Soulbond Bowyer | BA-RAS | Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide

Raid Shadow Legends Soulbond Bowyer Skill Mastery Equip Guide

Raid Shadow Soulbond Bowyer Skill Mastery Equip Guide


FACTION: Barbarians
ROLE: Attack
USABILITY: Mid-Late Game
TOMES: 16 (A3)
FUSION #1: Rotos the Lost Groom
FUSION #2: Gurptuk Moss-Beard

Total Stats (6 Stars)

Health Points (HP): 13,545
Attack (ATK): 1,255
Defense (DEF): 870
Speed (SPD): 96
Critical Rate (C.RATE): 15%
Critical Damage (C.DMG): 57%
Debuff Resistance (RESIST): 30
Debuff Accuracy (ACC): 0


★★★★✰ Campaign
★★★✰✰ Arena Defense
★★★★★ Arena Offense
★✰✰✰✰ Clan Boss
★★★★✰ Faction Wars


★★★★★ Minotaur’s Labyrinth
★★★✰✰ Spider’s Den
★★★★★ Fire Knight’s Castle
★★★★✰ Dragon’s Lair
★★★★★ Ice Golem’s Peak


★★★★★ Void Keep
★★★★★ Force Keep
★★★★✰ Spirit Keep
★★★✰✰ Magic Keep

Soulbond Bowyer Skills

Ancestral Guidance [ATK]
Attacks all enemies. Has an additional 25% chance of inflicting a critical hit.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +5%
Level 5: Damage +10%

Infused Arrow [ATK] (Cooldown: 3 turns)
Attacks 1 enemy. Has an additional 25% chance of inflicting a critical hit. Will ignore 75% of the target’s DEF.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +5%
Level 5: Damage +10%

Soulbound Shot [ATK] (Cooldown: 5 turns)
Attacks 1 enemy. Has an additional 25% chance of inflicting a critical hit. Also has a 75% chance of fully depleting the target’s Turn Meter.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
Level 4: Damage +5%
Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
Level 6: Damage +5%
Level 7: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
Level 8: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
Level 9: Cooldown -1

Increases Ally C. RATE in all Battles by 12%.

Soulbond Bowyer Equipment Guide

Arena, Campaign, Faction Wars Clan Boss, Dungeons

Equipment Set

1 Savage Set, 1 Speed Set
2 Offense Set, 1 Speed Set
1 Retaliation Set, 1 Speed Set

Equipment Set

1 Lifesteal Set, 1 Accuracy Set

Equipment Stat Priority

Weapon (ATK)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (DEF)
Gauntlets (C.RATE / C.DMG)
Chestplate (ATK%)
Boots (SPD)
Ring (ATK / DEF)
Amulet (C.DMG)
Banner (ATK / ACC)

Equipment Stat Priority

Weapon (ATK)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (DEF)
Gauntlets (C.RATE / C.DMG)
Chestplate (ATK%)
Boots (SPD)
Ring (ATK / DEF)
Amulet (C.DMG)
Banner (ATK / ACC)

Soulbond Bowyer Mastery Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Faction Wars

Raid Shadow Legends Soulbond Bowyer Skill Mastery Equip Guide


  1. Deadly Precision
  2. Keen Strike
  3. Shield Breaker
  4. Whirlwind of Death
  5. Single Out
  6. Cycle of Violence
  7. Bring it Down
  8. Blood Shield
  9. Kill Streak
  10. Warmaster


