MapleStory Kanna Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Kanna Job Selection MapleStory Kanna is one of MapleStory Sengoku’s Magician who wields a Fan and has a trusty companion (white fox) named Haku to accompany her in battle. Haku can transform into many forms including human-form. Kanna uses Spiritual Power instead of MP to perform special abilities. Her primary stat is INT (Intellect). GMS (Global MapleStory) released Kanna the Spirit Walker on February 27 2013 whereas JMS (Japan MapleStory) released Kanna, the Diviner on August 16 2012. The time difference between JMS and GMS release is within 6 months, which meets the approximated prediction duration for new job releases. Kanna was made exclusive for JMS. The word “exclusive” is more or less to reflect the origin of the content rather than it is only hosted in one version.

Kanna Overview

CLASS: Sengoku
PRIMARY WEAPON: Fan (unique 2-handed weapon)
SECONDARY WEAPON: Fan (equipped on Haku)
PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence (INT)
LINK SKILL: Elementalism – Damage +5/10%
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: Boss Damage +1/2/3/5/6%
BEST INNER ABILITY: Critical Rate +30%
JOB SKILLS: I: KannaII: KannaIII: KannaIV: KannaHyper SkillsV: Kanna

Kanna Pros and Cons


  • *Share your pros on this job!*
  • Fast Leveling with storyline quests.
  • No MP required (saves mana potions), making it easy to save meso.
  • Have skills that replenishes HP constantly as you battle with Haku.
  • High damage and Highest HP among Magicians. Fast attack speed.
  • Has 3 skills that hits the whole screen.
  • Long Range Teleport compared to other mages (similar to Luminous/Phantom).
  • Mount is dirt cheap at 100K
  • Has high availability on good equipment.
  • Summons that increase spawn rate.
  • Best looking skill animations by far and pretty good looking weapons.
  • Many useful skills and has incredible map control at third job.


  • *Share your cons on this job!*
  • Need to micro manage Spiritual Power upon reaching 3rd Job.
  • Spiritual Power runs out fairly quickly but replenishes at a decent rate.
  • 1st and 2nd Job training is kind of boring as most skills have cooldown timer.

MapleStory Kanna Video Skill Preview

Ayumilove MapleStory Kanna 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skills Preview

Shared Skills

Please refer to Shared Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among all jobs in MapleStory.

Kanna Beginner Skills

Elemental Blessing Elemental Blessing (Passive)
Kanna is blessed by the 5 elements, granting supernatural insight.
Level 1: Permanently increases Insight to Level 30, HP +15%, Damage from enemies – 15%, +HP while +MP item is equipped. +1 Magic Attack for every 700 HP.

Mana Font Mana Font (Passive)
Kanna’s connection to the spiritual realm is extremely strong, lending her the ability to recover her Mana without aid of potions.
Level 1: Recovers 50 Mana every second, Fan-type Weapon Mastery +40%
Level 1: Recovers Mana every second, Fan-type Weapon Mastery +40%

Elementalism Elementalism (Link Skill + Passive)
Deepens your connection to the elements to provide a permanent damage increase.
Level 1: Permanent Damage Increase: 5%
Level 2: Permanent Damage Increase: 10%

Haku Haku (Passive)
Haku, the loveable spirit fox, will follow you to the ends of the universe. The only thing Haku loves more than Kanna is Star Candy, and just by a tiny bit.
Level 1: Haku follows you around everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Return of the Five Planets | Return Return of the Five Planets | Return (Active)
Returns to Momijigaoka
Level 1: Returns you to Momijigaoka upon use. Cooldown 600 sec.

Kanna Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.
Explanation: Skills listed above are Kanna’s innate abilities. No SP required.

Kanna 1st Job Skills

Shikigami Haunting Shikigami Haunting (Active)
Calls forth a terrifying ghost to attack enemies in front of you. Does not consume Mana.
Level 1: Damage: 81%, Max Enemies Hit: 3, Number of Attacks: 2
Level 20: Damage: 100%, Max Enemies Hit: 3, Number of Attacks: 2
Note: Press skill button repetitively OR hold down skill button to chain up to 3 different Shikigami attacks.

Clay Yaksha Clay Yaksha (Active)
Conjures an earth spirit to draw in enemies.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 15, Damage: 71%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4
Level 20: Mana Cost: 15, Damage: 90%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4

Ether Pulse Ether Pulse (Active)
Tap the skill key along with an arrow key to teleport in that direction. Any enemies between your start and end path will be damaged with a chance to stun. Teleport to a random spot by tapping the skill key without any direction keys.
Command for Normal Teleport: Skill Key + Directional Key
Command for Random Teleport: Skill Key
Level 1: Normal Teleport: Mana Cost: 5, Move Horizontal: 260, Move Vertical: 345, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 39%. 6% chance to Stun for 2 sec. Random Teleport: Mana Cost 5.
Level 15: Normal Teleport: Mana Cost: 5, Move Horizontal: 400, Move Vertical: 975, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 95%. 90% chance to Stun for 4 sec. Random Teleport: Mana Cost 5.

Center Ki Center Ki (Passive)
Controls the flow of energy within the body to increase physical traits.
Level 1: Permanently increases INT by 3, LUK by 3
Level 10: Permanently increases INT by 30, LUK by 30

Haku's Gift Haku’s Gift | Haku’s Heart (Passive)
Calls upon Haku, the elusive fox spirit, to grant Kanna an increase to her Speed, Defense, and INT.
Level 1: Speed: +5, Defense: +100, INT: +10

Kanna 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
0. Haku’s Gift (MAX)
1. Shikigami Haunting, Clay Yaksha (1)
2. Center Ki (MAX)
3. Ether Pulse (MAX)
4. Shikigami Haunting (MAX)
5. Clay Yaksha (MAX)

Unlock all attacking skills with 1 SP so you can reel enemy in (Clay Yaksha) and fan smack them (Shikigami Haunting – Kanna’s 1st Job Primary Skill). Next, max Center Ki (boost min-max damage), Ether Pulse (teleport and attack enemies or speed up travelling especially in large maps or far-located training grounds), Shikigami Haunting and lastly Clay Yaksha to improve reel-damage. You can max Center Ki early but take note that the additional early INT (Intellect) boost does not increase your Max MP since Kanna uses Spiritual Power capped at 100. Also LUK (Luck) boost will not be required at your current level. You will be 1 hit KO-ing weak enemies with Shikigami Haunting and later using teleport to kill while moving around the map once you maxed Ether Pulse.

Kanna 2nd Job Skills

Rock_Yaksha Rock Yaksha (Active)
Conjures an earth spirit to push enemies closer to you.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 15, Damage: 101%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4
Level 20: Mana Cost: 15, Damage: 120%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 4

Shikigami_Charm Shikigami Charm (Active)
Creates a paper charm that draws enemies in before slowing them down and reducing their accuracy. The charm explodes after 5 seconds, or after using Shikigami Haunting. Permanently reduces damage taken.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 25, Damage: 113%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 3. Summon Duration: 5 sec, Enemy Speed: -50, Explosive Damage: 170%.
Cooldown: 12 sec. Passive Effect – Damage Taken: -1%.
Level 15: Mana Cost: 25, Damage: 113%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 3. Summon Duration: 5 sec, Enemy Speed: -50, Explosive Damage: 450%.
Cooldown: 7 sec. Passive Effect – Damage Taken: -15%.

Haku_Reborn Haku Reborn (Supportive)
Haku takes human form to fight by Kanna’s side. Increases your Final Damage in proportion to the number of nearby party members empowered by Haku’s buffs. Permanently increases Magic ATT.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 50, Transformation Duration: 120 sec. Haku can provide the following buffs: Haku’s Gift, Breath of the Unseen, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire. Increases Final Damage by 3% for each party member affected by Haku’s buffs. Passive Effect – Magic ATT: +1.
Level 10: Mana Cost: 50, Transformation Duration: 300 sec. Haku can provide the following buffs: Haku’s Gift, Breath of the Unseen, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire. Increases Final Damage by 3% for each party member affected by Haku’s buffs. Passive Effect – Magic ATT: +10.
Note: See Haku’s Skill section in 4th job for the Level 1-10 upgrades! Synchronizes with Haku’s Gift, Breath of the Unseen, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire skill level.

Radiant_Peacock Radiant Peacock | Fan Booster (Supportive)
Uses MP to temporarily increase the attack speed of your fan by 2 levels.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 10, Attack Speed Increased: 60 sec
Level 10: Mana Cost: 10, Attack Speed Increased: 240 sec

Nimbus_Curse Nimbus Curse (Active)
Summons a cloud to engulf the enemy. Enemies inside the cloud take damage over time.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 50, Damage: 72%, Max Enemies Hit: 15. Summon Duration: 12 sec, Cloud Damage: 110% per 1 sec for 3 sec. Cooldown 48 sec.
Level 15: Mana Cost: 50, Damage: 100%, Max Enemies Hit: 15. Summon Duration: 40 sec, Cloud Damage: 180% per 1 sec for 3 sec. Cooldown 48 sec.

Soul_Bomb Soul Bomb (Passive)
When your target dies, its soul explodes to damage nearby enemies.
Level 1: Max Enemies Hit: 4, Damage: 80%
Level 5: Max Enemies Hit: 4, Damage: 120%

Burning_Shikigami_Haunting Burning Shikigami Haunting (Passive)
Required Skill: Shikigami Haunting (MAX)
Channels Kagutsuchi, the god of fire, to add fire to Shikigami Haunting.
Level 1: Chance to set on fire on first hit: 21%, Duration: 3 sec, Fire Damage: 67% per sec. Additional Effect: Shikigami Haunting Damage Permanently: +30%
Level 20: Chance to set on fire on first hit: 40%, Duration: 6 sec, Fire Damage: 105% per sec. Additional Effect: Shikigami Haunting Damage Permanently: +30%

Haku Skills

Hakus_Gift Haku’s Gift (Active)
Recovers Kanna’s HP.
Level 1: Recovers up to 23% of Max HP
Level 10: Recovers up to 50% of Max HP

Breath_of_the_Unseen Breath of the Unseen (Supportive)
A secret power only known to the fox spirits. Nullifies enemy knock-back attacks and ignores a portion of enemy defense.
Level 1: Duration: 60, Enemy DEF Ignored: 2%, Knock-Back Resist Chance: 22%
Level 10: Duration: 60, Enemy DEF Ignored: 20%, Knock-Back Resist Chance: 40%

Hakus_Blessing Haku’s Blessing (Supportive)
Haku invokes the ancient blessing of the foxes, increasing Magic Attack and Defense.
Level 1: Duration: 40 sec, Magic Defense: 20, Weapon Defense: 20, Magic Attack: 2% min of Fan Attack Power
Level 10: Duration: 40 sec, Magic Defense: 200, Weapon Defense: 200, Magic Attack: 20% min of Fan Attack Power

Foxfire Foxfire (Supportive)
Haku summons several foxfires. Each foxfire can be used to nullify an enemy spell or reflect damage back.
Level 1: Foxfires Summoned: 1, Duration: 22 sec, Magic Nullification Chance: 2%, Damage Reflected: 260%. 1 fire used per attack.
Level 10: Foxfires Summoned: 3, Duration: 40 sec, Magic Nullification Chance: 20%, Damage Reflected: 800%. 1 fire used per attack.

Kanna 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Burning Shikigami Haunting, Rock Yaksha, Shikigami Charm, Soul Bomb (1)
2. Haku Reborn (MAX)
3. Shikigami Charm (MAX)
4. Soul Bomb (MAX)
5. Nimbus Curse (MAX)
6. Burning Shikigami Haunting (MAX)
7. Fan Booster (MAX)
8. Rock Yaksha (MAX)

Rock Yaksha will be your primary attacking skill which is excellent in reeling in enemies (land and air) from far. However, it isn’t necessary to max it early since each level upgrade only increases by a mere 1% damage. Use Rock Yaksha instead of Shikigami Haunting if you can 1 hit kill them as its much faster to train that way. Soul Bomb is not that useful since the monster must be dead in order to benefit from the explosion. Level 1 Soul Bomb is sufficient since the explosion can draw attention of nearby dead enemies towards you so you can reel them in more effectively with Rock Yaksha. To effectively use Nimbus Curse, cast it when only there are many enemies around you! The poison mist only appears on the spot where there are enemies hit by the Nimbus Curse. You can max Fan Booster much later since the weapon speed does not seem significant. I couldn’t tell the amount of speed I gain with and without the buff since most of the kills are done in 1 hit.

Kanna 3rd Job Skills

Tengu_Strike Tengu Strike (Active)
Summons Tengu to attack enemies on either side of you.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 15, Damage: 162%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 5, when Tengu attacks with lightning, applies 100% Critical Attack
Level 20: Mana Cost: 15, Damage: 200%, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Number of Attacks: 5, when Tengu attacks with lightning, applies 100% Critical Attack
Note: You need to press this skill 2 times to enable Tengu to attack enemies above your platform!

Spirit_Corral Spirit Corral (Active)
Borrows the power of the fox spirit to gather enemies in one spot.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 20, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 263%, Number of Attacks: 3
Level 20: Mana Cost: 20, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 320%, Number of Attacks: 3

Soul_Shear Soul Shear (Active + Passive)
Shear a piece of your target’s soul off with each attack. Use the skill to detonate any fallen soul fragments. Can be stacked up to 10 times on normal monsters and 15 times on boss monsters.
Level 1: Active Effect: Mana Cost: 30, Explosive Damage: 101% per soul fragment, Max Enemies Hit: 15, able to explode 8 fragments. Passive Effect: 12% chance to drop soul fragments. Final Damage: +2%
Level 15: Active Effect: Mana Cost: 30, Explosive Damage: 185% per soul fragment, Max Enemies Hit: 15, able to explode 15 fragments. Passive Effect: 40% chance to drop soul fragments. Final Damage: +30%

Kishin_Shoukan Kishin Shoukan (Supportive)
Summons the demons Hana and Yuki, who attack any enemies trapped between them. The demons strengthen the dark energy on the map and decreases monster respawn time.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 20, Summon Duration: 55 sec. Damage: 112%, Max Enemies Hit: 15.
Level 20: Mana Cost: 20, Summon Duration: 150 sec. Damage: 150%, Max Enemies Hit: 15.

