MapleStory Phantom Skill Build Guide

Maplestory Legends Phantom Job Selection Phantom is one of MapleStory Hero Thief born with special abilities and traits. Similarly to Mercedes, Phantom wields two weapons: a cane and deck of cards. The cane can be altered to any weapons based on the skill they copied/steal/mirrored. Phantom can attack from far by throwing magical cards in some skills. Primary Stat is LUK (Luck). KMS (Korea MapleStory) released Phantom on Dec 28 2011. GMS (Global MapleStory) released Phantom on Jul 6 2012.

Phantom Overview

PRIMARY WEAPON: Cane (unique 1-handed weapon)
SECONDARY WEAPON: Card (unique offhand equipment)
LINK SKILL: Phantom Instinct – Critical Rate: +10/15/20%
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: Meso Rate +1/2/3/4/5%
BEST INNER ABILITY: Buff Duration +50%
JOB SKILLS: I: PhantomII: PhantomIII: PhantomIV: PhantomHyper SkillsV: Phantom

Phantom Pros and Cons


  • *Share your pros on this job!*
  • Both a ranged and melee class.
  • Has the ability to steal useful skills such as Holy Symbol.
  • Crystal Garden (Phantom’s Ship) allows quick travel between continents.
  • Free Wheel of Destiny buff (Final Feint)
  • Similarly to Mercedes, they have a secondary-weapon that can be potential-ed.
  • Has a most-wanted link skill that adds 10% critical rate.
  • Has a storyline filled with romance and action.
  • Has a nice looking car as a mount.
  • High mobility (e.g. Swift Phantom/Phantom Shroud)
  • High avoid and critical rates.
  • Is actually a fairly balanced class.


  • *Share your cons on this job!*
  • HP and MP are low.
  • Phantom Skills are found to be a little boring during 1st to 3rd job.
  • Cooldown whenever you swap out a stolen/copied skill.

MapleStory Phantom Video Skill Preview

Ayumilove MapleStory Phantom Thief 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skill Preview
[youtube url=]

Shared Skills

Please refer to Shared Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among all jobs in MapleStory.

Phantom Beginner Job Skills

Skill Swipe Skill Swipe
Enable stealing skills only from Adventurer (Warrior/Magician/Thief/Pirate/Archer). However, you cannot steal a Passive/Summon/Movement Skill. Stolen skills will stay unless you delete them. Stolen skills works same as original skill, and stats based on Impeccable Memory Level. Assuming you have max Impeccable Memory (Level 20) but the person skill that you have stole is Level 3, you will only benefit from that Level 3 skill. If you stole a Level 20 skill but your Impeccable Memory is Level 4, you will only benefit Level 4 skill. In short, the skill benefits will be determined by the lowest level value. It’s best to steal from a high level character that already max the skill while you pump up your Impeccable Memory level by adding SP into it.

You can only steal certain skills based on the rank of Impeccable Memory.
Impeccable Memory I : 4 (1st Job Skills)
Impeccable Memory II : 4 (2nd Job Skills)
Impeccable Memory III : 3 (3rd Job Skills)
Impeccable Memory IV : 2 (4th Job Skills)

You can only have 1 active skill at any point of time if they are in same rank. Assuming two 2nd job skills assigned in Impecable Memory 2 skill slots, Haste and Hyperbody. When you cast Haste and later Hyperbody, Haste buff will be replaced with Hyperbody. This is a measure to prevent Phantom from being an overpowered (OP) job/class.

Loadout Loadout (Passive)
Allows you manage stolen skills. Set an active skill or delete them.
The number of skill slots vary for each job advancement.
4 skill slots for 1st and 2nd job.
3 skill slots for 3rd job.
2 skill slots for 4th job.

Judgment Draw Judgment Draw (Active)
This skill can be used only when your deck card is full. All the cards will be consumed in exchange of a buff that lasts 30 sec. 5 Carte Blanc will be thrown when this skill is cast. Phantom obtain Judgment Draw 1 in 2nd Job Advancement and automatically upgraded to Judgment Draw 2 in 4th Job Advancement. Judgment Draw 2 unlocks more possible buff that can be used once Judgment Draw is activated.
CARD : Judgment 1 / Judgment 2
Destin Card : +5% Critical Rate / +10% Critical Rate
Malheur Card : +10% Drop / +20% Drop (Drop Rate includes Meso and Item)
Endurance Card : Not available / +20% Abnormal Status and Elemental Resistance
Drain Card : Not available / 3% of Damage heals your HP.

Shroud Walk Shroud Walk (Active)
Conceal yourself and teleport quickly within map using arrow keys.

To the Skies To the Skies (Active)
Returns to Lumiere aka Crystal Garden (Phantom’s Flying Ship) instantly.

Dextrous Training Dextrous Training (Passive)
Permanently increases your stats and traits.
LV1: +40 DEX, +20% Avoid, +20 Craft, +20 Insight

Phantom Instinct Phantom Instinct (Passive)
Permanently increase critical rate.
LV1: 10% Critical Chance
NOTE: Phantom Instinct can be used as a Link Skill which allows you to buff another character within your account with +10% Critical Rate!

Judgment Draw (Auto/Manual)
Lets you switch between manual and automatic activation of Judgment Draw.

Phantom Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.
Explanation: These are Phantom Thief innate abilities. No SP required.

Phantom 1st Job Skills

Double Entendre Double Entendre (Active)
Quickly strikes an enemy twice.
Level 1: MP Cost: 10, Damage: 121%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 4
Level 20: MP Cost: 14, Damage: 178%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 4

Impeccable Memory I Impeccable Memory I (Passive)
Lets you use 1st job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout. Allows you to steal 1st job skills from other jobs. Only 4 skill slots available to hold 1st job skills. Stolen skill will consume same cost amount (HP/MP) based on level.
Level 1: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 1.
Level 20: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 20.

Phantom Swiftness Phantom Swiftness (Passive)
Permanently increases Movement Speed, Max Movement Speed, and Jump. Increasing the Skill Level will increase Jump distance. Can also be used with jump key.
Level 1: Active Effects – MP Cost: 34, Additional Jump distance. Passive Effects – Movement Speed +7, Max Movement Speed +6, Jump +6
Level 15: Active Effects – MP Cost: 20, Additional Jump distance. Passive Effects – Movement Speed +35, Max Movement Speed +20, Jump +20

Feather Foot Feather Foot (Passive)
Permanently increases Avoidability.
Level 1: Base Avoidability +2%
Level 10: Base Avoidability +20%

Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Double Entendre (1)
2. Phantom Swiftness (MAX)
3. Double Entendre (MAX)
4. Impeccable Memory I (MAX)
5. Feather Foot (MAX)

Mobility is the key for fast leveling. Pair Phantom Swiftness and Phantom Shroud allows you to traverse within the map quickly and reach to any far located target. Once this is maxed, proceed with maxing either Double Entendre or Impeccable Memory 1. If you dislike your Phantom Attacking Skill, visit a crowded area such as Free Market and steal another character job skill (warrior / magician / thief / pirate / archer). More information on what recommended skills to be copied/stolen is listed on the bottom of the guide.

Phantom 2nd Job Skills

Carte Mille Mille Cartes (Active)
Launches a torrent of cards that knocks back enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 13, Damage: 51%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Hits: 3. While pressing the skill key, use the directional keys to move
Level 15: MP Cost: 15, Damage: 80%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Hits: 3. While pressing the skill key, use the directional keys to move

Calling Card Calling Card (Active)
Launches enchanted cards at enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 15, Damage: 132%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 4
Level 20: MP Cost: 21, Damage: 170%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 4

Carte Blanc Carte Blanche (Passive)
Each critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. This card is added to your deck.
Level 1: Upon a successful critical attack, card appears at 6% chance, Damage: 106%, Deck +1
Level 10: Upon a successful critical attack, card appears at 60% chance, Damage: 160%, Deck +1

Cane Mastery Cane Mastery (Passive)
Increases the weapon mastery and Accuracy of canes.
Level 1: Cane Mastery: +14%, Accuracy: +20
Level 10: Cane Mastery: +50%, Accuracy: +200

Cane Booster Cane Booster (Supportive)
nRequired Skill: Cane Mastery (5)
Uses MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of your canes by 2 levels.
Level 1: MP Cost: 48, Duration: 24 sec
Level 10: MP Cost: 30, Duration: 240 sec

MapleStory Devil’s Luck Devil’s Luck (Passive)
Permanently increases LUK.
Level 1: Permanently increases LUK by 6
Level 10: Permanently increases LUK by 60

Impeccable Memory II Impeccable Memory II (Passive)
Lets you use 2nd job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout. Allows you to steal 2nd job skills from other jobs. Only 4 skill slots available to hold 2nd job skills. Stolen skill will consume same cost amount (HP/MP) based on level.
Level 1: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 1.
Level 20: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 20.

Phantom 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Calling Card.
1. Calling Card, Mille Cartes, Impeccable Memory II (1)
2. Cane Mastery (5)
3. Cane Booster (6)
4. Cane Mastery (MAX)
5. Devil’s Luck (MAX)
6. Calling Card (19/20)
7. Carte Blanche (MAX)
8. Impeccable Memory II (MAX)
9. Cane Booster (MAX)
10. Mille Cartes (MAX)

Calling Card will be Phantom primary attacking skill aided with Carte Mille to cluster mobs with its long range knockback especially when they are far apart. Before maxing this primary attacking skill, stabilize your damage output with Cane Mastery. Once these 3 are maxed, proceed with Carte Blanche for free automatic card attack (acts like Final Attack but with nicer homing card animation). Speed up your Cane attack speed with Cane Booster. Finally max Impeccable Memory II to have more effective secondary stolen skills.

Phantom 3rd Job Skills

Blason Fantome Blason Fantome (Active)
Marks enemies with Phantom’s coat of arms before slicing them to bits.
Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Damage: 193%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8
Level 20: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 250%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8

Rapier Wit Rapier Wit (Active)
Forms a giant sword with cards, then charges and performs multiple attacks. Link with Mille Cartes to reduce post-attack downtime. Permanently increases Mille Cartes’s damage.
Level 1: Active Effects – MP Cost: 30, While moving – Damage: 175%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 2, After moving – Attacks 3 times with 156% damage. Passive Effects – Increases Mille Cartes’s damage by 12%
Level 20: Active Effects – MP Cost: 40, While moving – Damage: 270%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 2, After moving – Attacks 3 times with 270% damage. Passive Effects – Increases Mille Cartes’s damage by 50%

Mist Mask Mist Mask (Passive)
Permanently increases Avoidability chance.
Level 1: Additional Avoidability Chance: 12%
Level 10: Additional Avoidability Chance: 30%

Piercing Vision Piercing Vision (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate and Final Damage.
Level 1: Permanently increases Critical Rate by 16% and Final Damage by 11%.
Level 20: Permanently increases Critical Rate by 35% and Final Damage by 30%.

Final Feint Final Feint (Supportive)
Using this skill will increase your preparedness for all enemy attacks, reviving you instantly with some HP if you reach KO status. This skill increases also increases LUK permanently.
Level 1: Active Effects – MP Cost: 300, Upon death, you revive with 10% of Max HP. Makes you invincible for 2 sec. Passive Effects: Permanently increases LUK by 6. After using buff: 2610 sec Cooldown
Level 10: Active Effects – MP Cost: 300, Upon death, you revive with 100% of Max HP. Makes you invincible for 4 sec. Passive Effects: Permanently increases LUK by 60. After using buff: 1800 sec Cooldown

Bad Luck Ward Bad Luck Ward (Supportive)
Casts a sigil to ward off bad luck. Increases HP, MP, Elemental Resistance, and Abnormal Status Resistance.Level 1: MP Cost: 44, Duration: 60, Max HP: +12%, Max MP: +12%, Elemental Resistance +4%, Abnormal Status Resistance +4%
Level 10: MP Cost: 80, Duration: 240, Max HP: +30%, Max MP: +30%, Elemental Resistance +40%, Abnormal Status Resistance +40%

Lune Clair de Lune | Lune (Passive)
Calls upon the clear evening moonlight to increase Attack Power.
Level 1: Attack: +4
Level 20: Attack: +40

Impeccable Memory III Impeccable Memory III (Passive)
Lets you use 3rd job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout. Allows you to steal 3rd job skills from other jobs. Only 3 skill slots available to hold 3rd job skills. Stolen skill will consume same cost amount (HP/MP) based on level.
Level 1: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 1.
Level 20: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 20.

Phantom 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Blason.
1. Blason, Rapier Wit, Impeccable Memory III (1)
2. Clair de Lune (MAX)
3. Final Feint (MAX)
4. Blason (14/20)
5. Piercing Vision (MAX)
6. Mist Mask (MAX)
7. Impeccable Memory III (MAX) – Steal Priest’s Holy Symbol
8. Rapier Wit (MAX)
9. Bad Luck Ward (MAX)

Phantom has a very flexible way of training. You can max Impeccable Memory III first instead of Blason as your primary attacking skill so that you can steal/copy Priest’s Holy Symbol for extra EXP per kill and also steal Bowman’s Arrow Rain/Eruption for a large AOE attack. That way it seems that you are maxing 2 powerful skills at once for faster training. The downside is, you will need to put effort in searching those 3rd Job Adventurers in Channel 1 Towns (Example: Henesys). It is commented that Phantom can’t steal skill in Freemarket but within Freemarket Room (go into the portal where you can see player’s shops). Another good skill you can steal is Thief Channel Karma for the additional weapon attack boost along with Lune (both effects can stack with each other!) This allows you to easily 1 hit KO monsters with Level 1 Rapier Wit.

Phantom 4th Job Skills

Mille Aiguilles Mille Aiguilles (Active)
Fly into a stabbing frenzy, jabbing your enemies with blinding speed. This attack can be executed repeatedly. You can move while holding the skill key down but walking speed is slower. The attack speed is similar to Bow Master 4th Job Skill – Hurricane (Storm of Arrows).
Level 1: MP Cost: 13, Damage: 111%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Hits: 2. While pressing the skill key, use the ?directional keys to move
Level 30: MP Cost: 15, Damage: 140%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Hits: 2. While pressing the skill key, use the ?directional keys to move

Penombre Penombre (Active)
Leaps back and throws a powerful card attack that ignores the weapon defense of the enemy for a short time. Link with Rapier Wit to reduce cooldown. Permanently increases Rapier Wit’s damage.
Level 1: Active Effects – MP Cost: 40, Damage: 260%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 3. Ignore Weapon Defense: 1% for 15 sec. Passive Effects – Rapier Wit Damage: +12%.
Level 30: Active Effects – MP Cost: 50, Damage: 450%, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Number of Attacks: 3. Ignore Weapon Defense: 20% for 15 sec. Passive Effects – Rapier Wit Damage: +50%.

Carte Noir Carte Noir (Passive)
Each critical attack has a chance to produce a card that attacks nearby enemy automatically. #cThis card is added to your deck. Also permanently increases Avoidability chance.
Level 1: Upon a successful critical attack, card appears at 62% chance, Damage: 194%, Deck +1. Additional Avoidability Chance +1%
Level 20: Upon a successful critical attack, card appears at 100% chance, Damage: 270%, Deck +1. Additional Avoidability Chance +20%

Cane Expert Cane Expert (Passive)
Required Skill: Cane Mastery (MAX)
Increases Cane Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage.
Level 1: Cane Mastery: +56%, Attack Power: +11, Critical Damage: +3%, Final Damage: +10%
Level 30: Cane Mastery: +70%, Attack Power: +40, Critical Damage: +8%, Final Damage: +25%

Aria Amour Priere D’Aria (Supportive)
Powerful memories of Aria significantly increase Attack and allow you to ignore some enemy DEF.
Level 1: MP Cost: 33, Damage: +1%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 1%, Duration: 37
Level 30: MP Cost: 120, Damage: +30%, Enemy DEF Ignored: 30%, Duration: 240

Tempest Tempest (Active)
Creates an expanding tornado of cards to blast through enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 226%. Cooldown: 21 sec
Level 30: MP Cost: 30, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Damage: 400%. Cooldown: 18 sec

Pouvoir Emprunte Vol D’Ame (Active + Supportive)
Steals active buff from 12 enemies and apply it to self. Stolen buff lasts for 5 sec. Only 3 buff types can be stolen (attack/damage cancel/damage reflect/invulnerability)
Level 1: MP Cost: 50, Max Enemies: 12, Buffs applied: Attack: Attack +2 / Damage Ignored: Damage Received -2% / Damage Reflect: Reflects 30% of Damage Received / Invincibility: Temporary Invincibility. Cooldown: 177 sec.
Level 20: MP Cost: 60, Max Enemies: 12, Buffs applied: Attack: Attack +40 / Damage Ignored: Damage Received -40% / Damage Reflect: Reflects 600% of Damage Received / Invincibility: Temporary Invincibility. Cooldown: 120 sec.

