MapleStory Demon Avenger Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Resistance Demon AvengerDemon Avenger is one of MapleStory Resistance Warrior born with special abilities and traits. Similarly to Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger wields two weapons: a Blue Lightsaber sword (aka Desperado) and Force Shield. This shield does not increases Force as this job uses a different system, EXCEED SYSTEM which consumes HP (Health Points based by Max HP percentage) to activate skills. His damage is based by current HP. In short, this character only requires HP stats to perform better. If you use one of Exceed Skills frequently, it will become more powerful but tires your body faster due to Overload State. There are male and female version of this to choose from (no gender lock) with white wavy hair as their signature trait as opposed to Demon Slayer black hair.

The creation of Demon is back and it just got more interesting. Demon Avenger has arrived in MapleSEA. You can now choose to be a Demon Slayer or Demon Avenger upon completion of the Demon tutorial. Unlike Demon Slayer, Demon Avenger does not utilize Demon Force for his skills. Instead it uses its HP to execute his skills, bringing the gameplay to a whole new level. Do note that for existing Demon Slayer, players are unable to convert Demon Slayer to Demon Avenger.

Demon Avenger Overview

CLASS: Resistance
PRIMARY WEAPON: Desperado (unique 1-handed weapon)
LINK SKILL: Wild Rage – Damage +5/10/15%
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: Boss Damage +1/2/3/5/6%
BEST INNER ABILITY: Ignore Cooldown Chance 20%, Critical Rate +30%
JOB SKILLS: I: Demon AvengerII: Demon AvengerIII: Demon AvengerIV: Demon AvengerHyper SkillsV: Demon Avenger

Demon Avenger Pros and Cons


  • *Share your pros on this job!*
  • Easiest job to play for new MapleStory players (newbies).
  • Highest HP (Health Points aka Hit Points) among all classes/jobs.
  • Low risk of dying except Exceed HP Consumption.
  • No HP MP Potions usage for regular training except for Boss Raids.
  • Save tons of meso with absence of potion consumption.
  • No MP (Mana aka Magic Points) usage, making this game fairly easy for new players.
  • Due to HP boosting Demon Avenger’s damage plus the additional HP given by the Star Force Conversion skill, Demon Avenger is possibly the easiest to fund end-game, in terms of equipment Potential (as HP/MP% potential lines are one of the easiest if not the easiest stat to gain from cubes, especially from Epic tier above).


  • *Share your cons on this job!*
  • Can’t use any warrior weapons except for Desperado.
  • Always have to maintain high HP to deal constant high damage.
  • Exceed system consumes HP very quickly if attention is not paid.

MapleStory Demon Avenger Video

Ayumilove Demon Avenger 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Job Skills Preview

Shared Skills

Please refer to Shared Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among all jobs in MapleStory.

Demon Avenger Beginner Job Skill (GMS | MSEA)

Dark Winds
Allows you to use various jump skills using your wings.
Level 1: High Jump: Press up arrow key twice during a jump. (jump + ↑↑)
Level 1: Jag Jump: Press right or left arrow key twice during a jump. (jump + →→)
Level 1: Glide: Press jump key + Maintain Jump. (jump + jump)

Blood Pact | Blood Contract (Passive)
Set a blood pact to convert your HP to Attack Power. This pact lets you ignore Warrior and Demon Avenger equipment stat requirements.
Level 1: Stat Attack Power is based on Max HP. Amount of Stat Attack Power increased is low for HP added through Equipment items and skills than pure HP. Allows you to ignore Demon Avenger equipment stat requirements.

Demonic Blood
Demons are known for their naturally strong willpower and overwhelming ambition.
Level 1: Willpower: Level 20, Ambition: +20, Knock-back Resistance: 100%.

Exceed Exceed (Passive)
Exceed speeds up your attacks and makes you more powerful, but also strains your body and decreases the amount of HP you absorb through Life Sap. When you reach the skill’s final stage, the attacks will change. Your Overload increases if you use another Exceed skill.
Level 1: Life Sap-1% for every 20 Exceed Overload cap and 2 Overload stacks. Overload +1 when another Exceed skill is used while Exceed skill is in use.

High Efficiency Hyper Potion Mastery | High Efficiency (Passive)
Makes potions more effective.
Level 1: Potion Recovery Rate: +200%
Example: Consuming White Potion (100 HP) recovers 200 HP. (100 * 2 = 200)

Star Force Conversion Star Force Conversion (Passive)
Changes the star powers on your equipment. Increases Max HP based on the Star Force enhancement level on your equipped item, and the HP increase amount for each enhancement gets larger when the total of your equipped Star Force enhancements are higher.
Level 1: Max HP increases proportional to the Star Force on your equipped items

Wild Rage Wild Rage (Passive + Link Skill)
Your rage increases your damage output.
Level 1: Damage: +5%
Level 2: Damage: +10%
Level 3: Damage: +15%

Curse of Fury (Passive)
When attacking, has a chance to trigger Endless Fury. When activated, your HP regenerates, and eliminated enemies return a fixed amount of Fury.
Level 1: Endless Fury Chance: 1%. Recovers 5% HP when Endless Fury is activated. Absorbs Fury from eliminated enemies.

Demon Avenger Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.
Explanation: These are Demon Avenger innate abilities. No SP required.

Demon Avenger 1st Job Skills (GMS | MSEA)

Exceed - Double Slash Exceed: Double Slash (Active)
Slashes enemies in front two times. Exceed: Gradually increases attack speed and decreases HP. Range increased during final stage.
Level 1: HP Cost: 1%, Damage: 105%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 8
Level 20: HP Cost: 1%, Damage: 200%, Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 8

Release Overload Overload Release | Release Overload

Recovers HP and increases final damage by dispelling the Overload debuff stacked up from using Exceed. If used when Overload is not maxed out, the ratio between the current Overload value and the max Overload value will change the HP recovery amount and final damage increase rate.
Level 1: Resets Overload to 0. Duration: 41 sec, Final damage: +5%, HP Restored: 24%
Level 20: Resets Overload to 0. Duration: 60 sec, Final damage: +15%, HP Restored: 100%

Absorb Life Life Sap | Absorb Life (Passive)
Drains your enemy’s life to restore your own.
Level 1: 10% chance to recover 1% HP on hit
Level 10: 100% chance to recover 5% HP on hit

Demonic Sharpness Demonic Veracity | Demonic Sharpness (Passive)
Permanently increases movement speed, max movement speed, Jump, and Critical Rate.
Level 1: Speed: +3, Max Speed: +6, Jump: +6, Critical Rate: +1%
Level 15: Speed: +45, Max Speed: +20, Jump: +20, Critical Rate: +20%

Demon Avenger 1st Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed.
[NOTE] 5 SP provided at Level 10.
0. 1 SP automatically added into Double Slash, Release Overload, Life Sap.
1. Demonic Veracity (MAX)
2. Life Sap (MAX)
3. Overload Release (MAX)
4. Double Slash (MAX)

Demon Avenger 1st Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed.
[NOTE] 5 SP provided at Level 10.
0. 1 SP automatically added into Double Slash, Release Overload, Absorb Life.
1. Demonic Sharpness (MAX)
2. Absorb Life (MAX)
3. Release Overload (MAX)
4. Double Slash (MAX)

Demon Avenger’s primary attacking skill will be Double Slash. Double Slash is maxed last since most enemies can be killed within 1-2 hits at this stage. Max Demonic Sharpness first to increase movement speed and jumping height. You can always use Demon’s Wing to glide through the air to reach enemies quickly but for nearby enemies, preferably jump and attack with Double Slash. Next, max Absorb Life to maintain current HP as high as possible. The lower your HP goes, the lower your base damage is. Then, max Release Overload to replenish lost health instantly!

Demon Avenger 2nd Job Skills (GMS | MSEA)

Exceed Demon Strike Exceed – Demon Strike (Active)
Charges forward and slices through enemies. Exceed: Gradually increases damage and decreases HP. Range increased during final stage.
Level 1: HP Cost: 1%, Damage: 87%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 10
Level 20: HP Cost: 1%, Damage: 125%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 10

Bat Swarm Bat Swarm (Active)
Summons a cloud of infernal bats that follow you and attack enemies. You can change the bats’ flight direction by pressing the skill key again.
Level 1: HP Cost: 1% of Max HP, Damage: 143%, Number of Attacks: 40. The cloud expires once you finish attacking, move a certain distance, or their timer runs out. Press the skill key again to switch direction.
Level 20: HP Cost: 1% of Max HP, Damage: 200%, Number of Attacks: 40. The cloud expires once you finish attacking, move a certain distance, or their timer runs out. Press the skill key again to switch direction.
The summoned bats expire after attacking 40 times or 10 seconds past or travelling more than 1800 pixels or whichever limit reaches first. Change the summoned bat direction (left or right) by pressing the skill again. With practice, you can use it to constantly harass an enemy while performing your primary attacking skill.

Demon Booster Battle Pact | Demon Booster (Supportive)
Temporarily increases attack speed.
Level 1: HP Cost: 380, Duration: 36 sec, Attack Speed: +2
Level 10: HP Cost: 200, Duration: 180 sec, Attack Speed: +2

Abyssal Rage Abyssal Connection | Abyssal Rage (Passive)
Increases Attack Power.
Level 1: Weapon ATT: +2
Level 20: Weapon ATT: +40

Solid Will Unbreakable Steel | Solid Wall (Passive)
Greatly increases Defense through indomitable will.
Level 1: Permanently increases Defense by 10%.
Level 10: Permanently increases Defense by 100%.

Desperado Mastery Desperado Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases Desperado Mastery.
Level 1: Desperado Mastery: +14%
Level 10: Desperado Mastery: +50%

Inner Strength Rage Within | Inner Strength (Passive)
Permanently increases Max HP and DEF.
Level 1: Permanently increases Max HP by 120% and Defense by 100%
Level 5: Permanently increases Max HP by 600% and Defense by 500%

Demon Avenger 2nd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed except Demon Strike.
1. Demon Strike, Bat Swarm (1)
2. Abyssal Connection (MAX)
3. Desperado Mastery (MAX)
4. Rage Within (MAX)
5. Unbreakable Steel (MAX)
6. Demon Strike (19/20)
7. Bat Swarm (MAX)
8. Battle Pact (MAX)

Demon Avenger 2nd Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed except Demon Strike.
1. Demon Strike, Bat Swarm (1)
2. Official Rage (MAX)
3. Desperado Mastery (MAX)
4. Inner Strength (MAX)
5. Solid Wall (MAX)
6. Demon Strike (19/20)
7. Bat Swarm (MAX)
8. Demon Booster (MAX)

Demon Avenger’s primary attack will be both Demon Strike and Bat Swarm. Therefore, add 1 SP (Skill Point) into both skills. When you are training in a map that has 2 platform/level, casts Bat Swarm on the first platform, and use Demon Strike to clear the second platform. Level 1 Bat Swarm easily one hit kills (OHKO) or 2HKO enemies enemies that are within your level range. Since Demon Strike isn’t required or dependent by 3rd Job Skill, you can channel 1 SP from Demon Strike into Bat Swarm. You can use Bat Swarm as a secondary attacking skill along with your primary offensive 3rd Job and 4th Job Skills. Also Bat Swarm is useful to clear 2 close by platforms where Demon Strike could not reach.

