MapleStory Magician Skill Build Guide V1

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MapleStory Magician is a Adventurer Magician Class who specializes in either staff or wands. Staff deals more damage but slower attack speed whereas wand is deals lesser damage but compensated with faster attack speed. Wand users can equip shields for additional defense and stat. Primary Stat is INT (Intellect) and secondary stat is LUK (Luck). Magicians has a choice to choose 1 of the 3 subclasses which are Cleric (Healer and Support), Fire/Poison Wizard (Focus on dealing tons of damage) and Ice/Lightning Wizard (Focuses on both defense and offense).

Magician Job Advancement

Magician → Cleric → Priest → Bishop
Magician → Fire/Poison Wizard → F/P Mage → F/P Archmage
Magician → Ice/Lightning Wizard → I/L Mage → I/L Archmage

Magician 1st Job Skills

Common Skills

Energy Bolt Energy Bolt (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 1 time with an energy bolt.
LV1: 6 MP, 196% Damage
LV20: 14 MP, 310% Damage

Magic Claw Magic Claw (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Energy Bolt.
Attack 4 enemies 2 time.
LV1: 10 MP, 73% Damage
LV20: 20 MP, 130% Damage

MP Boost MP Boost (Passive)
Permanently increases Max MP.
LV1: +2% Max MP
LV10: +20% Max MP

Magic Armor Magic Armor (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Magic Guard
Temporarily increases weapon and magic defense.
LV1: 8 MP, +8 Weapon DEF, +15 Magic DEF, 72 sec
LV15: 16 MP, +120 Weapon DEF, +225 Magic DEF, 240 sec

Magic Guard Magic Guard (Supportive)
Displace a portion of damage received from HP to MP. If MP is 0, HP takes full damage.
LV1: -6 MP, 10% Damage Displaced, 110 seconds.
LV15: -13 MP, 80% Damage Displaced, 600 seconds.

Magician Skill Build: Everything maxed except Energy Bolt.
1. Add 1 SP into Energy Bolt.
2. Max Magic Claw, MP Boost, Magic Guard and Magic Armor.
3. Dump remaining SP into Energy Bolt.

Magician primary attacking skill in 1st Job will be Magic Claw. It allows you to defeat multiple monsters quickly even if they are located on different levels of platform and it is able to bypass obstacles if monsters are located behind it. This makes training much more efficient as a result faster leveling progress. Add 1 SP into Energy Bolt to unlock Magic Claw first. After maxing the essential skills, dump the remaining skill points into Energy Bolt.

Magician 2nd Job Skills

Common Skills

MP Eater MP Eater (Passive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Spell Mastery
Has a chance to siphon enemies MP when attacking enemy.
LV1: 1% Chance, Absorb 1% Enemy Max MP
LV20: 20% Chance, Absorb 10% Enemy Max MP

Teleport Teleport (Active)
Teleports you few pixels ahead. Higher skill level allows further teleport distance.
LV1: 50 MP, 130 Distance
LV5: 12 MP, 150 Distance

Spell Mastery Spell Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases Magic Mastery and Magic Attack.
LV1: 12% Mastery, +1 Magic ATT
LV10: 50% Mastery, +10 Magic ATT

High Wisdom High Wisdom (Passive)
Permanently increase INT (Intellect).
LV1: +8 INT
LV5: +40 INT

Common Skills : Fire/Poison + Ice/Lightning

MapleStory Meditation Meditation (Supportive)
Temporarily increase Magic Attack.
LV1: 10 MP, +11 Magic Attack for 10 sec.
LV20: 16 MP, +30 Magic Attack for 200 sec.

MapleStory Slow Slow (Active)
Temporarily reduces enemy movement speed including boss.
[REQUIRE] LV5 Teleport
LV1: 10 MP, -8 speed for 8 sec.
LV10: 10 MP, -80 speed for 80 sec.

Fire Poison Wizard Skills

MapleStory Blazing Arrow Blazing Arrow (Active)
Attack 3 enemies 1 time with a fire arrow.
LV1: 12 MP, 268% Damage.
LV20: 27 MP, 420% Damage.

MapleStory Poison Breath Poison Breath (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time with poison bubble. Poison deals damage overtime (DoT) every sec for a period of time.
LV1: 15 MP, 150% Damage, DOT 42% for 5 sec.
LV20: 30 MP, 340% Damage, DOT 80% for 10 sec.

Fire Poison Wizard Skill Build: Everything maxed except Blazing Arrow.
1. Add 1 SP into Blazing Arrow, Poison Breath and Teleport.
2. Max Teleport, Spell Mastery and High Wisdom.
3. Add 3 SP into MP Eater.
4. Max Meditation, Poison Breath, MP Eater and Slow.
5. Dump remaining SP into Blazing Arrow.

Fire Poison Wizard primary attacking skill will be Poison Breath instead of Blazing Arrow as it attacks more enemies plus it is able to poison them simultaneously, dealing extra damage against enemies that can’t be killed in 1 hit. Furthermore, Blazing Arrow will be replaced with an AoE (Area of Effect) Fire Skill in 3rd Job which is much more efficient against multiple mobs located above and below your platform. Before maxing your offensive skills, max Teleport (speed up travelling and reaching or avoiding enemies quickly), Spell Mastery (stabilize your damage), High Wisdom (further boost min max damage and MP Capacity). Add 3 SP into MP Eater to unlock Meditation (further boost min max damage) and then Poison Breath. Remaining SP can be dumped into Blazing Arrow.

