MapleStory is a F2P 2D MMORPG (Free-to-Play, Two-Dimension Side-Scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). This game is developed by Wizet, a South Korean company and has several distribution around the region published by numerous companies such as Nexon (South Korea, Japan, North America, Europe, Thailand), Asiasoft (Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam), Gamania (Taiwan, Hong Kong) and Shanda (China).

MapleStory System Requirements

MapleStory Minimum System Requirements

  • Operating System (OS): Windows Vista or later
  • Processor (CPU): Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.4Ghz
  • Memory (RAM): 2 GB
  • Hard Drive (Storage): At least 14 GB of free space.
  • Graphics: GeForce 8600 GT, ATI Radeon HD 3450
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0 or higher compatible sound card
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection

MapleStory Recommended System Requirements

  • Operating System (OS): Windows 7 or later
  • Processor (CPU): Intel Core 2 Duo 3.0Ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0Ghz
  • Memory (RAM): 4 GB
  • Hard Drive (Storage): At least 14 GB of free space.
  • Graphics: GeForce 9600 GT / ATI Radeon HD 3870
  • Sound: DirectX 9.0 or higher compatible sound card
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection

MapleStory Game Client Download (EXE)

MapleStory Skill Build Guide by Job

MapleStory Equipment

MapleStory Equipment Set


Weapon Notes

1 Handed Weapon: One-Handed Sword, One-Handed Axe, One-Handed Mace, Dagger, Katara, Cane, Wand, Staff, Shining Rod, Soul Shooter, Desperado, Energy Sword
2 Handed Weapon: Two-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Axe, Two-Handed Mace, Spear, Polearm, Bow, Crossbow, Claw, Knuckle, Gun, Dual Bowgun, Hand Cannon, Katana, Fan



MapleStory Flash Game

HackerStory V0.23
Ayumilove HackerStory V1

MapleStory Job Names in Korean (KMS)

  • 메이플스토리 – MapleStory
  • 메이플 – Maple
  • 5차 – 5th (5th Job)
  • 메이플스토리 베틀메이지 – MapleStory Battle Mage
  • 메이플스토리 블래스터 – MapleStory Blaster
  • 메이플스토리 와일드헌터 – MapleStory Wild Hunter
  • 메이플스토리 메카닉 – MapleStory Mechanic
  • 메이플스토리 제논 – MapleStory Xenon
  • 메이플스토리 데몬직업군 공통 – MapleStory Demon Common Job
  • 메이플스토리 데몬슬레이어 – MapleStory Demon Slayer
  • 메이플스토리 데몬어벤져 – MapleStory Demon Avenger
  • 메이플스토리 미하일 – MapleStory Mikhail aka Mihile
  • 메이플스토리 소울마스터 – MapleStory Soul Master aka Dawn Warrior
  • 메이플스토리 스토리 스트라이커 – MapleStory Striker aka Thunder Breaker
  • 메이플스토리 윈드브레이커 – MapleStory Wind Breaker
  • 메이플스토리 플레임위자드 – MapleStory Flame Wizard aka Blaze Wizard
  • 메이플스토리 나이트워커 – MapleStory Night Walker
  • 메이플스토리 모험가 도적 – MapleStory Adventurer Bandit Common
  • 메이플스토리 나이트로드 – MapleStory Night Lord
  • 메이플스토리스토리섀도어 – MapleStory Shadower
  • 메이플스토리 듀얼블레이더 – MapleStory Dual Blade
  • 메이플스토리 모험가 전사 – MapleStory Adventure Warrior
  • 메이플스토리 히어로 – MapleStory Hero (Warrior)
  • 메이플스토리 팔라딘 – MapleStory Paladin
  • 메이플스토리 다크나이트 – MapleStory Dark Knight
  • 메이플스토리 모험가 궁수 공통 – MapleStory Adventurer Archer Common
  • 메이플스토리 보우마스터 – MapleStory Bow Master
  • 메이플스토리 신궁 – MapleStory Marksman aka Sniper
  • 메이플스토리 모험가 법사 – MapleStory Adventurer Magician
  • 메이플스토리 아크메이지 불/독 – MapleStory Archmage Fire/Poison
  • 메이플스토리 아크메이지 얼음/번개 – MapleStory Archmage Ice/Lightning
  • 메이플스토리 바이퍼 – MapleStory Viper aka Buccaneer
  • 메이플스토리캡틴 – MapleStory Captain aka Corsair
  • 메이플스토리 노바 – MapleStory Nova
  • 메이플스토리 카이저 – MapleStory Kaiser
  • 메이플스토리 엔젤릭버스터 – MapleStory Angelic Buster
  • 메이플스토리 카데나 – MapleStory Cadena
  • 메이플스토리 일리움 – MapleStory Illium
  • 메이플스토리 아크 – MapleStory Ark
  • 메이플스토리 영웅 직업군 – MapleStory Hero/Legends Job
  • 메이플스토리 메르세데스 – MapleStory Mercedes
  • 메이플스토리 아란 – MapleStory Aran
  • 메이플스토리 팬텀 – MapleStory Phantom
  • 메이플스토리 루미너스 – MapleStory Luminous
  • 메이플스토리 에반 – MapleStory Evan
  • 메이플스토리 은월 – MapleStory Shade aka Eunwol
  • 메이플스토리 키네시스 – MapleStory Kinesis
  • 메이플스토리 제로 – MapleStory Zero
  • *Not available in KMS* – MapleStory Hayato (JMS)
  • *Not available in KMS* – MapleStory Kanna (JMS)
  • *Not available in KMS* – MapleStory Jett (GMS)
  • *Not available in KMS* – MapleStory Zen (MSEA)
  • *Not available in KMS* – MapleStory Beast Tamer (GMS/MSEA)