Before you start maxing your offensive skills, max Abyssal Rage first to boost your damage significantly to allow 1 hit kill with Demon Strike. Since Demon Strike deals multiple attacks per enemy, it offers some damage stability, therefore Desperado Mastery is the second on the list to be maxed. Next, max Inner Strength to boost your physical and magical defense followed by Solid Wall. This reduces damage received from enemy to 1. Don’t max Solid Wall before maxing Inner Strength since its percentage type. You will need high base defense for Solid Wall’s percentage defense boost to work its magic. Cap Demon Strike at Level 19 so you have 1 SP extra to max Bat Swarm. A more efficient method would be adding few SP into Demon Strike to get into OHKO sweet spot and then add the rest to Bat Swarm. Finally, max Desperado Booster last since it only affects the activation delay of Demon Slash and Bat Swarm at this point but will be useful for 3rd and 4th Job Skills.

Demon Avenger 3rd Job Skills (GMS | MSEA)

Exceed Moonlight Slash Exceed – Moonlight Slash | Exceed: Lunar Slash (Active)
Attacks enemy to the front and back. Exceed: Gradually increases attack speed and decreases HP. Range increased during final stage.
Level 1: HP Cost: 3%, Damage: 205%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10
Level 20: HP Cost: 3%, Damage: 300%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 10

Pain Dampener Pain Dampener | Ides Exceed Pain (Passive)
Permanently decreases the Life Sap HP absorption penalty created by Exceed Overload. In addition, increases the Damage of the Exceed skill.
Level 1: Exceed Overload HP Absorption Penalty: -1%, Exceed Damage: +1%
Level 20: Exceed Overload HP Absorption Penalty: -2%, Exceed Damage: +20%

Shield Charge Shield Charge (Active)
Charge through enemies and knock them back with your shield. When the charge finishes, you unleash a powerful blast that knocks them back further, and has a chance to stun.
Level 1: HP Cost: 2% of Max HP, Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 105%, Number of Attacks: 2. Enemies Hit After Charge: 12, Damage After Charge: 105%.
Level 20: HP Cost: 2% of Max HP, Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 200%, Number of Attacks: 2. Enemies Hit After Charge: 12, Damage After Charge: 200%.

Refract Evil Ward Evil | Refract Evil (Supportive)
Blocks evil energy. All Elemental Resistance and Abnormal Status resistance increase, and the damage received is reduced.
Level 1: HP Cost: 520, Duration: 28 sec, Elemental Resistance: +12%, Status Ailment Resistance: +12%, Damage Intake: -1%
Level 20: HP Cost: 900, Duration: 180 sec, Elemental Resistance: +50%, Status Ailment Resistance: +50%, Damage Intake: -30%

Diabolic Recovery Diabolic Recovery (Supportive + Passive)
Rapidly recover HP for a short time. Also lets you recover HP over time.
Level 1: HP Cost: 520, Duration: 28 sec, Max HP: +6%, Interval: 23 sec, HP Restored at Interval: 1%
Level 20: HP Cost: 900, Duration: 180 sec, Max HP: +25%, Interval: 4 sec, HP Restored at Interval: 5%

Inhale Vitality Vitality Veil | Inhale Vitality (Active)
Hit enemies with the skill key pressed and your Desperado will absorb HP. Release the key to dish out an additional explosive attack.
Level 1: HP Cost: 100, Enemies Hit with Key Pressed: 12, Damage: 205%, HP Restored: 1%.
Explosion Damage: 620%. Cooldown: 31 sec
Level 20: HP Cost: 100, Enemies Hit with Key Pressed: 12, Damage: 300%, HP Restored: 10%.
Explosion Damage: 1000%. Cooldown: 12 sec

Advanced Absorb Life Advanced Life Sap | Advanced Absorb Life (Passive)
Required Skill: Life Sap (MAX)
Boosts Life Sap’s HP absorption abilities and the final damage increase obtained from Overload Release.
Level 1: Increases Life Sap’s absorption amount boosted to 6% of Max HP, Overload Release’s final damage increase amount boosted to 17%.
Level 5: Increases Life Sap’s absorption amount boosted to 10% of Max HP, Overload Release’s final damage increase amount boosted to 25%.

Demon Avenger 3rd Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed except Shield Charge.
1. Lunar Slash, Shield Charge, Vitality Veil, Pain Dampener (1)
2. Diabolic Recovery (MAX)
3. Pain Dampener (11/20)
4. Advanced Life Sap (MAX)
5. Lunar Slash (MAX)
6. Pain Dampener (MAX)
7. Ward Evil (MAX)
8. Vitality Veil (MAX)
9. Shield Charge (19/20)

Demon Avenger 3rd Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed except Shield Charge.
1. Moonlight Slash, Shield Charge, Inhale Vitality, Ides Exceed Pain (1)
2. Diabolic Recovery (MAX)
3. Ides Exceed Pain (11/20)
4. Advanced Absorb Life (MAX)
5. Moonlight Slash (MAX)
6. Ides Exceed Pain (MAX)
7. Refract Evil (MAX)
8. Inhale Vitality (MAX)
9. Shield Charge (19/20)

Demon Avenger’s 3rd Job primary attacking skill will be Moonlight Slash. If you are fighting against enemies which could not be killed in 1-2 hits, cluster those enemies with Shield Charge and eliminate all of them in one-go with Moonlight Slash or Inhale Vitality. Level 1 Inhale Vitality is useful for this purpose by dealing high DPS (Damage Per Second) while siphoning health from enemies in exchange of high cooldown. Diabolic Recovery is maxed first to constantly replenish your health every few seconds while you drain enemy health with Absorb Life. This allows to you to maintain max damage without having your health diminish to 70% and below. Add 11 SP into Ides Exceed Pain to reduce the Overload Effect. Why 11 SP? The reduction effect stays the same from Level 1-10 and Level 11-20. Then pump up your damage by maxing Moonlight Slash followed by Advanced Absorb Life to minimize the HP Consumption from primary attacking skill.

Demon Avenger 4th Job Skills (GMS | MSEA)

Exceed Execution Exceed – Execution (Active)
Uses the true powers of the Demon to deal a powerful slash, ignoring a portion of enemy defense. Exceed: Attack speed gradually increases, along with HP cost. Attacks 2 more time at the final level.
Level 1: HP Cost: 4%, Damage: 308%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 2, Enemy DEF Ignored: 1%
Level 30: HP Cost: 4%, Damage: 540%, Number of Attacks: 4, Max Enemies Hit: 2, Enemy DEF Ignored: 30%

Shield Chasing Nether Shield | Shield Chasing (Active)
Enchants your shield with a tracking spirit, which hits an enemy, then bounces to the next target. If there are no other enemies nearby, the shield will attack the first enemy it hit. Unaffected by damage reflection.
Level 1: HP Cost: 8% of Max HP, Shields: 2, Damage: 210%, Number of Attacks: 2, Attacks per Shield: 8. Cooldown: 6 sec. Passive Effect: Exceed: Lunar Slash Damage: +185% points.
Level 30: HP Cost: 8% of Max HP, Shields: 2, Damage: 500%, Number of Attacks: 2, Attacks per Shield: 8. Cooldown: 6 sec. Passive Effect: Exceed: Lunar Slash Damage: +330% points.

Armor Break Nether Slice | Armor Break (Supportive)
Attacks enemies and rips through armor. Any enemies hit will receive a debuff which temporarily reduces their armor.
Level 1: HP Cost: 420, Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 205%, Number of Attacks: 4, Debuff Duration: 1 sec, Enemy DEF: -1%. Passive Effects: Demon Strike Damage: +126%p
Level 30: HP Cost: 1000, Enemies Hit: 12, Damage: 350%, Number of Attacks: 4, Debuff Duration: 30 sec, Enemy DEF: -30%. Passive Effects: Demon Strike Damage: +155%p

Bloody Imprison Blood Prison | Bloody Imprison (Active + Supportive)
Imprisons enemies around you, stunning them for a short time.
Level 1: HP Cost: 5000, Enemies Hit: 14, Damage: 510%, Stun Duration: 10 sec. Cooldown: 180 sec.
Level 30: HP Cost: 5000, Enemies Hit: 14, Damage: 800%, Stun Duration: 20 sec. Cooldown: 120 sec.

Overwhelming Power Overwhelming Power (Supportive)
Greatly increases damage and attack speed.
Level 1: Damage: +1%, Attack Speed: +1
Level 30: Damage: +30%, Attack Speed: +1

Defense Expertise Defense Expertise (Passive)
Permanently increases your defensive abilityes, allowing you to ignore a portion of the enemy’s defense. Increases the ATT of Shield Charge and Nether Shield. Doubles defense penetration for shield skills.
Level 1: Enemy DEF Ignored: 1%, Shield Charge and Nether Shield Damage: +20%. Shield Charge and Nether Shield ignore 2x DEF.
Level 30: Enemy DEF Ignored: 30%, Shield Charge and Nether Shield Damage: +20%. Shield Charge and Nether Shield ignore 2x DEF.

Advanced Desperado Mastery Advanced Desperado Mastery (Passive)
Required Skill: Desperado Mastery (MAX)
Permanently increases the Mastery, Attack Power, and Critical Damage of your Desperado.
Level 1: Desperado Mastery: +56%, Attack Power: +21, Critical Damage: +3%
Level 30: Desperado Mastery: +70%, Attack Power: +50, Critical Damage: +8%

Enhanced Exceed Infernal Exceed | Enhanced Exceed (Passive)
Permanently adds a chance for an additional attack after the Exceed attack.
Level 1: Chance for extra attack after Exceed: 14%, Damage: 144%, Bonus Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 2
Level 15: Chance for extra attack after Exceed: 70%, Damage: 200%, Bonus Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 2

Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Increases the party members’ every stat by a certain percentage temporarily. Increases your HP permanently.
Level 1: HP Cost: 130, All Stats: +1%, MaxHP: +0%, Duration: 30 sec
Level 30: HP Cost: 1000, All Stats: +15%, MaxHP: +15%, Duration: 900 sec

Demon Avenger 4th Job Skill Build (GMS): Everything maxed.
1. Execution, Advanced Desperado Mastery, Nether Shield (1)
2. Nether Slice, Blood Prison, Overwhelming Power (1)
3. Infernal Exceed (1)
4. Execution (MAX)
5. Nether Slice (MAX)
6. Overwhelming Power (MAX)
7. Advanced Desperado Mastery (MAX)
8. Infernal Exceed (MAX)
9. Maple Warrior (MAX)
10. Blood Prison (MAX)
11. Nether Shield (MAX)
12. Defense Expertise (MAX)

Demon Avenger 4th Job Skill Build (MSEA): Everything maxed.
1. Execution, Advanced Desperado Mastery, Shield Chasing (1)
2. Armor Break, Bloody Imprison, Overwhelming Power (1)
3. Enhanced Exceed (1)
4. Execution (MAX)
5. Overwhelming Power (MAX)
6. Armor Break (MAX)
7. Advanced Desperado Mastery (MAX)
8. Enhanced Exceed (MAX)
9. Maple Warrior (MAX)
10. Bloody Imprison (MAX)
11. Shield Chasing (MAX)
12. Defense Expertise (MAX)

Demon Avenger Hyper Skills (GMS | MSEA)

Exceed - Reinforce Exceed – Reinforce
Required Level: 143
Level 1: Permanently increases Exceed Skill’s ATT by 20%.