Ice Lightning Wizard Skills

MapleStory Cold Beam Cold Beam (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 3 times by freezing them with cold ice. Deals additional damage to fire attribute enemies.
LV1: 12 MP, 113% Damage. Freeze 1 sec.
LV20: 27 MP, 170% Damage. Freeze 2 sec.

MapleStory Thunder Bolt Thunder Bolt (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 3 times with lightning strikes. Deals additional damage to lightning-weak enemies.
LV1: 20 MP, 73% Damage.
LV20: 45 MP, 130% Damage.

Ice Lightning Wizard Skill Build: Everything maxed except Cold Beam.
1. Add 1 SP into Cold Beam, Thunder Bolt and Teleport.
2. Max Teleport, Spell Mastery and High Wisdom.
3. Add 3 SP into MP Eater.
4. Max Meditation, Thunder Bolt, MP Eater and Slow.
5. Dump remaining SP into Cold Beam.

Ice Lightning Wizard primary attacking skill in 2nd Job will be Thunder Bolt. You will need to be close to the enemies in order for the lightning to strike. Use it in populated area for fast leveling. Spell Mastery is maxed before Thunderbolt for damage stability. High Wisdom is maxed before Meditation because of a lower master level and provides bonus base MP upon level up. Max Slow instead of Cold Beam because Slow works on bosses, making it very useful when you start killing mobile bosses whereas Cold Beam is instantly replaced in 3rd job.

Cleric Skills

Heal Heal (Active)
Heals ally while damaging undead enemies.
Targets maximum of 5 people including ally and enemy.
LV1: 18 MP, +15% HP, 258% Damage
LV20: 24 MP, +300% HP, 410% Damage

Invincible Invincible (Supportive)
Temporarily decreases damage received.
LV1: 15 MP, Ignores 11% Damage Received for 20 sec.
LV15: 30 MP, Ignores 25% Damage Received for 300 sec.

Bless Bless (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Invincible.
Temporarily increase party member Weapon Attack, Weapon Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Accuracy, and Avoidability.
LV1: 15 MP, +1 ATT, +20 DEF, +12 Accuracy and Avoid, 72 sec
LV15: 25 MP, +15 ATT, +300 DEF, +180 Accuracy and Avoid, 240 sec

Holy Arrow Holy Arrow (Active)
Attacks 4 enemies 1 time. Undead and Devil monsters receive extra damage.
LV1: 12 MP, 298% Damage
LV20: 36 MP, 450% Damage

Cleric Skill Build: Everything maxed except Holy Arrow.
1. Add 1 SP into Teleport, Heal, Holy Arrow.
2. Max Teleport, Spell Mastery, High Wisdom and Heal.
3. Add 5 SP into Invincible.
4. Max Bless, Invincible and MP Eater.
5. Dump remaining SP into Holy Arrow.

Cleric primary attacking skill will be Holy Arrow first and soon to be replaced with Heal once it out-damages it while training on Undead Monsters such as Officer Skeles, Zombie Lupin, Platoon Chrono, Dead Scarecrow, Twisted Jester. Before maxing any of these offensive skills, max Teleport (speed up traveling), Spell Mastery (damage stabilizer and enhances accuracy) and High Wisdom (further boost min max damage). After maxing Heal, unlock Bless by adding 5 SP into Invincible. Max Bless followed by Invincible and MP Eater. With both Heal and MP Eater max, your training will be known as pot-less. Cleric does not need to use any HP nor MP potions if enemy is not able to kill you in within 4-5 hits and you can defeat them within 1-3 hits. As a result, you spend no meso on potions and you save tons of meso!

Magician 3rd Job Skills

Common Skills

MapleStory Teleport Mastery Teleport Mastery (Toggle)
If toggled on, 3 monsters nearby teleport vicinity receives damage. Has a chance to stun enemies for 1 sec. Also permanently increases teleport distance.
LV1: -2 MP, 32% Damage, 1% Chance, +2 Distance
LV10: -20 MP, 50% Damage, 5% Chance, +20 Distance

MapleStory Arcane Overdrive Arcane Overdrive (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate and Minimum Critical Damage.
LV1: +12% Critical Rate, +7% Min Critical Damage.
LV10: +30% Critical Rate, +25% Min Critical Damage.

Common Skills: Fire/Poison + Ice/Lightning

MapleStory Element Amplification Element Amplification (Passive)
Increases Magic Attack of all skills at the cost of higher MP Consumption.
LV1: 114% MP, 114% Magic Attack.
LV10: 150% MP, 150% Magic Attack.

MapleStory Spell Booster Spell Booster (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Element Amplification.
Temporarily reduce regular and skill attack delay.
LV1: 56 MP. Lasts 20 sec.
LV10: 20 MP. Lasts 200 sec.

MapleStory Seal Seal (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Element Amplification.
Has a chance to seal 6 enemies from using their magic attack skills.
LV1: 20 MP, 19% Seal for 10 sec.
LV20: 20 MP, 95% Seal for 20 sec.