  1. Defiant
  2. Improved Parry
  3. Bloodthirst
  4. Delay Death
  5. Retribution


  1. N/A

Soulbond Bowyer Videos

RAID: Shadow Legends | Soulbond Bowyer Champion Guide by ASH

RAID: Shadow Legends | Soulbond Bowyer Champion Guide by Chofly

RAID: Shadow Legends | Soulbond Bowyer Champion Guide by Hell Hades

RAID: Shadow Legends | Soulbond Bowyer Champion Guide by Verdy Gaming

Soulbond Bowyer Storyline

With the Krokhan Desert becoming a true melting pot of cultures, it is no wonder that various traditions and rituals are passed from one Barbarian tribe or clan to another, mixing with superstition that had existed for hundreds of years or being changed to new unrecognizable forms. One such curious ritual is called Soul Binding, and it comes from the lands far beyond the Southern seas. It is dangerous and often misinterpreted by inexperienced shamans, but when properly completed it has the potential to make a single warrior much deadlier. First, however, that warrior must survive an intense concoction of narcotic herbs and poison that puts them into a trance while the shamans chant and call upon the spirits of the dead. Should they be successful, the warrior’s Ancestors are called into being and can provide him or her with blessing and protection. But disturbing the dead is a delicate matter, it is entirely possible to summon malevolent beings from beyond the grave – spectres of hatred and hunger, wishing nothing more than to devour the hapless Barbarians who dared disturb their slumber. Still, warriors who have successfully undergone Soul Binding are noted for their almost unnatural luck. Their spears and arrows find even the smallest chinks in heavy armour with contemptuous ease, their attacks cripple and wrongfoot the foe, and even their allies seem to benefit from this good fortune as long as the fight by the Soulbond’s side.

Soulbond Bowyer Review


  1. She is useful for late game Arena Offense (Gold IV) for her A2 Skill Ignore Defense to take out Defensive Champions in Arena. Best equipped with Savage Set to achieve 100% Ignore Defense.


  1. She does not use her A2 and A3 skills on Auto against Spider Boss. This can be fixed by manually targeting it.
  2. She does not prioritize using A1 skill on Auto in Campaign unless she can 1 shot the enemy. This can be fixed by providing her with ample Attack, Critical Rate and Critical Damage.

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21 thoughts on “Soulbond Bowyer | BA-RAS | Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide

  1. Begone!

    Not impressed with Soulbound Bowyer. Have her 5* fully ascended (not booked, mind you), but her so-called best shot Soulbound shot *never* worked. Ever. Does not really motivate me to invest more into her.

  2. Maitre Chang

    If equipped with Savage set, would Helmsmasher be a good option to add 20% dmg?

  3. WillOoOWisps

    @Ayumilove: Why does Sister Militant have a 4 star rating on Spider when Soulbound Boywer only has a 3 star? If Bower is constantly using her A1 that means she is doing the same thing as Sister Militant.

    Boywer with the higher health/attack/def/crit dmg should mean her rating on Spider should be the same if not 1 star higher. Is there something I am missing?

  4. Toast

    Why does my bowyer have 289 base attack and 213 base defense XD

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dizn3y: I have tested Soulbond Bowyer at Level 60 fully ascended. Reason I have rated her 4 Star for Campaign is because she does not use her A1 on Campaign Brutal to 1 shot kill the enemies (30K Damage), but prioritizes her A2 (60K Damage) and A3 (50K Damage). Therefore, the run was not up to my expectation, even with 200 Speed gear on. If her AI is fixed to use her A1 constantly, then I’ll bump her Campaign rating to 5 star. For the Spider, she constantly uses her A1 instead of using her A2 and A3 skill on the boss, unless you manually target the boss. I have tested her in Spider 20 dungeon. If the developers fixes her AI to use her powerful A2 and A3 on the boss, I’ll rate her to 5 star.

  6. Dizn3y

    Love the sight, really helpful, would probably suggest a 5* on Campaign and Spiders, especially with a stun set, that A1 with 100% is going to just murder waved and spiders every turn and the turn meter manip on the A3 is perfect for the spider. Deffinately worth rethinking @Ayumilove <3

  7. Doro626

    Hello Ayumi. Not trying to create additional work for you, but I have a question about champions used in multiple fusions. Maybe a number following the most present fusion to indicate others (with link). Ive noticed certain champions, for whatever reason, plarium seems to use more and those are ones that people may want to hold a few copies of.

  8. Dave Astle

    @Scarslett: Depends where you want to use her, and where you’re at in the game. With Great Hall bonuses and gear, you should be able to get her well over 200 accuracy without much difficulty, and the additional accuracy you get from going support may not be worth it when there isn’t that much in the tree that helps her, since she doesn’t have buffs or debuffs. Defense can help keep her alive and do a lot of additional damage through counterattack.

