Bommal The Dreadhorn Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

Bommal the Dreadhorn Guide | Raid Shadow Legends Doom Tower Boss
Bommal the Dreadhorn is the new boss in Doom Tower Rotation 3 in Raid Shadow Legends, where he has a variety of unique abilities that makes it a challenging battle! Bommal the Dreadhorn is able to place bombs on your champions, inflicts HP Burn debuff, remove your champion’s buff and summons Dreadbomb to deal massive amount of damage to your champions! He is one of the most difficult Doom Tower bosses as he have high amount of Accuracy and his bombs are unblockable and cannot be removed. Check out the guide below to learn more about his game mechanics!

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Dreadhorn Stats
Dreadhorn Guide
Dreadhorn Forging Materials
Dreadhorn Video Guides
Dreadhorn Champion Tier List

Doom Tower Boss Guides

Celestial Griffin
Dark Fae
Eternal Dragon
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Magma Dragon
Nether Spider
Scarab King

Bommal the Dreadhorn and Dreadbomb Skills

Bommal the Dreadhorn Boss Skills

  • A1 Ruinous Crush Attacks all enemies. Decreases [Bomb] debuff detonation countdowns by 1 turn. Also instantly activates any [HP Burn] debuffs on each target and decreases the duration of those debuffs by 1 turn.
  • A2 Magma Flood (Cooldown: 3 turns) Attacks all enemies. Places a [HP Burn] debuff on each enemy for 3 turns. [Passive Effect] Enemies receive 100% more damage from [HP Burn] debuffs for each [Bomb] debuff they are under.
  • A3 Rain of Bombs (Cooldown: 3 turns) Removes all buffs from all enemies, then attacks them. Places a [Bomb] debuff on each enemy that detonate after 2 turns. Places 1 additional [Bomb] debuff for each buff removed by this skill. The [Bomb] debuffs cannot be blocked or removed.
  • A4 Dread Minions (Cooldown: 5) Places a 50% [Increase ATK] buff on Bommal the Dreadhorn for 5 turns, then summons two Dreadbombs and grants an Extra Turn. The [Increase ATK] buff cannot be removed. [Passive Effect] Summons 1 [Dreadbomb] every time Bommal’s Turn Meter is decreased.
  • Pressure Wave [Passive] Each time an enemy places any debuff (except [Bomb] debuffs) on Bommal, places a [Bomb] debuff on that enemy that detonates after 2 turns. These [Bomb] debuffs cannot be blocked or removed. Each time a [Bomb] debuff detonates on an enemy, has a 25% chance of placing a [Stun] debuff on all other enemies for 1 turn. Bommal receives 300% more damage from [Bomb] debuffs
  • Almighty Immunity [Passive] Immune to [Stun], [Freeze], [Sleep], [Provoke], [Block Active Skills], [Block Passive Skills], [Fear] and [True Fear] debuffs. Also imune to HP exchange effects, HP balancing effects, and cooldown increasing effects.
  • Almighty Strength [Passive] Damage from skills that scale based on enemy MAX HP cannot exceed 10% of the Boss’s MAX HP when attacking the Boss.
  • Almighty Persistence [Passive] All Turn Meter reduction effects are decreased by 50% when used against the Boss.

Dreadbomb Skills

  • Detonation [Passive] Explodes at the start of each turn and deals pure damage to each enemy equal to 40% of this MAX HP if the [Dreadbomb] is not under a [Freeze] debuff at the start of the turn. Deals pure damage to each enemy equal to 20% of their MAX HP instead if the [Dreadbomb] is under a [Freeze] debuff at the start of the turn. Damage inflicted will ignore [Shield] buffs.
  • Short Fuse [Passive] The Dreadbomb is immune to all debuffs, efects, and sources of damage except its own skills and [Freeze] and [HP Burn] debuffs. Fills the Dreadbomb’s Turn Meter by 20% every time it receives damage from a [HP Burn] debuff.

Bommal the Dreadhorn Stats

Stats of Bommal the Dreadhorn and Dreadbomb based on Doom Tower floors and difficulty.
Tower Rotation 3 (Force): Floors 10, 50, 90
Bommal the Dreadhorn Stats for Doom Tower Normal and Hard in Raid Shadow Legends

Bommal the Dreadhorn Guide

How much Accuracy and Resistance needed for Dreadhorn?

How much Accuracy required to apply debuff on Dreadhorn?