Blossom_Barrier Blossom Barrier (Supportive)
Summons a powerful cherry blossom barrier to protect you and your party members.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 50, Duration: 69 sec, Damage Reduction: 3%, Status/Elemental Resistance: +3%. Cooldown: 180 sec.
Level 10: Mana Cost: 50, Duration: 150 sec, Damage Reduction: 30%, Status/Elemental Resistance: +30%. Cooldown: 180 sec.

Lifeblood_Ritual Lifeblood Ritual (Passive)
After slaying an enemy with your magic, you recover some HP.
Level 1: Restored Health: 1% of Max HP after killing an enemy. Passive Effect – Status Resistance: +6.
Level 5: Restored Health: 5% of Max HP after killing an enemy. Passive Effect – Status Resistance: +30.

Spirit_Path Spirit Path | Unholy Radiance (Passive)
Permanently increases Magic Attack and Critical Rate.
Level 1: Magic Attack: +3, Critical Rate: +7%, Critical Damage: +6%
Level 10: Magic Attack: +30, Critical Rate: +25%, Critical Damage: +15%

Frozen_Shikigami_Haunting Frozen Shikigami Haunting (Passive)
Required Skill: Shikigami Haunting Level 20 or higher.
Channels Takeminakata, god of water, to add ice to Shikigami Haunting, slowing enemies on the second hit.
Level 1: Chance to slow enemies on second hit: 100%, Debuff duration: 4 sec. Additional Effect: Shikigami Haunting Damage Permanently: +105% (Total Damage Increase: 135%)
Level 20: Chance to slow enemies on second hit: 100%, Debuff duration: 4 sec. Additional Effect: Shikigami Haunting Damage Permanently: +105% (Total Damage Increase: 135%)

Mana Balance (Active)
Recovers Mana by gathering negative and positive energies in equal measure.
Level 1: 38% HP used to recover 30 Mana.
Level 5: 30% HP used to recover 30 Mana.

Kanna 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Soul Shear.
1. Frozen Shikigami Haunting, Spirit Corral, Tengu Strike, Kishin Shoukan (1)
2. Lifeblood Ritual (MAX)
3. Spirit Path (MAX)
4. Kishin Shoukan (10/20)
5. Tengu Strike (MAX)
6. Spirit Corral (MAX)
7. Kishin Shoukan (MAX)
8. Frozen Shikigami Haunting (MAX)
9. Mana Balance (MAX)
10. Blossom Barrier (MAX)
11. Soul Shear (0/15)

Add 1 SP (Skill Points) into Burning Shikigami Haunting as Level 1 gives maximum passive increase for 300 seconds. Tengu Strike will be your primary attacking skill and Spirit Corral will be your new pulling skill during Kanna’s 3rd Job. Spirit Corral is useless compared to Tengu Strike in damage aspect, but other players found it convenient when they can 1 hit kill monsters with it and lower delay compared to Tengu Strike. In early levels of 3rd Job, max two passive skills. Lifeblood Ritual (1st skill) replenishes 5% HP upon defeating an enemy and its only 5 levels. Spirit Path (2nd skill) improves critical rate and magic attack. Kishin Shoukan is an absolute must to max early as it increases your EXP rate tremendously by increasing the monster spawn you can kill in your training spot. Afterwards, I max Tengu Strike because it is your main attacking skill. Next up is Spirit Corral. Blossom Barrier is maxed second to last since it’s not really helpful for training. The reason why Soul Shear isn’t maxed is because it causes lag during gameplay when you kill hundred of monsters per minute with AOE skill. It’s a passive skill that is non-toggleable (unable to switch it off). In addition, Soul Shear doesn’t do much damage especially to bosses and not worth stopping to cast your 1v1 skills to activate the Soul Shear skill.

Kanna 4th Job Skills

Vanquishers_Charm Vanquisher’s Charm (Active)
Blasts the enemy with evil-destroying charms. Hold down the skill key for a rapid-fire attack.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 12, Damage: 148% per shot, Number of Attacks: 3
Level 30: Mana Cost: 12, Damage: 235% per shot, Number of Attacks: 3

Orochi Orochi (Active)
Summons the mighty Orochi to attack up to 15 enemies.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 50, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 472%, Number of Attacks: 5. Cooldown: 60 sec
Level 20: Mana Cost: 50, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 700%, Number of Attacks: 5. Cooldown: 20 sec

Falling_Sakura Falling Sakura (Active)
Summons a sakura tree that damages nearby enemies while healing party members.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 60, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 366%, Number of Attacks: 5, Party Members’ HP: 24% of HP. Cooldown: 40 sec.
Level 20: Mana Cost: 60, Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 480%, Number of Attacks: 5, Party Members’ HP: 100% of HP. Cooldown: 20 sec.

Monkey_Spirits Monkey Spirits (Passive)
This skill is similar to Final Attack. Every attack you perform (either a skill or regular attack) has a chance to trigger Monkey Spirits. This skill attacks 6 enemies 3 times with the help of summoned heavy-drinker demon who throws wine barrels at enemy. The wine barrel has a chance to put enemies under a spell. If successful, increases EXP rewarded and chance of dropping unidentified items from enemies.
Level 1: Monkey Summon Chance: 3% when attacking, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Damage: 131, Number of Attacks: 3. Extra EXP Chance: 24%, EXP: +11%, has chance to drop unidentified item
Level 20: Monkey Summon Chance: 60% when attacking, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Damage: 150, Number of Attacks: 3. Extra EXP Chance: 100%, EXP: +30%, has chance to drop unidentified item

Binding_Tempest Binding Tempest (Active)
Temporarily turns enemies to stone, freezing them in place.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 80, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 8, Damage: 153%, Immobilize Chance: 60%, Immobilize Duration: 10 sec. Cooldown: 180 sec.
Level 20: Mana Cost: 80, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 8, Damage: 172%, Immobilize Chance: 100%, Immobilize Duration: 20 sec. Cooldown: 120 sec.

Bellflower_Barrier Bellflower Barrier (Supportive)
Summons a magical barrier to strengthen you and party members against boss monsters.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 50, Damage vs. Boss: +5%, Duration: 68 sec. Cooldown: 180 sec.
Level 15: Mana Cost: 50, Damage vs. Boss: +25%, Duration: 180 sec. Cooldown: 180 sec.

Kasen Kasen | Tessenjutsu (Passive)
Increases the Mastery and Magic Attack of fans.
Level 1: Fan Mastery: 51%, Damage: 1%,
Level 30: Fan Mastery: 70%, Damage: 30%

Dawns_Warrior Dawn’s Warrior (Supportive)
Increases the stats of all party members. Costs 10 Mana and drains 70 HP when used.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 10, All Stats: +1%, Duration: 30 sec
Level 30: Mana Cost: 10, All Stats: +15%, Duration: 900 sec

Blossoming_Dawn Blossoming Dawn – Hero’s Will (Active)
Cures all Abnormal Status. The cooldown decreases as the skill level increases.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 5, Cooldown 600 sec.
Level 5: Mana Cost: 5, Cooldown 360 sec.

Haku_Perfected Haku Perfected (Passive)
Required Skill: Haku Reborn (MAX)
Haku takes human form to fight by Kanna’s side. Increases your Final Damage in proportion to the number of nearby party members empowered by Haku’s buffs.
Level 1: Enhances Haku’s Gift, Breath of the Unseen, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire. Increases final damage by 5% for each party member affected by Haku’s buffs.
Level 15: Enhances Haku’s Gift, Breath of the Unseen, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire. Increases final damage by 5% for each party member affected by Haku’s buffs.
Note: See Haku’s Skill section in 4th job for the Level 1-15 upgrades! Synchronizes with Haku’s Gift 2, Breath of the Unseen 2, Haku’s Blessing and Foxfire 2 skill level.

Nine_Tailed_Fury Nine-Tailed Fury (Active)
Unleashes Haku’s powers to attack all enemies in sight.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 60, Damage: 585%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Number of Attacks: 6, +20% Continuous damage for 120 sec. Cooldown: 385 sec.
Level 10: Mana Cost: 60, Damage: 900%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 6, +20% Continuous damage for 120 sec. Cooldown: 325 sec.

Mighty_Shikigami_Haunting Shocking Shikigami Haunting (Passive)
Required Skill: Frozen Shikigami Haunting (MAX)
Channels the power of Take-mikazuchi, god of lightning, into Shikigami Haunting, adding knockback and extra damage to the third hit.
Level 1: On 3rd hit of Shikigami Haunting – Damage while knocking back: +70%. Passive Effect: Per Shikigami Haunting Damage: +120% (Total Damage increase: 255%). Max Enemies Hit: +5
Level 20: On 3rd hit of Shikigami Haunting – Damage while knocking back: +165%. Passive Effect: Per Shikigami Haunting Damage: +120% (Total Damage increase: 255%). Max Enemies Hit: +5

Demons_Fury Demon’s Fury (Active)
Summons the fury of demons to unleash a powerful attack on enemies.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 30, Damage: 95% per shot, Number of Attacks: 8, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Cooldown: 3 sec.
Level 20: Mana Cost: 30, Damage: 190% per shot, Number of Attacks: 8, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Cooldown: 3 sec.

Haku Skills

Hakus_Gift_2 Haku’s Gift 2 (Active)
Required Skill: Haku Perfected Level 1 or higher.
Recover’s Kanna HP.
Level 1: Haku heals you up to 55%.
Level 15: Haku heals you up to 97%.

Breath_of_the_Unseen_2 Breath of the Unseen 2 (Supportive)
Required Skill: Haku Perfected Level 1 or higher.
Has a chance to resist knock-back and ignore a portion of enemy’s defense.
Level 1: Haku grants a 42% chance to resist knock-back and ignores 21% enemy defense.
Level 15: Haku grants a 80% chance to resist knock-back and ignores 40% enemy defense.

Hakus_Blessing_2 Haku’s Blessing 2 (Supportive)
Required Skill: Haku Perfected Level 1 or higher.
Temporarily increases magic attack and physical-magical defenses for 40 sec.
Level 1: Haku casts a spell to increase Magic Defense by 210 and Magic Attack by 23% of the equipped fan’s Attack Power for 40 sec.
Level 15: Haku casts a spell to increase Magic Defense by 400 and Magic Attack by 48% of the equipped fan’s Attack Power for 40 sec.
At max level, the 50% Magic Attack refers to applying a multiplier on base magic attack where the multiplier is equivalent to half the magic attack of the Haku fan. (e.g. 400 matk haku fan = 200% matk buff = 3x matk (adding on 200% matk to base).

Foxfire_2 Foxfire 2 (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Haku Perfected.
Summon a barrier of flame orbs to temporarily encircle Kanna. If enemy attacks Kanna with barrier up, 1 orb will be consumed and returns a portion of damage to enemy with a chance to stun them.
LV1: Summon 1 Orb lasts 41 sec. 840% Damage Reflect. 23% Stun Chance.
LV20: Summon 3 Orbs lasts 60 sec. 1600% Damage Reflect. 50% Stun Chance.

Kanna 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Mighty Shikigami Haunting, Monkey Spirits, Nine-Tailed Fury (1)
2. Vanquisher’s Charm (1)
3. Kasen (MAX)
4. Haku Perfected (MAX)
5. Mighty Shikigami Haunting (MAX)
6. Monkey Spirits (MAX)
7. Nine-Tailed Fury (MAX)
8. Bellflower Barrier (MAX)
9. Binding Tempest (MAX)
10. Falling Sakura (MAX)
11. Dawn’s Warrior (MAX)
12. Orochi (MAX)
13. Blossoming Dawn (MAX)
14. Vanquisher’s Charm (MAX)
15. Demon’s Fury (MAX)

Unlock active skills by adding 1 SP (Skill Point) into Mighty Shikigami Haunting, Monkey Spirits, Vanquisher’s Charm. Next, max Kasen (damage stabilizer and damage booster), Haku Perfected (enhances the potential of your sidekick’s buff skills) and Mighty Shikigami Haunting (your primary attack). Then, max Monkey Spirits (use it to wet enemies with wine so they provide more EXP and better drops upon defeat). For Boss Raids, max Bellflower Barrier to create shelter for your party member, where standing inside it allows them to deal extra damage against boss. Falling Sakura will be a nice finisher skill to max after barrier as it can recover your health too.

Kanna Hyper Skills

Hyper Max Mana
Required Level: 180
Level 1: Permanently increases maximum Mana. Max Mana: +15

Vanquisher’s Charm – Reinforce
Required level: 183 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the damage for Vanquisher’s Charm. Damage +20%

Vanquisher’s Charm – Spread / Extra Target
Required level: 162 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the number of monsters attacked with Vanquisher’s Charm. Monsters Hit: +2

Vanquisher’s Charm – Extra Strike / Bonus Attack
Required level: 143 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the number of attacks for Vanquisher’s Charm. Number of Attacks: +2

Falling Sakura – Vitality
Required level: 149 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the HP recovered with Falling Sakura. Recovery HP: +20

Falling Sakura – Reinforce
Required level: 168 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the damage for Falling Sakura. Damage +20%

Falling Sakura – Spread / Extra Target
Required level: 189 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the number of monsters attacked with Falling Sakura. Monsters Hit: +2

Bellflower Barrier – Persist / Barrier of Bellflowers – Persist
Required level: 195 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the duration of Bellflower Barrier. Duration: +20 sec

Bellflower Barrier – Cooldown Cutter / Barrier of Bellflowers – Cooldown Reduced
Required level: 177 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Bellflower Barrier’s cooldown is reduced. Cooldown -100%

Bellflower Barrier – Boss Rush / Barrier of Bellflowers – Boss Killer
Required level: 155 (GMS + MSEA)
Level 1: Increases the Boss ATT of Bellflower Barrier. 20% additional damage against bosses

Blackhearted Curse
Required Level: 150
Activates a dark aura to weaken enemies in the surrounding area.
Level 1: MP Cost: 50, Interval Damage: 500%, Negates Attack Ignore and Attack Reflect effects.