Impeccable Memory IV Impeccable Memory IV (Passive)
Lets you use 4th job skills stolen from Explorers. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using Loadout. Allows you to steal 4th job skills from other jobs. Only 2 skill slots available to hold 4th job skills. Stolen skill will consume same cost amount (HP/MP) based on level.
Level 1: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 1.
Level 30: MP Cost: MP to use the equipped skill. Skill Level of the stolen skill cannot be over 30.

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Increases all players’ stats within a team by a certain percentage.
Level 1: MP -10, +1% All Stats for 30 sec
Level 30: MP -70, +15% All Stats for 900 sec

Hero's Will Hero’s Will (Active)
Remove some abnormal effects from you.
Level 1: MP-30, Cooldown: 600 sec
Level 5: MP -30, Cooldown: 360 sec

Phantom 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Mille Aiguilles, Penombre, Tempest (1)
2. Cane Expert, Carte Noir, Impeccable Memory IV (1)
3. Cane Expert (MAX)
4. Impeccable Memory IV (MAX)
5. Priere D’Aria (MAX)
6. Penombre (MAX)
7. Mille Aiguilles (MAX)
8. Carte Noir (MAX)
9. Tempest (MAX)
10. Maple Warrior (MAX)
11. Vol D’Ame (MAX)
12. Hero’s Will (MAX)

Penombre will be your primary attacking skill as 4th Job Phantom. It’s much efficient compared to Mille Aiguilles in terms of training since it teleports you backwards while attacking multiple enemies. This effect is more pronounce when its able to 1 hit KO enemies. Most fast attacking skills such as Mille Aiguilles gives monster a slight delay in their death animation, therefore you end up consuming more MP to deal damage to monsters which can be easily kill with 1 hit. Mille Aiguilles is recommended for bossing or for enemies with high health (that can’t be killed in 2-3 hits). Add 1 SP into Impeccable Memory IV so you can copy Warrior Dark Impale for mobbing or Pirate Rapid Fire for bossing. Tempest to kill all nearby mobs. Then max Cane Expert to deal nonfluctuating damage and for better base damage. Next, max Impeccable Memory IV so you can improve your secondary stolen/copied skills. Priere D’Aria is maxed later to further boost your overpowering cane damage. Max Penombre to have some variety in your attacks while boosting the base damage of Rapier Wit. You can switch Mille Aiguilles with Carte Noir position if you feel that the copied skill works much better than Mille Aiguilles. Finally, max Vol D’Ame to steal boss buff (like super weapon defense up), Tempest (to attack multiple monsters especially Zakum/Horntail hands), Maple Warrior (for bonus % to all stats) and Hero’s Will to remove negative buff inflicted against you.

Phantom Hyper Skills (GMS | MSEA)

Tempest – Cooldown Cutter
Required Level: GMS 143 | MSEA 162
Cooldown: -20%

Tempest – Extra Target
Required Level: GMS 162 | MSEA 183
Max Enemies Hit +2

Tempest – Reinforce
Required Level: GMS 183 | MSEA 143
Damage +20%

Mille Aiguilles – Extra Target
Required Level: GMS 149 | MSEA 168
Max Enemies Hit +2

Mille Aiguilles – Guardbreak | Mille Aiguilles – Ignore Guard
Required Level: GMS 168 | MSEA 189
Bonus 20% monster DEF ignored

Mille Aiguilles – Reinforce
Required Level: GMS 189 | MSEA 149
Damage +20%

Bad Luck Ward – Immunity Enhance
Required Level: GMS 155 | MSEA 155
Abnormal Status Resistance and Elemental Resistance +5% in addition

Bad Luck Ward – Hyper Health | Bad Luck Ward – Max HP
Required Level: GMS 177 | MSEA 177
Max HP +10% in addition

Bad Luck Ward – Hyper Mana | Bad Luck Ward – Max MP
Required Level: GMS 195 | MSEA 195
Max MP +10% in addition

MapleStory Impeccable Memory H Impeccable Memory H
Required Level: 150
Lets you use Lv. 150 Hyper Buff Skill stolen from Explorers. The skill duration and cooldown will be the same as Phantom’s. Passive effects from skills will not work. Equip stolen skills using the Beginner Skill Loadout.
Level 1: MP Cost: The stolen skill’s MP cost.

Carte Rose Finale | Rose Carte Finale
Required Level: 170
Tosses a bouquet of cards into the air that drop on enemies and explode. Unaffected by attack reflection.
Level 1: MP Cost: 200, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 700%, Number of Attacks: 6, Deals 200% damage to 6 enemies near the cards 2 times. Cooldown: 65 sec.

Heroic Memories
Required Level: 200
Remembers the oath made by the Heroes of Maple World to achieve greater damage.
Level 1: MP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%, Cooldown: 120 sec. Only Hero characters in the party are affected.

Phantom Hyper Skill Build (GMS)
Lv.143 – Tempest – Cooldown Cutter (Passive)
Lv.150 – Impeccable Memory H (Active)
Lv.155 – Bad Luck Ward – Immunity Enhance (Passive)
Lv.168 – Mille Aiguilles – Guardbreak (Passive)
Lv.170 – Carte Rose Finale (Active)
Lv.183 – Tempest – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.189 – Mille Aiguilles – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.200 – Heroic Memories (Supportive)

Phantom Hyper Skill Build (MSEA)
Lv.143 – Tempest – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.149 – Mille Aiguilles – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.150 – Impeccable Memory H (Active)
Lv.155 – Bad Luck Ward – Immunity Enhance (Passive)
Lv.162 – Tempest – Cooldown Cutter (Passive)
Lv.170 – Carte Rose Finale (Active)
Lv.189 – Mille Aiguilles – Guardbreak (Passive)
Lv.200 – Heroic Memories (Supportive)

Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details!

Phantom 5th Job Skills

Please refer to MapleStory 5th Job Skills Guide for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores!

Phantom Skill Cores

Joker | Luck of the Draw
Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points)
Sprinkle a pile of cards and try your luck with the last card. Enables you to move slowly as you attack.
Level 1: Consumes 1000 MP per second. For up to 6 seconds, throw cards in front of you continuously, dealing 249% damage each, during which damage from % HP attacks will be reduced by 15%. After ending the attack, pick a card that buffs you and your allies (you will be invincible while picking a card) for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 150 seconds.
Level 25: Consumes 1000 MP per second. For up to 6 seconds, throw cards in front of you continuously, dealing 465% damage each, during which damage from % HP attacks will be reduced by 15%. After ending the attack, pick a card that buffs you and your allies (you will be invincible while picking a card) for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 150 seconds.
The last card you pick could be either Red Cross, Tree of Life, Sandglass a.k.a Hourglass, Sharp Sword or Joker All Buffs.

Joker: Red Cross
Increases Max HP and recovers Max HP/MP periodically
Level 1: Increases 10% Max HP and recovers 1% Max HP/MP periodically
Level 25: Increases 15% Max HP and recovers 2% Max HP/MP periodically

Joker: Tree of Life
Decreases Damage from enemy attacks including those that drain HP based on Max HP and increase Abnormal Status Resistance.
Level 1: Reduces 5% Damage from enemy attacks including those that drain HP based on Max HP and increase 10 Abnormal Status Resistance.
Level 25: Reduces 7% Damage from enemy attacks including those that drain HP based on Max HP and increase 22 Abnormal Status Resistance.

Joker: Sandglass
Level 1: Excluding the skills that are not affected by Cooldown Reset effects, other skills’ Cooldown quickly decreases by 20%.
Level 25: Excluding the skills that are not affected by Cooldown Reset effects, other skills’ Cooldown quickly decreases by 28%.

Joker: Sharp Sword
Increases Final damage.
Level 1: Final damage +1%
Level 25: Final damage +5%

Joker: All Buff
Sprinkle a pile of cards and try your luck with the last card. Enables you to move slowly as you attack.
Level 1: Receives all buffs at once.
Level 25: Receives all buffs at once.
Joker: All Buff Level 1 till Level 25 have the same stats.

Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points)
Throw a card with an ominous power sealed inside at your enemies.
Level 1: Consumes 800 MP. Deals 416% damage, bouncing 20 times. After the bounces are complete, the seal is released, dealing an additional 1040% damage 6 times on up to 12 enemies. If there are no more enemies nearby to bounce to, the seal will be released immediately. Cooldown: 15 seconds.
Level 25: Consumes 800 MP. Deals 800% damage, bouncing 20 times. After the bounces are complete, the seal is released, dealing an additional 2000% damage 6 times on up to 12 enemies. If there are no more enemies nearby to bounce to, the seal will be released immediately. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

Phantom’s Mark
Max Level: 25 (30 with Matrix Points)
Brand the enemy with Phantom’s mark.
Level 1: MP Cost: 1000, use all Master Thief Marks. Move behind an enemy the Phantom has marked, or behind the furthest enemy within range, and commence attack. Track enemies marked as the Phantom’s target first. Enables Dark Sight state and cannot be hit from the time you start moving for 3 sec. Activates a trajectory 7 times that deals 624% damage 2 times and completes the Master Thief Mark that deals 1248% damage 7 times. For all attacks, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Additional Critical Rate: +100%. Leaves a debuff for 30 sec if a skill that uses Cane hits an enemy. If it stacks 10 times, the enemy becomes a target. Only 1 enemy can be marked as a target, and it prioritizes those with the highest max HP within range. Gain 1 Master Thief Mark if a skill that uses Cane hits an enemy. 7 Master Thief Marks are needed to use Phantom’s Mark. Mille Aiguilles requires you to hit targets 5 times more than other skills to mark an enemy as a target or collect Master Thief Marks. Cooldown: 25 sec

Phantom Enhancement Cores

Double Entendre Boost
Final Damage: +7% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Calling Card Boost
Final Damage: +5% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Carte Mille Boost
Final Damage: +5% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Carte Blanc Boost
Final Damage: +2% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Critical Rate: +5%
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Blason Fantome Boost
Final Damage: +3% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Rapier Wit Boost
Final Damage: +3% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Mille Aiguilles Boost
Final Damage: +2% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Penombre Boost
Final Damage: +2% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Tempest Boost
Final Damage: +2% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Max Targets: +1
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Rose Carte Finale Boost
Final Damage: +2% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Critical Rate: +5%
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Impeccable Memory I Boost
Final Damage: +7% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Critical Rate: +5%
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Impeccable Memory II Boost
Final Damage: +5% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Critical Rate: +5%
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Impeccable Memory III Boost
Final Damage: +3% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Critical Rate: +5%
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Impeccable Memory IV Boost
Final Damage: +2% per level. Max Level: 50 (60 with Matrix Points)
Level 20: Critical Rate: +5%
Level 40: Monster DEF Ignored: +20%

Phantom V-Matrix Skills Guide

Main V Skill: Joker | Luck of the Draw
Recommended Final Damage Skills: Tempest, Mille Aiguilles, Carete Blanc and Carte Noir, Impeccable Memory IV

MapleStory Old to New Official Skill Names

Phantom Beginner Job Skills

  • Judgment → Judgment Draw
  • Skill Management → Loadout
  • Steal Skill → Skill Swipe
  • High Dexterity → Dextrous Training
  • Phantom Shroud → Shroud Walk
  • Return to Phantom → To the Skies
  • Deadly Instinct → Phantom Instinct

Phantom 1st Job Skills

  • Double Piercing → Double Entendre
  • Talent of Phantom Thief I → Impeccable Memory I
  • Swift Phantom → Phantom Swiftness
  • Quick Evasion → Feather Foot

Phantom 2nd Job Skills

  • Breeze Carte → Carte Mille
  • Call of Fate → Calling Card
  • Blanc Carte → Carte Blanche
  • Cane Mastery → Cane Mastery
  • Cane Booster → Cane Booster
  • Luck Monopoly → Devil’s Luck
  • Talent of Phantom Thief II → Impeccable Memory II

Phantom 3rd Job Skills

  • Coat of Arms → Blason Fantome
  • Phantom Charge → Rapier Wit
  • Flash and Flee → Mist Mask
  • Acute Sense → Piercing Vision
  • Luck of Phantom Thief → Final Feint
  • Misfortune Protection → Bad Luck Ward
  • Moonlight → Lune
  • Talent of Phantom Thief III → Impeccable Memory III

Phantom 4th Job Skills

  • Ultimate Drive → Mille Aiguilles
  • Twilight → Penombre
  • Noir Carte → Carte Noir
  • Cane Expert → Cane Expert
  • Pray of Aria → Aria Amour
  • Tempest of Card → Tempest
  • Soul Steal → Pouvoir Emprunte
  • Talent of Phantom Thief IV → Impeccable Memory IV
  • Maple Warrior → Maple Warrior
  • Hero’s Will → Hero’s Will
  • Rose Carte Finale → Carte Rose Finale

MapleStory Phantom Steal Skills Guide

MapleStory Phantom Hyper Skills to Steal
[youtube “”]

Skills to Steal:

  • Bossing Skills: Dark Sight, Magic Guard, Heal, Hurricane, Flip of the Coin, Energy Bolt
  • Support Skills: Rage, Hyper Body, Cross Surge, Arrow Blaster, Final Cut, Bullseye Shot, Sacrosanctity
  • Training Skills: Holy Symbol, Cannon Bazooka, Inferno Aura

Additional Information

Phantom Storyline

Phantom was famous among wealthy merchant and nobleman. People call him Phantom because they do not know who he was as he left the stolen place without anyone noticing him but only traces he deliberately placed there. When Phantom attempted to steal Ereve’s great treasure, the Skaia, he had fallen in love with Aria, the Empress of Ereve before Cygnus. Instead of stealing from her, he asked for it. Aria found it amusing but declined his request. The two developed a burgeoning friendship that became more romantic by the day. Before their romance deepen, Aria was killed by Black Mage envoy commanded by General Orchid. Shinsoo (a white giant bird who accompanies Aria) gave Skaia to Phantom so he can protect it. Phantom looked for Feud for an invitation to join Heroes to fight against Black Mage and to seek revenge for his beloved Aria. After a fierce battle, he and 4 other heroes were trapped in ice and put into a deep sleep by Black Mage. Freud was unlucky as he died in battle. A century later, Phantom awakens from the curse by the help of Aria’s Blessing. He infiltrates Ereve where a meeting is being held. Hilla, commander of Black Wings poses as Empress by displaying Skaia (jewel said to glow in hands of Empress) but does not glow in Cygnus’s hands. Cygnus is the new empress of present-day Maple World and is Aria’s niece (she had no children to pass it on to). Phantom explained to the audience that the one held by Hilla was a fake and destroyed it, and showed the real Skaia was in his hands. Hilla quickly fled from Ereve after he debunked the fake Skaia. Phantom goes up to Cygnus to give her the Skaia, and when he looks at her, he’s reminded of Aria. “You’re beautiful when you smile.” he said to her before returning to his Crystal Garden (flying ship).

Phantom Notes

  • Play style: Phantom’s skills grant him high mobility, fast attacks, a high dodge chance, and a high rate of critical damage. He is the fourth of the legendary five heroes to be released, following Aran, Evan (successor to one of the heroes), and Mercedes. Although we refer to Phantom with masculine pronouns outside of the game, you will have the option to play as a male or female version of Phantom in game.
  • Phantom will receive a cane and a card after the tutorial. Phantom skills cannot be used unless both are equipped at the same time. NPC Serge aboard the Lumiere sells canes up through Lv.25, and he sells cards up through Lv.120. In addition to an equipment NPC, the Lumiere also has a general store NPC and a storage NPC.
  • Each Phantom character has its own individual Cash Inventory not shared with other characters. Phantom can get a car mount for 10,000,000 mesos starting at Lv.100. This mount can be upgraded at Lv.200.
  • Phantom can use the Skill Swipe to steal the skill of another Explorer character. Not all skills can be stolen. Stolen skills can be used with Phantom’s Impeccable Memory skills. A new level of Impeccable Memory skill is unlocked with each job advancement, allowing Phantom to steal skills from higher job tiers. The Skill Management UI can be used to manage which of the stolen skills will be bound to the Impeccable Memory skill. The Skill Management UI can be opened with the skill called Loadout. Double-click or right-click on the skill icon to select which stolen skill will be bound to Impeccable Memory.
  • A card deck appears on the right side of the screen once Phantom goes through the 2nd job advancement. After SP have been added to the Carte Blanc skill, the card count will increase at a set rate when Phantom’s attack deals critical damage. Once the card deck is full, Phantom can use the Judgment Draw skill, which deals an additional card attack and give Phantom a random buff that is drawn from the card deck.

