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Raid Shadow Legends Heal is a skill that heals one or more allies in battle, so they can sustain longer in battle. This skill is commonly found in Support champions to aid their allies in survivability. Having a Support champion is crucial in late game where enemies are much stronger and can easily wipe out your entire team if they are not well-supported in terms of healing, defensive buff skills, and offensive debuff skills unless they are equipped with gears that allow them to sustain in the long run (e.g. Lifesteal Set). There are various versions of Heal Skill that are based on the healer’s MAX HP or the target’s MAX HP.

Heal FAQ

What is AOE heal vs Single Target heal?

AoE Heal (Area of Effect Healing) is the ability to heal all of your champions in your team, which is exceptionally useful in keeping your entire team pink of health against enemies who specialize in AoE damage nuke. Single Target heals only replenishes the health of a single champion in your team based on your selection (manual) or champion AI (auto-battle) or skill condition (e.g. Target Ally with Lowest HP).

What is HoT?

HoT refers to Healing over Time and Continuous Heal is one of the buffs in Raid Shadow Legends that heals your champion by 7.5% or 15% of their MAX HP over time! The period of healing is specified based on the buff duration! Check this Continuous Heal buff champion list to know who is able to apply this ability!

What alternatives are there if I do not have a healer?

If you do not have a decent healer in your team, check out the 3 alternative healing methods that you can use in your team. It covers artifacts, masteries, buff, and debuff in more detail so that your champions can self-sustain themselves without needing a healer!

Heal Champions (207)

Heal (AoE)


  1. Alaz the Sunbearer (BA-MDF)
  2. Androc the Glorious (BL-MDS)
  3. Siegfrund the Nephilim (SO-MAM)
  4. Starsage Galathir (HE-MSF)
  5. Toshiro the Bloody (SK-MAM)


  1. Acelin the Stalwart (BL-LDS)
  2. Arbiter (HE-LSV)
  3. Archbishop Pinthroy (SO-LSS)
  4. Bad-el-Kazar (UH-LSF)
  5. Belletar Mage Slayer (OT-LHV)
  6. Bivald of the Thorn (SO-LHS)
  7. Cardiel (SO-LSV)
  8. Chronicler Adelyn (BL-LSF)
  9. Claidna (SY-LHV)
  10. Drokgul the Gaunt (OT-LSS)
  11. Eostrid Dreamsong (SY-LSF)
  12. Gamuran (SK-LSS)
  13. Hakkorhn Smashlord (SW-LHM)
  14. Lugan the Steadfast (BL-LHS)
  15. Marichka the Unbreakable (BL-LSV)
  16. Mathias Blackflail (SO-LHF)
  17. Minaya (BL-LSF)
  18. Mother Cybele (KR-LSF)
  19. Narma the Returned (KR-LSM)
  20. Noct the Paralyzer (DE-LHM)
  21. Oella (SY-LSM)
  22. Opardin Clanfather (BA-LHM)
  23. Pythion (LZ-LSF)
  24. Raglin (BL-LSV)
  25. Riho Bonespear (SK-LSV)
  26. Scyl of the Drakes (BA-LDM)
  27. Sethallia (BL-LSM)
  28. Shirimani (HE-LSF)
  29. Sicia Flametongue (DS-LAF)
  30. Siphi the Lost Bride (UH-LSV)
  31. Skartorsis (UH-LSF)
  32. Togron the Conjoined (OT-LSV)
  33. Underpriest Brogni (DW-LSM)
  34. Warlord (OR-LSV)
  35. Wythir the Crowned (DS-LSF)