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    Many-many (10+) years ago I was a subscriber on youtube and still remember one of your videos that I loved, especially the music. It was some kind of happy techno. The video was about a pretty big PQ with high lvl players against a boss, and in the end you obtained an important object. If you remember, could you please tell me what music that was? I know you had many similar videos but in this the music was exceptionally uplifting.

  5. mowo2000

    Hello Ayumi I enjoyed your game hacker story in Korea as a child. I couldn’t play Maple, so your game gave me pleasure. Now, 7 years later, looking back at that time, I can’t play it anymore. I can’t seem to play on the kongregate site, can you provide a way to enjoy it again?

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  20. Ayumilove

    @BonesMan80: Sorry, I do not have any idea on MapleStory fishing activities.

  21. BonesMan80

    Hi, MapleNoobie here. BonesMan80. I Rank #3 currently in the fishing in all of MapleStory. 🙂

    I saw a ranking tab so this is how I found my ranking. It also has a claim rewards button. i push it and it states weekly rewards are given and that i need to register to claim. I been searching frantically all over nexon site and forum to find out how to register for the rewards. I can find nothing. I look on youtube nothing. Google nothing. i checked steam guides nothing. Any clues on this?

  22. kingtong

    Recently started a Pathfinder but struggling to find any Ancient bow lvl 80+ so my damage output and clearing has been low. Where can i find Ancient bow. I actually bought the 60 and 70 from npc never had an ancient bow drop sinse level 30

  23. Ayumilove

    @Marc: Demon Avenger is stronger than Demon Slayer because his stats grows exponentially with HP stats just by leveling up to gain more HP. However, Demon Avenger is slightly difficult to level up in 4th to 5th job since he has smaller AoE attack compared to Demon Slayer. Demon Avenger is super tanky and only bosses that deals damage based on your MAX HP is the one that poses the real trouble 🙂

  24. Marc

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    Is Demon Avenger stronger than Demon Slayer if unfunded?

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    So will Ho Young build be posted? 🙁 I don’t know what to focus on his hyper skills thanks Ayumi ! <3

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    Hello. The buccaneer class page of the maplestory game on your ayumilove website has been down for a long time. Any predictions of when it will be tidied up and working again?

  27. Ayumilove

    @kingmich: I’ll be updating the MapleStory Skill Builds once I find some time for it 🙂 Currently focusing on RAID Shadow Legends!

