MapleStory Herbs and Veins Locations

Types of herbs and veins spawned in map is determined by monster’s level range:
Monster Level 1-29 : No herbs are spawned.
Monster Level 30-99 : Based on monster’s last level number. Example: 38 -> 8
Monster Level 100-200 : Spawns all types of herbs/veins regardless level.

If there are multiple monsters in the map, herbs and veins for all those monsters are spawned. If the levels of the monsters results in herbs and veins of non-adjacent color, all colors between are also spawned. For example, in a map spawning level 81 and 84 monsters, the herbs and veins that are spawned are: Silver & Magenta (from lvl 81 monsters), Emerald & Gold (from lvl 84 monsters) and Blue & Brown because it’s in between.

Herbs and Veins Color based on Monster’s Last Level Number
0,1 – Silver & Magenta
2,3 – Blue & Brown
4,5 – Emerald & Gold
6,7 – Aquamarine & Red
8,9 – Black & Purple

Types of Ores/Seed produced by Herb/Veins

Herbs produces Flower or Seed while Veins produces Ores.
The type of flower-seed or ore being produced is determined by its color.

Herb/Veins Color – Ores / (Flower-Seed)
SILVER – Silver & Opal (Marjoram)
MAGENTA – Orihalicon & Amethyst (Lavender)
BLUE – Steel & Sapphire (Rosemary)
BROWN – Bronze & Adamantium (Mandarin)
EMERALD – Mithril, Emerald & DEX Crystal (Lemon Balm & Peppermint)
GOLD – Gold & Topaz (Jasmine)
AQUAMARINE – Aquamarine & Diamond (Tea Tree)
RED – Garnet & Power Crystal (Chamomile)
BLACK – Black Crystal & Dark Crystal (Patchouli)
PURPLE – Lidium, LUK Crystal & Wisdom Crystal (Juniper & Hissop)

Extra Info

There is a limit of unique herbs and veins exist within a map, therefore switching channels allows you to encounter different ones. This happens in with high level maps (Level +100). Heartstones and Golden Flowers are spawned randomly in all map at a very low rate.

Frequently Asked Question

How to pick up herb?
Stand closely to the herb, and press SPACEBAR (jump). If this does not work, open up your Keyboard Config within MapleStory, and allocate it to another unused key and try again.

List of Items dropped from Vein Mining
Purple Vein – Lidum Ore, Triangular Rice ball ((left+Right)give it to your imp, lasts for 12 meals), Wisdom Crystal Ore, LUK Crystal Ore, Jukebox, Pounding Heart (Right+Left)
Heartstone – Lots of Ore Fragments, Pounding Heart (right), Triangular Rice ball (left,right)
Gold Vein – Topaz Ore, Gold Ore
Aquamarine Vein – Aquamarine Ore, Diamond Ore
Silver Vein – Silver Ore, Opal Ore
Brown Vein – Bronze Ore, Adamantium Ore
Magenta Vein – Amethyst Ore, Orihalcon Ore
Blue Vein – Steel Ore, Sapphire Ore
Red Vein – Pounding Heart (right), Triangular Rice Ball (left), Power Crystal Ore, Garnet Ore, Jukebox (left)
Emerald Vein – DEX Ore, Gemstone Imp, Mithril Ore, Emerald Ore, Topaz Ore, Gold Ore
Black Vein – Black Crystal Ore, Dark Crystal Ore, LUK crystal ore

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7 thoughts on “MapleStory Herbs and Veins Locations

  1. Raheel

    This entire page is now invalid I believe. Monster maps now contain heart mines and gold flowers as well as those extremely rare mines. You can now find all the regular ores in ardentmill. You no longer need tickets to enter and all of the regular ores can be found there.

  2. PleaseLeaveMeAnonymous

    I’m sure you pick up/harvest a herb with the Interaction key.

  3. Slip

    Do u play sv Scania, i think u r smart, can i bubdy with u to ask in game? xD lol

  4. Tal

    Boblarry, I think you can get it from any herb but it’s extremely rare

  5. Boblarry

    What Herb do you get Rose Clippings from?

  6. Ayumilove

    Hi Tal, based from what I gathered around, they are randomly summoned in maps that fits specific rule as mention in this guide. Yesterday, I was training in Perion, and I saw a number of Gold Flowers (in a bunch of 3-4 rows). I don’t mine these items nor Heartstone though. Usually they are abundant after a server check. That is when they are spawn in abundance! This applies for other minerals/herbs.

  7. Tal

    Can you give more information about Heartstones\Gold Flowers like where to find them, when and in what circumstances are they summoned?