  1. Achak the Wendarin (DS-ESF)
  2. Adriel (SO-ESM)
  3. Aeila Lifebraid (SY-ESV)
  4. Ambassador Lethelin (HE-ESF)
  5. Aox the Rememberer (LZ-ESF)
  6. Baroth the Bloodsoaked (BA-EHF)
  7. Bergoth the Malformed (KR-EHS)
  8. Captain Temila (DE-EHM)
  9. Cardinal (SO-ESV)
  10. Demytha (DW-ESV)
  11. Doompriest (KR-ESF)
  12. Duhr the Hungerer (DS-ESS)
  13. Flesh-Tearer (SW-ESM)
  14. Godseeker Aniri (SO-EDV)
  15. Gorgorab (UH-ESM)
  16. Gwynneth (DE-EAM)
  17. Khafru the Deathkeeper (UH-EDV)
  18. Mausoleum Mage (UH-ESF)
  19. Pestilus (KR-ESS)
  20. Quargan the Crowned (LZ-ESS)
  21. Rector Drath (KR-ESF)
  22. Runekeeper Dazdurk (DW-ESV)
  23. Skytouched Shaman (BA-ESV)
  24. Steelskull (SW-ESS)
  25. Tagoar (OR-ESM)
  26. Tainix Hateflower (DS-ESF)
  27. Teshada (BA-EDF)
  28. Thenasil (HE-ESF)
  29. Uugo (OT-ESM)
  30. Vogoth (UH-EHS)
  31. Vrask (OR-EHS)
  32. White Dryad Nia (SY-EDV)
  33. Woad-Painted (BA-EHS)
  34. Wuzgar (OT-EHS)


  1. Abyssal (DS-RSS)
  2. Avir the Alchemage (DW-RSM)
  3. Chaplain (SO-RSF)
  4. Fortress Goon (OT-RDM)
  5. Geargrinder (OT-RHV)
  6. Hexweaver (DE-RSS)
  7. Magister (HE-RSF)
  8. Pain Keeper (DE-RHV)
  9. Treeshield Knott (SY-RSV)
  10. Valerie (BL-RSM)
  11. Warpriest (SO-RSS)



Heal (Lowest Hp)



  1. Bivald of the Thorn (SO-LHS)
  2. Minaya (BL-LSF)
  3. Mother Cybele (KR-LSF)
  4. Pythion (LZ-LSF)
  5. Rakka Viletide (OR-LSV)


  1. Anchorite (SO-ESS)
  2. Godseeker Aniri (SO-EDV)
  3. Infernal Baroness (DS-EDF)
  4. Klodd Beastfeeder (OT-EHM)
  5. Mistress of Hymns (SO-ESS)
  6. Ostrox Boneglaive (UH-ESV)
  7. Sinesha (KR-ESF)
  8. Wuzgar (OT-EHS)


  1. Castigator (SO-RHM)
  2. Draconis (SO-RHV)
  3. Furystoker (OT-RSS)
  4. Metalshaper (LZ-RSS)
  5. Mycolus (OT-RSV)
  6. Mystic Hand (DE-RSF)


  1. Commander (BL-USF)


Heal (Passive)



  1. R. Nergigante Archer (BA-LDS)


  1. Bovos Sharphorn (SW-ESS)




Heal (Self)


  1. Frolni the Mechanist (DW-MHM)
  2. Karnage the Anarch (DS-MAS)
  3. Mezomel Luperfang (SW-MAS)
  4. Nais the Shadowthief (SY-MAM)
  5. Siegfrund the Nephilim (SO-MAM)


  1. Ailil (SY-LAV)
  2. Alsgor Crimsonhorn (BA-LHF)
  3. Artak (OR-LHM)
  4. Bad-el-Kazar (UH-LSF)
  5. Brakus the Shifter (SW-LAF)
  6. Bystophus (KR-LAF)
  7. Crohnam (BA-LAM)
  8. Drexthar Bloodtwin (DS-LDF)
  9. Elegaius (UH-LSM)
  10. Falmond Mournsword (SO-LAS)
  11. Foli (DE-LAM)
  12. Gnut (DW-LDS)
  13. Graazur Irongut (OT-LDV)
  14. Greenwarden Ruarc (SY-LDF)
  15. Gronjarr (DW-LHF)
  16. Helior (BL-LDF)
  17. Inithwe Bloodtwin (DS-LAV)
  18. Kaja the Wry (BL-LSS)
  19. Kalvalax (KR-LAS)
  20. Korugar Death-Bell (OT-LHF)
  21. KrokMar the Devourer (LZ-LHS)
  22. MaShalled (UH-LAS)
  23. Mathias Blackflail (SO-LHF)
  24. Noct the Paralyzer (DE-LHM)
  25. Razelvarg (SW-LAM)
  26. Samar Gemcursed (DW-LHS)
  27. Sniktraak (SW-LHS)
  28. Taras the Fierce (BL-LHV)
  29. Truath (DE-LHM)
  30. Tyrant Ixlimor (DS-LHM)
  31. Ultan of the Shell (DE-LAS)
  32. Valkanen (UH-LAV)
  33. Varl the Destroyer (OR-LAS)
  34. Vitrius the Anointed (SO-LAV)
  35. Vlad the Nightborn (UH-LAV)
  36. Yumeko (SK-LSV)


