MapleStory Ho Young Skill Build Guide

Ho Young, a member of the Anima race in Grandis, is a thief who learned special magic from the Celestial World. Ho Young accidentally unlocked the seal of Docheol that left Grandis in a state of chaos! Taking on the responsibility of his mistake, he left the boring Celestial World behind to explore the many civilizations in the outside world.

Ho Young Overview

CLASS: Anima
LINK SKILL: Confidence
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: LUK +10/20/40/80/100
BEST INNER ABILITY: Attack +30, Boss Damage +20%

Ho Young Pros and Cons


  • Excellent mobility to allow him to clear map quickly.


  • Heavily relies on refilling and using gauge.
  • Skill rotations is kinda complex to master.
  • Squishy compared to other classes.

MapleStory Ho Young Videos

MapleStory Ho Young Skills by KyoWantsCute

Anima Thief (Beginner)

Return to Cheongun
Returning to Cheongun Valley.
Level 1: Cooldown: 600 sec.

Shape Shift
Hides identity by camouflaging Anima’s characteristics: the patterns on ears, tail, and face. Characteristics are revealed when skill is used again.
Level 1: Cooldown: 10 sec.

Spirit Affinity
Receives spirit from Lang and gains the unique affinity of Anima.
Level 1: Minion Duration +5%

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11 thoughts on “MapleStory Ho Young Skill Build Guide

  1. Silva

    Is this page not updated anymore?

  2. chris fromchip

    ayumilove if you’re reading this please respond. i have had a crush on you ever since I was 11 years old and I can’t stop thinking about you. i want to move forward with this but I need your approval please

  3. YoungFaart

    Got this up to 100 on MSEA.. Anyone have advice on 4th job skills? Don’t wanna mess it up hahaha

  4. pataponjak3

    When will this be updated? Love this site and Ayumi itself and I would love to see this build on!

  5. RebootJay

    This class is fun to train to 140, especially 4th job. They are stronger than average as well. There is a small learning curve with mobbing at 4th job but once you get it down, its game on!

  6. Adriaan

    The attacks are slow and not so efficient. It kaes a second after the best first job skill before ypou can pick up drops, rather annoying that is.

  7. J

    2nd part of 1st job

    Graceful Flight: Max level 5
    Leap with grace that you can balance on a blade of grass
    Can double jump. The jump and height increase by skill level.
    Level 1: MP Cost: 13 (or 19 Forgot which one) Grants jump distance
    Level 5: MP Cost: 5 Grants jump distance

    Nimbus Cloud: Master level 1
    Facing great trial and grants the power to summon Nimbus Cloud
    Hold down skill key while airborne to summon Nimbus Cloud
    Can also hold jump and up arrow key together. On Nimbus cloud use arrow keys to fly.
    Right Click to Lock Command
    Level 1: MP Cost: 10 Temporarily fly

    Light Steps: Master level 10
    Harness Mind-Over-Matter to make your body light and swift.
    Level 1: Speed +2, Max Speed +2
    Level 10: Speed +20, Max Speed +20

    Shrouding Mist: Max level 9
    Protects you from enemy attacks as though you were enshrouded in mist
    Level 1: Avoidability: +6% (i think it’s 6 or 9)
    Level 9: Avoidability: +15%

    Note to self: Nimbus Cloud isn’t from Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z where Master Roshi give you Nimbus.

  8. J

    Stop asking and make your own.
    Ayumi, I’ll help you with 1st job for now since I’m still playing him/her.
    1st Job: Max everything. (I’m just gonna simplify everything here though)

    Talisman Energy: Master level: 1
    -Success hits from Heaven, Earth and Humanity recharge Talisman Energy
    -Grants attributes and Tailsman Energy (Stage 1: 10 Stage 2: 15 Stage 3: 20)
    -Resets after Stage 3

    Humanity: As-You-Will Fan Master level 20
    [Humanity Skill] Swings massive fan. Direct hit by fan takes heavy DMG.
    -MP Cost: 16, Max Hit: 5, DMG: 70%, Number of Attacks: 5 times,
    Additional DMG to Enemies hit by fan: 20%

    Talisman: Evil-Sealing Gourd
    [Talisman Skill] Summon Gourd to eat. Press skill again to shoot enemy. Can’t eat boss Monsters,
    Stationary monsters, or monsters +11 levels higher than you. Swallows monsters for a certain
    amount time automatically launches them.
    Master level 1: I forgot what the description was.
    Master level 20: Talisman Energy Cost: 100, Swallowed Enemy: 4. Press again to launch them.
    Attacks 6 enemies in range of the attack for 250% damage 6 times. Divided by the enemies attacked
    (excludes 50% damage)
    Boss Damage: 20%

  9. Ming

    Please show me the guide

  10. Eshman

    Please update build so it’s useful in leveling & hyperskills? Also, corsair O.o?

  11. Martin Quiroz

    love the site wish yall the best this holiday season