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Raid Shadow Legends Bloodfeather Skill Mastery Equip Guide


NAME: Bloodfeather
ROLE: Attack
USABILITY: Situational
TOMES: 11 (A2 A3)



Obtain from

Ancient Shard
Sacred Shard
Primal Shard
Rhazin Scarhide Fusion

Blessings Recommendation

Cruelty (Debuffer)
Phantom Touch (Damage Dealer)


★★✰✰✰ Campaign
★★✰✰✰ Arena Defense
★★★✰✰ Arena Offense
★★★★✰ Clan Boss
★✰✰✰✰ Hydra
★★★✰✰ Faction Wars


★★★★✰ Minotaur
★★✰✰✰ Spider
★✰✰✰✰ Fire Knight
★★★★✰ Dragon
★★★★✰ Ice Golem
★★✰✰✰ Iron Twins
★✰✰✰✰ Sand Devil
★★✰✰✰ Phantom Shogun


★★★★✰ Arcane Keep
★★★★✰ Void Keep
★★★★✰ Force Keep
★✰✰✰✰ Spirit Keep
★★★★✰ Magic Keep

Doom Tower

★★✰✰✰ Floors
★★★★✰ Magma Dragon
★✰✰✰✰ Nether Spider
★★★✰✰ Frost Spider
★★★★✰ Scarab King
★★✰✰✰ Celestial Griffin
★★✰✰✰ Eternal Dragon
★✰✰✰✰ Dreadhorn
★★✰✰✰ Dark Fae

Bloodfeather Skills

Hunt Down
Attacks 1 enemy. Has an extra 30% chance of inflicting a critical hit.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +10%
Damage Multiplier: 3.8 ATK

Armor Breaker (Cooldown: 5 turns)
Places a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff for 2 turns, then attacks 1 enemy. Has an extra 30% chance of inflicting a critical hit.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +10%
Level 4: Cooldown -1
Level 5: Cooldown -1
Damage Multiplier: 5.3 ATK

Charged Shot (Cooldown: 5 turns)
Attacks 1 enemy. Places a 30% [Decrease SPD] debuff for 2 turns. Decreases the target’s Turn Meter by 50%. Has an extra 30% chance of inflicting a critical hit.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +10%
Level 4: Damage +10%
Level 5: Cooldown -1
Damage Multiplier: 6.1 ATK

Increases Ally C.RATE in Faction Crypts by 20%.

Bloodfeather Build Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Doom Tower, Faction Wars

Recommended Artifacts

PvE: Bloodthirst, Lifesteal
PvE & PvP: Accuracy, Critical Damage, Cruel, Divine Speed, Fatal, Instinct, Lethal, Merciless, Perception, Savage, Speed, Supersonic

Stats Allocation

Weapon (ATK)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (DEF)
Gauntlets (ATK% / C.RATE / C.DMG)
Chestplate (ATK% / ACC)
Boots (SPD / ATK%)
Ring (ATK)
Amulet (ATK / C.DMG)
Banner (ATK / ACC)

Stats Priority

ATK Nuker & Debuffer: ATK%, C.RATE, C.DMG, SPD, ACC

Bloodfeather Mastery Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Doom Tower, Faction Wars

Raid Shadow Legends Bloodfeather Skill Mastery Equip Guide


  1. Deadly Precision
  2. Keen Strike
  3. Shield Breaker
  4. Whirlwind of Death
  5. Single Out
  6. Cycle of Violence
  7. Bring it Down
  8. Kill Streak
  9. Blood Shield
  10. Warmaster


  1. Defiant
  2. Improved Parry
  3. Bloodthirst
  4. Delay Death
  5. Retribution

Bloodfeather Updates

Bloodfeather Videos

Raid Shadow Legends Bloodfeather Champion Guide by mAd Capper

Raid Shadow Legends Bloodfeather Champion Guide by SecondStar Right

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21 thoughts on “Bloodfeather | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Graywolfe

    Charged Shot has a 4 turn cool down now.

    @Campa one of the big reasons is her A3 which puts a 30% decrease speed on him and reduces his turn meter by 50%. On Force stages where Alure isn’t very good this makes her very useful there.

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @MC: I have updated her rank from C to B with her skill buff in Patch 6.10. Thanks!

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Herbert Andrew Howe: I have updated Bloodfeather skills. Thanks!

  4. Herbert Andrew Howe

    Note: all skills add 30% crit rate

  5. Campa

    Can someone explain why she’s 5* vs. Scarab King?

  6. MC

    Love your site, Ayumi. Thanks for your hard work.

    Bloodfeather is one of my best characters, in a roster that includes fully ascended Ronda, Miscreated Monster, Galek, Dark Elhain, etc.

    In Arena, she and MM are consistently the only characters alive after the opponents first round of attack.i have her decked out in Divine Offense and Speed, with Atk and Atk% on a lot of artifacts, and she hits HARD. 25k+ damage with pretty much every hit. The 50% decreased turn meter debuff on Charged Shot is huge. Use it against the next person in line to attack you, and they’re either out of commission for a few, or dead.

    I have a lot of the Epic champions ranked B in your tier list – Jareg, Jizoh, Fenax, Khatun, Grahkkus, Dark Elhain etc. Bloodfeather mops the floor with all of them, to the point that I’m pondering feeding them to Bloodfeather to 6* her.

    Her huge weakness is the lack of an AoE attack, which admittedly is a huge flaw and takes her out of contention for S and A tier, but in my experience she is deserving of a B, at least. She is definitely worth a lot more than fusion fodder for Rhazin.