MapleStory Elemental Decrease Elemental Decrease (Supportive)
Temporarily decreases the magic attributes (fire, ice, lightning, poison, holy, dark) of all attacks that you use so you can deal normal damage when using an element skill on an enemy who is strong against that element.
LV1: 14 MP, -14% Element Attribute for 120 sec.
LV10: 50 MP, -100% Element Attribute for 300 sec.

Fire Poison Mage Skills

MapleStory Burning Magic Burning Magic (Passive)
Deals extra damage to enemies who are under effect of stun, freeze, darkness or paralysis. Also enhances all DoT (Damage Over Time) skill’s duration.
LV1: +5 Sec DoT Duration. +2% Damage.
LV10: +10 Sec DoT Duration. +20% Damage.

MapleStory Explosion Explosion (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time even if they are above and below your platform.
LV1: 50 MP, 506% Damage.
LV20: 90 MP, 620% Damage.

MapleStory Poison Mist Poison Mist (Active)
Temporarily creates a poisonous fog around you that deals damage over time (DoT) every sec for a period of time to all enemies within it. Poison does not stack.
LV1: 40 MP, 213% Damage, DoT 104% for 10 sec. Poison Fog lasts 4 sec.
LV20: 65 MP, 270% Damage, DoT 180% for 15 sec. Poison Fog lasts 40 sec.

MapleStory Fire Demon Fire Demon (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time with fireball and deals fire damage over time (DoT) every sec for a period of time.
LV1: 20 MP, 436% Damage, DoT 54% for 6 sec.
LV10: 32 MP, 580% Damage, DoT 90% for 15 sec.

Fire Poison Mage Skill Build: Everything maxed except Seal.
1. Add 1 SP into Explosion, Fire Demon, Poison Mist and Teleport Mastery.
2. Max Element Amplification, Spell Booster, Arcane Overdrive.
3. Max Explosion, Poison Mist, Burning Magic.
4. Max Teleport Mastery, Fire Demon, Elemental Decrease.
5. Dump remaining SP into Seal.

Ice Lightning Mage Skills

MapleStory Storm Magic Storm Magic (Passive)
Deals extra damage to enemies who are under effect of stun, freeze, darkness or paralysis. Has a chance to instantly kill enemy if HP is below a certain level.
LV1: 6% Instant Death if HP below 12%. +2% Damage.
LV10: 15% Instant Death if HP below 30%. +2% Damage.

MapleStory Ice Strike Ice Strike (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 4 times and freeze them for a period of time.
LV1: 50 MP, 122% Damage, Freeze for 2 sec.
LV20: 90 MP, 160% Damage, Freeze for 3 sec.

MapleStory Thunder Spear Thunder Spear (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 5 times with a chance to stun.
LV1: 12 MP, 108% Damage, 42% Stun for 1 sec.
LV20: 30 MP, 165% Damage, 80% Stun for 5 sec.

MapleStory Ice Demon Ice Demon (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 1 time with iceball that freezes and deals ice damage over time (DoT) every sec for a period of time.
LV1: 20 MP, 416% Damage, DoT 54% for 6 sec. Freeze 1 sec.
LV10: 32 MP, 560% Damage, DoT 90% for 15 sec. Freeze 2 sec.

Ice Lightning Mage Skill Build: Everything maxed except Thunder Spear.
1. Add 1 SP into Ice Strike, Ice Demon, Teleport Mastery.
2. Max Element Amplification, Spell Booster, Arcane Overdrive.
3. Max Ice Strike, Ice Demon, Storm Magic.
4. Max Teleport Mastery, Elemental Decrease, Seal.
5. Dump remaining SP into Thunder Spear.

Ice Demon is maxed over Thunder Spear because it does more DPM (Damage Per Minute) and can trigger Storm Magic on monsters that can’t be frozen/stunned. While Ice Strike is weaker than Ice Demon, it is maxed first because it has an AoE (Area of Effect). Seal is maxed over Thunder Spear simply because you might actually find a use for it. Thunder Spear however, is completely outclassed by both Chain Lightning (4th Job Skill) and Ice Demon (3rd Job Skill). Elemental Decrease is maxed because it’s vital for killing monsters resistant/immune to Lightning and/or Ice. Cold Beam is listed as a potential SP dump because it’s helpful in BPQ (Balrog Party Quest).

Priest Skills

Dispel Dispel (Active)
Has a chance to remove enemy negative effects from party member.
LV1: 100 MP, 10% Chance
LV10: 10 MP, 100% Chance

Mystic Door Mystic Door (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Dispel.
Creates a portal that leads to the nearest town by consuming 1 Magic Rock. Party members can use it multiple times until the portal disappears.
LV1: 240 MP, 20 sec
LV10: 60 MP, 200 sec

Holy Symbol Holy Symbol (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Dispel
Temporarily increase party member EXP rate.
Level 1: 129 MP, +21% EXP, 66 sec
Level 20: 300 MP, +50% EXP, 180 sec

Shinning Ray Shining Ray (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 3 times. Undead and Devil monsters receive extra damage. Has a chance to stun enemies for a fix period.
LV1: 29 MP, 142% Damage, 22% Stun for 3 sec.
LV20: 57 MP, 200% Damage, 80% Stun for 5 sec.