  28. kingmich

    eh looks like from comments and raid:shadow legends ( yes that annyoing phone game almost every youtuber has for ads now) is her main game? so… rip ms builds and info from now? really sucks her stuff been really helpful for some years

  29. Sky

    Hi, Ayumi! can you post latest skill build on ho young because is coming soon on MSEA

  30. Ayumilove

    @Eli: I would highly recommend Demon Avenger as he does not speny any mesos on MP Potions and his damage can easily scale up with the help of equipping with high MAX HP stats.

  31. Eli

    Hi Ayumi! Any recommendations for unfunded job to play in MSEA?

  32. Joshua

    Hi Ayumi,

    What is your thought on dual blade/ ice archmage/ blaze wizard for Reboot server?

    Thank you for your wonderful guides!

  33. Ayumilove

    @Eric: I would recommend Demon Avenger, Demon Slayer, Luminous and Aran for Reboot server as your starting job/class.

  34. Eric

    Hi ayumi, do u have any recommend class for reboot server?

  35. Jason

    Hi ayumi, do you have an updated bossing list? Wanna pick the best dps boss attacker!

  36. Ayumilove

    @BananaBanana: You can try Demon Avenger, Kinesis, Wind Archer, Night Lord or Night Walker for best DPS. For link skill, get Mercedes, Aran and Evan to Level 120 for Level 2 Link Skill. I do not follow much on the rings though. Do not have much time to play it daily to get the rings.

  37. BananaBanana

    oh i forgot , i not want to play demon avenger because my friend play it
    i dont want to stack with him , i play it for link skill only lol


  38. BananaBanana

    hello ayumi im not good in english
    i just play in th server
    i start with mercedes class and play other class for link skill
    but i want to know what class is the best dps if equipment is Von leon set
    my server just have v coin event season 2
    i want to start new class but it cant get vengeful ring (all+20 ) from v coin season 1
    Will it affect the new characters?
    i want to solo boss with high dps , i think mercedes not best dps , she is best destroy my keyboard hahaha
    Can you recommend best class for solo playing with high dps pls guide me

    and v coin season 2 have ring cri rate + 10 , ring cri dam + 10 and boss damge +10
    what do you think which is the best ring

    thank you 🙂

  39. Ayumilove

    @ET: I think need to use VPN to bypass GMS region restriction.

  40. ET

    HI. how can i play GMS in MALAYSIA??

  41. Xenon

    Can you please make a guide on endgame equips for every slot? There’s so much combinations out there idk what the absolutely best endgame equips that would let you hit the max for your class is, assuming you are 250 and able to get whatever the equips may be. I play on Reboot so I’d like to know endgame on there since the resources are so limited and you can’t get lgr ring or tinkerer’s shoulder.

  42. dScr34mb

    hi ayumi, im from malaysia, i downloaded the gms game but i cant play it, i think maybe its because of my region, can you teach me or make a video of how to play gms outside of na. i really want to try out the gms, thank you

  43. Ayumilove

    @Brice: Yes, I’ll be making them once I have the time to create the jobs and upload the video 🙂

  44. Brice

    Hi ayumilove. Will you still be doing skills videos about jobs in Maplestory ? I have seen you been uploading the latest jobs but theres still 13 jobs which had yet to have skills video about it. So far you have uploaded 29 of them. I look forward to seeing Hero, Paladin, Dark Knight, Bowmaster, Marksman, Shadower, Corsair, Buccaneer, Cannon Shooter, Zen, Mihile, Wild Hunter and Battle Mage. Would love to see a completed video guide on all the classes. Thank you.

  45. Ayumilove

    @Yezre’el Askew: If it loads the MapleStory2 in Korean after you have switched to English, then your English translation data has been patched. Delete those data file and extract the ones from the zip file provided here, then switch to Korean data first, run MapleStory2, uncheck the box to auto-login into game, once preloader is completed, switched to English data, the press the blue button to enter the game. See the video for more details on the step by step guide.

  46. Yezre'el Askew

    Hi ayumilove it’s Askew again! So what I am confused about is whether I should copy the files over while they say .kr or .er! Which one should I do? Please help me. Keeps loading in korean… thank you so much for ur time ayumilove!