Exceed – Reduce Overload Exceed – Reduce Overload
Required Level: 162
Level 1: Permanently reduces Max Exceed Overload by 2.

Exceed – Bonus Chance Exceed – Opportunity | Exceed – Bonus Chance
Required Level: 183 | Required Skill: Infernal Exceed (15)
Level 1: Permanently increases chance of additional Exceed Skill attacks by 10%.

Refract Evil – Reduce Damage Ward Evil – Harden | Refract Evil – Reduce Damage
Required Level: 149 | Required Skill: Refract Evil (1)
Level 1: Permanently decreases received damage rate by 10%.

Refract Evil – Immunity Enhance 1 Ward Evil – Immunity Enhance 1 | Refract Evil – Immunity Enhance 1
Required Level: 168 | Required Skill: Refract Evil (1)
Level 1: Permanently increases all Abnormal Status Resistance to all statuses rate by 10%.

Refract Evil – Immunity Enhance 2 Ward Evil – Immunity Enhance 2 | Refract Evil – Immunity Enhance 2
Required Level: 189 | Required Skill: Refract Evil (1)
Level 1: Permanently increases Elemental Resistance

Shield Chasing – Reinforce Nether Shield – Reinforce | Shield Chasing – Reinforce
Required Level: 155
Level 1: Permanently increases Shield Chasing’s ATT by 20%.

Shield Chasing – Extra Target Nether Shield – Spread | Shield Chasing – Extra Target
Required Level: 177
Level 1: Permanently increases attack count for each Shield chasing shield +2
Note: The correct effect is increase the attack count of Shield Chasing by 2. Shield Chasing original attack counts are 8 attack counts per shield, Extra Target increases the attack counts by 2, from 8 counts to 10 counts.

Shield Chasing – Add Range Nether Shield – Range | Shield Chasing – Add Range
Required Level: 195
Level 1: Permanently increases Range of Shield Chasing by 50.

Forbidden Contract Forbidden Contract
Required Level: 150
Temporarily increases damage. Skills will not consume HP while this is active.
Level 1: HP Cost: 5000 , Duration: 30 sec, Damage: +10%, Skill HP Consumption: 0, Cooldown: 75 sec.

Thousand Swords Thousand Swords
Required Level: 170
Summons a veil of darkness, then slashes through enemies at the speed of light. The speed stresses the body and increases Exceed Overload.
Level 1: Max HP Cost: 15%, Exceed Overload: 5, Damage: 500%, Number of Attacks: 8, Max Enemies Hit: 14. Cooldown: 8 sec.

Demonic Fortitude Demonic Fortitude
Required Level: 200
Calls upon demonic power to bolster your spirit.
Level 1: HP Cost: 100, Duration: 60 sec, Damage: +10%. Cooldown: 120 sec. Only applies to Demon, Resistance, and Xenon party members.

Demon Avenger Hyper Skill Build (GMS)
Lv.143 – Exceed – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.162 – Exceed – Reduce Overload (Passive)
Lv.183 – Exceed – Opportunity (Passive)
Lv.155 – Nether Shield – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.177 – Nether Shield – Spread (Passive)
Lv.150 – Forbidden Contract (Active)
Lv.170 – Thousand Swords (Active)
Lv.200 – Demonic Fortitude (Supportive)

Demon Avenger Hyper Skill Build (MSEA)
Lv.143 – Exceed – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.162 – Exceed – Reduce Overload (Passive)
Lv.183 – Exceed – Bonus Chance (Passive)
Lv.155 – Shield Chasing – Reinforce (Passive)
Lv.177 – Shield Chasing – Extra Target (Passive)
Lv.150 – Forbidden Contract (Active)
Lv.170 – Thousand Swords (Active)
Lv.200 – Demonic Fortitude (Supportive)

Check this Hyper Stats Guide for more details!

Demon Avenger Mastery Books (GMS):
1. Advanced Desperado Mastery: 20, 30
2. Nether Slice: 20, 30
3. Blood Prison: 20, 30
4. Exceed – Execution: 20, 30
5. Nether Shield: 20, 30
6. Overwhelming Power: 20, 30
7. Maple Warrior: 20, 30

Demon Avenger Mastery Books (MSEA):
1. Advanced Desperado Mastery: 20, 30
2. Armor Break: 20, 30
3. Bloody Imprison: 20, 30
4. Exceed – Execution: 20, 30
5. Shield Chasing: 20, 30
6. Overwhelming Power: 20, 30
7. Maple Warrior: 20, 30

Demon Avenger 5th Job Skills

Please refer to MapleStory 5th Job Skills Guide for more details on Skill Cores, Special Cores and Enhancement Cores!

Demon Avenger Skill Cores

Demonic Frenzy | Demon Frenzy
Sacrifice your body to the flame to fuel your vengeance. Your demonic blood is unaffected by attack ignore and attack reflection.
Level 1: HP Cost: 20%, consumes 6000 HP per sec, Healing Restriction: items and skills can only heal 1% of Max HP, hit damage -30% (including the damage proportional to Max HP) Final Damage: +1% per 4% HP consumed, your demonic blood spills periodically to coat the ground for 5 sec and deal 308% damage on up to 10 enemies 2 times
When your HP falls below 1%, the HP loss and demonic blood will cease. Can be toggled. Cooldown: 149 sec.
Level 25: HP Cost: 20%, consumes 6000 HP per sec, Healing Restriction: items and skills can only heal 1% of Max HP, hit damage -30% (including the damage proportional to Max HP). Final Damage: +1% per 3% HP consumed, your demonic blood spills periodically to coat the ground for 5 sec and deal 500% damage on up to 10 enemies 2 times
When your HP falls below 1%, the HP loss and demonic blood will cease. Can be toggled. Cooldown: 125 sec.

Demonic Blast | Blood Feast
Sacrifice your own health to release an explosion of demonic energy. Can be used while Exceed is active. Charge the ability by holding down its key. Damage increases according to charge time. If you defeat an enemy or strike a boss with this ability, you will recover HP, ignoring Demonic Frenzy’s recovery reduction.
Level 1: Consumes 1% of Max HP to attack up to 8 enemies. Consumes an additional 3% of current HP per second while charging. Cooldown: 10 sec.
Lv. 1 (No Charge): Deals 520% damage 7 times, restores 5% of Max HP
Lv. 2 (3 sec Charge): Deals 676% damage 9 times, restores 12% of Max HP
Lv. 3 (4 sec Charge from Lv. 2): Deals 832% damage 12 times, restores 20% of Max HP, Critical Rate +100%, Ignore Def +100%
Level 25: Consumes 1% of Max HP to attack up to 8 enemies. Consumes an additional 3% of current HP per second while charging. Cooldown: 10 sec.
Lv. 1 (No Charge): Deals 1000% damage 7 times, restores 5% of Max HP
Lv. 2 (3 sec Charge): Deals 1300% damage 9 times, restores 12% of Max HP
Lv. 3 (4 sec Charge from Lv. 2): Deals 1600% damage 12 times, restores 20% of Max HP, Critical Rate +100%, Ignore Def +100%

Demon Avenger Enhancement Cores

Skill Enhancement max level is 50. Each level enhances Final Damage
Skill Enhancement at Level 20: Max Target +1, Level 40: Ignore Monster DEF +20%.

  • Exceed: Double Slash (4% per level)
  • Exceed: Demon Strike (2% per level)
  • Bats Swarm (4% per level) [does not receive +1 monsters hit]
  • Exceed: Moonlight Slash (2% per level)
  • Inhale Vitality (3% per level)
  • Shield Charge (3% per level)
  • Exceed: Execution (2% per level)
  • Shield Chasing (2% per level)
  • Armor Break (2% per level)
  • Bloody Imprison (2% per level)
  • Thousand Swords (2% per level)

Demon Avenger V Matrix Skill Build

Trio #1: Execution / Nether Shield / Infernal Exceed
Trio #2: Lunar Slash / Thousand Swords / Blood Imprison
Note: Bolded = essential skill | Non-bolded = non-essential skill.

MapleStory Old to New Skill Names

Demon Avenger 1st Job Skills

  • Exceed: Double Cross → Exceed: Double Slash
  • Release Overload → (SAME)
  • Absorb Life → (SAME)
  • Demonic Sharpness → (SAME)

Demon Avenger 2nd Job Skills

  • Exceed: Demon Strike → (SAME)
  • Bat Swarm → (SAME)
  • Demon Booster → (SAME)
  • Abyssal Rage → Official Rage
  • Solid Will → Solid Wall
  • Desperado Mastery → (SAME)
  • Inner Strength → (SAME)

Demon Avenger 3rd Job Skills

  • Exceed: Moonlight Slash | (SAME)
  • Inhale Vitality → (SAME)
  • Shield Charge → (SAME)
  • Reflect Evil → Refract Evil
  • Diabolic Recovery → (SAME)
  • Ease Exceed Pain → Ides Exceed Pain
  • Advanced Absorb Life → (SAME)

Demon Avenger 4th Job Skills

  • Exceed: Execution → (SAME)
  • Shield Chasing → (SAME)
  • Armor Break → (SAME)
  • Bloody Imprison → (SAME)
  • Overwhelming Power → (SAME)
  • Defense Expertise → (SAME)
  • Advanced Desperado Mastery → (SAME)
  • Enhanced Exceed → (SAME)
  • Maple Warrior → (SAME)

Demon Avenger 5th Job Skills

  • Demon Frenzy → Demonic Frenzy | Demon Frenzy
  • Blood Feast → Demonic Blast | Blood Feast

Additional Information

Demon Avenger Storyline

The Demon’s story begins at the Temple of Time, approximately a hundred years ago. The Demon had served under the Black Mage for many years, and suddenly realizes he had became an absolute ruler and could no longer serve him. He encounters his henchman, Mastema, and demands her who she serves. After she admits her loyalty to the Demon, he tells her to deliver a letter to the Heroes. Despite the concern, she agrees. Earlier that day, there was a meeting between the Demon and the three other Black Wing commanders: Orchid, Von Leon and Arkarium. During the meeting, they mentioned that the Black Mage demanded everything destroyed. This alarms the Demon, as his family was located near Leafre, one of the burning sites. He quickly leaves to that destination. However, all he could find was a locket of his deceased mother and brother. Back in the current time, the vengeful Demon attacks Arkarium as he tries to enter the Black Mage’s throne, but to no avail. Arkarium summons a few Lykas, but are quickly defeated by the Demon . As Arkarium is about to make an all out attack on the Demon, the Black Mage opens up his doors, granting the Demon permission to enter. The Demon engages the Black Mage in a fierce fight. However, the Demon is no match for his master and ends up being sealed in a large egg. Fortunately, the Demon severely crushes the Black Mage’s defenses which would soon allow victory for the Heroes.