Doom Doom (Active)
Has a chance to temporarily transforms 6 enemies into Snails. Polymorphed enemies will retain Snail traits (ATT/DEF/AVOID/ACC) except for HP. Does not work on Bosses except for its minions.
LV1: 125 MP, 18% Chance, Polymorph for 6 sec, Cooldown 46 sec.
LV10: 35 MP, 90% Chance, Polymorph for 15 sec, Cooldown 10 sec.

Magic Booster Magic Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily increases Magic Attack Speed.
LV1: -58 MP, 10 sec
LV20: -20 MP, 200 sec

MapleStory Holy Focus Holy Focus (Passive)
Permanently increases Critical Rate, Accuracy, and Magic Mastery for all skills.
LV1: +4% Critical Rate, +6% Accuracy, 58% Magic Mastery
LV10: +40% Critical Rate, +15% Accuracy, 70% Magic Mastery

Holy Magic Shell Holy Magic Shell (Supportive)
Upon activation, party member recovers full HP. Magic Shell absorbs all damage and expires after receiving a number of attacks. Ally will not be able to receive this buff again until cooldown is completed.
LV1: -50 MP, Protects for 10 sec, Absorb 5 attacks, Shield available in 90 sec
LV20: -70 MP, Protects for 20 sec, Absorb 10 attacks, Shield available in 30 sec

Priest Skill Build: Everything maxed except Doom.
1. Add 1 SP into Shinning Ray.
2. Add 3 SP into Dispel.
3. Max Holy Symbol, Holy Focus, Shinning Ray.
4. Max Arcane Overdrive, Magic Booster, Teleport Mastery.
5. Max Holy Magic Shell, Dispel, Mystic Door.
6. Dump remaining SP into Doom.

Magician 4th Job Skills

Common Skills

MapleStory Big Bang Big Bang (Active)
Attack 10 enemies 5 times with multiple explosions which deals Damage Over Time (DoT) every sec for a period of time. This skill requires to be charged by holding down the skill key and releasing to activate the skill.
LV1: 25 MP, 243% Damage, DoT 53% for 5 sec.
LV30: 25 MP, 330% Damage, DoT 140% for 10 sec.

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily increases all stats for party members.
LV1: 10 MP, +1% Stats, 30 sec
LV30: 70 MP, +15% Stats, 900 sec

Hero's Will Hero’s Will (Active)
Remove some abnormal effects.
LV1: 30 MP, Cooldown 600 sec
LV5: 30 MP, Cooldown 360 sec

Infinity Infinity (Supportive)
Requires Skill Book: Infinity
Temporarily allow skills to be used without consuming MP. Temporarily recovers HP and MP while increasing magic attack every 4 sec. Has a chance to temporarily avoid enemy knockbacking you. Skill cooldown in 3 minutes.
LV1: 45 MP, +1% HP MP and Magic ATT. 21% Chance, 11 sec
LV30: 80 MP, +10% HP MP and Magic ATT. 50% Chance, 40 sec

Buff Mastery Buff Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases Magic Attack and Buff Duration.
LV 1: +3 Magic ATT, +5% Buff duration.
LV 10: +30 Magic ATT, +50% Buff duration.

Arcane Aim Arcane Aim (Passive)
Has a chance to accumulate damage up to 5 times if hit same enemy more than twice. Accumulated damage will be added to your attack. Also ignores a portion of enemy DEF.
LV1: Ignores 6% Defense. 21% Chance to accumulate 2% damage.
LV30: Ignores 20% Defense. 80% Chance to accumulate 8% damage.

Fire Poison Arch Mage Skills

MapleStory Mist Eruption Mist Eruption (Active)
[REQUIRE] LV 20 Poison Mist.
Permanently increase Poison Mist damage and its DoT. Upon using this skill, explodes 6 nearby preset-up Poison Mists which hits enemies 8 times. The damage will increase proportionate to the number of continuous damage effects applied to the target. You cannot detonate Mists set-up by others. The damage boost applies up to the 5th effect. Cooldown 10 sec for all levels.
LV1: 40 MP, 200% Damage, Ignores 11% Defense, DoT +6%, +182% Poison Mist Damage.
LV30: 100 MP, 345% Damage, Ignores 40% Defense, DoT +35%, +240% Poison Mist Damage.

MapleStory Ifrit Ifrit (Supportive + Passive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Fire Demon
Summons Ifrit for a set amount of time who attacks 3 nearby enemies. Also permanently increases elemental resistances.
LV1: 60 MP, Summon lasts 15 sec. 276% Damage. +11% Resistance.
LV30: 60 MP, Summon lasts 160 sec. 450% Damage. +40% Resistance.

MapleStory Paralyze Paralyze (Active)
Attack 8 enemies 6 times while paralyzing them temporarily.
LV1: 16 MP, 142% Damage. DoT 122% and Paralyze for 4 sec.
LV30: 40 MP, 200% Damage. DoT 180% and Paralyze for 10 sec.

MapleStory Meteor Shower Meteor Shower (Active)
Attack 15 enemies 2 times by showering them with summoned meteor which deals Damage Over Time (DoT) every sec for a period of time.
LV1: 380 MP, 610% Damage, DoT 104% for 5 sec. Cooldown 40 sec.
LV30: 380 MP, 900% Damage, DoT 220% for 10 sec. Cooldown 20 sec.

