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Odachi Skills

Showy Slice [DEF]
Attacks 1 enemy. has a 20% chance of placing a [Provoke] debuff for 1 turn.
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Buff/Debuff Chance +5%
Level 5: Buff/Debuff Chance +10%
Damage Multiplier: ? DEF

Great Sword [DEF] (Cooldown: 4 turns)
Attacks all enemies. Places a [Shield] buff on this Champion for 2 turns equal to 20% of their MAX HP
Level 2: Damage +5%
Level 3: Damage +5%
Level 4: Damage +5%
Level 5: Damage +5%
Level 6: Cooldown -1
Damage Multiplier: ? DEF

Keeper (Cooldown: 5 turns)
Places a [Block Debuffs] buff on all allies for 1 turn. Also places a 30% [Increase DEF] buff on all allies for 2 turns
Level 2: Cooldown -1
Level 3: Cooldown -1

Increase Ally DEF in Dungeons by 25%

Odachi Updates

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6 thoughts on “Odachi | SK-RDF | Raid Shadow Legends Skill Mastery Equip Guide

  1. Xotai

    I put some a 2 set of perception and 1 set of speed and a ring on Odachi. All the artifacts are 4*. I ran him along side Elhain 6*/Full ascension and skills while going through the entire hard campaign. Only the two of them cleared the entire campaign. Not what I was expecting considering Odachi had no ascensions and as a 4*, he just obliterated his opponents. I am planning to see how he works in brutal after I have another team clear the path.

  2. Tyanu117

    Skinwalkers Graybeard seems similar to this Shadowkin. So I will try Graybeard artifacts on Odachi until a guide appears.

  3. Gryunt

    @CoachMatt – “Their” Max HP refers to Odachi, not the targets. It’s poor wording that they also use on Mycolus.

  4. CoachMatt

    Is Odachi a God, or did Plarium implement him different than his skills say? Hi A2, get this… after booked, he gets a 2 turn shield on a 3 turn cooldown, and its 20% of the total of all enemies Max HP.
    So if he’s going against the Nightmare CB, he has a 2 turn shield worth over 100M HP.

    He only has to survive 1 out of every 3 turns.

    I just got him free as the 4th tier progress reward in the current Dragon Tournament. And I’m wondering how could they ever allow this. Its like if you use Ogryn Jailer against the Magic Crypt and he steals her shield. I can’t wait to test out Odachi and see.

  5. DC

    Just want to say that I’ve been playing raid for s few months now but it was this site that got me looking into it further and with the information you provide, it’s helping me understand how the champions and their artifacts work together… Thank you for that! I recently acquired Odachi and have equipped him with a speed perception and accuracy set with crit dmg gauntlets… I’m not sure if t this was right for him though… Are you planning to post a suggested build for him soon!? I would like to compare with what i am using… Thanks again and keep it up!

  6. Ron Leatherman

    I like this website. It is very helpful and informative about all of the Raid Champions.