Veritable Pandemonium
Required Level: 170
Summons goblins to damage and stun all enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 50, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Damage: 1000%, Immobile Duration: 20 sec, Cooldown: 120 sec

Princess’s Vow
Required Level: 200
Recalls the oath spoken to Princess Sakuno to increase damage and max damage cap.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 50, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%. Cooldown: 120 sec. Only applies to Sengoku classes within the party.

Kanna Hyper Skill Build
1. Vanquisher’s Charm – Extra Strike (Passive)
2. Vanquisher’s Charm – Spread (Passive)
3. Vanquisher’s Charm – Reinforce (Passive)
4. Bellflower Barrier – Boss Rush (Passive)
5. Bellflower Barrier – Cooldown Cutter (Passive)
6. Blackhearted Curse (Active)
7. Veritable Pandemonium (Active)
8. Princess’s Vow (Supportive)

Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details!

Kanna Mastery Book
1. Falling Sakura: 20
2. Monkey Spirits: 20
3. Orochi: 20
4. Binding Tempest: 20
4. Tessenjutsu/Kasen: 20, 30
5. Vanquisher’s Charm: 20, 30

Kanna 5th Job Skills

Please refer to MapleStory 5th Job Skills Guide for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores!

Kanna Skill Cores

MapleStory Kanna Summon Yuki-onna Yuki-musume Shoukan | Summon Yuki-onna
Summons Yuki-musume, a specter who wields intense cold. Yuki-musume helps Kanna attack enemies. Unaffected by attack reflection.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 40, Yuki-onna Duration: 35 sec. Yuki-musume assists Kanna, dealing 310% damage to 8 enemies 6-8 times. When Yuki-musume is summoned, Kanna’s mana consumption is reduced by 50% and 2% HP is recovered on every attack. Cooldown: 90 sec.
Level 25: Mana Cost: 40, Yuki-onna Duration: 47 sec. Yuki-musume assists Kanna, dealing 550% damage to 8 enemies 6-8 times. When Yuki-musume is summoned, Kanna’s mana consumption is reduced by 50% and 2% HP is recovered on every attack. Cooldown: 78 sec.

MapleStory Kanna Conjure Spirit Stone Spirit’s Domain | Conjure Spirit Stone
Summons a Spiritstone that amplifies the abilities of you and your party. It grows more powerful as it absorbs mana. The effects of Spirit’s Domain do not stack.
Level 1: Mana Cost: 40. Spirit Stone Duration: 50 sec. Basic Effects: Attacks up to 15 enemies within its range 3 times at 360% Damage every 3 seconds. Periodically restores Max HP/MP +1%, final damage +5%, and Status Resistance +20. Strengthens the spirit stone for every 500 Spiritual Power you consume, improving its basic effects by up to 3 times.
Highest Stage Spirit Stone Effects: ASPD +2 stage for party members in its range. Caster’s Spiritual Power Cost: 0. Cooldown: 220 sec.
Level 25: Mana Cost: 40. Spirit Stone Duration: 70 sec. Basic Effects: Attacks up to 15 enemies within its range 3 times at 600% Damage every 3 seconds. Periodically restores Max HP/MP +3%, final damage +10%, and Status Resistance +25. Strengthens the spirit stone for every 500 Spiritual Power you consume, improving its basic effects by up to 3 times.
Highest Stage Spirit Stone Effects: ASPD +2 stage for party members in its range. Caster’s Spiritual Power Cost: 0. Cooldown: 200 sec.

Kanna Enhancement Cores

Skill Enhancement max level is 50. Each level enhances Final Damage
Skill Enhancement at Level 20: Max Target +1, Level 40: Ignore Monster DEF +20%.

  • Shikigami Haunting (+7% per level)
  • Clay Yaksha (+7% per level)
  • Ether Pulse (+7% per level)
  • Rock Yaksha (+5% per level)
  • Shikigami Charm (+5% per level)
  • Nimbus Curse (+5% per level)
  • Tengu Strike (+3% per level)
  • Spirit Corral (+3% per level)
  • Vanquisher’s Charm (+2% per level)
  • Orochi (+2% per level)
  • Falling Sakura (+2% per level)
  • Vanquisher’s Bind (+2% per level)
  • Nine-Tailed Fury (+2% per level)
  • Demon’s Fury (+2% per level)
  • Veritable Pandemonium (+2% per level)

Kanna V Matrix Skills Build

Trio #1: Vanquisher’s Charm / Orochi / Tengu Strike
Trio #2: Nimbus Curse / Demon’s Fury / Shinigami’s Haunting
Note: Bolded = essential skill | Non-bolded = non-essential skill.

MapleStory Old to New Official Skill Names

Kanna Beginner Job Skills

  • Gogyou no Kago → Elemental Blessing
  • Yuen no Reisu → Mana Font
  • Shisen Denjuu → Elementalism (Link Skill)
  • Shisen Byakko → Nine-Tailed Fury
  • Haku → Haku

Kanna 1st Job Skills

  • Shisen Gyouha 1 → Shikigami Haunting
  • Ckiou Yore → Clay Yaksha
  • Chimyaku Teni → Ether Pulse
  • Omyoudou → Center Ki

Kanna 2nd Job Skills

  • Shisen Gyouha 2 → Burning Shikigami
  • Naho Chikou Yore → Rock Yaksha
  • Shikigami Enbu → Shikigami Charm
  • Omni Shoumetsu → Soul Bomb
  • Youun Shoukan → Nimbus Curse
  • Kujaku Hiraki → Radiant Peacock (GMS) | Fan Booster (MSEA)
  • Enhou Haku → Haku Reborn
  • Haku no Kaifuku → Haku’s Gift
  • Yougen no Ibuku → Breath of the Unseen
  • Haku no Shukufuku → Haku’s Blessing
  • Hana-en Kekkai → Foxfire

Kanna 3rd Job Skills

  • Shisen Gyouha 3 → Frozen Shikigami Haunting
  • Sunakake Baba → Demon’s Fury
  • Sou Tengu → Tengu Strike
  • Soko e Naore → Spirit Corral
  • Shugyoku no Juin → Soul Shear
  • Kyuusei Tenki → Lifeblood Ritual
  • Futsuma Tenki → Spirit Path
  • Kishin Shoukan → Kishin Shoukan (NO CHANGE)
  • Kekkai Sakura → Blossom Barrier

Kanna 4th Job Skills

  • Shisen Gyouha 4 → Mighty Shikigami Haunting
  • You Emaki → Orochi
  • Taima Ryuuseifu → Binding Tempest
  • Shoujou Kashu → Monkey Spirits
  • Koma Koma Sakura → Falling Sakura
  • Kekkai Kikyou → Bellflower Barrier
  • Kasen → Kasen (NO CHANGE)
  • Haja Rengekifu → Vanquisher’s Charm
  • Akatsuki no Yuusha → Dawn’s Warrior
  • Akatsuki no Sakura → Blossoming Dawn
  • Gensei Haku → Haku Perfected

Kanna 5th Job Skills

  • *NONE* → Summon Yuki-onna

Additional Information

Kanna Storyline

Kanna, Japan, June 21 1582, Honnou-ji Temple in Kyoto: After years of turmoil, Oda Nobunaga finally seized control of Japan, but his desire for power only grew. He sought immortality, and the temple of Honnou-Ji would bring it to him. He prepared an ancient ritual of reincarnation that would see him reborn as The sixth Sky Demon King, but word of the ritual got out, and the feudal lords stormed Honnou-Ji to stop Nobunaga while it was still possible. In the end, a young Spirit Walker named Kanna disrupted the ritual, and the would-be dark lord’s plans crumbled around him. But victory came at a cost. Just as the ritual was disrupted, a great pillar of light lurched forth from the temple and transported everyone to a strange world. Now, Kanna must conquer this strange place and regain lost strength and allies in order to stop the dark ambitions of Nobunaga’s followers! Kanna’s destiny was foretold at birth but fortunes can be deceiving. When an evil force threatens the safety of the empire, Kanna must join forces with a certain Samurai to prevent the summoning of an evil beyond imagining. This class uses a combination of Fan attacks, ghosts and a pet fox to battle evil in style.

Kanna Notes

  • Male Kanna characters will have new face and hair options when created.
  • The default female Kanna hair has been updated.
  • Female Kanna characters that have their original hair can speak with Maple Administrator in the Event Hall to change to the updated hair.
  • Male Kanna characters that have their original hair or face can speak with Maple Administrator in the Event Hall to change to the updated hair or face.
  • Mana recovery has been adjusted from recovering 50 Mana every 4 seconds to recovering 4 Mana every second.
  • Haku’s human form appearance has been updated.
  • Kanna is a certain type of magician called an onmyouji. Although this word is sometimes translated as “diviner” or “exorcist,” these are incomplete definitions, since each of these things are only part what comprises onmyoudou – the skills that onmyouji practice. Since there is no simple, direct translation that fully covers all of the particular skills of an onmyouji does, we’re using the transliteration of the word.
  • Although Kanna is female as far as the story is concerned, you’ll be able to play as female or male version of Kanna.
  • After the tutorial at Honnou-ji, your journey will continue at Momijigaoka, a new part of the Mushroom Shrine area of Zipangu.
  • Due to the nature of her power Kanna’s skills draw on mystical power differently from the way skills do for most natural denizens of Maple World. This prevents her from restoring through her powers through mana potions, but her expended mana will quickly regenerate on its own.
  • Kanna must have one of her special fans equipped in order to use all of her skills.
  • Kanna’s constant companion and partner in fighting evil is the spirit fox Haku.
  • Since she is from ancient Japan and her primary language is Japanese, Kanna voice is in Japanese. Her animated video has subtitles, and she speaks when performing some skills. The male version of Kanna has also been given voiceovers when performing certain skills.
  • Kanna and her Sengoku allies and enemies are able to communicate with the denizens of their new home through the magic of Maple World. Thus, their text dialogue will be translated.
  • The Tot’s Know-How guide system has been enabled for Kanna.
  • Fans for Kanna have been added to the wares of many weapon vendors.
  • Each Kanna character has its own individual Cash Inventory not shared with other characters.

Kanna Related Guides

MapleStory Kanna Frequently Asked Questions Answers
MapleStory Kanna Update Patch Error Solution
MapleStory Kanna Voice Meaning on Skills
MapleStory Kanna Hyper Skills
MapleStory Kanna Quests Guide

Kanna Changelog

GMS v.188 – Tune Up (2017-09-01)
GMS v.179 – MapleStory V 5th Job (2016-12-15)
GMS v.178 – Limitless (2016-11-29)
GMS v.166 – Asylum Update (2015-10-07)
GMS v.149 – Legacy of Nine (2014-05-12)
GMS v.143 – RED Part 1: First Impact (2013-12-04)
GMS v.142 – Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum (2013-10-16)
GMS v.131 – Hayato (2013-03-12)
GMS v.129 – Kanna (2013-02-26)

Kanna’s Voice Meanings on Skills

Skill Name – Voice – Japanese – Translation

Skill Name Voice Japanese Translation
Nine-Tailed Fury Youko Hakugen! Kai! 妖狐白幻! 改 Youko Hakugen*! Change!
Clay Yaksha Chikou Yore 近う寄れ Bring it closer
Rock Yaksha Naho Chikou Yore なほ近う寄れ Naho Chikou Yore
Haku Reborn Haku! Maire! ハク!参れ Haku! Come!
Burning Shikigami Haunting Hai to nare! 灰となれ Turn to ash!
Shikigami Charm Hazero! 爆ぜろ Explode!
Frozen Shikigami Haunting Itetsuki! 凍て付き Freeze!
Spirit Corral Soko e naore! そこへ直れ Fix to there
Kishin Shoukan Ideyo! 出よ! Come forth!
Blossom Barrier Chikara yo michiyo 力よ満ちよ Full power!
Falling Sakura Ouka ryouran! 桜花繚乱! Chery Blossom Profusion!
Binding Tempest Taima Ryuuseifu! 退魔流星符 Expelling Demon Falling Star

[NOTE] * Youko Hakugen is Haku’s full name

Mount Skill

Kanna’s mystical kitsune partner Haku can transform and carry her on his back after you complete certain requirements. You can get the Spirit Fox Haku mount skill starting at Lv.50. You can get the Mighty Fox Haku mount skill at Lv.200 if you’ve already learned the Spirit Fox Haku mount skill.

MapleStory Kanna Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

I’m creating a new Kanna character, which hairstyle should I pick?
[ANSWER] There are 2 types of hair you can choose while creating your character. There is the short hair (cute Kanna Bob Cut Hair) and long hair (Kanna hair). Many players agree that the short hair looks better compared to long hair because if seen in-game, it does not look great as displayed in Kanna’s anime video trailer. The color to match with Bob Cut hair would be Blonde (yellow) as it resembled Claire from Claymore (Recommended anime to watch! – There is dual audio)

How to use Shikigami Haunting?
[ANSWER] During Kanna’s 1st Job, you will need to spam your Shikigami Haunting skill similarly to Aran and Demon Slayer. Upon reaching Kanna’s 2nd Job and above, you will need to just hold down the skill key to automatically attack 3 times in a row (with Burning, Frozen and Mighty Shikigami Haunting). The tutorial/cut-scenes were misleading about spam pressing Shikigami Haunting skill though.

