MapleStory Error Solution

Here is a list of solutions to fix MapleStory Common Errors when running or installing MapleStory Client or Patch. Troubleshoot MapleStory Error easily with Ayumilove! If you have MapleStory problem or solution you would like to share here, post a comment below! Use CTRL+F to open the browser’s search box and input the keyword of your problem.

MapleStory Solutions

MapleStory Installation Solution
MapleStory HackShield Solution
MapleStory Disconnection Solution
MapleStory Application Error Solution
MapleStory Town Lag Solution
MapleStory XignCode Solution
MapleStory BlackCipher Solution

MapleStory Downloads

GMS v201 BlackCipher
MapleSEA v182 BlackCipher
MapleSEA BlackCipher and XignCode (2017-06-16)

Encountering an issue in MapleStory?

Submit your issue using the format below to make it easy for me to identify the issue background:

  1. What Operating System are you running? Windows XP/7/8/10 + (32-bit/64-bit).
  2. Which MapleStory region are you playing? GMS | KMS | MSEA | JMS | EMS | BMS
  3. What MapleStory version do you currently have?
  4. How did you install MapleStory? Using Full Version OR Auto Patch OR Manual Patch?
  5. Where did you install MapleStory? C:\Nexon\MapleStory
  6. How do you run MapleStory? GameLauncher.exe OR Website
  7. Describe the issue in detail you encounter and steps taken to fix.

MapleStory Installation Solution

Directory was Not Found Error Message.

  • [ERROR] You encounter a pop-up box with the following error message “Directory was Not Found” after patching.
  • [SOLUTION] Close the patcher and Visit official website and logged in. Launched the game from the WEBSITE. Upon successfully launching through the website, exit Maplestory and retry the regular GameLauncher.exe from your computer.

Failed to Delete Directory

  • [ERROR] You encounter a pop-up box with the error message that says “Failed to Delete Directory” after running the launcher and patching the game for the Kanna content. Then it stated that you would need to download and reinstall the entire game.
  • [SOLUTION] If you have this exact same error at the end of the install, remove that Temp Folder from the game folder and run the launcher again. Go into the main MapleStory folder (C:\Nexon\MapleStory), there will be only 3 folders inside of the main folder, Black Cipher, Hackshield and a Temp Folder with a name similar to this one: etwejxjl.$$$ (random characters with a dot and dollar signs suffixed). The Temp folder, regardless of it’s name, will have dollar signs prefixed in the name $$$$ Transfer TEMP folder to your Desktop and run the game again. If it works, you can safely delete that folder. If you happen to have 2 TEMP folders labeled as .$$$ in them, take away the empty one and it worked, otherwise remove both.

Mob.wz (or a .wz file) is Corrupted

  • You encounter a pop-up box with the following message: “Mob.wz The patch file is corrupt. Please try again.
  • If the same error occurs, please delete all previous MapleStory game files and re-install the game client from” Just re-install MapleStory to fixed Mob.wz corruption.

Unable to patch MapleStory

  1. Uninstall MapleStory before deleting C:\Nexon\MapleStory folder.
  2. Re-download the 128v.
  3. After installing it, used the manual patch for 129v.
  4. Wait for it to stop at ADMIN CHATLOG\
  5. Terminate the process by using the administrator window (CTRL + ALT + DEL)
  6. Run the game from the GameLauncher.exe in your MapleStory Installation folder.
  7. [NOTE] The problem might lie within the new client (v129.2) that’s presently on the website. Do not download the latest MS from the website, just install the older version v128 and then perform the prepatch.

MapleStory Error Cannot find ‘ijl15.dll’ Please Re-install Application

  • [ERROR] Themida – – Cannot find ‘ijl15.dll’. Please re-install application.
  • [SOLUTION] MapleStory.exe extracted from .zip must be in MapleStory Installation Directory. For Windows XP Users: C:\Program Files\Wizet\MapleStory

MapleStory Error code:-2147221000 (DLL for class no found)

Download and install Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 and run MapleStory. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 is a full cumulative update that contains many new features building incrementally upon .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, and includes cumulative servicing updates to the .NET Framework 2.0 and .NET Framework 3.0 subcomponents.

MapleStory Error File does not have Program Associated

  • [ERROR] The file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an assoication in the Default Programs control panel.
  • This error appears when you attempt to start MapleStory. This is caused by unknown file extension! Your Windows Operating System is given a file and it does not know how to handle the file. So, Windows tries to search for programs in your computer that knows how to handle that particular file. Unfortunately, it couldn’t find any, therefore it pops up the error message above!
  • The simplest way to fix this problem is to install software that handles that file extension. For instance, you use MSE Installer that automatically download and install a software (MapleStory). When it downloads a file such as MapleStorySetup.ZIP (ZIP file extension), it passes this file to Windows to extract. If your computer has WinZip, 7-Zip or WinRAR installed, Windows passes this extraction job to this software to handle. For MapleStory Users who uses MSE Installer to Download and Install MapleStory, download and Install WinZip/7-Zip/WinRAR.

ZIP Extractor Intalled

If your computer has zip extractor installed, perhaps that particular software did not associate itself with the file extension! How to associate the extension? Below is step by step guide.
Identify program that handles that file extension. *If its ZIP, it should be a zip extractor such as WinZip*

  1. Open Windows Explorer (Right-Click My Computer, and click Explore)
  2. Click TOOLS in Menu, then click FOLDER OPTIONS.
  3. Click FILE TYPES
  4. Scroll down to the file type (file extension) that you want to modify. If its not in the list, click NEW and type in the file extension. Example: ZIP for MapleStorySetup.ZIP
  5. Select the file type from the list, and click CHANGE
  6. Tick “Select the program from a list”
  7. Browse program list to the one you identified, for me its WinZip/7-Zip/WinRAR.
  8. Press OK to save changes.
  9. Retry installing MapleStory.

MapleStory Error Incompatible On Windows 7

[ERROR] This program has known compatibility issues. Check online to see if solutions are available from the Microsoft website. If solutions are found, Windows will automatically display a website that lists steps you can take. Maple Story is incompatible with this version of Windows. For more information contact Wizet. Program: Maple story. Publisher: Wizet. Location: C:\Nexon\MapleStory\MapleStory.exe

Solution 1

  1. First go to your Maplestory folder, the default location is: MapleStory Global Users: C:\Nexon\Maplestory | MapleStory SEA Users: C:\Program Files\Wizet\MapleStory
  2. Now right click on Maplestory.exe and select “Properties”
  3. Click on “Compatibility” tab at the top.
  4. Look at Run this program in compatibility mode for: Tick the box and select Windows XP SP3.
  5. Look further down and stop at option Privilege Level. Tick the box in front of the words: Run this program as an administrator
  6. Your screen should look like this if you have done it correctly.

Solution 2

Apply the same steps as above for GameLauncher located in your MapleStory installation folder.

Solution 3

  1. You can still run MapleStory via your MapleStory Desktop shortcut. If you don’t have a shortcut:
  2. Go to your MapleStory folder, right click on MapleStory.exe and press Create Shortcut. Drag the shortcut to your desktop. Right click the shortcut and change the target to:
  3. MapleStory Global Users: C:\Nexon\MapleStory\MapleStory.exe GameLaunching
  4. MapleStory SEA Users: C:\Program Files\Wizet\MapleStory\MapleStory.exe GameLaunching
  5. Note: Or whatever your MapleStory.exe is located with an add ” GameLaunching”.
  6. Ok so now all you have to do is click Apply and then press OK. You can start playing. Happy Mapling!

MapleStory Error MyKeyDefense Initialization error (0x32A41OO9)

  1. MyKeyDefense: Initialization error (0x32A41OO9)
  2. First go to your Maplestory folder, the default location is: MapleStory Global Users: C:\Nexon\Maplestory | MapleStory SEA Users: C:\Program Files\Wizet\MapleStory
  3. Right-click MapleStory.exe and select ‘Properties’.
  4. Go to ‘Compatibility’ tab,
  5. Click ‘Change settings for all uses’
  6. Under Compatibility mode, tick box and select WINDOWS VISTA, untick others.
  7. Click Apply and Ok ***** VERY IMPORTANT *******
  8. *Try other available compatibility modes if the above is not available for you!

MapleStory Error Lack of Memory Solution
Lack of Memory. Please refer to the FAQ section of for the further detail.

Temporary Solution

  1. Increase Computer Virtual Memory (short-term solution) without buying additional RAM.
  2. Click Start → Control Panel → Performance And Maintenance → System
  3. On Advanced Tab, under Performance, Click Settings.
  4. On Advanced Tab, under Virtual Memory, Click Change.
  5. Under Drive (Volume Label) Select drive to change paging file size.
  6. Click Custom Size Check Box.
  7. Set reserve amount Virtual Memory.
  8. Read Virtual Memory Tips below to calculate amount of Virtual Memory to reserve.
  9. Click Set.
  10. A window pops up and prompt you to restart your pc. Click Yes.
  11. Note: Set both initial and maximum size equal amount to prevent Windows from constantly changing paging file. The value of reserve Virtual Memory should be 1.5 times more than your existing RAM. For example: if you have 512 MB RAM, multiply it by 1.5 (Results: 512 x 1.5 = 768 MB RAM). For those who are using SSD (Solid State Drive), it is recommended to limit it to 2GB (Gigabytes) as SSD space is very limited.

Permanent Solution

Buy and Install additional RAM (Random Access Memory) into your Motherboard. Investing on a new RAM is your best option for long-term solution. I recommend to get at least 8GB RAM, not the minimum 4GB RAM to run Windows 64bit Operating System as your computer might hog the memory when running intensive tasks.

MapleStory Error code:-2147467259 (unspecified error)
MapleStory Error code:-2147467259 (unspecified error). That error is consistent with the graphics card drivers not properly installed.

Solution 1

  1. Right-click your Desktop
  2. Select Properties → Select Settings Tab → Click Advanced Button
  3. Select TroubleShoot Tab → Set Hardware Acceleration to max (Move bar to most right)
  4. Click OK to save changes.

Solution 2

  1. Start → Run → MsConfig → StartUp
  2. Uncheck all Unwanted Program
  3. Right-Click My Computer
  4. Select Properties → Hardware → Device Manager
  5. You will notice a Yellow Question Mark on your Graphic Driver (Example: vga-32123)
  6. Update that driver using your Motherboard Drivers CD

MapleStory Error The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005)

  • [ERROR] The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) Click OK to close the application.
  • A very common problem. It usually pertains to ineffective memory processes. A possible solution is to update your .NET Framework, as it is usually the reason for this problem.
  • [Solution] Download and install .NET Framework v4 to update your current .NET Framework. The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s comprehensive and consistent programming model for building applications that have visually stunning user experiences, seamless and secure communication, and the ability to model a range of business processes.

Maplestory Error Code: -2005532292 (unknown error 0x8876017C)

  • [ERROR] There is a conflict with your firewall and MapleStory. One of your firewall software is hooked to this .DLL (ntdll.dll).
  • [SOLUTION] Try disabling your firewall, and restart MapleStory. If that doesn’t work, uninstall your firewall, restart computer and try running MapleStory. If this solution works, install another firewall software that is compatible with MapleStory. Note: Don’t play MapleStory without your computer being protected with a firewall. Viruses can easily slipped in 🙂

MapleStory Error 40 Installation Solution

  • [ERROR] This error occurs when you try to use Nexon Downloader where during the download process, MapleStory Client was corrupted.
  • [SOLUTION] Use a download manager application such as FlashGet or IDM (Internet Download Manager) to help download MapleStory Client from official site to your hard disk. To start using FlashGet, you will need to download and install it into your PC first. Then use FlashGet to grab MapleStory Client download link. This way, you won’t spend hours to get around Error 40.

MapleStory Error Code: 11001 No such host is known.

  • Try refreshing or reloading the screen on your browser. (For most browsers press F5)
  • Open you MapleStory folder and right click on the file Gamelauncher.exe and run it as administrator.
  • Uninstall MapleStory, download the Nexon Launcher and download MapleStory using the Nexon Launcher.
  • Clear your Browsers Cache.
    • For Internet Explorer: Click on Tools, select Internet Options and click on Temporary Internet files (or “Delete…”) from the General tab. Select “Delete Files”. This may take several minutes.
    • For Firefox: Click on Tools, select “Clear Private Data” and then click on “Clear Private Data Now”.
    • For Chrome: Click on Settings then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on advance settings. Under privacy click on Clear browsing data and make sure you check the boxes for the first four items. You can leave the dropdown box at “The past hour. Then click on Clear browsing data.

How to fix Maplestory Black Screen Freezes on Windows 10.

  1. If you have problems with Maplestory constantly going Black Screen after Character Login’s or exiting/entering Cash Shop this is a fixed first introduced to me by FreudChicken from Reddit.
  2. Exit Maplestory and Nexon Game Launcher
  3. Right click Nexon Game Launcher and click Troubleshoot Compatability
  4. Click Trouble Shoot Program
  5. Check the first box, “The program worked in earlier versions…”
  6. Choose windows 7 and click next.
  7. Test Program and Save Settings

MapleStory HackShield Solution

Hackshield Initialization Error : 0x0000000 (0)

  • Another copy of Maplestory is already running. Please close all instances and try launching again.”
  • The error message is very misleading. Even though you restarted your computer before running MapleStory.exe, and later check your TaskManager only to find 1 instance of MapleStory, you will still get stuck with this error. Below is a list of steps you must do to bypass this error. It took me around 5-6 hours to figure it out.
  • Add MapleStory and HackShield to your Anti-Virus exception list so it does not prevent it from running them. If you do not know how to add, simply disable the Windows Firewall, 3rd-Party Anti-Virus and Anti-Security and run the game. With your protection disabled, its advisable not to browse through any unknown websites that might be infected with viruses. This first step will bypass the first MapleStory Block that reads something like this: Unable to Connect Server at this time. Please check whether the server is under maintenance or your firewall.
  • If still fail, set your GameLauncher.exe compatibility mode to Windows XP SP 3 or Windows 7 (both tested by me and it works). Windows XP SP 2 failed to work though. Do not set the Compatiblity Mode for MapleStory.exe otherwise you will receive this error message: HackShied Initialization Error : 0x00000004 (4) = Error cccurs when the game client is executed in the Compatibility Mode provided by Windows XP. Game execution in Compatibility Mode is judged as a user with ill intentions, so program must be ended and restarted (value = 0x004) Please send the detailed information through. If you get that error message, just click the X button to close it, do not need click OK to send any personal information that might be save behind the scenes.
  • Disable any Microsoft Adapter Loopback (Right-click on Network Icon on the Windows Start Panel, Click Open Network and Sharing Center, Click Change Adapter Settings, If you see multiple Loopback Adapters, disable all of them by right-clicking and click properties, and then disable.)
  • Most important of all, do not use BlackCipher from, I have tested it and it did not work (The blackcipher.aes should be at least 2537KB and the BlackCall.aes should be around 290KB). By doing a manual update from hsupdate itself, it somehow downloaded the latest BlackCall.aes and BlackCipher.aes from the server) only then I was able to bypass this infamous HackShield Initialization Error 0x0000000. I have provided a download link (a copy of my 100% working BlackCipher) at the top of this guide for grabs and overwrite your entire BlackCipher folder with it. Of course you could backup your original folder firsts if you wish.

MapleStory HackShield Update Error : 0x30000030 (805306416)

[ERROR] HackShield Update Error : 0x30000030 (805306416) Cannot connect to the server. Please send detailed information through AhnReport.

Solution 1

  1. Sometimes Hackshield window pops up but nothing happens for 2-3 minutes.
  2. Open Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC)
  3. Click PROCESSES Tab.
  4. Select MapleStory.exe from the list
  5. Click END PROCESS

Solution 2

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Erase all files in HShield folder in the MapleStory installation folder.
  3. Run MapleStory.exe
  4. Erasing files in HackShield will force MapleStory to create a new one with latest HackShield files.

Solution 3

Enable MapleStory.exe to access Internet if your Anti Virus/Internet Security/IP Blocker is blocking it.

Solution 4

  1. If you are running Windows Vista, you may need to enable WRITE permission for host file.
  2. Open hosts in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts using Notepad.
  3. Right-click host file and click PROPERTIES
  4. Click SECURITY tab.
  6. Ensure you have write permission, click OK. (This is to enable you to edit the hosts file)
  7. Open hosts in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts using Notepad.
  8. Add this to bottom of hosts file:
  9. If you see: (or something similar…), prefix a pound symbol: #
  10. Save file

MapleStory HackShield Initialization Error :0x00000203(515)

Solution 1

  1. Clik Start → RUN → type ” regedit “
  3. Go to SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Services \
  4. Right click EagleNT
  5. Select Permission.
  6. Click Advanced.
  7. Under tab ” Type “
  8. Remove all ” Deny ” type.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Back to Permissions
  11. Check ” Groups or User Names “
  12. Untick Deny and Tick Allow
  13. Apply, Okay and Restart.

Solution 2

  1. Click Start
  2. For Windows XP Users: Click RUN → Type “cmd” | For Windows Vista Users: Look for command prompt, right-click and click run as Administrator
  3. Type “netsh winsock reset”
  4. If it worked succesfully, it will tell you to restart your computer.
  5. If it requires elevation: Uncheck Account Control
  6. For Windows Vista Users: Control Panel → User Accounts and Family Safety → User Accounts → Turn User Account Control (on or off)
  7. Retry “netsh winsock reset”.

MapleStory HackShield Initialization Error (0x00000100)

HackShield Initialization failed. Please try again after rebooting machine, or killing malicious programs.

  • Reinstalling MapleStory is the last resort since its kinda of a hassle unless you have downloaded the latest MapleStory Installer client. Sometimes , MapleStory patcher has some issues, corrupting the wz file.
  • Unlike most people with slow internet connection (waits 8 hours just to download a 3.6 Gigabyte game), they do not have the luxury to wait to reinstall everything correctly.
  • Usually the first method in dealing with hackshield is to ask another friend who is also playing the same MapleStory version as you to send his folder. You can ask him/her to host the file on (free hosting site – fast download for free user). Download his version and overwrite your current MapleStory hackshield. This works 100%.
  • Second method is if you do not have any close friends playing MapleStory, then you can let MapleStory itself to recreate the hackshield folder. This is done by deleting the hackshield folder from MapleStory installation folder. And then rerun MapleStory.exe (if you are from GMS, run from the nexon browser – start/play game). It will then check if your hackshield exist, if not recreate. Delete HackShield folder and run MapleStory to force it recreate a new HackShield folder via auto-update or re-install MapleStory.
  • The last resort is to reinstall MapleStory (if you have the full version) or install an older MapleStory version and patch it up to the current version (takes around 30 minutes or so depending on how many patches needs to be run.

MapleStory HackShield Update Error 0x3000FFFF (805371903)

HackShield Error 0x3000FFFF occurs when HackShield is unable to start due to a critical file is missing or corrupted.

Solution 1

  • Make sure your Antivirus Software does not mistakenly delete HackShield files.
  • Restore HackShield Files that is quarantined inside Anti-Virus Quarantine section.
  • Also, set your Anti-Virus to ignore HackShield files as a virus threat.

Solution 2

  • Repair HackShield Folder! If you have tried fixing your HackShield issue with other methods but failed, you can replace your HackShield folder with a brand new one listed below.
  • Download the appropriate HackShield based on the application you faced issue and extract with a Zip Extractor (WinZip / WinRar / 7Zip).
  • Take note that if you use old version of hackshield it might cause some issue.
  • Combat Arms HackShield :
  • HackShield Dragon Nest :
  • Mabinogi HackShield :
  • MapleStory HackShield : (Last Updated: 9/01/2012)

Solution 3

  • You can ask your trustworthy friend to send you the latest HackShield files too!
  • Zip those essential HackShield files listed below into a .zip file.
  • Send .zip file via e-mail or upload it to hosting site and send the download link.
  • HackShield Essential Files: AhnUpCtl.dll, AhnUpGS.dll, AspINet.dll, Bz32Ex.dll, HSInst.dll, HSUpdate.env, HSUpdate.exe, mspatcha.dll, V3Hunt.dll, V3InetGS.dll

MapleStory Disconnection Solution

Unable to Connect into Login Server

If you are a MapleStory Senior who have not being playing MapleStory for few years or months, and later to find a nice job like Kanna being released and want to try it out, you download MapleStory Full Client, install it and later encounter this error message “Unable to Connect to Login Server”. When you check with your friends about whether MapleStory server is active or try here at SouthPerry GMS Server Status, all the world seems ONLINE instead of OFFLINE. So whats next? The error message here is a little misleading but still hits a nail. You need to disable your anti-virus and firewall temporarily and try again. If it works, re-enable them after you are login to your character. But don’t be happy yet as you might encounter the infamous HackShield Initialization Error 0x00000000 (0) as discussed below with some solution provided.