Phantom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the purpose of Phantom Cards since it does not provide stats? Phantom Cards is said to be able to Potential, meaning you can add Potential Stats to it like 6% LUK or 24 Weapon Attack using Miracle Cubes. Card levels does not affect on how fast your charge your deck of cards.
  • Does stolen skill such as Haste affects party members? Yes, if the Haste that you copied from does that. There are some Haste by other jobs that only self boost their speed and jump. It’s recommended to get the ones that boost your party members as well.
  • Are canes 1 handed or 2 handed weapons? Canes are 1 handed (1H) weapons.
  • Does Phantom Cards come with Potential? Yes they do similarly to Demon Slayer’s Aegis Shield and Mercedes Arrows.
  • How many skills can Phantom Thief copy/steal? 4 (1st Job Skills), 4 (2nd Job Skills), 3 (3rd Job Skills), and (4th Job Skills)
  • Do passive effects from active skills applies to Phantom? No. Only temporary ones similarly to supportive skills.
  • Do Phantom relies on INT for damage when using Magician skills? No. They will use their own damage range based on Phantom primary stat.

Phantom Related Guides

Phantom Top 10 Best Skills to Steal
Phantom Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Phantom Changelog

[listx tags=”gms+phantom” title=”


[listx tags=”msea+phantom” title=”



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386 thoughts on “MapleStory Phantom Skill Build Guide

  1. PotatoButter

    @Bryant Tran The first number is the level of your Impeccable Memory. The second number is the level of the skill you have (in this case, Haste). Since Haste has a max level of 10, Impeccable Memory caps at that level (meaning you can’t possibly have a level 20 haste). The red text just indicates when this cap is occurring.

  2. Bryan Tran

    Returning player, and I made a phantom so I can buff for friends.

    Anyways I noticed now that Impeccable Memory I can only level up to level 10 vs. the guide that says up to level 20.

    link to show:


    P.S. I’m on Reboot.

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zal: Thanks for your input! I have updated Clair de Lune (Supportive to Passive) skill.
    Level 1: MP Cost: 42, Duration: 50, Attack: +4, Accruacy: +10 → Attack: +4
    Level 20: MP Cost: 80, Duration: 240, Attack: +40, Accruacy: +200 → Attack: +40

    The following skills were also updated:
    1. Piercing Vision
    Level 20: Permanently increases Critical Rate by 35% → Permanently increases Critical Rate by 35% and Final Damage by 30%.

    2. Blason
    Level 1: MP Cost: 25, Damage: 143→193%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8
    Level 20: MP Cost: 30, Damage: 200→250%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 8

  4. Zal

    Clair de Lune became a passive.

  5. Alden

    @A. : Hi, I am not a professional player in this game, and would like to share my noob opinion on playing a Phantom. First of all, I am a almost free player (except using cash to buy costume) and all development in game is done by earning meso, hunting EB, farming boss items to sell and farming addpot item to sell. Currently having a 235 lvl phantom which managed to solo up to normal lotus/damien with around 40% chance of clearing it. I would say learning the boss mechanism’s and trick’s are extremely essential in clearing it. Lower DMG dealt may prolong the time of fighting the boss however high DMG with no experience in fighting boss definitely will never make it. The skills that I use is almost fix all the time as following :-

    1st job : Energy bolt
    2nd job : Rage
    3rd job : Cross Surge
    4th job : Final Cut / Holy Symbol (while training)
    Hyper : Bull’s Eye / Sacrosanctity

    I didn’t choose to use HyperBody as in later game, all boss dealt % damage which regardless of your HP, you still die in a hit, while low tier boss, usually killed before it could touch me.

    Advanced blessing is a good buff for earlier stage but did not provide burst damage increment like Final Cut. I have 24% Inner Ability Buff Duration and 10% from Empathy Traits, I only have like less than 5 sec down time without Final Cut. (planning to improve by rolling Inner Ability to higher Buff Duration)

    I absolutely agree with what Ayumi written, that to increase one’s damage, you will need decent amount of starforce, good scroll, stat % potential. The optional one will be link and legion/union characters.

    As I came from Maplesea Aquila server, getting 50% Epic Potential scroll is very easy to get via Auction Hall (at 2million mesos each) and you can roll it to 6% LUK with suspicious cube from boss easily unless you are unlucky.

    How to get decent damage as average player?

    1) Max Diligence Traits as soon as possible, as it increase your spell trace success rate by 10%. Join a high level guild with the skill that will grant you another 4% success rate. Wait for Fever time, and scroll 15% Spell trace on your weapon and 30% Spell Trace on your armors. (always pick the lowest success rate in spell trace) You will definitely have fail slot. For example you are scrolling a weapon that have 8 slots. Make sure that it passed more than 5 before you stop. If it pass lesser than that, get a 50% Innocent Scroll from Auction Hall and use on it and repeat. When you get more than 5 success scrolled, buy 10% Clean Slate Scroll and use on it and repeat until you max all 8 slot. Usually before I proceed to the last slot of the equip, I will use Golden hammer to get additional 1 more slot for the equip. Repeat with CSS until you have fully scrolled 15% / 30% equip.

    2) If you are planning for a long journey, it is advisable to get Additional Potential of at least 10 ATT on a lower tier equip, and todd all the way up to the equip that you want. (Relax, it will not remove all the scroll you did earlier)

    3) Starforce enhance the equip until it have at least 17 star. You will received additional Bonus WA and MA for enhancement above 16. (hence, only select accessories that can exceed 15 star)

    4) For accessories, I will suggest to use Chaos Scroll instead, and get WA increment at least 3-5. When the stat gets ugly, don’t hesitate to use Innocent scroll.

    5) Lastly, get all equips to Epic potential at least 6% LUK. If you have more suspicious cube, you may want to get 6% LUK + 3% LUK on each piece.

    The guide above is used by me over time as I move on making myself having more decent DMG for higher tier boss. Hope this guide is helpful to you.

    I have 10m range by just using Maple Warrior, Rage, Cross Surge, Prayer of Aria. With Final Cut, Bull’s Eye, Heroic Memories and 5th Job Blood for Blood 1st Phrase, I will have 17m range If I go into Blood for Blood 2nd Phrase stacked with Illium and Ark link skill, I will reach 19m range.

    This is the guide I am following myself and hopefully it can be a reference to you while playing Phantom.

    Enjoy 🙂

  6. A.

    Hi, I am not a professional at this but I play Phantom as a main and I thought that I would leave behind my suggest stolen spells (which I use mainly for bossing) to see if anyone needs it and if there’s a way to improve it.

    The stolen spells I use are:
    Cross Over Chains
    Dark Thirst
    Magic Guard
    Advanced Blessing

    Combining it with the spells that Phantoms already have:
    Bad Luck Ward
    Priere D’Aria
    Maple Warrior
    Heroic Memories

    I get a buff in my Attack Range (the one in your Character Stat window) from 210k – 230k to 460k to 510k. IMO this works for me because I am comfortable with buffs that increase my attack range rather than skills that deal huge damage by itself. Also, with Hyperbody, Advanced Blessing and Bad Luck Ward increasing my HP, Magic Guard and Dark Thirst preventing my HP loss and Cross Over Chains giving damage based on my HP, I can essentially boss with a significant increase in damage, higher HP and damage reduction (due to Cross Over Chains).

    Of course, there might be other combination of skills that are better for bossing but I thought I would put this out there to anyone who’s interested and for anyone to suggest a better way to go about doing this.

  7. Please don't fight here

    I don’t exactly know if it’s the best but personally for an unfunded phantom, I’m using DarkSight, Rage, Cross Over Chains, Final Cut to get by everything because imo it gives the most damage for weak phantoms. I would say

    -Final Cut,
    -Hurricane (to jump over ban ban laser)
    -Rapid fire (to stay far away from boss if you’re afraid but honestly just get used to using black jack Mille tempest combo as it is definetly gives way more damage as stolen skills are nerfed),
    -dark sight (to dodge falling objects on ban ban vellum magnus lotus etc)

    -Haste (for early game but honestly it’s not so useful later on especially because phantoms can max jump and movement speed),
    -Revive (for harder bosses to support main attacker and allow him or her to keep their buffs up),
    -Heal (for end game bosses with potion lock or supporting attackers using restrain ring),
    -monkey magic (honestly it’s better to just use rage for raw damage unless you’re buffing a friend),
    -meditation (support mage attackers),
    -holy magic shell (for bomb effects as well as the damage cut % which it already is in kms)

    -holy symbol (for exp and helping friends but after 5th job just go get decent holy symbol core and swap the slot for holy magic shell or something),
    -arrow platter and frozen orb (if you can kill without the help of cross over chains and final cut),
    -showdown (for the extra exp),
    -cannon bazooka (super long range and higher damage than showdown so make up for the lack of damage the last time I checked),
    -inferno aura (auto area of effect damage)

    Additional misc skills:
    -Sacrosancity (SUPER IMPORTANT literally get this skill when you can for 30secs I frame meaning you can’t die)
    -Arrow platter (this time for clearing golem in lucid if you’re not doing damage)
    -Chains of hell (from dual blade, only use this in conjunction with final cut if you have bad controls and need an extra invincibility skill to survive bosses that you’re leeching from. Highly recommended to just learn the boss patterns, it’s honestly not so hard)
    -blade ascension (for vertical movement in certain training maps provided you have damage as well as spirit savior)

    Generally for phantom, you wanna steal buffs skills for all your damage especially for bossing. Other skills are just gimmicks or for other purposes but they will SHARPLY decrease your damage. Final Cut + Cross Over Chains is such a huge asset to phantom I can’t stress it enough. Unless you’re training with a fair amount of damage or you’re funded, don’t try crazy things like arrow platter frozen orb training.

    After 5th job you would wanna get
    -Joker (main bossing burst damage)
    -black jack (very good bossing and training skill)
    -Sharp eyes (maybe not in gms if you’ve got nebulite and can hit 100% critical rate)
    -Combat orders (increase your main attacking skill damages as well as affecting final cut)
    -Ready to die (burst damage buff to be used in conjunction with heroic memories and joker. As I’m not exactly sure of bullseye shot is still relavent in a longer end game boss fight, I don’t know if it’s more viable than inferno aura so I’m not including it after it’s cool down nerf)

    The other skills are good but personally not as important for phantom as these ^
    Some extra ones you can consider are :
    -freuds blessing (imo extremely useful but it takes time to micromanage)
    -decent speed infusion (for training as stolen training skills as well as penombre are affected by attack speed)
    -decent advanced blessing (extra damage)

    I would say my guide isn’t even good. In fact no one’s guide can ever be good, especially the case for phantom. He always get nerfed. (lol) Besides Ayumi doesn’t even main phantom haha let’s not be too hard on her, she does change her guides after hearing tips and tricks out if you’ve realised so let’s not be too hard on her haha.

    As for yiming, if you really want to main phantom, just be prepared that his always nerfed. If you can overlook that, you might just find yourself in love with one of the if not the most versatile class. Also double phantom swiftness – > triple shroud walk is bless

    Hope my guide isn’t too bad I guess :3
    Atb to more phantom mains <3

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @josh: What skills do you recommend for Phantom which offers better damage and feasibility than the ones mentioned in the guide for V matrix and the other stolen skills?

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @john: What are the equips you have on your Phantom and what are the stats of each gear? (Total LUK% / Damage% / ATK%). In addition, is the 400K damage is what you see on your stat windows or the one displayed on the damage skin popping above the monster?

  10. jim

    Skills to Steal:
    Bossing Skills: Dark Sight, Magic Guard, Heal, Hurricane, Flip of the Coin, Energy Bolt
    Support Skills: Rage, Hyper Body, Cross Surge, Arrow Blaster, Final Cut, Bullseye Shot, Sacrosanctity
    Training Skills: Holy Symbol, Cannon Bazooka, Inferno Aura

    one right……..rage rest…shit

  11. john

    its amazing all the comments are filled with people who have issues with a phantom and when it comes down to it its the bad guide and lack of understanding.

    why would grabbing other explorer attacks make you better? it dosent! u grab their buffs and no ur damage dosent rely on link skills and legion effects then. the fact ayumi linked another guide to say how to do that is absurd and stupid asf. Ayumi clearly doesnt have a clue how to play this game anymore aside from making guides and links. to say Phantom needs link skills and legion and Legendary potential to hit 500k range is just dumb and not true at all!

    ” There are 5 ways to improve your damage from 10K to 300K damage easily. Link Skills + Maple Union + Starforce System + Potential System + Hyper Stats system.

    1. Create at least 12 characters with Link Skills and point them to your Phantom. What are the best link skills to use? See this guide:

    Thats the dumbest way to get stronger!
    Here is what one does to get stronger….GET GEAR! once ur 250 with best gear then do the link skills till then gear will be what makes you stronger…….

    my phantom had cracked gollux set 0 links, 0 legion and was doing over 400k range at lvl 170.

    This guide and site is obv just bad then if someone can easily be hitting the “200” numbers before they are even 175. As well as solo bossing with 0 deaths up to normal mag

    *****guide is bad dont use**********

  12. josh

    this guide is super bad but w.e
    tbh the skills you chose to grab are all bad asf like the worst
    and on top of that you make it so phantom seems like a character who is using other classes skills which is absurd he just needs buffs from them.
    not the first guide ive seen issues with as well most of your guides are not even using the main abilities for the V matrix – instead u pick the one i wouldnt touch at all due to lack of damage and feesability but w.e continue to make guides that suck for random games

    Lol you cant even comment? ur such a bad site

  13. Yiming

    thanks alot! ill get to starforcing my equips soon and potential my erebus equips soon! So its perfectly normal for an unfunded Phantom to have 8k-10k range at lv100? i was worried when i saw the range as other characters had at least 20+k range and i dont think my mercedes range was this low either. is this like a phantom thing? thanks alot for the help though!


  14. Ayumilove Post author

    @Yiming: There are 5 ways to improve your damage from 10K to 300K damage easily. Link Skills + Maple Union + Starforce System + Potential System + Hyper Stats system.

    1. Create at least 12 characters with Link Skills and point them to your Phantom. What are the best link skills to use? See this guide:

    2. Have you tried the Maple Union system? Create multiple mule characters (recommended 30) and level them up to Level 140 for the S rank class (3 blocks in the board). And have them located in the ATK (Weapon Attack) section and LUK (Luck). Create jobs that can provide a big boost of LUK, Damage, Boss Damage, Critical Rate, Critical Damage. See this guide:

    3. Have you tried Starforcing your equipment? Star Force requires spell traces to use up all the upgrade slots before you can use meso to upgrade the star of your equip. It’s best to have a pet in the early leveling process so you can collect those spell traces while you are leveling up from Level 1-200. Use it to upgrade your Level 100 equip and Later Level 140 equip (Fensalir armor and Utgard weapon). If you are funded, can buy Fafnir weapon and armor from MapleStory Auction house. The armor itself in total would cost about 100 million meso and weapon could be around 100~500 million meso. This set effect provides 50 weapon attack, 30% boss damage, etc. Upgrade all your equips to 11 stars. 12 stars and above takes a lot of mesos and not worth it unless you are funded.

    4. How the high level players gain so much damage like 2 million range? They use the Potential System (Potential + Additional/Bonus Potential) via Cubing which requires a lot of cash. If you are a free player, no worries. You can purchase the Epic Potential Scroll from Maple Union shop to scroll your equipment to Epic Rank, use the Epic Awakening Stamp to increase the slot from 2 to 3 if the Epic Potential Scroll did not open all slots. Then use the suspicious cubes dropped from bosses like normal Horntail / normal Hilla / normal Zakum or even from the Monster Collection (1~3 hours) and cube your Epic weapon/armor. Get all 15 equipments on your character to at least 6% LUK. For Fensalir equipment, use the one that provides all stats +3%. There are 5 gears for Fensalir (hat, robe, glove, cape, shoes) = (All stats +3% + 6% LUK) x 5 = 45% LUK. Then get emblem, earrings, belt, shoulder pad, pendant x 2, rings x 3 = 8 x 6% LUK = 56% LUK. That is a total of 101% LUK. So if you are level 100 Phantom (5AP x 100 = 500 LUK base, that gives you another 501 LUK from Potential). For weapon and secondary weapon, get ATK%, Damage%, LUK%.