  9. Scarslett

    Why not go down the support tree for the acc buff skill for using her on spider. It seems you would gain you 46 acc alone from the first 3 skills. Am I missing something about her that the defense tree is better?

  10. Ron

    and also forgot to mention she has potential to be one of the better farmers in the game if geared properly..for a rare its awfully difficult to acquire a champion with her abilities of AOE as well as %100 turn meter reduction..she’s sorta like a mini Coldheart, obviously without the massive Heartseeker Dmg, but her AOE really helps with waves as well..”IF” u have the books she’s %100 worth leveling up

  11. Ron

    leveled her up and I think alot of people are sleeping on her..thought I was crazy but now I’m seeing alot of youtubers like HellHades and others use her to great effect in FN-20..put a stun set on her to help with the waves and her attk of fully depleting the turn meter is EXACTLY what u want for FN..u keep his turn meter depleted and u keep his shield down..its that simple..same with spiders..she takes way too many books but she’s %100 perfect for Spider and FN all the way thru

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @matthias: OFfense Set is much more readily available by farming through Campaign. It would be difficult for early-mid game players to farm these items from Dungeons since its randomize unless you have lots of energy to spend as a P2W player or you already reach the end-game and you just want to increase the variety of equipment you have for your champions. Attack Role champion inflicts a ton more damage when they are geared with Attack base stats. If you are not getting that result, either the champions you geared lacks the amount of ATK stats to provide these results or the set of items equipped on the champion isn’t optimized.

  13. matthias

    Why offensive set on all these characters?

    Savage has tons more damage, crit damage alike.

    Characters who scale from attack benefit by far not as good from attack as people who scale from defense or hp, logically

  14. Ryan

    Why is she rated lower than Zephyr Sniper for Spider?

  15. True

    If i would rate her (had bit more testing with her)
    4 for campaign
    4 for both offence and defence arena
    1 for CB
    4 for Faction (i don’t have that many barbarians so)
    3.5 for minotaur (she can help there but not as main farm unit)
    5 for spider (her usage of aoe is very nice)
    3 for fire knight (good for first 2 rounds but falls of in 3rd)
    4 for dragon (usable for all rounds and is not that much of dead weight in final wave)
    3 for ice golem (yes she is good rounds 1 and 2 but in round 3 her aoe might bring trouble)

    Magic keep is 2 while other keep’s are 3

    For rare champ she has utility for usage but there are multiple other champs who can do similar thing.

    Best thing for her is that you need only 75% crit so that kind of adds more utility to other area’s for this champion.

    Negative is that 16 book cost :/

  16. Dude

    Looks like she is the best substitute for Zephyr Sniper for Spiders. 16 Rare tomes to fully booked is kinda meh sadly.

  17. True

    She is very useful and that she is rare it makes her even better in my eye’s. Spider no problem,

    As campaign farmer she is very solid.

    Fire knight she is good for first 2 rounds but in round 3 she falls back badly.

    Ice golem she can be 50/50 but as she damages majority time all targets so it might give some trouble in round 3

    In keeps she has problems only in magic and reason for its simple (type weakness)

    Minotaur she can be useful but so far as helpful farmer its 40/60

    In dragon she is very useful in rounds 1 and 2 and even in round 3 she pulls her weight nicely

    In arena she can be useful in both defense and offence but ofc that depends on team setup

    only problem what i have with her is that she needs 16 books to max even if they are rare books.

  18. devils advocate

    who does these ratings? shes ridiculously good in spiders, sick good in factions wars, will be insane in campaign (as soon as they will fix her, shes not prioritising skill 1, but using 2-3) she does prioritise her S1 in faction wars.

  19. CHITS

    How is this chick not awesome for spider?

  20. Corpse Maker

    The skills description is all wrong

  21. HighLordSteven

    Available from Dungeon Divers Event, Feb. 23-26, 2020.