MapleStory Disconnection Every 1 Minute Exact Or Few Minutes

I tested GMS MapleStory with an online stopwatch and found out that MapleStory always disconnect me after 1 minute. If you are lucky, between 5 minutes to 30 minutes. I have not found a solution to this error. If you do know, please share your solution by posting a comment below. Below are things I have tested on Windows 7 Ultimate Operating System:
0. Disable Firewall (3rd Party and Windows) + Anti-Virus.
1. Tried different worlds (Bera, Scania, Zenith) still dc within 1 minute.
2. Tried bypass BlackCipher with HInjector + bc_bypass.dll
3. Terminated BlackCipher.aes from TaskManager.
4. Tried login into different characters (Kanna, Explorer, Cygnus).
5. Tried changing compatibility mode for GameLauncher.exe
6. Tried changing compatibility mode for HackShield exe applications.
[TEMPORARY-SOLUTION] Change Channel before the 1 minute duration expires! Example, kill 10 monsters, change to next channel, and repeat.
[PERMANENT-SOLUTION] For Windows 7 users, try installing MapleStory under C:\Program Files (x86)\Nexon\MapleStory folder instead of C:\Nexon\MapleStory folder.

My character disconnected after entering a portal

The portal itself isn’t broken, probably one of your files is corrupt. I just tried going through every single portal in the tutorial and after the tutorial without a crash. You’ll probably have to re-install MapleStory if you’re crashing, that’s what I did. However, if that still fails see Issue 6 for the next solution.

My character stucked in a beginner place. How to get out?

If you tried to enter a map from the beginner place of Kanna (Momijigaoka), then disconnected and now stuck and can’t log in on it, you can do the following steps to get out of this sticky situation: Exit MapleStory Application and let it sit for approximately 5 minutes. Then try login back on and everything worked fine. If this issue still persist, you have 3 methods of exiting Kanna map:

  • Use Mercedes Link Skill Map to teleport out of Momijigaoka Area.
  • Use Cash Shop Teleport Rock to teleport out of Kanna Beginner Training Ground after you have done the necessary quest in that area.
  • Earn at least 5000 mesos in the training dojo then use the dimensional mirror to go to NLC (New Leaf City), and from there, take the subway to Kerning City.

[Brief bug summary] Kanna char DCs and gets locked after trying to enter the 2nd portal after the tutorial. Seems others are DCing in the new town, and I’m guessing that portal leads to the new town. [Steps to reproduce Issue 6] Create Kanna char, skip tutorial, go into first portal with pop-up quests completed. Finish quests in next map and enter portal. You will DC and if you try to log on you will DC again.

MapleStory Application Error Solution

Solution 1: Steam

  1. Full Credit For This Solution Belongs To DUCKMANNEO From I’ve been using Windows 8 and like a LOT of people, I was receiving this error: MapleStory:
  2. MapleStory.exe – Application error. The instruction at 0x0062db33 referenced memory at 0x05055215. The memory could not be written. Now, a lot of people said to “play in steam” and “play in another compatibility mode” and those simply didn’t help or change anything at all. I found this solution online last night and I wanted to share it for those of you that are still have trouble with the game not loading up and giving that error message above. This is what people meant when they said “Play the game in steam”. IT wasn’t as simple as downloading the game on Steam and playing.
  3. Go to:
  4. In the top right corner, hit “install steam”
  5. While it’s loading, create a steam account here:
  6. Now open up file explorer and go to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam”
  7. Create a new folder and call it “Steamapps”.
  8. Create a new folder in Steamapps and call it “Common”.
  9. Then go to “C:\Nexon”
  10. Copy the “MapleStory” folder and paste it in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common”
  11. Launch Steam and go to “Library”
  12. In the bottom left corner, click “Add A Game”
  13. Click on MapleStory and then Add it.
  14. Right click MapleStory (in your taskbar) and click “Properties”
  15. Change the Target to this: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\MapleStory\nxsteam.exe”
  16. Now just launch MapleStory from your taskbar. It requires you are logged into Steam. You can only link one Nexon account to one Steam account so if you wanna switch Maple accounts, you gotta make/change your Steam account and all that.
  17. PLEASE NOTE: I don’t know how it the result will be for other people, but at first I got three crash errors. After that, the game loaded. Since then, I have launched the game 6 times with no errors. I hope this works for everyone else that’s having this issue and I’ll check back every so often to answer questions if I am able to.

Solution 2: Non-Steam

  1. If you don’t want to use steam or if it still doesn’t work for you. here’s a solution.
  2. Move your Nexon/Maplestory folder to Program files x86
  3. Go to the Nexon/Maplestory folder when inside the Program files x86
  4. Create a shortcut for “Gamelauncher.exe”
  5. Drag it out to your Desktop. (Optional step rename your shortcut.)
  6. Right click on the shortcut and go to “properties”.
  7. Under “target” after the quotes press space bar once and add the following line “-opengl” without the quotes
  8. Press ok
  9. Enjoy!!

Solution 3: Install in different folder

  • In patch v.124, Nexon fixed the Windows 8 Compatibility issues.
  • However, for some users, an Application Error continues to occur after the patch.
  • The problem: HackShield loads up, BlackCiph3r loads, and then an Application Error appears.
  • The cause: MapleStory v.123 was not completely removed from the computer BEFORE installing MapleStory v.124. Therefore, the leftover files from v.123 caused the error.
  • The fix: Go to Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a Program, and uninstall MapleStory from the programs list. Download MapleStory. Install MapleStory v.124 to a different folder, DON’T INSTALL to C:/Nexon. After the installation was finished, start MapleStory from the website. Congratulations! It should work smoothly now. I’ve tried starting the game multiple times, and it works perfectly. Enjoy playing MapleStory!

MapleStory Town Lag Solution

MapleStory extreme lag when visiting towns/cities? MapleStory Is there a fix for terrible town/city lag? MapleStory Massive in town lag There are numerous MapleStory players who had issues with visiting towns that has many NPCs (Non-Player Characters) especially the implementation of Cassandra. The method I used to fix this is by upgrading my computer specs. Previously I used an Intel Pentium dual-core with 2GB, and it lags horribly. After I upgraded to a quad-core with 8GB RAM+ and with an SSD in place, all these issues have gone away. For laptop users, you can set your battery usage as High Performance, then connect it to a power supply. Also close all other applications that you are not using.

MapleStory BlackCipher Solution

MapleStory now utilizes a hack detector called Black Cipher to combat game exploits and malicious hacks, along with HackShield/Xigncode, to provide another layer of game security. Black Cipher may appear as the program “BlackCipher.aes” in the task manager. Source: MapleSEA

NGS ERROR 0xD1800101

  • Download and overwrite these 2 files into your BlackCipher folder: BlackCall.aes and BlackCipher.aes
  • Locate the Black Cipher folder in the MapleSEA game client folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizet\MapleStorySEA\BlackCipher)a
  • Replace BlackCipher.aes and BlackCall.aes files with the new ones you have downloaded.

NGS ERROR 0xD1800201

  • Download and overwrite following file into your BlackCipher folder: BlackXchg.aes
  • Locate the Black Cipher folder in the MapleSEA game client folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizet\MapleStorySEA\BlackCipher)
  • Replace the BlackXchg.aes file with the new ones you have downloaded.

NGS Error D0000

The error code D0000 occurs when the Nexon Game Security (NGS) detects a potentially malicious program active, resulting in the game disconnecting as the program is not compatible with the game. If you’re receiving the error code D0000, please be sure to close or disable any third party programs on your computer before launching MapleStory.

NGS Error C0000005

This error message may occur when using the TrendMicro Anti-Virus program while the “Enable machine-learning” option is enabled. By default, this option is enabled following installation of TrendMicro Anti-Virus. To determine if your error is related to this feature, please temporarily uncheck the “Enable machine-learning” option from within the TrendMicro Anti-Virus options. From the Protection Settings, navigate to Scan Preferences and locate the “Enable machine-learning to protect from new or unknown threats” checkbox. Once disabled, re-launch MapleStory.

NGS Launch Errors EC000703, EC000705, E2300103, or E2300106

If you are receiving one of the following error codes, then your NGS files may not have permissions to launch, or is being preventing from launching properly.

  1. Run Nexon Launcher as Admin
  2. Shut down the Nexon Launcher.
  3. Locate and right-click on your Nexon Launcher shortcut.
  4. Select “Open file location” to locate the main launcher application.
  5. Right-click on the “nexon_launcher” to open the launcher properties.
  6. On the “Compatibility” tab, checkt he box for “Run this program as an administrator”.
  7. Click on “Apply” and “Ok” to close the properties window.
  8. Should this continue, then your Anti-Virus or Firewall program may be further preventing NGS from launching.
  9. It is advised that you configure your Anti-Virus or Firewall programs to allow the Nexon Launcher and its subsequently launched processes.

NGS Update Errors E3010205 or E3010201

If you are receiving either of the following error codes, then your NGS files may not have updated properly. To resolve this, follow the steps below:

  1. Download the MS2 Black Cipher files from the Nexon America website.
  2. Navigate to the current Black Cipher folder for MapleStory 2. Default locaton is C:\Nexon\Library\maplestory2\appdata\BlackCipher
  3. Unzip the newly downloaded Black Cipher files into the Your MapleStory 2 Black Cipher folder.

MapleStory XignCode Solution

As of September 16, 2015 MapleStory will be using Xigncode instead of Hackshield to block user from hacking. Source: MapleSEA


Inquiry Type: General
Message Body: XignCode Error (Code and/or Message)
Attachment Link: “xigncode.log” after compressing the file (using .zip or.rar).
Please upload the attachment to a free hosting website (eg. dropbox) and send us the link.
Where is the xigncode.log located? Default directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizet\MapleStorySEA
File name: xigncode.log


Did you receive the XignCode message: “Illegal programs detected” (0x00000000)?
This message is displayed only when a suspicious activity is detected on your computer. Please restart your PC, then carry out the PC System Stabilization steps as described below.

Ways to Stabilize Your PC

  1. Keep your operating system up-to-date by updating Windows.
  2. Check your system again. Update your anti-virus program, then please try running a search. If you’re not currently using an anti-virus program, please download one from the link: Microsoft Security Essentials
  3. Close any unnecessary programs from the Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del).
  4. Uninstall the game, and carry out a fresh install: Control Panel → Uninstall a Program → Uninstall MapleStory
  5. Remove the MapleStory installation folder: (default directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizet\MapleStorySEA).
  6. Please download MapleStory again from the official homepage.
  7. If the problem continues after the system check, please send a ticket to MapleSEA iBox Customer Support with the xigncode.log file. The .log file can be found under the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizet\MapleStorySEA.
  8. Runtime errors related to XignCode require a specific process of care. Please always check the PC Specifications to ensure you are running a compatible system. If this did not solve the problem, please contact us.


  1. Check internet connection and DNS settings.
  2. Turn off anti-virus’ real-time function, firewall and Windows firewall and retry.
  3. If the error recurs, please send a ticket to MapleSEA iBox Customer Support with the download link of your xigncode.log file.


The error occurs when game client is executed more than once.


  • Delete any kind of hack tools in your PC.
  • Make sure to scan all files from your PC with an anti-virus / malware program that is updated to the latest version.
  • Delete all files in the “temp” folder before starting the game. The default location is C:\users\computer name\appdata\local\temp
  • If the error recurs, please send a ticket to MapleSEA iBox Customer Support with the download link of your xigncode.log file.


  • xxd.xem file detected and deleted via anti-virus program.
  • Update your anti-virus program to the latest version.
  • Add MapleStorySEA game client and its sub-folders into the Anti-virus program’s exclusion or exception list.

Windows Operating Issue

Permission error – Failed to enumerate objects in the container. Access is denied.

Here is how I solved my issue –
1. On the root folder, right click, select properties, select security tab.
2. Click Advanced
3. The window that pops up should show the current owner. Click “Change.” The “Select User or Group” pop up box appears.
4. In the text box, type in your current user name (you should be an admin), and hit the “Check Names” button. Your name will be replaced with the “official” system name (i.e.,preceded by computer name and back slash).
5. Click OK
6. The box disappears, sending you back to the Advanced Security Settings window.
7. A new tick box appears below owner, with the text “Replace owner on subcontainers and objects” Select this tick box.
8. I also selected the tick box “Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object”, but I think I had to run this twice – once with this box ticked and once without.
9. Make sure that “everyone” appears on the Permission entries window, if not, click add. The same box that appears in step 4 shows up again. Type everyone, click “Check Names” and then “OK”
9. Hit apply

I also see that the folder ownership can be changed to “everyone” – I haven’t tried changing all my folder owners to this, but doing so might eliminate this issue altogether if the drive is moved to a different computer.



Running MapleStory failed due to elevation required.

Unable to execute file: C:\Nexon\Wizet\MapleStorySEA\MapleStory.exe
CreateProcess failed; code 740.
The requested operation requires elevation.
Right-click on MapleStory.exe, click “Run as Administrator”.

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428 thoughts on “MapleStory Error Solution

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @wilson: What is your current computer specs that you are running MapleStorySEA? It’s been quite a number of years I have quit playing Maple, so I’m not sure if their game requirement has been increased.

  2. wilson

    hi ayumi, im a fan from the first day i played maplestory..hehe..
    i last played maple years and years ago and few days before i tried downloading the game to try and play once more..but now when im trying to launch went to white screen then it shows connection to server has eneded. tried lots of things to fix it but still no success..hope you could help on this ayumi, thanks alot!

  3. miirage

    Ever since the kain update my pc crashes whenever I play maplestory

  4. Xavier

    Everytime i log out of a character it will black screen.
    But it does not happen when i’m not using that specific account.
    The black screen after logout is only tied to that account please help!

  5. chung vui ken

    i wanted to ask how to bypass all bug from heroes of maple and black heaven i seems can’t bypass some of it

  6. carnage

    hi do any of y’all know how to solve the issue where by after i typed in my 2nd password , the screen just goes to black or the game just alt-tab out and i can return to the game? thanksss

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  8. Theerapong Sam

    After Tera Burning Update Patch, only my Tera Burning character is forced to disconnected and kicked me out to the server selection page. The message is “Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later.”. It happens all the time after 30 seconds to 1 mins or good luck is 2 mins. Other characters can be played just fine. It starts to happen just yesterday and my Tera Burning has levelled up to 83 already, with purchasing Pet from cash shop. So, I couldn’t delete and create new Tera character.

  9. Jon

    Hi Ayumilove,

    I am having an issue with Maplesea. After downloading and launching it, I got an error 740 issue. I followed the guide and run it as administrator. It does show that it is running on the task manager but the little nexon game security pop up does not appear and it disappears from task manager after a few seconds.

    I have tried reinstalling, updating my windows and remove firewall too.

    Any advice?

  10. Jhean

    I always get a “Connection To Server Has Ended” error. This happens VERY often. The little Nexon Game Security pop-up will appear on the bottom right then Maple will start loading, but I won’t be able to get to the game’s login screen before it crashes and the error appears. I have to keep trying and getting the same message until the game decides to randomly and miraculously load and I finally get to play. Anyone else have/had this problem? I’m really tired of waiting up to 5 hours just to open the game. I’m on MapleSEA.

  11. Dandelion

    Hi Ayumi,

    Currently i’m doing the newest patch.
    The screen says “Receiving the update patch files” and it feels like it “hang” at 1020kb.
    i restart my computer, reinstall the version. Still the same.
    Any advice?

  12. coyote

    Same as Sean haha, glad to know I’m not alone…

  13. Sean

    im having same problem as Glen Tan. Was playing maplesea no problem earlier today until it suddenly crashed. When i tried to start it again it nothing happens. Have tried reinstalling and restarting multiple times.

  14. Glen Tan

    Same problem, Maplesea pops up in task manager for about a second and dissapears without any windows opening

  15. saiko

    hello same problem as Loong, i have reinstalled 4 times and still the same problem. I have also disabled firewall, updated windows as well 🙁

  16. ZX LEE

    Hello ayumilove, I am facing the problem ‘Error 740, The requested operation requires elevation’. I tried to run MapleStory as administrator but can’t solve the problem. But then I found tht by creating a new administrator account help me to solve this problem.
    Follow the Solution 5– Create a new administrator account in this website

  17. jas

    How do i solve the solution, ” Please delete the hack program from Maplestory program and execute the client again “. I did’nt install any hack programs and stuff on maplestory and it refuses to open. Please help!

  18. Loong

    hi,how to solve the error message
    after the nexon seurity and black screen about 5minutes then crash and show
    the connection to the server has ended please try again later

    anyone know how to solve?

  19. yik

    hi, i was wondering if you have the full file download for blackchiper, it said my blackchiper might not be designed to run on windows

  20. JoJo

    Still does not work after try run as Adminstrator where my problem is code 740. The request operation requires elevation. Try to run and still stuck on window screen does not launch maplestorySEA.

  21. HelloThere

    Hey Ayumilove,

    When ever i try to update/download Maplestory, a error comes up saying ” ERROR: This Product Can Not Be Installed”. I’ve watched and done every thing on the Nexon support center but none of it works, i was wondering if you could help me. Thanks

  22. Ayumilove

    @Ryan: Try disabling Trend Micro Security temporarily before running MapleStory. If that does not work, it means the Anti Virus security is not the culprit that stops MapleStory from running. If that’s the case, please contact the official MapleStory Support Team based on your region.
    For MapleSEA (Asia, Malaysia, Singapore)
    For MapleGMS Global (USA) (You will need to login before able to submit a help request)

  23. Ayumilove

    @Ying: Createprocess Failed Code 740 error can appear if you don’t have the administrative privileges while trying to run a certain application. There are 3 methods to solve this issue:
    1. Run MapleStory with Administrator Priviledges (Right-Click MapleStory, Select Run as Administrator).
    2. Use a Windows account that has been granted with Administrator rights.
    3. Set MapleStory shortcut to run as Administrator (Right-Click MapleStory shortcut, go to Compatiblity Tab, tick/check the “Run this program as administrator”.

  24. Ying

    Hi ayumilove

    I downloaded maple but after download complete.. it appear this “ createprocess failed code 740”

    Please advise and help. Thanks

  25. Ying

    I tried to download maple but after downloading it appear “ createprocess failed code 740”

    Please advice . Thanks

  26. Ryan

    Hi AyumiLove,

    I decided to play MapleStory after a few years. I log into my account and after 1-2 mins of playing it crashes and leaves a message “NGS Update Error: 0xe10000502(-520092414)”. I have no idea why this is happening. Just to note that I also run Trend Micro Security as my anti-virus program on my system, but I don’t know if that’s the problem. Can you please help me out, that would be much appreciated.

  27. Ben

    Hi Ayumilove,

    i just installed maplestory sea. However, everytime i try to launch the game, nexon game security appears in the bottom right corner and nothing happens after. Please assist

  28. Ben

    Hi AyumiLove

    i installed MapleSea but whenever i tried to launch the game, Nexon Game Security icon appears on the bottom right but nothing happens after. Please help!

  29. Mike

    Hey Ayumilove,

    I have a problem with my screen I don’t really know what’s wrong but whenever I went pass the character screen and into the game, my screen turns black but I can still play the game, I could hear the game but couldn’t play it. halpp

  30. Peter

    I’ve been getting a NGS: Reset Error (0xE3010000) ever since a recent a Windows 10 V. 1809 labeled KB4520405 in Global MapleStory. I’ve sent a ticket and have tried almost everything they suggested and what I could find amongst this site and some others. So far, nothing worked besides a system restore, but that was just delaying the inevitable.

  31. Lok

    I maplestorysea can’t run it show me ngs initialization error (0xe3010000) , i had ran it as administrator, replaced the black chip file, redownload, update windows system, change connection, close antivirus. But nothing help T.T

  32. Dexter

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Since a few updates before, I noticed it happens every time for once and when I launch it the second time it runs normally now. Don’t know the exact reason but it’s ok as long as I can play it, also it might be my low-end laptop problem, thank you 🙂

  33. J

    Hello Ayumilove,

    I’m currently facing a issue , after i download the latest client v1.89 and the manual patch of v186 v187 v188 to v1.89 , then i go setup to start installation , when i click Finnish , i try to launch the game directly but the game won’t launch , i can still see the nexon security at the right bottom but then it won’t start , before the v1.89 , my game can still launch normally without the administrator , i also check the soscreenmode and it still won’t launch , is there anything that i miss or is it related to the manual patch ? Hope you can help !

  34. CF

    Hi Ayumilove,

    I’m having this problem that whenever I try to start maplestory, the game would not start up. The nexon game security will appear at the right bottom but still there is no response at the end.
    Hope you can help!