  47. Yezre'el Askew

    Hi ayumilove! This is Mr.Askew, a user of the English patch that you have set up! I was wondering if you may please walk me through the steps because I’m following the videos and using the guide along with other people’s comments but I think I may be doing some little little error wrong idk. It looks like I’m doing everything right but after it’s all over, it still loads up in Korean lol. Please message me back privately or something ayumilove. I’d really appreciate your help in this matter. I’ve been at this for a week now. Thank you! From-Askew c:

  48. Brian

    It would be nice if there is a picture beside each equipment for easier understanding 🙂

  49. Zi

    Evan isn’t actually a Legend, the previous Dragon-Master Freud was, but he died. He his known as one of the “Heroes of Maple” the new generation of “Legends”

  50. Ayumilove

    @Kise: Thanks for pointing out the missing job “Evan” in the Legends section. I have added it 🙂

  51. Kise

    you’re missing the evan in the legends job category

  52. Ayumilove

    @SirMaximusOwnage: I would recommend you to try out the classes and find the one that suits your play style, and then buy your NX cash items. I have not tested whether NX Cash Items are transferable within the Reboot server.

  53. SirMaximusOwnage

    It’s been a long time since I played Maplestory, and thus know very little about this Reboot server. I hear that people are more sociable on it, so I want to give it a try. However, I hear mixed reports about cash shop sharing between characters. I read (Both on reddit, I believe.) somewhere that you cannot share any cash items at all, but also read a conflicting statement saying that you can only share between certain job trees (Explorer, resistance, Cygnus, etc.). Can you tell me which one is true? If it’s not, I’ll probably be trying a lot more classes out before jumping in and buying a pet.

  54. Curious

    which position would u put hayato in mobbing and bossin

  55. Blissys

    Which thief has the highest dodge rate?

  56. Ayumilove

    @Anonymous: Thanks for your feedback! I have added Kinesis Psy Limiter aka ESP Limiter into the weapons category and also updated the weapon list.

  57. Anonymous

    I think you’re missing psy-limiters for kinesis in the weapons category.

  58. Ayumilove

    @Kari: What character/job are you having difficulty with? In order to reset the SP (Skill Points), one must use SP Reset Scroll which is only purchasable from Nexon Cash Shop using NXCash (Need real money to convert into NXCash). The other alternative is to start all over again. Another is to sell meso to your friend in exchange for SP Reset Scroll.

  59. Kari

    I have a question, Ayumi. I’m a first time player (I know, a bit late) and invested quite a lot of time into this one character. At one point, I was impatient so I went on to get my next skill guide without being able to max everything out. Now that I am more “experienced,” I’ve realized it was a mistake and I need more skill points in the older skill guides. Is it possible to gain more skill points in older levels, without starting all over?

    Thank you for all your hard work~~~

  60. Tai

    I have a question for burning characters. Right now, I’m doing the Evan level up event to get the Lvl 100 EXP potion. He’s also burned. Once I get the Frozen gear at 100, and then level to 120 and the the 100 exp potion, would I be able to delete it and then make a new burn character to get the frozen gear again?

    Thanks in advance! And I am a big fan of your guides/site.

  61. Ayumilove

    @Blissys: I used macro only for the buff skills. For the main primary skills that uses combo for attacking, I keep practicing until I’m able to execute the combo skills fluently. There were times that it did not execute and took me off balance/rhythm. After mastering Aran, I switched to Xenon (much easier to play and less button smashing). My fingers kinda hurt after playing Aran so I stopped playing it.

  62. Blissys

    Ayumi, I have a question. Do you use macro? Not automating tasks, but somewhat like a hotkey to do a specific set of keys? I have been playing Aran and I really dislike how I have to repeatedly press the attack button to attack; moreover, I don’t like how I have to press the attack button and arrow keys at the same time to do an attack. Do you have any recommendations to get around this? I’m specifically looking for a hotkey method to “press” a set of keys at once.

  63. ben

    i love your website, i am going to used it more on my character

  64. justme

    The maplestory equipment: comment section does not work… 🙁

  65. DualSckittle

    Pocket MapleStory Online Generator Candy, Mesos, Skill [Free] –

  66. Kathy

    I love using your guides. They make it easy for me to handle the SP without worrying that I am messing something up. But you have some turkeys who are putting some ugly stuff on your main page. Got hijacked by one I could only get out of by using task manager to shut down Chrome. Was saying my hard drive was in danger and I should call a certain phone number and ask for help. Ridiculous! Just wanted you to know. Thanks for all your hard work.