  1. Anax (UH-EAS)
  2. Atur (BA-EHM)
  3. Balthus Drauglord (UH-EDS)
  4. Catacomb Councilor (UH-EAM)
  5. Ceez (OT-EAF)
  6. Dark Athel (UH-EAM)
  7. Delaaja (LZ-EHS)
  8. Ethlen the Golden (HE-EAV)
  9. Excruciator (DS-EAM)
  10. Fayne (SW-EAS)
  11. Fylja (DW-EAM)
  12. Gala Longbraids (DW-EAV)
  13. Gory (SK-EAS)
  14. Gwynneth (DE-EAM)
  15. Hexia (UH-EAF)
  16. Hordin (BL-EAM)
  17. Ilysinya (HE-EHF)
  18. Kallia (BA-EAF)
  19. Lady Annabelle (BL-ESS)
  20. Lich (UH-EDF)
  21. Lorn the Cutter (OT-EAM)
  22. Lua (DE-EAV)
  23. Magnarr (DS-EHS)
  24. Miscreated Monster (KR-EHM)
  25. Occult Brawler (OT-EHS)
  26. Pitiless One (KR-EAM)
  27. Rearguard Sergeant (DW-EDF)
  28. Sandlashed Survivor (OR-EDS)
  29. Skimfos the Consumed (DS-EAV)
  30. Skraank (OT-EAV)
  31. Skytouched Shaman (BA-ESV)
  32. Taurus (SW-EAM)
  33. Terrorbeast (OR-EHS)
  34. Tolf the Maimed (OR-EHV)
  35. Toragi the Frog (SK-EHM)
  36. Tuhak the Wanderer (OR-EAV)
  37. Ultimate Galek (OR-EAM)
  38. Vildrax (DS-ESM)


  1. Bloodbraid (BA-RHS)
  2. Centurion (KR-RDV)
  3. Drowned Bloatwraith (UH-RAV)
  4. Elder (BA-RDM)
  5. Madman (DW-RAS)
  6. Magus (KR-RAM)
  7. Meatcarver Tolog (SW-RHF)
  8. Mycolus (OT-RSV)
  9. Renouncer (SO-RAF)
  10. Retainer (DE-RDV)
  11. Selinia Nightcloak (HE-RAV)
  12. Sentinel (BA-RHF)
  13. Spirithost (DE-RSS)
  14. Steel Bowyer (DE-RAF)
  15. Stout Axeman (DW-RHM)
  16. Wretch (UH-RAF)


  1. Dhampir (UH-UAS)
  2. Duelist (BL-UAF)
  3. Stalker (LZ-UHM)
  4. Suntribe (OR-USM)


Heal (Target)



  1. Alsgor Crimsonhorn (BA-LHF)
  2. Gurptuk Moss-Beard (OT-LSF)
  3. Lady of Ireth (SY-LSS)
  4. Sethallia (BL-LSM)
  5. Shirimani (HE-LSF)
  6. Truath (DE-LHM)


  1. Anchorite (SO-ESS)
  2. Cardinal (SO-ESV)
  3. Chancellor Yasmin (BL-ESF)
  4. Conellia (DW-ESM)
  5. Djamarsa (BA-ESF)
  6. Fang Cleric (DE-ESS)
  7. Merouka (OR-EDM)
  8. Sinesha (KR-ESF)
  9. Steelskull (SW-ESS)
  10. Urogrim (OT-ESV)
  11. White Dryad Nia (SY-EDV)


  1. Apothecary (HE-RSM)
  2. Chaplain (SO-RSF)
  3. Lamibur (SW-RSS)
  4. Mother Superior (SO-RSS)
  5. Warpriest (SO-RSS)