To apply debuff on Bommal the Dreadhorn, your champions will need to have a minimum of 100 Accuracy for Doom Tower Normal or 330 Accuracy for Doom Tower Hard for all floor stages! However, these minimum requirements can be halved if you have champions who can consistently provide your champions with Increase Accuracy buff! In addition, you can also use Accuracy Aura champions in the Leader position to fill in the missing Accuracy gap if you do not have sufficient Accuracy substats on your equipment nor having an Accuracy banner.

How much Resistance required to resist Dreadhorn debuff?

To resist Bommal the Dreadhorn’s HP Burn debuff and instant negative effect such as buff removal, you will need to have at least 250 Resist for Doom Tower Normal and 850 Resist for Doom Tower Hard. However, these Resist requirement can be halved by applying Decrease Accuracy on Dreadhorn, which means you can allocate stats to other areas such as Health, Speed and Defense to tank the damage dealt by him! In addition, you can also gain additional Resist stat by having a Resist Aura champion in the Leader position if you do not have many Resist substats on your artifact set or not having a Resist banner.

What are the main things to avoid on Dreadhorn?

Turn Meter Reduction

Decrease Turn Meter will trigger Dreadhorn’s passive skill to summon Dreadbombs up to a maximum of 6, which will can wipe out your entire team easily!

Applying many buffs/debuffs

If you do not have Decrease Accuracy on Dreadhorn and using a high resistance team, he will able to remove buff from your champions easily. For each buff removed, he will apply a Bomb debuff on them, which increases the damage dealt to your team!

Removing Debuff

Remove debuff does not cleanse away Bomb debuff, but its helpful to remove the Stun debuff applied by the exploding Bomb debuffs as well as HP Burn debuff applied by Bommal the Dreadhorn. The best way to prevent Bomb debuff from being applied is to not use any buff and rely on direct healing!

Stacking high amount of Defense instead of HP

Dreadbomb suicidal attack and Bomb debuff ignores all defenses. Hence, it’s recommended to have approximately 2000~2500 Defense to mitigate the damage done by Bommal the Dreadhorn’s attacks, while the remaining stats are allocated to Health to tank the damage!

How to defeat Dreadhorn and his minions?

How to defeat Bommal the Dreadhorn Boss?

Bomb debuff doesn’t do a significant amount of damage compared to Poison debuffs when you are comparing them in a long sustain battle. Hence, the most efficient way to defeat Bommal the Dreadhorn is to use Poison champions to quickly dwindle his health. You could also equip your low resist champion in a Deflection Artifact Set to reflect the Bomb debuff placed by Dreadhorn! Alternatively, you could use Bomb champions if you already have them built or HP Burn champions such as Drexthar Bloodtwin where you can get him from Arena Bazaar!

How to defeat Dreadbomb (Dreadhorn Minions)?

You can’t kill the Dreadbomb as they ignore all damage inflicted by your champion’s direct damage from skills nor immune to all debuffs except to Freeze and HP Burn. They only way they receive damage is from their own kamikaze attack (suicidal attack that deals 100% MAX HP). Dreadbomb inflicts a consistent nuke damage based on your champion’s 40% MAX HP! However, their damage can be reduced by half if you apply Freeze debuff on them before they sacrifice themselves.

How to survive against Dreadhorn?

Utilize Survivability Buffs

I highly recommend having at least a Reviver, Healer and Support champion who could provide additional survivability (e.g. Increase Defense, Strengthen, Increase Speed, Shield, Ally Protection). However, you will need them to be in high resist else the boss will easily remove their buffs!

Reduce Enemy Damage

You could reduce Bommal the Dreadhorn’s damage output with Decrease Attack and apply Block Debuff to prevent him from picking up his self Increase Attack buff! Decrease Critical Rate is also useful too to prevent him from dealing massive critical damage, but this is owhptional. Freeze debuff is beneficial in minimizing the damage inflicted by Dreadbombs!

Avoid Decrease Turn Meter

I highly discourage to use any champions who have Decrease Turn Meter on their skills or champions who have Evil Eye mastery as it will instantly trigger Bommal the Dreadhorn to summon his Dreadbomb minions! If the Decrease Turn Meter champions have a useful skill kit, then I would advise disabling their Decrease Turn Meter skill using the Team AI Preset!

