Raid Shadow Legends Unkillable Skill Champions

RAID: Shadow Legends – Unkillable Skill applies Unkillable buff on self or allies, so they do not get killed when they receive high amount of burst damage that surpasses their HP. If it this occurs, the Champion with Unkillable Buff will remain with 1 HP (Hit Points aka Life). There are a few ways to counter champions with Unkillable Buff. The first method is to apply Block Buff on the champion before he casts Unkillable buff on himself. The second method is to apply Crowd Contol debuff (Freeze, Stun) on champions who already has Unkillable buff, so they will lose their turn.

Raid Shadow Legends Unkillable


The Champion with this buff cannot fall below 1 HP for the entirety of its duration.

Unkillable Skill Champions


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