Best MapleStory Quest For Fame and EXP

List of Best MapleStory Quests to earn decent amount of fame and EXP (Experience Points). At least 20 Fame is required to equip dark equipment which has overall better stats (STR, DEX, INT, LUK) + HP/MP + attack/defense compared to regular ones. Pre-collect the items listed below before visiting the NPC Quest provider to will speed up the quest completion.

Fame Quests

Welcome to New Leaf City (Level 90+ / 2 Fame)

Available in: GMS
Talk to Icebyrd Slimm, ask information about NLC (New Leaf City) and then take the quiz. Below is a list of answers for each quiz that will reward some EXP and Elixir Potions.
Quiz 1 : New Leaf City
Quiz 2 : Time-traveler
Quiz 3 : The transport system of New Leaf City
Quiz 4 : Under Big Ben
Quiz 5 : The dangerous outskirts of New Leaf City
Quiz 6 : A weird switch that transports you to a different place
Quiz 7 : Entering them sends you to the place listed.
Quiz 8 : Depending on Red or Green light, area with stoplight may or may not be open.
Quiz 9 : A dashing bandit prince from Amoria
Quiz 10 : Sheriff of New Leaf City
Quiz 11 : Famous treasure hunter and explorer
Quiz 12 : The moment they are ready to go.
Quiz End : Talk to Icebyrd again. (+2 Fame)

Subani’s Legacy (Level 40+ / 10 Fame)

Available in: GMS
John Barricade can be found in Bigger Ben: Lobby, near the bottom of the map.
Quest 1 : Discovery – Kill 50 Killa Bees, 40 Fire Tusks, 30 Mighty Maple Eaters (+2 Fame)
Quest 2 : Transgression – Collect 50 Hyper Glyphs (+3 Fame)
Quest 3 : Deliverance – Collect 50 MesoGear Map Pieces (+5 Fame)
Killa Bees, Fire Tusks, and Mighty Maple Eaters can be found in MesoGears : Deity Room, the map next to John Barricade. Hyper Glyphs drop from Electrophants. The best spawn of Electrophants is in the Krakian Jungle Basin, just two maps right of New Leaf City. Hyper Glyphs have a low drop rate, so it is recommended to perform this quest alongside Cleaning Up The Streets if possible. MesoGear Map Pieces drop from I.AM.ROBOT, found in the Krakian Jungle. The best place to find them is the Masteria Mountain Slopes, which have a good spawn rate.

Malaysia Quest (Level 50+ / 26 Fame)

Available in: MSEA, GMS
Talk to Village Chief Malek at Malaysia Muddy Banks 2 and complete his chores.
Quest 1 : A Bright and Sunny Day – Collect 50 Coconut Husk (+3 Fame)
Quest 2 : Too Hot! – Collect 100 Coconut Husk (+5 Fame)
Quest 3 : I am Bored! – Collect 100 Rebab (+8 Fame)
Quest 4 : All Taken Away – Collect 150 Rebab (+10 Fame)
Collect 150 Coconut Husk from Chlorotrap and 250 Rebab from Emo Slime before talking to Village Chief Malek.

Orbis : Goddess’s Pet (Level 50+ / 20 Fame)

Available in: GMS, MSEA (except for Cygnus Knights and Zen)
Quest 1 : Eliza’s Rage – Kill 50 Jr. Lucida and 50 Lucida.
Quest 2 : Eliza’s Garden – None
Quest 3 : Talk with Eliza – Kill Eliza’s Doppelganger.
Quest 4 : Eliza’s Eternal Sleep – Play the musical harp (+20 Fame)
The last quest requires you to play the musical harp which consists of 7 notes (7 red mineral hanging on the harp). Play the musical notes in the sequence below (from left to right). 1,1,5,5,6,6,5 + 4,4,3,3,2,2,1 + (5,5,4,4,3,3,2) x 2 + 1,1,5,5,6,6,5 + 4,4,3,3,2,2,1

EXP Quests

Mushroom Castle – Mushroom Kingdom Quest (Level 30+)

Collect items below before starting Mushroom Castle Quest.
40 x Mutated Spores from Renegade Spores.
30 x Poison Mushroom Caps from Poison Mushroom.
30 x Intoxicated Pig Tails
Collect items below after removing thorns from Castle Wall Edge.
25 x Destroyed Helmets from Helmet Pepe.
25 x Broken Spears from Royal Guard Pepe.

Kerning Square City (Level 35+)

Collect items after talking to Jake at Kerning City Subway to start quest.
40 concert tickets from red tea, 50 tickets from mango tea and 60 tickets from melon tea.
45 yeti keychains, 55 jr pepe keychains and 65 orange mushroom keychain.
15 yellow, pink and blue perfumes.
50 bunnies costume, 50 female yellow wig and 70 male hats.
35 latest hit CD and 55 old blakes songs CD.
Last is kill 10 ampliflier and 10 speaker, and spirit of rock.

15 x (Pink, Green, Yellow) Tapioca Bubbles from Bubble Tea Mobs.
20 x (Yeti, Pepe, Orange Mushroom) Plushies from Vending Machine Mobs.
20 x (Male, Female, Kid) Hats from Mannequin.
15 x (Pink, Yellow, Purple) Perfume Bottles from Perfume Mobs.
15 x (Latest, Oldies) CDs from CD Monsters.
50 x Fancy Amplifier Cables from Fancy Amplifiers.

Orbis : Chryse City (Level 50+)

250 x Rabbit’s Fang from Rabbit.
250 x Golden Rabbit’s Cape from Golden Rabbit.
70 x Scorpie’s Helmet from Scorpie.
70 x Golden Scorpie’s Helmet from Golden Scorpie.
70 x Mammoth Tails and Gold Mammoth Tusks.

For Phyllia (Nihal Dessert)

To have The Brutal Truth completed
To have not started For Zenumist
To have not started For Alcadno
At least Level 85

Talk to Phyllia in Magatia.
Obtain 1 Dran’s Note.
Talk to Phyllia again.

37,420 EXP
30 Fame
Dran’s Note -1
Elixir x 30

Quest Details:

  1. [Available] Dr. De Lang, the missing alchemist. What he wanted and the dark truth behind… All these previously hidden facts have been revealed. Now it’s the matter of choice. If I am to choose the truth, then I’ll have to head over to Phyllia.
  2. [In Progress] The truth must be told, even if it causes heartbreak and anger. Once I get myself ready to reveal the truth, I better hand in Dran’s Note to Phyllia.
  3. [Completed] With trembling hands, Phyllia received Dran’s Note. There was no way to tell how she’d react to it, whether to be angry, sad, in despair…or forgive. It’s all up to her now.

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