MapleStory Abbreviations

Phantom Thief tries to sell a Level 140 Dual Bow Gun with 180 weapon attack +90% damage from potential. Sadly, Mercedes is confused with MapleStory jargon.

Have you ever come across a word/phrase in MapleStory that you don’t know what it means? You can find the meaning by searching through this MapleStory Abbreviation List! Use CTRL+F to locate the term quickly. This online-slang chat guide is to help new players or senior players who came back after a long break, not to get lost in MapleStory typical conversations (forum or ingame).

If you found a new term used in Maplestory, share with us by posting a comment!

Party Quest

MapleStory Boss Abbreviations

AHMA: Angeo. Zipangu Mini Boss.
BF: Bigfoot.
cZak: Chaos Zakum
CRIMSON / CROG / Rog: Crimson Balrog. Ship Mini Boss.
GRANDPA: Grandpa. Zipangu Mini Boss.
HT: Horntail. Second most powerful boss monster.
MUSHDAD: Blue Mushmom.
MM: Mushmom. Henesys Mini Boss found in ‘Someone Else’s House’.
PAP / CLOCK: Papulatus. Mini Boss found deep within Ludibrium’s Clock Tower.
PB: Pink Bean. Most Powerful Boss in Timeless Temple.
Sca / SCAR: Scarlion. 1 of the 2 Malaysia boss, another 1 is Targa.
Tar: Targa
Tengu: Black Crow (Mythical God of Wind)
ZMM: Zombie Mushmom. Sleepywood Mini Boss.
ZK / ZAK: Zakum. El Nath Boss.

MapleStory Chat Abbreviations

In-Game / Forum Chat

AoE: Area of Effect (a skill that hits multiple enemies within explosion range)
ATM: At the moment
A>: Auctioning item
AFK: Away From Keyboard
B / Bil: Billion
B>: Buying item
BB: Big Bang Patch
BF: Boy Friend
BL: Buddy List
BRB: Be Right Back
BRT: Be right there.
BL: Buddy List
BTW: by the way
BS: Bull shit
Buff: Supportive skills (Example: Haste, Bless, Hyperbody, Holy Symbol)
CC: Change Channel
CFM: Confirm
CHIONG: The act of training extrememly rushingly / quickly / leveling quickly
CS: Cash Shop
CTF: Capture The Flag
CYA: See you later
EQ: Equipment
DC or D/C: Disconnected
DW: Don’t worry
DIAO: F**K (vulgar word)
F>: Finding for “something” (Example: PT / BF / GF / PRZ / ETC)
FFF: Fight For First
FTW: For the Win
FYI: For your information.
GF: Girl Friend
GG: Good Game
G2G: Got to Go
GRATZ / GRATS / Gx / Gr: Congratulations
HAIZ: Embarassed / Frustrated / Annoyed
1HKO: 1 hit knock-out (1 hit to kill monster)
2HKO: 2 hit knock-out (2 hits to kill monster)
HO: Hold on.
H/O: Highest Offer
IDC: I don’t care.
IDK: I don’t know.
IDR: I don’t remember.
IGN: In-Game Name .
IIRC: If I remember/recall correctly.
IMO: In My Opinion.
IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
J>: Joining
KS: Kill Steal (A very rude act in Maple and almost every MMORPG)
L> / LF> : Looking for [object]
L/N/O: Leave Name and Offer
LEECH: Party with a person who trains while you are doing nothing but get free exp.
LMAO: Laugh my a$$ off
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
LOOT: Taking items from monsters killed by your party members or strangers
M / Mil: Million
Mir: Miracle (Miracle Cube on an item or refers to Miracle Scroll)
OMG: Oh my God
OMW: On my way
MEGA: Megaphone
MTS: Maplestory Trading System
NEGO: Negotiate
NUB: Noob
OFFER: Ask the other person to offer (mesos,items etc) on a selling item
PC: Price Check for an item before buying or selling an item
PS / PAISEH: Feel embarassed / Sorry (this is a dialect)
PLS / PLZ: Please
PP / PPL: People
PRO: Professional
PT: Party
QFT: Quote for Truth
R>: Recruiting guide members
RL: Real Life
ROFL: Roll on the floor laughing
S>: Selling
SC: Server Check
SLACK: The exact opposite of “Chiong”
SLOT: “Got slot at bain?” ask for any available space to join them training in Zipangu: Armory.
smega: Super Megaphone
SRY: Sorry
SS: Screenshot
T>: Trading
TQ / TY / THX / THNKS / TKS: Thank You or Thanks
TS: Thread Starter (The person who starts a forum thread/post)
TTYL: Talk To You Later
TW: Trade Win
U/H: Unhammered
UP JOB: Job Advancement
Uplorry: Suspended / Banned
Vending: Going AFK while using a Shop Permit to sell items (overnight)
Vent: Ventrillo
WOT: Wall of Text
WTB: Want to Buy
WTS: Want to Sell
WTH: What the Hell
WT / WOOT: Hurray or Yay O.o
w/ : with
w/o : without
ZZZ: lame? (not sleepy)

