Raid Shadow Legends Equalize HP Skill Champions

RAID: Shadow Legends – Equalize HP Skill is a skill that allows your Champion to re-balance the HP of all ally Champions in the team to be equal based on percentage. This is a double-edge sword which may cause one of your tank HP champions to lose a high amount of HP, while it would aid the squishy low-health champion to rise up. There are certain Champion’s that equalizes the HP of their allies to the highest amount HP by percentage.

Equalize HP Skill Champions

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One thought on “Raid Shadow Legends Equalize HP Skill Champions

  1. Sidler

    Just noticed today that HP Balance effects are not blocked by Heal Reduction debuffs. Might be worth mentioning in this page as well as the Head Reduction page.

    Thanks for all the great work you put into this site!