MapleStory Ultimate AP Stat Build

MapleStory Ultimate AP (Ability Points) Stat Build are divided into 4 main job categories: Warrior, Magician, Bowman and Thief. Pirate isn’t one as its a mix of Warrior and Bowman. Adventurers, Cygnus Knights, Legend and Resistance classes uses the same common stat build as described below. [UPDATE-2013] MapleStory Tempest has removed the secondary stat requirement! Therefore, ignore the secondary stat. For those who are playing older MapleStory Version that have not applied Tempest Patch (Private Server), you will need the secondary stat.

AP also known as Ability Points are rewarded to us for each level up. You distribute 5 AP into either STR / DEX / INT / LUK depending on your job. It’s possible to channel those AP into HP and MP, but not advisable unless HP Washing. The more AP you have in primary stat, the stronger you become (damage improve greatly).

[NOTE] Those who are playing MapleStory with Tempest Update will not require to add any AP (Ability Points) into secondary stat as they have remove the secondary stat restriction from the equipment!

MapleStory Special Stat Build for Special Jobs

Resistance Demon Avenger – Only HP (No STR/Strength)

MapleStory Warrior/Pirate Stat Build

Warrior primary stat is STR (Strength) and secondary stat is DEX (Dexterity).

Job that falls under Warrior Category are:
Adventurer : Warrior, Brawler (Pirate Subclass)
Cygnus Knight : Dawn Warrior aka Soul Master, Striker aka Thunder Breaker
Resistance : Demon Slayer
Legend : Aran
Nova: Kaiser
Sengoku: Hayato

All AP are channeled into STR as DEX isn’t a requirement to wear equipment. However, lacking in DEX reduces your accuracy to hit monster successfully unless you are grinding on those monsters when your level is above or equal to theirs.

MapleStory Bowman/Pirate Stat Build

Bowman primary stat is DEX (Dexterity) and secondary stat is STR (Strength).

Job that falls under Bowman Category are:
Adventurer : Archer, Gunslinger (Pirate Subclass)
Adventurer 2 : Jett, Dragon Warrior [Only available in CMS (China), SEA, and TMS]
Cygnus Knight : Wind Archer aka Wind Breaker
Resistance : Wild Hunter, Mechanic
Legend : Mercedes
Nova : Angelic Buster

All AP are channeled into DEX but STR remain equal to your level. For example, if you are level 70, you should have a total of 70 STR (this includes passive skills and STR bonus from equipment). Bowman do require STR to wield weapons and armors, so you can’t avoid having none of them.

MapleStory Magician Stat Build

Magician primary stat is INT (Intellect) and secondary stat is LUK (Luck).

Job that falls under Magician Category:
Adventurer : Magician
Cygnus Knight : Blaze Wizard
Resistance : Battle Mage
Legend : Evan, Luminous
Sengoku: Kanna

All AP are channeled into INT and when you reach at a higher level, you can add AP into LUK. Magicians require sufficient LUK to equip common weapon and armors. The more INT they have in the beginning, the more MAX MP they gain per level up!

MapleStory Thief Stat Build

Thief primary stat is LUK (Luck) and secondary stat is DEX (Dexterity).

Job that falls under Thief Category are:
Adventurer: Thief, Dual Blade
Cygnus Knight : Night Walker
Legend : Phantom Thief

All AP are channeled into LUK while DEX remain equivalent to your level. For example, if you are level 70 Thief, have at least 70 DEX with you (this includes passive skills and bonus DEX from equipment). Thief requires some DEX to equip weapons and armor.

MapleStory Hybrid Class

Xenon – Primary stat is STR (Strength), DEX (Dexterity) and LUK (Luck) except INT (Intelligence). Use the Auto AP Distribution to distribute those AP equally to all 3 stats since Xenon have a skill that requires all 3 to be exceptionally high to benefits such as additional stats and damage.