    5. Hyper Stat system. Get Damage + Boss Damage + Critical Damage + Critical Rate. See this guide:

    300K damage range allows you to 1~2 hit KO monsters Level 200 and below. For Level 200 and above training, you will need at least 500K damage range to train efficiently. To achieve that requires paying money for cubing Unique~Legendary Potential rank to 2~4 hit KO monsters there in Arcane River. Regarding Arcane Symbols, you will need to do the daily quests which takes a considerable amount of time to farm with damage range of 300K (4~8 hits per monster and they are very few and scattered in a large map) and you will need to kill like 100 mobs for the daily quest.

  15. Yiming

    Hello @Ayumilove, I am a lv100 Phantom with normal equips looted while farming. However, my attack range is unbelievably low at just 8k-10k. All AP are distributed to LUK and im following the skill build above. Any idea on what im doing wrong?



    i deal 20k per line with Blason, and even lower than 15k per line with Aiguilles (lv1 so kinda understandable), while other players at the same lv range do at least 50k per line (though they are different classes, i havent managed to find a phantom in my lv range) to ask about my horrible range 🙂


  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Rb eCard: Sorry for the late reply! I have updated the Carte Noir to Carte Blanche in 5th Job Skill V Matrix Enhancement.

  17. >^

    I just found out that every steal-able 5th job skill only have 30 seconds skill duration.

  18. Rb eCard

    Carte noir’s name is carte Blanc in 5th job


  19. RB eCard

    I wonder about inner ability. I know 50% is needed for fc upkeep but with the legion it update. It seems a unique line or buff duration and mechanic is enough to achieve 100% upkeep so isnt 20%bd/30 atk better ?

  20. CaptainCardiac

    at level 209, for training i use haste, rage, cross surge, and cannon bazooka. at vanishing journey, i do about 2-5 mil lines with milles, 10-20 mils with bazooka.
    for bossing, i use magic guard, hyper body, cross surge, and i’ll swap out bazooka for sharp eyes ( i have decent SE gloves though, but, i mostly get carried. i do 1-5 mil lines on bosses.) or speed infusion. and i keep sancrosanctity on at all times because i’m rebuffing 9-12 buffs every 3 minutes ( no buff duration inner ability +45 or 50%). sancro also helps when i have to kill gem at hellux, magnus, and CRA while throwing out ace in the hole (blackjack) and luck of the draw (joker).
    the rebuffing can get overwhelming. having to stop and rebuff for like 10-15 seconds on a rope gets old real quick. the nerf of all the stolen skills is really noticeable from like 3 years ago. however, the class is 7/10 at bossing and 5/10 at mobbing.

  21. Maelwys

    For pure damage, Ranger’s Reckless Hunt is hard to beat.

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    @Johnny: AP (Ability Points) for Phantom is recommended to be put into LUK (Luck) stats. More LUK for Phantom means more damage.

  23. Johnny

    Hi could anyone give me a very brief list of what I should do for AP?

    I’m currently a level 157 Phantom, but I don’t do like any damage so I’m wondering if the reason is because my ap is poorly distributed

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @isaac: I have updated Phantom 4th Job Skill Mille Aiguilles details!

  25. isaac

    mile has less % dmg now
    its 80%in an 6 months or so its gonna raise to 100%

  26. Artfulness

    How to get the mount?

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hai: Alright, I have added the recommended skills to be stolen using Phantom Hyper Skill “Impeccable Memory H”.

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kuro: Phantom 5th Job Skill “Blackjack” cooldown is 15 seconds.

  29. Takeshi

    What is the total avoidability % for phantom?

  30. Kuro

    What’s the cooldown for ‘BlackJack’ ?

  31. Hai

    Hey can you make a update on the moves that should be stolen and include 150 hypers and builds for it?

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @FluffyHenk: Additive damage starts with %p, so if you see this 20%p, it means add 20% damage to a particular skill. Example: Skill A deals 120% damage 1 time. If it has a passive reinforce skill that says Damage +20%p, it means 120% + 20% = 140%.

  33. Avatarded

    For recommended stolen skills Steal (Job 2) is also a pretty solid choice. When used it produces potions that heal %hp and %mp. When used on bosses, minibosses, and elite mobs it gives 3 minute buff for 30 attack as well as giving 100% both hp/mp.

  34. Orsidian

    Uh are you sure about the 150 hyper? I’m pretty sure that’s staying as the stolen hyper skill thing… But I’m not sure. I didn’t find anything suggesting it changing back..

  35. Junmingggggg

    Anyone knows when phantom steal bishop’s holy symbol, does phantom also gain the 30% drop rate when using holy symbol?

  36. FluffyHenk

    Does anyone know if i take the hyper pass: mille aigulles- reinforce
    is the damage then 140% + 20% so 160%
    or 20% of the 140% so 168%
    Thanks in advance

  37. KidKaitou

    @Nimue for all possible pot-able equips, make sure they are all epic potential, 3 lines, and each equip have at least one line of 6% LUK. Upgrade all your equip to at least 10 Star Force. Steal Hyper Body and Cross Surge from Dark Knight. As for Hyper stat, prioritize Damage (MAIN), Boss Damage, and Ignore Defense.
    These should raise your range to around 300k-400k range.

  38. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nimue: Perhaps you can boost your damage range by checking out this guide: To further increase your damage like how the pro players do, this requires purchasing Potential Cubes from Cash Shop to further upgrade your equipment (try your luck in random cubing stats). Alternatively, the non-legitimate way is to buy meso from meso service website using Paypal/Credit-Card and use the meso to purchase pre-scrolled/pre-cubed equipment from Free Market shop.

  39. Moaz

    Try staying at temple of time burning zone until 200. Are you using marksman hyper?

  40. Nimue

    Heyy, I’m a 171 Phantom on Reboot but I can’t train because I got such a low range.. you got any tips for me? 🙂

  41. Vincent

    What would you suggest the best hyperskills to steal are? Thanks!

  42. QwertYou

    What about the Mastery Books(both 20 & 30) for Phantom?

  43. woof

    Arrow Platter cant be stolen or is this a bug?

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @xD: Thanks for the notice! I have removed Dark Clarity from the skills that are steal-able by Phantom.

  45. xD

    erm , dark clarity is also a passive right ? pls readjust

  46. Xsection

    Don’t know about mille aiguilles damage being so high cause currently on maplesea V update the % is only 80 not 140

  47. MHX

    Ayumi please update your phantom 150 lcl hyper skills and update it with guide

  48. John

    If a phantom stole a cannoneer 150 hyper, will it has cd?

  49. Alex

    Please update ur Phantom Guide correctly. Lv150 Active Hyper skill has been changed.

  50. Oxydentical

    Is skill stealing guide up-to-date?

  51. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kurinteh: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll update the guide accordingly. Previously, I tested it works in FreeMarket. Perhaps MapleStory has blocked players from casting skills in FreeMarket to avoid lagging each other 🙂

  52. Kurinteh

    i believe that you can in fact NOT steal skills in any part of the freemarket.

    i’ve tried.

  53. Jahanji

    @Khoan Yeah Phantoms can steal explorer hyper skills now. It’d be great if they could be added to the list.

  54. Khoan

    Didn’t phantoms get an impecable memory for hyper skills in the new patch?

  55. Ayumilove Post author

    @Teleclast: Thanks for the info regarding the skills that can be stolen by Phantom! I have removed “Channel Karma” and “Iron Body” from the list above.

  56. Teleclast

    At least currently it seems channel karma and Iron Body both cannot be stolen, unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anywhere keeping a good list so if this could be updated that would be great.

  57. Daniel

    I think some of the stolen skills can’t be stolen anymore since the update of “heroes reborn” or previous maintenance, like 1st job warrior’s Iron Body, which was a support skill, now turned into a passive skill. So if you have the chance to change any skills that can’t be stolen, please do so, it helps very much. Thank you ^w^

  58. Daniel

    I think some of the stolen skills can’t be stolen anymore since the the major update of “heroes reborn” events or previous maintenance, like 1st job warrior’s Iron Body that was a support skill, now turned into a passive skill; so if you have the chance to change it, please do so. Thank you very much ^w^

  59. Daniel

    I think some of the stolen skills can’t be stolen anymore since the the major update of “heroes reborn” events or previous maintenance, like 1st job warrior’s Iron Body that was a support skill, now turned into a passive skill; so you have the chance to change it, please do so. Thank you very much ^w^

  60. Jahanji

    @Ches Nope, Tempest deals 200% damage.

  61. Ches

    Actually, phantoms have 120%damage on mille aiguilles, on tempest 300%damage with 3number of hits.

  62. Jahanji

    I’m surprised there isn’t Elemental Force from Paladin’s 4th job. It gives you a huge boost in damage, 30% more just like Priere d’Aria. On the other hand, Advanced Blessing only gives you +30 damage which is significantly less. If you don’t care about the extra stats like def, Acc/Avoid, or HP/MP, I’d consider getting Elemental Force.

  63. ZetTheArcWarden

    @Cake Snow: Dark Clarity is now a passive, meaning you can’t steal it anymore. I reccomend you take dark sight (thief skill) as when phantom gets hit (1 every 20 times), the monsters rip through your health like rubber. Dark sight will help with that a little as you can go invis and jump to a safer place and heal yourself.

  64. Cake Snow

    Hello, I am having a tough time finding a pirate with dark clarity. Most of them are cannoneer. However, I do have bless and rage. Is dark clarity still better than bless?

  65. Lexaundre

    @Equilibrium: Do you have the 30% Inner Ability? That and the 15% from hyper stats should be enough for Phantom to hit cap. You can throw in a Beast Tamer’s link skill (7% crit at 120) and Marksman’s character card (3% from a level 100) if you want to reduce the amount of hyper stat points needed, so you can focus them on other stats.

  66. Equilibrium

    How to reach the 100% crit?
    Im 84% crit with all buffs (inc hyper) but without sharpeyes.

  67. Ayumilove Post author

    @tyrone: All jobs will get better when they are funded with the scrolled/potentialed equips. Some jobs are basically buffed up without any proper gear (e.g. comparing Kaiser with regular Adventure jobs).

  68. tyrone

    Does Phantom has a good damage? i found it ok but will it get better?

  69. Trevyn

    I think one thing should be mentioned: you can equip lower level skills into higher slots. For example, you can place Cross Surge in your 3rd job slot, and Holy Symbol in your 4th job slot.

    For a later patch, it’s worth noting that this doesn’t work for stolen Hyper Skills– only Hyper skills can go in that slot.

  70. YunaBeSaid

    With the recent fixes to Tempest, the optimal hyper skill point distribution has changed. I’m pretty sure it has a higher dps than mille now.
    I suggest saving the 1st three SP (140, 160, 180), so that you can get MilleGB@168, TempRforce@183, & MilleRforce@189. Then for the 190&210 SP, you can choose from anything except TempExtraTarget.

    SP 140
    143 TempCooldown (shave 3 secs)
    149 MilleExtraTarget (good for training in dense mobs)
    155 BLW immunity
    Sp 160
    162 TempExtraTarget (already plenty)
    168 MilleGuardBreak (do it)
    177 BLW hp
    SP 180
    183 TempReinforce (do it)
    189 MilleReinforce (do it)
    SP 190
    185 BLW mp
    SP 200

  71. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nimue: Buy cheap and sell expensive in Free Market. Do boss raids, loot items, sell in Free Market. Do crafting and sell crafted items. Scroll godly items and sell them 200~400% of the cost. Or perhaps endure grinding on monsters and sell the leftovers.

  72. Nimue

    Hey! I really like playing Phantom, and I really like his story and background and stuff, but he’s so hard to lvl cauze he needs a lot of funding. You got any good ways to do so?

  73. YunaBeSaid

    I’m trying to figure out Ignore Elemental Resistance for bossing Hilla/PB/RA/Goll/etc.
    It seems Elemental Force from Paladin no longer has IER.
    It also seems that the only way now is to use Elemental Decrease from F/P & I/L and it will apply to attacking skills stolen from them. I don’t like that, b/c that boots out Cross Surge/etc.
    Does anyone know any other ways? I know insight gives a little bit of IER.

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    @jwoo2000: The skill that has longest range and lowest skill delay will be recommended for the primary phantom skill for training and bossing. You will need to try them out and get the feel of each skill and see how it works best for you!

  75. jwoo2000

    So what skills should I be using from each job adv? Since I can only use one at a time.

  76. Random

    Isn’t there a new hyper skill for phantoms that allows them to steal hyper skills? Or is that only Kms.

  77. Erideusamiamy

    Carte Rose Finale ignores DR only when the hitbox is lingering not when exploding or initially starting. Final cut is for bossing as your need huge damage burst, where as reckless hunt is for mobbing as you keep a permanent buff, unless you can keep final cut permanently. Cross surge should always be taken used if you plan on attacking something in general as it nearly doubles your damage.

  78. Erideusamiamy

    The first initial and exploding if iirc trigger dr the lingering hitbox does ignore DR. Reckless hunt is better against mobbing as it last forever whereas final cut is temporary unless you can keep final cut permanently. Also if you have a free 3rd job slot i’d recommend cross surge.

  79. YunaBeSaid

    Also, Carte Rose Finale totally does not ignore DR, unless I’m doing it wrong.

  80. YunaBeSaid

    OK, did some testing, and Final Cut is better than Reckless Hunt. It’s just that Final Cut boost your Final Damage, so it doesn’t show up in your range. I was dealing ~900k to my test mobs with Reckless Hunt, and solid mil lines with Final Cut. Plus, final cut gives you invincibility for 3 secs right after you hit with it. That frees up a 3rd job slot for me!

    Also, I found a couple more interesting skills to steal. Shadower’s Assassinate gives KB resistance while in use. And I’m exploring strategies to fight Madman Ranmaru. I’m thinking to 1HKO the healing mobs, I’ll try either Final Cut or Crossbowman’s Snipe (which is 100% KO on mobs).

  81. Ayumilove Post author

    @phantomstealing: I missed out updating the title for the “Dec. 4, 2013” but the list of skills are updated progressively.

  82. phantomstealing

    Phantom Recommended Skills to Steal for MapleStory RED (Dec. 4, 2013) Patch

    Have these changed at all? I’d imagine 2 years of updates would make some skills better/worse.

  83. Ayumilove Post author

    @YunaBeSaid: Thanks for sharing your analysis regarding the Hyper Skills for Phantom.

  84. YunaBeSaid

    About which 3rd Job Skills to have stored:
    Now that I’m lvl200, I’m gonna sit there for now, so I’m not gonna have HS right now. For dmg, there’s obviously Cross Surge & Reckless Hunt. Then I’m using Arrow Platter b/c Mille doesn’t reach the annoying statues in Pink Bean :(. I’ve also toyed with the idea of Dispel from Bishop to go with Magic Crash from warriors for ultimate DR negation, but that’s overdoing it.

    About PDR, note that you have two 20% sources on top of the number in your stats (Hyper Mille & Penombre). As example of their effect, I’ve calculated that they bring my PDR from 61 to 75.

  85. YunaBeSaid

    One thing about hyper skills is that some of them give more stats per lvl past 5. These include Crit Rate, Max Crit dmg, & Boss dmg. I’ve got those up to 8, and have the rest of my points into Max HP, Min Crit, & dmg.

    Also, when thinking about your end game crit rate, here is the endgame innate crit rate:
    10/15/20% – Deadly Instinct (link)
    35% – Piercing Vision (2nd job)

    20% – Judgement Draw (your guide says 10, but I’m pretty sure it’s 20)
    20% – Final Judgement Draw

    4/7/10% – Elf Focus (Best Tamer Link Skill)
    10/20% – Decent Sharp Eyes/stolen Sharp Eyes (1 or the other, they don’t stack)

    Perfect Setup: 20+35+10+10=75+20=95
    Realistic Setup: 15+35+7+10/20=67/77+20=87/97
    A 210 Phant w/ 210 BT just needs 5% crit from other sources.
    For efficient, I aim for 80% bc Judgement Draw gives 20% off and on. Also, it can stack with the hyper, so when that happens, you get 40%.

    Also, make sure to take advantage of Phantom’s awesome drop rate: Stack JD/FJD for 40%, plus Showdown gives 10% for mobs and 5% for bosses.