Fire Poison Arch Mage Skills Everything maxed.
1. Add 1 SP into Paralyze, Mist Eruption and Meteor Shower.
2. Max Buff Mastery, Paralyze and Mist Eruption.
3. Max Arcane Aim, Infinity and Maple Warrior.
4. Max Meteor Shower, Ifrit, Maple Warrior and Big Bang.

Ice Lightning Arch Mage Skills

MapleStory Glacier Chain Glacier Chain (Active)
Attack 12 enemies 6 times by pulling them towards you and inflict fatal damage which ignores some defense, freezes target and applies Damage Over Time (DoT) every sec for a period of time. Cooldown 5 sec for all levels.
LV1: 45 MP, 224% Damage. DoT 77% for 10 sec. Freeze 3 sec. Ignores 11% Defense.
LV30: 80 MP, 340% Damage. DoT 135% for 15 sec. Freeze 5 sec. Ignores 40% Defense.

MapleStory Elquines Elquines (Supportive + Passive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Ice Demon
Summons Elquines for a set amount of time who can attack and freeze 3 enemies. Also permanently increases elemental resistances.
LV1: 60 MP, Summon lasts 15 sec. 206% Damage. Freeze 1 sec. +11% Resistance.
LV30: 60 MP, Summon lasts 160 sec. 380% Damage. Freeze 3 sec. +40% Resistance.

MapleStory Chain Lightning Chain Lightning (Active)
Attack 5 enemies 6 times with high voltage lightning with additional critical rate applied and has a chance to stun. Chain Lightning can chain attack if another enemy is nearby the target.
LV1: 24 MP, 142% Damage, 32% Stun for 2 sec. +11% Critical Rate.
LV30: 44 MP, 200% Damage, 90% Stun for 4 sec. +25% Critical Rate.

MapleStory Blizzard Blizzard (Active)
Attack 15 enemies 2 times by showering them with summoned ice spears which deals Damage Over Time (DoT) every sec for a period of time.
LV1: 380 MP, 560% Damage, DoT 89% for 5 sec. Cooldown 40 sec.
LV30: 380 MP, 850% Damage, DoT 205% for 10 sec. Cooldown 20 sec.

Ice Lightning Arch Mage Skill Build Guide Everything maxed.
1. Add 1 SP into Chain Lightning, Glacier Chain, Blizzard.
2. Max Buff Mastery, Chain Lightning and Arcane Aim.
3. Max Infinity, Glacier Chain and Maple Warrior.
4. Max Elquines, Hero’s Will, Blizzard and Big Bang.


Angel Ray Angel Ray (Active)
Attacks 6 enemies 4 times. Undead and Devil monsters receive extra damage.
LV1: 26 MP, 230% Damage.
LV30: 56 MP, 375% Damage.

Bahamut Bahamut (Supportive + Passive)
Summons a dragon that temporarily aids you in battle by attacking 3 nearby enemies.
Also permanently increases your resistance against abnormal effects.
LV1: 60 MP, 455% Damage, 28 sec. +11% Resistance.
LV30: 120 MP, 600% Damage, 260 sec. +40% Resistance.

Resurrection Resurrection (Active)
Resurrects a dead party member.
LV1: 270 MP, Cooldown 18 min
LV5: 150 MP, Cooldown 10 min

Genesis Genesis (Active)
Attack 15 enemies. Has a chance to do Critical Rate. -600 MP.
LV1: -600 MP, 1320% Damage, +5% Crit Rate, Cooldown 60 sec
LV30: -600 MP, 1900% Damage, +20% Crit Rate, Cooldown 30 sec

Advanced Blessing Advanced Blessing (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Bless.
A successor of Blessing that temporarily increases party members weapon attack, magic attack, weapon defense, magic defense, accuracy, avoidability, Max HP, Max MP and reduces MP Skill consumption!
LV1: 43 MP, +16 ATT, +355 DEF, +204 Avoid/ACC, +265 Max, -5% MP Cost, 240 sec
LV30: 58 MP, +30 ATT, +500 DEF, +320 Avoid/ACC, +700 Max, -20% MP Cost, 240 sec

Bishop Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Add 1 SP into Angel Ray, Genesis and Advanced Blessing.
2. Max Buff Mastery, Angel Ray, Arcane Aim and Advanced Blessing.
3. Max Infinity, Maple Warrior and Bahamut.
4. Max Genesis, Resurrection, Hero’s Will and Big Bang.

Take note that all newly advanced Bishop will not find Angel Ray in their skill window. It is a special skill which is unlocked by learning Angel’s Ray Skill Book. Its similar to how you use a Mastery Book, but instead of increasing the level cap of a skill, it makes this skill available to you as a Bishop. How to get Angel’s Ray Skill Book? Buy from Free Market or hunt them from boss monsters such as Zakum, Chaos Zakum and Hilla (Hard Mode) as they dropped these books. It will take at least 2 boss raids/runs to get those skill books. If you do not have Angel Ray yet, don’t worry. You can still use Shinning Ray to train and party leech exp from party members at LHC (Lion Heart Castle) or a place where you prefer training.

