MapleStory Ayame Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Ayame Special Roleplay Dungeon Skill Take part in a special roleplay dungeon where you can become a character from the past! Become either Kanna, Hayato, or Ayame and journey into the Sengoku Era to participate in a new theme dungeon! Accept the quest ‘Regards, Takeda Shingen’ from the quest notifer on the left side of the game window. Go to Momijigaoka and speak to Takeda Shingen to learn about the new warrior who has appeared there.

Ayame Overview

CLASS: Sengoku

MapleStory Ayame Video

Ayumilove MapleStory Ayame Roleplay Dungeon Skills Preview
[youtube url=]

Ayame All Job Skills

Gunpowder Blossom – Link
A repeatable skill. Swing your gun like a sword, followed by 3 shots. The shots explode, damaging nearby enemies and knocking back the target. Shoot the gun from three times attack the enemy forward swing of the sword as a gun. After being knocked back , enemy hits the gun to inflict damage to the surrounding enemies explode. Master Level 30.
Level 20:
1st Hit: Damage 120%, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Number of Attacks: 2
2nd Hit: Damage 140%, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Number of Attacks: 2
3rd Hit: Damage: 160%, Max Enemies Hit: 1, Number of Attacks: 2
4th Hit: Damage: 180%, Max Enemies Hit: 1, Number of Attacks: 3
4th Hit-Extra: Knockback Damage: 200%, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Number of Attacks: 4

Gunpowder Blossom – Penetration
Focus your aura to give your shots the power to penetrate targets. After enhanced penetration by condensed gas, and fire penetrating the enemy in front of the straight line. Master Level 30.
Level 20: Damage 720%, Number of attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 8, Cooldown: 3 sec

Gunpowder Blossom – Ultimate Range
An ultra-long-range marksmanship technique used to snipe at Princess No. The shot is fired with maximum force for incredible range and damage. Master Level: 30.
Level 20: Damage 10000%, Max Enemies Hit: 1, Number of attacks: 1, Critical Rate: 100%, Cooldown: 30 sec

Gunpowder Blossom – Ice
An aura that removes all heat from your shot. Damages and freezes enemies when hit. Master Level: 30.
Level 20: Damage 640%, Max Enemies Hit: 15, Number of attacks: 4, Freeze Chance: 100%, Freeze Duration: 10 sec, Cooldown: 10 sec

Gunpowder Blossom – Fly
Permanently increases Speed, Max Movement Speed, and Jump. Allows you to jump again in midair. Master Level: 30.
Level 20: [Active Effect] Flash Jump [Passive Effect] Speed: +35, Max Speed: +20, Jump +20.

Your lust for revenge increases your party’s Weapon ATT and Magic ATT for a short time. Through the mental attitude of revenge, I increase the magic attack power and physical attack power of group members a certain period of time. Master Level is 1.
Level 1: Party Weapon and Magic Attack: +10%, Duration: 600 sec

Iron Flower Gun – Mysterious Burst
Grants an explosive aura that makes every shot more powerful. You cannot move while this stance is active. When you activate the skill, and entered the rage state and a burst of care, it is a powerful shot each time you press the key skills. Movement is not possible in the violent state, rage state is canceled if you use other skills during this skill. Master Level: 30.
Level 20: Duration 10 sec, Damage 2000%, Max Enemies Hit: 1, Number of attacks: 1, Critical Rate: 100%, Cooldown: 60 sec

MapleStory Unofficial to Official Skill Names (GMS | MSEA)

Hana Teppou – Ren → Gunpowder Blossom – Link
Hana Teppou – Kan → Gunpowder Blossom – Penetration
Hana Teppou – Geki → Gunpowder Blossom – Ultimate Range
Hana Teppou – Hyou → Gunpowder Blossom – Ice
Hana Teppou – Shou → Gunpowder Blossom – Fly
Fukushuu no Kokorogamae → Vengeful
Hana Teppou Ougi – Baku → Iron Flower Gun – Mysterious Burst

Additional Information

Ayame Storyline

The new warrior is Ayame, who went missing long ago. She had been sent to spy on Princess No, her previous master; and earn her trust. Princess No sent her off on missions.
While she was gone, the Nobukane family was destroyed by Oda Nobunaga, and he also kidnapped Princess Sakuno. Oda Nobunaga wanted to sacrifice Princess Sakuno in Honnou-ji in an attempt to become a new Demon King. Princess No was the wife of Oda Nobunaga. Hayato appeared to defeat Nobunaga and was stopped by Princess No. Ayame came to his aid, shooting at Princess No and disarming her. After that, Ayame was transported to Maple World. She followed Oda soldiers and ended up near Momijigaoka. She recognized the location as Hieizan–a place she was raised when she first served under Princess No. She relays this info to you and Princess Sakuno, and wants to go investigate Hieizan. But Princess No put a spell on Hieizan, blocking anyone from Maple World from entering it.
However, there is a potion that will get you past. Use the potion to turn into Hayato, Kanna, or Ayame–before they came to Maple World.

Ayame Notes

  • You will only have access to the skills of these characters from before they arrived in Maple World.
  • Even if you are currently Kanna or Hayato, you will have different skills–as Hayato and Kanna were different before they came to Maple World.
  • When you drink the potion, you can select which character you want to become.
  • Once chosen, you must complete the investigation of Hieizan as that character. You can’t change characters until you are finished with the investigation.
  • Once you select the character you want to be, you will become them!
  • You will not be able to use your original skills, and will only be able to use the skills of the character you are roleplaying.
  • Any skills assigned to hotkeys will be reset. Any skills assigned to hotkeys will be restored after leaving the roleplay dungeon.
  • During the roleplay dungeon, you can assign the skills of the character you are roleplaying to hotkeys. If you later become this character again and re-enter the dungeon, the skills will be assigned to the same hotkeys you picked the first time.
  • Start the quest “Investigating Hieizan” to enter Hieizan Temple.
  • Progress deep into the temple and defeat Princess No to recover the Matsuyama Family Mirror, the holy artifact of the Matsuyama family.

Ayame Changelog

GMS v.152 – Mark of Honor : Hieizan Temple Updates (2014-08-11)

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  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @nyappy: They might include this new class if the MapleStory developers have some cool ideas on the skills for ninja. Otherwise, it would be kinda boring to copy from other job skills and change the skill animation.

  2. nyappy

    gunner.. why not ninja class! you cant do sengoku without a ninja!! 🙁

  3. Beto

    Hi Ayumi, I’m trying to use “Gunpowder Blossom – Link”
    and it’s appears a message “You are not in the correct stance to use this skill”
    How am I supposed to use the skill?
    I put the skill in a short cut, and don’t happen nothing.

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    1. its beta stage Ayame
    2. Ayame will start from level 10
    3. her skills requires mana jus like Hayato or Kanna

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    @Hua: Thanks for the notice! I did not expect there will be a Jett revamp along with it 😀

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    @john this is the role play version only. a full class is yet to be announced/released in jms.

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    is this it??? WOW seems like a zero way to play it. wonder if u start at lvl 100 with her too??