    I don’t have the Mihile Link Skill yet (I hope it still gives KB resist), but something I’ve started using is 4th job Thorns stolen from Dual Blades. It gives 30 ATK & 90% KB resist, which is rather nifty. I think 8legs Easton from Corsair also gives stance.

  86. Jonathan

    Hi aymu!

    In 2nd jobb you said to max out everthing except Calling card and i did as you said but i still have 4 sp left?

    Is it a bug?

    Btw i am a player from Maplestory Eroupe.

  87. YunaBeSaid

    @Aeroniell: I’ve found that CrossSurge + RecklessHunt has the most dmg. However, you may want to use FinalCut instead of RH to make room for more 3rd job skills to be stored stored (HolySymbol, ArrowPlatter or whatever it’s called, the stationary ballista).

  88. Ayumilove Post author

    @ayumilove: Reboot updated!


    Judgment Draw: Drain Card: 3% damage to HP healed changed to 1% of max HP healed.

    2nd Job

    Cane Booster: Cast delay reduced.
    Devil’s Luck: At Master Level: LUK increased from 40 to 60, Master level increased from 5 to 10.

    3rd Job

    Final Feint: At Master Level: Coondown increased from 600 sec to 1800 sec, Cast delay reduced, Not affected by cooldown reset.
    Bad Luck Ward: Cast delay reduced.
    Clair de Lune: Cast delay reduced.

    4th Job

    Mille Aiguilles: At Master Level: Damage increased from 130% to 140%, Attack speed increased, Cast delay reduced.
    Priere D’Aria: Cast delay reduced.

    Hyper Skills

    Carte Rose Finale: Damage increased from 100% to 200%, Cooldown decreased from 90 sec to 65 sec, Ignores damage reflect.
    Final Judgment Draw: 3% damage to HP healed changed to 1% of max HP healed.

  89. Aeroniell

    What 4th job skill with combination with Cross Surge does the most dmg, and iam planning to boss? Final cut? Frozen orb? or Reckless hunt? Cuz i have no idea…. I am also using mille cuz so 4th job skills are open. Thankss <3

  90. Ayumilove Post author

    @IntelbetterthanAMD: Alright 🙂

  91. IntelbetterthanAMD

    nvm. read it wrong 😀 excuse my mistake.
    nvm excuse my mistake.

  92. IntelbetterthanAMD

    @ayumilove I mean for hyperskills build guide, wouldn’t you want 20% more dmg on mille instead of having it on tempest?

  93. Ayumilove Post author

    @Aeroniell: Yup, Cross Surge and Reckless Hunt is one of the popular combination for training and bossing. Another one is Cross Surge + Ice/Lightning Frozen Orb. (Not sure if its nerfed/patched).

  94. Ayumilove Post author

    @IntelbetterthanAMD: Hi, I have corrected the skill icon for Tempest Reinforced!

  95. IntelbetterthanAMD

    why would you add tempest reinforced? don’t you mean mille reinforced?

  96. Aeroniell

    Hi Ayumi, is it better to use cross surge + reckless hunt? Or maybe another combination? For training and bossing.

  97. newphantomplayer

    Hi, I was just wondering how Carte Noir/Blanche procs? Does it produce a single card for each line of crit or for every attack that has 1 or more line lines of crit(s)? e.g. does 2 crits on a single Mille Aiguilles produce 1 or 2 cards? Thanks!

  98. YunaBeSaid

    Thanks for that tip about reckless hunt, that brings me up to 170k too!

    I wonder if the battle analysis feature can be used to determine if using Sharp Eyes and Reckless Hunt for Crossbow will have a higher dps even with a lower range?

  99. Agustin

    I have a skill set that’s great for damage. 🙂

    Use Iron Body (1st job warrior), which gives 200 in both defenses, it has a greater purpose later.

    Then I just use Rage (2nd job fighter) as it’s effects are quadrupled by all the damage % you get, plus you get some damage reduction, too. It also works as a party buff, so even better.

    After, I use Cross Surge (3rd job berserker), as it’s a free 80ish% damage if you’re careful with your HP. Cross Surge works not with your Max HP, but how full it is. So all you have to do is spam potions. That 80% damage also really helps the buffs you already have like Clair De Lune, Maple Warrior, and Rage.

    Finally, I use another 3rd job skill, Reckless Hunt: Bowmaster. It gives you 40% damage and 40 weapon attack which gives another huge boost to your other buffs, but it also halves your defense, but Iron Body helps with that. It’s not very commonly seen, but gives huge range.

    Holy Symbol can be swapped out with Reckless Hunt depending on whether you’re training or bossing. Cross Surge gives me about 30k range, Reckless Hunt another 30-40k range, Maple Warrior about 10k range, Rage 7-8k range, Clair de Lune 10k range, and Priere de Aria about 10k.

    I’m a 165 phantom, and unbuffed I have a 56k range, buffed I have a 170k range. 🙂

  100. YunaBeSaid


    Stat Hyper Skills have been replaced with Hyper Stats. I suggest dmg and hp (for cross surge) be prioritized. The crit boosts can be useful, but don’t use more than you need if you’re getting close to the maxes. Kinesis link skill is good for Phantom. Judgement Draw 2 gives 20% crit rate, so I left mine since it was already above 80%.

    I’m pretty sure you get actives at 150, 170, 200. The reboot patch said something about Carte Rose Finale going through dmg reflect, but I haven’t been able to get that to work.

    I’m pretty sure you get skill passives at 140, 160, 180, 190, 200.
    My suggestion is to do Milles Aguiles Extra Target (149) & Guardbreak (168), then Bad Luck Ward Hyper Health (177), Milles Aguiles Reinforce (189), then probly Bad Luck Ward Hyper Mana or stat resist or whatever you want.
    Tempest is only useful for its reach, you’ll want to focus your points on Milles Aguiles.


    My max dmg build is: Magic Guard, Hyper Body, Cross Surge, Sharp Eyes (or Advanced Blessing).
    My training build is: “”, “”, Holy Symbol, Showdown.

    Cross Surge (3rd job from Dark Knight) is extremely important. It gives a huge dmg boost when your hp is higher. You should also get the 3 warrior character card set bonus, which is the same kind of thing. I use Hyper Body and Magic Guard in tandem with it. Then I go for Sharp Eyes for crits. With Magic Guard, I rarely need hp pots but use a ton of mana pots.
    For training I replace cross surge with Holy Symbol and Sharp Eyes with Showdown (4th job from Night Lord, which gives I think 10% extra exp/drop status on monsters).

    For bossing, I’ll take them most of the way out with the 1st setup, then switch in HS/SD for the kill (awkwardly waiting 30s). I also like to keep them def ignored with Penombre.

    One major thing with Phantom is that Milles Aguiles has so many hits per sec that even with low range you can rack it up really fast. This makes Hilla’s high def much easier to deal with.

    As example of Cross Surge, I’m a 182 phantom with 27k hp. With HS, I have 80k range. With Cross Surge, I’m at 130k.

    BTW, it won’t let you use Rage and Magic Guard at the same time for some reason.

  101. SotheeKage

    Hi Ayumilove,
    I was curious as to if you only get 5 hyper skill points for the active tab and at what level do you get each skill point?
    Thank you,

  102. Ayumilove Post author

    @xRealBeast: Phantom deals quite okay damage similarly to Mercedes, but weaker compared to other class such as Kaiser/Xenon based from my experiences. For Phantom to be powerful, you will need to steal other players useful buff skills as described in the “Recommended Skills to Steal” section to boost your base damage (e.g. Rage to increase your Weapon Attack).

  103. Ayumilove Post author

    @Danny: Thanks for your update! I have moved “Arrow Platter” from 4th Job to 3rd Job in the “Recommended Skills for Phantom to Steal” section 🙂

  104. xRealBeast

    Hi Ayumi. I’m wondering if Phantom deals really low damage compare to other jobs ? I have one at lvl 61 but the damage it deals are only 3-4k sometimes 5k. Also do we need high funding on Phantom ? I consumes lots of HP and MP pots for this character compared to other jobs that I’ve played. Thanks 😀

  105. Anonymous

    For the card that adds crit rate, its 10% for judgment draw 1 and 20% for judgement draw 2. And since in the reboot update they changed all Iife drains to percent max health, the heal card for judgement draw is now 1% max health per hit.

  106. Danny

    Hey Ayumi! Just wanted to let you know that Arrow Platter is now a 3rd job skill!

  107. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hex: I have updated the Phantom 2nd Job Skill Build Guide to adjust accordingly to the max Level of Devil’s Luck. Now, Calling Card is left unmaxed so the unused SP can be allocated to the Devil’s Luck. Correct me if I’m wrong: the 2nd Job Skill Build is lacking 1 SP to max all skills.

  108. Ayumilove Post author

    @J: Thanks for the notice! I have updated Phantom 2nd Job Skill Build Guide to adjust to the max level of Devil’s Luck.

  109. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nicholas: Sorry for the late reply! I have updated Phantom 2nd Job Skill Build Guide by allocating SP (Skill Points) from Calling Card into Devil’s Luck.

  110. J

    2nd job on Devil’s Luck from master level 5 to 10

  111. Hex

    I wasn’t able to max all skills in second job

  112. Nicholas

    Hi Ayumilove,
    Found out on my phantom today that Devil’s Luck can be maxed up to level 10. How would you allocate your ability points now as it seems that you cannot have all skills maxed now.

  113. Ayumilove Post author

    @Velox: Thanks for the correction 😀 Yeah, I meant the Arrow Platter.

  114. Alextere76

    In the section of card draw the fiesta one is 10% and 20% instead of 5 and 10%

  115. Velox

    @Ayumilove I think you’re getting it confused with arrow platter, a 3rd job skill. Arrow stream is a generic attack.

  116. Ayumilove Post author

    @BigC: Phantom can steal a 4th job skill from Bow Master which is known as the Arrow PLatter (GMS) aka Arrow Blaster (MSEA). More info at (It’s a summon skill where you place your turret facing the boss) You use this along with Mille Aiguilles and both combination will start producing a flurry of Final Attack Cards. Ensure that your equip boosts your Critical Rate to make most out of the Phantom 2nd job skill “Carte Blanche” that only triggers when a Critical is successfully triggered!

  117. BigC

    Ayumi i feel like Mille Aiguilles has low damage compared to other atk skill of other jobs and Penombre is teleport back all the time which is not ok for mob that need more than one hit :/

    Do u have any idea or comment for primary atk skill for phantom??
    or we need to stolen other 4th job atk skill

  118. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nicholas: The Phantom Skills here are up-to-date. It would be best to use the Impeccable Memory as your supportive skills and rely on Phantom’s 4th Job primary attacking skill to deal damage.

  119. Nicholas

    Hey Ayumilove,
    Just wanted to say that I love your guides considering most maple guides seem to be scarce at the moment. I wanted to ask if this guide is up to date with MapleStory, as I have come back after a year hiatus and I’m not sure if this is outdated like most of the sites I’ve been to. Also, what skills would you recommend Phantoms to steal now that Impeccable Memory has been nerfed (too hard I think).

  120. OreoSkye

    Hey ayumilove,
    My phantom damage is quite low..can give some advice to increase my damage

  121. Clockwork

    Hey Ayumilove,
    I think you should change the stealing skills section. Arrow Platter is for the third job now and Rapid fire[Corsair] Combined with Cross Surge does way more damage. Also Dark Harmony [NL] Gives 11 ad at lvl 1 and is good for mobbing with Mille Aiguilles.

  122. Ayumilove Post author

    @WinterCatz: Carte Blanc is similar to Final Attack but its mechanics is a little different since you need to perform a Critical Attack to trigger it whereas the regular Final Attack triggers from both regular and critical attack.

  123. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ossyris: Thanks for pointing out. The list above shows for all if user does not manage to encounter a Pirate in their world/server.

  124. Ayumilove Post author

    @DrugDealer: Thanks for your feedback! I have updated the Phantom steal skill list.

  125. DrugDealer

    I think there is a mistake in the list of skills to steal , it is said there that holy sybol is 4th job altho it is 3rd job in bishop, fix please and your site is the best one there is. keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Ossyris

    Hi ayumilove,

    Pirates Dark Clarity is a better steal than Thiefs karma.

    Both +30 wep att but dark clarity has additional + accuracy

  127. WinterCatz

    Hi Ayumilove,

    is Carte Blanc considered as a final attack skill? If I have the deck card skill ‘Pinpoint aim’ (from 3 bow class), is it gona add damage to my phantom? As I am having 100% crit, it would be nice to have increase damage per thrown card.

    Sincere thanks,

  128. blank

    @Aeit: you won’t be needing Mille Cartes maxed anyways (unless there is a skill which needs it maxed to put points in, which iirc there isn’t). Mille Cartes is usable in 3rd advancement and not having it maxed might be slightly slower assuming you can’t kill mobs with Rapier Wit+Mille Cartes, but at 4th advancement you won’t really need it at all. At 4th advancement you’ll only use Penombre and Mille Aiguilles plus maybe a stolen 4th job skill.
    tl;dr: it doesn’t really matter if Mille Cartes is maxed in the long run, I’m pretty sure

  129. Aeit

    Well guide is outdated or im missing 1 point at 3rd job … thanks to guide my Mille Cartes aren’t maxed … cant trust anyone these days …

  130. Karas

    Hi Ayumi, I love all your guides you have provided for all of us mapler ^^
    But I’m currently having problem following Phantom guide due to the skills I need to steal are too many option… Would you kindly suggest a set of skills (total 4 skills for 1-4th job) would be best for training at LV115-130 ^^
    Many thanks in advance~

  131. D1SHW4SH3R

    Hey Ayumi, awesome guide! I’m loving my phantom so far but I’ve got one question.
    At 4th job, is it more worthwhile to do the Cartes > rapier > penombre combo, to just spam penombre?

  132. Anonymouse

    How exactly do you use the same job advancement skills you stole from people? Like Holy Symbol and another 3rd job advancement skill? Can’t use Holy Symbol and change with load out because it’ll deactivate the buff.

  133. DiosMio

    Update Arrow Platter is now a 3rd job skill ._.

  134. DaMoses

    What items do you have on your phantom?

  135. Nelson

    Some hyper skill levels are different in MapleSEA. They are:
    Tempest – Reinforce 143
    ” – Cooldown Cutter 162
    ” – Extra Target 183
    Milles Aiguilles – Reinforce 145
    ” – Extra Target 168
    ” – Ignore Guard 189

  136. Yukino

    your missing holy symbol for post red bishop steals skills

  137. yuki

    How much % luk , % att is needed to hit cao dmg? Aside from boss dmg.

  138. Ayumilove Post author

    @Emblem: Thanks for posting your experiences with skills you have copied from other character. Could you share the other 3 skills you copied, the ones that often used for training or maybe a different set just for boss battle?

  139. Emblem

    i ussually just steal cross surge and the 3rd job bowman skill that got revamped recently. it used to half your def but add 40att but now it also adds 40% total dammage!

    so with cross surge on 4th job and this skill on 3rd you can get +120% dammage and 40 att but it halves your defense stat.

    i think this is better than stealing arrow blaster or hurricane now since arrow blaster got nerfed and hurricane only hits one monster. also hurricane hits like 300% on max? minus the steal skill decrease rate + the fact you couldn’t use the 40attack 40% total dammage if you use hurricane or arrow blaster.

  140. Poom

    Why my 4th job skill cap is only 10???? Pls help me ayumi D:

  141. Austin

    Any chance you could include an end-game equip goal/ what you should be looking for in terms of gear to purchase? I haven’t played since 2012, and coming back in 2014 is overwhelming in terms of what’s changed and how little I know about equips and prices. Just a suggestion.

    Thanks 🙂

  142. AvengeGold

    I highly recommend Showdown and Arrow Blaster for 4th Job. Showdown helps speed up training combined with Holy Symbol. Arrow Blaster helps DPS in combo with Miguile Agiles.

    I also recommend to get a few character cards for HP+ and a Kaiser link. Those HP links help Cross Surge and and the links have MP+ too. With Magic Guard, I don’t die even at Czak since 130. This class is definitely a great bossing class + training class.

    Once you hit 60, I recommend getting 1 point into main attacking skill and max out impeccable memory (and steal HS) first over other skills. This way, when you hit 70, you can RNJ leech parties to 140 quick. Just let them know you have HS.

    Doing this, I leveled up phantom 1-120 in a day. I am now level 180 and I have only clocked in about 4 days of training time.

  143. OnlySico

    I would say a White Knight’s Parashock Guard is a good 3rd job skill to steal. If you use it (its an active) and then switch to Cross Surge (or any other skill)it should keep the Parashock Guard buff.
    I do not know if this still works as I do not play on the live game (I play on Extalia).