Tempest Update

Excluding Evan and Cygnus Knights, all classes’ 3rd and 4th Job advancement levels will be reduced.
3rd Job advancement will be reduced from Lv. 70 to Lv. 60.
4th Job advancement will be reduced from Lv. 120 to Lv. 100.
Job advancement quest levels and quest monsters have been adjusted accordingly.
Level restrictions on medals, mounts, sub-equipment and job advancement equipment have been adjusted to accommodate the changes.
The required EXP to level up from lv. 60-75 and 100-125 have been adjusted.
Explorer classes, Aran, Cannoneer and Dual Blade that use combined SP system will receive 4 additional SP at job advancement.
Jett, Resistance classes, Hero classes, and Mihile that use separated SP system will now receive 5 SP for 1st, 4 SP for 2nd, 4 SP for 3rd, and 4 SP at 4th job advancements.
Those that had the job advancement levels adjusted will have all their SP reset, also including the adjusted additional SP.

Detailed Stats

  • STAT ATT: Your actual damage range, accounting for both Damage Bonus and Final Damage bonuses. For wand, staff, shining rod, or psy-limiter type weapons, this is calculated using Magic ATT. For all other weapons, your damage is calculated using Attack Power.
  • Damage Bonus: The damage multiplier value used to calculated your Damage. Determined by the total combined Damage bonuses of your skills and equipment.
  • Final Damage: The damage multiplier that increases your todal Damage. Determined by multiplying the Final Damage bonuses of all your skills.
  • Critical Rate: Your chance of performing a Critical attack. You can enhance this value with skills or items.
  • Status Resistance: Your Status Resistance determines the amount of time Abnormal Statuses affect you. Higher values result in shorter durations. You can enhance this value with skills or items.
  • Defense: The higher your Defense, the less damage you take from enemies. Some enemy attacks can pierce through Defense. Determined by adding the total combined Defense of your equipment to your base Defense.
  • Boss Damage: The higher your Boss Damage, the greater your damage against Boss monsters. This value does not affect normal Damage. Determined by the total combined Boss Damage bonuses of your skills and equpiment.
  • Ignore Defense: The higher your Ignore Defense value, the better you penetrate enemy defenses. Determined by the total combined Ignore Defense amounts of your skills and equipment.
  • Critical Damage: The higher your Critical Damage, the more damage your Critical attacks inflict. This value is added to your base Critical Damage multiplier of 20-50%. This value does not affect normal Damage. You can enhance this value with skills or items.
  • Stance: Your chance to resist being pushed back by monster attacks. You can enhance this value with skills.
  • MSPD: Your movement speed. Can be increased to a max of 140% normally. Skills and equipment can boost this even further. Can be increased to 190% while riding a mount.
  • Jump: How high you can jump. Can be increased to a max of 123%. Skills and equipment can be used to increase or decrease your Jump.
  • Star Force: You’ll deal less damage to monsters in Star Force areas if you have less Star Force than they do. When you have more Star Force than a monster, you can attack through that monster’s shield. Can be increased by equipping items with Star Force enhancement. Doubled for outfits.

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84 thoughts on “MapleStory Ultimate AP Stat Build

  1. Ayumilove

    @Memon: For Thief, distribute all your AP (Ability Points) into LUK (Luck Stat) as its the primary stat for Thief to deal damage.

  2. Memon

    I’m just wondering for thief stat. Is it still okay to continue with LUK and DEX ? or LUK only?

  3. Sherman

    @Ayumilove: Noted and appreciate it =) Hope everything goes well.. Thanks again ^^ cheers

  4. Ayumilove

    @Sherman: I would highly recommend you to use the Auto-AP (Ability Point) Distribution. It will add your AP into the essential/primary stat of your class! This feature is accessible via the Stat Window. Just click the button and it will pop up a confirmation window, notifying you about the total AP points that will be added to your primary stat.