  1. Frostskin (OT-USM)
  2. Suntribe (OR-USM)
  3. Vilespawn (DS-USS)
  4. Windtalker (SW-USM)


Passive Heal Champions (18)

Passive Heal (AoE)



  1. Elva Autumnborn (SY-LSM)
  2. Kyoku (SK-LDS)
  3. Strategos Islin (HE-LDM)
  4. Sulfuryion (LZ-LSV)


  1. Doompriest (KR-ESF)


  1. Master Butcher (DW-RSS)



Passive Heal (Self)


  1. The Calamitus (UH-MAS)


  1. Alatreon Blademaster (KR-LSS)
  2. Arix (KR-LHM)
  3. Chaagur (LZ-LAV)
  4. Danag Skullreap (OR-LAM)
  5. Little Miss Annie (UH-LAV)
  6. Searsha the Charred (SY-LSF)
  7. Ultimate Deathknight (UH-LDF)


  1. Aeshma (KR-EAM)
  2. Burangiri (SK-EDF)
  3. Lady Annabelle (BL-ESS)
  4. Seeker (UH-EDM)




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  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Riceaxe, @Arioch, @Pancho: Wythir, Opardin, Bivald, Anchorite is now present in the Heal champion list!

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    I cant find Opardin Clanfather anywhere…he is a decent healer

  5. Riceaxe

    Bivald heals with his A3 AoE based on damage.

  6. Pancho

    Anchorite (Sacred Order, Epic) fehlt bei Heal (Lowest HP)

  7. Rouguefox

    I have a question.

    For heal skills that have book bonuses for healing, is that bonus additive or multiplicative?

    eg Runekeeper Dazdurk’s base heal is 25% of his max hp, book levels add +5%, +5% and +10%, for a total of +20% healing.

    Does that mean he heals 45% of his max health(25% + 20%) or 30% of his max (25% + (20% of 25% which is 5%))?

    Same for the masteries that add % to heals, such as Lay on Hands, Healing Savior, and Merciful Aid.

  8. Teneb Kael

    Ah, add Vogoth too

    Passive Heal I know Are: Scyl(when take turn) Vogoth(when attacked) Vrask(on critical hit) Butcher(when attacked) Doompriest(when take turn, then remove debuff)

    Thank You

    your faithfull in game name Teneb Kael

  9. Teneb Kael

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    thay have this powerfull ability too

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  11. someone

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    Don’t see Ghrush the Mangler here.

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    @Boo: Any healing skills will benefit from Curing Gear as it will boost the healing efficiency by a certain amount. However, if the champion’s healing skill is based on the damage inflicted on the enemies, it’s best to gear that champion with high attack/defense based on the champion’s damage multiplier. The best would be equipping him/her in Savage Set as it ignores a large chunk of enemies defense to deal more damage to provide more healing to allies while simultaneously killing the enemy wave much faster.

  14. Boo

    Hi, since the change to curing gear, could you make a page or something that shows which skills work with the curing set. hard to find info on it.

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mae: I have updated Klodd Beastfeeder from AoE Heal to Heal by Lowest HP. Thanks!

  16. Mae

    Klodd Beastfeeder is listed under AOE but his only healing skill is Delicious Giblets which heals the ally with the lowest health..

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  18. Strawberry369

    can you add a passive heal skill section.

  19. wbkruse

    Abyssal is one of the new champions added for the fusion event. He has an aoe heal on his A2

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: I have updated the structure for Heal Champion Skill List by categorizing it into 4 sections (AoE Heal, Single Target Heal, Heal ally with Lowest HP and Self Heal).

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  24. Destroyer39

    Also missing Miscreated Monster.

  25. Destroyer39

    Gurptuk Moss-Beard has a 30% heal.

  26. Praetor

    Seems some names aren’t here.
    Fang Cleric not in?

  27. GloriousGusto

    Miscreated Monster – A3 50% heal

    Centurion – A2 heals champion by 30%

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  34. Terrence

    Mother Superior also has a heal on her A2 and her A3

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    There’s no Warpriest here, you must have forgotten it 😉