  144. x3Lonewolf

    What can a Phantom steal from a Hero? (other then rage)

  145. jerald

    dose maplesea have this new phantom revamp?

  146. Ayumilove Post author

    @Aperson: Thanks for the note! I’ll add that into the list. Do let me know if there are other useful skills to be copied from Cannoneer!

  147. Aperson

    You can also steal cannoneer skills as well, cannon bazooka is a great skill to steal

  148. SYugamai

    in the section “skills that can be stolen in red update,” you didnt add holy symbol for bishop

  149. Ayumilove Post author

    @iSeekz: Thanks for the list of skills from Dual Blade! I have added into the guide above 🙂

  150. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ariel: Hi, I have just updated this guide from GMS v.148 to v.150 (instead of v.152) as there aren’t any skill changes for Phantom in GMS v.151 and v.152 patch. Hope that clarifies 🙂 And thanks for posting a comment here as a reminder to update this job skills 😀

  151. Ariel

    Helloo ayumi, is this guide updated to the newest patch?

  152. iSeekz

    Dual blade steal-able skills:
    1: Dark sight
    1+: Self Haste, Tornado Spin
    2: Channel Karma, Fatal Blow, Slash Storm
    2+: Flying Assaulter, Flashbang, Upper Stab
    3: Chains of Hell, Bloody Storm, Blade Ascension
    4: Phantom Blow, Final Cut, Sudden Raid, Blade Fury

  153. Ayumilove Post author

    @Calvin: Do you know what skills can be stolen from Dual Blade?

  154. Calvin

    under “list of things to steal for phantom” it says you cant steal from dual blade

    that`s been fixed :p

  155. TrucVan

    first, i wanna say thank to you for your hard works. Second, i wanna ask: when i use HS to increasw Exp, can i use showdown to get more Exp boost?

  156. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kelvin: Thanks for the correction. I have updated Carte Rose Finale.

  157. Kelvin

    Hi Ayumi! Love your skill builds! There are a great help 😀

    Noticed a small error though. The skill “Rose Carte Finale” hits 15 enemies at 700% x 6 damage. The full description from MSEA at the moment goes: Consumes MP by 200, attacks 15 enemies on screen 6 times with damage of 700%. Attacks 6 enemies around the cards twice with damage of 100% for a specific period of time. Cooltime 90 seconds.

    Your current description is: Damage: 100%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Hits: 2

    I think you might have misread the description ><

  158. lifeless

    i/l , hero , pala , cs , db , xbow , bm missing from SKILL THAT CAN BE STOLEN IN RED UPDATE

  159. oPhantomL0rd

    Hi Ayumi! Do you think that Kaiser is stronger or Phantoms are stronger on the RED patch?

  160. Ayumilove Post author

    @Zeynox: Yeah, this guide still applies for RED updates.

  161. Ayumilove Post author

    @HuntingU: Thanks for your feedback. I have corrected the skill points for Blason from 15/20 to 14/20.

  162. HuntingU

    Can you change the skill distribution for Blason(3rd job) because if you max all the other skills,there can only be 14sp into Blason and not 15sp

  163. Zeynox

    Can i still use this guide after the RED update?

  164. Dylan

    I have maxed out all of my skills in 2nd job and I have 4 extra sp O_O

  165. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dr.Will: That’s strange. During my time when I was on my Phantom, I could not find Bishop’s Holy Symbol Skill. It wasn’t listed in the skill window. Perhaps GMS had already fixed it or so.

  166. Dr.Will

    Hey Ayumi, just recently i’ve just stolen Holy Symbol from a nearby bishop. I was kinda baffled when you said that Holy Symbol can’t be stolen anymore. So i’ve tested myself to see if it was true. The server i was on was GMS on El Nido.

  167. helpmepls

    Is dark knight or phantom stronger after red? Phantom with iron body, rage,croos surge and arrow platter

  168. Brandon

    when will phantom be releasing again?

  169. Mastel

    Ayumi, can you update the list of Steal-able skill After RED? mostly I want to know Dual Blade and Cannooneer skill ?

  170. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ghost: I have tested with my Phantom, this job is unable to steal Holy Symbol after RED Patch. I’m not sure whether Phantom who had previously stolen Holy Symbol are able to cast those skills. Based on my skill-steal experience, only active skills without any passive characteristics are able to be copied/stolen by Phantom.

  171. ghost

    its me again…
    can phantom steal hs after the red patch?

  172. Pikalahv

    Hi Ayumi! (:
    Quick question: What purpose does Combat Orders have to steal it?

  173. Brandon

    Hi Ayumi, why the title says Phantom thief? I thought the job is name only Phantom? Sorry to interrupt you, I know this is a small matter, but could you somehow change the title from Phantom Thief to only Phantom? Haha, just want to let you know about this.

  174. Lady

    Hi Ayumi, I’m trying to decide between making a phantom or a bandit. Which one do you think is more fun? Which one is easier without funding? Also Phantom can only steal skill from explorer, and I have a feeling there is less Explorer now than before. Is it still easy to find the skill you wanna steal?
    I’m playing GMS.
    Thank you for your opinion. Your site is wonderful. It is the best source for Maplestory I have found.

  175. Shadow

    Hi.. pls help me in this moment i play europa maple and dmg mille dmg 30 points is 120 % … i dont know how is better RAPID FIRE OR MILLE … PLS HELP ME I REALLY BAD FOR THIS .. TY AYUMI U WEB PAG ITS ALL <3

  176. Prospering

    LongPham, personally I play both classes and feel phantom is more fun. For dmg, I feel phantom is more mobile and able to do more dmg with heavy funding but wind archer is good too. For bossing, phantom is way better cos they have Arrow Blaster which is 2X faster than Wind Archer’s bossing skill

  177. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jason, I’ll grab Advanced Blessing for its high accuracy and weapon/magic attack 🙂 Best for training against higher level monsters.

  178. Jason

    Which skills should I steal for 4th Job? I don’t know which one to choose.
    I have either Eight Legged Easton,Sharp Eyes, or Advanced Blessing.

  179. Philip

    How much Luk% and Weapon Attack would I need to be hitting 200k Per line with Mille Aiguilles(Buffed).

  180. Carte

    Hey why do i have 4 leftover sp from 2nd job?

  181. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks MysticisM for the correction. I have updated the guide above.

  182. MysticisM

    Correction, the max level of devil’s luck in 2nd job is just 5 ^^

  183. LongPham

    Hi ayumi i wanted to ask between wind archer and phantom which one is better interm of damage , bossing , fun i dont mind fuding one but i just had the meso to fund one so what should i pick ?

  184. neonsailor

    I’m a Phantom lvl 69 and on my second skill set, it says I have 4 skill points I haven’t used. Do you know why? :O Or when I can use them?

  185. Carte

    Im a phantom already level 100+ and im womdering when I can get auto judgment draw. Its not in the beginner section and I dont have the auto/Manuel option. Is it a bug, do I have to do something? Or is it part of a quest?

  186. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi JonahanDFM, in my opinion, playing a class without any funding is possible provided that you have *many* characters to provide you with link skills. Create all 9 characters that has Link Skills and link them to your primary character. Also set up your Character Card Deck to gain some MaxHP , MaxMP and stat boosts. I’m currently playing mid-funding. Without funding, its difficult to reach higher level faster.

  187. JonahanDFM

    Ayumi youre web its the best!

    i wanna ask you something… i like the phantom class but i dont have any nx and any mesos…

    my question is: can i be a good phantom without funding?

  188. Ayumilove Post author

    @Jason: Definitely Kaiser! It’s raw damage is far superior compared to Phantom in many ways. Plus it has all those Weapon Attack Buff Skills. Phantom truly shines when they steal the correct abilities and put them in 1 good collection, but still will be around 7/10 power of Kaiser Transformed. And this ratio changes tide for Kaiser untransformed.

  189. jason

    Which one class would do better for me in terms of damage, Kaiser or Phantom?

  190. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jean, sorry I do not know when Phantom will appear but they have a high probability of re-appearing to celebrate their anniversary of first arriving in MapleStory or when they decide to celebrate Legendary Hero anniversary or at a random date.

  191. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi maplerx:D, yes I will update when there are new skills released for all affected jobs in RED!

  192. Jean

    Hi, Ayumi, Do you know when will phantom reappear on GMS? and what does resistance against Elemental and Status Effect means? thanks

  193. Jean

    Hi ayumi, do you know when phantom will reappear in GSM? And what does elemental resistance means? Thanks

  194. maplerx:D

    hey ayumilove will you be updating the recommended list of skills+the revamped skills for phantom after RED? thanks!

  195. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi FrankBrc, you can use Phantom stolen party skill to buff your party members.

  196. FrankBrc

    Hi Ayumi
    I can buff another player with the phantom in party?

  197. mnoob

    Hi Ayumi,
    How will the RED update affect Phantoms if DB’s skills can now be stolen and they can get a buff from Drk’s Cross Over Chain? How strong will they be compared to DB then?

  198. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Fanboys, Phantom themselves are kinda weak but it can vary depending on what skills you steal to boost your stats up. The skills I used for my Phantom for training is Haste (1st Job) + Rage (2nd Job) + Holy Symbol (3rd Job) + Advanced Blessing (4th Job). For bossing, switch Holy Symbol with Concentrate (3rd Job). When you have a Phantom that buffs a Xenon with these skills, the damage raises up to 1.5X . Unbelievable.

  199. Fanboys

    Hi ayumi, what are the pros and cons of phantom? Is phantom considered weak compare to other classes?

  200. WildHeartless

    i only get +20% avoid with feather foot maxed =(

  201. OMG

    Thx Ayumilove.

  202. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi OMG, grab Xenon. Its currently the best all-rounded character with highest damage output. This is followed by Kaiser, Demon Slayer and few other Legendary Heroes + Mechanic + Angelic Buster. Regular adventurer does not deal much damage compared to the latest classes.

  203. OMG

    Ayumilove ! Please help me to choose a job to play based on my favourite.

    1) High Dmg output.
    2) Nice looking skill.
    3) Still OP even wearing beginner eq.

    I currently playing Maplesea server and I am confused with the job in maple. ( I just join maple big family xD) please help me 😀

  204. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Elta, for training purposes I use Haste (1st Job) + Rage (2nd Job) + Holy Symbol (3rd Job) + Sharp Eyes / Weapon Attack Skill (4th Job). If low on HP, switch Rage with Hyper Body (2nd Job) for 40% extra HP temporarily.

  205. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Snowball, thanks for your feedback. Previously, my Phantom is able to do that without canceling the buff.

  206. snowball

    ayumi u cant use both arrow rain and holy symbol in gms cause it takes away the buff once u swap out and it has a delay b4 u can use the swaped skill

  207. elta

    will skills steal work the same way on RED job? cause i only see guide on old school explorer skills. (not really looking very hard coz RED is not out on SEA yet, just tot i would train a phantom in adv before RED comes)

    also, LOVE ur guide. been using it since i came back to maple 3 months ago and train up all the new job that i miss.

    on other note. any skill steal suggestion for solo player? one set for training and one for bossing and other is there just coz it’s FUN.

  208. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Snowball, you can steal skills from another character if they are located in Free Market Room where they set up their shops. Not at the Free Market Lobby that has access to all Free Market Room Portals from 1 to 24.

  209. snowball

    y cant i steal skills when im in fm D:

  210. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi KarmicWolves, Phantom Thief has received their nerfed after they have launched in GMS and MSEA. Don’t get carried away with nerf. Just have fun with it 🙂

  211. KarmicWolves

    Is this pre nerf or post nerf? I played phantom when they first came out and got to 13x, but i lost that account. I had to start over and now they seem to be weak as well or have dps that is rather pathetic. I would be most appreative if you could reply 🙂 Oh and what class would be good if phantoms are so nerfed? I love phantoms, but they got screwed big time.

  212. AngelicLuminous

    Hi ayumilove, I’m pretty sure the hyper skill Mille Aiguilles – Top Speed increases attack speed by 10, not increase number of targets.

  213. Nick

    Hi, I can’t find any information on this, but what do the upgraded secondary weapons (the cards) do? i mean the 4 weapons-Carte magique, Carte Fantasmagique, Carte Magnifique, and Carte Finale. They each are the same except they look different, require different levels, and cost different amounts. For most of the other classes these items give stats, but not for Phantoms. Also, you buy these items from Neville, the Secondary weapon seller in cities. Thanks

  214. Blit

    Buff Mastery works actually, it’s a toggle skill, we just don’t get the passive M. Atk increase.
    It works wonderfully with Final Judgement Draw if you have other ways to extend the duration, endless drain.
    Buff Mastery can be stolen from all 4th job mage.
    Just wondering if there’s anyway to obtain level 13 Buff Mastery?

  215. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi anonymous, I have fixed Piercing Vission Critical Rate from 50% to 30% at Level 20 (MAX LEVEL).

  216. anonymous

    Hi Ayumi, thanks, however, I noticed piercing vision was actually nerfed to 30% at level 20

  217. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi anonymous, I tried with my Phantom (Level 140+) that it does not get the passive effects. It only consider the active effects +40WA (upon buffing up yourself) with Dark Harmony excluding any passive effects.

  218. AngelicLuminous

    you’ll only have the active effect (40 wa)

  219. anonymous

    hm ayumi, if a skill such as dark harmony was stolen, will I have both the effects of +40 WA (active) and ignore 30% def(passive effect from the same skill). Or I only get the +40 WA when using dark harmony?

  220. iFateTwister

    Ayumi can I know why I have extra 4 skill points from 2nd job after maxing all skills?

  221. iFateTwister

    Ayumi please change the 2nd job skills, Devil’s Luck max level is 5, Cane Mastery and Booster is 10

  222. jl94

    Hi Ayumi, comparing the current phantom’s damage with the one before it was nerfed, how much lower is its damage after the post-nerf update? I have a level 96 phantom, so I’m not sure if I should continue to train it or wait for maple to revamp it(which I’m hoping for) Thank you 🙂

  223. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi EpicPootis, you can’t steal passive skills such as Buff Mastery as it will not appear within your steal-skill list.

  224. EpicPootis


    Is it a good idea to steal Buff Mastery from Bishops since they give buff duration +50%? Or does the additional buff duration not apply for Phantom buffs?

    Thanks in advance.

  225. Harry

    I have a Lv. 127 Phantom and I do not have a potential for the purple card… so how do I get one? LOL. (I bought it from the secondary weapon shop since I never got one for free)

  226. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kanna Karma, I have added missing Phantom Hyper Skills today, thanks for the notice 🙂

  227. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kanna Karma, before the Big Bang and Tempest Update, Cleric Heal skill is based on your INT (Intellect, Intelligence, Intelligent Stats) whereas after is based on your min-max damage range. Therefore, more Magic Attack (MA) and INT is always better for increasing your healing potency as a Magician whereas non-Magician would be determined by their primary stats. For Phantom who steals Heal Skill, it would be LUK and Weapon Attack that increases it min-max damage. In short, increase your min-max damage and Cleric’s Heal Skill will replenish one’s HP more.

  228. Kanna Karma

    Ayumi a noticed that when lumi cast his magic boost on me my heal(stolen from bishop) becomes more effective(more heal) does magic attack effect effects wizard skill or does it only apply to heal?

  229. Kanna Karma

    Where’s the hyper skills?

  230. Anon-X


    Just letting you know that in 2nd job, Carte Mille’s master level has been lowered to 15, Devil’s Luck has been lowered to 5, and both Cane Mastery and Cane Booster have been lowered to 10.
    In 3rd job, Final Feint, Mist Mask, and Bad Luck Ward have had their master levels lowered to 10.

    Also, the higher the Final Feint skill is raised, the more HP is recovered when you are revived. At max level, Final Feint restores 100% of HP

  231. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kagami Arata, its not possible to steal Enrage as its a passive skill.

  232. Kagami Arata

    is it possible to steal enrage ?

  233. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Stylofaux, not fun since their damage is a little low. Instead, I use it as my mule to buff up my primary character (Kaiser/Demon Slayer) with stolen party skills such as Advanced Blessing (from Bishop), Rage (from Fighter), Sharp Eyes (from 4th Job Bowman), Haste (from Thief), Hyper Body (from Spearman).

  234. Stylofaux

    Hi Ayumi, are Phantoms still good to play after they get nerfed?

  235. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Passerby, the lock is easy to kill. For me, I stole a range skill from Archer/Pirate and shoot the lock from far since it keeps knocking back me.

