Raid Shadow Legends Artifact and Accessory Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Artifact and Accessory Guide covers the functionality of the artifact set, the location to farm that artifact and the best champions to use the artifact to unleash their full potential! There are 45 unique artifacts set in Raid Shadow Legends and you can combine different artifact sets when equipping your champion!

Artifact Sets

Icon Artifact Set Description
Raid Shadow Legends Life Set

Life (2):

+15% HP. One of the simplest Artifact Sets, each completed Life Set provides the wearer with 15% extra HP on top of their Base Stats. Any Champion can benefit from extra HP, but keep an eye out for Champions that benefit specifically from more HP, such as those whose Skills are based on the Champion’s MAX HP. Once you obtained Immortal Set from Clan Boss raid, it can be used to replace Life Set as it provides HP +15% and Heals by 3% every turn.

Raid Shadow Legends Offense Set

Offense (2):

+15% ATK. Useful from early game to end-game, any Champions that focus on dealing damage will benefit from an Offense Set. However, some non-standard Champions may also benefit from Offense Sets, such as hybrid Champions who heal based on their ATK. Once you obtained Cruel Set from Clan Boss raid, it can be used to replace Offense Set as it provides ATK +15% and Ignores 5% of enemy DEF.

Raid Shadow Legends Defense Set

Defense (2):

+15% DEF. Primarily used to make a Champion harder to kill, a Defense Set is also incredibly strong on damage dealers whose Skills deal more damage based on their DEF.

Raid Shadow Legends Critical Rate Set

Critical Rate (2):

+12% C. RATE. Almost universally useful, this Set is particularly strong on damage dealers, and those Champions that fight against high-HP targets, such as Bosses. It’s also a useful Set for those Champions whose Skills add extra effects upon landing as critical hits.

Raid Shadow Legends Accuracy Set

Accuracy (2):

+40 ACC. Accuracy is one of the most important Stats in the game for dealing with tricky Champions and Bosses. Equip your support Champions or debuffers with an Accuracy set to make sure they land their debuffs when it matters most.

Raid Shadow Legends Speed Set

Speed (2):

+12% SPD. The higher your Champion’s Speed Stat, the quicker their turn Meter fills up. Champions with the highest Speed Stat also get the first turn in battle. Getting the first turn in battle is often the deciding factor in who wins, especially when it comes to the Arena. Going first means a Champion can debuff the enemy, buff their own team, or even take out an enemy threat entirely. Combine the importance of getting the first turn with the fact that some Champions have Skills that benefit directly from extra SPD, and it’s easy to see why SPD sets are one of the most prevalent and important sets around.

Raid Shadow Legends Resistance Set

Resistance (2):

+40 RESIST. Particularly useful for Champions who need to avoid debuffs at all costs, such as your primary healer, cleanser, or debuffer. A Resistance Set is always a good secondary Set to complement a main Set. Obtain from: Ice Golem’s Peak or Tilshire Campaign.

Raid Shadow Legends Critical Damage Set

Crit Damage (2):

+20% C. DMG. When your damage dealers have a consistent Critical Rate, it’s time to start stacking on extra Critical Damage to increase their total damage output. It’s also a good choice for Champions whose Skills are guaranteed to crit. Obtain from: Fire Knight’s Castle.

Raid Shadow Legends Lifesteal Set

Lifesteal (4):

Champions with this Set heal by 30% of the damage that they deal. One of the most useful sets around for farmers, or for Champions you want to have extra self-sustain in a battle. It’s also a good set to combine with Champions whose damage increases as they lose HP, allowing them to heal significant amounts and stay in the fight longer. Lifesteal effects won’t work with damage dealt by [Poison] debuffs, nor will it work with Skills that deal damage based on the target’s MAX HP. However, if the wearer already has a Skill that heals based on the damage inflicted, both effects will apply, adding to the amount of HP recovered. Obtain from: Dragon’s Lair Dungeon or Valdemar Strait Campaign.