MapleStory Equipment Abbreviations

Sword (One-Handed / Two-Handed)

DC Sword: Diao Chan Sword (It’s not “Disconnected Sword”)
B Scrm: Blue Screamer
H Gate: Heaven’s Gate
M SS: Maple SoulSinger
M Swd: Maple Sword
R Wp: Red Whip
Rigbol / Rib: Ribgol Sword (Stonetooth Sword)


HS: Holy Spear
OS: Omega Spear
FS: Fish Spear
M Imp:Maple Impaler
Zc: Zeco
Rdm: Redemption
FF: Fairfrozen
PNK: Pinaka
(First letter of color) SkiColor) Ski

Pole Arm

9D: The Nine Dragons
GldD: The Gold Dragon
HSly: Hell Slayer
Eclp: Eclispe
Evis: Eviscerator
Aq Sb: Aqua Snowboard
Sky Sb:Sky Snowboard
D Sb: Dark Snowboard
Svr Sb: Silver Snowboard
BSB: Blood Snowboard
G Sb: Gold Snowboard
SSB: Super Snowboard
PSB : Purple Surf Board
R Rose: Red Valentine Rose
Y Rose: Yellow Valentine Rose
B Rose: Blue Valentine Rose
W Rose: White Valentine Rose
M Sc: Maple Scorpio
GYPA: Guan Yu Pole Arm

Wands; Staff

Crm: Cromi
Arc: Arc Staff
DRit: Dark Ritual
Kge: Kage
EW: Evil Wings
Codar / MC: MagicCodar
T: Thorns
H Fan: Hinomaru Fan
C Wand: Crystal Wand
M Stf: Maple Staff
M LStf/M Lama: Maple Lama Staff
ZGL Wand: Zhu-Ge-Liang Wand
SQ Stf: Sun Quan Staff
Marine: Blue Marine


K Fan: Korean Fan
LB Dagger: Liu Bei Dagger
Lz Dagger: Lozenge Dagger
Kd: Kandine
Cs: Cass
R Clw: Reef Claw
AB: Angelic Betrayal
DT: Dragon Tail
Csy: Cursayer
Vk: Varkit
Gph: Gephart
Bzd: Bazlud
Wagner: Maple Wagner


Avrce: (Color) Avarice
Cst: Casters
D Sleve: Dragon Green/Purple Sleve
Dayo / Kandayo: Maple Kandayo
Mamba: Black Mamba
M Claw: Maple Claw
Musashi/MSS: Musashi Claw
R Cvn/Craven: Red Craven
Rab: Scarab
Scrb: (Color) Scarab

Blunt Weapon(One-Handed & Two-Handed)

