MapleStory Character Card Deck System Guide (Grade + Bonus Effects)

May 20, 2017 Update: This system is replaced with Maple Union in MapleStory Beyond!

MapleStory Card System allows you to make use of your idle characters within your account. However, that character must be at least Level 30 for the system to create a card out of it. Each card has unique attributes based on the job and card grade. Mix and combine 3 different cards and the resulting effect/benefits will be applied to all characters in the same world of that account. You will be provided 2 card decks, each with 3 card slots. The card grade is determined by the level of your character. Cygnus Knights can only have up to Grade A (Level 120). To access the “Character Card”, click the button located on the top-right of the character selection screen.

Card Deck Overview

List of Grades by Level
Job Card Bonus Effects
3 Card Deck Bonus Effects
Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)
Best Card Combinations for Job

List of Grades by Level

Explorer, Resistance, Hero, Sengoku, Nova, Cygnus, Beast Tamer, Kinesis

  • Grade B : Level 30
  • Grade A : Level 60
  • Grade S : Level 100
  • Grade SS : Level 200


  • Grade B : Level 110
  • Grade A : Level 130
  • Grade S : Level 160
  • Grade SS : Level 200

Job Bonus Effects (Grade B/A/S/SS)

  • Angelic Buster: DEX +10/20/40/80
  • Aran: +70% chance to replenish HP on attack every 60 sec. Replenish HP 2X when attacking multiple monsters. Replenish HP +2/4/6/8%
  • Ayame: *None*
  • Battle Mage: Damage when hit -2/3/4/5%
  • Beast Tamer: Ignore Enemy Defense +2/4/6/8%
  • Bishop: MP Potion Effect +5/10/15/20%
  • Blaster: Ignore Enemy Defense +1/2/3/5%
  • Blaze Wizard: 0.5/1/1.5/2 magic damage per character level.
  • Bow Master: DEX +10/20/40/80
  • Buccaneer: Final Damage +(2/3/4/5 * Playing character level)
  • Cadena: LUK +10/20/40/80
  • Cannoneer: EXP loss on death -2/3/4/5%
  • Corsair: Summon duration +4/6/8/10%
  • Dark Knight: Max HP +2/3/4/5%
  • Dawn Warrior | Soul master: Defense +2/3/4/5%
  • Demon Avenger: Boss Damage +1/2/3/5%
  • Demon Slayer: Abnormal Status Resistance +1/2/3/4%
  • Dual Blade: LUK +10/20/40/80
  • Eunwol | Shade: Critical Damage +1/2/3/4%
  • Evan: 70% chance to replenish MP on attack every 60 seconds. Replenish MP 2X when attacking multiple monsters. Replenish MP +2/4/6/8%
  • Fire-Poison Magician: Max MP +2/3/4/5%
  • Hayato: Critical Damage +1/2/3/4%
  • Hero: Defense +2/3/4/5%
  • Ice-Lightning Magician: Final Magical Damage +(0.5/1/1.5/2 * Playing character level)
  • Jett: Summon duration +2/4/8/10%
  • Kaiser: STR +10/20/40/80
  • Kinesis: INT +10/20/40/80
  • Luminous: INT +10/20/40/80
  • Kanna: Boss Damage +1/2/3/4%
  • Marksman: Critical chance +1/2/3/4%
  • Mechanic: Buff duration +5/10/15/20%
  • Mercedes: Skill cooldown -2/3/4/5% (Takes priority over item potential. Cooldown cannot be lower than 1 sec)
  • Mihile: Defense +2/3/4/5%
  • Night Lord: Jump +2/3/4/5%
  • Night Walker: LUK +10/20/40/80
  • Paladin: Final Physical Damage +(0.5/1/1.5/2 * Playing character level)
  • Phantom: Meso Rate +1/2/3/4%
  • Pink Bean: *None*
  • Shadower: Speed +2/3/4/5%
  • Striker aka Thunder Breaker: Final Damage +(2/3/4/5 * Playing character level)
  • Wild Hunter: 20% chance to deal 4/8/12/16% increased damage when attacking
  • Wind Breaker | Wind Archer: DEX +10/20/40/80
  • Xenon: Bonus Stat +5/10/20/40 for STR, DEX, and LUK.
  • Zen: Critical Damage: +1/2/3/4%
  • Zero: Bonus EXP Per Monster Kill +4/6/8/10%
  • Sword Art Online ~ Kirito | Asuna | Leafa: *None*


Playing character level means the character that you have selected to play in-game (boss/training) instead of the character card level.

Card Deck Bonus Effects

Unique Deck Effect (Non-Stackable)

  • Powerful Charge (3 Warrior Cards – HP bonus damage) +4/6/8/10%
  • Magical Storm (3 Magician Cards – MP bonus damage) +4/6/8/10%
  • Pinpoint Aim (3 Bowman Cards – Final Attack damage) +1/2/3/4%
  • Weak Point Targeting (3 Thief Cards – Critical damage) +1/2/3/4%
  • Pirate’s Way (3 Pirate Cards – Ignore Enemy Defense) +2/4/6/8%
  • Free Spirit (3 Explorer Cards – All Stats) +2/5/7/10
  • Honor of Cygnus (3 Cygnus Cards – All Stats) +2/5
  • The Glorious Return (3 Hero Cards – All Stats) +2/5/7/10
  • Blaze of Resistance (3 Resistance Cards – All Stats) +2/5/7/10

Regular Deck Effect (Stackable)