Magician Hyper Skills

Common Magician Hyper Skills

Epic Adventure (Level 200)
A buff that gives the legendary Adventurers of the Maple World 10% increased damage and the ability to pass the damage cap by 50,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Fire Poison Hyper Skills

Poison Mist – Reinforce (Level 143) +20% Poison Mist’s damage.

Poison Mist – Aftermath (Level 162) +10 sec duration.

Poison Mist – Cripple (Level 183) +20% Damage Over Time.

Paralyze – Reinforce (Level 149) +20% Paralyze’s damage.

Paralyze – Cripple (Level 168) +20% Damage Over Time.

Paralyze – Extra Strike (Level 189) +1 Hit Per Enemy.

Mist Eruption – Extra Strike (Level 155) +1 Hit Per Enemy.

Mist Eruption – Guardbreaker (Level 177) +20% Defense Ignored.

Mist Eruption – Cooldown Reduce (Level 195) -50% Mist Eruption’s Cooldown.

Inferno Aura (Level 150)
Burn up to 15 enemies around you for 500% damage continuously, while ignoring super defense up and damage reflection buffs on monsters. Toggle skill. The maximum damage for this skill is 3,000,000.

Megiddo Flame (Level 170)
A blue flame hones in on an enemy and burns them for 700% damage 6 times, with a 20% chance of attacking once again, while inflicting 700% damage over time every second for 30 seconds. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. You ignore super defense up and damage reflection buffs on monsters. The maximum damage for this skill is 9,999,999.

Ice Lightning Hyper Skills

Teleport Mastery – Reinforce (Level 143) +20% Teleport Mastery’s damage.

Teleport Mastery – Extra Target (Level 162) +2 Teleport Mastery’s attack enemies.

Teleport Mastery – Add Range (Level 183) +50 Teleport Mastery’s range.

Chain Lightning – Reinforce (Level 149) +20% Chain Lightning’s damage.

Chain Lightning – Extra Target (Level 168) +2 Chain Lightning’s enemies attacked.

Chain Lightning – Bonus Attack (Level 189) +1 Chain Lightning’s hit per enemy.

Glacier Chain – Extra Target (Level 155) +2 Glacial Chain’s enemies attacked.

Glacier Chain – Bonus Attack (Level 177) +1 Glacial Chain’s hit per enemy.

Glacier Chain – Cooldown Cutter (Level 195) -100% Glacial Chain’s cooldown.

Ice Aura (Level 150)
An unbreakable aura of ice surrounds you, giving you 20% Stance, damage absorption, and resistance to states and elements. Toggle skill.

Lightning Sphere (Level 170)
A wall of electricity continuously hits up to 15 enemies in front of you for 700% damage for up to 8 seconds. After the duration is over, 1000% finish damage will be dealt. Keydown skill. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. The maximum damage for this skill is 9,999,999.

Bishop Hyper Skills

Holy Magic Shell – Extra Guard (Level 143) +2 Holy Magic Shell’s guard count.

Holy Magic Shell – Persist (Level 162) +5 sec Holy Magic Shell’s duration.

Holy Magic Shell – Cooldown Cutter (Level 183) -50% Holy Magic Shell’s cooldown.

Holy Symbol – Experience (Level 149) +10% Holy Symbol’s experience for self.

Holy Symbol – Imbue Body (Level 168) +20% Holy Symbol’s resistance.

Holy Symbol – Extra Drop (Level 189) +20% Holy Symbol’s drop rate.

Advanced Bless – Bonus Damage (Level 155) +20 Advanced Bless’s attack and magic attack.

Advanced Bless – Enhance (Level 177) +200 Advanced Bless’s defense and magic defense and +180 accuracy and avoid.

Advanced Bless – Extra Point (Level 195) +1000 Advanced Bless’s Max HP and Max MP.

Vengeance of Angel (Level 150)
The pure rage of the angels takes you over, giving you 50 magic attack, 20% defense ignore, increasing your attack speed by 1, Angel Ray’s damage by 20%, and Angel Ray’s attack count by 1. Toggle skill. You can only use Teleport and Angel Ray when this skill is active.

Heaven’s Door (Level 170)
The door to Heaven is opened, giving the blessing of life to allies allowing them to revive if they hit 0 HP while punishing up to 15 enemies dealing 1200% damage 8 times. There is a cooldown of 180 seconds. The maximum damage for this skill is 9,999,999.


Magician Hyper Skills
Epic Adventure / Epic Adventure
Poison Mist – Reinforce / Poison Mist – Reinforce
Poison Mist – Aftermath / Poison Mist – Aftermath
Poison Mist – DoT Reinforce / Poison Mist – Cripple
Paralyze – Reinforce / Paralyze – Reinforce
Paralyze – DoT Reinforce / Paralyze – Cripple
Paralyze – Bonus Attack / Paralyze – Extra Strike
Mist Eruption – Bonus Attack / Mist Eruption – Extra Strike
Mist Eruption – Ignore Guard / Mist Eruption – Guardbreaker
Mist Eruption – Cooldown Reduce/ Mist Eruption – Cooldown Cutter
Megiddo Flame / Megiddo Flame
Fire Aura / Inferno Aura

Magician Skill Preview Videos

Maplestory ~ Tempest Patch ~ Fire Poison Mage – 1st-4th Job
[youtube url=]

Magician Changelog

Feb 27 2012 – Corrected Bishop’s Advanced Blessing Stat.
Jan 22 2013 – Added skill information for all Magician Jobs (Cleric, Fire-Poison, Ice-Lightning)
Apr 03 2013 : [UPDATE] GMS v.132 Hyper Evolution Update Notes

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60 thoughts on “MapleStory Magician Skill Build Guide V1

  1. Rory Grady

    HighlyVery energeticdescriptive blogarticlepost, I enjoyedlikedloved that a lotbit. Will there be a part 2?