H Justice: Heaven’s Justice
B Hammer: Battle Hammer
S Bottle/Sake: Sake Bottle
M DS: Maple DoomSinger
Lmite: Leomite
MStar: The Morning Star
GS Hammer: Golden Smith Hammer
B Tube: Blue Flowery Tube
Blk Tube: Black Tube
R Tube: Red Flowery Tube
Rescue Tube: Emergency Rescue Tube
Color Tube: Colorful Tube
Lolly: Lollipop
Pan: Frying Pan
P Tube: Purple Tube
Jck: Jacker
K Mace: Knuckle Mace
Jdgemnt: The Judgement
B Jdgemnt: Bent Judgement
Tms: Tamus
R Hammer: Ruin Hammer

Axe(One-Handed & Two-Handed)

M Axe: Mithrill Axe
G Brush: Green Paint Brush
B Brush/Blk Brush: Black Paint Brush
Dkke: Dankke
Hoop: Hula Hoop
B Cnter: Blue Counter
Vfns: Vifennis
Toma/Tmk: Tomahawk
Rise: The Rising
Hwk Hd: Hawk head
Hls: Helios
C Axe: Colonian Axe


Mts: Metus
R Vpr: Red Viper
Vltr / V2k: Vaulter 2000
Rdn: Ryden
M Bow: Maple Bow
M Soul: Maple Soul Searcher

Common Equipment

AB: Angelic Blessing (Crafted Ring)
BR: Bath Robe
BWG: Brown Work Gloves
cilbis: Crystal Ilbis
czk: Chaos Zakum Helm
DABR: Dark Angelic Blessing Ring
DepStar: Silver Deputy Star
FS: Facestomper
MoN: Mark of Naracain
MMB: Mystery Mastery Book
GFA: Glove For Attack
HTN: Horntail Necklace (same as HTP: Horntail Pendant)
PC: Pink Cape
PAC: Pink Attack Cape
Pots: Potions
PuAC: Purple Adventurer Cape
shelm / Scar Helm: Scarlion Helm
VSS: Violet Snowshoe
WABR: White Angelic Blessing Ring
WG: Work Glove
YAC: Yellow Attack Cape
YSS: Yellow Snow Shoes
Z-Helm / zHelm: Zakum Helm / Helmet

Armors and Accessories

ABR: Angelic Blessing Ring
ID: Identity (lv 60 thief hat)
SMG: Strong Machine Glove

Freemarket / Cash Items

PoT: Piece of Time
SoK: Scissors of Karma (Convert items into tradeable (only allow 1 trade)
p.Sok: Platinum Scissor of Karma (Similar to SoK but applies to Mount, Medal)
VH: Vicious Hammer (add +1 slot to equipment)
Gacha: Gachapon
Ringer: Welcome Back Ring (a ring rewarded to players who played 2 years ago)
MoN: Mark Of Narcain
EES: Equip Enhance Scroll
AEES: Advance Equip Enhance Scroll
APS: Advance Potential Scroll

MapleStory Job Class Abbreviations

AB: Angelic Buster
BaM: Battle Mage
Banditsin: Bandit with max Lucky 7
BM: Bow Master
BT: Beast Tamer
Bucc: Buccaneer
CAPT: Captain
CB: Chief Bandit
CK: Cygnus Knights (same as KOC: Knights of Cygnus)
CS: Cannon Shooter
CRUS: Crussader
DA: Demon Avenger
DB: Dual Blader
DIT: Bandit
DK: Dragon Knight, Dark Knight
DRK: Dark Knight
DS: Demon Slayer
F/P: Fire Poison Mage (Class)
FIZARD: Fire/Poison Wizard uses pure Fire
I/L or LIZZARD: Lightning Wizard
Mech: Mechanic
Merc: Mercedes
MM: Marksman
NL: Night Lord
GM: Game Master, Game Moderator
Pally: Paladin
PH: Phantom Thief
PIZARD: Fire/Poison Magician uses pure Poison
PRZ: Priest
SADER: Crusader
SAIRS: Corsair
SIN: Assassin
WA: Wind Archer
WH: Wild Hunter
WK: White Knight
XBOW: Crossbowman