  35. Ayumilove

    @Dexter: What is your device specification that you are trying to install MapleStory on? What Operating System is your device running?

  36. Dexter

    Hi Ayumi, I have been reinstalling the maplesea file from Playpark and faced some problems.
    1. After download the file from playpark, a message pop out saying file check failed.
    2. The maplesea file is still there, therefore I install the file and everyone seems alright, When I tried to lauch it, it takes forever to load on WHITE screen and then it just crash and pop out a message saying the connection to the server has failed.
    3. 1 out of 200 trial, I only able to reach log in screen but when i want to log in, it just crashed again and pop out a message saying abnormal terminal programme.

    I have no idea why it works few month ago but now cannot log in.

    Solution tried:
    1. replace dxdx9_43.dll in my wizet/MaplestorySea
    2. regedit -> changed my SoscreenMode from 0 to 3
    3. install microsoft visual C++ 2010 to 2015
    4. off firewall and antivirus
    5. reinstall the whole file from playpark million times

    My laptop shall be meeting the requirement and it usually works

    Hope you can really help me out there 🙁 quite tiring to have these problems everytime i try to play back maplesea!

  37. CS

    I just created a new mspassort account and a game account. but every time i open the game and tries to login to this new account, the game crashes and says that the connection to server ended. when i login with another account of mine not linked to this new mspassport, there was absolutely no problem. Send help please?

  38. Ayumilove

    @Saitama: Hi, try uninstalling the current MapleStory. Download the latest game client from the official MapleStory website and install it. Perhaps its due to the patch is corrupted that causes it from allowing you to login to the game.

  39. Saitama

    Heeey Ayumilove! Big fan of you!

    So after the patch of pathfinder i cant even get past the channel selection/character selection screen. I always get disconected and the windows says that they found a problem in the program and that they have stopped it something like that. Also the new loading screen of the pathfinder its pitch black for me while others they can see the pathfinder picture. Before this new patch i could log in and play like everyone else but after this i cant. Pleasee help!!

  40. Ayumilove

    @BagOfOreos: Hi, could try the solutions below and see which 1 works for you 🙂

    1st Solution: Simple
    Could try clicking on MapleStory game client, then perform ALT+ENTER to maximize the game client window? If it doesn’t work, try ALT+F12 instead which does the same as ALT+ENTER.

    2nd Solution: Complicated
    1. Open Registry (Start → Run → Type: “regedit”)
    2. If it pops up requesting for Administrator rights, click OK to allow.
    3. Go to MapleStory Registry (Computer → HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE → SOFTWARE → WOW6432Node → Wizet → MapleStory)
    4. Find for soScreenMode
    5. Edit the value (default is 0x00000001), try values 0,1,2,3 and see which 1 works for you.
    6. Restart MapleStory game client after updating the soScreenMode.

    3rd Solution: See the guide below to see which part of the solution works for you.

  41. BagOfOreos

    hey Ayumilove!
    So about 1 month ago I got back into Maplestory mood. However when I attempt to launch the game, the game is invisible. From what I’ve observed:

    – The screen minimizes as if I was playing Maplestory in fullscreen. This means I can see a minimized version of my desktop.
    – Other applications such as Discord, Task Manager, and Steam (I launch through the Nexon launcher) say that the game in running.
    – This problem didn’t exist back in January.
    – This occurs for MS2 as well, so I assume it’s also on any Nexon game I own. I don’t know if Maplestory is the problem or the Launcher.

    I’ve tried many solutions but I hope you reach out to me.

  42. Ayumilove

    @yo: Are you running on VPN (Virtual Private Network) that is tunneling through servers outside of SEA (South East Asia particularly)? If yes, disable the VPN and re-try launching MapleSEA if you are living in Malaysia (MY) or Singapore (SG). Otherwise, set VPN to tunnel from MY/SG servers before launching the game.

    Note: A clean installation of MapleSEA of the latest game-client will solve most issues. I have tested with a brand new laptop and desktop with a freshly formatted drive and new installation of Windows 10 x64 Operating System along with the necessary hardware drivers and software drivers to run the device. In addition, not including any installation of the anti-virus/Microsoft-Office/etc.

    If the issue still persist, I highly recommend you to visit the Official MapleSEA i-Box and relay your issues there. They might have a thing or two that can help resolve the issue:

  43. Yo

    Hi Ayumilove,

    I am a maplesea player, the problem that I’m facing now is when I double click for launching the maple, I found that the Nexon Game Security didn’t show out at all, and in the task manager I noticed that the maple will getting disappeared. Is there any solution or else I could do to solve it?Thank you.
    (same problem)
    I had tried everything include disable my firewall antivirus, run as admin, restart modem restart pc, update every driver i used, re-install maple over 5time, had tried manual patch and auto patch, almost tried everything but problem still exist…..

  44. cornersmo

    hey! im unable to open maple because everything i open it the white window appears and after super long it shows a message saying that connection to server has ended please try again later. tried running as admin, changing socreenmode almost everything but to no avail. tried opening the game for more than 40 times already… please help!

  45. Ayumilove

    @Randy: Try performing MapleStory update as there is a release of game patch from MapleSEA.

    MapleSEA has recently release a game patch on July 10 2019 which will update from (0500 to 1500 hours GMT+8) Therefore, Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out before this period of time to avoid any unforeseen complications. See here for more info:

  46. Ayumilove

    @xuehongtian: Try disabling anti-virus or internet Security and re-login MapleStory to see if the disconnection happens. It could be a software that is disconnecting you from the game.

    MapleSEA has recently release a game patch on July 10 2019 which will update from (0500 to 1500 hours GMT+8) Therefore, Game services for all worlds will not be available during the stipulated timing. Kindly log out before this period of time to avoid any unforeseen complications. See here for more info:

  47. Ayumilove

    @Finderz: Have you recently installed new softwares/drivers or did something that is out of norm before MapleStory stopped working for you today? If yes, what are those changes and try reverting the changes that you have made.

  48. xuehongtian

    Like me, I also played in the background for a while and the game disappeared. I am in China, playing Maplesea with a global agent.

  49. FinderZ

    Current OS: Windows 10, MSEA v186.
    Tried to enable compatible with win8,7,xp,vista. Enabled run as administrator as well. The game runs in the background for few secs and it stops automatically as shown in the task manager.
    Worked perfectly last few days, but it just stopped working for me today.
    Any solution for this prob?

  50. Randy

    Hi Ayumilove. kinda need help as i cant seem to launch my maple after reinstalling it a couple of times. it started when i dc from going to a map. any idea as to why this is happening?

  51. Vincent

    Hi Ayumi,

    Thanks for the suggestion below. This week I have tried all the options, including contacting MapleSEA Asiasoft, in the end i was told, and I noticed that I made a pivotal mistake regarding the login ID. Which I entered in my main account connected with to this MapleSEA account, this exact point the game crash, while other ID wouldn’t. It eventually end in this weird way but now I am able to play the game. Although it still crash once in a while for some in-game system, such as Medal. Overall it is good, thanks again.

  52. Ayumilove

    @Xiu: Ensure that the MapleStory game client is running in the background when you launch MapleStory. Go to Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), under the Process Tab, search for any Mushroom Icon (or MapleStory application name). If you found it, you can force close it by right-clicking on it, click “End Task”. Then retry re-launching MapleStory.

  53. Xiu

    Hi Ayumi,

    Every time I try to launch Maplestory, I always get the message that the app is already in use or downloading despite my efforts of restarting and trying to reinstall. Is there any solution to this?

  54. Ayumilove

    @Kritz: Thanks for sharing your solution with us. It could help others who faced similar issues as you. Good to know that removing the CrashReporter.dll from the BlackCipher folder resolves the “Connection to server has ended” 🙂

  55. Vincent

    Hi Ayumilove, I am one of the player back to MapleSEA after years trying to play it back again, I encountered the error like the newest comments too, and it was a weird one.

    1. Newly downloaded files and pass document check, shouldnt be corrupted
    2. The screen resolution goes a bit weird after open, but after sometime when it launches, it goes back normal.
    3. The screen goes black and I only see this “Maplesea connection to sever has ended” in Alt+Tab screen which shows this error.
    4. I purposely key in the wrong password or ID in the log in panel, it sometimes managed to tell me it is wrong, without crash
    5. The whole error is once I key in my log in credentials, the game just goes black and pressing a Enter ends the game (I considered it as crushed)

    I have tried restart, Installed it now at C:, using Administrator, using compatible win 7 win 8, closing Firewall or Antivirus, (I only haven’t messed with the resolutions yet)

    I have check around internet and you seems to be most experienced MapleSEA issues solver here, so please do me a favor to get back my old memories! Thanks a lot.

  56. Kritz

    Hi Mapler,

    Finally, i have solved my Maplesea “connection to server has ended” issue today.

    What i done:
    1. Run the game with Administrator
    2. Deleted the “CrashReporter.dll” in: C:\Program Files (x86)/Wizet/MapleStorySEA/BlackCipher

  57. Ayumilove

    Hi Endy, syl and Yp,

    If you encounter the error “Maplesea connection to sever has ended” after you type your credentials (username and password) and click login, it could mean either 1 of 4 things:
    1. Internet or Anti-Virus Software is blocking MapleSEA game client from accessing to its server.
    2. A software that is currently running in the background is interferring with MapleSEA (e.g. VPN, etc)
    3. The game is currently having server maintenance OR
    4. The installed MapleSEA version is outdated and needs to be patched to the latest version.

    1. If its the 1st, temporarily disable your internet firewall and anti-virus software and restart MapleSEA.
    2. If its the 2nd, restart computer/laptop and retry login in. You could try restarting your router too to get a new dynamic IP address.
    3. If its the 3rd, you will need to wait for MapleSEA to complete its maintenance.
    4. If its the 4th, you will need to manually force patch the game client OR just re-download the latest game client from website (12.65 GB)

    By default, if you run the MapleStory.exe, if it detects the game client is outdated, it will auto patch to the latest version.
    There are cases where it does not (not sure for some unknown reasons), then a manual patch is required to address this issue.

    Here is the direct download link to PlayparkDownload.msi

    Using this Playpark Download manager, it can help you download the MapleSEA game client (May 22,2019 | v186 | 12.65 GB) and also help to perform user manual patching.

    It would take approximately 5 minutes to download the game client if your Internet speed is around 500 Mbps.
    Once downloaded, run the installer file (setup.exe) It has an Orange Mushroom icon.
    When the installation wizard appears, click OK until you reach to the installation folder path.
    Set it to be installed in C:/Wizet/MapleStorySEA (no spaces in the installation path)
    Then grab a drink while waiting for the installer to extract its wz files (This process takes about 15 minutes on SSD)
    Once the installation is done, run the game with Administrator rights.
    Login the game with your MapleSEA credentials.

    I tested today and I’m able to login and noticed a new job in MapleSEA omg! Pathfinder!
    Time to test the new job out and update the guides XD

  58. Endy

    Hi Ayumi,

    Same as syl, ive also been experiencing the “connection has been ended” isssue whenever i press login on the page. Ive tried everything that syl have tried as well but to no avail. Really hope to fix this issue that ive been having for a long time soon. Thanks!

  59. syl

    Hi Ayumi,

    I constantly getting the “connection has been ended” notice once i launch maplestory (msea region). When i launch Maplestory, the nexon bar will appear then the screen goes black… black screen stay like 5-10 minutes then i was prompted out of the game and getting this “connection has been ended” notice.

    Note :- Run this program as administrator, Compatibility mode in window 8, 7 & xp, changing so screen mode to 3- all has been tick and try but none of this works.

    Hope you can help with this. Thanks in advance

  60. Yp

    Hi Ayumilove,
    I am a maplesea player, the problem that I’m facing now is when I double click for launching the maple, I found that the Nexon Game Security didn’t show out at all, and in the task manager I noticed that the maple will getting disappeared. Is there any solution or else I could do to solve it?Thank you.

  61. Takara

    Hey Ayumilove,
    Any suggestions you have for maple not launching? I tried all your suggestions in “MAPLESTORY INSTALLATION SOLUTION” I can open nexon launcher just fine, but when I click play it tries to launch maple for a few mins then just stops and the green play button reappears. I have factory reset my pc along with countless solutions tried, but still no luck. The most error I can find is “incompatible program” and I tried to run it as win 8, win 7, win Visa and win XP but still not launching.

  62. Ayumilove

    @Coldstarz: What anti virus software are you currently using?

    This error message “NGS c0000005” may occur when using the TrendMicro Anti-Virus program while the “Enable machine-learning” option is enabled. By default, this option is enabled following installation of TrendMicro Anti-Virus.
    To determine if your error is related to this feature, please temporarily uncheck the “Enable machine-learning” option from within the TrendMicro Anti-Virus options.
    From the Protection Settings, navigate to Scan Preferences and locate the “Enable machine-learning to protect from new or unknown threats” checkbox.
    Once disabled, re-launch MapleStory.

    If you are not using Trend Micro Anti-Virus, temporarily disable your current anti virus software and re-launch MapleStory to see if it has any impact on launching the game.

  63. Coldstarz

    Hi Ayumilove,

    Thank you for your reply! I replaced my BlackCipher with yours but the problem persists. I checked the dump file created when launching maplestory and it says Access Violation – Code c0000005

  64. Ayumilove

    @WJTOH1005: Great, have fun Mapling 🙂

  65. WJTOH1005

    Hi Ayumilove,

    Finally it work! woohoo
    Thank you so much!

  66. Ayumilove

    @Coldstarz: Try using my BlackCipher from GMS
    1. Backup your existing BlackCipher folder located in your GMS installation folder (e.g. C:/Nexon/Library/maplestory/appdata/BlackCipher)
    2. Download my BlackCipher GMS v201 from
    3. Extract the contents of the zip file using Winzip/WinRAR/7Zip
    4. Replace the files in your BlackCipher folder with the zip contents.
    5. Restart GMS

    Note: The BlackCipher from my GMS v.201 Black Mage is tested and able to run MapleStory game client.

    In addition, check in your Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC) and close any other MapleStory game client if there are more than 1. Close all of the MapleStory game client and try restarting the game client again.

    You could also restart your computer, and temporarily disable your Anti-Virus/Firewall to see if there is any conflicts that prevents the game from running.

  67. Ayumilove

    @WJTOH1005: The error message “ngs update error 0xe1000502” is possibly due to NGS Update was interrupted or the execution is incomplete therefore it throws that error.
    1. Backup your existing BlackCipher folder located in your MapleSEA installation folder (e.g. C:/Program Files(x86)/Wizet/MapleStorySEA/BlackCipher)
    2. Download my BlackCipher MapleSEA v182 from
    3. Extract the contents of the zip file using Winzip/WinRAR/7Zip
    4. Replace the files in your BlackCipher folder with the zip contents.
    5. Restart MapleSEA

    Note: The BlackCipher from my MapleSEA v.182 Black Mage is tested and able to run MapleStory game client.

  68. WJTOH1005

    Hi Ayumilove,

    After more than 5 years (?) I’ve decided to return to Maple for the Nostalgic gameplay.
    As I started out a new account in MapleSEA, evey time when I enter the game and try to create a new character I go an error massage:
    ngs update error 0xe1000502

    I’ve tried to search for solution but can’t seems to find anything relevant.
    Hope you can help with this.

    Really appreciate it!
    Thank you!

  69. Coldstarz

    Hi Ayumilove, My maplestory does not launch. Every time I click play in Nexon launcher, the NGS appears at the bottom right of the screen but nothing happens after that. I tried to modify the soScreenMode field from 1 to 3 in regedit but every time I launch maplestory the field is automatically reverted to 1. I’m playing GMS on a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit System. Could you help me with the problem? Thanks in advance!

  70. Ayumilove

    @CrispyJoshy: Try restarting your computer and perform the patch again. Ensure that you click the MapleStory app once to avoid having 2 instances opening.

  71. CrispyJoshy

    When i try to patch maplestory, it says that the process cannot access the file as it is being used by another process. I hope you are able to fix this. Thanks

  72. Ayumilove

    @HydroflzX: Could you please answer the following questions below:

    1. What Operating System are you running? Windows XP/7/8/10 + (32-bit/64-bit).
    2. Which MapleStory region are you playing? GMS | KMS | MSEA | JMS | EMS | BMS
    3. What MapleStory version do you currently have?
    4. How did you install MapleStory? Using Full Version OR Auto Patch OR Manual Patch?
    5. Where did you install MapleStory? C:\Nexon\MapleStory
    6. How do you run MapleStory? GameLauncher.exe OR Website
    7. Describe the issue in detail you encounter and steps taken to fix.

    In addition, you could try using a download manager to download the game client such as using Interent Download Manager (IDM).
    Ensure you have sufficient hard disk space, preferably 25 GB of space (1 is to downloading the client, and the other is for installation)

  73. HydroflzX

    I have a problem where when my download of the game through the game client is completed, the download crashes and I have to re-download it again and the download takes about 2hrs. Every time I try it again it crashes. Can you please help? Thank you.

  74. honheeheng

    I have a problem when I login to the game, the connection of the server end, how to fix?

  75. Rich

    Hey Ayumilove,

    My maple client crashes and gives me a error message saying that, “You cannot access the game for various reasons, the first one is that the game is down for maintenance, which is it not happening right now. The second one is I’m accessing from a banned IP, which I don’t think I am, and the third one is that my internet is unstable, which is fine. I don’t see any packet loss or anything like that.

    Is there a fix to this problem. I want to play LAB and do the Mega Burning event


  76. Ayumilove

    @lhh: Try to install into a folder where its label contains no spaces. For example: C:/Wizet/MapleStorySEA.

  77. Ayumilove

    @EntityEleven: Could you try specifying the location of the MapleStory download to a specific location?
    Also ensure that you have provided the software Administrator rights to create temporary directory on your Windows 7.
    Perform a checking whether if there are any other processes is blocking MapleStory from creating a temporary folder there. (e.g. Anti-Virus like McAfee/Nod32/Kaspersky/etc)

  78. EntityEleven

    Please answer asap I wanna play maple story I have not played in a year

  79. EntityEleven

    Please help there is pop up whenever i try to download Maplestory. It says there was an error creating a temp directory on my windows 7 and immediately stops the download

  80. lhh

    Hi Ayumi,
    Operating system: windows 10 64 bit
    MapleStory region: MSEA
    MapleStory version: v177.1
    How did you install MapleStory: Using Full Version
    Where did you install MapleStory? C:\Program Files (x86)\Wizet\MapleStorySEA

    So this is the first time i install and launched the game, I click on maplestory.exe and the patcher pop up and start to run, but half way through, an error occurs and this pop up:
    Exception thrown in destructor (f:\dd\vctools\vc7libs\ship\atlmfc\src\mfc\filecore.cpp:111) ?? ?? ???(?) ?? ? ????.

    Then the only thing i can click is “Play” and the patcher closes.
    Then when i click on maplestory.exe again, it doesnt run at all, and when i click on the patcher, it states “Unable to open the game”.

    I have tried un-installing and reinstall, but the same problem occurs.
    I have checked the MD5 sum of the setup i downloaded with the one on the official website and both matches.

  81. Ayumilove

    @Numa Rai: Try downloading the installers to your host machine first. Then, transfer the installer from host to Virtual Machine.

  82. Numa Rai

    Hi Ayumi, I’ve been trying to download MapleSEA on my VirtualBox Machine through Playpark Downloader but all it does is tell me that it is unable to connect and to check my internet connection, followed by a “file check error”. Please help me out here!

  83. Ayumilove

    @RCWW: NGS Initialization Error (0xE3010201) Solution:
    1. Add the MapleStory folder to the exceptions or safe “white list” on your computers security program. This will prevent it from deleting files from HackShield and BlackCipher.
    2. Reinstall MapleStory with computer security program disabled to check whether HackShield and BlackCipher is being removed by computer security program (e.g. Kapsersky/Nod32/McAffee)

  84. RCWW

    HI, i seem to be facing a problem launching my MAPLESEA. Every time i open it, it will pop up this error “NGS Initialization Error (0xE3010201)”. So i would like to look for a solution. Thanks!

  85. Ayumilove

    @Munchlord: Did you have any MapleStory hack installed? If yes, you will need to remove them. If you have used them before or someone else use your account with hack enabled, MapleStory will ban your account from running the game based on the IP address, computer hardware ID and report by players/GM. If you have never hack before, try restarting your router to get a different IP address and retry login the game. If the issue persist, login to and submit a ticket via their Technical Support page at

  86. Munchlord

    Operating system: Win8
    Region: I’m playing via Steam, located in Europe. As best I can tell, that means I’m on GMS.
    Version: should be v. 196. Issue appeared less than 24 hours after installing said patch.
    Installation method: Steam client.
    Directory: D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MapleStory
    Run method: via steam.
    When I open the game, I get the nexon logo screen with the jingle, then it closes and displays the following message:
    You cannot access the game for one of the following reasons:

    1)the game world is down for maintenance
    2)you are accessing the game from a banned IP
    3)your internet connection is not stable

    please refer to the homepage for more information

    I have ascertained that neither 1) or 3) are the case and if 2) is then I’m a false positive and was not notified in any way. I have tried rebooting, reinstalling, temporarily turning off my security software and replacing the normal BlackCipher files with the ones in your download link.