Demon Avenger Notes

  • The Demon Avenger is a new job within the Resistance Class. Though sporting many similarities to the Demon Slayer, the Demon Avenger uses a different weapon. Its source for attack is also different.
  • The Demon Avenger uses a new weapon called a Desperado as his main weapon, while the Force Shield becomes his secondary weapon.
  • As a HP based character, all his skills utilises his HP and his level of damage will also depend on his current HP.
  • The Demon Avenger also uses a new skill system called the Exceed Skill System. How this works is that when the Demon Avenger uses special Exceed skills, and the more he unleashes them consecutively, he will become faster and stronger. However, with this system, he will also recover less HP per attack and HP consumption will increase as well.

Demon Avenger Exceed System Notes

  1. The Exceed System consists of the following skills: Exceed Skills, Exceed Overload, Release Overload
  2. Whenever you use an Exceed Skill, you will gain a buff for that skill, increasing its stage. When you stop attacking, this buff lasts about 10 seconds before disappearing. As long as you keep attacking, this buff will continue to refresh.
  3. Using an Exceed Skill five times will increase its stage to its max of 5. The skill will have a purple effect now, and increased effectiveness of some sort. Using a different Exceed Skill will reset the buff for the current Exceed Skill. As a result, you can only spam one type of Exceed Skill at a time.
  4. Each time you use an Exceed Skill, your Exceed Overload debuff will increase by one stack up to a max of 20. The higher your Exceed Overload debuff, the less HP you will recover from Life Absorb.
  5. When you have 20 Overload, you can use Release Overload. This will reset your Exceed Overload debuff, but will also remove any Exceed Skill stage you have.
  6. Having Release Overload active is important as it increases your Max HP and thus your damage. It also recovers your HP to full at max level.

Demon Avenger Changelog

GMS v.179 – MapleStory V 5th Job (2016-12-15)
GMS v.178 – Limitless (2016-11-29)
GMS v.177 – Strange Secret Stories (2016-10-19)
GMS v.174 – Heroes of Maple: Reborn (2016-06-22)
GMS v.172 – Maple’s Eleven (2016-04-21)
GMS v.168 – Reboot (2015-12-02)
GMS v.160 – Black Heaven: First Chapter (2015-03-09)
GMS v.157 – Shinning Stars (2014-12-03)
GMS v.154 – Sword Art Online Updates (2014-09-16)
GMS v.150 – Rising Heroes (2014-06-17)
GMS v.149 – Legacy of Nine (2014-05-12)
GMS v.142 – Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum (2013-10-16)
GMS v.139 – Demon Avenger (2013-07-22)

MapleStory Demon Avenger Damage Formula

  • Demon Avenger uses HP as its primary stat and Strength as its secondary stat.
  • No other stats affect its damage. Auto-assign AP (Ability Points) will put all your points into HP.
  • You gain 30 HP per AP.
  • You now gain 15 HP per level up and per AP added to HP.
  • Equips that provides HP via set equipment effect, scrolling, Star Force Enhancements, Potential lines of flat MaxHP are halved and rounded down to nearest whole number if odd.
  • Your damage will be affected by your max HP and remaining HP. It will be at its lowest at 70% HP, and highest at 100% HP.
  • Demon Avenger’s Mastery is 20% like all other melee classes.

Damage Formula V2 (2016~2017)

  • [4 * (PureHP / 14 + ItemHP / 17.5) + STR] * 1.3 * (WeaponAttack/100 * (1+%ATT)) * (1+%Damage) * (1+%Final Damage) = Max Range
  • PureHP is what you get from level up, adding AP(ability points) to HP and the HP from job advancements.
  • ItemHP is everything else, including HP gained from %MaxHP skills and potential
  • Theoretical: MaxHP – PureHP = ItemHP.

Damage Formula V1 (2014~2015)

The damage formula used when HP is below 100% but above 70%. If your current HP is lower than 70%, whatever HP you have at 70% is used instead.
The damage formula is approximately:
[MaxHP | 9 + STR] * 1.3 * WA | 100
This has been tested to be accurate to within 0.1% at reasonably high levels.
[CurrentHP | 9 + STR] * 1.3 * WA | 100

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391 thoughts on “MapleStory Demon Avenger Skill Build Guide

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @all: Skills Update
    1. Hyper Potion Mastery: Potion Recovery Rate: (300% → 200%)
    2. Star Force Conversion: NEW → Max HP increases proportional to the Star Force on your equipped items.
    3. Blood Pact: NEW → Blood Contract (MSEA Skill Name)
    4. Bat Swarm: HP Cost: 1~2% → 1~1%
    5. Official Rage: UPDATE → Official Rage changed to Abyssal Rage (MSEA Skill Name)
    6. Solid Wall: Weapon DEF: 10~100%, Magic DEF: 10~100% → Defense: 10~100%
    7. Inner Strength: Max HP: +240~1200, Defense: +100~500 → Max HP: +120~600%, Defense: +100~500%
    8. Refract Evil: UPDATE → Reflect Evil changed to Refract Evil (MSEA Skill Name).
    9. Advanced Desperado Mastery: Minimum Critical Damage 3~15% → Critical Damage 1~8%
    10. Demonic Fortitude: Applies to any Resistance class in the party → Only applies to Demon, Resistance, and Xenon party members.
    11. Demonic Frenzy: HP Cost per sec: 4000 → 6000.
    12. Demonic Blast: Damage: 520-572-676% ~ 1000-1100-1300% → 520-676-832% ~ 1000-1300-1600%
    13. Shield Chasing – Extra Target: Permanently increases number of monsters hit by Shield Chasing by 2 → Permanently increases attack count for each Shield chasing shield +2

  2. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tsurugi: Thanks for the update! I’ll add “Star Force Conversion” into Demon Avenger Beginner Skill section!

  3. Tsurugi

    Hi Ayumi,

    Would like to bring your attention to the missing Beginner Skill on this post: Star Force Conversion.

    Description: Changes the star powers on your equipment. Increases Max HP based on the Star Force enhancement level on your equipped item, and the HP increase amount for each enhancement gets larger when the total of your equipped Star Force enhancements are higher.


    Pro: Due to HP boosting Demon Avenger’s damage plus the additional HP given by the Star Force Conversion skill, Demon Avenger is possibly the easiest to fund end-game, in terms of equipment Potential (as HP/MP% potential lines are one of the easiest if not the easiest stat to gain from cubes, especially from Epic tier above).

  4. Ayumilove Post author

    @Noire6214: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll add a comment below the skill. The description from skill is extracted from in-game.

  5. Noire6214

    Shield Chasing – Extra Target description is incorrect. It doesn’t make Shield Chasing hit up to 4 monster, each Shield still hit one monster at a time.

    The correct effect is increase the attack count of Shield Chasing by 2.

    Shield Chasing original attack counts are 8 attack counts per shield, Extra Target increases the attack counts by 2, from 8 counts to 10 counts.

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    @Febraizel: Exceed skills increases the Overload rank from 0 to 20. The higher the Overload rank, the more HP is drained when using Exceed skill. Hyper Skill Exceed Reduce decreases your maximum overload from 20 to 18. The benefit of that is that it will decrease your Hp costs by 1% at those higher overload rates and be able to sustain Overload for a longer period of time, which means more damage.

  7. Febraizel

    Do you mind explaining the passive hyperskill Exceed Reduce overload to me? What does it mean by decreasing the maximum value? Thanks!
    Also I love all your guides whenever i need something i know i can always find it on your website <3

  8. Rex

    So would i still need to put points into str so that i can equip high level desperado?

  9. Collin

    %atk/boss/ied is better for weapon, secondary, emblem and %hp on everything else

  10. Sam

    I would also like to know if i should get hp% or atk% on my weapon (primary & secondary)

  11. Zy

    Is hp% better than atk%?

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Kurinteh: Thanks for your feedback! I’ll update Demon Avenger 4th Job Skill Build guide.

  13. Kurinteh

    to correct my earlier statement, i meant 4th job, not 3rd. in addition, i would recommend maxing nether shield just before or after execution

  14. Kurinteh

    Hey Ayumi,

    Since Exceed: execution only hits two enemies, this makes Lunar Slice the primary mobbing skill 3rd job. as such, i feel that nether shield should be upgraded sooner as it boosts Lunar Slice’s damage.

  15. Nostrides

    @Ruska the healing you get from blood feast isn’t affected by frenzy, that means when blood feast hits you are going to get its 4,9 or 15% heal, but when casting blood feast no other skill will heal more than frenzy limit

  16. Keith

    I have a question, does Hyper Potion Mastery work on % pots? I know that it doesn’t work on regular resistance potion mastery, but it doesn’t that it could work on % pots.

    If it does, I would recommend everyone getting NLC 60% HP pot ( the green one, forgot the name ) since. Either way, the 60% HP pot will be useful at high HP, but it will technically heal full if Hyper Potion Mastery works.

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @Ruska: I haven’t reach that far yet. Perhaps a player who mains Demon Avenger could help answer this question :)

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @Randomcity2: Thanks for posting the damage formula. I’ll add yours into the guide above.

  19. Ayumilove Post author

    @XTIAN: Thanks for your feedback! The 4th job SP guide has been updated to avoid causing confusion :)

  20. Radi

    No, Nether Shield is way more useful.

    First of all, it’s the best source of DA heal. After 4th job you’re not really using Vitality Veil anymore(and you shouldn’t be). Also shields are used for healing when using Demonic Frenzy. Those 2 additional hits really help.

    Also, Ward Evil hypers are pointless – since you’re DA the only thing in the game that can kill you is the OHKO and Harden doesn’t work on percentage attacks (you still get hit for the same %). With the change to status resist 10% doesn’t do anything. And nobody knows why elemental resist still exists.

  21. Allan

    So Nether Shield is only usefull when having this legendary inner ability, and even with that it has only 20% chance of work ? Thank you for your clarification, now I’m more convinced than never that Nether Shield is a useless attack.

    I tryed to press both Execution and Nether Shield buttons at the same time, but it didn’t work, you have to use one skill or the other. Execution is a very fast attack and Nether Shield has an animation that takes time to hit the boss with it. By the time you use one Nether Shield, its close to the time you use 3 Execution, and Nether Shield’s damage is not gater than 3 Execution, actually is smaller than one.

    I would be better spending this points on something more usefull like Ward Evil reducing damage that it’s not based on chance.

  22. Radi

    I think I can answer a bit as DA main

    It doesn’t work at all – Frenzy still makes you heal 1% only.

    Nether Shield is extremely useful. With 20% to ignore cooldown on inner ability it’s just additional damage source on bosses.

  23. Allan

    Hi Ayumi,

    I have a question about DA Hyper Skills. You said to choose Nether Shield passive skills. Is Nether Shield that good ? I’m thinking about choosing Ward Evil passive skills to increase survivability.

    What do you think ?

  24. Jay

    Hi Ayumi, how does the interaction between the potential “Hp recovery skills and items +30%” and demon frenzy work?