Raid Shadow Legends Destroy Set

Destroy (4):

This Set decreases the target’s MAX HP by 40% of the damage dealt by the wearer. This is a good Set to counter tanky Champions with good self-sustain that usually heal themselves up to high HP before you’re able to take them down. This is because when fighting against a Destroy Set, each of their heals will be worth less. When attacking with a Destroy Set, the target’s MAX HP cannot be decreased by more than 8% with each attack. The effect applies per Skill, not per hit, so multi-hit Skills accumulate and the HP destroyed is increased up to the 8% limit. Over the course of the battle, the target’s MAX HP cannot drop below 40% of the original value.

Raid Shadow Legends Retaliation Set

Retaliation (4):

Grants the Champion a 35% chance to Counterattack when attacked by an enemy. When counterattacking, the Champion will always use their default Skill, making this a good Set for Champions whose default Skill brings something useful or unique to the table. For example, this works especially well with Champions who bring some sort of crowd control (CC) in their Skill, such as [Provoke], [Stun], or [Freeze] debuffs, as it means any Champion who attacks them risks being taken out of play for a turn. It can be used with some tankier damage dealers, but it’s not a good Set for glass cannons or other easy-to-kill attackers, as the wearer benefits from being able to take a hit from the enemy. When counterattacking, a Champion’s default Skill will inflict 75% of its standard damage.

Raid Shadow Legends Fury Set

Fury (4):

+5% Damage for every 10% HP lost. Stacks up to +25%. This Set increases the damage that the wearer inflicts according to their current HP. The lower their current HP, the higher the damage. A solid Set for tankier damage dealers and bruisers, it’s made for those that can deal out significant damage, but are also strong enough to take a couple of hits. A Fury Set is an especially good pairing on Champions that have [Taunt] or [Provoke], and any others who are likely to be targeted by the enemy team. Try it in the Arena and give one of your Champion’s the extra boost they need to guarantee they take out an enemy target.

Raid Shadow Legends Curing Set

Curing (4):

Increases value of Healing done by the Champion by 20%. It’s important to note that this set only applies to Healing the Champion casts. Meaning it does not stack with Artifact Sets such as Lifesteal or similar effects.

Raid Shadow Legends Reflex Set

Reflex (4):

Grants the Champion a 40% chance to reduce the cooldown of one of their Skills by 1 Turn. The skill whose cooldown is reduced is completely random. This Set benefits almost every Champion in the game, but is especially useful for Champions whose strongest Skills have long cooldowns. This Set is most effective on Champions who have one default Skill, one active Skill, and one passive Skill. As default Skills and most passive Skills don’t have a cooldown, it means the Champion will always reduce the cooldown of their active Skill if the effect triggers.

Raid Shadow Legends Cursed Set

Cursed (4):

Grants the Champion a 75% chance of applying a 50% [Heal Reduction] debuff for 1 turn when attacking. Particularly useful in the Arena when fighting against teams built around constant healing and sustain – those that try to beat your team slowly, but are difficult to kill themselves. Try equipping this Set on a Champion with multiple AoE skills to maximize its effectiveness.

Raid Shadow Legends Toxic Set

Toxic (4):

Grants the Champion a 75% chance of applying a 2.5% [Poison] debuff for 2 turns when attacking. Poison damage – also known as damage over time (DoT) – is fixed to the target’s MAX HP, so this Set is useful for taking down high-HP targets such as bosses. Toxic is a good set to supplement skills that already have [Poison] debuffs to double down on their effectiveness.

Raid Shadow Legends Frost Set

Frost (4):

Grants the Champion a 20% chance of applying a [Freeze] debuff for 1 turn when attacked by an enemy Champion. Contrary to most other Sets, the Frost Set applies a [Freeze] debuff when the wearer is attacked by an enemy, not when the wearer attacks someone else. This means the Set is best used on Champions who are natural targets for the enemy team, such as those with [Provoke] or [Taunt] debuffs. It makes every attack from an enemy Champion a risk.

Raid Shadow Legends Daze Set

Daze (4:

Grants the Champion a 25% chance of applying a [Sleep] debuff for 1 turn when attacking. Much like all crowd control debuffs, a Daze Set is useful on Champions with AoE skills. Sleep is different to other crowd control debuffs in that if a Champion under a [Sleep] debuff takes damage, they will lose the debuff. This means it’s often best to pair Champions wearing Daze Sets with others whose skills don’t do any direct damage, such as bombers.

