MapleStory Magician Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Magician MapleStory Magician can advanced as a Fire-Poison Archmage, Ice-Lightning Archmage or Bishop. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30. This guide takes into account of the new changes aka revamp made by KMS (Korea MapleStory) Developers starting off with kMSt ver. 1.2.479 – Adventurer Warrior and Magician Reorganizations Patch! Adventurer jobs now have specialized skills, which are automatically learned at 2nd job advancement (4th for some classes). These skills have a max level of 1 and are not reset when an SP Reset Scroll is used. The damage formula for Adventurer magicians has been changed. They no longer gain MP on level up based on their INT. All three Magician classes have a shield that protects them from status effects. These shields will now only be used up for status effects such as seduce, stun, zombify, and transform (among others). Basic status effects (such as darkness or curse) will not use up the shield and will afflict you regularly. In addition, your shield will not be used up if your resistance to states and elements activates and resists the status. Take note that Magician 1st Job Advancement is done in Level 10 instead of Level 8.

Magician Overview

CLASS: Adventurer/Explorer
SECONDARY WEAPON: *This is determined in 2nd-job*, Shield
PRIMARY STAT: Intelligence (INT)
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: *This is determined in 2nd-job*
BEST INNER ABILITY: *This is determined in 2nd-job*

Magician Beginner Skills

Please refer to Explorer Beginner/Novice Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief and Pirate.

Magician 1st Job Skills

Energy Bolt (Active)
Consumes MP to fire a condensed energy bolt that explodes on contact with an enemy.
Level 1: MP Cost: 16, Damage: 157%, Max Enemies Hit: 4
Level 20: MP Cost: 24, Damage: 309%, Max Enemies Hit: 4

Magic Guard (Toggle On/Off)
A portion of the damage dealt to you affects your MP instead of your HP. Activated automatically when you have at least 1 MP, and is ineffective when you have 0 MP. Can be toggled On/Off with the skill key.
Level 1: MP Cost: 9, Damage Displaced: 22% of your MP, Duration: While the skill is activated.
Level 10: MP Cost: 13, Damage Displaced: 85% of your MP, Duration: While the skill is activated.

Teleport (Active)
Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Level 5 required to learn Teleport Mastery.
Level 1: MP Cost: 28, Teleport to the left and right with 122, and up and down with 255
Level 5: MP Cost: 20, Teleport to the left and right with 170, and up and down with 275

Magic Armor (Supportive)
Required Skill: Magic Guard (3)
Uses magic to increase DEF.
Level 1: DEF: +10
Level 10: DEF: +100

MP Boost (Passive)
Increases Max MP permanently. Also increases MP proportional to your level.
Level 1: Max MP: +1%, MP increases by 25 per level. Critical Rate +3% when equipped with a Wand.
Level 20: Max MP: +20%, MP increases by 120 per level. Critical Rate +3% when equipped with a Wand.

Magician Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Energy Bolt, MP Boost, Teleport, Magic Guard (1)
2. Energy Bolt (MAX)
3. MP Boost (MAX)
4. Teleport (MAX)
5. Magic Guard (MAX)
6. Magic Armor (MAX)

If you are playing the game with no funds, its best to max Energy Bolt first! Your damage is pretty weak, usually require at least 2 hits to kill. Once this max, performing 1HKO (1 Hit Knock Out) on monsters will drastically speed up your leveling progress. Next, max MP Boost so each time you level up, you have more MP to spend to kill monsters without the need to purchase MP Potions. If you find yourself low in MP (Mana Points), visit the Potion Shop and purchase the Blue Potion, the most cost-saving potion for low level training. Third, max Teleport as you will need it to reduce time wasted on traveling between cities and training grounds, and also to reach your enemy quicker. Max the remaining skills at any order since this does not aid much in training, but will show its usefulness during boss raids and battles with higher level enemies.

Additional Information

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17 thoughts on “MapleStory Magician Skill Build Guide

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ash: I believe you will not lose out on any extra Max MP. MapleStory have changed the mechanics of the skill so users does not need to grind on monsters using regular attacks instead of skill.

  2. Ash

    Does maxing energy bolt before mp boost cause you to lose out on a little extra max mp?

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Oliver: All AP (Ability Points) should be added into INT (Intelligence) for Magician as this will increase your base damage significantly compared to STR (Strength), DEX (Dexterity) and LUK (Luck).

  4. Oliver

    How should i spend all my AP?

  5. Ayumilove Post author

    @XxdualmaxxX: Thanks for the notice, actually the skill you are referring “Elemental Weakness” is a hidden skill. I have removed it from the list above.

  6. Rashid

    Dual, some of those skills are PvP-only, I think? Or you earn them some other way.

  7. XxdualmaxxX

    oh ayumi, i just created a RED magician and some skills are not the correct ones, would u pls check?

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jesse, probably not. The Max MP Boost would be based on your character level. Assuming you have maxed MP Boost and you’re currently level 100, it would be (Level 100 multiply with 120 MaxMP = +12,000 MaxMP) Not forgetting you have +20% MaxMP (12,000 multiply with 120% = 14,400 MaxMP) That’s the total MaxMP you will get from this skill excluding the MaxMP gained through job advancement and scrolled/potential/set equips. In GMS v.143 update notes (which can be found at it says Magicians also do not have their MP increase in proportion to their Intelligence. Therefore, let say you have level up a few times but forget to add INT (Intellect), it will not affect at all since the MaxMP gained is affected by the current character level, not INT.

  9. Jesse

    do you have to max mp boost first to get extra mp because it says mp increases by 30 per level then the next level it says 35 per level and mp boost was he last thingi maxed does that mean i missed out on some mp

  10. JayBoiiz

    I don’t have the skill elemental weaken

  11. Meee

    Important Question:
    Now with the MP gain of 120 per level. How will this change affect the old Magicians. For example: A lv 143 Bishop keeps its low MP or will it get a boost? (Didn’t have many INT equips back then and not pure)

  12. Anthony

    i havent been on since the big bang update and i need to know how to build my 120 bishop and 101 hermit,can you help?

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Karl, you do not need to make new characters for RED. It will automatically change all of the old skills similar to how the previous patches works (e.g. Big Bang)

  14. Karl

    Will red characters replace old explorers or do we have to make new characters for red?

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi ShadowWolf, upon receiving the the new Magician Reorganization update only then you will see the changes (This has been done in KMST – Korea MapleStory Tespia which will be released in KMS after performing thorough testing)

  16. Shadowolf

    thru what patch can we expect this change? or has it already been done?

  17. Hoel