MapleStory Map Abbreviations

AMRY: Zipangu Armory
AQUA: Aquaroad / Aquarium
BBS: ByeBye Station (mini dungeon at Kampung Village: Fantasy Theme Park 3)
BUDDHA: Encounter With The Buddha
CGs: Crimson Guardian
CP5: Cloud Park 5, a popular training spot.
CWK: Crimsonwood Keep
DM: Dead Mines. Dungeon of El Nath.
DMT: Drake’s Meal Table (Dungeon map that has Cold Eyes, Cargos, and Drakes)
DSG: Dark Stone Golem (Found in Sleepywood Dungeon III, IV, V and Golem Temple 3)
EOS: Eos Tower
EEC (1-4): Evil Eye Caves 1-4
ESW: Entrance to Spooky World (Malaysia Map)
FM: Free Market
FOG: Forest Of Golem
FTP: Fantasy Theme Park (A Malaysia map before Spooky World)
GS: Ghost Ship (Singapore Map)
H GROUND (1-4): Henesys Hunting ground 1-4
Hene: Henesys
HHG: Heneys Hunting Ground
KC or KERNING: Kerning City
KFT: Korean Folk Town
LHC: Lion Heart Castle
Lith: Lith Harbor
LOWB: Land of the Wild Boar
LUDI: Ludibrium
MP3: Mysterious Path 3 (Singapore Map)
MF: Mutant Forest
NATH: El Nath
NLC: New Leaf City
OB: Orbis
OB Tower: Orbis Tower
OMEGA: Omega Sector
P LOT: Parking Lot, popular spot with Extra D and Leader B monsters
SLEEPY: Sleepywood / Dungeon
SW: Spooky World (Malaysia Map)
SHOWA: Showa Town
VIC: Victoria
ZIPANGU: Mushroom Shrine
Zip: Zipangu

MapleStory Monster Abbreviations

Articuno: Frostprey
BDA / BDB: Bodyguard A and Bodyguard B
CUCUMBER: Water Goblin
COOLIES: Coolie Zombies. Found in Forest of Dead Trees, El Nath.
DARK YNP: Dark Yeti & Dark Pepe combined. Found in Dangerous Cliff
DSG: Dark Stone Golem: Found in Sleepywood Dungeon III, IV, V and Golem Temple 3
DT or DTS: Death Teddies: Monster found in Forgotten Path of Time 3
EE: Evil Eye: Monster found in the Dungeon
GRIM: Grim Phantom Watches, high-level monsters that are found in Ludibrium.
GK: Gatekeeper: A powerful monster found within the Warped Passage.
HH: Headless Horseman
Himes: Dreamy Ghosts
JROG: Junior Balrog or Jr. Balrog
JETI / JYETI: Jr. Yeti
KITTENS / KITTIES: Jr. Cellions, Jr.Lioners, Jr. Grupins
LYCAN: Lycanthrope
LYCO: Lycanthrope
MONG / HIME: Dreamy Ghost aka monglong
MACIS: Tauromacis
MDT: Master Death Teddies
MG: Mix Golem
PANG: White Fang: A monster found outside El Nath, commonly in Wolf Territory 3-5
PW: Phantom Watch. Found in Ludibrium’s Clock Tower.
ROG: Jr. Barlog or Crimson Balrog, mainly Crimson Balrog if heard on the boat to Orbis.
SG: Stone Gollems
SOTONG: Squid or Rissel Squid. Found in Aqua Map.
SKELE: Skelosaurus or Skelegon
SPEARS: Taurospear: Found on the way to Jr. Balrog.
STDs: Straw Target Dummies.
TAURO: Tauromacis and Taurospears, found deep in the SleepyWood Dungeon.
VIKINGS VK: Spirit Vikings, high-level Ludibrium monsters.
WTD: Wooden Target Dummy
WW: Werewolf: Found in Wolf Territory I and II
WS: Wolf Spider found in New Leaf City.
WR: Wind Raider
YEPE / YEPI / YNP: Yeti & Pepe combined. Found in Ice Valley II in Ossyria.
ZB: Zombie.
ZLUPINS: Zombie Lupins.
ZS / ZSHROOM: Zombie Mushroom