Raid Shadow Legends Immunity Set

Immunity (4):

Applies a [Block Debuffs] buff on the wearer for 2 turns at the start of every Round. This is especially powerful in the Arena to make sure your Champions aren’t taken out of the game with an enemy team’s crowd control Champions, such as those with [Stun] debuffs – or even those with Turn Meter reduction. The Immunity Set adds a lot of safety to your team if you’re not sure your team is fast enough to get the first turn in battle.

Raid Shadow Legends Avenging Set

Avenging (4):

Grants the Champion a 45% chance to Counterattack when attacked by an enemy with a critical hit. The Counterattack will deal 100% of the default Skill’s damage and will not have a damage penalty like normal Counterattacks. Similar to the Retaliation Set, this set is best used on Champions with strong effects or debuffs on their default Skills. However, unlike with the Retaliation Set, Champions wearing an Avenging Set will only counterattack when hit with a critical hit.

Raid Shadow Legends Shield Set

Shield (4):

Grants a [Shield] buff worth 30% of the wearer’s MAX HP to all allies for 3 turns at the start of each Round. This Set is one of the most powerful in all of Teleria, and is best equipped on Champions with high HP. It’s even better to equip multiple Champions in a team with Shield Sets, amplifying the Set’s effectiveness. If multiple Champions on the same team have Shield Sets, the value of the [Shield] buff from the Artifact Sets will stack. For example, if two Champions with 6,000 HP equip Shield Sets, the whole team will gain Shields worth 4,000 HP (2,000 + 2,000). If a Champion then uses a skill that places a [Shield] buff, the Shield from the Skill will be shown as an additional buff, and will not replace or enhance the existing [Shield] buffs.

Raid Shadow Legends Stalwart Set

Stalwart (4):

Decreases incoming damage from AoE attacks on the wearer by 30%. This Set is potentially good as a reserve Set for your Dungeon Teams who have to deal with powerful AoE attacks from the Bosses.

Raid Shadow Legends Frenzy Set

Frenzy (4):

The wearer’s Turn Meter will increase by 10% for every 5% HP lost from each hit of an enemy attack. This Set is incredibly useful in certain situations, such as when equipped by Champions who have a sort of recovery or “catch-up” Skill. For example, in Arena Defense – where attacking teams will usually try to weaken your Defense down with multiple AoE attacks – having your healer on a Frenzy Set will allow them to fill their Turn Meter faster than the next enemy champion’s, letting them heal your team, or even interrupt the enemy team’s turn order. The effects from this Artifact Set are measured on a per-hit basis. This means that the wearer’s Turn Meter will only increase if a single hit causes them to lose at least 5% of their HP. However, each hit can increase the Turn Meter by more than 10%. For example, if a hit deals 18% of the Champion’s HP, the Turn Meter will increase by 30%. Each hit in multi-hit Skills is counted separately. The effects of this Set won’t occur from HP lost from [Poison] debuffs, Skills that do self-damage, or other Skills that modify or balance Champion current or MAX HP.

Raid Shadow Legends Regeneration Set

Regeneration (4):

Heals the Champion by 15% of their MAX HP at the start of their turn. This is best used on Champions who are hard to take down but pose a significant threat to the enemy team. High HP and high DEF Champions will benefit most from a regular, passive heal. Equip them with a Healing Set to maximize their potential. The heal is based on their actual MAX HP in the battle at the time, including all Great Hall Bonuses, and boosts from other sources.

Raid Shadow Legends Stun Set

Stun (4):

Grants the Champion an 18% chance of applying a [Stun] debuff for 1 turn when attacking. Stun Sets are best used on Champions with multiple AoE attacks to give them the highest chances of locking down an enemy Champion. The [Stun] debuff is one of the strongest crowd control debuffs in the game, as targets with [Stun] debuffs can be attacked and targeted as normal (unlike with [Sleep] debuffs). This is especially powerful in the Arena, where every turn counts.