  25. Ruska

    Hi Ayumi thanks for your hard work on your posts :) … i got a question, would you explain the interaction better between Demon frenzy and Blood Feast?

    i mean> Blood Feast “When attacking boss monsters, your HP regeneration will not be affected by Demon Frenzy’s regeneration reduction effect.”

    that means that while you charge up blood feast you can get full life sap from skills or full healing from potions? on boss fights

  26. Randomcity2

    umm .. .add a divide by 100 to the attack formula -_-
    I missed seeing that till after posting but there’s no edit button.

  27. Randomcity2

    ahahaha. . the exceed system notes need updating . . . along with the damage formula.
    Exceed overload no longer gives you %MaxHp but instead gives %Final Damage. The formula is currently [4 * (PureHP / 14 + ItemHP / 17.5) + STR] * 1.3 * (WeaponAttack * (1+%ATT)) * (1+%Damage) * (1+%Final Damage) = Max Range
    PureHP is what you get from level up, adding AP(ability points) to HP and the HP from job advancements. ItemHP is everything else, including HP gained from %MaxHP skills and potential (Theoretical MaxHP – PureHP = ItemHP).
    Just note you now gain 15 hp per level up and per AP added to HP along with each equip you put on getting its stated equipment set effect HP and HP explicitly tied to that equip (baseHP, scrolling, the tiny bit from star force enhancements, and potential lines of flat MaxHP) halved and rounded down to nearest whole number if odd. Its just equips and their set effects being halved, with all other sources left alone other than the skill “Rage Within” which was cut down from 1200HP pre-V update to 600HP after. “Star Force Conversion” is super OP now because its counting double what it was before.

  28. XTIAN

    oh ok, looks like 4th job sp guide just confused me a bit at the “1.” step by adding 4 points ^^’

  29. Leon

    Con: 3rd job skill “moonlight slash” only does 3 line of damage. Low amount of lines but high damage. Not too sure if it evens out.

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    @XTIAN: I believe it’s not a bug. You get 3 SP (Skill Points) when advancing to 4th Job.

  31. Ayumilove Post author

    @Impossible: It’s alright. I do mistakes from time to time and feedback from everyone to correct the article/guide is beneficial for all of us :)

  32. Impossible

    OOOh my bad I just realized I read it wrong. “Weapons” was written instead of “Equips” my bad ^_^ I knew something was up “How can a maplestory god get that wrong? Maybe I should double check”

  33. Impossible

    In your *Cons you said Demon Avengers can’t equip warrior equipment. DA’s bypass the str requirement for warrior equipment so that we can equip it since we have to use our stat points on health due to health being equal to our damage. So what I’m pretty much saying, he can equip warrior equipment, you just need level requirement and not STR

  34. question

    question about rainbow resurrection flame. what is the max amount of attack it can add to fafnir death bringer?

  35. Arthur

    @kaede: Yes, DA damage increases.. u can see from your stats, he is good for bossing… for mobbing wise… hmmm…. i really feel he’s quite slow with only 2 mobs hit
    @Jwen: The advantage of DA is he can wear any warrior equipment without any strength

  36. Jwen

    i want to ask since DA add point iadd hp, then how about equipment?since many thing require str

  37. XTIAN

    on the 4th job advancement i got only 3 skill points, did something change or is it a bug?

  38. kaede

    Hi Ayumi,I’ve heard that the damage formula of avenger has been changed since v179.And a friend of mine who is an avenger said that his damage increased a lot.
    I want to know whether the change of the formula is the reason why.

  39. Ayumilove Post author

    @DuraBadura: Hi, you can add Hyper Stat Points into Max HP and ignore STR. Do note that the higher level of Max HP, it will need more Hyper Stat Points. The reason for adding Hyper Stat Point into STR (Strength) is because those are leftover/remaining Hyper Stat Points that is insufficient to upgrade the intended stat to the next level due to the higher requirement of Hyper Stat Points.

  40. Ayumilove Post author

    @question: Thanks for confirming that Buff Duration does not work on Runes. I guess MapleStory Developer has already changed it to not affect Runes anymore. If you are using Pets to auto-buff self, than it’s not necessary to get Buff Duration.

  41. DuraBadura

    hey ayumi,
    i’ve read your hyper stats guide and you wrote you should only increase main stat until 4.
    my questions is: wouldn’t it be better if demon avenger max hp and ignore secondary stat(str) ?
    cuz 20% hp sounds alot…
    if i should, which stat would you giveup for it?
    if i shouldn’t, what is the reason?
    other than that, any tips&tricks to raise my max hp?

    thanks alot for your help, and awesome guide (using it ofc)~ :)

  42. question

    buff duration does not affect runes. when i put my mouse cursor on the rune effect,it write buff duration will not affect runes. only evan link skill works. i wan to know why buff duration is good? i got 50% buff duration. but feel like resetting. if we have 3 pet wif auto buff, we only nid to press for the release overload. i dont know if i should reroll for the -20% chance to ignore cd. i think thats the best since nether shield can spam if lucky.

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    @question: Buff Duration Increase is useful when you are training with runes for additional EXP rate. However, Buff Duration Increase does not affect Cash Shop EXP Coupon, Hyper Skills buff duration and USE items.

    Here are some additional questions you might be interested:

    Q: If I had 50% buff duration and a bishop used hs on me, would the buff duration work?
    A: No, the person using HS would need the buff duration for it to take effect.

    Q: If I had 50% buff duration on my Kanna, will that affect kishin and Hakus buffs?
    A: It won’t affect Kishin, since Kishin is not a buff, however it should affect Haku’s buffs.

    Q: If someone with 50% buff duration used a buff on a party member who had no buff duration, will the party member get the buffed timer?
    A: Yes, if someone has any buff duration increases and they use a party skill, everyone in the party gets that buff for longer.

  44. question

    why is buff duration 50% good if it nvr affect the hyper skill? da also only have 3 buffs.

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @noname: Shield Chasing can be used to aid in bossing.

  46. Ayumilove Post author

    @Alextevelles: Thanks for your feedback! Demon Avenger’s Hyper Skills is updated:
    1. Will of Libery | For Liberty → Demonic Fortitude
    2. Forbidden Contract → *Removed +30% HP and updated Damage: 10%.

  47. Ayumilove Post author

    @question: Hi, Buff Duration Increase and Cooldown reset does not affect Hyper Skills and 5th Job Skills.

  48. Ayumilove Post author

    @Sky_Scythe: Sorry for the late reply. Best Inner ability to get are:
    1. +1 Attack Speed
    2. 20% boss damage
    3. 50% buff duration
    4. 30% critical rate
    5. 20% HP

  49. question

    does buff duration increase affect forbidden contract and will of liberty?

  50. noname

    Hi Ayumi ,

    Can i know your rationale of choosing to max shield casing as compared to ward eveil?

  51. Ck

    Hello Ayumi,

    Can you do a guide for the 5th job V matrix and V skills guide for DA..
    WOuld rly appreciate it!

  52. Alextevelles

    Hi Ayumi,

    This is really a nice guide. Btw, there are some changes that you have not updated yet.

    Forbidden Contract Forbidden Contract has change to 10% damage. And it is not longer increase 30% HP.

    Will of Liberty Will of Liberty / For Liberty’s name has changed.

    Thank you.

  53. Baden

    I don’t have a Hyper Skill named “Will of Liberty”, “For Liberty” or anything like it. However, I have a skill named “Demonic Fortitude”, which is not included in your guide. Is it possible that Demon Avengers have been remade recently? In case, you may want to update your guide. Thanks!

  54. Nostrides

    @Sky_Scythe Att, Boss Damage, Buff Duration, Critical Rate, HP%

  55. wennie

    i cant complete my DA 4th job advancement. after i killed inner anger and back to secret plaza, i cant find mastema to complete my job advancement quest. is it a glitch?

  56. Sky_Scythe

    Erm hey ayumilove, can i ask which inner ability is best for demon avenger?

  57. Hans

    Guys help, which is better? Demon Avenger or Kaiser now as of V update?

  58. Ayumilove Post author

    @boko: Do you use Reflect Evil or Shield Chasing often compared to “Exceed – Bonus Chance / Exceed – Opportunity”? If yes, I would recommend you to use the skill that you have recommended in the comment. Most of the time, players who focuses on damage will opt for improving the damage on their primary attack rather than the supportive skills since the primary one can be spammed very fast.

  59. boko

    Enhanced Exceed / Infernal Exceed (Passive)
    Permanently adds a chance for an additional attack after the Exceed attack.
    Level 1: Chance for extra attack after Exceed: 14%, Damage: 144%, Bonus Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 2
    Level 15: Chance for extra attack after Exceed: 70%, Damage: 200%, Bonus Number of Attacks: 2, Max Enemies Hit: 2

    Exceed – Bonus Chance / Exceed – Opportunity
    Required Level: 183 | Required Skill: Infernal Exceed (15)
    Permanently increases chance of additional Exceed Skill attacks by 10%.

    Seems like the DA’s final attack skill has very low damage
    When using in-game statistics, can see that the additional attack only makes up around 2% of my total damage when using only execution, and around 4% of my total damage when using only moonlight slash

    if it is so small effect, and the hyper skill Exceed – Bonus Chance / Exceed – Opportunity makes the chance of it activating go from 70% to 80%, isn’t that hyper skill not very useful?

    Would these be better instead?

    Reflect Evil – Reduce Damage / Ward Evil – Harden
    Required Level: 149 | Required Skill: Reflect Evil (1)
    Permanently decreases received damage rate by 10%.

    Shield Chasing – Add Range / Nether Shield – Range
    Required Level: 195
    Permanently increases Range of Shield Chasing by 50.

    Want to know your reasons and advice, thanks

  60. Alvis

    Can i know what is the final damage for moonlight slash after adding the bonus from shield chasing?

  61. Ayumilove Post author

    Note to self: Skill details updated to the latest data GMS v.174

  62. Ayumilove Post author

    @Weii: Yes, Demon Avenger’s Exceed attack has been nerfed from 2 aspects. Damage nerfed from 620% to 475% and number of monsters it can hit reduced from 6 to 2. However, the number of attacks per monster is increased from 3 to 4. Still, it does not deal as much damage as before when there are more than 2 enemies. (3 x 620% = 1860% VS 4 x 475% = 1900%) per monster.

  63. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tanraj: Demon Avenger has an inner ability that allows him to equip warrior equipment without needing to conform with the STR (Strength) stats except for the level requirement.

  64. moto


    Da base 1st job skill doesnt restri t you to equip stats.

  65. Tanraj Sidhu

    Hi Ayumi
    I’m new to demon avenger and can’t find any good armour because I don’t have the required strength, in the video I saw u didn’t either but some how you still had the armour equipped. Can you please tell me how to do that, if not. Where I can find armour for a low level DA

  66. Weii

    DA have been nerfed ? Exceed attack only 2 mobs ?

  67. Luther

    Could you please put in an explanation for 4th job skills like you did for the other jobs? I always enjoy reading them. ^^

  68. FateShuu

    Hi, Ayumi.

    Thanks for the update.

    Your guide deserve a 10/10 :D

  69. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi, the guide has been updated with a link to the Hyper Stat guide. :)

  70. FateShuu

    Never mind.