  • Warrior’s First Step (3 Rank B Cards – HP and MP) HP 300, MP 300
  • Warrior’s Growth (3 Rank A Cards – ATK, HP and MP) ATK +1, M.ATK +1, HP 500, MP 500
  • Warrior’s Feat (3 Rank S Cards – ATK, HP and MP) ATK +3, M.ATK +3, Boss ATK +3%, HP +700, MP +700
  • Completed Warrior (3 Rank SS Cards – ATK, HP and MP) ATK +5, M.ATK +5, Boss ATK +5%, HP +1000, MP +1000


If the deck contains 3 cards of the same kind (also known as 3 of a kind cards), you will gain bonus effects from the deck itself! For example, let’s assume the cards we have in 1 deck are all level 200 and are all explorer warrior (Hero + Paladin + Dark Knight). This means you will gain the 3 card deck bonus effects which are “Powerful Charge (3 Warriors)” + “Free Spirit (3 Explorer)” + “Completed Warrior (Level 200)”. Take note that you can only have 1 unique deck effect but can have multiple regular deck effect. For example, if you were to have 2 deck of cards and both decks have all level 200 warrior cards, you will only get 1 Powerful Charge Deck Effect but 2 Completed Warrior Deck Effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rank determined by Character Card Level?
Rank is determined by the rank of the average character level in the set. 100+100+94 -> A rank (98 average), 106+100+94 -> S rank (100 average).

Do we gain benefits from two decks at once? Essentially granting you 6 class bonuses and two combo bonuses? Yes. You get the effects of all 6 cards, + 2 set bonuses for the 2 sets.

If I have 3 Explorer cards but they’re not in the same deck, do I still get the effect? Or do the cards all have to be together for that to work? A: All 3 Explorer cards MUST be in the same deck in order to benefit from Three-of-a-kind Bonuses.

Can I have 2 or more of the same job placed within these 3 decks? A: No, only 1 unique job can be place in all decks. If you have a Buccaneer in the 1st Deck, you are not allowed to place another Buccaneer into the 1st nor 2nd nor 3rd deck of cards. In short, you can’t place more than 1 Buccaneer card in a deck, let alone 2 Buccaneer for its awesome damage. Only unique jobs.

What “level to physical+magical damage” means. Is it just % Total Damage?
Your level multiplied by the card’s effect, added to your damage range. The Paladin card only affects physical damage ranges, the I/L Archmage card only affects magical damage ranges, the Buccaneer card affects both.
Ex. Level 120 Bucc (Mutliplier is 4)
Level 200 character, range is 100000.
200 * 4 = 800, range becomes 100800.

Ex. Level 200 IL (Multiplier is 2)
Level 180 Mage, range is 50000.
180 * 2 = 360, range becomes 50360.

Ex. Level 200 IL (Multiplier is 2)
Level 180 Warrior, range is 50000.
Range is unchanged, IL only affects damage range for magicians.

List of Best Card Combination Guide

Players are provided a total of 3 decks where each deck can contain up to 3 cards. All cards and card decks apply their bonus effects to all characters within your game account in that particular world. It’s recommended to create all 9 cards and leveling them up to Level 100 (S Rank) to support your main character to reach Level 250 more quickly! The end game card combination below focuses on cards that can scale with your damage range.

Deck 1 ~ Pirate Set: Ignore Enemy Defense +2/4/6/8%

Eunwol | Shade: Critical Damage +3%
Mechanic: Buff Duration +15%
Cannoneer: EXP loss upon death -4%


Getting the 3 Pirate set bonus is important, as extra Ignore Enemy Defense (IED) is always useful. In addition, the Shade and Mechanic cards are extremely useful. For the final slot, I think Cannoneer card is more useful than the Xenon card at endgame, but you can substitute Xenon in if you’re leveling a new character, for more low-level damage/mitigation.

Deck 2 ~ No Set

Beast Tamer: +6% Ignore Enemy Defense
Marksman: +3% Critical Rate
Hayato: +3% Critical Damage


Again, IED, Critical Rate, and Critical Damage are all stats that scale well. Substitute Blaster for Beast Tamer, if you weren’t able to make a Beast Tamer when her window was open.

Deck 3 ~ Warrior Set: HP bonus damage +4/6/8/10%

Blaster: Ignore Enemy Defense +3%
Demon Slayer: Abnormal Status Resistance +3%
Zero: Bonus EXP Per Monster Kill +8%


Again, Blaster is nice for the extra IED. Zero’s usefulness is self-explanatory. Extra Experience Rate (EXP) is good at any level. If you’re on Reboot, substitute Kanna or Demon Avenger for Zero, for the extra Boss Damage. As for Demon Slayer, getting 100% status resistance is extremely useful, and it can be difficult to cap. Importantly, even if you are capped, getting 3% status resistance from a card can save you hyper stat points that can instead go into scaling damage stats. If you have 100% status resist WITHOUT hyper stats, you can drop Demon Slayer for Demon Avenger, to get a bit of extra Boss Damage.

Early Game Card Deck Combination

If you’re leveling a fresh character, you can swap out both Blaster and Demon Slayer, and instead take Aran and Evan. I’ve found those cards to be very useful in streamlining the training process. The people who malign them as useless are, I believe, mistaken as to the extent of their effects. I’ve leveled 20+ characters to 100+ now, and on essentially all of them, I didn’t use a single potion until I was close to 100.

Share your card combinations by posting a comment below!

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