I’m unable to use my Link Skill on my other characters!
Hi Kanna players, currently there is a bug with Kanna’s Elementalism (Link Skill) where it pops up this error message: you can only link once a day. Avoid using Cash Shop Quest Helpers that Tot’s gives you to get your link skill early as this might bug Kanna Link skill. Complete quest normally without rushing otherwise this will occur for Level 70 and above (until GMS Developer fixes it). There are some players who are able to link their Kanna Elementalism skill to their favorite characters (Angelic Buster) without performing the above. Take precaution!

Trouble using Sand Witch skill
[QUESTION] The skill where some Sand Creature “posses” you and you can only use your Normal Attack. When I use the skill, I can click as much as I want, but nothing will happen. All I see is that ugly drawn witch behind me, doing nothing! [ANSWER] Just hold DOWN attack key.

How to raise Kannas Elementalism skill to level 2?
[QUESTION] How do u raise it to level 2? [ANSWER] You raise Elementalism from Level 1 to Level 2 by reaching Level 120.

Is Kanna worth leveling?
[ANSWER] Yes, if you wish to benefit from Kanna’s Link Skill that provides +10% Damage to the linked character (The stat is from Level 2 Elementalism).

I’m stuck at Kanna Level 50 quest. Help!
[QUESTION] The quest ‘Scaling the el nath mountains’ is confusing me. I went to el nath but still nothing. I also tried speaking to Alcaster and going up the cliff’s but nothing happens. Does anybody here know what to do? [ANSWER] First, talk to Neinheart at Ereve to get the quest starting or get quest from light-bulb. You MUST talk to Neinheart first, otherwise you will not be able to see Naoe Kanetsugu NPC (Japanese Samurai in Blue Armor) at Orbis! If you are at Ereve, take a boat to Orbis. Once you have landed at Orbis Station, exit the area and find the NPC who is just standing outside the portal on the left side where you came out. After you have done that, you will unlock the next quest “To Each His Own” which requires you to talk to Alcaster located in El Nath on the most right-side of the potion shop. This unlocks a new quest “Red Snow 1” which requires you to defeat 100 Jr Yeti and 100 Dark Jr Yeti.

Is Kannas fan 1h or 2h?
[QUESTION] A lot of sources say its 2-handed weapon but its strange to find someone who holds a fan with 2 hands. [ANSWER] In Nexon Official Website, its stated clearly that the fan is a 2-handed weapon.

How do I equip Haku with my unused fan?
[QUESTION] I was wondering if anyone knew how to equip Haku’s fan? [ANSWER] Open your equipment tab (E) then click the Haku button. Drag and drop the fan that you want Haku to wear.

Does giving Haku a weapon increase my stats?
[QUESTION] Is there any benefit to this or is it just for looks? [ANSWER] Only stats from Potential such as bonus (STR, DEX, INT, LUK) or Magic Attack is applied. Other stats such as +Critical % does not apply.

What are the 4th Job Skills that requires Mastery Book?
Kanna 4th Job skills that requires Mastery Book are Vanquisher’s Charm, Orochi, Falling Sakura, Monkey Spirits, Binding Tempest, Bellflower Barrier, Kasen and Breath of the Unseen.

What mystery mastery book should I get from the event?
You should get Kasen (Kanna 4th Job Skill Mastery Book) from the event’s mystery mastery book because it is the most expensive book and its essential in raising Kanna’s overall damage for leveling up purposes.

Can Kanna equip weapons that look like Fan?
[ANSWER] No. Fans such as Hinamaro Fan, Korean Fan, zhugeliang wand are not fan type.

Shikigami haunting stacking?
[QUESTION] Can you stack the elemental skills similarly to Paladin charge skills? [ANSWER] No, Kanna’s elements does not stack with one another. Pick the strongest depending on your job advancement. For instance, if you are 4th Job Kanna, pick Mighty Shikigami Haunting.

Demon’s Fury vs Spirit Corral. Which one to max over the other?
[QUESTION] I was wondering who maxed which over the other any why? I’ve been seeing many people lean more towards Demon’s Fury but I’ve head some good arguments for both skills.

  • [Spirit Corral Debate] When you get to maps that aren’t jesters/aliens, pulling them in with Spirit Corral makes it much easier to Tengu Strike them. Also its a lot easier to use to draw mobs where you want them to be before spamming Shikigami Haunting as the finishing kill. Demon’s Fury (aka Sand witch) seems more trouble than its worth as you have to have 2 keys devoted to it and it has an enormous cooldown for lackluster damage.
  • [Demon’s Fury Debate] Demon’s Fury is like a backup ultimate while rotating between the 2nd job ultimate, and the 4th job ultimate. Not only is it fast, but it’s very powerful. It kills a large range of monsters pretty quickly, in a hurricane-type fashion. It’s cool down makes it a secondary mobbing skill, however. Demon’s Fury easily fills up the map with soul beads really fast, so if you are going to use a lot Soul Shear go with Demon’s Fury.
  • [Summary] It all comes down to utility since neither one will be used for damage with Shikigami Haunting which outshines both skill upon reaching Kanna’s 4th Job Advancement. Spirit Corral has better utility as it draws enemies into range of your primary attacking skill.

Does speed infusion work with Kannas attacks?
[ANSWER] Only some skills benefit from Speed Infusion.

Where to get Kanna Level 120+ Weapons?
Currently these weapons can be obtained from Gachapierrot/Marvel/Monster Drops.

Where to get Mastery Books for Kanna?
Kanna’s Mastery Books can be purchase from Merchant Shops using meso similar to the ones sold by Leafre NPC Mastery Book Seller. The Gachapierrot now contains Mastery Books for the following Kanna skills, rank 20 or 30: Vanquisher’s Charm, Orochi, Falling Sakura, Monkey Spirits, Bind, Bellflower Barrier, Kasen, and Illusion-Haku.

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  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Updates to the guide:
    1. Reorganized the content.
    2. Removed duplicated error solution content as its covered in

  2. Hakuae

    my bad, 30%, still huge.

  3. Hakuae

    I would like to mention that Soul Shear adds +40% to your final damage… it SHOULD NOT BE SKIPPED! It’s a passive +40% final damage, if you’re lagging you need a better gpu, I’ve never lagged with that skill before, even during kill 500 quests.

  4. kannalover99


    I’m just wondering how is Kanna DPS like compared to the other jobs as Kanna is not reflected in the KMS DPS charts.

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @first time playing a kanna: I think its best to add SP (Skill Point) into Soul Shear as it provides additional damage to Kanna’s attack, although this may cause some lag with all the red orbs laying around the map.

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Simon: Thanks for the notice! I have added Kanna 4th Job Mastery Book “Binding Tempest” into the list above.

  7. Simon

    Binding Tempest need mastery book 20.

  8. first time playing a kanna

    is putting sp into soul shear

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    @Aurora: Sorry for the late reply! I have added the missing Nine-Tailed Fury into Kanna’s 4th Job Skill Build Guide!

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @MachinaX: Thanks for the correction! I’ll be updating the guide with the new information. :-)

    @all: Skill Update
    1. Mana Font (Recovers 50 Mana every second → Recovers Mana every second)
    2. Return of the Five Planets | Return (New Skill: Returns you to Momijigaoka upon use. Cooldown: 600 sec)
    3. Haku’s Gift | Haku’s Heart (NEW → Level 1: INT: +10)
    4. Shikigami Charm (NEW → Passive Effect Damage Taken: 1~15%)
    5. Haku Reborn (NEW → Magic ATT +1~10, Final Damage: +3% per party member who are affected by Haku’s buff)
    6. Fan Booster (Duration: 20~200 sec → 60~240 sec)
    7. Burning Shikigami Haunting (Shikigami Haunting Damage Permanently: +25% → +30%)
    8. Nimbus Curse (Duration: 10~42 sec → 12~40 sec)
    9. Soul Shear (New → Final Damage: +1~30%)
    10. Spirit Path | Unholy Radiance (New → Critical Damage: +6~15%)
    11. Lifeblood Ritual (New → Passive Effect: Status Resistance +6~30)
    12. Nine-Tailed Fury (Cooldown: 585~500 sec → 385~325 sec, Damage: 535~900% → 585~900%)
    13. Kasen | Tessenjutsu (Fan Mastery : 51~65% → 51~70%)
    14. Haku Perfected (New → Increases final damage by 5% for each party member affected by Haku’s buffs.)
    15. Shocking Shikigami (Shikigami Haunting Damage: +115% → +120%, Total Damage Increase: 240% → 255%)
    16. Frozen Shikigami (Shikigami Haunting Damage: +100% → +105% , Total Damage Increase: 125% → 135%)
    17. Princess’s Vow (Max Damage: +5000000 → REMOVED)
    18. Yuki-musume Shoukan (Duration: 35 sec → 47 sec)
    19. Vanquisher’s Charm – Reinforce (Required Level: 143 → 183 for GMS and MSEA)
    20. Vanquisher’s Charm – Spread (Required Level: 162 → 162 for GMS and MSEA)
    21. Vanquisher’s Charm – Extra Strike (Required Level: 183 → 143 for GMS and MSEA)
    22. Barrier of Bellflowers – Persist (Required Level: 155 → 195 for GMS and MSEA)
    23. Barrier of Bellflowers – Cooldown Cutter (Required Level: 177 → 177 for GMS and MSEA)
    24. Barrier of Bellflowers – Boss Rush (Required Level: 195 → 155 for GMS and MSEA)
    25. Falling Sakura – Vitality (Required Level: 149 → 149 for GMS and MSEA)
    26. Falling Sakura – Reinforce (Required Level: 168 → 168 for GMS and MSEA)
    27. Falling Sakura – Extra Target (Required Level: 189 → 189 for GMS and MSEA)

  11. MachinaX

    As far as I’ve seen as of Oct 18 2017 in GMS

    2nd job Haku Reborn now has increase Final Damage by 3% for each party member effected by haku reborn and also passively permenant magic attack +10

    3rd Job Soul shear passively increases your final damage on top of increase soul fragment drop chance.

  12. Generic Name

    For the hyper skills for Vanquisher’s Charm, Extra attacks and extra damage need too have the level they are available switched.

  13. A Kanna player

    Is there anyone here who has a problem with Kanna’s storyline quest “Sengoku Showdown” ?
    Every time i try to go to Honnou-ji i get a black screen (music keeps playing) and the game crashes

  14. Aurora

    Hello! I am playing Kanna and I wanted to let you know that Binding Tempest can use a Mastery Book 20 and still be maxed out alongside all the other mastery books and you max out all skills at lvl. 140 because Kanna gets double SP on levels ending with 3, 6, 9 and 0 from lvl. 110-ish, I don’t remember clearly. It also goes from 3 SP per level to five and six (not sure about 4, it’s been a while and I recently began playing my Kanna again). Also, you missed a skill for 4th job, NineTailed Fury. Thank you so much for this guide because it really helps!

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    @Desk: Noted! I’ll be updating the Kanna skill build guide about this issue :D

  16. Desk

    Please recommend putting zero points into Soul Shear. The soul fragments it spawns can get incredibly laggy over time and cannot be toggled off. Its damage at bosses is not worth stopping to cast your 1v1 skills. No experienced Kanna I know of put a single point into Soul Shear.

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @Melvin: Hi, if you have unspent SP for Kanna 4th Job Skills, ensure that all of the skills have reached their max potential. For example: Dawn Warrior has a max level of 30. If you max it only at level 10, you will need to purchase Mastery Book 20 and Mastery 30 to unlock the skill to its full potential. The books can be purchased from Potion NPC in Leafre and Henesys. If you have maxed all skills to its fullest potential and have unspent SP, then there is nothing to worry about :-)

  18. Melvin

    Wow, that’s resourceful. Nice job Ayumilove =). By the way, may i know what shall I do with the additional skill points since I’ve max all the 4th skill and currently have lots of skills points and no where to spend?

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @Reborn: Thanks for pointing out! I have added Kanna 2nd Job Skill “Fan Booster” name alongside with “Radiant Peacock” since GMS is still using this old name.

  20. Reborn

    erm radiant peacock is now renamed fan booster for maplesea

  21. Lous

    In the explanation section for 3rd job skill build, you mean “frozen” instead of “burning” right?

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    @OnmyoExpert: Thanks for pointing out the missing Kanna 5th job skill. I’ll put up the notes now!

  23. OnmyoExpert

    Are you going to release the notes for the new 5th job kanna skills ?

  24. Elesthrae

    in 4th job, what is the priority of maxing nine-tailed fury? just asking cos it’s not listed in the skill build allocation.

    — comment merged —

    whoops nvm

  25. Kitsunnee

    after they changed kanna’s skill, I can’t use my orochi 30 skillbook anymore T.T

  26. Philomena

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  27. Nagi

    I was wondering, other classes can equip a “job” specific node. I realize that Kanna can “equip” Mana overload for mages, but does the affect actually work?

  28. Ingrid

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  29. kev

    kanna really really needs crit rate hyper, along with base damage. boss damage takes 3rd priority. DF is optional.

  30. Tsurugi

    Maybe some additional cons for Kanna:

    – almost no passive Status Resistance. For this reason, you may have to keep Barrier of Blossoms/Blossom Barrier up often.
    – some potential lines do not take effect if Haku equips any fan (though this has been answered on your FAQ, I think many of the Unique potential lines may not be used — most of them, the weapon-only potential lines like Damage%, IDR/PDR%, Boss Attack%, etc)

  31. Toltzi

    I personally don’t see why you would have the 3rd job skill – Frozen Shikigami Haunting – be maxed before any other 3rd job skill, seeming as how there is no visual difference between the 1st level of the skill and the maxed out version of the skill.

  32. Balli

    Seem like there is no more nine tail fury on begineer level…

  33. Tyeannie

    Can u guide me how to built kanna’s hyper stat? Pls~

  34. Yuno

    Is it just maplesea version whereby binding tempest does not work anymore?

  35. Jason

    Does anyone know what Kanna is saying when she uses Orochi? I have the sound file for the skill but I can’t translate it..