    Just found out that they removed the Hyper Skills that boost your stats and replaced it with Hyper Stats instead in one of the update patch.

    I thought they still exist since they’re on this guide.

    Maybe should update this guide?

  71. Moaz


    It should be in the stats tab, not the skills tab.

  72. FateShuu

    Hi, Ayumi.

    Sorry if I didn’t made myself clear.

    I know how to raise the hyper stats(have been using your other guides as reference lol)

    What I meant was I couldn’t find the Hyper Passive Skill (Hyper Strength, Hyper Dexterity, Hyper Intelligence, Hyper Luck, Hyper Jump, Hyper Speed, Hyper Accuracy, Hyper Defense, Hyper Magic Defense, Hyper Fury, Hyper Mana, Hyper Health & Hyper Critical) in my Hyper Skill Tab.

  73. FateShuu

    Hi, Ayumi.

    Sorry if I didn’t made myself clear.

    I know how to raise the hyper stats(have been using your other guides as reference lol)

    What I meant was I couldn’t find the Hyper Passive Skill (Hyper Strength, Hyper Dexterity, Hyper Intelligence, Hyper Luck, Hyper Jump, Hyper Speed, Hyper Accuracy, Hyper Defense, Hyper Magic Defense, Hyper Fury, Hyper Mana, Hyper Health & Hyper Critical) in my Hyper Skill Tab.

    There’s only 2 tabs I n my Hyper Skill Window, Passive & Active tab, I hope MapleSea didn’t removed them…

  74. Ayumilove Post author

    @FateShuu: Welcome back to MapleStory and to my website!

    To set Hyper Stat, open the Stat window (The window where you distribute AP/Ability-Points into primary stat)

    In that window, there will be a button labelled “Hyper Stat”, click on it.

    Kindly refer to the new hyper stat guide at on what stats are important to add HSP (Hyper Stat Points).

    Also, check this video about Hyper Stat for more info

  75. FateShuu

    Hi, Ayumi. Thanks for the guide.

    Have been away from Maple for so long so your guide really helps.

    I’m playing Demon Avenger on Maplesea and just hit lvl140 but I don’t see the Hyper Health, Hyper Strength and the rest of the Hyper stat boost skill in my Hyper Skill list.

    Do I need to level up further to unlock them?

    Just for confirmation, the Hyper Health skill is different from the Hyper Stats in the Stats Window, correct.

  76. yichor

    Aran(Revamp) or Demon Avenger?

  77. Moaz

    You need to buy the mastery books in that order, so max them to 30 before you go to the next skill.

  78. Will

    For the 4th job skill points, when it says “MAX” does it mean max to 30 or 10?

  79. Jarvick

    @Vakarine % HP since it’s your primary stat and % STR is basically useless since you don’t add in STR at all

  80. Vakarine

    So which one is better for gaining ATT from your HP conversion, having %STR or %HP ?

  81. Noalm

    My bad i meant to say diabolic recovery

  82. Noalm

    Hey Ayumi, in DEMON AVENGER NOTES, it says that demon avengers dmg are based on their current hp, but that’s not true, it’s based on their max hp only, which includes overwhelming darkness

  83. Deffx

    This is typical maple, revamp > nerf > revamp again > nerf again. No wonder so many people leave this game, maple dont even know how to manage a game, they just thinking how to earn money from player =) From the past 7 years still now, still the same.

  84. Ayumilove Post author

    @xxjoexx: Happy Chines New Year 2016! Some Demon Avenger skills are nerfed and some are buff in Reboot patch. For more info, kindly visit

  85. xxjoexx

    so demon avenger become nerf?

  86. Ayumilove Post author

    @xxjoexx: Yes, Exceed Execution hits 2 enemies only with the latest patch GMS v.168 Reboot. Once MapleSEA has that patch, it will reduce the number of enemies that this skill can target.

  87. xxjoexx

    execution skill enemy hit just 2! really?

  88. yichor

    ayumi i forgot lvl 1 exceed execution

    HP Cost: 4%, Damage: 330%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, DEF Ignored: 1%

    (this is lvl 1 exceed execution)

  89. yichor

    Ayumi this is the Exceed:execution

    HP Cost: 4%, Damage: 620%, Number of Attacks: 3, Max Enemies Hit: 6, DEF Ignored: 30%

    (before reboot patch) (this 30lvl exceed execution)

  90. Ayumilove Post author

    @yichor: The skill description for Exceed – Execution says it attacks enemies 4 times in regular mode and 6 times in Exceed mode. Could you try it out on your side to confirm this on MapleSEA? This one is from GMS (Global MapleStory). Regarding the number of monsters it can engage, I corrected it from 6 to 2 based on GMS v.168 Reboot patch.

  91. yichor

    ayumi,execution skill are something wrong

    wrong at number of attack is 6 not 4 , monster of attack i not so sure got change or not . u might need to check

  92. Ayumilove Post author

    @anthony: Your MaxHP will be 20,000 * 1.1 multiplier (Kaiser link skill) = Demon Avenger’s new MaxHP 22,000.

  93. anthony

    ayumi, i got a question is if my hp is 20000 after that i use kaiser link 10% it will become 200000?

  94. Hello

    That mean 3% hp and 3% strength, 3% hp will add more damage than 3% strength?

  95. Anonymous

    Thousand Swords is a hyper skill so there’s only lvl 1, but for diabolic recovery, I’ll have to reset my skills to see what lvl 1 gives.

  96. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anonymous: It would be quite helpful if someone could provide me with the Level 1 and Max Mastery Level stats so I can update the skills quickly. Otherwise, I have to create a Demon Avenger from scratch to get all the details I need to update the guide!

  97. Ayumilove Post author

    @Anonymous: Thanks for your feedback on the skill details! I’ll add them into the guide above. Do you have Level 1 stats for Diabolic Recovery, Thousand Swords?

  98. Anonymous

    Diabolic Recovery: Lvl20 now only has +25% Max HP
    Exceed: Execution’s damage at lvl1 is 243% and hit 4 times on max of 2 enemies
    Exceed: Execution’s damage at lvl30 is 475%. Exceed does 2 more attacks
    Nether Shield now as a passive has +185% Lunar Slash damage at lvl 1 and +330% at lvl30.
    Nether Slice now as a passive has +126% Demon Strike damage at lvl 1 and +155% at lvl30.
    Thousand Swords uses 15% max HP now and adds 5 overload

  99. Anonymous

    The two demons’ skill pages really need an update.

  100. Wooby

    Didn’t they get their exceed nerfed? The monsters hit amount is like max 2 I think

  101. Curry

    Hi ayumi , what potential will be suitable for demon avenger ? Any tips for getting unique potential?

  102. andy ng

    hi my skill point for 3rd job (ides exceed pain) I pump wrong (max) it ok or not? or this char can delete le

  103. Omid

    Hey, I’ve seen that blood pact/contract ignores stat requierments, but it still doesn’t work for me. Im level 31, with a level 30 weapon that requires 95 strength. I cant equip it. Does anyone know why?

  104. Ayumilove Post author

    @Mestitia: Thanks for spotting the mistake. I have updated the Hyper Skill Build Guide :)

  105. Mestitia

    Ayumi, on the M.SEA Hyper Skills build, there is a mistake. You replaced Hyper Strength with Hyper Jump.

  106. YinYangAvenger

    Hey Ayumi, I’m just wondering that how the hyper skill Exceed – Bonus Chance/Exceed – Opportunity works. Does it + the chance to Enhanced Exceed/Infernal Exceed or + the chance on making another line for Exceed attacks (Like Exceed: Execution has 4 lines and it can potentially add 1 more line to become 5 lines)? If its the 1st one, I’d prefer to use the hyper skill point from it to Reflect Evil – Immunity Enhance 1/Ward Evil – Immunity Enhance 1 to boost the Abnormal Status Resistance rate more. Makes sure that DA can have higher chance to avoid Abnormal Status Skill from bosses (such as Arkarium). And by the way, why is DA in MSEA needs Hyper Jump?

  107. Anymouse

    Why do you need HYPER STRENGTH? Why not some other?

  108. Rain


    Demon Avengers have a skill (Blood Contract) that ignores stat requirements for equipment, so you can wear it without needing the 420 STR.

  109. Schlub

    So the Lionheart Gear has a minimum requirement of 420 str, how do I obtain that if I’m not putting AP into STR?

  110. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shadowterry: Yes, you can add into Hyper Strength first. The Hyper Skills in the Build Guide is not in any particular order. As you level up higher, more of these Hyper Skills are unlocked and also rewards Hyper Skill Points.

  111. Shadowterry

    Hi @ayumilove can i ask for da the hyper skills, at level 140 i can only add either support hyper strength, dex , int , or luck. I cant add hyper exceed reinforce. In this case do i just add the first sp into hyper strength?

  112. Muahahaha

    Hi, i read from somewhere that says “DA will get its max hp which is 52k at level 109” and “DA’ dmg is based on hp and str”.
    So, when i reach 109 and beyond, do i start adding str instead? Which makes sense rather than adding HP when its already maxed. Thanks!

  113. Ayumilove Post author

    @Holla: Demon Avenger has a Beginner skill called “Blood Contract” which ignores warrior equipment (armor + weapon) required stats. However, Demon Avenger can only use equipments which is same or lower level than its character level.

  114. Holla

    Hi, is it a must to add AP only to HP instead of STR? I notice weapons for DA has STR requirements though.

  115. Geek

    @Abso order of operations. HP is divided by 9, then THAT number has STR added to it.

  116. Abso

    So according to that formula the higher your strength the lower the overall damage? If MaxHP stays the same but you increase the strength in the denominator your reducing the ratio overall. What am I missing here?

  117. Scaar

    Hi ayumi, I’m just wondering ,I have maxed my exceed execution to lv30 and what skill should I maxed to lv30 next? Please reply soon! Thank you.

  118. Shaivan

    Ayumi. I think he meant listing the individual levels of each skill and the progressive increase of each level of every skill. Referring to MENG’s comment.

  119. Ayumilove Post author

    @meng: Sorry I don’t understand your message. Could you provide an example?

  120. Ayumilove Post author

    @Drakiunia: Shield Chasing – Extra Target does not increase the number of hits per monster but it increases the number of targets each attacking shield can acquire if they are nearby. Only 2 shields can attack 1 monster.

  121. meng

    i think include level for each job be very helpful

  122. Ayumilove Post author

    @Onion: Do you mean that adding STR is more beneficial in terms of damage compared to HP? For me, adding AP into HP does not add much damage at first compared to STR. I felt like it wasn’t working. However, Demon Avenger gets much more HP per AP compared to the rest of the Warrior, making him more tankier than any Warriors in MapleStory History. The only thing I think it could kill him is the 1HP-1MP skill from boss or his own HP drain skills.

  123. Onion

    errm i got 1 issue with this class
    How come i seem to notice STR stat gears add damage and is comparable to HP? meaning to say:
    if amt of AP into HP, and amt of AP into STR are approx the same, it seems to have the same effect? Because i had STR gear giving more dmg than my HP gear… @[email protected]?