Raid Shadow Legends Relentless Set

Relentless (4):

Grants the Champion an 18% chance of getting an Extra Turn immediately after their turn. Though heavily dependent on luck, this is an extremely powerful Artifact Set, and is a good fit for almost any Champion. If you have a support Champion – such as a buffer or debuffer – you usually want them to cycle their turns and use their Skills as often as possible. No other Set gives them this ability. Combine it with Skills that also grant Extra Turns, and it becomes even more powerful, letting the wearer go multiple times and potentially heal their whole team – or even kill the enemies. There are countless ways to use and combine this Set with other Skills and effects – such as those that decrease Skill cooldowns – which rightfully makes it one of the most widely used Artifact Sets around. Once an Extra Turn occurs, the chance of getting consecutive Extra Turns drops by 45% each time, as follows: 18% -> 9.9% -> 5.5%, and so on.

Raid Shadow Legends Savage Set

Savage (4):

Each attack from the wearer ignores 25% of the target Champion’s DEF when attacking. The total value of the attack will ignore 25% of the target’s DEF stat, greatly reducing damage mitigation from the defending Champion. This bonus stacks with other Ignore DEF Skills or effects a Champion may be benefiting from. In short, this dramatically increases the damage output of the wearer, making it an excellent Set to equip on your damage dealers – especially when trying to kill a high-DEF target.

Raid Shadow Legends Taunting Set

Taunting (4):

Grants the Champion a 30% chance of applying a [Provoke] debuff for 1 turn when attacking. This Set is best equipped on Champions who are made to take hits, such as those with in-built Counterattack mechanics, those who get stronger the more damage or hits they take, or simply those Champions tanky enough to take the heat from softer Champions. It provides good soft crowd control over enemy Champions. Although enemies with [Provoke] debuffs can attack, they will only be able to use their default Skills. Equipped on a Champion who counterattacks, this Set can lock down enemy Champions permanently, reapplying the [Provoke] debuff repeatedly.

Raid Shadow Legends Cruel Set

Cruel (2):

ATK + 15%. Ignores 5% of enemy DEF. Only available as a reward for fighting the Clan Boss (Demon Lord), the Cruel Artifact set is a mix of Offense (2) and Savage (4) Sets, both increasing the Attack power of the Champion earing it, and granting them an additional damage boost via ignoring enemy Defense.

Raid Shadow Legends Immortal Set

Immortal (2):

HP + 15%. Heals by 3% every turn. Only available as a reward for fighting the Clan Boss (Demon Lord), the Immortal Artifact set is a mix of Life (2) and Regenration (4) Sets. It works well for Champions that need to stay alive for as long as possible, both granting them a significant HP boost and healing them at the same time. Immortal Set effect stacks. For example, if you have 2 Immortal Set effect equip on the Champion, he/she will receive HP +30% and heals 6% every turn.

Raid Shadow Legends Divine Life Set

Divine Life (2):

HP + 15%. +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns. Only available as a reward from Arena Chests, the Divine Life Set offers excellent survivability. Just like the Shield Set, the effect resets at the start of each Round.

Raid Shadow Legends Divine Offense Set

Divine Offense (2):

ATK + 15%. +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns. Only available as a reward from Arena Chests, the Divine Offense Set would be an excellent choice for any Attacker or other Champions that require a lot of ATK at the cost of DEF or HP. The Shield buff will allow them to survive longer and get into the fray, where they are most useful.

Raid Shadow Legends Divine Critical Set

Divine Critical (2):

C.Rate + 12%. +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns. Only available as a reward from Arena Chests, the Divine Critical Rate Set offers the same benefits as Divine Offense, but, in general. presents a perfect choice to any Champion that needs higher C.Rate.

Raid Shadow Legends Divine Speed Set

Divine Speed (2):

SPD + 12%. +15% HP Self Shield for 3 Turns. Only available as a reward from Arena Chests, the Divine Speed Set allows the best two worlds – increased Speed and Shield that gives your Champions the means to survive for longer.

Raid Shadow Legends Swift Parry Set

Swift Parry Set (4):

SPD +18%. C.DMG +30%. 50% chance to get Unkillable for 1 turn when hit with a fatal hit.

Raid Shadow Legends Deflection Set

Deflection Set (4):

HP +20%. DEF +20%. 25% chance to deflect 1 debuff onto the attacker when a debuff is placed on the wearer.