  36. dominic pilon

    What are the damage skills i hould use in my 4th job?? I feel not using the full potentiel of kanna.

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kamikaze: I have updated Kanna’s 4th Job Skill Build Guide. Bellflower Barrier maximum level is changed from 20 to 15. Therefore, we will have sufficient SP (Skill Points) to max all skills in 4th job.

  38. Kamikaze

    Why dump demon’s fury in 4th job

  39. Lucian

    Am I the only one around here who thinks that if Kanna got some more damage and defence is would be a amazing class (it is still a really fun class already).

  40. Lucian

    Am I the only one around here who thinks that if Kanna got some more defence and damage this would be amazing class (it is still a very fun class already).

  41. Nimue

    @Godlike Hey! I know 2 so maybe that will help you a little bit..

    Nine-Tailed Fury hits the whole map.
    Orochi hits it aswell..

    I dont really know what the 3rd one is :c

  42. Godlike

    Hi Ayumi great guide!

    Would like to know what are the 3 skills that u mention that can hit the whole map?

  43. Fallenafy

    PRos and cons of kanna 2016?

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @jelly: It provides additional damage to your base attack. If your equips are able to max out your damage, you can distribute your HSP (Hyper Skill Point – Passive) to other skills that you find them useful.

  45. jelly

    why kanna hyper skills need hyper luck???

  46. FireKingzz

    In beginner skills for Kanna, they removed the Nine-Tailed Fury skill. For some reason…

  47. SH

    Where is your skill for nine-tailed fury?

  48. Kaos

    I’m having trouble getting kanna a new weapon, do you know any other sources i can use to get a new fan

  49. eileen

    on the forth job sequence of maxing which skills and which skills i dont see nine tail fury..

  50. Ariana Crystal

    Hey Ayumi !!! First of all thanks for the guides, it really helps me out. YOU ROCK! >.< I wanted to ask this but can your Kanna learn or even get the profession quest cause my first kanna didn't get any profession quests when she reached lv35. So i just thought maybe i messed up somewhere and decided to start all over again but then again the same thing happened Kanna still didn't get the profession quest and therefore can't learn any professions……….T.T i'm wondering if its just me or i's some kind of glitch …..

  51. Julian

    I got the 110 lvl fan (florist) after i reached lvl 100 as a quest.
    but it got destroyed, after i put a potient scroll on it and now i dont know, where to get a new fan from. still havin my lvl 30 fan but that kinda sux.
    can u tell me, where i get a new fan. im lvl 124 now

  52. Julian

    i got my level 110 (florist) fan due a quest.
    but a potential scroll destroyed it and i dont know, where i can get a new one.
    im level 124 now and havin a lvl 30 fan. kinda sux.
    can u help me, whats the best way, to get a new one

  53. Ayumilove Post author

    @Is Kanna Good At Bossing: They are pretty strong at bossing once you have good funding. See video at

  54. Is kanna good at bossing

    Ayumi is Kanna good at bossing?

  55. Kennedy

    What about maxing the 4th Job Skill Nine-Tailed Fury skill? I realised you did not explain that.

  56. luicher

    im currently in GMS. i know people have asked you this but i still dont get it xD. in GMS nine taled fury is a 4rth job skill. but you dont put any points in it.should i just dump it? if not, when do i max it

  57. Ayumilove Post author

    @AoiSatoshi: In Kanna’s 3rd job skill build guide, it caps Kishin Soukan at Level 10 in order to reserve SP for the other skills to max first. Once the essential skills are maxed, then you can use the remaining SP to fully max Kishin Shoukan later. The end result will still be the same which is all skills are maxed. If you wish to max Kishin Shoukan all the way without capping at Level 10, then feel free to do so, no worries about insufficient SP.

  58. AoiSatoshi


    Should I max Kishin Shoukan or follow your Kana 3rd job build which Kishin Shoukan is 10/20?

  59. TheNekoMiko

    @Quillraven I have a level 201 kanna, and I have both mounts. I prefer the level 50 one as well.

  60. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tofu: You can unmute voice in your System settings (it’s located below the Background Music / Skill Sound Effects).

  61. Tofu

    Is it my Maple or did Kanna lose her voice? I can’t get her to say anything during skills.

  62. QuillRaven

    Hi! Can I ask if I receive the level 200 version of the MOUNT, will it replace the level 50 version? I prefer the looks of the level 50 one, does that mean I should not complete the level 200 quest for kanna?

  63. Raika

    The hair change event is over and I cried alittle because I missed it.

  64. Hehe

    i don’t see nine tailed fury skill anywhere, not even the beginner skills tab.

  65. Hiii

    Hi do you know when kinesis is coming out for maplesea??? I know its coming to GMS pretty soon

  66. Meeee

    Im pretty sure u have enough skill points to max out skills now but im not really sure but im pretty sure when u gain ur job u get extra sp and demons fury is now in fourth job and you dont have to hold down the attack key anymore

  67. Meeee

    Im pretty sure u have enough skill points to max out skills now but im not really sure butim pretty sure when u gain ur job u get extra sp and demons fury is now in fourth job and you dont have to hold down the attack key anymore

  68. Kvothed

    If I’m in the 4th job, which skills should I use mainly?

    I’m currently using Nimbus Curse/Nine-tailed Fury when able, then Tengu Strike and spamming Shikigami Haunting while recovering mana.

    Quite new to the game, so sorry if it’s a dumb question.

  69. xShinji

    Is any1 dcing with Kanna skilsl? My friend had that problem :/

  70. Ayumilove Post author

    @zhihong siow: Yes, you do not need to max. Please refer to the MapleSEA Kanna Skill Build Guide version at The current version you are looking at is GMS v.166 with the latest Kanna skill revamp that allows you to max all skills in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd job.

  71. zhihong siow

    actually 2nd job skill rock yasha no need to max right ?
    coz not enuf of skill point

  72. Ayumilove Post author

    @Cow: Nine-Tailed Fox skill has become 4th job. Do you have sufficient SP in 4th job skill? Did you use all your SP in 1st, 2nd and 3rd job skills?

  73. Cow

    Is it me or has nine tail fox furry became a 4th job skill?
    Also I can’t put a skill point in it for some reason. o.o
    Please help me ;-;

  74. Jacky

    Oops… I think I got it wrong. The Monkey Spirit is still 30. Sorry.

  75. Jacky

    The Demon’s Fury has gone to 4th job adv in the new revamp. Which is completely different from the previous one, with a master level of 20 and it was described as “summon a fury of demons to unleash a power attack on enemies.”

    It has number of attack 8 and enemies hit 8, with 95% per shot damage of level 1. It also has 3 seconds cool down.

    Instead, the Monkey spirit skill’s master level is 10 now.

  76. Asiangirl

    Hi, can you tell me what skills should i max for 3rd skill? There is no longer demon fury for the 3rd job. Should i max everything except kishin shoukan? Thank you.

  77. Ayumilove Post author

    @Narutolv1000: Currently I have added Mana Balance. Have yet to add others since my MapleStory account had some issues login. Therefore, I could not update the skill descriptions for now.

  78. Narutolv1000

    Could you highlight which skills are new? (If you already have, I just didnt look hard enough lel)

  79. Ayumilove Post author

    @Euphonia: Thank you for your time and effort in highlighting the specific skills that are new in Kanna. I’ll add them in. :)
    @all: I’ll be finishing up the remaining Kanna’s new skills by today.

  80. nuruin

    Am I the only one who can’t put skill points in the 4th job skill Nine-Tailed Fury?

  81. Euphonia

    As Hi pointed out before, there’s a new passive in Kanna’s 1st job called ‘Haku’s Gift’ and it gives you +5 movement speed
    But it seems like they given us an extra SP point in the 1st job page now, and the max level for Haku’s Gift is 1.
    In other words, you can still max out everything in Kanna’s 1st job, including the new passive.

    Also gonna point out a new skill in Kanna’s 3rd job, called Mana Balance. The description reads:
    [Master Level: 5]
    Recovers Mana by gathering negative and positive energies in equal measure. Uses 10% of Max HP to recover 30 Mana
    Although I have it at max level (5) and it says 30% used to recover 30 Mana at the bottom of the description box >.>

  82. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kaiphas: Thanks for the note! I’ll update Kanna this weekend for all the skills listed here :)

  83. cinder

    Re: Issue 8.
    I downloaded MS through Steam and found it running smoothly, so far.
    Occasionally, for no reason, I would run it outside the Steam client.
    There, I experience the frequent d/cing.
    This is coming from a Windows 8.

  84. Kaiphas

    Just went back to fixing up my Kanna since she got an SP reset. Demon’s Fury is now a 4th Job skill.

  85. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hi: Thanks for your feedback on Kanna skills! I’ll update the Kanna guide once I’m able to find time :)

  86. Hi

    N/m on my previous post. There was enough skill points for me to MAX out all the 5 skills in the 1st job.

  87. Hi

    Just started a Kanna Charater. For the 1st job (GMS) has a skill after Center Ki called Haku’s Gift (Movement Speed +5) which isn’t on the list. Not sure if I should max it out or how it affects everything else.

  88. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Aaron, thanks for stopping by! :)

  89. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kanna aka kelly: For MSEA (MapleStory South East Asia), they had their very own revamp which places the Nine-Tailed Fury on the 4th job skill instead of Beginner skill. Therefore, GMS and MSEA version is slightly different :)

  90. Aaron/hockeyboomer89

    Just want to say hai[: been following you forever we chatted few times on old msn msnger. [:
    Love watching all the new ms2 videos you make

  91. Aaron/hockeyboomer89

    Just want to say hai[: been following you forever we chatted few times on old msn msnger. [:
    Love watching all the new ms2 videos you make

  92. Kanna

    I’m currently a lvl 128 Kanna and my link skill it lvl to but when I hover over it, it says that its master lvl is 2 and there isnt a next lvl?or is this only on GMS?
    Also for fourth job, Nine-Tailed Fury you get it straight away under the beginner skills is this also for GMS only or something?

  93. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ixax: I am unable to try out Kanna’s Kenshin with pet’s auto-skill as my pet already expired. Perhaps someone here is able to share a method on making it work :) The safest method would be leaving character inside the Cash Shop, that way, monsters can’t hit your character.

  94. Ixax

    Hey Ayumi, love ur guides and everything!
    I just have one question, how do you set up your kanna’s kenshin with the pet auto skill in second drill hall, i always get kill by the mobs b/c they jump and kill me all the time. Do you know any safe way to leave my Kanna AFK in second drilll hall for few hours.

  95. Ayumilove Post author

    @Nuruin: Thanks for informing! I’ll be updating this guide as soon as GMS released its new skill revamp for Kanna and Hayato.

  96. Ayumilove Post author

    @TheKishinHoe: Thanks for the new notes. I have updated the guide above.

    Quoted from
    In order to prepare for an update to the Kanna and Hayato jobs that will be taking place later this year, new character creation for both Kanna and Hayato will be temporarily suspended, effective 6:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM Eastern) on August 19th. This will not affect any Kanna and Hayato characters created prior to August 19th. The closure will only affect new character creations.

  97. Nuruin

    Hey just a heads up kanna is getting a revamp

  98. TheKishinHoe

    Hi, just dropping by to confirm that 5 SP is leftover (and rightly so at the moment) and nexon GMS does have plans to give us a revamp. We have a thread discussing it over at basilmarket forums.

    On a side note, perhaps @Ayumilove would like to update the “Cash Shop” section now that 120+ kanna weapons are available outside of Gach/marvel? Also, mention that mastery books are now universal and easily bought at merchant shops like those found in Leafre.

  99. Ayumilove Post author

    @May: Could you help check if the max level of the 4th job skills on your Kanna character is same as the one in this Kanna guide? Perhaps I’m using an outdated max level cap for one of the skills here.

  100. May

    Hi Ayumi, thanks for putting this guide together! I just noticed, after level 140 and after using all the mastery books, I still have 5 SP leftover. Is this an error or is it just that Kanna requires fewer SP than other classes so there’s just leftover SP? Will there be any plans to revamp Kanna so that the 5 SP will be used?

  101. TheKishinHoe

    Princess’ Vow will buff only hero characters because Kanna counts as a “Hero” class. Just like adventurers all have their “Epic Adventure” buff that only spreads to adventurer classes, Kanna has Princess’ Vow which only applies to Hero classes.

  102. Ayumilove Post author

    @GummiBear: I’m not sure why MapleStory Nexon describe the skill that only works on Hero classes. I have not tested Princess’s Vow on non-hero Characters, perhaps someone could help verify the skill description :)

  103. Ayumilove Post author

    @TheKishinHoe: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll incorporate your clarification into the guide above!

  104. TheKishinHoe

    Correction: 400 matk haku fan = 200% matk buff = 3x matk (adding on 200% matk to base).

  105. TheKishinHoe

    Hi Ayumi, just wanted to suggest that you clarify haku’s blessing skill for the new people coming in who want to play kanna. A lot of people don’t understand what the buff’s “+50% magic attack” means. Perhaps clarify somewhere that it refers to applying a multiplier on base magic attack where the multiplier is equivalent to half the magic attack of the Haku fan. (e.g. 400 matk haku fan = 200% matk buff = 2x matk).

  106. GummiBear

    hyper skill princess’s vow says “Only applies to hero classes within the party.”
    but like what do they mean by hero? b/c kanna isnt a hero so why would she get a skill that only benefits lumis, phantoms, eavns, arans, and merc?

  107. Ayumilove Post author

    @Winter Wolf: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll be updating Kanna Questline (changing Level 120→140)

  108. Winter Wolf

    Hi Ayumi, just coming to say that I just leveled to 140 and ive received the quest “Unexpected Message” which was supposed to come at 120. So its not a bug! Just thought I could share c:

  109. PapaGrimly

    @Rosylea: If you are looking at GMS, then you may notice that Nine-Tailed Fury was changed into a beginner skill in GMS, while MSea left it as a fourth job skill. As a result, you don’t place any points into it in fourth job; it’s already maxed.