  5. Sherman

    Hi Ayumilove: What u meant by adding all the AP that we have earned from 1-250 to primary stat, which means if i’m playing Warrior, i do not need to add any AP to DEX anymore?

    *Planning to have a return but too many changes going on

  6. Ayumilove

    @Melioetta Zyguard: I think you will need to be within 10 levels between your character level and monster level, otherwise you will get 100% misses when you try to hit mobs regardless of high the accuracy you have on your character. The 999 stat limiter has been removed, so you can now add your AP (Ability Points) that you earned from Level 1 to 250 to your primary stat (example: Warrior = Strength Attribute). You will not require to add any stats to your secondary stat because MapleStory has changed it to only focus on 1 primary attribute. You will get max SP (Skill Points) for 4th job upon reaching Level 140. After that level, you will earn HSP (Hyper Skill Points) from Level 140 to 200. Level 200 to 250 will not reward you with any SP except for AP.

  7. Melioetta Zyguard

    Since the last comment here is from 2014 and for some reason I find it hard to find any info related to maple when I try to google, I might as well ask this question.

    I can’t find out if the 999 stat limit still applies, and if it does, there is the extra AP from 200 to 250 (I’m assuming it’s 250 extra AP?).

    Trying to play a Dawn Warrior for the first time in Maple (I’ve been in and out of Maple a lot, every time I come back there’s a big update) and I’m missing a lot of hits on monsters same level as me, even though I’m only level 30.

    My Demon Avenger never seemed to miss any hits at all until I tried grinding copper drakes at level 58-62. It did miss some hits but about 70% of them hits, and one shots the drakes too.

    So because of that I’m planning to add some of my AP on my Dawn Warrior to Dex. Would that be a good idea?

    Also, I noticed the page says, “Updated on November 17, 2013” so I’m not too sure how updated the info here are. Even the NPC dialogues in Maple are outdated themselves lol.

    Playing on MapleSEA here.

  8. Ayumilove

    @Rashid: In which patch did KMS remove the 999 cap stat? Probably from there we can determine when GMS will be uncapping it too.

  9. Rashid

    By the way, I’m not sure if adding AP to the secondary stat is a good idea. In KMS, they removed the 999 cap, and I don’t trust Nexon to give AP resets. But I’m just being paranoid.

  10. Ayumilove

    @xomintox: Put all AP (Ability Points) into Angelic Buster primary stat (Dexterity). Once you reach 999 Dexterity, you can add them to Strength.

  11. Ayumilove

    Hi Peter, you if are not able to locate any AP (Ability Points) into STR (Strength), then you can channel them into DEX (Dexterity) for additional extra damage.

  12. Peter

    I rank in my warrior str stats to come in at 197 999 I have to get on dex?

  13. Rashid

    You could just read the comments below and guess… Just use auto-distribute and go with it.

  14. xomintox

    Hi Ayumi,
    may i know for Angelic Buster do i go for full dex or should i start maintaining my str the same as my level as well?

  15. MiaKitsune

    For Kanna I would probably recommend INT up until it’s maxed and then add AP into HP. Why HP? Well because for every 700 hp you get 1 magic attack. And rarely do equips require a secondary stat for you to be able to equip them anymore. Though I could be wrong on this. My Kanna is 208 and isn’t the strongest, still working on funding since I lost 600mil when I quit a while back, but 120k range with 46k HP isn’t terrible especially with minimal funding.

  16. Ayumilove

    @HyeRi: For Kanna, distribute all your AP (Ability Points) into INT (Intellect aka Intelligence). It’s not bad since most of Kanna’s power comes from INT itself. INT increases Kanna’s minimum and maximum damage much more compared to other stats. If you feel you are weak, upgrade your equips especially your weapon. Weapons with higher magic attack improves your damage substantially. Also, do potential them using the magnifying glass. Another way to improve your damage is to create a few characters possessing Link Skill, and link them to Kanna. Cheap way (without costing any ACASH/NXCASH) to improve your character’s performance.