Utilize Decrease Accuracy

Decrease Accuracy debuff halves the amount of Accuracy on the enemy, preventing Dreadhorn from applying his HP Burn debuffs and removing your champion’s buffs without having to gear them in very high Resist stat! This improves their survivability immensely as they have to only deal with the unresistable and unblockable Bomb debuffs. You will need to manually inflict your Decrease Accuracy debuff just before Bommal the Dreadhorn A3 skill is triggered on his next turn! Also, pay attention to his A4 skill as he can remove your Decrease Accuracy debuff by gaining an Extra Turn!

Utilize Increase Buff Duration and Block Debuff

Increase Buff Duration plays an important role in extending the buff duration of essential buff such as Block Debuff! Block Debuff prevents your champion from getting stunned whenever the Bomb debuff triggers upon your champion taking their turns. This allows your champion to be able to lower their skill cooldown without any disruption from stun debuff.

Bommal the Dreadhorn Forge Materials

Vanquishing Boomal the Dreadhorn rewards you Dreadhorn plates, which are materials to craft Fortitude Artifact Sets in the forge! Having 2-piece set of Fortitude Artifact provides +10% Defense and +40 Resist! It’s a superior version of Resist Set that players usually farm them in Ice Golem’s Dungeon!
Fortitude Artifact Set crafted using Boomal's Dreadhorn Plates in Raid Shadow Legends

Boomal the Dreadhorn Strategy

Templar Solo Dreadhorn

This strategy was shared by StewGaming on how Templar is able to solo Bommal the Dreadhorn in Doom Tower Hard (10, 50) and Doom Tower Normal (10, 50, 90). Templar manages to survive the Dreadbomb damage by buffing himself with Block Damage before they explode. Take note that his Taunt (A2 Skill) must have 4 turns skill cooldown for him to auto run the battle. Otherwise, you will need to manual run the entire battle. He needs to be equipped in Regeneration Set and Immortal Set to recover sufficent health to last for the entire battle! Templar requires to have at least 196 speed, 70K Health, 3K Defense to tank the damage. The additional speed can be achieve by having a Speed Aura champion in the lead and learning 2 masteries (Whirlwind of Death and Spirit Haste). In addition, he needs to be as low Accuracy as possible to prevent him from applying Decrease Speed debuff as it can mess up the Dreadhorn turn sequence!

Crimson Helm Solo Dreadhorn

Crimson Helm solo Bommal the Dreadhorn in Raid Shadow Legends
This strategy was shared by u/OpheliaA1 on Reddit on how Crimson Helm is able to solo Bommal the Dreadhorn in Doom Tower Hard Floor 90 by timing the Revive on Death and Block Damage skills to stay alive against Bomb debuff and Dreadbomb kamikaze attacks! StewGaming created a video explaining it in detail about the artifacts and masteries to be used on Crimson Helm. If you are finding for a solution to bypass this obstacle in Doom Tower, then this solution will be the one for you as it does not cost much resources. You will need Crimson Helm A2 and A3 to be fully booked and equip her in Regeneration Set and Immortal Set to recover quickly against the devastating Dreadhorn and Dreadbomb attacks. This method requires the player to manual the fight until end of battle. If you are looking for a team to auto farm forging materials from Bommal the Dreadhorn, this strategy will not suit your needs.

Utilizing Deflection Set to Reflect Bombs!

Using Deflection Set to Reflect Bomb on Dreadhorn in Raid Shadow Legends
This strategy was showcased by boomer, which relies on 5 champions who are Siphi the Lost Bride, Duchess Lilitu, Drexthar Bloodtwin, Vogoth and Candraphon. All of the champions except Duchess Lilitu are in Deflection Set to reflect the Bomb debuff to the boss while Duchess Lilitu is build in high resistance (800 Resist stat + 80 Resist for Siphi’s Aura) to ensure she does not die. Siphi provides AoE passive healing to all allies and Resist Aura, Duchess Lilitu to revive all allies when they are killed by the Bomb debuff, Drexthar Bloodtwin to inflict HP Burn on the boss with his passive skill, Vogoth for AoE Healing whenever he receives damage and Candraphon to defeat the enemies quickly with his nuke damage. The advantage of this strategy is it takes way lesser time to complete the run. However, it requires a great amount of Deflection Set, which can be obtain from Arena Platinum Rewards or gathering sufficient materials from completing Tournaments to craft Deflection Sets.

Utilizing Dreadbombs to heal your team!