    It shouldn’t be listed as a fourth job skill for GMS, though, so kudos to you for noticing that error.

  110. Rosylea

    Hey, I realised you didn’t include Nine-Tailed Fury as a skill to be maxed under 4th job. Is it to be maxed last? Thanks so much for your guide! Love it :)

  111. Badydontlie

    i dont know how to equip my kanna lvl 130 some help would be great

  112. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mew: Hi Mew, for skills that has cooldown, I placed it on the far side (example: at the insert, home, page up, page down, delete, end buttons).
    All skills serve their purpose depending on the environment you are training or bossing.
    For example: I’ll still use Tengu Strike in 4th job if monsters are on multiple platforms above me.

    Below are the list of skills I used when playing Kanna with the key slots at 4th job as reference:
    T – Macro Buff Skills (Maple Warrior, Fan Booster, Haku Reborn)
    Insert – Channeling: Lightning (4th job) = use this based on monster element weakness
    Home – Channeling: Ice (3rd job) = use this based on monster element weakness
    Page Up – Channeling: Fire (2nd job) = use this based on monster element weakness
    Page Down – Nine Tailed Fury (4th job)
    End – Orochi (4th job)
    Delete – Nimbus Curse (2nd job)
    SHIFT – MP Potion
    CTRL – HP Potion
    C – Pickup = loot meso/items.
    F – Shikigami Haunting (1st job) = used with Channeling. for regular training.
    D – Vanquisher Charm (4th job) = for bossing (mini-elite bosses / big boss like Zakum)
    G – Tengu Strike (3rd job) = best for multi platform monster hit.
    V – Soul Shear (3rd job) = best for mobbing in Evolution System (Level 100 dungeon)
    Z – Ether Pulse (1st job) = teleport towards monster.
    X – Spirit Corral (3rd job) = cluster enemies to be comboed with Tengu Strike.

  113. Mew

    Hello! I just reached 4th job today and I’d like to know which Kanna skills should I ditch since I use up my 1-9s for attacks and I feel like I’m hoarding up too much. It would be really helpful to let me know which attack skills are mediocre at higher levels. Thank you, Ayumi, and great guide!

    Hi, I just reached 4th job and I would like to know which skills I should ditch (from 1st to 4th) since I use my 1-9s for my attacks and I feel like they’re hoarding up too much space! Thank you so much and I love your guide!

  114. Ayumilove Post author

    @Cins: Use auto-pot from pet? Otherwise, try to upgrade your equipment to have better defenses and create a different strategy in mobbing enemies. Upgrading your weapon to allow 2-3 hits to kill enemies will prevent them from retaliating unless you’re sandwiched between them and getting physical bump damage.

  115. Cins

    Hey, I’m lvl 137 Kanna, and I’m just trying to do some quests to level up. But dang, after using kishin shoukan, (for faster training) I keep dying because they hit really high, and my Haku can’t heal me up fast enough… Are there any tips you suggest so I wont be dying so much?! I love Kanna but danggg. I dont want to farm going up and down, i love the fast spawn. :(

  116. Jake Cheng

    For some reason, i have 5 extra sp on my 4th job. I don’t know why though. Everything is maxed out and i don’t know whats up.

  117. Ayumilove Post author

    @Winter Wolf: Thanks for the heads up! I’ll perform the correction on the Nine Tail Fury :)
    I’m not sure about the changes on the current Level 120 quest as I have done it long time ago.

  118. Winter Wolf

    For MSEA 4th job skill build, is it a typo or is it not necessary to max nine tail fury and just leave it at 1sp?
    Also, i havent received my lv 120 quest even though im alrd at lv 125, could this be a bug?

  119. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tsurugi: Thanks for the note! I have added the missing max level for Nine Tailed Fury for MSEA!

  120. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mizuki: How about the other skills in 2nd and 3rd jobs?

  121. Mizuki

    The 1st job one looks right now, definitely should be 19/20 for Clay Yaksha.
    I’d mistakenly left out Ether. >.>

  122. Tsurugi

    Hi Ayumi,

    An addition for the MSEA Kanna skill Nine-Tailed Fury:

    Level 10: Mana Cost: 50, Damage: 900%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of Attacks: 6, +20% Continuous damage for 120 sec
    Cooldown: 500 sec.

    As always, your skill builds are smashing. Keep it up! :)

  123. Ayumilove Post author

    @Yuki: If you are not using it as your main, you do not need to be bother about it, unless it gets you frustrated all day, you could spend some ACash to reset that particular skill.

  124. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mizuki: Thanks for the note. Could you let me know what are the skills that aren’t max on your side from 1st to 4th job advancement? And the SP too for those particular skills (e.g. Ether Pulse (19/20)). Just need to confirm the values are correct.

  125. Mizuki

    They added Haku’s Heart for 1st Job (+5 speed) and Advanced Haku Reborn in 3rd for MSEA.
    Didn’t realize it during 1st job, hence I didn’t get to max out Ether. TT__TT

  126. Yuki

    Something is wrong with the SP guide, I can’t maxed my Perfect Haku as it requires skill point from Advanced Haku.., so now I’m stuck ._. I can SP reset it but is it worth it?

    It’s just a mule acct for link .

  127. Ayumilove Post author

    @MysticisM: Thanks for the note. I have added the skill name “Fan Booster” for MSEA.

  128. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anon: The Kanna Skill Build Guide should remain the same. Nothing much changed for Kanna except for the mastery level increase on one skill and decrease at the other.

  129. Anon

    Hi Ayumi can u please please update skill build asap? I wanna play but dont know what to add. especially when nine tail fury has been moved to fourth job, it messes everything up

  130. LimitBreaks

    @Jin That because the nine tail fury has been moved to 4th job.

  131. Jin

    Hi i had recently created a kanna in global and skip the tutorial and i realize that i dint have the skill nine tail rage anywhere. Has that skill been removed or you must do the tutorial to get that skill?

  132. Ayumilove Post author

    @Aslamak: Yeah, thanks for the notice! I’ll be updating it. :)

  133. Aslamak

    Msea is having hayato/kanna update. Will you be updating this guide then?

  134. Tan Leon

    I hav a lvl 100 xenon and a lvl 100 kanna, which should I continue played as main character

  135. Cheryl Goh

    Hi i was wondering if u could help me because i accidentally added the rock yaksha so now i can’t use frozen shikigami please help!

  136. MysticisM

    For second job skill – Radiant Peacock, in MSEA that skill name Fan Booster

  137. Winter Wolf

    Hi ayumi, I’m currently lvl 121 and I’m wondering, any idea why haven’t i received my lvl 120 storyline quest? Specifically the quest “Unexpected Message”. I know the requirements are to be at least lvl 120 and to have “Chaos Rising” completed. I have checked my quest log and is very sure that I’ve completed it but i still haven’t gotten my next quest? Also, I’ve also tried going to Momijigaoka to talk to Princess Sakuno but there’s still no available quest.. Any help? Thanks in advance!

  138. Winter Wolf

    Hi ayumi, I’m currently lvl 121 already but any idea why haven’t I received the storyline quests for level 120? Specifically the quest “Unexpected Message”. I know the requirement is to be level 120 and have “Chaos Rising” quest completed. I have checked my quest log and is sure i have completed that quest but i still haven’t got my next quest.. Any help? Thanks in advance!

  139. Fish

    Hmmm.. do i cap rock yasha at 1 or add the remaining sp to it ?

  140. xDemonHerex

    There seems to be a bug for Kanna with Esther Pulse where the game crashes after using it alot, is GMS going to fix this?

  141. Ayumilove Post author

    @ossyria: Could you check the quest in the bulb icon (located on the left side of your screen) and also the quest window? Maybe they have already shorten the quest or perhaps the quest has specific level range to complete. If its an essential storyline quest, you will still be able to complete it, just that you won’t get much experience since you are a high level.

  142. Ossyria

    I had a problem with Kanna, while doing her quests I realized something was wrong and it seemed like I had somehow skipped like 5 or 6 of her quests and straight onto the “Elnath Mountain” quest or something where Oda’s forces were sighted near Elnath or w/e

  143. Allie

    Can bellflower and blossom barrier’s stack on top of each other for a protection and damage buff?

  144. mm

    i’m gotting a prob! i now have a lv 55 Kanna.But something wrong with the skill Haku Reborn(lv 10).As in lv 10 but the amount buff is at lv 1.this is really bugging me.

  145. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kim: Yes, it decrease monster spawn time instead of decrease monster spawn. For example, if you killed a monsters and it took 10 seconds for all monsters to respawn, it will take less than 10 seconds with Kishin Shoukan summoned. Approximately 2-3 seconds lesser. Therefore, you can kill more enemies within that period of training :D Hope that makes sense.

  146. Kim

    I noticed your Kishin Shoukan description states that it “decreases” monster spawn in the map. Which is correct, decrease or increase?

  147. SeikoNya

    Hi Ayumi. I noticed that Kanna seems like one of the strongest classes in the game, having 2 binds, amazing haku’s buffs, item/meso drop rates, mob spawn rates, amazing mobbing, no need for any potions, and so on.
    But I haven’t seen many people who actually mains Kanna, and most people use her for utility.
    Could you please address all the down-sides to Kanna? Like all the 2ndary fan handicaps and all that.
    I love your website, keep up the good work!

  148. heezji

    im now lvl51 had a quest that i need to return to mimagaoki but the mirror of dimension only allow to go zinpangu the farthest. please teach me how..

  149. hana SayaYama 2000

    hi my name is hana im from fukui -japan. i playing jms. im playing as kanna and priest. but do u has to equip cash item like perm on any character to amke it preety or cool. i see people make that kind of character. like eqip ing surperior gollux ring like those . what are the items u need to equip to kanna that can help kanna lv up faster. but how do u get mesos like really relaly a lot. people opened lots of shop at fm . but thsoe items s cost way lot. it probely needed mesos . but can u tell me how to get that much of mesos. im Lv 98 kanna and lv 100 priest . didnt went o bisshop job yet. my name on jms is FukuiOnnaKamui plz tlak to me ayumi -san

  150. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ahrie9tails: Thanks for your feedback, it will help other Kanna players who face similar issues :) I maxed Spiral Coral because I leveled up without training in Link 3 (more to Party Quests).

  151. Ahrie9tails MSEA Aquila

    Ayumi there somethings i need to tell everyone about kanna.

    1’st: In order to see the true potential of Fan booster, you need to hold down Shikigami Hunting button however don’t hold down for too long (same as Vanquisher’s Charm and Soul Shear) as it may cause a bug that the player will not dealt any damage even thought skills is used.The only way to debug is to move left/right/up a rope. Using another skill will not debug.

    2’nd: It’s best to max Demon’s fury instead of Spiral Corral as it dealt more AoE (Area of Effect) damage as it’s a semi full map skill best to used in Link 3.

    3’rd: Speed Infusion only applies to Shikigami Hunting and Vanquisher’s Charm

  152. Michele

    Jen, thats a bug. I asked the gm they told me is the bug problem. It also occured to me after the red update. My max attack range and minimum range has a 200k range difference and before it was only around 20k difference. My dmg is unstable now. You should ibox this issue. So they will start working on it.

  153. Alex

    hello ayumi does auto pet buff work with the kishin monster spawner skill? just a curious question

  154. Jen

    Hi Ayumi, I have a question. My kanna has been behaving really weird. Mainly because my attack range has a HUGE difference. Huge as in a difference of 15k between my max attack range and my minimum attack range? Any idea what’s causing this? I have already maxed everything based on your build.

  155. Michele

    Hey guys, will kanna mana increase from 100 to 200? I think i read it somewhere about this but not sure how? Can anyone pls explain that to me?

  156. Jay

    Hey Ayumi, u said that haku fan’s potential works ONLY for stats% and magic att%, I just wanna confirm again if it is ONLY those 2 potentials. Thx

  157. TheKishinHoe

    Pt stats will be added as soon as you equip fan on Haku and are permanent as long asfan is on Haku. When Haku casts Hakus blessing, 1/2 mark from hakus fan is added to yourself

  158. Michele

    I tried. Cant. It has to be equip on kanna in order to have full bonus. Btw from your website stated the fans that haku use only takes in ptt stats and not the base stats, is it true?

  159. Ayumilove Post author

    @Michele: I have not tried that out. So I couldn’t confirm if it would provide the full bonus when Haku equips it. Need Kanna player help to verify :D

  160. Michele

    Ayumi, does empress set give the full bonus if my haku equip the dragon tail fans instead of my kanna?

  161. Ayumilove Post author

    @TheKishinHoe: Thanks for the notice! I have already corrected them. Previously there was another player who spotted that too but I forgot to rectify it :(

  162. Game

    if i use the think on 4 job that give more exp my party members get more exp too?

  163. Jay

    No problem ayumi, though i wished that they were as before, haha

  164. TheKishinHoe

    I was wondering why you listed Max MP increase as one of the recommended Kanna hypers. I thought that it did not affect their mana bar?

  165. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Jay for the correction! I’ll update now.

  166. Jay

    Bellflower Hyper Skills unlocking levels for Boss dmg and extra duration are also the other way around

  167. Jay

    Kanna’s Hyper Skill
    Vanquisher charm – Reinforce and Extra strike unlocking levels are swapped
    ie Reinforce at lvl143 (Not lvl183) and Extra Strike at lvl183 (Not lvl143)

  168. Zordinary

    Does the Kanna need a lot of funding to be successful? or at least in Ratio term of view, does it need a lot of funding? Can you tell me which mages need the least and which need the most fundings? I have seen one of your other reviews on Luminous saying that it doesnt need too much funding but only at low levels? thanks for putting these out btw, really helps with character choice and the pro and con section is amazingly helpful!

  169. ditta traslochi

    Great work! This is the type of info that should be shared across the web.
    Disgrace on Google for not positioning this put up upper!
    Come on over and seek advice from my site .