Raid Shadow Legends Resilience Set

Resilience (2):

HP +10%. DEF +10%. Increases both HP and DEF. A well— balanced second Set to give your Champions some extra staying power.

Raid Shadow Legends Perception Set

Perception (2):

ACC +40. SPD +5%. Increases Accuracy and Speed. Lets you go first and land your most important debuffs.

Raid Shadow Legends Fatal Set

Fatal (2):

ATK +15%. C. RATE +5%. The perfect second Set to give your attackers an extra stat boost.

Raid Shadow Legends Untouchable Set

Untouchable (4):

Immunity for 2 turns. RESIST +40. Gives the wearer 2—turn im rnunity to debuffs with a [Block Debuffs] buff, as well as making it harder for the enemy
team to remove the buff with a handy RES boost. Useful everywhere, especially in the Arena.

Raid Shadow Legends Affinitybreaker Set

Affinitybreaker (4):

C. DMG +30%. 20% chance to change weak hit into critical hit. Helps negate the risk when taking a Champion into a fight against a stronger Affinity. One of the strongest and most unique Sets around.

Raid Shadow Legends Frostbite Set

Frostbite (2):

15% chance to block Freeze debuffs. 10% chance to place Freeze debuff on attacker. Can prevent a Cham pion from getting frozen and has a chance to place a [Freeze] debuff on the attacker whenever they hit the wearer. Makes the opponent think twice about attacking you.

Raid Shadow Legends Guardian Set

Guardian (4):

Wearer absorbs 10% of all damage dealt to ally Champions. Heals by 10% every turn. This Set acts like a passive Ally Protection buff, while also healing the wearer – so make sure to equip your strongest tanks with it.

Raid Shadow Legends Bloodthirst Set

Bloodthirst (4):

C. RATE +12%. Heals by 30% of damage dealt. Increases the wearer’s Critical Rate by 12%. The wearer also heals by 30% of the damage they deal on every hit. A new take on the all—time favorite Lifesteal set. Bloodthirst healing effects won’t work with damage dealt by [Poison] debuffs. However, if the wearer already has a Skill that heals based on the damage inflicted, both effects will work, increasing the amount of HP recovered.

Accessory Sets

Icon Accessory Set Description
Raid Shadow Legends Refresh Set

Refresh Set (1/2/3):

Has a 5%/10%/15% chance with 1/2/3 Accessories equipped respectively to prevent a Skill going on cooldown after use.

Raid Shadow Legends Cleansing Set

Cleansing Set (1/2/3):

Has an 8%/16%/24% chance with 1/2/3 Accessories equipped respectively to remove 1 random debuff from the wearer each turn.

Bloodshield (1/2/3):

Gives wearer Shield buff worth 5% of damage dealt after attacking (per Accessory), AOE damage gives 75% less Shield value.

Reaction (1/2/3):

25% chance to change Critical Hit into Normal Hit when attacked before the first turn (Per Accessory)

Raid Shadow Legends Equipment Guide

Item Stats
Weapon Primary: ATK+
Secondary: HP+%, ATK%, SPD, C.RATE, C.DMG, RES, ACC
Helmet Primary: HP+
Secondary: HP%, ATK+%, DEF+%, SPD, C.RATE, C.DMG, RES, ACC
Shield Primary: DEF+
Secondary: HP+%, DEF%, SPD, C.RATE, C.DMG, RES, ACC
Gauntlets Primary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%, C.RATE, C.DMG
Secondary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%, C.RATE, C.DMG, ACC, RES, SPD
Chestplate Primary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%, ACC, RES
Secondary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%, ACC, RES, C.RATE, C.DMG, SPD
Boots Primary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%, SPD
Secondary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%, SPD, C.RATE, C.DMG, ACC, RES
Ring Primary: HP+, ATK+, DEF+
Secondary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%
Amulet Primary: HP+, ATK+, DEF+, C.DMG
Secondary: HP+, ATK+, DEF+, ACC, RES, C.DMG
Banner Primary: HP+, ATK+, DEF+, ACC, RES
Secondary: HP+%, ATK+%, DEF+%, SPD

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    @Keith Kramer: You can obtain Relentless Set by getting to the top 5 in Tournaments (e.g. Champion Chase Tournament)

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    I’m a middle-game player – nearing the 270 day mark! While I have several Relentless artifacts in my inventory, I can’t seem to find where to get more?