  17. Ayumilove

    Hi HyeRi, as for distributing AP (Ability Points), I normally use the Auto-Assign to allocate all my AP into the primary stat for that character. This only applies to MapleStory which is and above Tempest Patch (RED/Eunwol/etc) An easier way to see it is your primary weapon, if it does not have secondary stat, it means it already has the patch applied. Kanna AP all into INT (intellect/intelligence).

  18. HyeRi

    Excuse me Ayumi, I have Kanna char, how can I distribute my AP, i usually use Auto-assign. Is it bad? and if it is bad, i would like to reset and re-distribute it, can you help me pls ?
    Bc right now, i feel like i am too weak, and ppl says auto-sign make ur char screwed

  19. Eleanor

    Hello theгe, You’ve done an exсellent job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.
    I’m confident they will be benefіted frοm this website.

  20. Ayumilove

    Hi Bobby, for me I would put those extra AP (Ability Points) into HP though. Since my deck of card has Powerful Charge (3 Warrior Cards – HP bonus damage) +4% +6% +8% +10%, I will benefit from there. But if you do not have this, then you could put into STR. For more information on MapleStory Card Deck System, head over to

  21. Bobby

    Hey, Ayumi I have the same question like Min, but with a different job. I have max dex on my mech and now am wondering what to put it on now?

    There’s two options: hp or str.

    I need help in deciding which one will help me out more.

  22. Ayumilove

    Hi Min, grats for reaching 999 INT 😀 If adding 4 points into LUK adds only 10 damage, I would rather put into MP. I think the max MP we can have is around 30K+? It would be very helpful for your deck effect and magic guard. Thats my opinion though. If you see 10 damage in 5 LUK is greater than MP, then choose LUK then.

  23. Min

    Hey Ayumi, thought I’ll need some advise either from you or anyone reading this.

    Currently my luminous has reached max INT 999. Currently added 4 points into LUK where I noticed increment of ~5 to my dmg range/LUK added.

    So question now is, does adding stats into LUK or MP adds more damage? Reason for adding MP: Magician deck effect whereby I get 8% of max MP as additional damage.

    Which brings to the next question: Any idea how much MP does 1 AP stat into MP adds? (sounds confusing I know)

    Thanks in advance for any replies 🙂

  24. Ayumilove

    Hi Vicvicvictor, as DarkRai mentioned, 2nd stats for equipment have been removed. Therefore, dump all AP (Ability Points) into INT (Intelligence) for Luminous. Bear in mind that this does not apply to some jobs such as Xenon (depends on STR+DEX+LUK) and Demon Avenger (HP).

  25. DarkRai

    which means u dun need luk to wear a magician eq

  26. DarkRai

    @ Vicvivicotr: as of tempest, all 2nd stats are not required, meaning all jobs based eq only require primary stats, so u can go pure int now.

  27. Vicvicvictor

    Low luk*

  28. Vicvicvictor

    Hey ayumi. I’ve stopped maple for quite some time and wanna start again now with luminious. Can help me with the ap build? Should i go pure int… low dex or normal? I want strong dmg… it would be great if u can help 🙂

  29. Ayumilove

    Thanks Tal, I have updated the list above with your comment 🙂

  30. Tal

    What about Cannoneer? What about Hayato?
    You should delete the (JMS) part in Kanna, it’s also available in GMS and TMS (Taiwan).
    And the Dragon Warrior, you should write:
    Adventurer 2 : Jett, Dragon Warrior [Only available in CMS (China), SEA, and TMS]

  31. Ayumilove

    Hi AhBunny, you can use the auto-ap distribution button. MapleStory has somehow made everything much simpler than previous MapleStory version. Just add all into DEX for Angelic Buster. Currently DEX is required to equip weapon and armor, while boosting your base damage tremendously.