  67. Ayumilove

    I use 70% scrolls using Star Force Upgrade System during Spell Trace Fever Time which increase the success rate from 70% to 95%!. I max out all the stars for that particular equip based on the number of Spell Traces I have collected/hunted from monsters.

    Regular Rate Increased Rate
    70% scrolls 95% success
    30% scrolls 45% success
    15% scrolls 25% success

  68. Bakhe

    I meant how many star forces for each stage**

  69. Bakhe

    Right. Thanks!! And do you have any recommendations for how many hours star force I should have for each level of 60 and 100? And do you use 100% spell traces or do u risk and go for lower chances? Thanks again!

  70. Ayumilove

    @bakhe: Yes, I did that too and it speed up leveling quite significantly without needing to hunt equips that matches your character level. What I did was to perform spell trace and star force on item Level 20 (1st + 2nd job), 60 (3rd job) and 100 (4th job) ~ approximately every 40 levels. Once you reach Level 140, you can grab your new gear and perform the necessary spell trace/star force again!

  71. bakhe

    hey ayumi!
    i’m a returning maplestory user, and i was curious if it was better to upgrade low level equips,, by that i mean like lvl 10 equips with spell trace and star force and use them till later about lvl? will that work?

  72. Sunny

    Hey ayumi,got update any infor about kMS ver. 1.2.238 – MapleStory Reboot: Character Balancing!

  73. Beni

    I lov u <3

  74. Ayumilove

    @UserOfYourGuides: For mobbing class which has very large AOE (area of effect) attack and levels very quickly: my top 3 picks would be Luminous, Xenon and Dawn Warrior. For bossing, the top 5 DPS (Damage Per Second) jobs would be Zero, Night Walker, Fire/Poison ARchmage with Mist Eruption skill, Blaze Wizard, Thunder Breaker. When you’re hitting max damage per line, then DPS%/second no longer matters. Hits/second take priority there.

  75. UserOfYourGuides

    Hey! Your guides are great! What would be awesome would be a tier list of classes based on Mobbing/Bossing/Leveling! Thanks!

  76. Ayumilove

    @AvidGuideUser: Thanks for the notice! I have fixed the issue. Currently restructuring the site.

  77. AvidGuideUser

    What happened to the night walker guide? It keeps redirecting me to the first version, which is outdated. O_o

  78. Anymouse

    Is there a pet guide? Just wondering what pets I should get, mostly based on what each pet have as default skills. And I’m wondering what pet combinations should I go for.

  79. Ayumilove

    @Mazta: Thanks for spotting the mistake! I have moved it to Knights of Cygnus.

  80. Mazta

    Why is Mihile listed as an Adventurer/Explorer? Isn’t he part of Knights of Cygnus?

  81. Ayumilove

    @kaitovira: I think your system is capable of playing MapleStory even though it has 2 cores and 2 GB. But I’m not sure it would be lagless since it has lots of background images it needs to process.

  82. kaitovira

    can i play this game with vga intel HD graphic – ironlake ?
    btw my processor is intel core i5 M 460 @2.53 GHz and 4GB RAM :3

  83. Perry

    Do you ever get tired of updating this site?

  84. usavictor

    oh yeah, sometimes the pop up ad won’t really work

  85. usavictor

    The random ads that when you click on a link they will appear as new tab and sends you to sites that are random and make probably absolutely no sense.
    Lesson: Always close pop up ads for better web experience. And don’t forget that they are random sites!

  86. Ayumilove

    @Aaron: Thanks for your suggestion. Could you recommend some of the ad network you used for your websites and share your experiences on the good/bad?

  87. Aaron

    Hi there! I’ve been using your site for years now, for skill builds, leveling guides, and hairstyles. In fact, I think hairstyles were what brought me here originally, many years ago.

    I noticed the little message on your sidebar the other day about whitelisting ads, which reminded me to turn off adblock for your site. However, when I refreshed the page, I discovered there weren’t any banner ads anywhere. I looked around a bit, then realized that another tab had opened up and I didn’t notice. Oh dear.