  236. passerby

    any tips on how to do 4th job advancement? Maplesea Season 2 patch..advancement is at level 100 and its so hard to kill the lock -_-“

  237. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kagami Arata (anime spring 2013?), open up your Skill Management UI (User Interface) by activating or double clicking the LoadOut skill located in your Beginner Skill Tab. You can assign to LoadOut skill to your Quickslot to make it easier to add and remove a skill. This will pop up the Skill Management UI, from there, you can switch the stolen skills with a different one if you want to keep that skill for other usage.

  238. Kagami Arata

    I stole the wrong skill what can i do ?

  239. Shadow

    Amazing, Thank you for the help. I have a question though…I notice the Max Skill Level on the 4th job is different from what I see when I log in. I have not played maple since July 2012, and even then it was just for 4 days…Now that I am getting “back”…I love the phantom character I have, your guide is so helpful.

  240. Cake

    Hi Ayumi, I was wondering when Phantom will come back to GMS.

  241. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Zakum, I couldn’t give you my opinion on this, maybe someone else will be able to haha. I own a Phantom and its pretty much easier to level up compared to my newbie Battle Mage. Would that be said as more powerful? My Kaiser trains much more easier compared to Angelic Buster, therefore I could say faster leveling = stronger?

  242. Zakum

    Is phanton or battle mage stronger???

  243. Pacman

    Wasnt sure which topic to post on but, ive been using your guides for a little while now and have to say they all extremely good, but im having trouble deciding which class to actually stick with – the fun classes seem to suck damage wise, was just wondering which would be your favorite class overall – damage/fun kinda thing (Im on EMS so dont have hayato/kanna yet)

  244. chun nam

    how to up my pantom damg??

  245. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Speed, thanks for the info. I have tested this before with my Phantom Thief but had not updated the guide yet. Will do so now 🙂

  246. Speed

    “It is commented that Phantom can’t steal skill in Freemarket.” Idk if this is a typo but you CAN steal in free market, you just have to go through the portals first where the stalls are and then you can steal from actual players stalling

  247. Ali Shakeel

    You got a request for audio?

  248. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ali Shakeel, the video does not have audio?

    Hi all, I have done some updates to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th job skill build based on my experience with Phantom job by prioritizing the best skills for faster leveling 🙂

  249. DeSnowy

    @shadow the max level of the skill depends on the person u copied it from. E.g. Your copying skill is 20, but the person u copied a skill from has the skill added only till 17, that means the skill u stole would be 17

  250. shadow

    One other simple question, lets say i copied savage blow and my skill copy is lvl 1, now that i have the skill savage blow, lets say i just used all my SP because i’d saved them all and now i maxed that skill copying skill to max lvl, will that skill(savage blow) become max lvl or do i have to recopy the skill(savage blow) for my skill(savage blow) to take effect to be max lvl?

  251. DeSnowy

    @shadow yes

  252. phantomZX789

    anyone know? if I can SoK or PSoK a persona raven?

  253. shadow

    If i copy a skill can i remove it and replace it with another skill?

    Example-I copied savage blow and now i want to replace it and have holy arrow. Is it possible?

    Also can i copy back that 1st skill b4 i’d replaced it?

    Example-i copied savage blow and now i want to replace it and have holy arrow. But then i decided i want to have back savage blow. Is it possible?

  254. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks DeSnowy for contributing your scrolling techniques! For unfunded players who just started, I would go for a 7 x 100% weapon attack (bought from NPC) or scroll a couple of 60% scrolls if those are obtain from monster drops. Simple way to get at least 5 WA (Weapon Attack Boost).

  255. DeSnowy

    @digit another way to make an equipment good for the not so funded people like myself is to hammer your cane. After that, scroll it with full 60% scrolls (use a clean slate/reverse scroll to recover failed slots). After that use ees to further improve the cane. Take for instance my imperial jester with 114 wa base: 114+(2×10)+(3×3)=143 wa. Hope this helps

  256. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi digit, there is a way to scroll a godly Thief cane but it would cost lots of meso. Usually funded players would try to have at least 3 x 10% stat scrolls success in a row (or use the 30% success rate scroll that has the benefit of 10% Cane Scroll Attack). And the remaining uses 60% scrolls. Also apply 2 x hammer for additional 2 more scrolling slots. If the item is not yet potential, do that first, otherwise you might end up destroying the godly scrolled item. Use Premium Cube to make it EPIC with 3 liner (potential stats) with +18% (6% x 3) attack or with useful buff (example: ignore enemy defense). Too much work for a simple game 😀 I could create a flash game simulator for this lol.

  257. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi WenWen, there are 2 ways to get out. If you have a scroll to the nearest town then use it. Otherwise, sacrifice your character by jumping down from a high platform to reduce health to zero. You will not lose any EXP (experience points) if your character dies in a town area.

  258. digit

    Hi, do you have a guide on how to scroll a godly cane? ie. what scrolls to use etc.

  259. phantomZX789

    Hey anybody know if u can use Scissors of karma or Platinum scissors of karma on persona raven (phantom hat) please reply if u know thx

  260. JuzPassingARemark

    Devil’s luck is only +3 at lvl 1 and +30 at lvl 10

  261. Weewen

    I hv a demon slayer character Name:WeeWen … i stuck in the halloween event! I tried to click NPC bt nothing happens.i cant go out from there…. 🙁 i had tried to click everythings in the map i can. I had stuck in thr since october when the halloween event just start. and i thought i can go out when the event end,but no… HELP !! Does anyone know what’s wrong? Your help would be greatly appreciated. THANKSSSSSSS :(((

  262. Weewen

    I hv a demon slayer character Name:WeeWen … i had trapped in the halloween event! I tried to click NPC bt nothing happens.i cant go out from there…. 🙁 i had tried to click everythings in the map i can. I had trapped in thr since october when the halloween event just start. and i thought i can go out when the event end! HELP !! PLs tel me the way to go out or HACK.. i lik the character so much T_T Pls Help ~THANKSSSSSSSS :(((

  263. Weewen

    I hv a demon slayer character Name:WeeWen … i had trapped in the halloween event! I tried to click NPC bt nothing happens.i cant go out from there…. 🙁 i had tried to click everythings in the map i can. I had trapped in thr since october when the halloween event just start. and i thought i can go out when the event end! HELP !! PLs tel me the way to go out or HACK.. i lik the character so much T_T THANKSSSSSSSS :(((

  264. RaikaZero

    Same I hate to say it investing so many points in Blason and not using it is kinda stupid. Still not using Mille as much, just using some stolen skills like Chain Lightning. So much more effective.

  265. Crying Phantom

    Yea, i totally agree. Im 132 now, and i barely even touch Blason… Honestly Mille is much faster :X i wish i were pumping my skills according to your recommendation 🙁
    Btw, good job on your guide. It really helps alot!

  266. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Crying and Alzert, my Phantom also maxes Blason because I used it more often than Rapier Wit lol. But Blason would be replaced with Mille Aiguilles in 4th Job whereas Blason damage increases with the 4th job Penumbre. If you don’t intend to level much on 4th Job but just have some fun instead of being worried of each and every skills, just max Blason Fantome. It does not affect much.

  267. Crying Phantom

    Yea, like Kenneth, i max Blason, coz i dont usually use rapier wit alot.. Blason had been my main attacking skill. What do you think?

  268. Alzert

    I wan to ask something, if my phantom thief stole and copy other adventurer job skill. Can i remove out from the slot from loadout skill?

  269. Kenneth

    I accidentaly max Blason , izzit affect much ?

  270. Ayumilove Post author

    See the LIST OF SKILL THAT ARE RECOMMENDED TO STEAL/COPY FOR PHANTOM THIEF. It is located in the middle of the guide. For casual players, just use the auto-ap distribution. It will automatically not add any DEX if your equipment provides more DEX on that particular level. Otherwise, if you have some future planning on how your character should be develop, assuming you have some other account that has scrolled equipment with LUK/DEX, then you can cap it depending on how much LUK/DEX it would provide.

  271. Onyxfreak

    Hi! :D. can i know what is the best skill for phantom to steal from 1st job – 4th job? couse im a little confused o.o. btw, should i cap my dex at 70 or below if im not a funded player?

  272. pie-is-awesome

    I think Phantom is a hero @above. ^-^

  273. Vincent

    what is phantom catageory ? legend ? adventure ? Cynus ? or Risistance? , from what i see is legend

  274. poll

    do you know when phantom comes out in maplesea?

  275. poll

    can you use all 1st job skills at 1 time or must you do 1 by 1?
    can you macro the copied skills?

  276. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nameless: Phantom Thief can’st steal Shadow Partner because its a summon.

  277. Nameless

    HI ayumi,i would like to ask if phantom steals shadow patner,can it stack wif rapid fire and shoot double???

  278. KK

    Other than RapidFire what else we can steal? What is the difference between RapidFire and Hurricane? Which is the better?

  279. Joel Yap Qi Hong

    Can you make a 4th job skill build for those who can’t afford buying skill books? o-o

  280. Bleh

    When i equip a dagger, the card doesnt get unequipped, and i can still use impeccable mamory 1 2 and 3. Is this supposed to happen?

  281. Hua

    Note: Carte Blanche works when your Phantom is Lv30~120. Once you have completed your 4th Job Advancement your Judgment Draw/Deck gets upgraded, 1 SP will be automatically added into the skill Carte Noire.

    Carte Noire will replace Carte Blanche from now on.

  282. Hua

    I have tested it with a Lv30 and a Lv120 card. My result: I don’t see any difference. The Deck fills up at the same speed rate regardless which Lv card you use.

    Like I said before the skills Carte Blanche and Carte Noire (and your Critical Rate) determines how fast you charges up your Deck.

    The skill descriptions tells you what it does: Upon a succesfull critical attack, card appears at % chance.

    The higher your Critical Rate + maxed skills for both, the faster your Deck gets filled up.

    Well I know you tried to provide information, but the thing that disturbs, is you came here as: I have a Phantom and that you know a thing or two. If you want to provide information, you do need to make sure things are correct.

    If you still thinks the Lv120 card fills up the Deck faster than a lower Lv card, go test it again.

  283. Hua

    I am training my Phantom too, whether you knew that or not about the Deck that got upgraded from 20 to 40, you didn’t pay attention to it xD.

    And I am still unsure about how much faster your deck gets charged up with higher level cards. If it really works like that.

    I am using a Lv30 card at moment (I do have a Lv120, I will transfer it later) and it charges my Deck to maximum capacity very fast.

    Anyway if your info is correct about the cards, there should be more people who know about this. So they can support your info.

    My Phantom is currently 158 (I could have been 164 at least) I am staying at Lv158/159 for Azwan. So I can choose to solo or to party to get my Honor EXP. I won’t be able to solo if I wanted to if I was Lv160 (Attack – Hard Mode). Not sure what your level is but if you are below my level, pretty sure you will pass my level. 😛

    I am working on my Honor, trying to get it to Lv70. (currently Lv52)

  284. Deity

    Well, I’m still training with my phantom actually (makes frustrated face) so I didn’t know that (ikr) so thanks for that. Also, where I’m getting this information from… ME! :p

  285. Deity

    No problem, besides, lots of people think that’s what cards do. P.S. I’m actually a sort of fan since you give the best info on maplestory

  286. Hua


    ‘Also, the last shield you buy will increase your card deck from 20 cards to 40 cards.’

    This is wrong. When your phantom gets the 4th Job Advancement your Deck gets upgraded to 40. That is because the Judgment Draw skill gets upgraded.

    And my Phantom is still using a Lv30 card, and yes my Deck has 40 cards.

    and this ‘each new shield increases how fast you get cards’…
    I didn’t know about that. But where do you get this information?

    So far I know only these two skills helps you charge up your Deck faster:
    Carte Blanc and Carte Noire.

    Just like Ayumilove I thought the cards were only for Potential stats.

  287. Ayumilove Post author


    Thanks for the information! I’ll be adding it to the guide above! I thought cards are only for Potential Stats.

  288. Deity

    Sorry about that, but what I was saying was you can buy new shields from the weapon and armor seller on the lumiere. The shields are actually your cards, and you only need to be a certain level just to buy them-which means you don’t need a quest to get them (about time a shield like that came up). Also, the last shield you buy will increase your card deck from 20 cards to 40 cards. AND (yes I’m still going) each new shield increases how fast you get cards. Please add this information as it is VERY important to players who need more chances to use Judgment Draw. Thank you.

  289. Deity

    Excuse me, but I have a Phantom and I found out y

  290. ConfusedRaika

    The Cooldown starts when you die & what class has Continual Aiming?

  291. Ayumilove Post author

    @anonymous: Thanks for the notice! I have corrected Final Feint skill description.

  292. anonymous

    you got final feint wrong. the skill stays on until you die, not 5-100 seconds. also the cool down is wrong, at lvl 1 its 1755 seconds and at 20 its 900 seconds. the buff will stay and when you will die you will revive with X% of your health. X being 5*skill level.
    cool down takes effect at the second you cast it or at the second you die.

  293. ConfusedRaika

    Chirstine, the skills that Phantom used at the begining were just effects (or the stuff they do in movies.) This is explained to you by the manservant on the Lumiere after the first quest.

    P.S The prequest for Zakum is broken for Phantom because you need to ask a job instuctor to allow you yet the thief instuctor doesn’t think your a thief.

  294. Ayumilove Post author

    You are right Christine! Good Catch! Phantom was using some 4th Job Skill Moves such as Bowmaster’s Storm of Arrows (aka Hurricane). A flaw? Hahaha

  295. Christine

    uhm…. in the cut scene when phantom confronts hilla, HE’S ONLY LVL 10 HOW DOES HE USE IMPECCABLE MEMORY 1,2,3 AND 4??????????????

  296. Calvin

    Hello Ayumi,

    There has been some changes into the skills such as the names, damage, etc. but I will name some that are off of the top of my head.

    Blason Fantome > Blason.
    Penombre’s Level 1 damage is now 505% and Level 30 is 600% damage.
    Aria Amour and Pouvoir Emprunte have been changed to something funky. Just thought I’d help you out with the updated skills for Phantom. 🙂

  297. Hua

    ‘hi Hua, that is strange for Phantom, usually it should pop up a warning message stating that its not recommended to use SP from higher jobs into lower jobs.’

    Hi Ayumilove,

    It is not for every job like that. It is the same for Evan, Mercedes, Demon Slayer and I am sure more jobs has this (I think the all jobs from Resistance Class, so Battle Mage and Mechanic too).

  298. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi anonymous,

    After checking the internet regarding dodge and avoid, both are not mix together but calculated differently.

    If you play or seen Shadower/Night-Lord (4th Job Thief) in action, they have this skill called Shadow Shifter. What this skill does is dodge enemy attacks. If dodge is successful, they will do a F2 (Happy-Smiling Face). Example: Shadow Shifter has 40% Dodge Rate at max level, in short 40% chance to dodge/avoid that attack.

    If their Shadow Shifter wasn’t able to dodge that attack, the Avoid Rate Formula kicks in, computing your Avoid Rate vs Monster’s Accuracy using square root formula. SquareRoot(Your-Avoid) subtracting SquareRoot(Monster-Accuracy) gives a raw Dodge Rate. Example: You have 400 avoid and monster has 9 accuracy, squarerooting both will give 20 vs 7. Subtracting each other (20-3=17) gives 17% Secondary Dodge.

    If monster dodges that 17% secondary dodge, it will show up a MISS symbol.

    Considering if you have skill and equipment that has Avoidability %, it will multiply that secondary dodge rate. Example: All your avoidability skills plus scrolled equipment gives a total of +50% Avoidability, therefore 17% * 1.5 gives 25.5% dodge rate.

    Take note that MapleStory Avoidability Formula also factors in LUK (Luck) and DEX (Dexterity) when determining whether a monster can hit you with its accuracy. Since Phantom has 70% Avoidability from skills alone plus high luck (LUK), he/she will be easily dodging enemies with that too, much more than an Adventurer/Explorer thief as it is a Legendary Thief from the past.

    MapleStory Formula might have changed after Pre-BB and Post-BB (BB = Big Bang Update/Patch), so the formula above might differ.

  299. passerby

    ty ayumi
    ya same like merc the starting skill is weird since i bang into the mobs which cuz lots of hp…escpecially the high ones

    for jester i can nvr enter the mansion there keep say u cant enter.. i dun remember nid do any quest for it so i was wondering must u hav a certain lvl or fame requirements?