    Thank you =)

    Here is my web blog … ditta traslochi

  170. Ayumilove Post author

    @kjh07: Usually magicians have high magic defense but low physical/weapon defense. So if a particular monster deals magic attack on you, you will receive lesser damage compared to the rest of the class. However, when Kanna (magician) bumps into an enemy, it takes in more damage compared to magic attack.

  171. kjh07

    i can see that other kanna only takes 1 damage from monster but my kanna still can take thousands damage from monster. How do they did that?my kanna magic defense is 3200+ and lvl 140. Sry for broken English, hope you know what i mean.

  172. Mastel

    Erm, i Just Notice that In your Hyper Skill Build, I Saw Hyper Mana.
    In that Skill Discription it say +15% Mp, so it apply to Kanna Mana as well?

  173. Dallas senior pictures

    Hurrah, that’s what I was looking for, what a material!
    present here at this website, thanks admin of this website.

  174. Animefreak426

    Hi Ayumi! Just wondering, won’t vanquisher’s charm become Kanna’s main attack after hyper skills are being added? If yes, why max it the last?

  175. Haku Haku

    Hey Ayumi, do you know how to get the Lvl 200 mount Haku and do we have to defeat Mori Ranmaru?

  176. Udin

    Hello Ayumi. It seems there is no hyper skills for Sengoku in MapleSea. I wam excited to play after I read your guide. I wonder when they will release hyper skills for Sengoku

    By the way, from what i observe from all Kanna’s skills, it seems Kanna is a multi-discipline characters. All of her skills are mixing of many other classes’ skills.

  177. Reayldon

    Hi ayumi ! I found that kanna’s 4th job skill : Tessenjutsu provides 30% damage, in your guide. But in fact, it actually provides 30% of FAN’S DAMAGE instead of your overall damage. What is meant by increasing Fan’s damage? Is that haku’s fan or kanna’s fan? I upgraded this skill to max level of 30 but how come my damage din’t get a boost but just remain unchanged? What does this skill actually mean?

  178. Ayumilove Post author

    @demishazylea: Orochi, Monkey Spirit, Falling Sakura, Tessenjutsu aka Kasen and Vanquisher’s Charm. See “Kanna’s Mastery Book” for more details.

  179. demishazylea

    which skills required mastery books?

  180. Anonymous

    I wonder if a male kanna character to be create??O.o

  181. Someone

    Maplesea is getting Kanna and Hayato. :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

  182. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi KannaFan, I have added Kanna and Hayato Hyper Skills in their respective pages :)

  183. kannaFan

    Please add Kanna and Hayato hyper skill in this list thank you.

  184. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dalvin, there is always a possibility that MSEA would release Kanna. Once they import GMS version of Kanna (license), then they will have it launch in no time. But still there isn’t a confirm date for this release.

  185. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi dalvin, there are no official news from MSEA that they will be launching Kanna to MSEA. We will need to wait :)

  186. dalvin

    Is this job ever gonna come out in MSEA?

  187. AngelicLuminous

    @shadowolf: illusion-haku and breath of the unseen 2 appear to be the same skill, correct me if I’m wrong

  188. Shadowolf

    I found someone with an “illusion Haku” mastery book… but I have yet to see anyone with that skill. is it even a real one? or is it some hacker messing aournd?

  189. Kibou

    i heard that Kanna is gonna be released in December at MapleSEA,
    Is that true?

  190. Chau

    hey Ayumi, where can i find haku’s weapons in maplestory?

  191. Thiefy

    I started “Mysterious Discovery” quest in order to get the “Will of Alliance” skill,
    as I was inside the monster park, and now I’m just lost.

    Is that quest suppose to teleport you to somewhere?
    I have no idea what should I do, where should I go or who should I meet.

    I looked for like 2 hours over the internet and couldn’t find an answer for this question AS A KANNA.

    Waiting for your help.. :(

  192. Chau

    Thank you

  193. Ayumilove Post author

    You’re welcome PeachesNCR3am!

  194. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Chau, Kanna does not have Hyper Skills yet but they (JMS developers) will soon add them to be synchronize with other jobs.

  195. PeachesNCr3am

    Hey Ayumi, just wondering if there’s still a mastery book event? I just started playing again and I’m loving Kanna. Thankyou for your awesome guide as well! :D

  196. Chau

    hey Ayumilove, does Kanna have hyper skills?

  197. What is it?

    Hey, I was wondering what the illusion-haku skill was? I had a mastery book 20 of it, used it but nothing happened. Opened up my skill menu and there was no illusion-haku skill.

  198. Kibou

    Thanks for telling me that
    When the release date is announced,
    Can you post it here?


  199. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kibou, there are no release dates yet given by the official MapleSEA website. In GMS, after releasing Kaiser, they released Kanna and Hayato before going ahead with Demon Avenger, Xenon and finally Cygnus Revamp + Adventurer Revamp. MapleSEA has random released of jobs.

  200. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Cliff Cleetus, there are 2 possibilities that Kishin Shoukan does not work when you are on rope. The first is you must be close to the platform on rope, the second is GMS Developers have patched it, third is Kishin Shoukan has done 100 attacks while you are on rope and it has stopped. On my Kanna, I use to leech EXP (experience) using Kishin Shoukan while my character is standing on a platform (not hanging on rope). Try that and see it works :)

  201. Kibou

    when will Kanna And Hayato be released in MSEA
    i am lookng forward to it
    and you guide is helpful to me as i use most of your guides to do PQS and up skills

  202. Cliff Cleetus

    Hi! Just thought I would add some stuff I found out when playing Kanna. When I Ether pulse like normal, it would cost 5 SP (or mana, w/e it is). But when I use it and hit an enemy, I gain the 5 back. Don’t know if it’s a glitch or intended but thought I’d bring it up (found out after 3rd job when I paid closer attention to the SP bar :<).
    And when I left Kishin Shoukan on while I was on a rope, It would not deal damage ( no AFK farming T_T).
    Also, in alien corridor 6 (or w/e it is called exactly) I left Kishin Shoukan on on the upper platform (a bit away from the left end) and stood exactly below it. My vision of the map was just a bit away from the portal. From there the Kishin Shoukan could kill the aliens on the upper platform while I would spirit corral (used to use tengu strike but that costed 40 for 8 enemies for the total damage and I found out spirit corral could 1HKO the aliens) to kill the entire lower enemies, which were around 10 I believe. Just standing in 1 place and pressing A to kill, while still getting exp for killing the top platform….. and just tele-ing up inbetween to re-apply the shinigamis………..

  203. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mac, Elementalism can stack with any other link skill except for itself, which means it will be pointless to give Elmentalism to another Kanna within your same account if you have 2 Kanna. Potentials for Haku only applies for stats (STR/DEX/INT/LUK).

  204. Mac

    Hi, so I made Kanna a few weeks before I created AB, and the Elementalism somehow helped the AB after the nerfs. Ok so the fan I equip on Haku,,,by potentials does it mean both the potential and bonus potential, and doesnt include +n% int? Will Elementalism stack onto another character with link skills of other classes (e.g. Hayato’s Keen Edge)

  205. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Steve! Will be updating Kanna and the Link Skill Guide :)

  206. Steve

    Great guide! Just to let you know that GMS changed the Link 2 level to 120 from 100. All others look good.

  207. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Daniel, I have not encountered such issue yet since I have not experience Combat Orders buff from Paladin or Phantom Thief (skill stolen from Paladin). For now, the best route would be to report it to the official GMS site so they can take note of it, and meanwhile disable Combat Orders Buff why right-clicking the icon which is where all the buffs are located on your top right corner of the screen.

  208. Daniel

    Hi Ayumi! I recently found out that the reason why I have been constantly dcing is because of Combat Orders making the monkey spirits glitchy. Do you know a solution to this problem? Please post this on the error section to let other people know that they aren’t alone on this dc issue! thanks! :)

  209. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Em, thanks for the notice! Strange that they increase the level now lol. Let me know if the HyperSkill Names needs to be updated as well if it does not sync with GMS hyper skill names.

  210. Em

    Hello Ayumi! Nexon just changed the level required to lvl up Elementalism to level 2. Now you need to reach lvl 120.
    Nexon patch quote: “Kanna’s link skill ‘Elemental Blessing’ raises to Lv.2 when she reaches Lv.120 instead of Lv.100. “

  211. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Frustratedkanna, you can always farm some tickets to enter Monster Park dungeons. I use to train there with my Demon Slayer and Phantom (both around Level 150) when LHC is packed. But when you train in LHC in party, you tend to level up faster since you can party with a stronger player who can kill faster, while your skills boost the spawn rate, benefiting everyone around :D

  212. FrustratedKanna

    Hi, Im level 147 kanna and I dont like LHC at all due to the fact that when I fight I lag out or dc due to all the high activity of fighting. So, I was wondering where I can train besides there. I have done all the ToTs quest I can and all the other ones like Silent Crusader etc. Im frustrated and dont wish to give up my kanna because of a small window of levels I need to get before going into future henesy. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

  213. DatKanna

    What’s kanna lvl 200 mount look like ?

  214. Peter

    Where could we find lvl 100-120 fans?

  215. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Josh, it would be unwise to do so as upon losing your means of leeching, you will be there all by yourself stuck unable to train without the necessary skills.

  216. Josh

    If im primarily gonna be leeching at lhc while using kishin shoukan here and there, would it be unwise to go ahead and max out dawns warrior since im primarily just support?

  217. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi JcNOhayato, You can craft Kanna’s Fan if you have selected mining + smithing as your secondary profession. From there, you collect minerals by mining from training maps and later create weapons with smithing. That way, you do not need to endlessly grind away on monsters hoping to get that fan instead of other random job equipment. Most merchant make quick money by selling these new unique fan around 10 million meso and players are buying them like hot cakes since they want to focus on training and leveling up.

  218. JcNOhayato

    Does the lvl 80 to 140 fans only available from gatchapoon not dropped?

  219. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Shizukaskies, I have added a list of Kanna Quest at the bottom of this guide :)

  220. shizukaskies

    Hi Ayumi, I was wondering if you could make a guide for character storyline quests like you did for Luminous. It would be really helpful to see at what level characters like Hayato and Kanna obtain job quests. Thanks!

  221. ShadowMages

    No, Kishin actually reduces the time for spawning, although it may also increase the number. Both are quite benefitial.
    Hyper Skills will arrive for Jett and Zen/Dragon Warrior (in other versions like MSEA or CMS, etc.) with Explorers, as they are Explorer branchoffs, like Cannonneer and DB. For Kanna and Hayato, I am not sure.

  222. Mapler

    And yeah i forgot to ask: Does hyper skills come to exclusive jobs in Maple like Jett, Kanna, Hayato, Zen?

  223. Mapler

    When I train at Lion Heart Castle (LHC) many peolple i have partied with say that summon Kishin Shoukan to increase monster spawns. I see that the monster spawn does increase (i think). Is it true? Please answer

  224. ShadowMages

    And Hypers for Kanna haven’t been released yet. I personally want the Explorer Hypers first…

  225. ShadowMages

    @MapleChristian, probably should put all int points for max damage output!

    For Demon Fury vs. Spirit Corral, Spirit Corral (960%) gets easily replaced even by Tengu (1000% +2nd Lightning attack with 100% crits). While Spirit Corral does hit 2 more mobs than Tengu, I find it more like a pulling skill for one of to various mobbing or ultimates.

  226. Daniel

    Hi ayumi, what is the hyper skill for Kanna?

  227. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi MapleChristian, I think its not worth it? 1 Magic Attack produces (25-40 min max damage) whereas 1 INT produces (3-4 min max damage). 10 INT is similar to 1 Magic Attack. If you use 10 AP (Ability Points) into HP (Health Points) each AP only adds 10-20 HP Max. 700 HP gives 1 Magic Attack, so 700HP/20HP = 35 AP. To summarize, you use 35 AP into HP to achieve the same damage of 10 AP into INT.

  228. SirPlyster

    In the 3rd job explanation you wrote Burning Shikigami Haunting, not Frozen. Nice guide btw!

  229. John Paul

    Same goes for the Mighty Shikigami Haunting. :D

  230. John Paul

    You’re missing what Kanna say when doing Orochi. Please put it up if you can? :)

  231. Maplechristian

    Hi ayumi! What are your thoughts on putting 2 hp points & 3 int points for each lvl in order to make kanna hp higher? Thanks

  232. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Elanette, for me I max the skills in sequence as shown in the guide above without considering to have mastery books to max all skills. I rarely go above Level 110 unless the job is fairly fun to play such as Demon Slayer without the excessive need to spam 1-2 skills while grinding.

  233. elanette

    The Hayato release date has been confirmed! March 13th :D How would you go about getting more mastery books? I’ve been fighting monsters and bosses in Leafre that are supposed to drop mystery mastery books, but I know it’s rare. I made the mistake of not reading the guide completely before I was offered the free mastery book and I chose Monkey Spirits because I jumped at the chance for more EXP :[ I only have 15mil saved so I doubt buying any mastery books is an option for me.

  234. xiiaojckw

    Thanks for the concern Victor! It is working again ^^

  235. xiiaojckw

    Thanks Ayumilove! It is working again! And it seems to work on Windows Server 2003(Windows Service Pack 1 ) without any disconnection for me , might solve the disconnection issue.

  236. Victor

    It always works for me once I start it with IE, I’m glad this error has never been a huge problem for me. I hope you get yours fixed xiiaojckw!

  237. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi xiiaojckw, I have uploaded my BlackCipher zip file at

  238. xiiaojckw

    Can anyone upload the BlackCipher zip file? The one on the website isnt working >< and it seems the problem lies in there.

  239. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Victor, I tried Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox but it does not fix the issue unless I change the BlackCipher.aes in the folder. Could you upload the whole BlackCipher folder in a zip file?