  32. AhBunny

    Question on Angelic Buster… I am quite confused … so if after the Tempest Update , do I still channel all into DEX but STR remain equal to your level. For example, if you are level 70, you should have a total of 70 STR (this includes passive skills and STR bonus from equipment). Bowman do require STR to wield weapons and armors, so you can’t avoid having none of them ?

  33. Eva

    Thanks Ayumi, but the secondary stat for my Mage and Bowman still no remove after the patch. Just very upset to see my stat after this new patch. However very thanks to you replied me. 🙂

  34. Ayumilove

    Hi Eva, after the Tempest Update, all secondary stat on equipment are removed. Therefore, you can safely use the auto AP distribution button to dump all AP into the primary attribute of your class automatically.

  35. Eva

    Hello Ayumi, may I ask does LUK needed for mage / STR needed for bowman? I’m old player and now come back to play, but I realized that all equipments and weapons do not have secondary stat. But my characters’ secondary stat still remain..So mean i miss out quite a lot INT / DEX for my mage and bowman. So will it affect anything for those characters?

  36. Patrick

    which auto assign do i use out of the three for xenon

  37. SnowAnGie

    Hi Ayumilove, I am currently playing Xenon in GMS and I was wondering if I should distribute the AP points equally among the three stat or favoring one like Luck than DEX and STR? I actually did some research some people said it is best to favor more toward Luck while keeping STR and DEX the same. I want to hear what you think, so please reply as soon as possible. Thank you

  38. Ayumilove

    Hi Raine, its very simple, just distribute the AP into all 3 (STR, DEX, LUK) in a balance value. See how much AP needed by each multilateral skill. Click the auto ap distribution, there will be only 3 buttons. Once you click one of it, it will force you to add AP into it until it reach a certain level/value. Then that button will be disabled, and later click the next AP Button.

  39. Raine

    Xenon maplesea has auto distribute AP but it is either all to str, all to dex, or all to luk. please advise. how should i distribute the ap?

  40. Xurel

    Reply pls 🙂

  41. Xurel

    If i got a 12%dex belt, really will diatributed to 4%str 4%luck 4%dex equally?

  42. Ayumilove

    Hi XenonOP, use the auto AP distribution button and it will help you assign those AP into all 3 stats.

  43. Xenon op

    I am still confused on xenons stats build

  44. Ayumilove

    I haved added the Angelic Burster AP (Use all Ability Points into DEX-Dexterity)

  45. angelic buster

    where angelic buster ap stat guide?

  46. Ayumilove

    Hi Wei, I have updated the MapleStory Ultimate Stat Build. Demon Avenger is a bit special, it adds AP (Ability Points) into HP instead of STR (Strength) 🙂

  47. DeSnowy

    Just auto assign all the points to hp

  48. Wei

    What about demon avenger?

  49. Ayumilove

    Hi Litz, just use the Auto-AP Button to distribute your AP (Ability Points). It will take care of this issue for you. Xenon will have 3 Auto-AP button. See the Xenon FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) Section to get a detail explanation on this at

  50. Litz

    Hello, I was wondering about Xenon since I’m a bit confused about how his AP distribution works. I understand he needs the 3 stats evenly spread, even thought most classes only raise one stat, right? I’m a bit confused because the Tempest update made non-primary stats useless.

  51. Ayumilove

    Hi Bob, you should dump all AP (Ability Points) into LUCK. Just to make sure that MapleSEA implemented Tempest Update, check whether your weapon requires secondary stat which is DEX (Dexterity). If not required, just put into LUCK only 🙂

  52. bob

    Im making a phantom, with the new tempest update. Do i dump all AP into Luck? or how should i distribute the AP.? please reply (: thanks!

  53. Pootis

    Im playing a Phantom and i have been using 100% scrolls on my accessories, and I am pretty unfunded, about 5 mil is my entire fortune.

    So at about level 63 I have about 70dex, my base dex is 4, 40 from the beginner skill, should I start to add dex? im afraid i cannot wear high level eqs.

    btw Im playing on maplesea, thanks a lot.