    If thats the case, hw then can HP be the primary stat? Just curious

  124. Junon

    Hi, just curious, who would have the highest DEF between a pally and a DA with the same level and funding.

  125. Drakiunia


    I’d like to strongly recommend Demon Avengers to take Shield Chasing – Extra Target hyper skill.

    Fully mastered, Shield Chasing does 500% x 8 (number of attacks a shield does when summoned) x 2 (number of hits per attack) x 2 (number of shields) = 16000%.

    This passive increases the number of hits from 8 to 10, so the damage after taking this passive would be 500% x (8 + 2) x 2 x 2 = 20000% which is pretty significant.

  126. Maple addict

    How do you get Desperados that are over lvl 120.

  127. Ayumilove Post author

    @AvengeMagnus: Thanks for sharing your Demon Avenger skill build guide with us! I’ll ammend the skill build guide above according to your explanation :)

  128. AvengeMagnus

    Right now, I am a level 192 Demon Avenger in Renegades and I love this class over slayer for certain reasons.

    1. Desperados – There is no specific “monster” that drops desperados. I suggest hanging at a map for a while and spawning the Dark bosses (when the regular monsters get dark energy and grow in size). They tend to drop equips (weapons) pertaining to your class. I got all my desperados just training and anywhere you can get them.
    2. Profession. Taking Mining/Smithing overall all. Crafting cubes will help you get %HP Potentials on your equipment or sell them.
    3. Maple Warrior. I would definitely say after maxing Enhanced Exceed, you should look into maxing Maple Warrior. We have high enough def. and HP to tank it at this point and I don’t find much diff. in maxing Defense Expertise until Later. I kind of went like this with mine DA to train efficiently at Stronghold sooner.

    1. Execution (1), Advanced Desperado Mastery (1), Nether Slice (1), Enhanced Exceed (1)
    2. Nether Shield (1), Bloody Imprison(1), Overwhelming Power (1)
    3. Execution (MAX)
    4. Overwhelming Power (MAX)
    5. Advanced Desperado Mastery (MAX)
    6. Enhanced Exceed (MAX)
    7. Maple Warrior (MAX)
    8. Nether Slice(MAX)
    9. Bloody Imprison (MAX)
    10. Nether Shield (MAX)
    11. Defense Expertise (MAX)

    %HP is great to have but also go for W.A. and overall ATK because that weighs more.

    For Link Skills,
    If you have 2 slots, Phantom (Crit) and Slayer (Boss) are good. Lumi PDR is also good.

  129. Barbeque

    Whats a good profession to take for this class?

  130. John

    Hi Ayumilove, im from the global server and im not sure where to hunt for desperados. can shed any light?

  131. Ayumilove Post author

    [GNS v.154 Updates]
    1. Bat Swarm’s attack delay is now set to 330ms.
    2. Overwhelming Power skill description has been updated. (ATT → Damage)

  132. Ayumilove Post author

    [GMS v.150 Updates]
    1. Maple Warrior now increases MaxHP by 15% at max level.
    2. Nether Shield has passive effect that increases Lunar Splash Damage by 30% at max level.
    3. Advanced Desperado Mastery Weapon Attack has been increased from 30 to 50 at max level.

  133. Gundemoium

    I personaly kept the shield charge at lvl 10 to max exceed pain for 9% more damage on my exceed skills. Since the shield charge isnt there for doing damage I dont miss the 50%

  134. redhotpower

    in the 3rd job why not max shield charge instead since i assume Exceed – Execution will replace Exceed: Lunar Slash

  135. asda

    i dunno ive got my homepage changed permanently to something else after visiting this site

  136. Zero

    Hello, Ayumilove. First, I would like to say thank you so much for your MapleStory character guides. You’re the first resource I go to, when I want to make a character. I do have one question, however.

    I play GMS, and have a Demon Avenger, however, I’m curious. Which of the two Demon classes is better? I know that the Demon Avenger only requires HP to be strong, so it has a lot of survivability and strength, at later levels, but would the Demon Slayer be stronger than the Demon Avenger? I have a level 30 Avenger at the moment, and I can’t help but feel weaker than I was when I had my Demon Slayer. Is this a normal thing to feel, since I’m still in the early levels, or is the Demon Avenger really not as strong as the Demon Slayer?

  137. Ayumilove Post author

    @asda: The popups are advertisements helps pay for the website hosting and domain fees. If the first pop up appears, just ignore it. Closing it will trigger it to open another popup tab. If it exists, it just changes the current popup ad with another type of ad. There are no spyware in it as from what I have tested previously and today. What anti-virus and firewall are you using?

  138. asda

    whys there so many popups and spywares from this website, whatsup with that man site owner ayumibs

  139. OnyxMemory

    Hey Ayumi,

    After the recent patch making MW give % max hp passively, should it be maxed after enhanced exceed?

  140. Ayumilove Post author

    @Michelle: There are no skill books in MapleStory RED patch. All of those 4th job skills will be unlocked. Just that you will need to buy Mastery books (7million, 10million) from an NPC in Leafre to ugprade your level skill cap from 10 to 20, and 20 to 30 for 4th job skills.

  141. Michelle


    Sorry where can I find skill/story books for 4th job skills?

  142. Jax

    So because they use hp do you need hp% equips to boost damage and if you max out their hp does % hp equips still boost the damage even at max hp

  143. Ayumilove Post author

    Updated Demon Avenger Skills to GMS v.149 patch. (Buffed: Exceed: Execution)

  144. Ayumilove Post author

    @Red: Thanks for the notice. I’ll perform the necessary corrections :)

  145. Red

    Hi Ayumi, the damage percentage for Lvl 1 Execution should be 310% not 510%

  146. Eyescramp

    Hi , i cant find hero will quest for DA =(

  147. YouNi

    @AyumiLove For the hyper skill, why reduce exeed overload?

  148. Marcus

    Hi ayumi, I have a lv76 demon avenger and I can’t find any desperado swords for this level range please help me, where can I buy them from?

  149. Justice

    @AshidaSate Really thats how u increase it? sad :(

  150. AshidaSate

    @Justice go to henesys or leafre, go to the potion shop, buy a mastery book to increase skill’s max level.

  151. Justice

    Hmm…. Ayumi!Help! For my 4th job i can only max my skills up to level 10! idk wat i did wrong help me please! like execute is supposed to go until 30 but it shows master level 10. I have this exact same problem on my xenon. my da is lvl 101 while my xenon is 117

  152. AshidaSate

    @Ayumi, It says that Demon Avengers’ primary stat’s HP, do they add all their AP into HP? A lot of their weapons seem to require STR to equip. Can they wear equips that increase STR instead of HP? Does STR increase their HP? and which would be better for them: equips that adds a lot of HP or equips that adds a lot of weapon attack?

  153. DAvenger

    Hi ayumilove , I would like to ask about a question…
    When I’m level 80-100, which spot to I nid to go to, to level up faster ??

  154. Ayumilove Post author

    @MrPozo: Have you played Demon Slayer before? Demon Avenger is similar to Demon Slayer where it has a Beginner Skill called Dark Winds which allows you to perform super athletic feats such as double jump (leap towards the highest platform above you) or glide in air (much faster than walking). Once you master these, its easy to navigate around the map, especially while training. For 4th Job Skill, you will be mainly spamming Exceed Execution to kill enemies and bosses. You can apply Armor Break to reduce enemy defense first (especially bosses or monsters that is able to withstand 5 or more hits). Summon Shield Chasing to deal additional damage while you slash your enemies.

  155. MrPozo

    Ayumi, What skills will I mostly use at job 4? I know exceed ofc but ill i use some less than others? Also movement is an issue for me. I like DA but didn’t kno it was not mobile

  156. Ayumilove Post author

    @SeriouslySam: Sure, you can max Demon Strike instead of Bat Swarm :)

  157. SeriouslySam

    hi ayumi! i want to ask a question about d.a 2nd job skill. Can i go for demon strike max skill points instead of bat swarm? because i less use bat swarm due to my training style

  158. 1st timer

    haha thx ayumi. my fren no recommend wrong. he ask me to ask ur opinon 1st xD

  159. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi 1st Timer, I do not have an answer for this since I play the character for fun sake instead of damage hahaha. But as all job, they can grow strong with link skills + equipped set items with potential and scrolls.

  160. 1st timer

    Hi ayumi. i would like to know that will demon avenger weaker than others job after 4th job? :)

  161. Teren_Ce

    Hi Ayumi, can i ask if demon avenger or demon slayer is stronger? what is your view? :)

  162. Ayumilove Post author

    You’re welcome Evrwin :)

  163. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ello, thanks for the notice. I have replaced Hyper Jump with Hyper Strength :)

  164. Evrwin

    wth.. i didnt see that. -.-

    Psps ayumi! Thanks ello!

  165. Ello

    @Ayumi, doesnt DA has a 1st job skills that adds 20 jump? then hyper jump is useless, i would ratehr go hyper str since it has a part in dmg

  166. Ello

    @erwin Check out number nine…..
    8. Will of Liberty (MAX)
    9. Hyper Health (MAX)
    10. Hyper Speed (MAX)
    11. Hyper Jump (MAX)
    12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
    13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
    14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)

  167. Evrwin

    Um Ayumilove, i’m sorry.. but i’m not really referring to the Hyper MP.. True it’s not stated. But to explain my question further i’ll borrow some of your text.

    10. Hyper Speed (MAX)
    11. Hyper Jump (MAX)
    12. Hyper Weapon Defense (MAX)
    13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
    14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)

    This is by Hyper Passive [If i’m not wrong].

    Among all of these, where does [Hyper Health] go? I’m surprised that DA, whose build is mainly by current hp = dmg, shouldn’t there be a need for more hp?

    DA’s base speed is already good enough, with the fact that it can glide, replaces the effect for flash jump and/or teleport. Somehow i think, you should try adding Hyper Health, maybe that might make your guide more impressive? :D

  168. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi soh, both are worth leveling for their link skills. Or grab Kanna to act as a mule to generate more mobs :)

  169. soh

    Is DA worth leveling or kanna?

  170. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi SevenUp, when I played my DA when it first launched, I got most of my DA weapon through even until Level 70 or so. From there, you basically train on monsters which 1 of them will eventually drop a high level DA weapon. For me, I got a Level 80/90 DA weapon just from Romeo and Juliet Party Quest monsters. Then the rest is purchased from Free Market since I was in a hurry to level up instead of crafting/hunting.

  171. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Erwin, in the Demon Avenger Hyper Skill Build Guide, there is Hyper Health (also known as the Hyper Max HP). If you are rerferring to the MP version, Demon Avenger has no need for it since he uses a health-based system similarly to Angelic Buster. Therefore, Hyper Mana (or Hyper Magic Points) is not required.

  172. Evrwin

    Hai Ayumilove, i’ve asked a question, and just by chance, i know you’re busy, but i believe this is one interesting questions..

    See for yourself: DA’s Hyper Passive Point Allocation [There’s stats added for def + crit rate]
    That’s alright, but I want to ask, where’s hyper max hp? Shouldn’t it be there as well?