  300. Ayumilove Post author

    hi Hua, that is strange for Phantom, usually it should pop up a warning message stating that its not recommended to use SP from higher jobs into lower jobs.

  301. Hua

    A quote from your 4th Job build.
    ‘Dump remaining SP into 2nd/3rd job skill if you see fit.’

    Phantoms can’t put higher job advancement SP into lower job advancement skills. At the moment I have unused 30 SP in 4th Job, it shows 0 SP in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Job.

  302. anonymous

    actually you know? i checked again and the skills other then 3rd job say avoid rate and 3rd job mist mask says dodge rate, so i figured it works like this:
    you have 70% avoid rate, if the monster happen to hit you, you have 30% chance to dodge the hit. that gives us a total 79% avoid rate.

  303. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi anonymous, probably won’t auto-ban unless hack is used 🙂

  304. anonymous

    so what does that leave us with? 100% or 95% or auto-ban? XD

  305. Ayumilove Post author

    Oh yeah, I miss that out. It should be 100% Avoid then. However, MapleStory formula does not permit 100% Avoid, at maximum is 95% Avoid because previously hackers took advantage of 100% Avoid as God Mode. If you can’t be hit by monsters for x number of times, MapleStory will force 1 attack that has 100% accuracy to hit your character to proof you are not hacking, otherwise you will be auto-ban.

  306. anonymous

    Ayumilove, what about mist mask for 3rd job? it says Permanently increases dodge rate

  307. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anonymous, They only have 70% avoid.
    job0 : Dextrous Training (20%)
    job1 : Feather Foot (30%)
    job4 : Carte Noir (20%)

  308. anonymous

    so basically after 4th job they have 100% avoid?
    job 0-20%
    job I-30%
    job III=30%
    job IV=20%

  309. Ayumilove Post author

    The guide is to max everything except Blason Fantome. Final Feint is maxed followed by Mist Mask.

  310. Please Answer quick

    Sorry, I meant mist mask. Anyhow, I would personally take +60 luk over 30% dodge rate. Can I have your opinion?

  311. Please Answer quick

    So you’re saying not to put anything into final feint? Im confused as to why not. I would think that it would be more useful then maxing Mist max because of the added 60 luk.

  312. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks for the notice Passerby, I have now included Judgement into the skill build. Actually, its maxed just before Vortex of Doom. For me, I just use Dark Thrust (2nd Job Rush skill) + Carrion Breath. Much more effective in terms of using Fury. As long as your Fury skills can kill them, it allows you to spam Fury skills all the way without using Slash. If the combo technique as mentioned by others can kill them easily compared to slashing while allowing you to spam often, use that instead.

  313. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Passerby,

    You can max Rapier Wit first or last, depending on where you train. If you train in a large map, go with Carte Mille + Rapier Wit combo (there is a large delay after casting both of them), so hopefully you can kill those mobs in those 2 skills. For me, I prefer maxing Blason Fantome since I train on powerful mobs and rushing through them with Rapier Wit might get myself hurt from their retaliation.

    For Jesters, go to NLC (New Leaf City), take the White Limousine Cab to the Haunted House (Mansion), enter inside, and go to the highest platform where you can see the fireplace, stand there and press UP. This will teleport you to the chimney area where there are springs that rocket you up. Twisted Jesters is located on the highest platform.

  314. passerby

    oh ty but maxing raper wit last is that gud? i thought maybe cap blason last?

    *i really hope you could answer my other questions 🙁

  315. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Passerby,

    Yes, it makes a very powerful skill. I’ll have to update my Phantom guide again. Thanks for the note 🙂 Personally, I train without using much Rapier Wit, just Phantom Swiftness and Mille Aiguilles in a small-medium size map.

    Regarding Nautilus Strike, it deals awesome damage but the cooldown is what makes it not suitable for training apart from just flashing it around.

  316. passerby

    and also 1 more thing demon slayer skill vengence just deal dmg to mob that hits him rite doesnt incereases its def rite?

  317. passerby

    hey ayumi,
    1st and foremost all ur guides are pratcially awesome! ty very much
    but i would like to ask a few things :
    -on 3rd job u ask not to add raper wit but when i see on 4th job penombre adds its base atck by up to 50% dmg wont that make it a very powerful skill since it can be comboed with penombre?
    -for canonner u ask not to max nautilus strike but instead max MW and Hero’s Will (i remmerbered ther’s one place u posted b4 that tis 2 skill can be given off by a bs and therefore not that esential to be max as u had not recommend it to max by a merc
    -for demon slayer, u did not add judgement at all and vortex of doom is not max, i read other places about a combo where ppl use vortex to pull mob close to u, use carion breath den finish them off with judgement so i was wondering whether is this gud or not
    -how to get to jester?(i know it is inside the haunted mansion but i cant seem to enter the mansion)
    *i hope u can help me ps if not all question about phantom 😛

  318. Ayumilove Post author

    Good idea serbester! I haven’t seen anyone done that before, you could be the first person to try stealing Priest Door 🙂

  319. serbester

    can phantom steal Priest`s door?

  320. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Tyson,
    I think Phantom canes *magically* transforms into the weapon such as wand when casting magician spells or transforms into spear when using dragon knight skills.

  321. Tyson

    Whoops! Sorry, I was under the impression that the Phantom could equip other weapons (Claw, wand, etc.) if he had stolen the Mastery for it. Nevermind!

  322. serbester

    thx,now i understand. Last question, is there any way skill to go over the `cancel weapon attack buff`

  323. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi serbester,
    The throwing cards should be Phantom’s version of Final Attack where every critical attack has a chance to trigger auto-throw card. This skill is known as Carte Blanc.

  324. serbester

    because i see some youtube video with ppl throwing cards and using rapid fire, dunno leh, hhahah

  325. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Tyson,
    Thanks for your appreciation! Regarding your question, what do you mean by best weapon? Do you mean which Canes that Phantom should use?

  326. Tyson

    Oh, and what’s the best weapon for Phantom?

  327. Tyson

    I’d just like to really thank you Ayumilove! It’s your guides that have gotten me back into Maplestory and I wanted to compliment how well-written and effective they are. Keep up the good work and an extra thanks for being so active in the reply box too!

  328. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ConfuseRaik,
    Thanks for the info! The next best place you can steal is probably at Party Quest Lobby Area, where everyone meets up to join party and perform the quest together.

  329. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi serbester,

    I believe you can’t use 2 active skills at once.

  330. serbester

    can use use tempest and Rapid fire at the same time? Thanks.

  331. ConfusedRaika

    P.S You can’t use Skill swipe in Free Market. I’ve tried.

  332. ConfusedRaika

    The Pirate skills are still messed up in GMS you can’t steal good ones yet. Not till the pirate revamp that is.

  333. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ConfusedRaik,

    Perhaps that Phantom was using Buccaneer’s Dark Clarity (Pirate’s 2nd Job Skill) which buffs yourself with +30 Weapon Attack but also increases their accuracy too, which is much better than Warrior Rage. The icon of Dark Clarity is same as Jett’s Dark Clarity.

    Admiral Wings is a Marauder Skill (Pirate 3rd Job Skill) which reduces damage taken when enemy attacks you. Its a supportive skill that acts similarly to Warrior 4th Job Achilles Passive Skill.

  334. ConfusedRaika

    On one videos the Phantom had a Jett/or what koreans have. From the skill icon, it looks like the Jett skill that gives 30ATT.

    P.S What is Admiral’s Wings in GMS?

  335. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi OnceAnonATim!
    Rapier Wit is actually capped. Sorry if it confuses you. I’ll reword the paragraph now to avoid others being confused too.

    Regarding the list of skills that Phantom can steal, the ones mentioned here are the ones recommended (top picked). There are lots more that can be mentioned but aren’t worth to be copied. You can view the Adventurer Skill Builds here for the list of other ACTIVE and SUPPORTIVE skills.

  336. OnceAnonATime

    Also, are all the skills you listed for Skill Swipe the recommended ones, while the ones with the asterisk being the highest recommended, or they the ONLY ones you can steal for each job, with the skill with the asterisk being the recommended one? Thanks! Also, great job with the whole phantom skill build guide. I’ll be sure to check out the rest. 🙂

  337. OnceAnonATime

    “Skill Build:
    1. Add 1 SP into Blason Fantome, Rapier Wit and Impeccable Memory III….
    5. Dump remaining SP into Rapier Wit.
    If you are a solo training person, you can steal AOE skill that hits enemies from both sides such as Arrow Eruption from Archer. If you are uninterested in any other job skills, max Rapier Wit, Piercing Vision and Impeccable Memory III after Blason Fantome is maxed.”

    **You said to dump the remaining SP into Rapier Wit, but then you said to max Rapier Wit.. I’m confused. And if you meant to max it IF I’m uninterested in other job skills, how would that make you end up maxing Rapier Wit. Please explain. Thanks!

  338. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ad,
    Try disabling that skill in the Loadout, switch into something else. If that does not work, remove the Lucky Seven skill and try again.

  339. ad

    Hey Ayumi,

    since i “stole” the Lucky Seven-skill from an Nightwalker and changed weapon to a claw, I can’t use the Double Entendre anymore, even if i switch back to my original weapon. Please help and tell me what I can do?

  340. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kyle, MapleStory Nexon has their own formula to calculate the heal amount. Try stealing a cleric’s heal and drain your health by bumping into monsters and then healing. See the link between your damage range and how much health is being restored. You could have your party members to join this fun experiment too and share the results here 🙂

  341. Kyle

    so if phantom steals heal from a cleric with lvl 20 impeccable memory II will the heal amount be based on his INT then? Because clerics use INT to determine its heal amount.

  342. Cookie

    @xoreos123. Drop money on the lader and jump over the guard from the top of the ladder.

  343. Darren

    Hey Ayumi, I’m wondering… Are you still continuing to make Hackerstory v2? Sorry if I might be late. I just have to know.

  344. xOreos123

    Hi Ayumi, I dont get how to bypass those guard in the first quest for the Phantom.. Any advice or techniques ?

  345. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi all, updated Phantom Thief skills with the Official Skill Names released by GMS Renegade/Justice Patch July 9 2012.

  346. ........

    ehh 1 small thing at 2nd job haste there’s (Thief) Haste: Temporarily increases Max HP and Max MP. should be 40 speed and 20 jump

  347. LadyElle

    What do you think is the best weapon for the phantom?!?!?!?

  348. Demon

    awww thats bad… and if i stoled a skill like haste and i am 3rd job for example can i delete this skill and get another? for first job?

  349. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Demon, you can’t steal any other job skill apart from 5 Adventurers/Explorers (Warrior, Bowman, Archer, Thief, Pirate). Also, you can’t steal from Special Adventurer such as Dual Blade, Cannoneer (Cannon Shooter), Jett.

  350. Demon

    i can steal only adcentures skill? like i cant steal mercedes or so skills?

  351. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Randomone, I have corrected Phantom 3rd Job Skill Build 🙂

  352. mozkr

    i wanted to ask you something, i saw that in total for the first job you need 65 skill points to max all but i think you only get 61 total, does phantom gets additional sp???

  353. Randomone

    Hey Ayum, I think you got a mistake and you should max Luck of the thief Phantom, instead of it you should simply not max phantom charge which is a useless skill anyway.

  354. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nolan, its said that you can steal attack skills from the 5 adventurers, why not give it a try in MapleStory?

  355. Nolan

    What type of skills can you steal? LIke can i steal a Attack from a Pirate Exp: Double shot?

  356. Ayumilove Post author

    Corrected Phantom Storyline!

  357. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Silver, the buff will disappear from you but remain on your party members. To answer your second question, the skill you stolen/copied from someone else will based on the Talent of Thief Level. So if the person Hyperbody is max, but your Talent of Thief is level 1, you only get Level 1 Hyperbody.

  358. Silver

    PD: If you steal from another character fron anyone else, u will steal that person skill lvl? or depending on which level you have your talent?

  359. Silver

    Can you use a Buff skill (ej. Hyperbody) and then switch to an active skill (ej. Threaten)? I mean, the buff still works? or dissapears?

  360. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Randoms,
    Actually Phantom Thief simply copies the skill from someone else, not stealing away from them 😀

  361. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Randoms,
    Actually Phantom Thief simply copies the skill from someone else, not stealing away from them 😀

  362. Randoms

    Will the person that gets his/her skill taken by a phantom lose that skill forever?

  363. Ayumilove Post author

    You are right Ikraie! But MapleStory has to make Phantom Thief job more appealing to get more crowd to play the game, otherwise it gets boring using the same skills with different skill animations 🙂

  364. lkraie

    I sincerely believe that MS should nerf the 4th job spell steal to lvl 20 each.. too overpowered!

  365. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi pewpewranger, Luck of Phantom Thief grants passive LUK and if its cast (activated), it will grant you a protective buff, like a life insurance! So if you die during the buff is on, you will get full health, and it will start its cooldown. This cooldown is to prevent you from spamming this skill (if you try to kill yourself purposely) You won’t get more permanent LUK added if you die though, just think of it as a passive buff.

  366. pewpewranger

    the skill ” Luck of Phantom Thief Luck of Phantom Thief (Supportive)
    If you die during this buff is on, this buff will be removed and your health will be restored instantly with full health. Also passively increases base LUK (Luck)
    LV1: MP -300, Buff lasts for 5 sec. Cooldown 1155 sec. +3 LUK.
    LV20: MP -300, Buff lasts for 100 sec. Cooldown 300 sec. +60 LUK. ” is the luk added permanent? if that is so is it possible to keep on dying and adding luk?

  367. Snowboy8

    Justice comes out B4 Phantom, so Denny is right, haste is first job. Cards are used by certain skills and also act like Final Att, if u hit a Crit you will also attack the monster with a card.
    Steal build:
    1st job: Haste, Iron will, MG,
    2nd job: HB, Rage/Mental clarity/Karma (all rase att by 30),Heal/Bless or thunder bolt (faster training)
    3rd job: Combo Attack, HS, Combat orders
    4th job: Adv bless/SE, Chain lightning or Rapid fire (training or bossing)

    *Note: if GMS keeps PVP (highly unlikely)HB, CO and SE lose some of their usefulness

  368. Ayumilove Post author

    Phantom Thief uses “Cards” to attack enemies. These “cards” is skill-based. The cards are generated from each successful attack of a particular similarly to Crusader’s Combo Attack. It can’t be bought from shop like Arrows.

  369. DualBLDR2

    What does it mean by “cards”?
    Do you have to buy them from stores like arrows?

  370. Ksmdndndnej

    So how many extra skill points do you have at the end of fourth job?

  371. NasiPadprik

    I thought, with the max magic mastery, all Magician attacking skills will be improved in damage. Otherwise, the damage will be very low sometimes right? Therefore, your damage of skills that you steal is basicly depends on ur attack range right?

  372. Ayumilove Post author

    MapleStory Magic Mastery is based on the skill level, not weapon mastery. Assuming mirrored/stolen skill is Magic Claw, and Phantom Thief’s Copying Skill is at level 20, that Magic Claw is as strong as original Magician’s Level 20 Magic Claw.

  373. NasiPadprik

    So, if you steal Mage attacking skills, does damage will be low since no magic mastery? Or the damage is still high as it follows ur weapon mastery?

  374. ClewBird

    Wow nice, you used my video! 🙂
    Thank you!

    Nice job on this detailed overview on Phantom job!

  375. ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dylan,

    Since Phantom is originally a Thief, their attack will based on Physical Attack even though they copy and use Magician skills.

  376. Dylan

    Does the phantom Magic Attack or Physical Attack?

  377. S0ulWalk

    Hey ayumilove, I have one other question (I am actually anonymous). What is the max level for blanc carte, as in is it 10 or 20? Because of it is 10. Then every 2nd job skill can be maxed with 2 points left over. However if it is 20, then one skill will be left unmaxed in 2nd job, and one skill in 4th job also cannot be maxed since there’s no extra SP.


  378. ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for the Sharp Eyes!
    I have corrected Talent of Phantom Thief IV Master Level from 20 to 30.

  379. Anonymous

    Ummm… Ayumilove, isn’t the master level for Talent of Phantom Thief IV 30? That would mean that if you utilise the 2 leftover SP from 2nd Job, you can max everything except for one 3rd job skill that would be left at level 11.

  380. ayumilove Post author

    Hey Denny, GMS have not patch to Justice yet right? Therefore, Haste will still be on 2nd Job for Thief.

  381. Denny

    Also, Haste is now a 1st Job skill.

  382. Denny

    Personally, I can’t wait until Phantom is going to be released in GMS.