  87. balok

    hi ayumi,im having a problem is my maplesea will be abnormal termination when in game….
    when i log in my charecter,i juz press ‘Q’ the button then it crash and write abnormal termination thing…i think it crash when i press a specific key..i hope i can solve it…thanks..

  88. Shibota

    Hello Ayumi, first of all thanks for helping the comunity, it is people like you that help the comunity to stay together and grow.

    I am writing you today cause I’m having trouble launching Maplestory on my laptop (first time launching maplestory on this comp and freshly downloaded).

    I am using a

    Acer Aspire v3 on windows 8 64 bits

    Playing on Ems

    I am not 100% how to get the version of maplestory that I have as I cannot launch it. But As I literally downloaded it today, it should be the latest one. (downloaded from nexon’s launcher)

    It is installed at C:\\Nexon\Library

    And I am launching it through Nexon’s launcher.

    So, when I’m clicking on play, it takes quite a while for Nexon security to show up on the bottom right on my screen. ( Meanwhile Nexon’s launcher would say that I am in game currently). Afterwhat, the nexon security window dissapear and nothing happen. After a moment, the “play” button on the launcher would come back to Enable.

    I tried to swap the “soScreenMode” value to 3 in the register as I got succested in a video. Just letting you know in case it could influence anything.

    I hope I’ve been precised enough. Hopefuly you can help me.

    Thanks again.

  89. maggy

    hihi i have a problem with patch it keep me update after it reaches 10-12mbs i d’ont know what to do the patch is 19,2mb i d’ont wanna re-download it i have a really bad internet (40mbs) i also have a back up of it and each time i uninstall n reboot put it back it still stuck at 10-12mbs then reverify on its own and repatch the 19,2mb

  90. Ayumilove

    @Victor: (MapleStory disappears from Task Manager after Hackshield loads)
    Approach #1: Check the official MapleStory website OR MapleStory facebook/twitter whether they are having an emergency cash-shop/server/channel maintenance. If they are currently running a maintenance, the MapleStory game client will not show any warning message nor load the Login page. The maintenance may take a few hours, depending on the severity of it. The solution for this problem is just wait for few hours before trying to login again. (If after 24 hours is not resolved, see approach below)
    Approach #2: Could you try restarting your computer and ensure the task manager does not have any MapleStory related-application running (e.g. BlackCipher/HackShield/NW/etc)? Then try running MapleStory again as usual.
    Approach #3: If approach #2 does not work…
    1. Re-download MapleStory (latest game client that contains the latest patches, no manual patching).
    2. Delete the existing MapleStory including installation folder.
    3. Install MapleStory in a different location (location should not contain spaces. e.g. “C:/My Game/Nexon/MapleStory”).
    4. Once the installation is completed, create a clone/backup of the new MapleStory (e.g. C:/Backup/Nexon/MapleStory)
    — This is in case the first 1 gets corrupted, use this backup to override the first.
    5. Start up MapleStory with “Administrator” access. (e.g. right-click MapleStory.exe, run as Administrator)
    6. If same scenario appears, try different operating system modes (e.g. Windows 7, 10, etc)
    — I have tested with Windows 10 and it’s working fine for me.
    7. Take notice of the files that are created in the new MapleStory installation folder when MapleStory loads up.
    — You can do a side-by-side comparison between the one you running versus the backup folder.
    — You can delete those files that are created upon MapleStory is loaded up to reset to its default state.

    Try running without steam mode (run via MapleStory.exe). Also, try disabling all of your anti-viruses and firewall before launching the new MapleStory.exe to ensure no third party protection is blocking MapleStory from running successfully.

  91. Victor


    From 1 day to another my maplestory can’t launch, it just doesn’t show the game on task manager after the hackshield loads.
    (maplestory.exe appears on task manager before hackshield finishes loading).

    I’ve researched and there’s a guy on reddit with the same issue, he said for some reason it fixed (he tried the SoScreen regedit, redownloading and executing as admin, same as me)

    Any solutions for this?

  92. Ayumilove

    If it’s black screen, could you wait like 5 minutes for it before shutting it down? Some players who experienced this issue (black screen upon running MapleStory on steam) can hear some background music playing, waited for 5 minutes, then MapleStory loaded. Did you hear any music playing in the background? Also, what Windows Operating System are you running on? Try the video method shown here if it works for you

  93. Timm

    Hello i downloaded MAPLESTORY on steam and launcher, when i pres play on steam i get a Black screen what closes and saus Windows could not find a solution we will message ypu when we have Nothing else. I tried everything u are my last final Shred of hope in this game Left
    Mind regarts tim

  94. Ayumilove

    Could you temporarily disable any 3rd party anti-virus or anti-malware software that is running in your computer and re-run MapleStory? This is to verify whether if there are any other running applications/programs in the computer is preventing the game from starting up as expected.

  95. User

    I have recently downloaded maplestory and have been playing for a few hours now today when I tried opening up maplestory a tab popped up with only a button that says OK I click it and nothing else happens.
    I have already tried the solution for:
    [ERROR] The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) Click OK to close the application.
    But when I tried downloading the .Net framework v4 it says that I either have that framework already or a higher one I don’t know what to do now please help.

  96. kenneth

    once i key in my login and password, the program auto exit.
    pls help

  97. Ayumilove

    @Dorems: Could you try reinstalling the MapleStory? If it does not help, try installing in a different folder.

  98. Ayumilove

    @Tauruss: Thanks for your letting me know about your solution to fix the issue 🙂 Hopefully it would be a help to other players as well.

  99. Ayumilove

    @RagingBone(r): You could try e-mailing Nexon (for GMS region) or MapleSEA-ibox (for MSEA region). Which job is having missing 4th job skill points?

  100. Ayumilove

    @Monica: Could you try on another laptop/PC to see if it works? If it works correctly, copy that entire MapleStory installation folder into the machine that failed the MD5 check, and run from there. The MD5 fail is during installation or when trying to startup the game?

  101. Ayumilove

    @Morfius: You will need to get someone who plays on GMS to send you their BlackCipher files and so you can replace yours with theirs.

  102. Morfius


    i have the NGS ERROR 0xD1800201 on GMS. What can i do? The Solution here is vor MSEA only, right? ;/

  103. Dorems

    When I Log into Nexon It asks me to re downloaded maplestory when i already have it downloaded
    and I had played yesterday as well.

  104. Monica

    Hi Ayumi,
    I had downloaded MapleSea full client and it stated that the MD5 check failed. I tried the method on their official page which is using the MD5 checker program and i had check their md5 sum numbers. Both of the numbers are the same. I seriously have no idea what’s going on and I can’t even install it properly. Please help~ ><
    Actually i had tried dowloading maplesea several times and it all had the same MD5 check failed issue…

  105. RagingBone(r)

    Hello Ayumi, Is there any solution for missing 4th job skill points? tried the sp reset but to no avail

  106. Tauruss

    Hi Ayumi,

    sorry for the late reply, i’ve tried reinstalling maple and it got rid of the 0xc0000005 error. However when i reach the server selection page, upon selection
    “Micrososft Visual C++ Runtime Library
    Runtime Error!
    appears. In an attempt to fix the runtime error ive downloaded and isntalled the 2017 visual C++ redistributal package

  107. Ayumilove

    @tauruss: (MapleStory Error 0XC0000005)
    Just to confirm, when you download through the maple website, you encounter this MapleStory Error 0XC0000005?
    I am curious about the method you tried to install the game without encountering that issue previously.

    Was there any remants of MapleStory old files before you install the game? = Delete those files first before installing the game.
    Which installation folder you selected to install the game? Try installing it in a different folder.
    What operating system are you currently running with the MapleStory client? Run MapleStory in other OS compatibility mode.
    What anti-virus are you using? = Could you try disabling those and rerun MapleStory?

  108. tauruss

    Hi Ayumi
    thanks for the reply, i downloaded the nexon launcher from the maple website and downloaded maple through there and thats when the problem occurred.

    thanks in advance

  109. Ayumilove

    @taurus: (MapleStory Error 0XC0000005)
    Could you try reinstalling MapleStory without going through any patching? Download latest MapleStory Game Client and not using manual patch.

  110. tauruss

    hi ive recently reinstalled maple from a long break, but the game wont load and comes up with the 0XC0000005 error, ive tried your solution but it sadly it didnt work. Do u have any other suggestions?.

  111. Ayumilove

    @Jenny: Great that its working for you now! Thanks for reporting about the solution you use that fix your issue 🙂

  112. Jenny

    Hi Ayumilove

    Sorry if I am spamming but i FINALLY GOT MAPLE TO LOAD!!!!

    turns out the soscreenmode was at 0 and by changing it to 1 it loads!!

  113. Jenny

    Hi Ayumilove

    i found the reason to that changing of numbers. seems like Radeon screwed up. I still can’t play though. tried turning off AV and WD also.

  114. Jenny

    Hi Ayumilove

    The current graphic card is AMD Radeon (TM) R5 M430 but once i run the radeon driver update it becomes M330, Is that possible?

  115. Ayumilove

    @Jenny: What graphic card are you using for your computer? (Brand and model). I’m currently using a Nvidia GTX 1060 and able to play MapleStory without any hiccups. GTX 1060 is the current video graphic card generation.

  116. Jenny

    Hi Ayumilove

    I’ve checked with the comp shop, the guy said it’s cos there’s no graphic card driver for windows 7? so in other words, the comp parts are too new to be playing maple.

  117. Ayumilove

    @Daryl: (Disconnected from MapleStory issue)
    How frequently that you get disconnected without receiving any message.
    What’s the pattern of disconnection? Every 5 minutes exactly?
    Could you try the new BlackCipher files that I have uploaded at and see if the issue still persist.
    Also, try contacting the MapleSEA iBox and ask about the error 200301. What does this error mean? I have not seen this error too XD

  118. Ayumilove

    @Jenny: (MapleStory loading issue for NGS and xign)
    Do you have any other applications running when you first startup your laptop?
    For example, anti-virus software such as McAfee / ESET / Norton.
    Try disabling those software to avoid any conflicts with running MapleStory.
    You can go to the Windows Task Manager and search for the non-essential applications and disable it first.

    Also ensure the files that you see in the zip that I have provided for BlackCipher and XignCode matches the ones in your MapleStory folder. If some of the file is missing due to being deleted by anti-virus software, the MapleStory will not be able to run properly.

  119. Jenny

    Hi Ayumi

    I tried to install into F drive and it still doesn’t work. i tried your blackcipher and xigncode and it doesn’t work either

  120. Daryl

    Hi Ayumi i’ve been trying to play maplesea for at least 15 mins but i’ve received an error 0xD1800201 and i followed your steps to try to solve the problem.

    Now i am receiving another error which is 200301 and sometimes i just got disconnected without receiving any message.

    Please kindly help ):

  121. Ayumilove

    @Jenny: (MapleStory loading issue for NGS and xign)
    Could you try the following solutions below?:

    1. Install the MapleStory in a different folder instead of the default folder.
    2. Delete all the log files in MapleStory folder.
    3. Run MapleStory.

    If it still doesn’t work, try using my MapleSEA BlackCipher and Xigncode that I have uploaded here:
    Note: Backup your BlackCipher and Xigncode into Desktop or some other place safe before using mine.

  122. Jenny

    hi ayumi experiencing loading of NGS and xign but both process just disappears, I’m in sea server running on windows 10.

    I have tried running on compatibility mode and as admin but nothing. not even an error message. helpdesk at asiasoft are also on trial and error basis, asking me to download wsus and update c++ etc.

    I have even formated my 1 day laptop. please help me.

  123. Ayumilove

    @Patrick: (MapleStory client crashing frequently when switching channels)
    Yes, it does crash a lot especially in MapleSEA Aquila. Bootes not so much, but I sometimes experienced crashing upon changing channels. You can check on this website about the channels that have low ping rate at (Use the side panel to choose your server = example: Bootes/Aquila/Cassiopeia/etc).

  124. Patrick

    Hi, anyone noticed the disconnection is very bad today.

    Maplestory keeps crashing every 3-5 minutes.

    I’m playing maplesea btw.

  125. Jaryl

    Hi Ayumi,

    Sorry for the late reply to your solution, cause Ive been testing and monitoring your solution the past week, and unfortunately, this is the problem that occurs now. I will only be able to start Maple if i restart my computer after the first black screen and i will only be able to play 2 mins of it before the game crashes. I dont think its normal that i have to restart my computer following a black screen in order to play the game, and not to mention the game crashing. Been wasting a lot of time just to load the game. I tried changing all the compatibility solutions like you said and redownloaded yhe game everytime but dont seem to be able to find a proper solution. Getting frustrated with the game and feel like giving up soon:( I hope you will be able to help me. THANKS SO MUCH

  126. Ayumilove

    @lowkey: (MapleStory In-Game Stuttering when using Flash Skills)

    1. Does this issue happens to other characters/jobs that you have in your MapleStory account?
    2. How much total RAM/Memory and CPU usage is used when MapleStory is running?
    3. What Windows Operating System are you using?
    4. Could you try lowering down the quality of the background animation and skill animation in MapleStory settings to see it if alleviates the in-game stuttering upon using flashy skill?

  127. Ayumilove

    @Jaryl: (Fixing black screen in MapleStory)

    1. Download MapleStory full client (MapleSEA v.167) instead of patching.
    2. Backup any screenshots that you have in the MapleStory folder.
    3. Uninstall the existing MapleStory game client.
    4. Delete MapleStory folder.
    5. Download and install CCleaner ( to clean up the registry in Windows.
    5a. Run CCleaner and click on the “Registry” button on the left side
    5b. Click “Scan for Issues”. Then perform “Fix Selected Issues”.
    5c. If it pops up about asking you to backup as safety precaution, you can backup if you need.
    6. Restart computer. Once the computer is started, don’t run any apps yet (e.g. Music Player)
    7. Install MapleSEA again using Full Client in a folder path that contains no spaces (e.g. C:/Nexon/MapleSEA).
    8. Right-click on MapleStory.exe and “Run as Administrator”.
    9. If black screen pops up, try all of the Windows compatibility mode (e.g. Windows 10, 8, 7, XP).
    10. Kindly report whether the solution works or you found out another method that works for you. 🙂

  128. lowkey

    My problem with maplestory is that it keeps stuttering when attacking mobs with a flashy skills i have i5 2400 8gb of ram and gtx 750 . I can’t seem to figure out the cause and fix it pls help me i’m getting dissapointed playing with this stutter specially when using wind archer skills it stutters like hell i’ve done all i can do i delete the old files of maple clean install and updated gpu and also update my os but it is still there … i tried all the guides that i can find but to no avail please help i want to play maplestory without the annoying stutter

  129. Jaryl

    Hi Ayumi,

    I also suffer from the same black screen problem that never goes to the login page of maplestory, it was perfectly fine only until the newest maple patch, v167 was updated. I tried all the solution that you have posted below already but still, it seems like it is impossible to fix it. I tried to restart my computer, reinstalled maplestory and even changed the compatibility to windows 7, even to XP, so long so forth to fix the problem but to no avail. Im currently using windows 10 as well, it has only been used for less than a year. Its very frustrating to keep trying the whole day, but no results are shown. I believe that with your experience, you will be able to help me with this problem, thank you very much:))))

  130. Ayumilove

    @Joel: Thanks for letting us know of the solution that works for you 🙂

  131. Joel

    Hi ayumi,

    I solved the issue already. I did it by just right click and troubleshooting with the compatability.
    Thank you for your help!

  132. Ayumilove

    @Ding: (The instruction at 0x000 referenced memory at 0x000. the memory could not be read)

    Please try the methods below to diagnose the issue:

    Method 1: Perform clean boot
    A clean boot is performed to start Windows by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This helps eliminate software conflicts that occur when you install a program or an update or when you run a program in Windows. See this guide if you are not sure how to perform clean boot:

    Method 2: Could you try running “System File Checker”?
    Ensure the backup of your all personal files exists before executing System File Checker in case of HDD failure.
    1. Right-click on Command Prompt, then click on Run as administrator.
    2. Copy and paste the following command in your Command Prompt: sfc/ scannow
    3. Hit Enter to execute the command. It may take a few minutes to finish. If you find Verification 100% complete, click X to close the Command Prompt.
    4. Reboot the PC for the changes to take effect.
    Let us know the result.

    Method 3: If that doesn’t solve the issue, it could most probably be:
    1. The real physical memory was damage/defective and need replacement.
    2. Bad “third party device drivers”. Review and remove the “questionable” drivers.
    3. Too many apps starting up. Try following a “clean boot” set up.


  133. Ayumilove

    @Joel: (MapleStory auto bounce out of game)

    Visit the Windows “Task Manager” and identify the applications in Windows under the “Processes” tab, which application is using/hogging a lot of CPU processing power and try to turn it off by right-clicking and click “End Task” and see whether it works for you. Do let me know what are the top 5 applications that uses most CPU/RAM in your Windows and the CPU/RAM consumption per application. You could upload a screenshot and post a link here so I can see it.

  134. Joel

    Hi ayumi,

    Thank you for the fast reply. I’m playing maplesea btw.
    Windows 10 home
    Version 1607
    Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-4720HQ @2GHz 2.59GHz

    Installed Ram 8GB
    System type 64-bit OS x64-based processor.

    My laptop is only 1 and a half year old. And the sound is produced by the processor I believe. Not the game sound. Thank you.

  135. Ayumilove

    @Joel: (MapleStory auto bounce out of game)

    May I know what is your laptop specs, age of the laptop and Windows operating system used? What type of sound its being produced? in-game sound or something else? Does the processor ramp up?

  136. Joel

    Hi ayumi,

    I have encountered a problem of constant auto bouncing out of maplestory and bounce back by itself. And once it does that 5-6 times, it won’t bounce back anymore and it just alt tab to my home screen and then my laptop starts to produce sound and I need to shut it down. Couldn’t play at all. May I know how to fix that? Thank you.

  137. Ding

    Actually, it crashes the moment xigncode is done loading so you can see if theres anything wrong with that.

  138. Ding

    Thanks for replying. 😀
    It was a full client install and Ive installed it in a different folder now as you have mentioned. Now there is a new error though, i wonder if they are all the same. but it goes . “The instruction at 0x000000000DF1ED8F referenced memory at 0x00000000FFFFF808. The memory could not be read.”
    I launched it many times and there are surprisingly different numbers sometimes.

    2) This is the first time i tried Maplestory on this laptop, ive alr updated all my drivers.

  139. Ayumilove

    @Ding: (The instruction at 0x000 referenced memory at 0x000. the memory could not be read)

    The 8GB physical memory and 1.9 GB virtual memory is sufficient to run MapleStory if there aren’t any other software running in the background which hogs/uses all the memory to itself. Open up Task Manager (CTRL+ALT+DELETE >> Select Task Manager option >> view the application currently running in Windows and see if memory is freely available).

    1. How was MapleStory installed? (Full Client download or by Client + Patching new Version) ?
    1a. If full client install, try installing it in a different folder where the folder path does not have any spaces (example: C:/MapleSEA/installation_folder)
    1b. If by patch version, try perform a full client download and install (no patch). Delete remaining files in the previous MapleStory installation folder first before installing the brand new one.

    2. Does this error appear when you first time play the game or it happen just recently?
    2a. If this is your first time, perform a full driver update in your Windows operating system (motherboard & CPU & graphic card).
    2b. If it was just recently occurred, find out what software app/drivers that was installed in the PC and perform a Windows System Restore.

  140. Ding

    Ive been running Maplestory again and again and sometimes this happens too . ” The instruction at 0x00000000778893D5 referenced memory at 0x0000000000000000. the memory could not be read.” Btw thanks for replying xD

  141. Ding

    i have 8GB ram and total paging file size for all drivers is 1920 MB

  142. Ayumilove

    @Ding: (The instruction at 0x000 referenced memory at 0x000. the memory could not be read)

    The VRAM is set depending on how much of the physical RAM you have on your laptop. How much RAM/memory does your laptop have?

  143. Ding

    How much VRAM should i have? Anything else i can do

  144. Ding

    Im using a new laptop and had never encountered this before. My specs are all correct and sufficient to lauch Maplestory, however when i launch it now it says “The instruction at 0x0000000051C0ED8F referenced memory at 0x0000000000000008. The memory could not be read.” i have reinstalled many times alr. pls help me

  145. Yong

    Okay I will try to install MapleSEA on another laptop and see if it works.