Party Quest Abbreviations

AC: Auto-Clicker. Hack item to click on NPC super fast
ACPQ: Ariant Coliseum Party Quest
APQ: Amorian Challenge Party Quest
BONUS: Clicking on the entrance NPC non stop(As a term of speech)
CRACK: Crack on the Wall for Ludibrium PQ
FPQ: Full party quest
GPQ: Glitch party quest / Guild Party Quest
GOPQ: Glitch Orbis Party Quest.
HTPQ: Herb Town Party Quest
HPQ: Herb Party Quest / Henesys Party Quest
JNPT: Junior Newtie Party
KPQ: Kerning Party Quest
Ldr: Leader
LMPQ / LPQ / Ludi PQ: Ludibrium Maze Party Quest
MAZE PQ: Ludibrium Maze PQ
MC: Monster Carnival
MC1: Monster Carnival 1 (level 30-50)
MC2: Monster Carnival 2 (level 51-70)
MCPQ / MC / CPQ: Monster Carnival Party Quest
OPQ: Orbis Party Quest
PQ: Party Quest
PPQ: Pirate Party Quest
PT: Party / Invite or Join someone party to do party quest
RPQ: Rush party quest
SC: A command when doing Ludibrium PQ
SURE IN: a guaranteed entrance to the pq at your first try
SMUGGLING: The act of taking out a PQ item without losing it via lagging computer.
TRACK: Tracks a player via ign to locate his/her channel and PQ stage
ZJQ: Zakum Jump Quest
ZPQ: Zakum Party Quest

MapleStory Server Abbreviations

BMS: Brazilian version of MapleStory
CMS: China Maple Story
EMS: Europe Maple Story
GMS: Global Maple Story
JMS: Japan Maple Story
KMS: Korean Maple Story
LMS: Local MapleStory (Private Server)
MS: MapleStory
MSEA: MapleStory South East Asia (MapleSEA)
THMS: Thailand Maple Story
TWMS: Taiwan MapleStory

MapleStory Skill Abbreviations


MW: Maple Warrior
UA: Ultiamte Adventurer (same as UE)
UE: Ultimate Explorer (same as UA)
HS: Hyper Skill (Skills obtained upon reaching certain levels after 4th Job Advancement)

Knight of Cygnus

BOF: Blessing of Fairy (Buff)


ACA: Advance Combo Attack
ACB: Advance Charge Blow
BLOOD / DB: Dragon Blood
BBUFF: Beholder’s Buff
BHEALING: Beholder’s Healing
FA: Final Attack
GS: Ground Smash
HB: Hyperbody
IS: Intrepid Slash
IW: Iron Will
MM: Monster Magnet
PS: Power Strike
PG: Power Guard
SB: Slash Blast


AB: Arrow Blow
AE: Arrow Eruption
AR: Arrow Rain
BB: Bow Booster
BOMB: Arrow Bomb
BOOSTER: Weapon booster skill
CS: Critical Shot
IA: Iron Arrow
MB: Mortal Blow
PKB: Power Knock-Back
SA: Soul Arrow


BoT: Band of Thieves
B-Step: Boomerang Step
FJ: Flash Jump
L7: Lucky Seven
ME / Bomb: Meso Explosion
Nate: Assassinate
SP: Shadow Partner
SB: Savage Blow
TT: Triple Throw


AB: Advanced Blessing (Bishop)
AR: Angel Ray
Bliz: Blizzard.
CL: Chain Lightning
COMP / COMPO: Element Composition
ER: Elemental Resistance / Element Resistance
FARROW / FA: Fire Arrow
FD: Fire Demon
GEN or GENE: Genesis
HA: Holy Arrow
HS: Holy Symbol
ID: Ice Demon
IS: Ice Strike
MC: Magic Claw
Met: Meteor
MG: Magic Guard
MISTING: Poison Myst
PR: Partial Resistance
PM: Poison Myst
SR: Shinning Ray
Tele: Teleport
TS: Thunder Spear