    Just my thoughts, thanks again, your site is INCREDIBLE! 🙂

  7. Gary

    Before I go using resources, has anyone tried this champ in Iron Twins?

    I ask this as with no buffs (so no counter attack) and with the ability to throw decrease speed (then other team members can freely apply their buffs) & decrease defense debuffs, plus hits hard – looks like one that should do OK on paper.

    Right team (especially a team which can keep her alive) and right gear should make this champ a viable option – or am I missing something??.

  8. Graywolfe

    I have had her for awhile and I have always liked using her. No she doesn’t have any multi-hits but she can dish out some major damage. I have her in Swift Parry and Cruel, makes her fast and hit hard. While it is not normal I have Resistance on her chest piece to keep her from getting CCd, with speed on the boots and crit damage on the gloves of course. I will keep using her until I get someone that can do better.

  9. jonathon mccue

    nether spider with the one shots seems possible, I’m using instinct and immortal easy way to 165-180 speed, ignore 15% def, look for crit rate and damage sub stats and acc.

  10. Elich King

    5* on scarab, wtf???

  11. Cevrial

    You don’t need to build crit with her. If you’re running her in FW, her aura and Seer’s inc crit rate buff puts her to 70%. You can get the rest from masteries.

    Not stacking crit rate means you can gear for attack and crit damage instead of crit rate. Or you can make her a little tankier and still kick out decent damage.

    With the final boss in FW being a dps race, this champ is awesome for fw. Her a3 has a multiplier of 6 which is really good. Not having to stack crit rate, it’s easy to get her a3 to hit above 100k.

  12. COCKA

    @S Where did you get the idea that her A1 is a multi-hitter?

    Plus, even if she did have a multi-hit A1, Armiger makes up for it because he is a constant turn meter terror with zero downtime. Bloodfeather has a what? 4-turn cooldown 30% TM decrease

  13. S

    How is this character only 1* for fk, has a 30% slow and TM control which pairs really well with armiger, a1 hits twice to help with Initially breaking the shield, a2 places a 60% def down essentially saving you a slot for that debuff, and all of his skills scale really well

    This is just theorizing based of what I know about the game so far but someone please explain how the character could be bad there

  14. DemonKiller

    One of my best champion. Kills with one 35,000 shot

  15. Dargentina

    Worth keeping before Fusion if you have repeats.
    (I saw players getting problems with some of the required heros for Razhin. Personally, I have lots of repeats of each -and the Orc dog can be farmed-)

    I’ve also saw people advising to first keep the Fusion heros, >then< fuse them again because Razhin fusing options dissapear after you fuse him.
    (basically, if yopu fuse the 4 Epics and then fuse Razhin, he doesn't appears anymore on Fusion options so you lose the chance to fuse again the epics).

    Anyways, back to Bloodfeather, she's pretty good (specially for FtP).
    Note that all her skills have a 20% bonus crit chance, meaning she effectively starts with 35% to crit chance.
    Add her 20% in Factions, and she starts (without equipment) with 55% crit chance.
    This alone lets you give her gloves with a crit damage stat (instead of the usual crit chance), and even better if possible, a set of Crit Damage gloves, with a crit damage stat. Then you can complete the remaining 45% of crit chance with other items (a crit chance set for example).

    So basically, right after you fuse her, you can immediately have her at 100% or more crit chance, with at least 100% or more crit damage, and that's with a very simple set of gear at level 8 (super cheap!).
    Doesn't seems like much?
    Achieving those two 100% or more BOTH on crit damage chance AND damage, is not that simple for FtP or newer players. Gear is limited, and farming items with high stats is not easy.
    But again, right after you fusion her, you can get both with very litle investment.

    Her extra crit chance also comes in handy, since you lose 30% against opposed affinities. But not for her. She'll certainly clean target after target all by herself.

    Her two debuffs are actually pretty handy on most bosses (again, specially in Factions).
    So accuracy is not something you should overlook.
    In this case, I agree with TheNeedlessMage (comment below), that Support tree is much more effective.
    Extending debuffs, reducing cooldowns, adding turn meter… all much more effective than getting some def small benefits.

  16. Lord Bronx

    I think Bloodfeather deserves a 4 or a 5 for arena offense. Just played against her a couple of times and she killed all of my toughest characters with 1 or 2 shots. Plus she had good defense.

  17. Jón Gunnar Borgthórsson

    @Anthony D Jones – It´s the ascended skill (3 stars)

  18. Anthony D Jones

    I’m not seeing the Decrease Defense on her A2. It’s just “attacks 1 enemy. Has an extra 20% chance of inflicting a critical hit” and the books only increase the dmg +15% and cooldown -2

  19. TheNeedlessMage

    The two-star in Faction Wars needs to be revised upwards. She has an ideal kit for the final boss with def down, slow speed and tm reduction. Also capable of some decent damage due to her bonus crit rate. With that in mind I’d also advise taking the support tree for Evil Eye and Master Hexer

  20. OrcLadyConnoisseur

    @brewergamer her DPS is pretty high; I have her on relentless for arena offense. Pretty handy in the types of teams you mention as he boosted crit rate makes her DPS very consistent, while also coming with a decrease defense/TM reduction (though the latter should be buffed in my opinion). All-around solid force-affinity single-target DPS.

  21. brewergamer

    Seems to be good at high single target damage. Might build her to pair with Prince Kymar for Arena Offense, put everyone to sleep and let her take out single targets.