2 using Kyoku, Acrizia, Seer, Ultimate Deathknight and Giscard – all level 60. It’s probably not the most efficient team but at least I can farm a small amount of Oil. Depending on the affinity of the Sand Devil, I have also been able to use Ronda, High Khatun and Coldheart to get past lvl 1. Hope this helps.

  16. JiraeHuaPo

    @Rob I barely beat level 1 with three level 60’s and two level 50’s. I think you need to build a specific team with the proper skillsets and speed tuning.

  17. MotherOfDragons

    Ayumi, any chance one day, we could get a best champs to use for this layout, like youve done for all the other bosses? That would really help me decide who to focus on, as I can’t get very far on this. Thanks for all your hard work!

  18. Rob

    I tried this and still can’t beat lvl 1 using lvl 50 champions

  19. iSimpforArbiter

    Happy New Year Ayumi and everyone! Whatever your dreams, I wish they come true.

    Can’t wait for in-depth guides on this and the Iron Twins dungeon. This is my favorite site when it comes to RAID, from the start when I saw it way back, it was so helpful, informative and structured. Whenever someone asks about RAID whether in-game or elsewhere, I tell them to come here (to both help them and since I can’t support Ayumi otherwise… :v)