  146. Ayumilove

    @Yong: Could you try out the solution that I have posted to “PINK GUY” and provide your feedback if it does/doesn’t work for your case?

  147. Yong

    Thanks for your reply. My problem is not that MapleSEA isn’t able to start up as expected. I can enter to the login page. But once I key in the username and password and click the log in button , it goes black screen and crashed , giving the error unable to connect to the server. But I’ve checked the server is not under maintenance or anything. I tried 2 different network but yet the same problem happens. I think my problem is exactly the same as ” PINK GUY ” who posted the question previously.

  148. Ayumilove

    @noblesse: Could you try reinstalling MapleStory SEA from scratch. I’m not sure whether the new patch has been corrupted. A full MapleStory installation would potentially resolve those issues.

    If you have another PC/Laptop available, you can try installing MapleStory in that device and try log-in using your same character. I believe that MapleSEA is currently not under maintenance unless specified in their website and not IP blacklisted due to illegal activities.

    What I do usually is to create a backup copy of MapleSEA in one folder, just in case the auto-patch is messed up. I would then try out to perform manual update patch. The final resort is to redownload the full client which may take few hours depending on the Internet Connection Speed. If internet speed is not that fast, could leave it to download over night time.

  149. Ayumilove

    @Yong: If I understand correctly, the error you are facing is MapleStory MapleSEA isn’t able to start up as expected?

    Could you try re-installing in C:/Wizet/MapleStorySEA?
    Basically a folder path where there are no spaces involve like “Program Files (x86)”.
    You can try this method out to see whether it works for you.
    My MapleSEA installation folder is without any spaces, and it runs fine for me.

  150. Ayumilove

    @Alexander: When was the first time you encounter this error (0xc00007b)? Does this error appear after you have ran MapleStory successfully few days/weeks/months ago?
    Assuming you have just receive this error recently, you can try perform “Windows System Restore” to return to a snapshot of Windows where MapleStory was working perfectly fine. The error above maybe caused by a Windows driver update (e.g. DivX) if it was performed recently, but I’m not sure unless you can let me know what has been changed in your PC previously.

    p.s. I have also Google searched on the Internet that this 0xc000007b Application Error can be solved by installing 2 applications which are DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer and Microsoft .NET Downloads. Here is the video link | Upon installing both application, restart PC and rerun MapleStory to see check if the error is rectified.

  151. Yong

    I’m using Windows 10 (64-bit)
    MapleStory region is MSEA , version 166.1
    I install MapleStory by Full Version OR
    Where I install MapleStory , C:/Program Files (x86)/Wizet/MapleStorySEA
    Run MapleStory by GameLauncher.exe
    I’ve allowed the application through firewall and added the folder into anti-virus exclusion as well , tried administrative and compatability too.

  152. Alexander

    cuando trato de inicar maple me sale el error (0xc00007b) y tratado mil formas de solucionarlo y no eh podido AYUMILOVE ayudame por favor

  153. Ayumilove

    @Cardinal: Have you tried out playing MapleStory in different PC/Laptop? If it happens in both item, perhaps is server issue. What server are you playing in MSEA and the time you are playing? Peak hour?

  154. Cardinal

    Everytime I login a char in maple, it will automatically bounce out, but qfter bouncing out like two times I can continue playing it doesnt serve as a big problem but I wanted to know how to fix it

  155. Cha

    my friend is having a trouble , maplestory auto closing after selecting character , he tried uninstall maple and install agn , he tried delete and download agn , his computer is window 7 32bit , Intel(R) G41Express Chipset

  156. noblesse

    Ayumi..i need your help..recently(yesterday) the v165 update had been released for Msea..and i did update it(took about 200mb)..and now i cant open always says ‘the game cannot be opened due to 1 of these reasons 1.maintenance 2.the IP your using has been restricted from the game service for security reasons 3.internet connection is not stable…..i doubt that the game is under internet is up and going and i am not sure about the IP im usng…this always happpens when the update comes and i hve to redownload the game all over again..please help me..ive been skipping maplestory for 3 days..which is equals to 15 so close to lvl 160

  157. Ayumilove

    @FlashyOne: I’m not sure but you could try it out to see if it works best for you 🙂

  158. FlashyOne you think making a new acc helps?..or would i just be the same..also,shud i try other worlds?..currently playing in aquila.MapleSea

  159. FlashyOne

    the method you gave is still not wrking :( still crashing every 2 there any other problems which could cause this??

  160. Ayumilove

    @FlashyOne: Could you try disabling your anti-virus or any 3rd party security software for your computer and login into game and play MapleStory? This is to check whether the anti-virus or the firewall installed in your computer is conflicting with the BlackCipher. Before attempting the above method, restart computer first and avoid running any application in the background (example: torrent, music player, youtube, internet browser, etc).

  161. Ayumilove

    @Pink Guy: (MapleStory stop working after patching new update)

    Could you try installing MapleStory on a different computer to see whether the crashing issue persist when you login into the game? If it still occurs, I suspect its on the game-server side which is not stable instead of the issue triggered on your side. If you do not have an additional computer to test it out, you could ask your friend to help you out with testing MapleStory.

  162. FlashyOne

    would really need your help ayumi..ive have been crashing and all it always says is NGS Hacking detection 0XD1800101..i already replaced the blackchiper and it still crashes..also using razor cortex for boosting but will dc withing 3 mins..i can crash about 20 times a day..HELP ME 🙁

  163. Pink Guy

    unfortunately it still didnt work, my client still continued to crash after log in

  164. krellson chin

    “NGS Hacking Dectected (0xD0000101) how to i fix with this problem? Maplesea

  165. Ayumilove

    @Pink Guy: (MapleStory stop working after patching new update)

    Could you try reinstalling MapleStory again using the Full Client download instead of patch. There are some of players who encounter similar issue since MapleStory has recently released the new large patch that contains 5th job skills. I suspect is the patch is not that reliable. Use MapleSEA download client to grab the entire (exe) file. Do let me know if it works on your side 🙂 p.s. I have downloaded and installed MapleSEA full client, and it ran flawlessly.

  166. Pink Guy

    hi, the last time my client worked was on patch V161 and i recently decided to get back into maple. however i realised that the client stopped working after i patched it to V163. i only updated the patch and did not change anything else such as my router or install any 3rd party softwares.

  167. Ayumilove

    @Pink Guy: (MapleStory stop working after patching new update)

    Hi, when did you notice this issue first occurred and when was the last time MapleStory was working fine?

    Did you see any changes or events in between this 2 period (before it occurred and after it occurred) in your computer? For example: installation of new graphic driver or 3rd party software being installed or perhaps MapleStory new patch?

    Are there any other events occurred outside of the computer? Example: new router being used, changed to a new ISP or upgraded to better internet speed, or wired to wireless and vice versa.

  168. Pink Guy

    hi i am currently using the maplesea client on windows 7, and my client automatically crashes after i press the log in button every single time. i have tried reinstalling the client, disabling my firewall as well as testing out all compatibility modes, however my game client will still crash after log in and return to the pc’s homescreen. is there any way you can help me please?

  169. Ayumilove

    @Feedness: It seems its not game-account related issue.

    Could you try the solution below:
    1. Download the full game client MapleStory again (not by parts .RAR/.ZIP).
    2. Uninstall existing MapleStory and delete the existing MapleStory installation folder.
    3. Install the downloaded game, run MapleStory and it auto-patch by itself. (Don’t use any manual patches).

    If this does not solve the issue, try solution #2:
    1. Backup all important files from your primary hard disk into an external hard disk.
    2. Backup the downloaded game client into the external hard disk as well.
    3. Reformat your computer and install Windows 10 64-bit Home/Pro (not Enterprise).
    4. Install essential hardware drivers. (Do not install any 3rd party software like anti-virus).
    5. Connect PC with a wired ethernet cable (Wifi may not provide stable connection).
    6. Restart PC.
    7. Install MapleStory, and let it auto-patch.
    8. Run the game.

    Solution #2 Explanation: This is to ensure that there are no other 3rd party software is having conflict with MapleStory. If this solution does not work, it’s probably hardware issue. (e.g. Router overheating or not stable connection? Graphic Card or CPU overheating?)

    If Solution #2 works, then try to install your other 3rd party software 1 by 1, where each installation is tested by running MapleStory to see which software is having conflict.

  170. Ayumilove

    @Giorox: You could try reformatting your PC and install Windows 10 64 bit into your machine. I have not encounter this issue yet as I’m on Windows 10 (upgraded from Windows 7 several months ago). Remember to backup your files into a external hard disk so you can access them in your new PC later. 🙂

  171. Giorox

    1.Windows 7 64-bit.
    3. Newest Version
    4. Using Nexon Game Launcher
    5. C:\Nexon\MapleStory
    6. GameLauncher.exe
    7. NGS Update Error about 5 min into the game. Everytime, tried everything, reinstalling Maple, reinstalling Nexon Game Launcher, turned off Firewall, Running everything as Admin, Running in Vista compatibility mode. The only thing I might think is the fact that I am playing on a Windows 7 machine, cause just yesterday I was playing on my laptop that’s running W10 64-bit and it was going fine.

  172. Feedness

    When i attempt to login with his character the game freezes like with the others,
    I tried the solution you suggested but sadly it didn’t work,
    I don’t remember any software updates or similiar happening except the maplestory patch.

  173. Neko-sama

    another thing i need to make clear(so nothing is a ? between our questions ans ur help((which btw is really great, thank you for trying 🙂 ))

    Its fps freezes, his latency is fine.

    like his loging in and the game just drops 0fps and stands still for 35sec or so and then maybe moves a frame, if he presses the game while its freezes it will say it stopped working

  174. Neo-sama

    1, no, it was all fine, nothing out of the ordinary.

    2,, no my character works just fine aswell, nothing i can that has changed.

    3, the only thing he downloaded was a new maplestory patch, which i also downloaded but worked fine for me.

  175. Ayumilove

    @Neko-sama: Could you answer the following questions below:
    1. Is this issue reproducible when you attempt to login with your MapleStory character using Feedness computer?
    2. Is this issue reproducible when you attempt to login with your MapleStory character on your own computer?
    3. Did anything happen on the 3rd day? Example: new software installation / driver update / wifi-wireless from wired. in Feedness computer.

  176. Neko-sama

    Hello a friend of feedness, i just want to add that he does not get any error message what so ever, the game just freezes up when ever he enters with one of his character. this problem showed uo last friday, before that he played 2full days without any problem, it just suddenly occurred to him when he played and since then been persistent.

  177. Ayumilove

    @Feedness: Since you are playing in MapleStory North America (GMS), could you try out the solution below (firewall block that ip address) and let me know the outcome?

  178. Feedness

    Win 10 64-bit
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz
    Memory: 8GB RAM
    DirectX Version: DirectX 12
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

    sorry if i sent you some completely irrelevant information and perhaps forgot something, i’ve got a DxDiag file if you want but i need somewhere to send it in that case.
    Maplestory is installed in just C:
    I was playing on both Maplestory NA and EU but the problem was the same on both.
    maplestory ver 178.3
    also Thanks for trying to help me

  179. Ayumilove

    @Feedness: Kindly answer the following questions below to help me understand your issue better.
    1. What Operating System are you running? Windows XP/7/8/10 + (32-bit/64-bit).
    2. What is your computer specification? (e..g i5/i7 cpu/total ram-memory/game installed in hdd/ssd)
    3. Which MapleStory region are you playing? GMS | KMS | MSEA | JMS | EMS | BMS
    4. What MapleStory version do you currently have?

    Solution for your freezing issues:
    1. Delete existing MapleStory game client in computer/laptop.
    2. Restart PC.
    3. Download the entire full MapleStory game client using MapleStory Downloader instead of manual patching.
    4. Reinstall MapleStory using the newly downloaded game client.


    For GMS players who are experiencing spiking lag or freezes every XXX seconds, please try the temporary solution below to reduce the lag spike in-game.

    Solution #1: Windows Firewall
    Pre-requisites: Windows Firewall enabled.
    1. Open command dos prompt (CMD) with admin priviledges.
    2. Type in the command below into CMD.
    netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”MaplestoryFix” protocol=TCP dir=out action=block remoteip=
    Explanation: This uses Windows Firewall to block this IP address used by MapleStory.
    Note: You can use your third party firewall software to block this IP address instead of using Windows Firewall.
    3. Restart MapleStory and see whether issue persist.
    4. Restart computer if step 3 does not work.

    To undo solution above:
    1. Open command dos prompt with admin priviledges.
    2. Type the command below:
    netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name=MaplestoryFix
    Explanation: This deletes the firewall entry when they get around to fixing the lag.

    Solution #2A: 3rd party Firewall (For those who uses McAfee)
    1. I opened up McAfee
    2. Click Web and Email Protection
    3. Clicked Firewall
    4. Clicked My Internet Connections
    5. Click add
    6. Keep it at IPv4 and Single, and enter in the IP address
    7. Change Network type to Blocked
    8. Save
    Note: You can undo this McAfee solution once MapleStory has announced that they have permanently fixed the issue on their side.

    Solution #2B: 3rd party Firewall (For those who uses ESET Smart Security)
    1. Open your Windows ESET product.
    2. Click Setup → Network protection.
    3. Click the gear icon next to Personal firewall and select Configure.
    4. Expand Advanced and click Edit next to Rules.
    5. Click Add to create a new rule.
    6. Type a name for the rule in the Name field, select Both from the Direction drop-down menu and then select Allow or Deny from the Action drop-down menu, depending on whether or not you want to block or allow this specific port.
    7. Click the Local tab and then type the number of the port or range of ports in the Port field. When you are finished, click OK.
    8. The new rule will appear in the Firewall rules window. Click OK twice to save your changes and exit Advanced setup.

    For more details, visit on How to Open or close (allow or deny) a specific port on the ESET Personal firewall.

    Note: You can undo this ESET solution once MapleStory has announced that they have permanently fixed the issue on their side.

  180. Feedness

    Hey there, since about 3 days ago my maplestory freezes when i enter the game world with any character, the game works like normal until i enter the world and then for a small random amount of seconds, i’ve managed to enter the cash shop and everything in there works fine but when i leave it freezes up, i’ve tried alot of different things like all the compability modes, run as administrator, allowing it in the firewall option, even reinstalling the whole computer but nothing have worked, i can play games that require alot more than maplestory for example overwatch, know how to fix this? or got any thoughts about it? Great website by the way^^

  181. Ayumilove

    @Birdy: There are 2 root causes for 0xD0000101 in MapleSEA
    1. The Game Account/Character is blacklisted by MapleSEA system for hacking.
    2. The BlackCipher is corrupted


    Solution 1:
    Backup your BlackCipher folder (create a copy of that folder and save it to your desktop).
    Download and overwrite these two files into your BlackCipher folder:
    BlackCall.aes –
    BlackCipher.aes –

    If you encountered NGS Hacking Detected Error 0xD1800201, after performing the step above:
    Download and overwrite the following file into your BlackCipher folder:
    BlackXchg.aes –
    After which, give your MapleStorySEA mushroom icon another go and load the game!


    Solution 2:
    Register a secondary/alternative account in MapleSEA.
    Use the original backup BlackCipher folder without the overriden files.
    Login with that new account in MapleSEA and observed whether you’re DC (Disconnected) from the game.
    Check for any patterns/behavior (example: disconnection occurs every 1 minute or 10 minutes.

    If there is no disconnection (during non-peak hours and peak hours) on the secondary account, then it’s probably that your primary account is blacklisted/labelled as hacker by MapleSEA system.

  182. Birdy

    Hi Ayumi Could you help me? NGS HACKING DETECTED (0xD0000101) PLaying at Sea Server what is the problem

  183. Birdy

    I got a NGS HACKING Detected (0xD0000101) In Maple Sea Server. Just wanted to know what’s the problem.. even if i replaced the file

  184. Ayumilove

    @meowmeow: Could you try disabling/turn-off Windows Firewall and retry rerunning MapleStory?

    Does it pop up any error messages for the NGS or Xign?
    Example-1: “Illegal programs detected” (0x00000000)?
    Example-2: XIGNCODE3 UPDATE FAILED (0xE0191009)
    Example-3: 0xE019100A
    Example-4: ILLEGAL PROGRAM DETECTED (0xE019100B, 0xE019100C)
    Example-5: 0xE019120A

  185. meowmeow

    the computer has been reformatted with no any other programmes installed, anti virus mcafee has been uninstalled, windows defender has been programmed to not start up, still experiencing same issue ):

  186. Ayumilove

    @Brian Adam: Hi, was your MapleStory account being blacklisted for hacking by the MapleSEA admin? Did one of your character job skill causes it to trigger NGS hacking? You could test it out by using one skill only for training and see whether it pops up that error message. Test each of the skills for 3 minute (basically spam it) If you have found a pattern (example: MapleSEA recently patched a particular skill for your job, test/spam that skill and see if it triggers that error.) then report to iBox to see whether they can help you with the issue.

  187. Ayumilove

    @carl: Hi, what was the reason of uninstalling it? Did MapleStory causes some conflict with other application?

  188. Ayumilove

    @Patrick: This is sometimes due to server lag and the game still thinks your character is still logged in (sometimes after a disconnection, or in your case a log out). It is a common message that comes up for me, and I doubt it will be fixed. This is because I am 100% of the time able to login after seeing the message 1 or 2 times. It could also be possible the ISP (Internet Service Provider) you are having is having issues with MapleStory. If you tried on mobile line, could you still access the game? Could your friend who is using the same or different ISP is able to play MapleStory?

  189. Ayumilove

    @Jackie: Hi, I did not encounter the MapleStory disconnection every 1 minute as it has been solved on my side. It’s probably due to the server side of MapleSEA. I’m using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit if that helps. Are you using Windows 10 Home or Pro? 32-bit or 64-bit?

  190. Ayumilove

    @meowmeow: Hi, did this issue occur recently or a long time ago? Could you try the following solutions below:

    1. Open Task Manager (window button + R, type “taskmgr”), scan through the list of programs and close all MapleStory related applications which includes NGS and xign to prevent any conflicts. Rerun MapleStory.

    2. Disable Internet Security Firewall (example: McAffee, Norton, Nod32, etc) and rerun MapleStory. (with step 1 applied)

    3. Restart computer. Rerun MapleStory without opening any other software/applications (with step 1 & 2 applied)

    4. If all fails, uninstall MapleStory, delete all files in the MapleStory installation folder. Download the MapleStory from again and reinstall MapleStory.

    Note: I’m running Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and I’m able to access MapleStory. I can’t speak for Windows 10 Home 64-bit but I am certainly sure the methods above would work the same for both Windows 7 and 10.

  191. meowmeow

    hi ayumi experiencing loading of NGS and xign but both process just disappears, I’m in sea server running on windows 10
    achine name: DESKTOP-G1QTMGN
    Machine Id: {EF5E0963-D988-4EC7-B150-2CA6A5AEEFC5}
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 14393) (14393.rs1_release_inmarket.161004-2338)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: HP
    System Model: HP Notebook
    BIOS: F.1B
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.6GHz
    Memory: 8192MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 8090MB RAM
    Page File: 1775MB used, 8235MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
    DirectX Version: DirectX 12
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    User DPI Setting: Using System DPI
    System DPI Setting: 96 DPI (100 percent)
    DWM DPI Scaling: Disabled
    Miracast: Available, with HDCP
    Microsoft Graphics Hybrid: Supported
    DxDiag Version: 10.00.14393.0000 64bit Unicode

  192. Patrick

    Hey I just got this “Trouble logging in to maplestory ? try logging …….”
    What should i do? i tried all launchers and restarting it doesnt work

    please halp

  193. Jackie


    Do u have any solution for MapleStory Disconnection Every 1 Minute Exact Or Few Minutes.

    reformatted my comp and cant maple for more than 1 min in new windows 10.1

    looking forward for a favorable reply 😀

  194. Brian Adam

    @ayumilove, hey been a fan of your videos and guides.
    Many of us have this problem on MapleSEA.

    NGS hacking detected: 0xD0000101

    It log us out every 2-3 minutes, but this does not problem does not arise when i tried using my 2nd account/friends account.

    I read comments below and still haven’t any solution. Actually many of us have been asking for help for this exact problem in the comments, but u didn’t reply them yet.

    iBox didnt help, they told us to wait without mentioning a specific date.


