MapleStory Thief Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Thief Night Lord MapleStory Thief can advanced as a Shadower or Night Lord. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30. RED has finally added Dual Blade into Adventurer/Explorer class. Thieves are a part of Explorers, they are short-medium range characters mostly using daggers, claws and throwing stars. They are the fastest short range attackers in the game, dealing weak yet many attacks on a foe. They use their natural quickness and agility to navigate the area, trying to gain the upper hand. Generally, Thieves have the highest avoidability and second highest accuracy in MapleStory.

Thief Overview

CLASS: Adventurer/Explorer
SECONDARY WEAPON: *This is determined in 2nd Job*
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: *This is determined in 2nd-job*
BEST INNER ABILITY: *This is determined in 2nd-job*

Thief Beginner Skills

Please refer to Explorer Beginner/Novice Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief and Pirate.

Rogue – Thief 1st Job Skills

Lucky Seven
Throws 2 throwing stars based on LUK, regardless of Claw Mastery.
Level 1: MP Cost: 8, Damage: 114%
Level 20: MP Cost: 14, Damage: 190%

Double Stab
Quickly stabs an enemy twice.
Level 1: MP Cost: 8, Damage: 89%
Level 20: MP Cost: 14, Damage: 165%

Flash Jump
Use while in the middle of a jump to jump twice in a row. The jump distance increases as the skill level increases.
Level 1: MP Cost: 38, jumps further.
Level 5: MP Cost: 22, jumps further.

Temporarily increases Movement Speed and Jump for all party members. Increases maximum Movement Speed permanently.
Level 1: MP Cost: 10, Duration: 20 sec, Speed: +4, Jump: +2. Passive Effects – Max Movement Speed: +2
Level 10: MP Cost: 20, Duration: 200 sec, Speed: +40, Jump: +20. Passive Effects – Max Movement Speed: +20

Nimble Body
Through training of secret arts, Luck is permanently increased.
Level 1: Permanently increases LUK by 2
Level 10: Permanently increases LUK by 20

Dark Sight
Allows you to hide in shadow for a short time. While Dark Sight is activated you cannot attack or be attacked, but you can use the Flash Jump skill. Press the skill key again to deactivate Dark Sight.
Level 1: MP Cost: 23, Duration: 20 sec.
Level 10: MP Cost: 5, Duration: 200 sec.

Thief Skill Build Guide (Assassin + Bandit): Everything maxed except Double Stab.
1. Lucky Seven (1)
2. Flash Jump (MAX)
3. Haste (MAX)
4. Lucky Seven (MAX)
5. Nimble Body (MAX)
6. Dark Sight (MAX)
7. Double Stab (10/20)

Additional Information

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Thief Changelog

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33 thoughts on “MapleStory Thief Skill Build Guide

  1. Pedro Tomas1

    thief es muy molesto de (hipodromo DEL PERU)

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Lyghtsparroh: Assassin 1st job skill “Keen Eyes” have been removed. So I guess Assassin is not able to throw further?

  3. Lyghtsparroh

    Hey I was wondering.. what happened to keen eyes? I made a sin but I hate his range, one of the best things about thieves was they could hit across screen..

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Thief: Yes, you can. However, the training speed with a Double Stab is kinda slow compared to Lucky Seven when you are training in places where enemies are far apart unless you can find a place where enemies are packed like a sardine in which you can “Double Stab” them to your heart’s content.

  5. Thief

    Hi ayumilove, I wan to be a Shadower, can I max Double Stab instead of Lucky Seven? Thanks

  6. Toast

    Hey, if i’m going shadower, should i switch around Lucky Seven and Double Stab? thanks in advance

  7. Derek

    Just want to ask. Between shadower, night lord and dual blade which thief job should i choose? Which has the highest damage unfunded with good mobility and map control?

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @Knight: Thanks for your feedback! I have added Double Stab into the Thief 1st Job Skill Build guide.

  9. Knight

    Hi ayumilove, for 1st job, double stab can be added until level 10/20 in maplesea =D

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @Floofies: Thief 1st Job Skill “Keen Eyes” has been removed.

