MapleStory Ultimate AP Stat Build

MapleStory Ultimate AP (Ability Points) Stat Build are divided into 4 main job categories: Warrior, Magician, Bowman and Thief. Pirate isn’t one as its a mix of Warrior and Bowman. Adventurers, Cygnus Knights, Legend and Resistance classes uses the same common stat build as described below. [UPDATE-2013] MapleStory Tempest has removed the secondary stat requirement! Therefore, ignore the secondary stat. For those who are playing older MapleStory Version that have not applied Tempest Patch (Private Server), you will need the secondary stat.

AP also known as Ability Points are rewarded to us for each level up. You distribute 5 AP into either STR / DEX / INT / LUK depending on your job. It’s possible to channel those AP into HP and MP, but not advisable unless HP Washing. The more AP you have in primary stat, the stronger you become (damage improve greatly).

[NOTE] Those who are playing MapleStory with Tempest Update will not require to add any AP (Ability Points) into secondary stat as they have remove the secondary stat restriction from the equipment!

MapleStory Special Stat Build for Special Jobs

Resistance Demon Avenger – Only HP (No STR/Strength)

MapleStory Warrior/Pirate Stat Build

Warrior primary stat is STR (Strength) and secondary stat is DEX (Dexterity).

Job that falls under Warrior Category are:
Adventurer : Warrior, Brawler (Pirate Subclass)
Cygnus Knight : Dawn Warrior aka Soul Master, Striker aka Thunder Breaker
Resistance : Demon Slayer
Legend : Aran
Nova: Kaiser
Sengoku: Hayato

All AP are channeled into STR as DEX isn’t a requirement to wear equipment. However, lacking in DEX reduces your accuracy to hit monster successfully unless you are grinding on those monsters when your level is above or equal to theirs.

MapleStory Bowman/Pirate Stat Build

Bowman primary stat is DEX (Dexterity) and secondary stat is STR (Strength).

Job that falls under Bowman Category are:
Adventurer : Archer, Gunslinger (Pirate Subclass)
Adventurer 2 : Jett, Dragon Warrior [Only available in CMS (China), SEA, and TMS]
Cygnus Knight : Wind Archer aka Wind Breaker
Resistance : Wild Hunter, Mechanic
Legend : Mercedes
Nova : Angelic Buster

All AP are channeled into DEX but STR remain equal to your level. For example, if you are level 70, you should have a total of 70 STR (this includes passive skills and STR bonus from equipment). Bowman do require STR to wield weapons and armors, so you can’t avoid having none of them.

MapleStory Magician Stat Build

Magician primary stat is INT (Intellect) and secondary stat is LUK (Luck).

Job that falls under Magician Category:
Adventurer : Magician
Cygnus Knight : Blaze Wizard
Resistance : Battle Mage
Legend : Evan, Luminous
Sengoku: Kanna

All AP are channeled into INT and when you reach at a higher level, you can add AP into LUK. Magicians require sufficient LUK to equip common weapon and armors. The more INT they have in the beginning, the more MAX MP they gain per level up!

MapleStory Thief Stat Build

Thief primary stat is LUK (Luck) and secondary stat is DEX (Dexterity).

Job that falls under Thief Category are:
Adventurer: Thief, Dual Blade
Cygnus Knight : Night Walker
Legend : Phantom Thief

All AP are channeled into LUK while DEX remain equivalent to your level. For example, if you are level 70 Thief, have at least 70 DEX with you (this includes passive skills and bonus DEX from equipment). Thief requires some DEX to equip weapons and armor.

MapleStory Hybrid Class

Xenon – Primary stat is STR (Strength), DEX (Dexterity) and LUK (Luck) except INT (Intelligence). Use the Auto AP Distribution to distribute those AP equally to all 3 stats since Xenon have a skill that requires all 3 to be exceptionally high to benefits such as additional stats and damage.

Tempest Update

Excluding Evan and Cygnus Knights, all classes’ 3rd and 4th Job advancement levels will be reduced.
3rd Job advancement will be reduced from Lv. 70 to Lv. 60.
4th Job advancement will be reduced from Lv. 120 to Lv. 100.
Job advancement quest levels and quest monsters have been adjusted accordingly.
Level restrictions on medals, mounts, sub-equipment and job advancement equipment have been adjusted to accommodate the changes.
The required EXP to level up from lv. 60-75 and 100-125 have been adjusted.
Explorer classes, Aran, Cannoneer and Dual Blade that use combined SP system will receive 4 additional SP at job advancement.
Jett, Resistance classes, Hero classes, and Mihile that use separated SP system will now receive 5 SP for 1st, 4 SP for 2nd, 4 SP for 3rd, and 4 SP at 4th job advancements.
Those that had the job advancement levels adjusted will have all their SP reset, also including the adjusted additional SP.

Detailed Stats

  • STAT ATT: Your actual damage range, accounting for both Damage Bonus and Final Damage bonuses. For wand, staff, shining rod, or psy-limiter type weapons, this is calculated using Magic ATT. For all other weapons, your damage is calculated using Attack Power.
  • Damage Bonus: The damage multiplier value used to calculated your Damage. Determined by the total combined Damage bonuses of your skills and equipment.
  • Final Damage: The damage multiplier that increases your todal Damage. Determined by multiplying the Final Damage bonuses of all your skills.
  • Critical Rate: Your chance of performing a Critical attack. You can enhance this value with skills or items.
  • Status Resistance: Your Status Resistance determines the amount of time Abnormal Statuses affect you. Higher values result in shorter durations. You can enhance this value with skills or items.
  • Defense: The higher your Defense, the less damage you take from enemies. Some enemy attacks can pierce through Defense. Determined by adding the total combined Defense of your equipment to your base Defense.
  • Boss Damage: The higher your Boss Damage, the greater your damage against Boss monsters. This value does not affect normal Damage. Determined by the total combined Boss Damage bonuses of your skills and equpiment.
  • Ignore Defense: The higher your Ignore Defense value, the better you penetrate enemy defenses. Determined by the total combined Ignore Defense amounts of your skills and equipment.
  • Critical Damage: The higher your Critical Damage, the more damage your Critical attacks inflict. This value is added to your base Critical Damage multiplier of 20-50%. This value does not affect normal Damage. You can enhance this value with skills or items.
  • Stance: Your chance to resist being pushed back by monster attacks. You can enhance this value with skills.
  • MSPD: Your movement speed. Can be increased to a max of 140% normally. Skills and equipment can boost this even further. Can be increased to 190% while riding a mount.
  • Jump: How high you can jump. Can be increased to a max of 123%. Skills and equipment can be used to increase or decrease your Jump.
  • Star Force: You’ll deal less damage to monsters in Star Force areas if you have less Star Force than they do. When you have more Star Force than a monster, you can attack through that monster’s shield. Can be increased by equipping items with Star Force enhancement. Doubled for outfits.

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84 thoughts on “MapleStory Ultimate AP Stat Build

  1. Ayumilove

    @Memon: For Thief, distribute all your AP (Ability Points) into LUK (Luck Stat) as its the primary stat for Thief to deal damage.

  2. Memon

    I’m just wondering for thief stat. Is it still okay to continue with LUK and DEX ? or LUK only?

  3. Sherman

    @Ayumilove: Noted and appreciate it =) Hope everything goes well.. Thanks again ^^ cheers

  4. Ayumilove

    @Sherman: I would highly recommend you to use the Auto-AP (Ability Point) Distribution. It will add your AP into the essential/primary stat of your class! This feature is accessible via the Stat Window. Just click the button and it will pop up a confirmation window, notifying you about the total AP points that will be added to your primary stat.