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Raid Shadow Legends Enemy MAX HP is a skill that allows a Champion to inflict damage based on Enemy’s MAX HP. This is very effective against high HP enemy Champions, especially against Clan Boss and Dungeon Boss. It scales based on their MAX HP regardless of the content difficulty! The higher dungeon stage you progress, the more HP the enemies will have, which results in more damage dealt from Enemy MAX HP skill.


How to optimize your Enemy MAX HP damage nuker?

To fully unleash the damage inflicted by your champion who has the Enemy MAX HP skill, it’s recommended to have him equipped in Savage Set, Cruel Set or Lethal Set to ignore a portion of the enemy’s defense. In addition, the champion is best paired with a Decrease Defense and Weaken debuffer champion to further increase the damage dealt by Enemy MAX HP skill. The damage nuker should also be equipped with decent offense stats such as having high amount of Critical Damage (e.g. +250%) and Critical Rate (e.g. 100%) stats.

Flawless Execution vs Helmsmasher. Which is better for Enemy MAX HP nuker?

Enemy MAX HP champion with Helmsmasher mastery deals much more damage compared Flawless Execution mastery if the target has high amount of Defense, especially enemies in Doom Tower (Hard Difficulty) where they have above 4K defense.
Flawless Execution mastery is better compared to Helmsmasher mastery as it deals consistent damage throughout the battle, which is suitable for dungeons speed runs. Reason being, Flawless Execution always provides +20% Critical Damage all the time whereas Helmsmasher has 50% chance to trigger Ignore 50% Enemy Defense!
In conclusion, if you need consistency in your speed run battles, I would recommend Flawless Execution over Helmsmasher. Otherwise, go with Helmsmasher to deal maximum amount of damage against high defense and health enemies!

Enemy Max Hp Champions (13)

Enemy Max Hp (AoE)



  1. Acrizia (DW-LAV)
  2. Kalvalax (KR-LAS)
  3. Wallmaster Othorion (HE-LAM)


  1. Defiled Sinner (UH-EAF)
  2. Husk (UH-EHF)
  3. Royal Guard (HE-EAM)
  4. Seer (OR-ESV)


  1. Steel Bowyer (DE-RAF)



Enemy Max Hp (Target)


  1. Galleus Bloodcrest (SW-MAF)


  1. Acrizia (DW-LAV)
  2. Gnut (DW-LDS)
  3. Septimus (BL-LAS)



  1. Coldheart (DE-RAV)


  1. Armiger (SO-UDS)


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20 thoughts on “Enemy MAX HP Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nordlys, @Venjur: Gnut and Acrizia is now available in the Enemy MAX HP champion list!

  2. Nordlys

    Gnut is missing

  3. Venjur

    ACRIZIA missing from list

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @datJoosua: I have added Kalvalax into the Enemy MAX HP Champion list. Thanks!

  5. datJoosua

    Kalvalax is missing in this list, if it’s correct that his A3 does do max hp damage depending on poison stacks.

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Cpasfautpapou: Enemy defense does reduce some damage dealt by skills that deals damage based on their MAX HP. Hence, it’s recommended to have your Enemy MAX HP nuker to be equipped with Savage Set and paired with a Decrease Defense debuffer to ignore a portion of the enemy defense. This enables you to deal maximum amount of damage to the target/enemy.

  7. Cpasfautpapou

    Does enemy defense have an influence on the Enemy MAX HP Skill ?

  8. Kaz Vorpal

    FITR, Royal Guard is good vs Clan Boss because of the Max HP damage, and also the Reduce DEF. The turn meter control on his A3 is wasted, but if you don’t have anything better RG is good for CB.

  9. FITR.Yanz

    I never saw RG against Clan Boss, is it effective? I’m curious n maybe want to try it out..what do you think @ayumilove ?

  10. Neonomatic

    What is the exact rate in which attack effect crit damage? MAX HP, example: Royal Knight. 3000 attack + CD 100 or CD 200. What would the total damage be?

    Is the attack points proportional or multiplied? What would the damage be

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @Caleb: The damage is scaled according to Enemy’s MAX HP regardless of your champion’s level/ascencion. The more HP the enemy has, the larger the damage output it will be. The damage output can be further enhance with Critical Damage, and stabilized with high Critical Rate. Recommended to have 100% Critical Rate, so your Critical Damage will be always be used.

  12. Caleb

    Please Answer! does damage based on enemy HP scale with level or ascension? or asked differently: does a lvl 1 do the same damage as a lvl 60 champion because damage scales only with enemy hp and not with attributes of the champion?

  13. AlvaHenrik

    Another question: does damage based on enemy HP scale with level or ascension? or asked differently: does a lvl 1 do the same damage as a lvl 60 champion because damage scales only with enemy hp and not with attributes of the champion?

  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @WileyMan: Skills that deals damage based on ENEMY MAX HP benefits largely from high CD (Critical Damage). However, you can get these extra damage from Critical Damage if your Critical Rate is low. Having a high Critical Rate (90~100%) would allow you to constantly deal high damage. It’s recommended to have it at 100% so its a guarantee to always Crit. This is especially true for Arena. You want a solid confirmation that the attack will KO the enemies and not the RNG that causes your AoE nuke to kill everyone except 1 enemy target (e.g. Rotos) that can wipe out your entire team. If you want a consistent dungeon speed run and Arena Gold IV ~ Platinum, a 100% Critical Rate is a must. Do take note that some champion does not need to have 100% Critical Rate if they have passive skills or skill that already boost their Critical Rate (e.g. 30%), so you just need to achieve the specific amount (e.g. 70%) to get 100%.

  15. WileyMan

    Do skills that do damage based on Enemy Max HP benefit from 100% CR and high CD? Or do CR & CD only impact the champions’ other skills?

  16. Djinman

    Oups sry don’t mind my last message, Grizzled Jarl has got Decrease Max HP Skill, which is not the same. I’ve posted a message in the other page too about it.

  17. Djinman

    Grizzled Jarl has got this skill in AOE version with his A3 ascended.

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Added Defiled Sinner as his A2 skill deals damage based on ENEMY MAX HP and ATK.

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Leo: Thanks for pointing it out! I have updated the list above. I have also included Armiger and Seer who are missing from the list.

  20. Leo

    You forget the champion Husk. He has a skill depends on enemy hp