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @amaura: The magic claw has been removed in the newer MapleStory patches. Therefore, players will not be able to get it.

  3. amaura

    hi i recently started maplestory again (after like 6 years lmao) and i’ve noticed that magic claw is gone? i put one SP in energy bolted and waited for magic claw to appear but i couldn’t find it anywhere. how do i get it?

  4. Rashid

    Probably playing in GMS, where the explorers were revamped. Look at V2 of the guide.

  5. Marie

    Hello AyumiLove, I have a friend (currently level 64 Priest), he doesn’t have a skill that summons a blue dragon, if that’s what I heard from him. Is there any skill that summons a blue dragon for Priest? So far I know you can only summon Bahamut on Bishop.

  6. Kenwhr :)

    I’m from maplesea and I’ve noticed genesis at level 1 dmg now to be 710% x2 which is 1420% (written 1320% here) so im guessing lvl 30 shud be 2000%? 🙂 and the level 1 cooldown is 40 sec 😛 Could you help see to the changes? :O Thx !! 😀

  7. HerbalBunz

    Hey ayumilove, I was wondering, with the new RED update and whatnot, what hyper skills should I get for a bishop? Someone told me that you couldn’t get all of them, and that you could switch them around, but which ones would be for the best?

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Blazeman22, for solo, go for the Fire-Poison path or Ice-Lightning path. Cleric can solo but their damage is super weak compared to both magician subclasses based from my past experience as a Cleric, Priest and Bishop. But I prefer to use Xenon/Kaiser/Evan for solo now 😀

  9. iwllbehere

    i have a lvl 39 cleric were should i train ?

  10. Blazeman22

    ayumi would it be pointless to go down the cleric path if u like solo better?

  11. John Little

    Hi Ayumi, can you please explain to me exactly how Arcane Aim works? The only thing I know is it ignores a portion of defense when attacking. Not much about the accumulate damage thingy.

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi John Little, I don’t think its that useful anymore when you can kill enemies in 1-2 hits with Fire element skills. Previously, Fire/Poison Mage trained is by poisoning enemies who are like +10-15 levels above you until they have 1 HP remaining and then finish them off for with poison hit for that large sum of experience points. But most players wouldn’t want to go for this route as its kinda of a hassle.

  13. John Little

    Hi Ayumi, I just wanna ask if Poison Breath still useful for F/P in 3rd and 4th job? If so, in what way?

  14. Wave

    Hi ayumi,
    Which do you think is better.. ice n lighting or fire n poison. Also, does chain lighting hit faster or paralysis ?

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anon, Ifrit and Elquines gives a boost to your element resistance. You receive less damage or perhaps resist enemy attacks (avoid element effects such as stun).

  16. Anon

    Hi Ayumi,

    I’ve been meaning to ask, but, in regards to Ifrit and Elquines, what exactly does the “+40% Resistance” part of the skill description refer to?

  17. John Little

    A really good guide. Just to confirm, does this guide apply to the latest version of MapleSea? I’m a I/L Mage.

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Noel, MapleSEA is now using Tempest Updated Skills. Therefore, its same as GMS now. The skill build above is created based on the Tempest Update. Also, I have checked with MapleSEA official site on Explorer Skills and they did not mention about Angel Ray being removed from Bishop. The skill revamp for Bishop Angel Ray was to reduce Angel’s Ray damage from 420% to 375% damage but increases from 3 hits to 4 hits per enemy.

  19. noel

    sorry. just to ask is your skill build for bishop is base on season 2 maplesea?

  20. noel

    hi just to update magic booster for bishop 3rd job max-ed level is 10

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi chaosmetroid, which MapleStory server are you playing? Angel Ray is a skill which is not unlocked upon reaching 4th Job Bishop. You will need to learn from Angel Ray skill book to make it available in your Skill Window.

  22. chaosmetroid

    You need to update bishop, theres no angel ray anymore.

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks moonrobin for the correction! I have updated Chain Lightning Skill Description. Sorry for the mix up 🙂

  24. moonrobin

    Hi Ayumilove, I’d like to point out an error in your post. Chain lightning attacks 5 enemies 6 times each. Your post has the numbers mixed up.

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi LuiggiCC, what do you mean by Angel Ray is no longer a Bishop Skill? Cleric who reaches 4th Job Advancement will not automatically get Angel Ray Skill. It is made available upon learning/reading an Angel Ray Skill Book which is dropped by Zakum (drops have been nerfed), Chaos Zakum and Hard-mode Hilla (a boss in Azwan which you can defeat twice a day) Or just purchase it from Free Market with meso if its still available.

  26. LuiggiCC

    Thanks, Check the Bishop skill build, angel ray is no longer an bishop skill.

