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Raid Shadow Legends Quest Guide: Daily Quests, Weekly Quests, Monthly Quests and Advanced Quests provides a way for players to gain some resources by participating in these quests. This is beneficial especially for F2P (Free to Play) players who play the game without spending a dime or only during special seasons (e.g. Christmas Day, Black Friday).

What’s the quickest way to complete Daily Quests?

By performing the Daily Quest in sequence, it will help speed up in completing all these objectives to get the final reward!

  1. [Quest 7] Purchase 3 Mystery Shards from the Market.
  2. [Quest 2] Summon 3 Champions from the 3 Mystery Shards.
  3. [Quest 1] Get Energy Refill by fighting in Classic Arena 5 times (win/lose)
  4. [Quest 6] Use Energy Refill to farm Campaign based on the condition (Boss/Runs)
  5. [Quest 3] After you use 50 Energy from Quest 6, you complete this quest.
  6. [Quest 5] Upgrade an Artifact aka Equipment Level 1 to 4 to use less silver.
  7. [Quest 4] Feed 3 unleveled Common Champions to a Level 1 Champion in Tavern.

RAID Daily Quests

By completing all the 7 daily quests below, you will be rewarded 400 XP and 10 Gems! Save up these Gems to be used for Energy Refills during Events or Tournaments! In addition, completing Daily Quest count towards to the Weekly Quest for even bigger rewards!

[Quest 1] Fight in Classic Arena 5 times

Reward: 100 XP, 1 Energy Refill, 2.5K Silver
If you win or lose in the Classic Arena, it will still count as 1 battle. Therefore, participating in the Arena rewards an Energy Refill to enable you to perform [Quest 3].

[Quest 2] Summon 3 Champions

Reward: 100 XP, 5K Silver
You can purchase Mystery Shards from the Market for 5K Silver per shard and use them to complete this daily quest. Do not use Ancient Shards, Void Shards or Sacred Shards to complete this quest unless its during a 2X aka Double Summoning Event (increases the chances of getting Epic or Legendary Champion). By purchasing Mystery Shards, you complete [Quest 7] simultaneously!

[Quest 3] Use 50 Energy

Reward: 100 XP, 2.5K Silver, 2 Lesser Arcane Potion
The energy counted from any activities that you have participated. For example, farming fodder in Campaign, farming equipment from Dungeons or farming potions from the Keeps. You can use the Energy Refill rewarded from the first Quest to perform all these activities! Check

[Quest 4] Increase Champion’s Level in the Tavern 3 times.

Reward: 100 XP, 5K Silver
You can increase a Champion’s Level by using XP Brew or feeding 3 unleveled Common Champions to a Level 1 Champion. I would advise to save those XP Brews as its useful during Champion Training Events and also saves your Gems from being consumes too quickly for Energy Refills. In addition, if you do not want to waste your limited resources of fodder champions from Mystery Shards, I would recommend using Void XP Brews instead of Force, Spirit and Magic XP Brews.

[Quest 5] Make 4 Artifact or Accessory upgrade attempts

Reward: 100 XP, 5K Silver
Visit the Tavern to upgrade an Artifact or Accessory in your inventory from Level 1 to Level 4 to save your Silver! The upgrade counts for success and failure atempts.

[Quest 6] Beat a Campaign Boss 3 times / Do Campaign 7 times

Reward: 100 XP, 5K Silver
This quest condition is random. It could be beating the Campaign Boss 3 times a day or running the Campaign for 7 times. Do check this condition before running to the Campaign! If its clearing the Campaign Boss, I would recommend doing the Easy difficulty to save the Energy.

[Quest 7] Purchase an Item at the Market

Reward: 100 XP, 5K Silver
You can purchase anything in the Market to complete this quest! It’s recommended to purchase Mystery Shards as they cost the least amount of Silver among all products on sale. Mystery Shards can be use to complete [Quest 2]

RAID Weekly Quests

Completing all 6 weekly quests rewards you 1 Ancient Shard and 500 XP.

  1. Claim the reward for completing all Daily quests 5 times
  2. Summon 25 Champions
  3. Ascend a Champion 1 time(s)
  4. Upgrade a Champion to Rank 4
  5. Upgrade 1 Artifact(s) to Level 12
  6. Beat a Dungeon Boss 15 times

RAID Monthly Quests

  1. Claim the reward for completing all Daily quests 30 times (Reward: 1 Void Shard, 500 XP)
  2. Upgrade a Champion to Rank 5
  3. Upgrade 2 Artifaot(s) to Level 16
  4. Fight in Classic Arena 150 times
  5. Win Campaign Battles 500 times