  11. Floofies

    hi, what happened to Assassin’s “Keen Eyes” skill?
    The skill that can increase the distance of throwing the stars.

    Somehow my range sucks ><"

    Sorry just got back to maple after like 5-6yrs hiatus lol…


    Any idea what happened to Keen Eyes skill that increase throwing star distance?

    My range feels pathetic….

  12. Gomi

    Hi Ayumi!
    Do you know where can I find the skill point guide by level?
    And do you know that the skills change?, for example Nimbe Body increase now LUK points.

    Thank you and congratulations for the Blog.

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    @Blissys: I believe both Thieves are similar in their dodge rate. Shadower has better defense with its Meso Guard since they have to perform close combat.

  14. Blissys

    Which job from Thief section have the highest dodge rate?

  15. Minnie

    Hi ayumi, its my first time play NL. and im kinda confused with what to do with the remaining 10 sp in the 1st job rogue. I saw on another page of yours which says either lucky 7, 0/20 or double stab 0/20. If i maxed lucky 7 i would have 10 extra SPs. Can i just pump it into double stab or just leave it as remaining sp? please reply ASAP. thank you!!! (:

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @KuroDemon: Yes, but you will need to advance to 4th job at Level 100 and have 10 million meso ready 🙂

  17. KuroDemon

    Can Shadower change job to dual blade ?? pls reply as fast as u can

  18. Kathy Stack

    There is now 10 points left over on 1st job for an assassin. I am guessing I can only put them into double stab even though that is useless to me. Just thought I should make you aware of it, also your build above does not say what to do with those points!.

    Thanks for all the help. You have become my go-to for all my characters.


  19. Nelson

    After RED update, do thieves start off with 25 DEX or can they be pure LUK?

  20. brandon

    Any new guides after red trying to put my hyper skills for my NL and I don’t want to mess it up.

  21. kiddie

    Oh I see, thanks very much for telling, your site show more realiable guide than most other website btw, thank you again ayumi ^^ 🙂

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SlimeShady, Dark Knight has the best revamp. I tried it personally and its godlike. Basically, your HP will not bump down as long as you keep slashing enemies 🙂

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi kiddie, in GMS Red MapleStory, Spirit Claw is replaced with Shadow Stars. This skill is migrated from 4th job to 3rd job skill.

  24. kiddie

    Sorry and good morning, I just want to ask, the skill spirit claw for night lord, has it been changed to other skill or other name .. ? cos I can’t seem to find it in other site either

  25. SlimeShady

    Hey ayumi in your opinion who do you think got the best revamps in the RED update?

  26. Unknown

    I cant up my skill level after stop plying maple for 1 year…. Found out tat my skill points have reseted…. nw I cant up level 2 and 3 skill HLP PLS

  27. Johan Filseth

    Hey i have a question, why doesent Flying assulter and then bloody storm work? other guides says so :/

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi XXdualmaxxX, one is for regular thief (assassin + bandit). The other is for Dual Blades.

  29. XXdualmaxxX

    Why are there 2 1st job?

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Icky, I’ve got no info on RED Dual Blades will have their mastery books removed for their first few classes. If yes, then it would be a great joy for the non-cash Dual Blade users. The only confirmation I got is they will be combined into Adventurer class and this is a good news for Phantom since they can steal/copy skills from Adventurer/Explorer jobs.

  31. Icky

    Any idea if the Dual Blades will need mastery books for their first few classes?

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi hudson, its ok to max Lucky Seven. This is also known as sindit. (Assassin + Bandit mix for 1st Job). Double Stab isn’t a pre-requisite for skills in 2nd, 3rd and 4th job. So it is safe for Bandit to have Lucky Seven. The reason why Lucky Seven is maxed instead of Double Stab is because having a range skill to kill enemies is faster than approaching them close to defeat them.

  33. hudson

    is it ok that a maxed lucky seven not double stab even tho i want to be a bandit