MapleStory Warrior Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Warrior MapleStory Warrior can advanced as Hero, Paladin or Dark Knight. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30. This guide takes account of the new changes aka revamp made by KMS (Korea MapleStory) Developers starting off with kMSt ver. 1.2.478 – Adventurer Warrior and Magician Reorganizations Patch! Some of the old skills are replaced with other functional that highlights each job’s uniqueness whereas the previous skills has some skill animation makeover. Adventurer jobs now have specialized skills, which are automatically learned at 2nd job advancement (4th for some classes). These skills have a max level of 1 and are not reset when an SP Reset Scroll is used.

Warrior Overview

CLASS: Adventurer/Explorer
PRIMARY WEAPON: Polearm, Spear, Sword, Mace, Axe
SECONDARY WEAPON: *This is determined on 2nd-job*
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: *This is determined in 2nd-job*
BEST INNER ABILITY: *This is determined in 2nd-job*

Warrior Beginner Skills

Please refer to Explorer Beginner/Novice Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief and Pirate.

Warrior 1st Job Skills (GMS | MSEA)

Slash Blast (Active)
Consumes MP to attack nearby enemies all at once.
Level 1: MP Cost: 3, Damage: 183%, Max Enemies Hit: 6
Level 20: MP Cost: 6, Damage: 335%, Max Enemies Hit: 6

War Leap | Warrior Leap (Active)
Use while in the middle of a jump to jump even further. The jumping distance increases as the skill level increases.
Level 1: MP Cost: 15, jumps further
Level 10: MP Cost: 5, jumps further

Iron Body (Passive)
Boosts DEF and Max HP by a set percentage, and decreases damage taken when hit by enemies.
Level 1: DEF: +10, Max HP: +1%, Damage Taken: -1%
Level 20: DEF: +200, Max HP: +20%, Damage Taken: -10%

Warrior Mastery (Passive)
Trains up your warrior basics to increase Movement Speed, Jump, Max HP, and Max Movement Speed. Also grants a chance to resist knockback.
Level 1: Speed +3, Jump +3, Max Speed +3, Max HP per level +6. 12% chance to activate Power Stance effect.
Level 15: Speed +10, Jump +10, Max Speed +10, Max HP per level +20. 40% chance to activate Power Stance effect.

Swordman Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Slash Blast (1), War Leap (3)
2. War Leap (MAX)
3. Slash Blast (MAX)
4. Warrior Mastery (MAX)
5. Iron Body (MAX)

You gain 5 SP upon completing 1st job advancement. Warrior primary attacking skill will be Slash Blast. However, you will not have sufficient SP to max all skills in 1st job. Therefore, cap Slash Blast at Level 19/20 once you have maxed War Leap to perform 1HKO (1-hit KO on monsters). Max War Leap before Warrior Mastery because it is much faster than speed walking. Also War Leap allows you to jump from 1 platform to the other, making training and traveling much convenient. Then, max Warrior Mastery for the passive bonus speed, jump and critical rate. Finally max, Iron Body so you can reduce damage inflicted by enemies. The reason why we max Iron Body instead of Slash Blast is because Slash Blast will be replaced with another powerful attacking skill at 2nd job, 3rd and 4th job whereas Iron Body can be use simultaneously with other buff skills for extra defense regardless different job advancements.

Additional Information

Warrior Changelog


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  4. GMS v.174 – Heroes of Maple: Reborn (2016-06-22)
  5. GMS v.179 – MapleStory V 5th Job (2016-12-15)
  6. GMS v.186 – Override Evolve (2017-06-21)
  7. GMS v.190 – Nova: Liberation of Cadena (2017-12-01)


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16 thoughts on “MapleStory Warrior Skill Build Guide

  1. fallen0ne

    This guide helped me out for so long.. Hope you’re doing good dude. Tried to go back on the game and it’s so different now. The the warrior basics skills are different… Upward charge, leap attack newly added it seems.

    At any rate, hope you’re good my old friend.

  2. Aeirel

    Are this game app?

  3. Thr3e

    stat build for Hero?

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Leo: Thanks for your feedback! I have updated the Warrior guide above to reflect the new changes.

  5. Leo

    Super nice website, love it.
    Just played a Warrior though, there is no SP extra anymore.

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @greenrider: Maxing the skills based on the priority as referred in the guide above helps player to level up quickly. Each players has their own playstyle (such as using skills much more often than the one mentioned in the guide). Therefore, they can max that skill first before other skills first.

  7. greenrider

    Does the sp build order matter?

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @ayumilove: Reboot updated!


    1st Job

    Iron Body: At Master Level: Duration decreased from 300 sec to 200 sec.

  9. DarkEnteOmega

    Hi Ayumi! I got a question. In the past (before Tempest), first skills we must improve to warriors, was those that raise your hp, because they gave you more hp often when you raising a level (skills says for example “+20 hp. +10 hp when you raise a level”). Then, if I don’t improve that skill first, my warrior at lv 25 could have a lot of hp less than another that was improved that way (for magicians was the same, but for mp obviously). Is not really need to improve it that way for now? Oh and thank for all your guides! 😀

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @Oliver: All AP (Ability Points) should be added into STR (Strength) for Warrior as this will increase your base damage significantly compared to DEX (Dexterity), INT (Intelligence) and LUK (Luck).

  11. Oliver

    Hi! How do i know how to spend my AP?

  12. Gary

    You can max everything though?

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi sea4ever, I do not know when but most probably MSEA implements it 1 month later after GMS or maybe during Christmas time?

  14. sea4ever

    hi Ayumilove, do you know when is red patch for Maple SEA?

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi OLDmapler, in MapleStory RED, you can switch to either Hero or Dark Knight when you have advanced to 4th Job. From there, you can experience both jobs and see which 1 you like. However, the switching cost some extra meso.

  16. OLDmapler

    Hey Ayumilove, Really need your advise. I can’t decide which to choose between this 2 warrior jobs. Hero & Dark Knight. Which one should i make?