Using Dreadbomb to Heal your Champions against Dreadhorn in Raid Shadow Legends
This strategy was showcased by Soda Dragon Gaming, which relies on 3 champions who are Visix the Unbowed, Vrask and 3 Vogoth. This strategy works is Visix will triggers the Dreadhorn’s passive skill to summon his Dreadbomb each time she decreases his turn meter. When the Dreadbomb takes their turn to deal AoE explosion damage, Vogoth passive skill kicks in to heal all allies to their full health! This team was tested on Doom Tower Hard Floor 90 on full auto and it works very well! Check out Soda Dragon Gaming video here!

Utilizing Pure Healing Champions

Using Healing Champions to survive against Dreadhorn in Raid Shadow Legends
This strategy was showcased by MurderInc, which relies on 5 champions who are Doompriest, Sinesha, Vrask, Vogoth and Master Butcher. How this strategy works is it relies the champions to be built rather tanky with lots of Health and a decent amount of Defense. These champions are equipped in Regeneration Set and Immortal Set to provide additional healing to themselves to counter against the Bomb debuff damage. This team was tested on Doom Tower Hard floor 90 on full auto and it works with minimal issues. Check out MurderInc video here!

Burangiri Solo Dreadhorn

Burangiri Solo Bommal the Dreadhorn in Raid Shadow Legends
This strategy was showcased by Skratch, which relies on Burangiri to solo Dreadhorn while the you can use any champions to clear the first 2 waves of the mobs quickly. Burangiri equipped in Regeneration Set and Immortal Set to keep his Health above 50%, so whenever the Dreadbomb blows up, he will be able to survive the first Dreadbomb and then his passive skill will heal him 50% of his health to tank the second Dreadbomb! However, this strategy works up to Doom Tower Hard Floor 50 as Floor 90 is too difficult

Soloing Dreadhorn with Samar Gemcursed

This strategy was showcased by StewGaming, which relies on 1 champion who is Samar Gemcursed to solo the boss, while the you can use any champions to clear the first 2 waves of the mobs quickly. Samar Gemcursed is equipped in Regeneration Set and Immortal Set to keep his Health above 50% and this 1 relies on RNG and timing where his Block Damage will be up to prevent the second Dreadbomb from dealing any damage to him!

High Resist Tanky Team

This strategy was showcased by MurderInc, which relies on Wurlim Frostking, Underpriest Brogni, Urogrim, Valkyrie and Vizier Ovelis. Wurlim provides Decrease Accuracy to prevent him from applying Bomb debuff on this high resistance team. Underpriest Brogni in the leader position to provide Resist Aura for more Resistance in case your champions lacks sufficient Resist stat. Valkyrie to provide a second layer of defense with her massive AoE Shield, which synergizes with Underpriest Brogni passive skill where it heals allies whenever damage is done to the shield. Urogrim to inflict Poison debuff on the boss to take him down quickly. Finally, Vizier Ovelis to increase debuff duration, especially for the Decrease Accuracy debuff to ensure the run will be safe.

Doom Tower Rotation 3 Official Video

This video explains about the 2 new bosses Astranyx the Dark Fae and Bommal the Dreadhorn about their game mechanics briefly. In addition, it also talks about the forging materials that are dropped from the boss and artifact sets that can be crafted from them in the Forge!

Bommal the Dreadhorn Updates

Bommal Dreadhorn Champion Tier List

Champion by Rarity: Legendary | Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common

Mythical Champions Ranking

5★ Dreadhorn | Mythical Champion

4★ Dreadhorn | Mythical Champion

3★ Dreadhorn | Mythical Champion

2★ Dreadhorn | Mythical Champion

1★ Dreadhorn | Mythical Champion

Legendary Champions Ranking

5★ Dreadhorn | Legendary Champion

4★ Dreadhorn | Legendary Champion

3★ Dreadhorn | Legendary Champion

2★ Dreadhorn | Legendary Champion

1★ Dreadhorn | Legendary Champion

Epic Champions Ranking

5★ Dreadhorn | Epic Champion

4★ Dreadhorn | Epic Champion

3★ Dreadhorn | Epic Champion

2★ Dreadhorn | Epic Champion

1★ Dreadhorn | Epic Champion

Rare Champions Ranking

5★ Dreadhorn | Rare Champion

4★ Dreadhorn | Rare Champion

3★ Dreadhorn | Rare Champion

2★ Dreadhorn | Rare Champion

1★ Dreadhorn | Rare Champion

Uncommon Champions Ranking

5★ Dreadhorn | Uncommon Champion

4★ Dreadhorn | Uncommon Champion

3★ Dreadhorn | Uncommon Champion

2★ Dreadhorn | Uncommon Champion

1★ Dreadhorn | Uncommon Champion

Common Champions Ranking

5★ Dreadhorn | Common Champion

4★ Dreadhorn | Common Champion

3★ Dreadhorn | Common Champion

2★ Dreadhorn | Common Champion

1★ Dreadhorn | Common Champion

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52 thoughts on “Bommal The Dreadhorn Guide | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. m00se