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  9. NobleStiff120

    some artifact or accessory upgrades I’d like to see in the game some day when its ready: Substitution- Substitution artifacts can be used in place of any other artifact set type to complete any incomplete sets on the champion. eg if you have 2 artifacts each of two 4 piece sets, using 2 substitute pieces will complete both sets. or eg if you have 3 of one 4 piece set and 1 substitute but then also 1 piece from each of 2 different (or same for a 3x 2 set bonus) 2 piece sets the 1 substitution artifact will complete every set! And of course the completed set bonuses stack as normal, so the substitution artifacts can be used to multiply 2 set bonuses exponentially! The endgame here is that having 3 or 4 substitution pieces will god mode the set bonus stacking advantages of a champion’s artifact build. Obviously Substitution artifacts will break the current game and I get it that for the sake of balanced gameplay some sets cannot be allowed ot be combined on a single champion but otherwise it would make up for the current irritatingly balanced set number requirements. I’d still be satisfied if Substitution artifacts we’re limited in use to 4 piece sets though becuase there are more than a few types that I don’t think deserve to be 4 piece sets.
    Aura Skill artifacts: These would be just Artifact sets or pieces that actually grant the Champion an artificial aura skill so long as they are wearing it. The Aura sets can still be limited by granting aura skills to specific areas of the game but it will create the diversity of allowing players to breath new life into champions and team compositions that normally wouldn’t be able to benefit form aura skills this will create exponentially increase customization and variety of the unexpected in pvp(Arena) features of the game. If combined with the Substitution set suggestion will maybe want to create a means to allow only one Aura skill set to be active at a time, or otherwise add Aura skill sets to a list of sets that cannot be substituted.
    Finally I’d like to get the ball rolling on like minds to petition devs to improve the artifact menu system in the following way: When I click on an equipped set piece on my current champion I’d like the option to be navigated to the very spot in my chest where that artifact WOULD be in chest if it weren’t equipped. I know that particular upgrade would not be even require code update because this is precisely the inventory that is loaded when I apply the filter that incudes currently equipped artifacts in my search results. The amount of time spent in unnecessary scrolling through artifact inventory is severe and could be vastly reduced by just this one simple and intuitive improvement alone.

  10. Daethalion

    It would be nice to have the exact stats for each rank and each level of each artifact main stats collected in one place. For example: 6* CDMG gloves give you 80% CDMG at lv 16, 6* CRATE gloves give 60% CRATE etc.

    I was looking for this at this guide, maybe it is somewhere else in the site. I want to know if there are any champions which would actually benefit more from flat DEF than DEF%.

    Thank you, great website. Love from Brazil.

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  12. Ray P.

    Paul, Swift Parry through Bloodthirst are created at the forge, materials are won in dungeons, Arena, Doomtower….. practically everywhere gets you something, it’s just making the rounds

    the base blocks, that you have to have to do anything Magisteel comes from Classic Arena
    Corehammer, comes from events is used in Swift Parry and Deflection
    SoulStone is from Faction Wars, used in Swift Parry and Resilience
    Bloodstone is also from FW, and is used in Deflection and Perception
    the rest and, from what I understand, maybe a few more soon, are gathered from, Doom Tower Bosses

    Happy Hunting, most are pretty kick as(…….can I say that?) Sets

    Just dont use 2 sets of Devine and think you will get any more shield, they don’t work like that, The Devine sets are from 3v3 Arena weekly BTW

  13. Paul Jackson

    Could you update the last 10 artifact sets (Swift Parry Set (4) through Bloodthirst (4)) to identify their source whether it be dungeon, arena, etc.

