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Raid Shadow Legends Block Damage is a skill that allows a champion to prevent themselves or allies from receiving any damage inflicted by the enemy. This skill is commonly found on HP and Defense Champions to aid the survivability in battle. However, Block Damage Skill can be countered with Ignore Block Damage skill or Remove Buff skill or Steal Buff skill. If a champion has both Shield and Block Damage buff, Block Damage only prevents damage from reducing from HP only.

Raid Shadow Legends Block Damage

Block Damage

Makes the Champion immune to all forms of damage.

Block Damage FAQ

Here is a list of frequently asked questions on Block Damage buff in Raid Shadow Legends.

How to counter Block Damage Buff champions?

There are a few ways to counter champions with Block Damage Buff. The first method is to apply Block Buff on the champion before he casts Block Damage buff on himself. The second method is to apply crowd control debuff (Freeze, Stun, Provoke, Sleep, Fear, True Fear) to prevent them from applying Block Damage buff. The third method is to steal or remove buff from the Block Damage champion. Last but not least, you can use champions who ignores Block Damage buff such as Mortu-Macaab.

Can Block Damage Buff be extended?

Block Damage buff cannot be extended as it will be too overpowered. In 2019, there was a player who created an Unkillable Clan Boss team using Valerie and Roshcard the Tower. Roshcard the Tower is used to apply Block Damage buff, while Valerie increases the buff duration of Block Damage. This prevents Clan Boss from killing the team and enables the player to deal sufficient damage in 1 Clan Boss key for all Clan Boss difficulty to reap the best chest reward. When Plarium found out many players were using this Unkillable strategy in Raid Shadow Legends, they added a new game mechanic to prevent these Block Damage, Unkillable and Revive on Death buff from being extended. Also, they added an ability to Clan Boss to Block Revive champions and deal damage that ignores Block Damage and Unkillable buff after 50 Turns of Clan Boss, in case players found a way to bypass it with other workarounds.

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22 thoughts on “Block Damage Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @John: Block buff prevents any damage being received from enemy attacks, whereas Ally Protection buff mitigate the damage from allies to the protector. Using Ally Protection buff is quite risky as it AoE damage nuker can knock him out easily, unless you have a reviver to revive him from death.

  2. John

    Sorry if this comes up twice. I’m new to the game. Set up a Warcaster arena team so he almost always casts his team block first turn. I assumed this would mean the opponents first round of attacks would cause no damage but this isn’t the case. I do have monster in the team who auto protects all. If this affects the block I can sub him out. Or does the block not work in arena? Any help would be appreciated!

  3. John

    Hi. Dont know if anyone can help. I’m new to the game. Got Warcaster and set him up for arenas with a team so he almost always puts his team block up before the other team attacks. I thought this would prevent any damage from the opponents first turn from landing but this isn’t the case. Anyone know why this isn’t working? Is the ability different in arena? I do have monster ally blocking the same turn so don’t know if this affects the block buff? If so I can sub him out

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zittu: Raf-Matab is now available in the Block Damage champion list!

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @JPLollo: Helicath is now available in the Block Damage champion list!

  6. JPLollo

    I think you miss Helicath on this list

  7. Zittu

    Hi there, you´re missing raf matab barbarian single blok damage

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Block Damage Champion list has been updated with the addition of Kyoku and Varl the Destroyer.

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @jonnnney: As long Vrask is able to perform a Critical Hit, he will be able to heal allies with his passive skill. You can also apply debuff on enemies even though they have Block Damage buff on them, such as Stun debuff from Archmage Hellmut as long as they are not able to resist the debuff.

  10. jonnnney

    Do you know if you can crit against a block damage buff? IE can Vrask still heal if he crits a zero or will Archmage Hellmut still do his aoe stun on his A2?

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    @Octavian: The second Block Damage buff will replace the first Block Damage buff assuming the first has the shortest buff duration.

  12. Octavian

    Great site…. quick question. If you have 2 champs that can do block damage….what happens if one of the team has block damage and a second block damage is added…does it replace the first block damage or simply not land!! I am thinking of 2 Roshcards in clan boss. Many thanks.

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    @DynamoDucky: Block Damage buff only prevents the damage received by the champion. If you attempt to inflict a debuff to an enemy champion, ensure that you have sufficient Accuracy stat to prevent them from resisting it. Otherwise, the debuff will not be applied!

  14. DynamoDucky

    I think I noticed that block damage buffs prevent debuffs as well, am I correct or was I just unlucky in applying debuffs?

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @RaidWarrior: I have re-categorized the champions who has Block Damage skill by AoE, Target, Self and Random.

  16. RaidWarrior

    Can you add AOE block damage to the list?

  17. RedTony

    Sepulcher Sentinel should be in this list? She does not cast block damage, just have a chance to “ignore all incoming damage” to an ally.

  18. Darkpank1ller

    eu acredito que tenha um bug nesse buff, pois quando ataco com a 3° skill do Errol que rouba os buffs depois da o dano, quando ele rouba o buff bloqueio de dano, logo depois ele não acerta o dano, parece que que o buff ainda está no target!

  19. Matthew

    Faceless ignores Block damage but you have him listed under Buff – Block damage like he can cast it.