    Please if you are running any solos builds…lie LAdy Annabelle…dont forget to add the monkey Sun Wukong…for obvious reasons

  2. iSimpforArbiter

    Reflect damage doesn’t work on Dreadbombs detonation? Lordly Legionnary doesn’t even appear on the rankings so it would seem to be the case… Can’t test it myself right now. Then again, champs like Lord Shazar and Souldrinker should be pretty highly ranked here too imho due to their bombs but don’t see that either.

    He’s a pain for me even on floor 10 Normal… Am able to beat him for the daily advanced quest but have to manual it cause almost all my high-ranked and geared champs are with evil eye or innate TM manip…

  3. Xotai

    Floor 10 Dreadhorn Normal

    All 6* (Mid Lvl player) Decent Artifacts/Accessories most are +16 stats. Full Masteries. All but Aox are fully booked.

    Aox (Lead) – Swift Perry/Perception
    Visix – Perception2/Resilience4
    Elder Skarg – Shield/Immortal
    Warmaiden – Cruel/Accuracy/Speed (need to rework with newer gear still)
    Fahrakin – Perception (ALL gear)

    Average time: 58 seconds
    Good hunting. Hope the info helps.

  4. Mike

    Seer got me through level 90! I took my own buffs off before bommel could!

  5. Still playing

    I’ve had good success with Jizoh believe it or not. his shield, counter attack and self heal go a long way. also why isn’t Master Butcher amongst the champion list?

  6. Tired

    So this is going to sound like a “duh!” but Kyoku with enough books to drop her cooldowns and with a Deflection/Immortal set can solo him (as far as Normal Floor 90 is concerned) with good RNG so… good luck with winning the current anniversary event and getting her, I guess!

  7. Yossarian1

    Can get by level 50 (185) Dreadhorn wiht Altan, Martyr, Ninja, Brakus and Scyl. Can’t get by level 90 (280) though!

  8. Andy Lin

    4 vogoths, 1 doom priest, all in regeneration and immortal set, glove and chest hp%, speed boots, all with speed substats, ring amulet and banner hp main. Vogoths with low accuracy, doompriest with low critical rate. All set to use only A1. Full auto. Dread bombs heal the whole team. Boss hit damage will be reduced by 87.5% due to 4 vogoth passive.

  9. Robert Mitchell

    You showcase a video featuring Burangiri but don’t list him in your rankings for epics.

  10. Xin Qian

    Geomancer sounds like a 5 Star champ for killing dreadhorn.
    Reason 1. A1 [Decrease ACC] debuff for 2 turns. keeps the accuracy down all the time.
    Reason 2. Even though burn gives dreadhorn a little TM bust, but this skill will hurt him more. Of course unkillable, revive will perfect pair for this skill. However high resist reviver also makes sense.

  11. Xotai

    It seems 3 months later from my last comments I still can’t get by this guy even with all the characters I listed and even upgraded some by level and with some artifacts. I really could use some help suggestions. I am reading the notes from ayumilove and still can’t get the characters listed to work even on Level 95. This is beyond frustrating at this point.

  12. Desc440

    I’m curious if Valk really is so good for this boss. Sure, the shield and CA are great, but won’t she make dreadbombs spawn like crazy because of her TM reduction abilities?

  13. I M WEASEL!!!

    Shameful blatant boss made by Plarium designed to force people to use gems to remaster their champs since most have Evil Eye in their better builds.

  14. Lordfish

    All 6*

    Drath (lead)
    Mausoleum Mage
    Riho Bonespear
    Gorlos Hellmaw

  15. Stephen Hoopes

    Was able to beat Bommel with

    Rector Drsth (lead)

    This was on auto. Took 4:22, but got the job done. Only Preserver and. Vergis are level 60.