  195. Caesaroid

    These days I’ve been getting “Ngs hacking detected: 0xd1800101(-780140287)” every 5 minutes when I get on maple. I checked my antivirus system and it doesn’t say that it’s blocked maple either. (I don’t hack too, really)

  196. E

    I am unable to launch maplestory, all of the methods I’ve found were tried and failed.
    When I launch from NXLauncher the Play button only goes back to orange after a little bit
    When I launch from GameLauncher I hit Play, the window disappears and that’s that
    Steam has given me error reports with no error
    I’m honestly at a loss as to what could be the problem since I’ve reinstalled multiple times and wiped my computer at least once

  197. carl


    I already checked it’s SSD , and before this i did install and manage to play for couple hours.I had to unistall it for some reason and here i am.

  198. carl

    Ayumi thank you for the fast reply

    One more question , how can i check if my laptop has HDD or SSD?

  199. Ayumilove

    If MapleStory failed to launch, try the following steps:
    1. Add MapleStory folder to antivirus exception (McAffee/Nod32/Kaspersky/Norton/Bitdefender/etc)
    2. If antivirus exception doesn’t work, disable antivirus.
    Note: If one of the solutions above worked, it means that the Antivirus has some conflict with the MapleStory.

  200. Ayumilove

    Please try the following solution below to fix MapleStory Blackscreen:

    1. Exit Maplestory and Nexon Game Launcher
    2. Right click Nexon Game Launcher and click Troubleshoot Compatability
    3. Click Trouble Shoot Program
    4. Check the first box, “The program worked in earlier versions…”
    5. Choose windows 7 and click next.
    6. Test Program and Save Settings.

    If Windows 7 does not work, try with the OS version you are currently running in.

  201. Ayumilove

    Could you check if your laptop is using HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or SSD (Solid State Drive) ? Games that are installed on a HDD will load up slower compared to SSD, and the loading time exponentially increases for games that are very large. You might want to install the game in a SSD. Ensure that your internet is not being used (e.g. downloading-uploading video/streaming video/etc) while loading up MapleStory.

  202. Ayumilove

    The notebook/laptop specs is capable of running MapleStory. Please try the solution “Error Code: 11001 No such host is known” as posted in the guide above and kindly inform if it works for you.

  203. Ayumilove

    I would highly recommend you to use the direct download to the full client instead of using the recommended downloader. Reason being, many players have complained that their download is either stuck or would not startup right upon downloading via the Nexon downloader.

    Game Client v.175

  204. John

    Hey Ayumi please help,

    My friend has been trying to launch maplestory from multiple way like nexon launcher, steam, the web page, and even the maplelaunch. Everytime they try to launch maplestory they get sent an error report. Is their any solution?

  205. carl

    Hey Ayumi please help me,

    1. PC/Laptop specification Asus GL752VW Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @2.60GHz
    16GB RAM
    2. Error message that pops up upon MapleStory crashinh – It wont respond at the opening scene of maplestory and i have to wait for 2 minutes for the wiznet logo to appear

    3. MapleStory region are you playing? GMS
    4. Windows Operating System? Win 10

  206. carl

    Hey Ayumi please help me,

    It wont respond at the opening scene of maplestory and i have to wait for 2 minutes for the wiznet logo to appear

  207. Djoti

    Hey, I have this problem that makes me disconnect after a few minutes and it says ngs hacking detected 0xD0000101. However, if i try using other account this problem does not arise. I am playing maplesea and even after i use ibox the officers still can’t solve this problem right away and asked me to wait without giving me the exact time.

  208. Nimue

    So.. I actually fixed that problem.. but now I get like 3 seconds of a black screen and then it sends me right back to the desktop :/

  209. brandon

    hi thanks for the fast response
    Machine name: ASUS
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release_sec.160630-1736)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.
    System Model: G750JX
    BIOS: G750JX.209
    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700HQ CPU @ 2.40GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.4GHz
    Memory: 8192MB RAM
    Available OS Memory: 8110MB RAM
    Page File: 2304MB used, 7085MB available
    Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
    DirectX Version: 12

  210. Nimue


    I got Windows 7 ( 64 Bit ).
    Im playing on EMS ( Is going to merch tho.. )
    Yesterday we had like a update we’re v.118 now.
    We had to delete the old maplestory, and download the new one ( I used the recommended downloader ).
    C:\Program Files (x86)\NEXON\Europe MapleStory
    I use the launcher you get with the download, so probably the Game Launcher x).

    I click on the emblem: Maplestory Europe.
    A Window appears with: Nexon Europe Login ( This is normal ).
    I log in.. but then nothing happens.. like no error or anything like that.

    Maybe this could help you?

    My messages on the right says it is actually ‘downloading’ but it’s 1% all the time.
    : nexon_runtime.exe ( Nexon Launcher MapleStory – Downloading (1%).

    I hope you know how to fix this.. maybe it’s just a fault from EMS or something.. cauze it got an update.. but yeah I really want to try Beast Tamer out you know ( We got that like yesterday ).

  211. Ayumilove

    @WryBrando: I have updated the guide above on how to handle the MapleStory error “No such host is known”. Try it out and let me know if it works 🙂

  212. WryBrando

    I have an error saying “no such host is known.” I forgot the code though. Alijah Lawrence pointed it out too.

  213. Ayumilove

    @brandon: Could you kindly list down the specs of your computer and operating system so I could check whether your computer meets the necessary requirements to play MapleStory.

  214. brandon

    Hello Ayumi, the maple client will crash everytime I pressed enter after keying in my login id and pass. I tried disabling firewall, antivirus, performed clean boot and every other method but it still doesnt work.

  215. Ayumilove

    @Alvin: Redownload MapleStory Game Client again. Try not to pause at any moment during the download. Best to download at night~early morning time as no one in your household will be using Internet. If your Internet is very fast 100Mbps/1Gbps download, try again. Before installing the game, ensure the installation folder is empty to avoid any file conflicts.

  216. Alvin

    Hello Ayumi, the installation of game client stops hallway stating md5 check error. Any solutions to this?

  217. Ayumilove

    @Kang: A simpler alternative to Virtual Machine would be purchasing another used computer/laptop for $300 USD and setup MapleStory there. Then login to MapleStory with your accounts simultaneously. I have uninstalled VMWare since I seldom use it for multi-character training. Therefore, I’m unable to test this out for you.

  218. Kang

    I can’t seem to get the VMWare to work at all. I’m running GMS, but I keep getting the Runtime error whenever I try opening the game. I’ve tried downloading every single C++ Redistributable, only the 2015 version, only the 2010 version, I’ve tried compatibility mode, I’ve tried running it through both Steam and Nexon Launcher, I’ve followed the site’s support and did a clean boot, the virtual machine is a fresh download with nothing else on it running Windows 7 SP1 and even then, I still haven’t been able to get the game to work properly. Host computer is also a Windows 7 and runs the game just fine, but I can’t get it to work at all on the virtual machine. Is there anything I could try to do or should I give up?

  219. Sam

    Hi ayumi I have this problem , I recently bought a laptop that has Windows 10 peri stalled. I went home and install maplestory.however after I installed maplestory, the first thing to pop up is error 740 . And I’ve tried running as admin , everytime I ran it , the programme will suddenly disappear in the task manager. Only once in a while it will get launched . Pls help me (p.s I’m from maplesea) tq

  220. Ayumilove

    @Daphne Ho: Hi, I have tested on my side by downloading the MapleSEA installation files version 158.1 (15-April-2016) using PlayPark Downloader. It will download 4 files: setup.exe (415KB), setup-1.bin (2GB), setup-2.bin (2GB), setup-3.bin (2GB) and setup-4.bin (1.4GB) = total size is 7.2GB – I also managed to install it sucessfully. Try using PlayPark Downloader. You can find it at

    Direct download link to that “PlayPark Downloader” :

  221. Daphne Ho

    What Operating System are you running? Windows XP
    Which MapleStory Region are you playing? MSEA
    What MapleStory Version do you currently have? V158 unable to download
    How did you install MapleStory? Through Maplesea website
    Where did you install MapleStory? D:\Downloads\MAPLE_FULL_158.1
    How do you run MapleStory? GameLauncher
    Describe issue you encounter and steps taken to fix: There was no problem in downloading maple until the last part where they stated ” please insert disk 4 and click ok” afterwards, i found out that all setup 1,2,3 bin has been downloaded however, setup 4 bin was missing. i tried downloading the entire client over again for 4times however, it all had the same error please help me.

  222. Sayorno

    Hello, can you help me with this problem? I just want to play MapleStory but my world lit is blank

  223. Ayumilove

    @Rust: It’s automatically generated when you run MapleStory MapleSEA client. If it doesn’t, try reinstalling the client.

  224. Rust

    Hello there , my maplesea folder does not have the hackshield folder. Do u know how to get that folder ?

  225. Ayumilove

    @MH: Try playing the videos in MapleStory installation folder using MPC (Media Player Classic) to ensure those videos (Demon Slayer/Eunwol/Phantom/Xenon) are not corrupted when being accessed by the MapleStory client (.exe). Have you tried running MapleSEA in Windows 7?

  226. Ayumilove

    @abdiel: Which MapleStory region and version are you playing in? Have you tried reinstalling the game client?

  227. abdiel

    hello I have the error 41 I have the windows 8 64x could help me thanks

  228. MH

    Can’t play new characters. Demon slayer/eunwol/phantom/xenon. The moment i tried creating the new character and waiting for the intro to play, the intro won’t play till i switch apps or use task manager to exit the game temporary. Then going back in, the intro plays but after the intro ended, my character will run straight to the end of the screen on the left. My arrows won’t move it and though my mouse did move, i cant use it to click anything….

    I have 12 GB Ram,Windows 10, Intel i7 and 1TB Hdd
    Playing MapleSEA, Downloaded using the web with the playpark downloader.
    Latest Version, No other apps running, tried re installing 4 times
    Would appreciate any help or suggestions on things i can do……

  229. Ayumilove

    @JL: When you first reboot your computer, how much memory does the laptop uses on idle (upon reaching the Windows screen)?
    Also, how much free hard disk space you have on your laptop (the drive where you installed MapleStory)?

  230. JL

    Lack of memory. Please refer to the FAQ section of for the further detail.
    I do the steps u taught above, and it doesnt work.

  231. Ayumilove

    @JL: What error message did you receive when you run your MapleStory MSEA?

  232. JL

    Hi Ayumi, can you help me with lack of memory problem? My laptop with 6GB ram can’t play, why?

  233. Ayumilove

    @Typo: If the installation of MapleStory GMS is similar to MapleSEA, then it will work for you. However, I think MapleSEA does not use steampower for installation.

  234. Typo

    Im from MapleSEA does the Windows 8 Application Error Fix Solution work in MapleSEA too

  235. Ayumilove

    @Douglas: Try re-downloading MapleStory MapleSEA fresh from the official website. Then install it into your computer with fresh Windows installation (e.g. Windows 10 without any anti-virus/etc.). Login using your built-in Administrator account (not local account aka connected to your Windows Account online). Do let me know if you are able to login to MapleStory using this solution. If this works, then it means its either your Windows Account has some issues with accessibility or some other software in your computer conflicts with MapleStory.

    If that still does not work, create a new MapleSEA user account and login with that. If it works, that means your account that had issues with the NGS Hacking Detected is blacklisted implicitly.

  236. Douglas

    Hey Ayumilove!
    For several months I’ve been trying to get into MapleSEA without avail due to this issue called “NGS Hacking Detected (0xD0000101). I’ve tried to reinstall and run the game without any background applications at all. None of these worked. Thanks for reading this!

  237. Frank

    Ayumilove good day,
    A week ago I received an error which is XignCode 0xE09100B, I spent the anti-virus, also download and install again Maple Story Europe but still gives me the same error, I could provide some help? I have Windows 7, I would be very grateful for your help

  238. Frank

    Ayumilove good day,
    A week ago I received an error which is XignCode 0xE09100B, I spent the anti-virus, also download and install again Maple Story Europe but still gives me the same error, I could provide some help? I have Windows 7, I would be very grateful for your help

  239. Ayumilove

    @Brad: Could you post your:
    1. PC/Laptop specification? (e.g. Intel i7 6700K, 8GB RAM, etc)
    2. Error message that pops up upon MapleStory crashing?
    3. MapleStory region are you playing? GMS/MSEA/EMS/etc?
    4. Windows Operating System? Win7/8.1/10/XP/etc?

  240. Brad

    Hi! I was wondering if you can help me solve the problems I am having on maplestory. After I log into maplestory my game completely crashes, it doesn’t give me an error message, it just crashes. Please reply soon because I really want to play maplestory again.

    P.S I tried reinstalling maplestory, I’ve tried pretty much all I can.

  241. Kim

    Maplesea V154

    It’s total pitch-black after I log in my character. I can still hear the background music.
    Except one, I was able to see the background but I still can’t move or click.

  242. James

    Maple story missing dat.file after fixing c++error windows 7ultimit tried redowloanding but get same message please help

  243. JM

    I get NGS Initialization error: 0xe 16003019(-513801471)

  244. Ayumilove

    @Ken: For ‘NGS hacking detected 0xD0000102 issues, try the following solution:
    0. Clean install MapleStory (remove any hacking software / private server software / etc)
    1. Go into your HShield folder located in MapleStory installation folder (GMS is C:/nexon/maplestory and MSEA C:/Program Files (x86)/Wizet/MapleStorySEA)
    2. Run the HSUpdate.exe
    3. Run MapleStory.exe to test it if it has fixed the issue.

  245. Ken

    Hi Ayumi,

    Good evening to you.
    Im running Windows 7 64bit.
    MSEA V.152
    Installed with full client

    Encounter pop up message ‘NGS hacking detected 0xD0000102′

    I have tried but unsuccessful:
    1. Redownloading full client and reinstalling
    2. Download black cipher from Msea website and overwrite existing file
    3. Disabling anti virus
    4. Kill blackxchg process in task manager after starting maplestory
    5. Reformatting PC.

    Your thoughts and ideas on a workaround will be very much appreciated.
    This error is exasperating. Thanks Ayumi!

  246. Ayumilove

    @Christin: What graphic card is your PC currently running? Is it dependent on an internal graphic card from Intel/AMD or external graphic card such as Nvidia/AMD-Radeon? I’m currently running on GMS v.166 (Global MapleStory) which is the latest version as of today and I can find the Setup.exe inside the MapleStory installation folder which is located at (C:/Nexon/MapleStory).

    Solution #1:
    I have uploaded my Setup.exe at which you can download and save into your MapleStory installation folder to run.
    Note: Do not have Maplestory open when you are correcting this error.
    Step 1: Go to your maplestory folder and click the “setup.exe”.
    Step 2: Click “No”
    Step 3: The setup will run a test for your screen resolution. If the “Input Not Supported” Error still shows on the test… DO NOT press alt+H. Wait for the test to end and it will ask you if this setting is correct. Click “No” once again. Go through all the tests until you find the correct setting (without the error message). When you find the correct setting, wait for the test to end and click “Yes”.
    Step 4: Open Maplestory from the browser and you will find that it works perfectly now.

    Solution #2:
    Change your desktop resolution to 800×600(or your lowest possible resolution)
    2. Log into MapleStory MSEA.
    3. Immediately change your ingame resolution to 800×600
    4. Then change your desktop back to what it originally was.

  247. Christin

    Any idea how to fix input not supported error for maplesea? I cant find setup.exe in maplestory folder.

  248. Ayumilove

    @Distressed: What operating system you are currently running? Windows 7/8/8.1/10?

  249. Ayumilove

    @Blackest Night: It is known issue that Windows 8.1 has compatibility issues with MapleStory. Have you tried running in compatibility mode Windows 7? You could install Windows 7 OS (operating system) to solve this issue.

  250. Blackest Night

    Hi Ayumi, is there of any solution can fix win8.1 compatibility problem? Since I upgraded my lap to win8.1, i keep freeze and not responding while playing maplesea.

  251. Distressed

    Hi Ayumi,

    I have tried deleting the text files in the blackcipher folder. However the ‘NGS hacking detected 0xD0000101’ message still disconnect me from the game each time i log in to my account. What might be the problem and any other possible solutions to solve it? Thanks

  252. Ayumilove

    @Distressed: A fix without having to kill process blackxchg.aes each time is to delete the text files in blackcipher in MapleStory installation folder.

  253. Ken

    Hi Ayumi,
    Im facing the same problem as user.

    NGS Hacking Detected (0x00000002)
    The game client cannot run with unauthorized third-party programs.

    I’ve tried the fixes available on the MapleSEA website but it does not solve the issue.
    Please advise, thanks!

  254. Distressed

    Windows 7 64bit
    Installed with full client
    Encounter pop up message ‘NGS hacking detected 0xD0000101’ when I did not use any illegal program
    I have tried but unsuccessful:
    1. Redownloading full client and reinstalling
    2. Download black cipher from Msea website and overwrite existing file
    3. Disabling anti virus
    4. Kill blackxchg process in task manager after starting maplestory

    Please help me in solving this issue. Appreciated.

  255. Ayumilove

    @Kris: I’m not sure about GMS blocking European IP with the black screen. If its region block, it will definitely not load the MapleStory loading screen (with a mushroom jumping animation). Usually IP block will close MapleStory and pop up an error message that says something like this: Error its either firewall block, region block, server under maintenance.

  256. Kris

    I recently installed maplestory to play while a bit bored on vacation. I haven’t played in a long time. Everything runs fine and correctly, until I get to the channel selection. I choose my server Windia, then double click on any of the channels. My screen fades to black as if its going to load the world and then maplestory just closes. No error code, no nothing. I tried reinstalling with no success. I am running windows 8.

    I have read online that GMS servers block European IPs from logging in. (I am in europe, my account was made in north america.) Does this mean I cannot play until I get back to the states?

  257. Ayumilove

    @Tenz: If you have a friend playing MapleSEA, try downloading their BlackCall.aes file and overwrite the one in your version 146. If that does not work, try to delete the temporary folder that has weird symbols (example: uyiofuth.$$$), and try repatching. If all fails, download the full MapleSEA installation client (7.5 Gb) which is approximately less than 4 hours with 5 Mbps Internet Connection.

    I have uploaded my MapleSEA v146 BlackCipher folder at Feel free to download the files and overwrite them. Be sure to backup your own Black Cipher copy first before performing the overwrite just for safeguard!

  258. Tenz

    I use to play at MSEA v139 before. While i try to patch no patcher can be straight way from v139 to v149. Im ok with patch 1-1. But its stop at 146 to 147 while it says one and another .wz file corrupted. so i checked from Official website it has 146 to 149 which is i really glad. After trying to patch which is almost finish it says BlackCall.aes corrupted. so what should i do?

  259. Ayumilove

    @Danny: Are you using some sort of 3rd party bypass program for MapleStory botting or hacks?

  260. Danny

    I’m getting a hackshield initialization error code that’s not listed “0ex1700203(-512753149)”

    It will say that the bypass was successfully injected, but then it won’t start but will show that error code.

  261. Gary

    I’m getting a
    Runtime Error!

    Program: C:\Nexon\Maplestory\Maplestory.exe

    This program has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
    Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

  262. Hugo

    I get NGS Initialization Error 0x00000000(0) Tried your steps nothing worked please help!

  263. Aegis

    I fixed sporadic disconnection issues by disabling Hamachi and Virtualbox network adapters in network & sharing center

  264. Ayumilove

    @Grimlus: Which MapleStory version are you playing? Is it GMS v160 or MSEA 146? Do you have Cheat Engine running in the background or any hacking tools? If yes, close them first before running MapleStory. Could you try this method: whenever you start up maplestory, kill the process blackxchg.aes in the Task Manager if it appears when running MS.

  265. Grimlus

    Every time I try to play Maplestory It crashes and it says”NGS hacking detected 0x00000004 (4) NGS has detected suspicious activity in your client Maplestory will now close” I’ve tried to replace the HS folders but still get the same problem, any solutions?

  266. Ayumilove

    @Bryce_FlareRocker: There was a time where my MapleStory keeps disconnecting every 1 minute for me. The temporary solution I did was to change channel (before the 1 minute duration ended) to prevent it from happening. This happened when MapleStory has released the Kanna patch. The other thing I did was to reinstall MapleStory with a brand new BlackCipher (The hack protection folder residing in MapleStory folder). Now its working fine 🙂 You can try it out and see whether it helps!

  267. Bryce_FlareRocker

    Windows 8.1

    Maplestory starts without worlds/servers.Takes about five to fifteen minutes to disconnect.
    My internet connection is not the problem though.

    I don’t know how else to explain it.

  268. Avachiel

    I downloaded GMS and login perfectly but game close automaticly when i click channel. I cant pass channel selection part. What should i do?