  54. Ayumilove

    Hi mervisneo, its best to get all stats. It will boost your damage 3 times compared to being pure. Check out my previous comments where another MapleStory player asked the similar question 🙂

  55. mervisneo

    If i were to play xenon what stats do i add? can i be pure? or must i add all stats? please reply asap. i really want to know

  56. ValleXin

    Thank you~. That really helped me.

  57. Ayumilove

    Hi ValleXin, Brawler uses STR for their damage. Don’t worry much about it as the monsters at this level are pretty weak (1-2 hit kill) and most players including myself reach level 30 within 1 hour or less (with basic weapon and no armor, no scrolling or funding). After you reach your 2nd job advancement, switch from gun to knuckles. This is where to tough leveling comes into play and now you can see your damage flies.

  58. ValleXin

    I like your guide. I just want to know, I will make a Brawler (Pirate). In your leveling guide you said that pirates should go gun-type for safe and fast leveling. but should I put all AP into STR? Wouldn’t that make my gun less effective? thank you for your guide. More Maple Power !

  59. Ayumilove

    Hi The Burr, sometimes my guides aren’t updated quickly, so you could give me a nudge if you see something amiss. There are tons of MapleStory Guides in this site and its hard to keep track when there is only me (1 person) updating 😀

  60. The Burr

    Thanks! And nice job on your entire site. You’re the only reliable maple source after the most recent updates.

  61. Ayumilove

    Hi The Burr, secondary stat is not required after the tempest update since maplestory had reduced/changed the accuracy formula. You can now even train on monsters even if you are 10 levels below, thanks to the fact that most skills are multi-hit except for adventurer/explorer class such as Warrior Slash Blast that hits multiple enemies but only 1 time. This makes it very difficult to train, therefore players tend to add dex to increase their accuracy. If you are playing in GMS or server with tempest update, i repeat, don’t add any AP (Ability Points) into DEX for warrior (same applies to other class – don’t add ap into secondary stat). I have tested on my warrior that even having 30-50 accuracy, it still doesn’t help much in reducing the miss rate when training on monsters 5-10 levels above me.

  62. The Burr

    Hey Ayumi,
    With the tempest update in GMS, no equipment requires a secondary stat. Does that mean that secondary stats are completely useless? In the warrior stat build you say that dex is sometimes needed if you want to hit monsters at a higher level. Is there like a general maximum you should have in your secondary stat?

  63. Ayumilove

    Hi Jessica, currently the best AP (Ability Points) build is adding all AP into 1 stat depending on your class. For example, add all AP into STR for Warrior, DEX for Archer, INT for Magician and LUK for Thief. This only applies for MapleStory client that has Tempest Update. For EMS, BMS I’m not sure they have it or not. It can be easily seen by checking the equipment. If the equip requires a secondary stat, it means that MapleStory version has not applied Tempest Update/Patch.

  64. jessica

    hi ayumi I was wondering what would be the best ap build for a mihile . Thanks!

  65. Maplechristian

    Hi ayumi I don’t know if I just missed it or not but what is the strongest ap build for the angelic buster?

  66. Ayumilove

    Hi MapleChristian, if your MapleStory client already implemented the Tempest Update, you would only require to add all AP (Ability Points) into LUK (Luck) Attribute. Otherwise, you will need to add AP into DEX (Dexterity) to be able to use Phantom Equipment that requires some DEX. The DEX should be same as your Phantom Level. Try checking your equip if it needs any DEX. If yes, then add AP into it or equip accessories that provides some DEX. Best AP build would be to have the lowest possible stat for STR/DEX/INT as more LUK increases Phantom damage.

  67. Maplechristian

    Hi ayumi I was wondering what would be the best ap build for a funded phantom. Thanks!