  16. Pir

    Crimson Helm can’t solo anymore either. Bommal’s alleged nerf is actually in aggregate a buff, since they fixed his A2 so he uses it all the time now (he previously used it very rarely), which means he deals massive HP Burn damage. Most of the solo efforts will no longer work, and while those are cute experiments for content creators (as are 3 Vogoth teams), what’s more important is that many people will have to seriously overhaul their Bommal teams. Deflecting or blocking bomb damage, cleansing HP Burns, freezing the Dreadbombs, and having as few buffs on one’s own team as possible seems to work best.

  17. Larry

    Templar cannnot solo anymore…something has changed. His A2 has to be booked for Hard Floor 50. So all fights have to be manual.

    Also, his speed has to be 195 excatly, no more, no less.
    (+42 from mastery)

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @notimpr: You are using Roric Wyrmbane in a team setup that is not optimize for him, hence you are seeing unexpected results. Checkout my video guide on how to use him correctly.

  19. notimpr

    Remove Roric from 5*, he’s trash here.

  20. Drzewo1986

    What about luria? 75% aoe freez, block buffs 100%, dec def and/or spd on a1, with debuff extender like visier, she should work nice. Where is shirimani with her healing and aoe freez. They are not perfect for this job but they can help. With reviver like arbiter or gorgorab with some presets they can do some helpfull things.

  21. x333

    Floor 50, normal / 185

    Burangir all books .He/she do all.The rest matter only for first two teams.
    All 6×60
    All mastered
    Auto 7,28

  22. nanmzhao

    Thanks for StewGaming and Ayumilove ! I finally got through Normal 90 by using Templar solo ! It’s amazing!

    I don’t have suitable Regeneration Set and Immortal Set. I’m struggling to stack the data.
    My Templar template :
    Tier 6 , 46 level, no booked, full mastery (following StewGaming’s guide)
    HP 53830 (Far away from suggestion 70K)
    DEF 2169 (Far away from suggestion 3K)
    SPEED 164 (Whirlwind of Death and Spirit Haste, nearly 200 in battle)
    C.Rate 35 , C.Damage 91
    Accuracy : 112, it should be lower.
    Leader: Not SPEED Aura, but 25% DEF.

    It’s not suitable for Hard floor, but but enough for Normal 90.
    The only problem , I must run the entire battle manually.
    This strategy is the best of all for all F2P players.

  23. Yes Chef

    Follow up: Frenzy works VERY well in Bommal. I have a good set on Shirimani, and she’s cycling through turns quickly.
    I’m still struggling, because dude is a terror… I don’t have good gear for the solo Burangiri or Samar strategies, so it’s outside the box thinking. Which led me to Roric. Counterattack accessories if you have them, lifesteal set, zero need for acc or resist, just speed, hp, and damage. Using the ally stun counterattack mastery and leaving Vogoth resist low enough to take a stun, he’s outperforming Geo in both raw damage and self-heals.

  24. tawabawa

    FINALLY! A week of trying combos, I made it with a never die combo of all lvl 60 ,though not all masteries, typical set up team (NOT GEARED SPECIALLY FOR THIS) on Normal level 50

  25. Yes Chef

    Not sure if it’s been discussed anywhere yet, but I’m looking at some alternative strategies for this beast. I have Vogoth and Master Butcher, I have Samar and Burangiri, but I’m also a mentor in my clan and not everybody has these guys, so a thought I’m going to be play testing:
    Frenzy gear set. 10% tm boost for every 5% hp lost… so if you’re managing to put freeze out consistently, when 2 dreadbombs go off, you’re getting an instant 80% tm boost on your Frenzy champ, ideally an aoe healer or big speed booster.
    Big resist stats and a decrease acc champ are going to be BIG in higher level content as well, my clan leader has a fully end game built Samar who just got turn 1 wiped by floor 90 hard. So no cheese runs higher up, gotta build strategically.