  269. candy

    Problems after Maplestory did another update on January 21 2015.
    I sign through the website. Hit play, type in my name and password.
    Nexon Security don’t come up as it use to before the patch. I am
    beside myself, I don’t know what to do. I contacted Nexon and
    they told me to do things I have already tried doing. I uninstalled
    and reinstalled an it’s not working yet. I have no errors it just won’t
    load the security thing or take me to the white screen with the bouncing

  270. Teakilla

    Trying to do the installation (MSE btw) and when i do it, half way through the character section it comes up saying “an error occurred while trying to cop over a file” ive tried finding a way everywhere i dont know what to do anymore any ideas??

  271. Alijah Lawrence

    What about the error code : 1101 (No such host is known) ?

  272. Dreamers

    Hey, I’ve decided to play Maplestory again (been about a year since I’ve played) so I go about downloading it. Everything loads up fine but every time, after about 30 seconds in game it automatically closes and says about NGS with error code 0x0000000… I tried your blackcipher but it still didn’t work, I believe yours is out of date.
    I then checked my firewall, closed a bunch of things that might be causing it, re-installed Maplestory a few times (even through steam) and updated Black Cipher + HShield manually but nothing seems to work for me. Now I’m trying to manual patcher v.158 and it keeps getting stuck/pausing on Base.wz @_@
    Do you have a solution for this? Sorry if I missed anything in your guide thingy.

  273. Ayumilove

    @Kuro: What monitor are you currently using? Have you tried setting inside your Windows? For Windows 7 users: Right-click your desktop → click “Screen Resolution” → Select “1920×1080” → Click “Apply” button to save changes. Next, click “Advanced Settings” underline word within the same Window Panenl of “Screen Resolution”. It will pop up another window. Click the “Monitor” Tab, and select 60Hz refresh rate. Click OK.

  274. Kuro

    Here’s my problem: “not optimum mode recommended mode 1920×1080 60hz analog”
    Please help me Ayumi!!! :((

  275. Ran

    Yo Ayumilove, so i had an error and needed to delete maple story so i can redownload it because when i try to open it, it says” cant find ‘ijl15.dll please reinstall”, now when i try to delete Maple Story it tells me i cannot delete it because its already open on ”Steam Client Service” how do i find where to close it ? Thanks in advance

  276. Ayumilove

    @LastHopeMage: You could send an e-mail to the maplestory support team about this bug. Perhaps they have a solution for this issue.

  277. Ayumilove

    @Henry: There is an alternative method. Try clicking on the light-bulb located on the left-side of your screen. If it’s not there, there should be a triangle arrow that hides those icons. Click on it to reveal the light-bulb. Double-clicking on the light-bulb will show the list of quests you will need to complete for Hayato. Also, does the quest-tab issue only affects Hayato? (Try using another character that is non-Hayato and see if it occurs to those character). If it does affect other characters, you will need to report this bug to your MapleStory support team (e.g. for GMS / for MSEA)

  278. Ayumilove

    @Ole: Create a working copy of your laptop MapleStory into your PC. Next, run it from your PC as how you have previously ran it from your laptop. If it does not work, it means that another application in your PC is conflicting with MapleStory.

  279. Ole

    So, ever since the Night Walker revamp in GMS my PC doesn’t run MS anymore for some reason. It always ends up saying “MapleStory has stopped working”, and if I click for windows to try and solve it, it never works. So a few days after, I pulled up my old Steam account and used that, and it worked. Afterwards, there was a DDoS attack on MapleStory (and maybe other Nexon games) and now I can’t use the Steam either. This problem doesn’t occur on my laptop, but I can’t use it often due to my power cord being burned out. Do you know how to help?

  280. LastHopeMage

    is ac10henry haha……i got the same problem with henry…..when i open my ice lighting character will become freeze screen then auto close….i cant do my main quest. is hard to be continue any 1 can solve this???

  281. Henry

    I’m facing a auto-closed problem, everytime I open the quest tab my maplestory will be auto-closed. I’m now playing my hayato character and I can’t see my quest now. Please help me, thank you.

  282. ac10henry

    My maplestory will auto closed when I click the quest hotkey or whether i open the quest when i was playing my hayato character.

  283. Ayumilove

    @drake: Which MapleStory region (e.g. MSEA, GMS, EMS) and version are you currently running? Have you tried running HSUpdate.exe? HShield.exe in the HackShield folder foiund in the MapleStory installation folder.

  284. drake

    hey, i still have the MapleStory HackShield Update Error 0x3000FFFF (805371903) and i cant seem to solve it with the steps , any specific steps to do ?

  285. Ayumilove

    @mhesp3713: Which MapleStory region you have downloaded and installed? What was the error message you have encountered?

  286. mhesp3713

    hi there its my 1st time installing the game maplestory i am working here in kingdom of bahrain i install the full client and after that i have problem logging in the game please refer to maplestory.blah blah blah please help me

  287. Jimmy

    hi, i have tried many time ..but after i key in my pw n id,my maple will become black and then auto log out, and shown”unable connect to server,pls try again later” i have chg my compability and run as administrator,but still cant do it,my windows is 7..lastly i was using pendrive one and msea

  288. Ayumilove

    @Sound: Did you manually update your MapleStory to GMS v.156 patch or you use the auto-patch? Personally, I use the manual patch and its working fine for me.

  289. Sound

    Hi, I have this problem today that when GMS loads up. After a sec it pops up ”maplestory has stop working”. I tried again but no luck. It’s very strange because I was able to play yesterday but now I can’t.

  290. Ayumilove

    @Clos: Hmm, it did not occur to me when I test login with GMS v148, v149 and v150. Could you help try disabling Microsoft Loopback Manager to see whether it helps resolve the issue. Did you download the entire v149 client from official or patch it up from v148 to v149? If its the 2nd one, try running the patcher.exe to see whether its missing any patches. Currently GMS is now v150, so you will need another new patcher or try redownloading the entire MapleStory (it may take awhile but it reduces any issues with the patcher).

  291. Ayumilove

    @HELP: If you still encounter the same issue, try disabling Microsoft Loopback Manager. It occurs to me awhile back when I was playing MapleSEA, and I wasn’t able to bypass the gateway. To disable it, open Control Panel → System → Device Manager (on left side pane) → Network Adapaters (expand it) → Right-click on “Microsoft Loopback Manager” → Select “Properties” → Under “General” Tab, click the button “Disable Device” → Click OK to apply changes.

  292. Ayumilove

    Hi Ray, have you tried using another PC/Laptop to login to MapleSEA? For some players, it help with the stucked character. If you do not have any extra PC lying around, I can help you login to test. Based on my experience with MSEA Zero, I did not encounter the character cutscene stuck which I manage to complete all of them. Another alternative is you can send a PM to Asiasoft iBox regarding your issue with your affected IGN (Grandalion) but it will take awhile for them to response. The standard iBox response time is between 24 to 72 hours after your iBox query appears in the case queue. If you do not receive any response from them approximately 3 days, resubmit again. If that does not get their attention, you can highlight your issues on MapleSEA official facebook page and hopefully able to get their attention. Be sure to check your junk mail as some players has them there. The replies can be from [email protected] or [email protected] or [email protected] (Ahnlab Reports).


    Asiasoft Games Support (from official site)
    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected] (Ahnlab Reports)

    Email: [email protected]

    Email: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    Email: [email protected]
    ACash Support (ACash Charging,Transactions,PPC related issues)
    Email: [email protected]


    Asiasoft Passport Support

    Account Verification
    Email: [email protected]

    Asiasoft Passport Help
    Email: [email protected]

    Asiasoft Passport Registration Help
    Email: [email protected]

    Blizzard Products Support
    Email: [email protected]

    E-pins Support
    Email: [email protected]

    Forum Support
    Asiasoft Forums Help
    Email: [email protected]

    PlayPark Forums Help
    Email: [email protected]

  293. Ray

    Hi. I’m playing in MSEA. I have recently encountered a problem in Maple Story where I clicked on “Continue Story” while playing Zero and I become stuck in the cutscene. I cannot do anything with my zero currently. All other characters including from other world in the same account are now unable to whisper other players, although buddy chat and guild chats work fine. Any idea on how I can resolve this?

    Here’s the screenshot of where I am stuck at,

  294. Ayumilove

    @Help: Which area are you playing from? GMS or MSEA? Ensure that the server is not under maintenance. GMS will post notice on their official website at if there were up to those activities 🙂

  295. HELP

    i just downloaded maplestory yesterday.and it seems that i cant play the always tells me to check if thers a server check or firewall settings

  296. Ayumilove

    @cadeya: Try disabling your 3rd party anti-virus and relogin MapleStory. Also, ensure that your connection isn’t congested with downloads or streaming video. Currently which MapleStory region are you trying to access? Perhaps you can check whether they are having any server channel maintenance.

  297. cadeya

    I just downloaded maplestory yesterday everything is fine until I get to the world selection, none of the worlds show up and in 5-10 seconds I get disconnected please help. thanks

  298. Clos

    Ok so I installed latest version of maplstory v149 and I tried launching from website and gamelauncher but nothing pops up. Hackshield doesnt pop-up after a min or so and checked task bar maplestory stops after a min or so also. I checked ahnrpt.exe in hshield folder of maplestory and says in problem reports tab that maplestory has stopped working/appcrashed. I run windows 8 pro on my laptop and play on GMS. I tried every fix on this website and more. Please help

  299. Ayumilove

    @cliff: I have not experience this issue after I have upgraded my PC. Whats your PC/laptop specs?

  300. cliff

    i facing a problem which is town lag issue, everytime when i go into any town it will laggy than a normal map. any solution about it ? thx for advance

  301. Ayumilove

    @Isaac tan: You’re welcome 🙂

  302. Isaac tan

    I downloaded the WinRAR and it worked, thank you so much 😀

  303. Ayumilove

    @isaac tan: It’s been a long time I did a fresh reinstall. Previously, I used to download the split files from (example: v137.1 Setup part 1, v137.1 Setup part 2, …. , v137.1 Setup part 9). Then use WinRAR (its an extractor/compressor application) to extract the files out. Don’t use WinZip or 7zip or any other application since based on my experience it use to come out as corrupted or unreadable file. This process will take some time so grab a coffee/milk/hot-chocolate and relax. Once the extraction is complete, it will reveal an exe file that is merged into 1 file out of those split (.rar) files. Double-click on it and select the place to install. I use to install it under my C:\ drive because Nexon/MapleStory have issues with folder with spaces in names (example: “C:\Program Files\MapleStory” → “C:\MapleStory”). The naming is up to you though, just remember the installation location. After completing the installation, head over the installation folder, find MapleStory.exe and double-click on it to run. It will pop up the “BlackCipher, Shield,etc” apps and some window that downloads additional patch files (if it has), then once its complete, it will load you into the game. Type your login and password.

  304. isaac tan

    Hey Ayumi, after I have downloaded maple, I cant open it nor is it at my desktop, and I only can find 2 files which is AS Maple Downloader and MapleStorySEA_v137_setupr. what do I do?

  305. Ayumilove

    @EthanSaysHi: Use Internet Explorer to login to the game via its website (if you are playing on GMS). If that did not work, try Firefox/Chrome. Make sure MapleStory.exe application is closed in your Task Manager.

  306. EthanSaysHi

    Hi, every time I press play in maplestory, it says error code 11001. How do I fix this problem? I have already tried to uninstall and reinstall. Thank you

  307. THEpurpur

    After the recent V1.35 update, Hackshield manage to launch but unable to reach login screen and program start to dc, sometimes no error msg, but most of the times error msg comes out with a Hackshield unable to launch, 0x3000ffff error. Even though tried downloading the new Hackshield folder via Maple’s given link on MSEA, still the error keep appearing.. Haven’t been launching Maple since the server check on 27 November..

  308. r33Cy

    Hey Ayumi, I can only get Maple to run using Steam on Windows 8.1. I would always get some hackshield error otherwise, about another instance running. Now that I can play, I have another problem. Skills/commands on buttons CTRL, SHIFT and ALT, don’t repeat the skill/command. Before, I could hold SHIFT and spam my attacks. Not even holding ALT spams jumping anymore, it only allows me to jump once. I have to manually spam the key but if I reassign the commands to anything else, pressing that key spams the command. Do you have a fix for this? Sticky Keys is not on, I’ve checked that already.

  309. shen hsing

    this only happen on my laptop. as for my desktop its perfectly fine and can play on malaysia server without any problem, on the other hand my laptop cant log into malaysia server.
    thx for the quick reply

  310. Ayumilove

    Hi shen hsing, perhaps you can try again. There are no news that Malaysia server are currently having server maintenance. If that does not work, try restarting your PC and router/modem and login to Malaysia server.

  311. shen hsing

    hi, i cant log into malaysia server it says ” trouble logging into game?? kindly refer to” but im able to log into singapore server without any problem.

  312. maplestory hack

    Hurrah, that’s what I was seeking for, what a material! existing here at this website, thanks admin of this web page.

  313. Esther Sana

    Hey, Ayumi!!~~ Can you please help me?!!
    Whenever I click “play” on the maplestory web, it says:
    Download Fail!
    0: The handle is invalid.

    My brother has laptop and his one works but mine doesn’t work!!!
    And my computer is way better than his….

  314. XenonLuv

    Hey ayumilove
    im having some trouble opening maplestory… it looks like this.
    error code:11004(the request name is valid, but no data of the requested type was found.)
    hope u can solve it!

  315. Nick

    Hey Ayumi, I have Windows 8 Pro and I get the whole “Reference Memory Error”. I can actually get in the game and play but it varys because I could login and it freezes with the error already or even 45mins of gameplay and it just freezes with the error. I have alreadt tried downloading it and starting it from Steam, increasing my virtual memory, changing priority’s of blackcipher and maple, but I always end up to freezing with the error and all I got to do is press “esc” and it closes and I can basically go start up the game again. But it gets annoying because sometimes I have to stay on for a hour to evolve my ring or if im bossing and if it freezes..itll be very tiresome so was hoping if you got a solution since Nexon hasnt acknowledged this problem on forums and ive already swept the web looking for more solutions.


  316. Saraaah

    please help me 🙁

  317. Saraaah

    I have a windows 7 laptop, and the regular maplestory download wouldn’t work for my laptop, because it’s incompatible, and when i click on “download” it says, theres no internet connection ; when my internet connection is perfectly fine. I’ve tried downloading another versions where there are 4 files, but out of the 4, 3 of them didn’t work ( they didn’t open) . I don’t trust the other versions, because i’m not sure if its the exact one for my laptop. Therefore, I’m not able to download maplestory. Is there any other way to download maplestory with no problem?

  318. Reborn

    Hello Ayumi,
    This was a brand new clean install. This isn’t the first time this hasn’t worked, but it has been a very long time since it has. I run on Windows 7 if that helps. I’ve tried to download it from the website by clicking “Play”, and there was no difference.

  319. Ayumilove

    Hi Reborn, is this a clean install or after a auto/manual patch? Did it previously work before?

  320. Reborn

    Whenever I run Maplestory (Gamelauncher.exe or website), the Maplestory.exe in task manager would run for 3-10 seconds and then completely disappear, not making a window or anything.

  321. Ayumilove

    Hi DreMau, could try downloading BlackCipher.aes from your friend who has theirs working? Currently my GMS MapleStory files aren’t updated, therefore, I could not send mine to you. Try this and see whether it solves your issue.

  322. DreMau

    Hey ayumilove ,
    I play on a window 7 laptop,
    & a window pops up saying ,
    “BlackCipher.aes-Application Error”
    – X The instruction at 0x7729f182 referenced memory at 0x00905a4d. The memory could not be read.
    Click ok to terminate the program.

    Please help me fix this problem 🙁

  323. Ayani

    Hi, Ayumi~! I’ve encountered with with issue for a year and a half now. It started appearing somewhere above v100+
    When I press login, I would stay stuck on the login screen until 3 minutes~ 5 minutes later I would disconnect getting the message that I’ve been disconnected from the login server. Blehhh! What should I do? I had this problem for such a long time ;_;

  324. kristine

    i have I windows 8 computer and can u help me with error 0x3000fff? thanks

  325. long

    I try creating in different servers as well, it still has the same problem. it seems like the game is frozen, only thing i see is the cursor moving. i tried redownloading and installing a couple of times already, yet no solution. i know this is a weird problem i am having.

  326. Ayumilove

    Hi long, could you try creating a character on a different server? Example: For GMS (Scania, Bera, etc) If that does not work, could you try reinstalling MapleStory.

  327. long

    my keyboard is not the problem. it works perfectly fine. it has to do with maplestory; all my button works. logging in works, the mouse also works, just right when i enter the game, i am unable to click anything or move around.

  328. Ayumilove

    Hi long, could you check whether your keyboard arrow keys is working properly? Try using a different keyboard. Plugin another external USB keyboard if you are playing on your laptop. Let me know if it works or not and we can proceed with the next solution 🙂

  329. long

    hi ayumilove, i just recently install maplestory again, and the problem i get is after i logged into my character, my character is stuck. I can’t move, I can’t click anything, but the mouse cursor moves. I tried creating new characters but I am stuck at the scene cut. For example, i tried making a dual blade, and i am stuck at his intro where i just see my character and a light on top of my character. that’s all i see. I hope that is enough information for you. I tried researching this problem but I haven’t find the solution to it. Hope you can help me. Thank you :))

  330. Colin

    Hi Ayumi,
    In your latest reply (Right below), you mean to get rid of Windows 8 and install Windows 7/XP over it?

    believe it or not I have a NEW problem. I don’t understand why is this happening :/. When I open Maple, HSshield updates, and the 2 boxes appear. Then they disappear, and nothing happens. Antivirus is off, checked task manager NO HackShield / MapleStory Process. It’s like i have to keep trying to open it until it eventually opens (which takes up to 15mins sometimes). Its really frustrating!

  331. Ayumilove

    Hi Anthony, usually Windows 8 have some compatibility issues with running game. So most people tend to install Windows 7 to avoid any unnecessary issues.

  332. BlazinDarkness

    Hi Ayumi! Know of anything that causes the “Invalid Pointer” error? I get that quite alot.

  333. Anthony

    Hello Ayumi, Uhm, I don’t use windows 7 I use 8. But I don’t think the problem is windows since it was working fine before hand, but I will try to run it without Nvidea. Thank you, and if I have more problems I’ll make sure to tell you.

  334. Ayumilove

    Hi Anthony, try playing MapleStory with just the IGP (integrated graphic card) without using Nvidia video card and/or Nvidia driver and see whether the issue still persist. To check what you have installed previously, you can perform “Restore Your Computer to an earlier time”. Type this in Windows 7 Start Run Textbox.

  335. Anthony

    Hello Ayumi, and no I haven’t downloaded anything that would change the way my computer would act.. If I did I really don’t recall. I checked all the files I have downloaded the past week, and all I did really download was a new web browser but I uninstalled that already. Its very weird, I can’t figure it out.. And it all happened randomly one day. In the afternoon I just started to get the message and it kept coming up from then on when I would play. But I do notice that I have Nvidea PhysX installed when I don’t remember installing it or having it before, could that be it?

  336. Ayumilove

    Hi Anthony, try to recall what you did on your PC. Did you install a new graphic driver, software, or something that might have lead to changes in your system registry?

  337. Anthony

    Its like, when I log on, I will be able to kill the monsters on the map, but if I switch the map, and I kill a monster on there it just freezes and that error comes up. Its very annoying since it was working fine before a couple days ago, then it just started to randomly come up. I’ve tried uninstalling and redownloading the game to see if it was a corrupt file, but its not that.. or it keeps corrupting everytime I download it. But yeah, like everytime I switch a map and then kill a monster, it gives the error :/

  338. Ayumilove

    Hi Anthony, how does this error occur? For example, login into MapleStory causes the issue or during switching maps via portal or during a boss raid intense battle or etc? It’s difficult to determine the issue with that number error since its a random number generated from memory.

  339. Anthony

    Hey, how do you fix a “The instruction at 0x7597959d referenced memory at 0x1f631000. The memory could not be read. Please push okay to terminate the program”

  340. Ayumilove

    Hi keegan, copy the blackcipher and hackshield from the computer that works fine to your maplestory installation folder that has issue.

  341. keegan

    Hi Ayumi. Ive been having problems like many others with maplestory. mainly the job of Launching Maple, i seem to be able to load through Hack Shield and BlackChiper however after blackchiper loads maple crashes without loading the first black screen. It does not give me any error messages just a pop up box saying Write down what happened and press send so that nexon can try fix this. Any Ideas at all. And yes i have tried this on other peoples computers and it works perfectly fine.

  342. Robby

    Hi Ayumi, maplestory suddenly lags and crashes without an error code but only on certain maps (usually larger maps) such as on the way to the Zakum altar and on the map with the crocs in kerning city. I have windows 7 64 bit with 8 gigs of ram and a good video card. Technically, I should not be having this problem. Any ideas?

  343. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, have you tried updating the graphic drivers or with windows latest drivers since its brand new?