  240. Victor,zta7t2l4k183g7k,31marjjolmk1v51,pntzg1vga5l1asb,4hrfs1072gg8d1e,ttua11u2246ad38,mypsf79bjltjr9g,cvk340u3ac66bb1,xnpwa2zx355fr7m,78w6899mhbu33n1

    When that error happens to me it’s because I launch it from Google Chrome so instead I launch the game from Internet Explorer.

  241. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Victor or anyone from GMS, could you send me your BlackCipher folder by uploading to and pasting a link here. Let me know if you aren’t able to post link in the comment. I think I have figured out what causes the hackShield Initilization Error 0x000000000. Just to confirm whether its due to BlackCall.aes and BlackCipher.aes (The one from does not work).

  242. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks DragoonKnightL for the correction! I’ll update the description now.

  243. Victor

    Nope, I didn’t encounter any problems at all everything was good :) I will let you know for Hayato! When does it come out exactly?

  244. DragoonKnightL

    Kishin Shoukan Skill ‘decrease’ spawn time not ‘increase’ if it increase it’s a typo in the game GMS.

  245. Ayumilove Post author

    Thank Anonymous for pointing it out! I have added Binding Tempest skill in between Bellflower Barrier and Falling Sakura. Let me know if I missed out anything else :)

  246. Anonymous

    Hey Ayumi, just want to point out that Binding tempest is missing from your 4th job skill build. Other than that, excellent guide!

  247. Ayumilove Post author

    No prob Failway, do stop by if you need help or found something interesting you would like to share with me on Kanna or other MapleStory features :)

  248. Failway

    Thanks your the tips Ayumi,
    but the thing is I didn’t do Tot’s quest for the Quest Helpers…
    I just hope they’ll fix this in the next server check.

  249. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Victor, if the same thing happens with Hayato, just let me know early so I could update it quickly hehehe. Btw, did you encounter any issues with linking Kanna’s Elementalism to your other character?

  250. Victor

    Yeah, Spirit Corral is beast. TBH Demon’s fury is useless and never used! I’m 129 and getting bored……. Can’t wait for Hayato! Thanks for the guide Ayumilove it helped me tremendously.

  251. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi all, I have updated Kanna’s 3rd Job Skill Build Guide to max Spirit Corral instead as many players seem to find it much more useful compared to Demon’s Fury.

  252. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Failway and to the rest of Kanna players, avoid using Cash Shop Quest Helpers that Tot’s gives you to get your link skill early as this might bug the Kanna Link skill. Just do the quest normally without rushing otherwise this will occur for Level 70 and above (until GMS Developer fixes it). There are some players who are able to link their Kanna Elementalism skill to their favorite characters (Angelic Buster) without performing the above. Take precaution!

  253. Failway

    I can’t use my Kanna’s link skill :
    It would give the notification that you can only link once a day,
    the skill itself says progress:none
    I did the quest for it.
    I found that a few other players are suffering the same thing,

  254. Xcod

    Oh thanks :)
    I just wonder if Haku’s buff thingy and Haku Transform it self can be cancelled by mob’s skill as they disappear and you are more likely to die.

  255. Phyuck Yiu

    is shikigami charm useful when i reach 3rd job or the new skills are better to the point where i dont need it? also is the gachapierrot the only way to get mastery books for kanna or boss/monsters drop them?

  256. Meows

    oh Ayumi~ you have always been helpful! FOREVER FANBOY

  257. god

    im stuck on honnou-ji infiltartion 1 quest

  258. Em

    Exactly, you start with Elementalism level 1 but you can link it to another character when you reach level 70 :)

  259. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Em for your insight, I’ll update the Kanna guide with your info. Btw, how about Level 1 Elementalism, is it still Level 70 or they move it to Level 60? Just to confirm. I think Kanna gets Elementalism during Beginner stage but only allows to link to another character at Level 70.

  260. Em

    Hello Ayumilove! I wanted to tell you that the Link Skill goes to level 2 on Lvl 100. I’m level 102 and the Elementalism is level 2 :)
    By the way, thanks for all the guides, they are very useful ;) Cya!

  261. Ayumilove Post author

    You’re welcome Rakahs. I simply enjoy making guides :)

  262. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Venger, thats a great idea. I’m sure others will want to know how to earn tons of mesos quickly. I can setup a simple guide though, nothing fancy.

  263. Venger

    Hi Ayumi, do you mind if you make a guide that shows easy ways to get mesos? Please reply. It’s okay if you don’t want to.

  264. Hua

    Hi Ayumi, thank you for your reply. I will have to try out some 4th Job skills first and then hopefully I can figure out my settings.

    I barely use the buttons (home, end, page up, page down, delete). I do use the quickslots for cooldown skills though, because you can edit those to your own preference.

  265. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SNowOffersWisdom, thanks it would be great help :)

  266. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mapler, thanks for your release prediction on Hayato. If it’s true, everyone will be getting ready to race up with Hayato since there are already 5 Kanna players at Level 190 and above. The Hayato release has not been confirmed in GMS MapleStory official site. We will wait and see :D

  267. StupidityNowOffersWisdom

    @Ayumi: If they’ve not dubbed it, I can get the recordings of 1st/2nd/3rd job from JMS for you.

  268. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Victor for your input and congrats of reaching Level 120 ;)

  269. Ayumilove Post author

    If anyone have Kanna video recording of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Job Skills, you could send post a link here so I could make a new video out of it (a compilation of the skills) :D Would be nice to have both male and female voice effects and without MapleStory background music + the chat window and familiar close since it obstructs the view.

  270. Victor

    I mean walking speed which affects the attacking speed a bit because they are so slow :/ Oh and the link skill does go to lvl 2 at lvl 120 :)

  271. Mapler

    Hayato is coming 2 weeks after Kanna
    Since his Hot Time is also coming in that week’s Sat

  272. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hua, you can place the 3 Shikigami Haunting (Burning, Freezing, Mighty) in your (Insert, Home, PageUP) keyboard. You deal 50% extra damage to monsters who are weak against your attack. Example: Use Burning against Ice, Freezing against Fire, and Mighty against Water (such as Octopus nearby Kerning City). It’s basically a combo of explorer magicians skills or similar to Paladin Charges (Fire, Ice, Thunder, Holy).

    Then add Nine-Tailed Fury on your PageDOWN button, Orochi and Falling Sakura in either DELETE and END button key so you can keep track on the skill cooldown.

    You can add those supportive skills into your 3 skill macro buttons: Haku Reborn, Radiant Peacock, Dawn’s Warrior).

    For active skills, you can keep Nimbus Curse (similar to Poison Mist – use it when there are many monsters around for the mist to appear!), Tengu Strike, Kishin Shoukan, Blossom Barrier, Monkey Spirits.

    The rest of the skills you wouldn’t use much during training :D

  273. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jason Huang, Dawn Warrior does not need a Mastery Book. The only skills that requires Mastery Book are Vanquisher’s Charm, Orochi, Falling Sakura, Monkey Spirits, Binding Tempest, Bellflower Barrier, Kasen and Breath of the Unseen.

  274. Jason Huang

    do we need a mastery book for dawn warrior?

  275. Hua

    Lol, it changed the layout of my text. It was easier to read before I submitted it.

  276. Hua

    Ayumilove, which Kanna skills from 1st, 2nd and 3rd Job will still be used in 4th Job? Kanna has to many skills, and it is a bit too much to put them all on the keyboard.

    (1st Job)
    -Shikigami Haunting – yes
    -Ether Pulse – yes

    (2nd Job)
    -Rock Yaksha – no, I think
    -Shikigami Charm – ?
    -Haku Reborn – yes
    -Radiant Peacock – yes
    -Burning Shikigami – ?
    -Nimbus Curse – ?

    (3rd Job)
    -Tengu Strike – yes
    -Spiri Corral – no
    -Soul Shear – didn’t really use it in 3rd Job, don’t know about 4th Job
    -Kishin Shoukan – yes
    -Blossom Barrier – yes
    -Frozen Shikigami Haunting – ?
    -Demon’s Fury – ?

    Does Mighty Shikigami Haunting replace Frozen Shikigami Haunting?
    Thank you in advance :)

  277. rakahs

    Sweet, thanks for the fast reply =D Are you enjoying you Kanna?

  278. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi rakahs, choose Kasen 30 Mastery Book instead of (Vanquisher’s Charm 30, Orochi 30, Monkey Spirits 30) Then use meso to purchase Monkey Spirits 30 from Free Market. Vanquisher’s Charm and Orochi can be maxed later as shown in the skill build guide.

  279. rakahs

    What mystery mastery book should I get from the event?

  280. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Victor, what do you mean by slow? Slow attack or slow walking speed? Currently, there are a few GMS MapleStory players who has broken the Level 120 barrier (2.5 hours with 2x EXP COUPON + 2x EXP Event = 4x EXP) The Event for 2x EXP and drop rate is held on (March 2 – March 3) + (March 9 – March 10) + (March 16 – March 17) + (March 23 – March 24) + (March 30 – March 31) + (April 6 – April 7) at
    Pacific Time (2 PM – 4 PM / 8 PM – 10 PM) and Eastern Time (5 PM – 7 PM / 11 PM – 1 AM) in spite of the horrendous server lag and disconnection issue.

  281. Victor

    Hey Thanks, and yeah of course if no one tells you first I will definitely help you!

    P.S. The only thing I hate about Kanna is how amazingly slow they are -.-

  282. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Victor, Kanna link skill has 2 levels, the first level is unlocked at Level 70 and second level is unlocked at Level 120. This applies to all Link Skills! Currently, only some link skills have Level 2. For example, KMS (Korea MapleStory) has just unlocked Level 2 Link Skills on Nov 28 2012 for Angelic Buster, Kaiser, Mercedes, Mihile, Phantom, and Luminous. Not all MapleStory regions unlock Level 2 yet. You can help check out for me once you reach Level 120 :D

  283. Ayumilove Post author

    You’re welcome Krovphus :) Share this guide with your friends if you find it helpful!

  284. Victor

    Another awesome guide. When does the link skill upgrade to lvl 2? I just started playing Kanna a couple hours ago….

  285. Krovphus

    Thank You. I can now play MS again because it always wouldnt work saying something wasnt found when I’ve downloaded everthing. Thanks

  286. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Pwnzified, get Kasen Mastery Book which upgrades your Max Mastery to Level 30 with 100% success rate. Kasen is vital for stabilizing your damage (increasing min damage) and also boosting your overall damage. Also, this kind of mastery books will cost an arm and a leg, therefore most unfunded players will choose this first.

  287. Pwnzified

    Hi Ayumi, what mastery book do you recommend to get at level 70?

  288. Ayumilove Post author

    You’re welcome JacJones. Hope to see you around more!

  289. JacJones

    Thank you for the awesome build

  290. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi All, Kanna 1st 2nd 3rd and 4th Job Skill Names have been updated from the old to the official from GMS (Global MapleStory).

  291. Ayumilove Post author

    Kanna 2nd and 3rd Job Skill Build Guide has been updated with Post-Tempest Patch (Max Mastery Level reduction has been taken into account for the skill build)

  292. Ayumilove Post author

    @StupidityNowOffersWisdom, Thanks for the notice!

  293. StupidityNowOffersWisdom

    @Ayumi: Haku is male. Take a closer look at his transformed clothing.

  294. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jett Tan, I predict that Kanna and Hayato would be release in MapleSEA in 1 year time if they are allowed to publish JMS exclusive jobs in their region. If GMS allows male and female (no gender lock), then MapleSEA would probably have this feature if they wish to follow GMS. I do not know whether Haku is a male or female since its originally a non-gender pet. Kanna spends spiritual power to activate skills and their spiritual capacity is 100. In other words, their Spiritual Power does not increase when they have more INT (Intellect) Stats.

  295. jett tan

    When will Kanna release in MaplestorySea. I really like this job . Pls tell me.when?
    Can I ply male version kanna in maplestorySea???
    Haku is a male or female???
    Kanna did not use magic point (mp) then kanna use spiritual power???

  296. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks OliviaStorm for the notice! I have checked out Nexon site and it seems that Kanna will be release on February 27 2013! Nice to have something to look forward and that also gives us a hint that Hayato will be shortly released after Kanna probably another 1 month after it.

  297. OliviaStorm

    Looks like we are getting Kanna on GMS with the next huge patch. Nexon just posted the release notes.

  298. Chimchajim

    4th job skill demo PLS! ^^

  299. Chimchajim

    Cool Skills.But where is the 4th job skill demo ? Curious to watch it.

  300. StupidityNowOffersWisdom

    Oops! I meant the coins you get during anniversary seasons.

  301. Ayumilove Post author

    @StupidityNowOffersWisdom : What item would you buy with maple coins?

  302. StupidityNowOffersWisdom

    Yeah, I know about that, but I’d rather not waste the maple coins I’ve collected over my limited play, so I thought I would ask around first~

  303. Ayumilove Post author

    @NowOffersWisdom: Kanna does not need MP since its skill does not rely on it but another kind of energy system introduced by Korea Nexon. It might recover your HP faster since both are channeled to Kanna’s HP. I haven’t seen anyone experimented that. Nice idea! You can try it out to see what happens. If the chair is passed to a non-Kanna character that relies on MP, the chair will replenish both HP and MP.

  304. StupidityNowOffersWisdom

    Just curious, but if I were to get a HP and MP replenishing chair, would I lose out on the MP replenishing part (because you listed the MP to HP conversion for pots only)?

  305. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Deity: This is an exclusive job for JMS. There are speculations on whether this will be released to other MapleStory regions, same goes with GMS Jett jobs release to JMS and KMS. From my opinion, they might since they did this for MapleStory Maps, so why not jobs as well?

  306. Deity

    Excuse me, but will this ever come to GMS? Also, is this gender locked?

  307. Ayumilove Post author

    Made some minor adjustments to Kanna’s 3rd Job Skill Build after viewing that Sou Tengu can hit multiple platforms above it, similarly to Bishop 4th Job Genesis without any cooldown restriction.