  26. Michael Domboski

    They should’ve just named him Boom!All,

  27. Alek

    I feel like I have to share this. The second time you face him (I think floor 50) on Normal, he looked unbeatable. I don’t have bomb or freeze champions that are lvl 60. In fact I don’t think I have any bomb dealing champions at all.
    However, I thought of going at him at a full attack mode so I used:
    – Zavia lvl 60 (as a leader that gives even more attack with her aura)
    – Ghostborn lvl 60 (he is quite fast for me as I have bunch of speed bumped on him and his decrease defense helps, but not to be used first… even his A1 too delivers decrease defense as well so I start with that)
    – Ma’ Shalled lvl 60 (biased coz he is my favourite, but works well if used well here. I just hit with the first run, coz if I apply “Tornado”, all those buffs will be gone and the rhino boss will just pump me with even more bombs). After the boss does that I apply the “Tornado” and hit with the other attack “Open Wounds”.
    – Longbeard lvl 60 (Useful coz he has that ally attack, but I use it when the boss has decrease defense done on him)
    – Kreela Witcharm lvl 52 (her masteries aren’t completed and not even booked, but again I used her coz of the joint ally attack and that helped tbh). I do realize Longbeard and Kreela are magic, fighting against a force, but at the end it works.
    I finally managed to pass floor 50. And I am about to hate this monthly run as not only we have the rhino, the freaky Dark Fae that can kill you in an instant as well, but also the Celestial Griffin – hate the stupid bird and the cockroach Scarab King. Not an easy boss at all, whaaa… Where is the magma dragon? I enjoyed beating that one.

  28. george

    worst boss , is a total cheating from pilarium, lvl 50 and up it is only for high spending players , this boss designed for you to loose , in stage 1 and 2 have AIs that reduce HP so when you reach the boss your champions have half HP !!! and the other their malicious thought they create specific champions to win after spending a thousand dollars lol … impossible to have all that requirements to defeat him , champions artifacts stats 300 res every champion !!! lo i will wait until they will nerf it

  29. Leelamon

    Nobody talking about block buffs against this boss. I think its really strong to get the incoming dmg under control. Blocking his atk up buff and having atk down on him removes the threat of the boss and the bomb debuffs.

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @wei: Yes, Master Butcher is an excellent Rare champion who is great at healing your allies whenever the Dreadbomb takes their turn to damage your team!

  31. Xotai

    I have run all the best of my team/characters and still can’t get by this guy. I used a few of the characters noted below that I have in supply and still no luck. I guess I have to wait until I have them fully booked or something else. Sucks!

    Good to see others are now making it through with the characters they have in supply. I’ve been playing for about 6 months and still don’t have a fair supply of players in comparison to the list I am seeing below. Which begs the question how much patience do we have to have with this game?

    Top 20 in “Power” and I can’t find a combination to work. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Star Character Name
    60 Abbess
    60 Ninja
    60 Elhain
    60 Apothecary
    60 Shaman
    50 Kallia
    60 High Khatun
    50 Diabolist
    50 Elder Skarg
    50 Warcaster
    50 Trunda Giltmallet
    60 Skullcrusher
    60 Kael
    50 Master Butcher
    50 Odachi
    50 Frozen Banshee
    50 Valla
    50 Grappler
    50 Warmaiden
    50 Geargrinder

  32. nanmzhao

    Just for Normal (Floor 50), not hard to get through.

    Mother Cybele (Leader, Resist 350 , half booked,in which revive cool-down 4, no mastery)
    Zelotah (Shield set, no booked. no mastery)
    Septimus (Nuke, High C.DMG – 200, Lifesteal set, no booked, full mastery )
    Reliquary Tender (Resist Set, resist 350, full booked , full mastery)
    Pain Keeper (Full Booked, full mastey)

    I tested 4 times, 3 successful. the alterantive team cost 100 -130 rounds, 5- 6 minutes.
    The disadvantage is you must control the team by manually.
    The key point is high resist of two revive champion and one high C.DMG Nuke.
    I don’t know whether it’s all right for higher floor.

  33. wei

    is Master Butcher good enough for this boss?

  34. KatFunt

    Hey, got through Lvl 185 Dreadhorn on Normal (Floor 50) with:

    Rector Drath Level 60 using Resist Aura
    Ninja Level 60
    Rae Level 60
    Sinesha Level 60
    Vrask Level 50

    They are about 90% optimal equipped. Took a few turns. Dreadhorn affinity didn’t help.

    Maybe this helps.

  35. Martin Hogue

    I just beat him on floor 50 ( lvl 135 )…. and it was a real struggle !
    I used Geomancer ( he was a stud ), Bad El, Arbiter, Vizir and Luria ( lvl 50 ).
    Clearly, the way to go is to freeze the add ( half dammage). I used Geo’s HP burn to do most of the dammage ( and a few poisons )
    I honnestly don’t see how I’ll beat him on the floor 90-110…

  36. MageDanille

    After trying many combinations I found the perfect raid for this boss on Normal Floor: 50
    Zavia – Leader

  37. Liam

    Floor 50 just beat it with vergis and sandlashed

  38. Poseidon

    How to beat Bommal the Dreadhorn video in portuguese language by Tiago titan

  39. Elconto

    If it helps anyone, I just beat it with Brogni (50), Metalshaper (40), Apothecary (50), Elhain (60), Baerdal (40). Only Elhain fully maxed masteries. 67 turns, 03:20 mins. Lucky to have Brogni to carry this.