RNS: Rock N Shock


SI: Speed Infusion


MM: Monkey Magic


NW: Nova Warrior

MapleStory Stat Abbreviations

ACC: Accuracy
AP: Ability Points
ATK : Weapon Attack / Magic Attack (based on the job’s dependency).
AVOID: Avoidability
Cha: Charisma
Crit: Critical
DEX: Dexterity
DPS: Damage per second
dmg: Damage
EXP / XP: Experience
HP: Hitpoints / Life / Health Points
INT: Intellect / Intelligence
KB: knockback
LUK: Luck
LVL / LV: Level
MP: Manapoints / Mana / Power / Magic Points
MTK / MATK / MA: Magic Attack
MD / Mdef.: Magic Defense
Nuke: Boss Special Attack that reduces player’s Hp and Mp to 1 (except achilles)
NX: Nexon / Nexon Cash
NPC: Non-Player Character. (Shop/Quest characters) / Sell item to NPC
PDR: Physical Damage Reduction
SP: Skill Points
STR: Strength
Vac: Vacuum Hack: Monsters flying into 1 small area
WA / WATK / WTK: weapon attack
WD / Wdef.: weapon defense
Wash Hp: Use Nx Cash (real money) and reset some AP (reduce Mp) to get more Hp
TMA: Total Magic Attack

MapleStory Sample Abbreviations Translation

S> NL Eq (CHEAP QUITING SALE) wa 8 2L belt,wa 8 21%luk SMG)
1) Selling: Night Lord Equipment
2) Selling: Belt with 8 weapon attack and 2 potential lines
3) Selling: Strong Machine Glove with 8 weapon attack and 21% Luck.

MapleStory Hack Terms

FMA (Full Map Attack) : Enables attacking skill to hit enemies at any location.
GnD (Generic No Delay) : Set all skill delay to zero.
Vac (Vacuum Hack) : Move all monsters into 1 specific location.
Kami : Auto teleports character to a monster (used with PG Hack).
PG Hack : Attacks enemies rapidly using Power Guard damage reflection.
Unlimited Attack : Allows you to attack in 1 spot without stopping.
No Breath : After attacking or using skill, you avoid going into breathe mode.
PlayerCC : Auto Change Channel when a player is within your map.
Tubi / Super Tubi : Pick up all items in the spot you loot/pick up.
Item Vac : Pick up all items no matter where they are located within your map.
Fusion Attack : Change your mobbing skill to target only 1 enemy but increases the hit rate. For example, Slash Blast hits 6 enemies 2 times. With Fusion Attack enabled, you attack 1 enemy 12 times (6 x 2 = 12).
Auto Pot : Auto use a potion when your HP or MP drops at a certain percentage.
Map Rusher / Ninja Taxi : Teleports your character from map to map to reach any destination within a particular continent. Used for auto-buy-sell potions when you ran out of potions after grinding at a map.
CPU Hack : Reduces MapleStory FPS when its not in active window, disable loot animation (example: loot item moving up-down, meso coin spinning), disable MapleStory background.

MapleStory WZ Terms

bdR = Boss Damage Range
cr = Critical Rate
mmpR = Max MP Percentage range
hmpR = Max HP percentage range
dot = Damage Over Time (e.g. Damage 20% over time)
dotInterval = Damage Over Time Interval (e.g. damage inflicted every 1 sec)
dotTime = Damage Over Time duration (e.g. dot lasts for 5 seconds)
prop = Probabiltiy of inflicting dot

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    ACC – Accuracy
    AVOID – Avoidability
    LVL / LV – Level of the character
    CYA – See You
    UP JOB – Job advancement
    MG – Magic Guard – Magician Skill
    GENE – Genesis – Bishop Skill
    AR – Angel’s Ray – Bishop Skill
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