  27. LuiggiCC

    Hi Ayumilove, what leveling spots are recommended for cleric since 30?

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Phonesdo, I believe Genesis max level is 10. The level 10 is only the beginning where you need to get 2 more Mastery Books (Level 20 and Level 30). Level 20 Genesis Mastery Book unlocks Level 11-20 whereas Level 30 Genesis Mastery Book unlocks level 21-30. Angel Ray requires Skill Book but not mastery book. Skill Book can be obtained from boss drops such as Targa, Scarlion, Zakum, Chaos Zakum and Hilla. Join a boss raid to get the skill book or purchase one from the Free Market. For my Bishop, I was lucky enough to bought it for 1 million meso perhaps the demand for it has reduces or due to low Bishop population 🙂

  29. phonesdo

    Ayumilove, It’s my first time playing this game and I find that a lot of skills are already changed. Maybe you should update these description here? Like the master level of Genesis is 10 not 30? And I cannot find Angel Ray when I reached lv.100 and in 4th job?

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Awesome, each job has its own strength and weaknesses. Usually Bishop (supportive class) is weaker than most of the attacker class but its compensated with a large variety of healing/buffing party skills at their disposal especially for boss raids and during party training. Fire Poison is focused on damage, ice-lightning is a mix of both Fire-Poison and Bishop, and Bishop purely focused on supporting.

  31. Awesome bishop

    Ayumilove, is bishop stronger then ice mage and fire poison??

  32. 007eve

    Which explorer magician class is recommended? Because I’m making a Mage lvl 29 so far and I’m staying there bc I don’t know what type advancement I should make please reply

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DarkMage3564, try going for Zakum Run to get your free Angel Ray skill book. If you are lucky, you can get it from the first raid, otherwise second boss raid at maximum. Angel Ray skill book is kinda cheap these days which you can purchase from Free Market, unless no one is selling them 😀 Max the skills as shown in the Bishop Guide ignoring the Angel Ray – which means you will be solely depending on you Shinning Ray to do all the job.

  34. darkmage3564

    Can you make a separate guide if you don’t have the Angel Ray Skill because you need a book to unlock it?

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Pwnzified, I’m not sure which part are you talking about. In the guide above, Arcane Overdrive is stated max level 10, and the Spell Booster max level 10.

  36. Pwnzified

    Hey Ayumi! Priest guide is WRONG! Yeah. Spell booster’s max level is 10 and there is a new skill called Arcane Overdrive whose max level is 10 as well.

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Anonymous, sorry for the late reply! I have corrected Fire/Poison + Ice/Lightning 3rd Job Skill Build Guide 🙂

  38. Anonymous

    In the Fire/ Poison + Ice/Lightning Mage section, the skill build never says to max Element Amplification. You say to add 3 into it, but never when to max it.

  39. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Keith Wong, I have fixed Cleric Skill Build Guide! The MP Eater is maxed later 🙂

  40. Keith Wong

    How can you put 1 sp into Mp Eater if you haven’t put 5 sp into Spell Mastery yet?

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi demonluck, there are 2 types of books that are used in 4th Job Skills. The first is skill book and the second is mastery book. Only certain classes especially Explorer (aka Adventurer) class requires skill book to unlock that skill. For example, Bishop (Magician 4th Job Cleric) requires Angel Ray Skill Book. Once you obtain and use that, it will unlock Angel Ray (from Level 1 to 10). Next, use a Mastery Book to upgrade the max limit of level upgrade for Angel Ray from Level 10 to Level 30.

  42. demonluck

    how do i find Angel ray that the on skill i do not see on 4th job skill tree it look like a will good skill to use if i can find it

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Em, I have corrected Priest Skill Build. Shinning Ray should be max as it will be Priest’s primary skill for leveling purposes 🙂

  44. Em

    Hello Ayumilove! In the Priest Skill Build, it says that you will have everything maxed except Doom, but you are leaving Shining Ray at level 1. So it should say Doom and Shining Ray 🙂

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DarkMage3564, you can max Shinning Ray by taking some SP (Skill Points) from Doom (Priest 3rd Job Skill).

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Rachel for the correction! I have updated the Advanced Blessing stats from 25 attack to 30 attack. You have Sharp Eyes 😉

  47. Rachel

    Ayumi Advanced Blessing at max gives 30 attack and magic attack, not 25

  48. darkmage3564

    Not max i mean at lvl5 shining.

  49. darkmage3564

    Why not max Shining Ray, and take off some of Mystic Door and Doom?

  50. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Yee, Infinity max level is 30. You will need a Infinity 30 Mastery Book to unlock that level.

  51. Yee

    maplesea. Infinity master lvl is 20 :O

  52. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Yee, which MapleStory version are you playing? GMS or MapleSEA? I think Hero’s Will is available for all classes.

  53. Yee

    hi ayumi. now bishop no Hero Will but got Infinity. So how to add?

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hoshiya, I have updated Priest skills with Post Tempest information 🙂

  55. Hoshiya

    Why not max mystic door and and not max doom? and this guide is outdated! After alliance priest HS and Shining ray only requires 20 sp to max! Moreover there is a new skill called arcane overdrive for priest!

  56. Magician North West

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  57. chibi

    Where is the I/L guide?

  58. Tif

    I miss your videoss!