Raid Shadow Legends Patch Notes 2021

Raid Shadow Legends Patch Notes

2021 Patch Notes

2021-01-06 : V3.10
2021-01-14 : V3.20

2020 Patch Notes

2020-12-15 : V3.00
2020-12-03 : V3.00
2020-10-29 : V2.30
2020-10-02 : V2.21
2020-09-16 : V2.20
2020-08-12 : V2.12
2020-07-22 : V2.10
2020-05-29 : V2.00
2020-05-26 : V1.15.5
2020-04-29 : V1.15
2020-04-07 : V1.14
2020-03-16 : V1.13.5
2020-02-14 : V1.13
2020-02-12 : V1.13

2019 Patch Notes

2019-12-19 : V1.12
2019-11-25 : V1.12
2019-09-19 : V1.10
2019-08-23 : V1.10
2019-08-08 : V1.10
2019-07-15 : V1.09
2019-05-07 : V1.07

(2021-01-14) Patch Notes V3.20

This time, we’ve focused on making some highly requested improvements to a few existing features. Here’s all you need to know about this update.

New Daily Login Rewards

Now, after you collect your 270th Daily Login Reward, you’ll start a brand-new daily login program with 30 Days of rewards! This new 30-day program will reset after you collect all of the rewards, then you’ll be able to start all over again each month. The new program includes Accessories, Glyphs, Gems, Chickens, Silver, Shards, Energy, XP Boosters, Tomes, Charms, Forge Materials and XP Brews.

More slots for your gear and Champions.

We are increasing the number of slots in your Artifact and Accessory Storage from 700 to 1000. We are also increasing the number of slots in your Champion Collection from 200 to 300.

Champion and battle fixes

  • The Scarab King’s Vile Absorption skill has a new visualization. He now places one hit for each buff on the target, instead of one single hit.
  • Champions killed by the Magma Dragon’s Overburn skill now die properly instead of remaining standing with an empty HP bar. That was, uh, weird.
  • Fixed some visual bugs for Rhazin Scarhide’s, Longbeard’s and Skullcrusher’s skills in the Doom Tower.
  • Fixed the order of actions in Faceless’ Lightning skill according to the description.
  • Master Butcher’s Heat Exchange passive skill now works correctly with the Robar’s Wild Swing skill.
  • The Evil Eye Mastery now works correctly with Skullcrown’s Wave of Souls skill, decreasing all enemies’ Turn Meters.
  • Candraphon now places an extra hit with his Punish Hubris skill if the target has buffs.
  • Cupidus will now correctly be frozen by Freeze debuffs placed by Tormin the Cold.
  • Prince Kymar now doesn’t remove Unkillable debuffs from Skullcrown before attacking her with the Abyssal Gaze skill.
  • Steelskull now heals allies correctly with the Cleansing Spell skill after removing a Heal Reduction debuff.
  • Fixed the bug that caused dead Spiderlings to show up in the Info popup in battles in the Spider’s Den.
  • Fixed visual bugs with Freeze debuffs and Champions moving around the battlefield.

Game Experience Enhancements

  • Clan Boss battles now don’t start in Auto mode.
  • Fixed the bug that showed an empty battle result window if the Doom Tower reset while you were still in a battle in the Tower.
  • The time spent in-game is now displayed correctly in the Clan Activity Quests window.
  • The time left until Tag Team Arena refresh is now displayed correctly after locking and unlocking your device.
  • Refactoring and general optimizations.

14 New Champions

(2021-01-06) Patch Notes V3.10

Hello everyone! Bug fixes and quality of life improvements! This release is mostly focused on bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Here’s the list of everything:

Game Experience Enhancements

  • All received Artifacts and Accessories are now shown in the Multi-Battle result window even if your Storage is full.
  • Messages from unbanned players will be now displayed correctly in Chat.
  • When fighting against another Lydia, Lydia the Deathsiren will no longer get stuck in endless counterattack cycles.
  • If the target is under a [Freeze] debuff, the order of hits of Yakarl the Scourge’s third skill Glaciate is now correct.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Progress Missions to disappear under certain circumstances.
  • Bergoth the Malformed’s Canister [P] skill now heals all allies when the Ice Golem attacks with his Frigid Vengeance passive skill.
  • Changed the position of text in Accessory Packs.
  • Now Chests containing Materials will be displayed on the first 4 Bosses on Normal on the Doom Tower Map.
  • Increased the chances of getting Epic and Legendary Materials from the 20th and 21st Faction Crypt Stages.
  • We now list all eligible Factions in Tournaments with Challenge Rules instead of the Alliance name.
  • Adapted the UI to display correctly on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 devices.

Champion Al fixes

  • Zavia will no longer use the Deadly Catalyst skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Karam will no longer use the Rot Away skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Elenaril will no longer use the Combust skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Venus will use the Burning Passion skill on the Clan Boss when the Clan Boss is not under a [HP Burn] debuff.
  • Rhazin Scarhide will no longer use the Bog Down skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Nethril will no longer use the Ghastly Horrors and Bat Swarm skills on the Clan Boss.
  • Foli will no longer use the Sealed Fate skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Aothar will no longer use the Brand skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Drexthar Bloodtwin will no longer use the Burning Lash skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Elder Skarg will now use the Hunt the Marked skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Fayne will now use the Flowing Style skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Robar will now use the Merciless Assault skill when it’s not on cooldown and there are 2 or more alive enemies.
  • Crypt-King Graal will no longer use the Elemental Unity skill if the target is not under a [HP Burn] debuff.
  • Increased the priority of Royal Huntsman’s Dead Aim skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Trunda Giltmallet’s Cloak of Ages skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Spider’s Glowing Mark skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Madame Serris’ Midnight Ritual skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Hakkorhn Smashlord’s Blood Offering skill when on Auto in the Spider’s Den.
  • Coldheart will use the Flurry of Arrows skill if the Fire Knight has his Shield up.

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  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @BraveZ: Arcane Keep Boss is the easiest of the Keeps that does not have special abilities that requires specific champions to be used to beat it. A team with healer, buffer and some good damage dealer would be sufficient to win it 🙂

  2. BraveZ

    Ayumilove, can you please add arcane keep to other keeps in your guide