  40. rob

    use toons without a1 debuffs and just a1 him ezpz

  41. Pir

    Another early datapoint (I’m F2P, play Raid daily but casually so it doesn’t drive me nuts with frustration, and don’t have great gear):
    Bommal L95 — beaten in 1:31, 42 turns by a “first try to assess the situation” team of Drexthar, Coldheart, Doompriest, Mausoleum Mage, Valla. No losses. All L60, fully ascended, but full masteries only on Doompriest and Coldheart. ACC was >150 for those who needed it because of Drex as leader. Did no special high resist gearing (Drex and Doompriest are in my CB team with Lifesteal). Wanted to take a poisoner, but my big ones are weak affinity. And it wasn’t necessary; it seemed like a fairly easy win (but at a higher level he will absolutely kick my butt).

    2nd account, weaker team beat him in 3:16 and 61 turns. Duchess (60), Coldheart(60), Coffin Smasher(50, weak aff), Doompriest(50), Warcaster(50), max T2 masteries, let’s not even talk about books. So it’s certainly possible at that level to at least get one’s daily advanced quest done.

  42. Pir

    Another early datapoint (I’m F2P, play Raid daily but casually so it doesn’t drive me nuts with frustration, and don’t have great gear):
    Bommal L95 — beaten in 1:31, 42 turns by a “first try to assess the situation” team of Drexthar, Coldheart, Doompriest, Mausoleum Mage, Valla. No losses. All L60, fully ascended, but full masteries only on Doompriest and Coldheart. ACC was >150 for those who needed it because of Drex as leader. Did no special high resist gearing (Drex and Doompriest are in my CB team with Lifesteal). Wanted to take a poisoner, but my big ones are weak affinity. And it wasn’t necessary; it seemed like a fairly easy win (but at a higher level he will absolutely kick my butt).

  43. Alex4theGr8

    I found that shieldguard, built right, is helpful in my team.

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @jay nogaard: Thanks for the correction! I have updated the typo “Boomal” to “Bommal”!

  45. jay nogaard

    Bommal the Dreadhorn, not “Boomal”

  46. Habush

    His kit seems like you want all the bomb and freeze guys. Lord shazar seems a good choice with no debuffs other than bombs

  47. donald

    This guy kicked my butt. Anyone have any ideas of how to beat him ?

  48. Shadeborn

    This took me more than a few times to get through, but the team that I got to work was:
    Nogdar(L), Coldheart(x2), Lightsworn, Tomb Lord.
    All level 60, fully ascended, gear levels 12-16 , mid to high level masteries.
    Dreadhorn: Level 95, Force Affinity.
    Just had to crank out as much damage as quickly as possible to avoid getting blown to pieces.
    Lightsworn’s Indomitable skill can buy you a little more time if you’re lucky.

  49. Homegrown

    Managed to defeat him consistently with a rag tag group of: Inquisitor Shamael, Kantra, Klodd, Pigsticker and Souldrinker. Shamael and Souldrinker did the heavy lifting.

  50. Darknight

    Which champions are best against dreadhorn??
    It’s very hard and tricky champion…all the champion till now I have build up are now waste against this boss

  51. Sabaac

    I was able to beat lvl 95 Dreadhorn pretty easily (01:26) on auto the first time using maxed out Anax, Scyl, Drexthar, Mountain King and Ninja. Only 50% success rate (3 out of 6) using silver keys afterwards.

  52. Xotai

    Wow! This dude is crazy tough to beat. I think I am approaching mid level game status, albeit I only have 4 legendary (Abbess/Ninja/ElderSkarg/TrundaGiltmallet) I don’t see any statistics for any of the players that are associated with Dreadhorn in Doom Tower. I am guessing which players are best suited and so far I have come up short.
    That said, anyone have any suggestions of players you would use if you were to still be in the early/mid game level?
    I was an F2P, but moved on to P2P due to enjoying the options available, now I’m considered a BASS in the P2P scale.