    I’ve ran several websites in the past that have been using ads, and I just wanted to offer you a little bit of advice. Try switching to non-intrusive banner ads, maybe one at the top of the page and one on the sidebar. Nothing annoys people more than pop-ups, and from what I’ve seen, anything you make from them doesn’t really counteract the interference it puts on your users. You’re more likely to get people to complain and use adblock, which drops your earnings to 0.

    I really do enjoy this site, and I’d hate to see it bogged down by intrusive ads.

  88. Ayumilove

    @make this PLSSS: Sorry, I’m no expert on fashion too 🙁 Perhaps someone else could advice on that.

  89. Ayumilove

    @Ian: I’m currently running on Windows 7 and later upgrading straight to Windows 10 once they have launch a stable release. Really dislike the tiling system in Windows 8 😀

  90. Ayumilove

    @Adrian: You could find all the job listed on the right side panel. Thanks for notifying me about the missing job in this article. I have added Beast Tamer right away 🙂

  91. Adrian

    Where is Beast Tamer? Is beast tamer useless now? i really enjoy playing beast tamer 🙁

  92. Ian

    Ayumilove sorry to trouble you but I can’t seem to download maplestory on windows 8. I’ve tried all sorts of methods but it doesn’t work . Do u perhaps know how to download maplestory on windows 8

  93. make this PLSSS vvv

    Ayumilove can you please make a guide on looks? because i have no sence in fashion lol.

  94. Ayumilove

    @Guest12: To me, most classes are kinda balance. Usually the ones that are just release such as Xenon, Eunwol will be overpowered and later nerfed. The one that is most fun for me is Demon Avenger and Soul Master aka Dawn Warrior. These are the 2 classes I leveled highest among the rest of the other jobs. It might not suit your taste since different players have different liking.

  95. Guest12

    Hi ayumilove, I was just wondering which class in maplestory is fun and NOT overpowered. Could you give me some advice? Thanks in advance.

  96. guest1234

    hello ayumilove, I am a gms player. i have a bug where in azwan, monsters hp doesn’t go down (in attack, occupy, defend modes). Because of this, I can’t do azwan. Is this my own computer problem or does everyone else have this problem too?
    please reply

  97. Ayumilove

    Hi Shawn Jun, I think it wouldn’t be much of a problem. You can try it out first 🙂 Are you using a PC to play? Current CPU (Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPU) are above that GHz. If you have an entry-level graphic card, it shouldn’t matter.

  98. Shawn Jun

    If my computer is 1.7GHz and has 10gb of RAM , Will it have any problems playing maplestory ? This is because as you said the minimum requirement to play maplestory is 1.8GHz

  99. LAI that ultimate adventure quest have been extract from the current maplesea?? Thank you

  100. Its Me

    Hey ayumilove, sorry to talk this topic in here, because i can’t leave a comment on that bandit guide. Ok here we go, i have a 100 lvl shadower and I added my dark flare skill(3rd job) to max, which it causes my venom(3rd job) doesnt max and in 4th job a skill called toxic venom and i cant add it cause it requires venom(3rd job) skill to max…and i really like it so much. But this seems to force me to don’t play it because I mess up this char and its useless when i got to higher lvl….=( need help~

  101. Ayumilove

    Thank Sean Kwan for letting me know how the guides here help you 🙂

  102. Ayumilove

    Hi DemonPathz, it would require approximately 150+ MB. At this point of time, a fresh MapleStory installation would take up to 3.5 GB (Gigabytes) of space in your hard disk.

  103. DemonPathz

    may i know what is the disk space needed for justice patch?

  104. Sean Kwan

    Ayumilove, thank you so much for the many guides you have given us, regarding Maple, other games, I had fun playing your own games too! Please continue to workhard, I’ll spread your hard work to other people on Facebook, (The ones I can..and ask them to spread too!)

  105. Max

    Thx! It helps!

  106. Ayumilove

    MapleStory Pirate Skill Build Guide updated based on GMS Renegade/Justice V112 Patch Extraction.

  107. Ayumilove

    Hi Max, Pirate Guide is still Work In Progress (WIP). I’ll post a comment here to notify when its done 🙂

  108. Max

    Do you have a pirate guide?