  344. Colin

    i don’t run anything, it’s a brand new laptop, the only thing I open on this is MapleSEA. and Google Chrome sometimes but when i use Chrome i close it before i start mapling. I’ve never installed anything else either, and nothing else is running. 27% of memory is in use, mostly be windows explorer and service hosts but I don’t think i can end task those right? :/.

  345. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, maybe its laptop memory issue? Check whether you have sufficient memory to run the games and any other background apps. Try running game without any other memory-intensive apps turn on. Apart from that, I have no other solution to fix the issue. It should be some settings in your laptop hardware or software that you have installed previously which leads to MapleStory crash/hang assuming that this does not occur in your friend’s pc/laptop.

  346. Ayumilove

    Hi JustAGirl, try installing in a different location if possible. Example: D:\Nexon\MapleStory if you have a secondary partition. Or install into a different folder such as C:\Games\Nexon\MapleStory and see whether that works 🙂

  347. Ayumilove

    Hi Ching0010, make sure you are not downloading anything while playing MapleStory. This includes torrent or etc. Also, if you are playing from outside USA, then you will experience lag and timeout in GMS.

  348. Ching0010

    Maplestory takes too long to load. I’m stuck on the “loading…” screen then dced. It said You have been disconnected from the login server. I’m running Win7 and got the latest maple. btw it’s GMS

  349. JustAGirl

    Hi, I’m running Windows XP and running GMS.I tried to install MapleStory using the full version and installed it under C:\Nexon\MapleStory and I use the website to run it. Trouble is, it either didn’t install right or at all. All that appears in the MapleStory folder is something labeled angelic.avi. For clarification, I re-installed it just this morning and the problems started popping up. Is there any way you can help me?

  350. Colin

    tried doing that last night, with a little help from google. still nothing :/, although I’d say I DC a little less, but when i CC/enter a portal, my heart skips a little haha. that 50/50 chance of dc-ing.

  351. Ayumilove

    Hi coolwa990whoami, they are .zip files.

  352. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, it might be a graphic card driver issue. Try updating them to the latest if there is for your laptop.

  353. coolwax990whoami

    i want to ask why did u change the maple download to rar i have problem with rar even i have the latest version of rare so please change back to exe when the next update comes

  354. Colin

    Hi Ayumi.
    Nope, problem 2 is referring to my screen freezing after inputting 2nd PW, then the message (The instruction at 0x00e29817 referenced memory at 0×0000069. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program) appears. I don’t dc as much as I did before, but I still dc randomly (with the invalid pointer error mostly) and sometimes with the changing channels/entering portals.

  355. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, problem 2 is referring to Hackshield?

  356. Colin

    hey Ayumi. I’ve tried playing from my friend’s MapleStory folder, he does not have any of the problems I have. I still have the problem where my screen freezes and I have to open Task Manager, alt tab until the error (the message in problem 2) appears. It’s really annoying especially when I’m bossing :/, if i enter the portal and i DC, i have to quickly relog and if the problem of the screen freezing after typing 2nd pw and pressing enter occurs, sometimes it takes up to 15minutes :/. what’s the next step?

  357. Colin

    his dropbox limit is like just 2gb so he needs to make 3 rounds to put everything in there, and it takes ages to upload :P. I just bought a HP laptop, new model (not so sure which but its a Pavilion model). i5 2.5Ghz, with AMD Radeon, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB internal memory, brand new and a simple low graphics game like MapleStory can cause so much problems :/. before that I’ve been using my MacBook Pro 13″ i5, late 2011 model. playing it on VMWare Fusion Windows XP Professional. i think the biggest problem is it being Windows 8 lol.

    just wondering if this might be a problem, my Windows 8 is 64-bit, and MapleStory is 32bit. could that be one of the issues?

  358. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, hopefully it fixes it 🙂 What laptop are you currently using and how much it cost? I’m planning to purchase a laptop with a monitor around 17 inch.

  359. Colin

    I’ve always been playing MapleSea, i think for almost 7 years now. All my friends and stuff are there so I don’t wanna move to GMS/EMS :(.

    anyway my friend is sending me his folder via dropbox since he does not have any of the issues that i have. assuming that doesn’t fix it, it means its a problem with my laptop right? but how can that be since it’s a brand new (3days old) laptop! I love Maple but it really has way too many problems :/

  360. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, I’m not sure whether MSEA blocks EMS players or players from USA/Europe. That can be one of the issue. Hopefully my solution can be help to solve your predicament 🙁

  361. Ayumilove

    Hi Michelle, for me I used direct download to grab GMS MapleStory client but GMS has already removed that download link. Therefore, the only method to download is through their main mini client. Btw, I am currently running on Windows 7 and not via Steam, so I couldn’t help much with your issue. However, you can try disabling your Windows firewall and 3rd party firewall and anti-virus to make sure none of these are preventing you from connecting to the game. If that fails, grab a clean working blackcipher and hackshield from a friend. If still fails, post the error message popped out by MapleStory client.

  362. Colin

    Hi Ayumi. Okay thanks, I’ll ask him when he wakes up later. You know, I don’t know if it’s just me being bad luck Brian, but actually I’ve been playing MapleSEA on my 2 different laptops, and they both have the same exact problems lol. Could it be because I’m playing SEA from Europe?

  363. Michelle

    I play Maple from Steam. (Keep in mind I use Windows 8)
    I don’t get it because whenever I start MS, different things come out. Things like “application has been terminated”, hackshield errors, and firewall errors. I mean it used to work after continuous pressing “play”, but now it just won’t work. Right now it keeps saying the fire wall thing. I’m really tired of this. If you can help me, it’d be soooo helpful. I tried downloading MS from the site a few times, it works for a while but sometimes it says “error” and just randomly disappears… please help. thanks for taking the time to read this and if you can find a solution, thank you SO much! 🙂
    Just asking but is it better to use Steam/website for GMS on windows 8? I really want to play but I don’t know what to do.

  364. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, you can install on another pc/laptop but most importantly the MapleStory works perfectly without any issues with the latest patch. If it works fine, then perform the following steps that I have described in my previous comment. Hopefully, your friend allows you to install MapleStory 😀

  365. colin

    Hi Ayumi, I don’t have a desktop, is it the same if I install it on my friend’s Windows 7 laptop and do it like that?

  366. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, currently you have maplestory installed on your laptop right? Just leave it there, do not uninstall it. Now, perform a fresh installation of MapleStory on your desktop pc with the latest patch. If you already have it installed, do a test drive on your MapleStory desktop to ensure there isn’t any issues encountered as your laptop. Now copy the entire MapleStory installation folder from your desktop to your pendrive/flash-drive/thumbdrive. Then overwrite your laptop MapleStory installation folder with the one from your pendrive and rerun the game on your laptop. Inform me the result of this solution 🙂

  367. colin

    Hi Ayumi.
    So what you mean is try running the setup without uninstalling Maple first, then put the destination folder as Desktop?

  368. Ayumilove

    Hi Colin, try installing MapleStory on your desktop. If it works without any of the laptop issues described in your comment, copy the entire Maplestory folder from your desktop into your laptop’s same maplestory installation folder. This method is basically overwriting all the files. Don’t worry about it as it will not harm your pc/laptop. All of the above steps is to isolate the issue: whether its hardware or software. Let me know the results so I can provide you with the next course of action.

  369. Colin

    hi there. I have a few problems while playing MapleStory on Windows 8, i was hoping you can help me. I’ve tried reinstalling and the fix where you change the priority and affinity of BlackCipher.aes but it still doesn’t work.

    problem 1 : the hackshield takes way too long to load (not a big problem cause it loads sooner or later…). it takes like 5minutes to load then maplestory starts.

    problem 2 : sometimes when i select the character, input the 2nd password, press ok. it just freezes and this message appears (The instruction at 0x00e29817 referenced memory at 0x0000069. The memory could not be read. Click on OK to terminate the program). this happens 50-60% of the time and its a real pain having to restart maple everytime i wanna change characters. and with problem 1, to change from 1 character to another it would take 30minutes sometimes.

    problem 3 : sometimes when i enter portals or change channels, the screen goes black, but nothing else happens. it doesn’t freeze cause there’s still music. i tried leaving it to see if its lagging but i’ve waited for 45minutes and nthing happened.

    my laptop is brand new, Intel i5 2.5GhZ with AMD Radeon graphic card so i doubt its a problem with the computer. I’m playing on MapleSea btw.

  370. Justin

    Erm there a problem with my maple because every time i patch it there’s an error code 6 and i reinstall my maple a few times already and i download the manuel patch but when i download the manuel patch it says cannot find ‘ijl15.dll’. Please, re-install this application. I waited for about 2 week and check on it again and it still doesn’t work… is there anyway that this can be solve?

  371. Ayumilove

    Hi Sam, you need to copy BlackCipher and HackShield from a MapleStory player who is able to login to the game and playing inside. That way, you can guarantee that those files are working perfectly. Best way is to get the installer from your friend who installed the game and works on his PC/Computer. I encountered this issue before, where I downloaded the game twice, the first was corrupted in some ways even though the file size is the same.

  372. Sam

    Hello, there’s a new problem going around with many Maplers, including me. I downloaded every file needed, Blackchiper, Hacksheild, etc., and it’s compatible since it’s Windows Vista. I also have the most recent patch. So when i boot the game up, Hacksheild loads like it always does, then Blackchiper. After a few seconds later, this error report appears. This constantly happens, even when I restart my computer and re-installed it three times. Is there a solution to this? Please help and thank you!~

  373. Ayumilove

    Hi John NG, which MapleStory are you playing? GMS or MSEA? I persume its the latest GMS 1.35 with Monster Life content. One of the fastest way to solve this issue (for me), is to install the old MapleStory you have that works without any installation errors. Then copy from your friend (who play MapleStory too) for all the .wz files and .dll files and the MapleStory client. That guarantees sure fix 🙂 I’m planning to create a folder hosting GMS latest .wz and .dll files once I get my fast broadband up, currently my upload speed is so terrible that uploading 1 MB File takes 3-5 minutes.

  374. John Ng

    AyumiLove, how do I fix this problem normally? I tried deleting all my Maplestory files and I can’t even find the option to download the MSSetup.V135 seperately, only NGM. I need your help..

    > [ ERROR CODE = -40 ] Installation failed.(11315,-3) <

    It stopped on "Effect.wiz (12 of out 75 files installed)".

  375. lol

    err as u can see my hard disk c have not enough memory to download the rar but my hard disk d have n when i download n save it to hard disk d it only move 2gb plus n not 3 n when i opened it it says end of archive but if it is exe it wont says it download perfectly so help me

  376. Ayumilove

    Hi Finn, try overwriting the BlackCipher and HackShield folder with your friend(s) folder if they play MapleStory. If you have guild members MSN/IM, try contacting them to pass their folder to you. Ask them to upload a copy of both folders to a host such as and pass the download link to you. Then you download it and place it in your MapleStory installation folder.

  377. Ayumilove

    Hi jordanwong, I experienced this issue before and its due to MapleStory BlackCipher or HackShield or both. Try downloading from your friends (if they play MapleStory and works fine for them) of both the BlackCipher or Hackshield folder. Renamed your original folder with prefix “original” (example: original_BlackCipher) before attempting to move your newly downloaded files.

  378. jordanwong

    please me with it..

  379. Ayumilove

    Hi odee, try disabling your Windows Firewall and 3rd Party Firewall Software and Anti-Virus and rerun MapleStory to see whether the server appears. If this fails, try re-installing MapleStory into a different folder (example: C:\Wizet\MapleStory)

  380. jordanwong

    need help,everytime i try log in my id and pass that i just created.its come when i press log in,the window was closed and its said connection was end,please try again please

  381. odee

    What Operating System are you running? Windows 7 (32bit).
    Which MapleStory Region are you playing? GMS
    What MapleStory Version do you currently have? V135
    How did you install MapleStory? Using Full Version
    Where did you install MapleStory? D:\Maple\MapleStory
    How do you run MapleStory? Both GameLauncher and Website
    Describe issue you encounter and steps taken to fix: After logging in no servers appear. Tried all the possible solutions in the net but still nothing works.

  382. Finn

    I disconnected after clicking gateway. Any idea to solve it?

  383. Ayumilove

    Hi Shan, perhaps you can update your HackShield or the BlackCipher by copying from someone who has it. I have uninstalled MapleSEA installer and do not have a copy now to help you out. Could you try asking one of your friends in MapleStory to upload a copy of theirs so you can replace with yours?

  384. Shan

    still cant 🙁 any idea how!! please help. it just keeps showing trouble logging into game kindly refer to

  385. Ayumilove

    Hi Shan, try disabling your anti-virus, windows firewall and your 3rd-party firewall. Then try again! Make sure you are not downloading anything during running the game.

  386. Shan

    When choosing gate way this keep popping up saying trouble logging into game kindly refer to
    . Any idea why? Really want to play maple 🙁

  387. gather

    Um I have a problem on my computer which has windows xp as maple freezes after character select and sometimes comes up with hackshield error 67333. I’ve reinstalled and downloaded maple 4-5 times and then gave up fixing it due it diddnt work. I downloaded it recently on my pc again on windows xp it worked for a bit then disconnected me after a few minutes. Is

  388. Mapler

    I’ve been playing maplestory in my another PC because my other PC have this error:error code = -40 installation failed (11315,-3), after I have done downloading the MS.Setup from the MS Downloader and trying to install it (occurs during the installation, about a few files after started installing). I have tried to redownload it and re-install it (Hours!) but it still have this error. Please help me, the solution maybe is the error 40 you write but please reply me with more detals solution ;(

  389. Ayumilove

    Hi Daniel, try installing MapleStory under C:Program Files (x86)NexonMapleStory if you are running on 64bit OS. Also, what solutions you have tried? Please list them here in detail, you might miss out 1 or 2 😉

  390. puppi4

    Hi there, im already try all the solution given, but none works,idk why, already installed and try change the my probs is MS always force closed after i choose server. Sg or My,
    Im using maple story Sea v.127. i download it at the official using win 7 ult.
    help help..

  391. Ayumilove

    Hi foresttang, disable your anti-virus and firewall and try again. Also check whether the server is currently on maintenance, if server online then there should not be any issues. Which MapleStory region are you playing?

  392. foresttang

    I’m getting a message that reads “We are unable to connect to the login server due to a server check, a firewall block or other network issues…”
    help pls zzz

  393. Ayumilove

    Hi Hugo, I have found a temporary and permanent solution to fix the HackShield Initialization Error 0×0000000(0). Please check the guide above!

  394. Hugo

    I tried it before…still get that error…

  395. Ayumilove

    Hi Hugo, have you tried my fixes to your problem? Make sure you install in the same installation folder. But before you install, check whether there are any remaining folders like hackshield and delete them off before performing a clean maplestory installation.

  396. Hugo

    I double checked … there’s nothing related to Maplestory , I never had this problem after I reinstall the maplestory.

  397. Ayumilove

    Hi Hugo, Try restarting your PC and run MapleStory again. Also check your Task Manager under PROCESSE S tab and look for any Program that starts with the letter M (maplestory). Also close the hackshield since its tied to the MapleStory program.

  398. Hugo

    Hey Ayumi , do you have any idea about error code “0x0000000(0) Another Copy of maplestory is running”? I am very confirmed that I checked the task manager , it’s no second maplestory is running.

  399. Ayumilove

    Hi Stephan, Does MapleStory show any numerical error codes after disconnecting you from the game? Something similar like this 0x000000ABC232. If yes, post it here. If you are simultanously downloading something or having a video streaming while playing simultanously, that might cause disconnection as well.

  400. Stephan Fischer

    hey ayumi when i run the GLobal client with hackshield of website after 1 minut i got dc

  401. Joel

    Or maybe you’re logging in on a different account:I’ve had this happen to me:I have an acc on MS that is the same as of another service like Steam,then I login into MS with the Steam user and pass and i’m like ”wth where are my characters”,then I realize I logged into the wrong account.
    Also try redownloading MS.

  402. Joel

    @Maria Your character probably got erased. The fact that the name was already taken could just mean someone else took it. Also,maybe someone went into your account and deleted them:when a character is deleted,the nx cash stays,because the nx is tied to the account,not to the character.
    Maybe the people that may have hacked your account just used the NX they needed and deleted the chars. If you were refferring to missing NX items that were in your inventory,though,I’m not completely sure how those works:maybe when you delete a character with NX items with him,they are deleted with the char. Anyways,you could try filing a ticket on MapleEurope’s website or similar,but I doubt they were deleted because of a client-side problem,seeing as characters are saved server-side.

  403. Maria

    Here is my problem, last time i downloaded maple-story i got a hack-shield error so somewhere here on ayumilove there was a link to a back-up hack-shield for ms if the normal one didn’t work and when I downloaded the back-up hack-shield that replaced the normal one the game did work perfectly. Today I had no other choice than re-download maple-story eu again since they had updated and stuff so it stopped working for me again even with the back-up hack-shield and then I were able to play the game with their own hack-shield. The problem is that when I logged into the game all my characters were gone. I had one on lvl 127 which I fought with over 1000 years with to get to that lvl and I think it might be because I don’t got the back-up hack shield that i got from here (im pretty sure of it). So please help me with that hack shield and if you might knw any other solution to this problem i will be happy to hear it! Also i tried logging into my other maple accs which i’ve had for years with ms normal hack shield and they were still left so nothing has changed there. I also had nexon cash on the character that was on 127 but is gone now, sorry for repeating so much, and on the new one i had to create on the same acc i saw in cash shop that i had 1k left so at least everything werent deleted :/. Oh and one last thing when I login maplestory eu webpage the characters are still there also the same name I created (BaniChan on lvl 127) were already taken so if they really were all gone then i wouldnt had any nexon cash and that name wouldnt be taken either so I dont get this it all!

  404. Lily

    Hi, my task manager won’t show much, just the tasks and the end task button. 🙁

  405. Heng

    My maple cant in,when me press singapore it say trouble logging into the game, but can in malayasia…. someone can tell me what happen ?

  406. Reb

    Hello Ayumi. I have the same problem as Heather, which is having the “”Trouble logging in?
    Kindly refer to”” message popping up when choosing gateway. I can’t access both Malaysia and Singapore gates. :/ And, nope, it’s not maintenance time.

    Thank you for any help given.

  407. Ayumilove

    Hi weikiat, check whether your friends are able to login MapleStory during this event. If they can’t as well, MapleStory is undergoing some server maintenance/checking. Otherwise, try disabling your Internet Firewall and run MapleStory.exe again. If that fails, it should not be your PC is failing you.

  408. weikiat

    we are unable to connect to the login server due to a server check, a firewall block or other network issues,
    please check the maplestory homepage for ongoing server checks as well as your firewall settings

  409. ayumilove

    Hi Heather

    Probably MapleSEA is undergoing a server maintenance check. Try later after few hours. You can check their main site at for any server maintenance announcement.

  410. hatshepsut

    anyone knows how too fix HS Error 0x3000ffff(805371903) ?

  411. heather

    ”Trouble logging in?
    Kindly refer to”

    I was playing fine, then all of a sudden a message comes up saying ”Unable to connect to server”

    I restart maple, and everytime I try to get into the sg/my servers, the first message pops up.


  412. Kenzshinji

    the prompt message was like this ” Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item.”

    Can anyone help me ??

  413. Kenzshinji

    Hi ayumi, i’m using Windows 7 Starter netbook, i’ve downloaded the V1.10 Chaos, (2.23GB). Once i click on the exe. file, it prompt out say, incompatible…’s seems it forbid me to open this file….can help me ? thanks….

  414. JMM

    Hey my maplestory just closes after 2 mins what should i do ? , i got windows 7 home premium 64bits

  415. ayumilove

    Hi Abigail, what operating system are you using?

  416. ayumilove

    Hi Yiling,
    Did you use my MapleStory Download Links? Because I have tested them and its working for me (v1.062 latest version of MapleSEA Client) Try overwriting your .exe file with the one that I have uploaded. The download link can be found at

  417. Yiling

    Im window7 user. After 1.06 patch I can’t play maple. Install and reinstall but it doesn’t work. When I install finished, I double on the maple icon but it’s not running. Before 1.06 I can still play 🙁 I found something different from before and after 1.06 is the publisher. Before 1.06 is unknown. After 1.06 is nexon coropation. Is that publisher problem that cause?

  418. Abigail

    mine says it’s incompatible, smth to do with wizet. i can’t get into sg either what do i do?

  419. yaoxiong

    i just install maple on window 7.. then i open can then when on the page which have sg and my server select i click it keep say cant connect to server.. i have try this for 3days every 4hours.. my friend also got the same problem..i try disable all my firewall and antivirus still cannot.. and reinstall/restart com also cannot..
    can u please help me??