  68. Ayumilove

    Hi D2B, for MapleStory client that have the Tempest update, all classes/jobs only relies the primary attribute. For example, if you are a Thief, just dump all AP (Ability Points) into LUK (Luck). There are no DEX (Dexterity) requirements. This is because the Tempest update remove the secondary stat requirement from the equipment. If your equipment relies on secondary stat, it means your MapleStory version does not have Tempest update yet. If you are playing on the non-Tempest, the LUCK should be equivalent to your level (for unfunded players). For funded players who have link skills (Cannoneer +15 stats), Zakum Helm, 3 Rings, Horntail Pendant – the maximum secondary stat they require is 40 DEX. Same applies to all classes.

  69. D2B

    Hi Ayumilove, I would like to ask that should I put all ap to luk (Dual blade), 3+2 or 4+1?

  70. DeSnowy

    For the pures (4 base to secondary stat): if you find yourself having a lack the secondary stat to use certain equips, try getting % all items and scroll your equips with scrolls of the secondary stat. Note: it will cost A LOT.

  71. Agrael

    For bossing of cource! It can surpass the damage can if well funded!

  72. XTC101XTC

    what do you need for an angelic buster?

  73. xsasusakux

    hi Ayumi =D my ign is XsasusakuX playing in izar now but now im playing as IzCreamZ
    i met you a very very long time ago =D like 4 years i was following you around in one of you aran quests =D quick question do you still play izar?

  74. Ayumilove

    Hi Joshua, Sorry for the late reply. Use Auto AP distribution as it will auto calculate the total STR (Strength) required based on your current level so that you can equip weapons and armors based on your level. It is newbie friendly. For those hardcore AP overclockers, they would want to max out Mercedes base DEX (Dexterity) and later scrolled some equips to balance out the lacking STR (Strength) and this requires lots of patience and luck in scrolling your items or lots of meso to purchase pre-scrolled equipment from Freemarket.

  75. Joshua

    May i ask Ayumi?My mercedes is unable to equip my dual bowguns due to the lack of STR. I want to ask is it because i used Auto-Assign ? If so what level should i stop and add STR/DEX ? Thanks in advance.

  76. Ayumilove

    Hi ziWurmple: You can set your DEX stat equivalent to your level so that your Thief can equip weapons (claw/dagger) and armor (top/bottom/overall/shoes). However bear in mind that if you do have scrolled equipment that already provide DEX, you can cap your DEX lower to have more AP (Ability Points) to be distributed into LUK (Luck Stat). LUK is the primary stat for thief, and with more of those, you increase your avoidability (dodge enemy attack frequently) and increases your claw / dagger damage significantly. In previous MapleStory version, 5 LUK is equivalent to 1 attack which in terms produces a raw of 20 damage at 1st Job Advancement. But this damage multiplies when you reach 2nd, 3rd and 4th job.

  77. ziWurmple

    Hi Ayumi, just asking, for thieves, if DEX is equivalent to level, we can only wear level 30 clothes at level 60, because level 30 clothes asks for 60 DEX, so do we still go with equivalence or double DEX of the level? Thanks.

  78. Aidan

    Hey Ayumi. I am from Malaysia. Can i play KMS? If i can memorize the korean words LOL ==

  79. DontForget

    Also, if you’re not funded, don’t go dex-less, int-less, or what ever since the weapon really matters your damage output. Lvl 70 wearing a lvl 70 weapon with regular stats is better than lvl 70 wearon a lvl 20 weapon with pure primary stat. Unless you have accessories or maple weapons that can boost up your stats greatly.

  80. Ayumilove

    hi BrEnDiNo, Thief primary stat is LUK. The more LUK (Luck) you have, the more damage you can dish out on enemies!

  81. BrEnDiNo

    To make theif stronger which should i add more? LUK or DEX?

  82. Ayumilove

    Thanks Ello for the note, I have updated the above 🙂

  83. ello

    under warrior stat build should there be thunder breaker as its primary stat is str, not dex. for adventurer for the thief stat build should you just say thief as thief includes both assasin and bandit.