  14. n/a


    For dragon 20, the chances to drop are approximately;

    5* rare (49.03%)
    5* epic (18.16%)
    5* lege (5.45%)

    6* rare (18.13%)
    6* epic (6.72%)
    6* lege (2.01%)

    ancient shard (0.5%)

  15. munhe

    if i stack 3 sets of divine offense will they have a 45% sheild for the first 3 turns or only the 15% sheild

  16. The Dame

    @Blackhood – Yes, that’s the whole reason for the sets

    @Volskrjev – they are separate things. Ally Protection is a buff and is stackable, removable, extendable, blockable, etc. The Guardian Set’s absorb and heal just happens without needing anything else other than the wearer to be alive.

    @Brian – I wouldn’t suggest spending your silver or books on skills for your food unless it’s dupes during CvC, but I believe only levels affect how much xp the champ is worth when they are eaten

  17. Brian Gamble

    when using champion to up grade another you get more points for the champion being up graded.if the one your using has it skills updated

  18. Brian Gamble

    how do i use glyphs.

  19. Völskrjev

    Does Guardian Set + Ally Protection + Bulwark marstery Stacks ?

  20. blackhood

    Does Reaction Accessory Set work in Arena where the other players have 100% crit rate?

  21. Philanthropic

    Regeneration Set is can be won from the Fire Nights Castle

  22. James Burrell Jr.

    Nice guide. I always wanted the stats on the artifact piece ( meaning the sub-stat range on different rankings and rarities) So i can see the value of a Double roll it would make it easier to compare gear Thank you for a nice guide.

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    Where do I obtain regeneration sets frm

  24. Strawberry369

    You can get “shield” gear from the fire knight dungeon.

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    Where do you get Shielding from??

  26. sirrosso


    Tournament rewards (relentless set)

  27. Dave

    Where do I get relentless artifacts.?

  28. James

    @Sameo1000 You wouldn’t really, it’s an availability thing. You’re limited in how many perception pieces you can craft by the faction wars rewards, where you can’t get more than they give you per day.

    Accuracy sets have no such limitation and you can buy energy and farm them all day.

    I think most of us get enough resources from FW and go with perception over accuracy whenever possible.

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    It would help soooo much to make also a page where we can see the 8deal champs for specific sets. I have real troubles choosing the champ to put my guardian set on.

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  31. Sameo1000

    Why would you choose to run something like accuracy gear over perception outside of speed tuning?

  32. Strawberry369

    There is a 1/256 or .0039 or .3906% chance every time you max lvl a leggo piece of gear you will get all sub stat boosts to land on the same one. There is a 1/8 or .125 or 12.5% chance of getting a speed substat on a piece of gear. There is a 1/9 or .11111 or 11.11111% chance of getting a speed piece of gear from the dragon lair. On stage 20 of the dragon lair assuming that you have a 3/10 or .3 or 30% chance of getting a 6* piece of gear (please correct me if i’m wrong idk if some has run a test on chances getting certain pieces of gear). On stage 20 of the dragon lair assuming there is a 2/10 or .2 or 20% chance of getting a leggo piece of gear (again correct me if i’m wrong). And there are 26 different possibilities for main stats and only 10 of which are desirable so 10/26 or .384615 or 38.4615% chance of getting a good main stat. now if we take all of the probabilities and put them together.003906 x .125 x .111111 x .3 x .2 x .384615 = .00000125192057 so you have a .000125192057% chance of getting a perfect piece of speed gear from stage 20 of the dragon lair. meaning it will take 798773 stage twenty dragon lair battles to get a perfect piece of speed gear and it will take 4792638 battles to get 3 sets of perfect speed gear. if one battle takes on average takes 2 min 30 sec it will take 22 years, 290 days, 13 hours, and 15 minutes of pure grinding. if it only takes you 1 minute to beat stage twenty of the dragon lair it will take you 9 years, 43 days, 5 hours, and 18 minutes. and if it takes you half a minute per battle it will take you 4 years, 205 days, 2 hours, and 39 minutes of pure grinding. say you don’t have the time for pure grinding and you don’t have a membership and you only set multi battles with no manual grinding it would take you 4 centuries, 3 decades, 7 years, and 250 days. now lets say you do have a membership it would only take 1 centurie, 3 decades, 1 year, and 112 days.

    Now you must truly except that in your life time you will never obtain a full set of the best speed gear possible.

  33. PolishLeprechaun

    I love the new new layout! Thanks!