RAID Advanced Quests

  • Complete all available Advanced Quests (Reward: 1 Energy Refill)
  • Use 2 Clan Boss Keys (Reward: 1 Type Charm)
  • Use 12 Crypt Keys in Faction Wars (Reward: Tag Team Arena Token)
  • Win 3 Artifacts/Accessories from clearing the Dungeons (Does not work with Auto-Sell from Multi-Battle) (Reward: 1 Substat Charm)
  • Fight in 5 Tag Team Arena Series’ (Reward: 25K Silver)
  • Fight the Demon Lord with at least 1 Rare Champion on your team (Reward: 5 Gems / 25K Silver)
  • Use 1 Charm at the Forge (Reward: 5 Gems)
  • Use 3 Glyphs (Reward: 5 Gems)
  • Beat 1 Faction Wars Stage with at least 1 Rare Champion on your team (Reward: 50 Energy)
  • Fight in Tag Team Arena with a team from a single Affinity(Reward: 50 Energy / 6 Faction Crypt Keys)
  • Fight in Tag Team Arena with 4 different Affinities
  • Craft 1 Perception Artifact at the Forge (Reward: 5 Gems)
  • Sell 5 Artifacts/Accessories (Does not work with Auto-Sell from Multi-Battle) (Reward: 1 Greater Arcane Potion)
  • Make 4 Accessory upgrade attempts (Reward: 1 Greater Arcane Potion)
  • Use 5 Silver Keys in the Doom Tower
  • Place 50 debuffs on the Demon Lord
  • Mix 1 Affinity Potion
  • Use 1 Charm at the Forge

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21 thoughts on “Quests Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Neat0

    Nice game, good graphics, animations, so on so forth but these type games will grid lock you in a way that to get ahead you must become a pay to play (Whaleler) or something like that to be able to progress, it took me 1 week to learn it and dispose of it because it is using the same AI as many other so called F2P games.

  2. PolishLeprechaun

    Is there any chance of updating with the potential clan quests?

  3. FeatFramed

    also unsure how to send one of these when I’m done

  4. FeatFramed

    so, I’ve got no clue what to do with fragments, avatars, substat and type charms, soulstones. Is there someplace where these are explained. Your search bar shows places that have used the terms, which has so far been unhelpful. Love your reviews of the champions.


  5. frost

    i think the “Unlock a mastery for any champion” is missing from Advanced Quests

  6. Wunka

    There is another Advanced Quest. Beat 3 Faction Wars Stages without losing a Champion. The reward is 5 gems.

  7. RelativeNewbie

    @misyl Doom Tower Silver Keys are refreshed to 10 every day at reset, regardless of how many you had before that. They’re basically “Use ’em or lose ’em”. You need them for secret rooms (which gives you 2 silver keys for the first time you complete them) or for Boss rooms.

  8. Kantos

    Trying to complete the 75% crit rate 150 crit damage quest but cannot seem to get the right combo or champion. Help!

  9. Wyvern XXXIV

    for the Advanced Quest to apply 50 debuffs on the Demon Lord … if a debuff is extended rather than applied new, does this count towards the 50 goal??? im thinking it does not.

  10. misyl

    raid advanced quests, use 5 silver keys in the doom tower, how can i do that, when won you can not use it again, when lost tou don not use a key?

  11. Lord Wixx

    I sacrifice 3 commons to level up a champ FIRST so I always have room to summon 3 champs

  12. Tom LaTendresse

    I feel I should know this but I don’t. In Classic Arena battle I will win and progress to level 3 bronze. I go to sleep and next morning I am down to level one. This repeats over and over. Why am I losing position so fast, and, is there anything I can do to slow it down or stop the loss altogether.
    Thanks Tomsez

  13. Gohei27

    the rewards listed here are incorrect.

    Fight in 5 Tag Team Arena Series’ (Reward: 25K Silver)

    Fight in Tag Team Arena with a team from a single Affinity(Reward: 50 Energy / 6 Faction Crypt Keys)

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lukas: You can ascend any champions in the Tavern using the potions farmed from the Dungeon Keeps. If you are low on potions, you can ascend an Uncommon champion to complete the quest quickly. Otherwise, use the potions to ascend your primary champions who will help you farm Campaign or Dungeons.

  15. Lukas

    Ascend a Champion 1 time(s)

    I apologize for this stupid question. I have to complete the quest I wrote. Which character must be ascended,

    Thanks for the help

  16. Hawkmistress

    When you finish one, you start another just like the daily ones. I believe any extra points do carry over tho.
    I do the daily a bit differently. Summon 3, Level up 1, buy from the market, level up an accessory. Sometimes the advanced wants you to level up an accessory. This way I do both artifact and accessory at the same time. Hit the arena both ways. Hit the factions. Claim energy if needed. Get 3 artifacts from the dungeons. Hit the campaign as needed. That leaves clan boss and doom tower. Finish up the advanced quests. Finish the faction.
    I have trouble winning against a stronger arena team.

  17. Mikhail

    Can anyone tell me what will happen when you complete all 250 Advanced quests?

    Will the next chain of 250 quests appear? Those 5 star chickens are handy, you know.

    Or is it just complete and then you do more Advanced quests without any extra chain reward?

  18. The Dame

    @Snerdley – You upgrade your artifacts from the same page you equip them. Unsure why it says to use the Tavern above, but it might be the original way to level Artifacts? Not sure, but as of now the Tavern is just for Champion Leveling, Ranking Up, Ascending, & Skill Upgrading.

    You will access Artifacts and Masteries from the Champions screen itself. Hope this helps!

  19. Snerdley

    How do you upgrade an accessory or artifact by visiting the Tavern? (I only have the option to upgrade a champion’s level, rank, or skills or to ascend them, plus I don’t see how I can necessarily save any silver…)

  20. Alan

    Can you list the rewards for each monthly quest too? I’m halfway through and can only see rewards for uncompleted quest steps

  21. Gohei27

    the 6 faction keys comes from fight in 5 tag team arena series.