  173. SevenUp

    Where can i get DA weapon, it’s craftable, but is it hunt-able ? or mission to get

  174. Russell

    Thanks Ayumilove!!!

  175. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Russell, I usually purchase them from Freemarket or craft them.

  176. Russell

    where can i hunt for desperados? i needa new weapon to use cus mine is too noob. thanks ^^

  177. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi alsesreplay, you can only wear female armor and armor of level equivalent to your character and lower.

  178. alsesreplay

    im using demon avenger and what kind of armor does DA wears?
    theres some of the warrior armor i cant wear
    im using female type btw

  179. Evrwin

    Uh Ayumilove, may i wonder why.. Da’s selected hyper SP allocation doesn’t include Hyper Health? All i see is speed,jump,def, crit rate. 0.0

  180. SoR0XaS

    @Leiral, DA has a beginner skill that ignores STR requirement on equipments. Just Auto assign to HP.

  181. Leiral

    Hi,normally when we ranked up ,we have ability points.Should we uses it for auto assign or up strength ? Because mostly of DA wep is required strength and when auto assign,it will increase your hp only.Please help me!!

  182. AngelicLuminous

    Does Demon Avenger’s High Efficiency work with NLC potions (those that heal 60%)

  183. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hong, for me I just hunt them from monsters. I couldn’t remember which monster dropped but 1 of them is the Romeo and Juliet Party Quest.

  184. hong

    whr can find DA weapon?

  185. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi HeroezMastazz, potless as in seldomly use potion. In my experience during my Demon Avenger training, I have not frequent the potion shop to restock health potion but to sell junks to NPC (low level equip). This same applies to my Mercedes training too since it has a special skill that replenishes your HP and MP by % (like an auto-mini-elixir potion). But you will do need to consume potion during boss battle because those dish tons of damage on your character in a short period of time.

  186. HeroezMastazz

    Since Demon Avenger uses HP, and from each attack or from a certain buff, it heals over the HP, and it only uses HP for skills. Does it mean that Demon Avenger is considered as, “potless”?

  187. Anthony

    What monsters drop the desparados?

  188. Tuna

    The decent advance blessing is available on legendary tier potential for a level 120+ hat

  189. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Tuna for the info :D But isn’t it kinda rare to get that skill? What potential level to get it? Is it on Epic?

  190. Tuna


    Advanced Blessing is a new decent skill available on the hat

  191. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Raizel,how do you get Advanced Blessing on Demon Avenger? Is it a skill from equipment similar to Decent Hyperbody?

  192. Raizel

    Only 4 basic buffs for hp o.o

    Diabolic Recovery
    Decent Hyperbody
    Advanced Blessing
    Release Overload

    These 4 buffs are enough to make a 95k DA go to around 160k…

  193. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Raizel for your feedback regarding the max health. What buff did you apply to your Demon Avenger to gain so much health?

  194. Raizel

    You can go up to more than 500k hp if i recall correctly. currently am at 160k hp with buffs.

  195. kjh07

    after seeing the video, how to u avoid lag in town?

  196. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Dem0nAvenge, I have not experienced that yet. Any DA could share their experiences in MaxHP exceeding 99,999?

  197. Dem0nAvenge

    hey Ayumi,
    Can a DA get more then 99999 hp?

  198. Vengeance

    Hey Ayumi
    Where can I get desperados I am lvl 101 and I am still using the lvl 70 weapon :/ I know I can buy them from Free market but where can I earn one, monsters who drop them, quests that gives them

    thank you :D

  199. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Hellsong, it really depends. Let’s say Exceed Execution costs a bomb to purchase in Free Market, then grab that instead of Advanced Desperado Mastery and Overwhelming Power. However, you max those 2 skills first before any other skill. Reason being, these skills are the ones that boost all attacking skill including 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Job Primary Attacking Skill. Perhaps you can ask for his explanation on why to get Exceed Execution :)

  200. Hellsong

    Hey Ayumi, my friend suggested that it would be better to get the Exceed: Execution skill mastery book at level 70 than either Advanced Desperado Mastery or Overwhelming Power. I’m wondering what effect it would have on your damage since you’ve mentioned that ADM provides stable but lessened damage while OP has unstable but potentially higher damage. Does it fall into either one of these categories?

  201. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DoctorLum, reach Level 70 to be able to provide Level 1 Link Skill to another character. Reach Level 120 to gain Level 2 Link Skill. Reach Level 210 to gain Level 3 Link Skill. It’s all about leveling up your Demon Avenger. Same applies to other jobs that has the ability to pass their link skill to another character.

  202. DoctorLum

    Hey Ayumilove, About the Link skills, how do I level them up?

  203. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DemonIsMine, is that your real damage inflicted on enemies per hit? If that is, its quite normal. As long you can 1 hit KO monsters at your level is nice :)

  204. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi EastDark, if your damage is really low, try upgrading your weapon. Also, you can also increase by using Potential Equips that increases MaxHP (not STR). Don’t forget about link skills and deck of cards. Plus, it would be best to equip a set of equipment that provide bonus character stats. That’s all for my advice :) Demon Avenger damage is kinda low compared to Xenon since they do not have much weapon attack buff/passive.

  205. EastDark

    Ayumi please answer this is very important why my attack is 1000 at level 48!

    is this my problem ? please answer this is very important

  206. DoctorWho8

    You got something wrong in the Shield Charge.. The Rush damage isnt 205%, its 105% like the Final Damage… But thanks for the rest :)

  207. DoctorWho8

    Thank you so much Ayumilove :) Keep on the good work :P

  208. DemonIsMine

    yea ayumi… my da does around 17-18k dmg when im nw lvl 105… am i in deep trouble??? my dmg range is jst 5k-8k when my buffs are on… other class deal more dmg than me when then are lower lvl than me.. is this a prob?

  209. EastDark

    Hey Ayumi im level 48 and my attack is just 1000+ or 700+ !Is my character have problem or what?

  210. Vincent

    What is desperado mastery ? Attack speed ?

  211. Ayumilove Post author

    You’re welcome (GMS)gamer :)

  212. PugsPuppy

    Hi ! In Maplestory, the Demon Avenger just got Unleashed (FINALLY!) and I’m level 44, but I don’t think i’m really strong. Can you give me advice to make my character more stronger and powerful ?

  213. (GMS)gamer

    Ok thanks for you help and the guides their great! :)

  214. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi (GMS)Gamer, it wouldn’t make you that weak since both increases your damage for all skills. Just max Official Rage and then Desperado Mastery. Both skills will be max anyways :)

  215. (GMS)gamer

    Hi Ayumilove accidently raised desperado mastery before official rage will it make it make me weaker or something please write back A.S.A.P

  216. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Blazeman22, personally I would start with Advanced Desperado Mastery. Some would opt for Overwhelming Power because it deals extra damage compared to Adv. Desperado Mastery and it saves you the hassle to recast it every 60 second instead of 180 seconds.

  217. blazeman22

    which mastery book should i get at lv 70?

  218. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Sander for your feedback on the latest job Demon Avenger :)

  219. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mapler, the damage formula for Demon Avenger is [CurrentHP / 9 + STR] * 1.3 * WA / 100. Therefore 9 MAX HP is equivalent to 1 STR. If you use 1 AP (Ability Point) into HP, it rewards you +40 Max HP. 40 divided by 9 gives you 4.4 times damage of a single STR (Strength) point.

  220. Mapler

    Ayumi, does str increases Attack for Demon Avenger? Also,does Weapon Attack increases DA attack, when i wear my Evolving Ring III (10 weapon att) it doesn’t increase too much Attack for my DA, but he is level 10 so i really don’t know.
    Please answer me, and sorry for asking so much question.

  221. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Splakon, it should be +30 STR.

  222. Mapler

    Ayumi could you tell me why %MaxHP is better than %STR? Also, i wonder at level 70, which book should i choose for the 4th job?

  223. Sander

    I’ve been playin Demon Avenger on MapleStory EU and it’s not really a new class anymore,and as ayumi sayd HP% wil GREATLY increase your damage,without even funding your Demon Avenger your character will have over 100k HP at least did i get on MapleEU
    I can say only this ONLY HP% and ATT in ceneral are the real att range boosters,str% isn’t neccessary at all,it’s actuely pretty easy to control a DA,since you won’t even die when a boss uses Damage Reflect,i have killed Arkarium and Hilla and didn’t die once by them while they used Damage Reflect,it’s true gotta be careful with your HP,since as your HP decrease so will your damage,meaning you gotta keep the HP bar as high as possible,you got skills for it too in the exceed system,+DA only has mostly HP increasing/healing buffs,using the exceed skills you can HP by hitting mobs/bosses you can pretty much guess when a boss is Damage Reflecting,I am a HUGE admirer of the exceed system + HP using since it’s one of the riskiest and also the BEST characters MapleStory has seen,as side note when funding try to get the best att you can get + some HP% stuff like chaos horntail necklace,chaos zak helm and Red Rexton(idk how they were called) Earrings wich give already a HP% boost,as secondary pendant you should take fearless/loveless pendant ofc for the ATT mainly,when you can try to get your hands on a Lionheart Painful Destiny(LV.140 Empress waepon) and scroll it carefully so you won’t waste any slots,believe me your att range will increase tremondously,well this is just my way of paying DA F3

  224. Splakon

    Hey Ayumi, For second job, is the +30% STR true? Or is that a typo and its ment to say +30 STR?

  225. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mapler, %MaxHP is better for Demon Avenger even though he is a warrior.

  226. Mapler

    Ayumi, which book should i choose upon lv 70? As i see in the guide the Defense Expertise skill and Overwhelming Power increases attack, but i can not tell which one is better. Also, is %MaxHP equips better than %STR or reverse? Thanks for for answering :)

  227. Sk

    Helo demon avenger have hero will skill? i cannot find the strong will quest in my character.

  228. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Crasherdrone, definitely HP regen familiar work best for Demon Avenger especially if the healing is done in % percentage instead of a fix value. There are few monsters that just perform that purpose which are listed in MapleStory Familiar Guide at

  229. Crasherdrone

    so would familars that give hp regen be the best for this character?

  230. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Raymond, I’m not sure how much health. I didn’t pay attention to how much HP my Demon Avenger has since its more than sufficient to tank in any boss attacks in 3-4 hits (usually eats up 25% of my HP).

  231. Raymond

    How much health will i have if i am lev 140 with 87% hp

  232. AngelicLuminous

    yes there’s a cooldown of 30 seconds

  233. Cloudspell

    Hi ayumi, is there a cooldown and/or damage cap to thousand sword?

  234. desconocido5000

    ok thanks aclaraste my doubts. just one more question from your point of view which is better? DS or DA? I’m very interested to do more damage

  235. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi desconocido5000, your attack is reduced significantly as your current HP approaches to 70%. 70% and below means your dealing approximately half of your true damage.

  236. desconocido5000

    but I mean if an example: I have 50% of my hp now my attack is reduced?

  237. desconocido5000

    if my hp is reduced so does my attack?

  238. desconocido5000

    hi i want to know if my hp fighting mobs lower decreases so does my attack?

  239. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Yellow Banana, for me, I would maxed Advanced Desperado Mastery first. However, maxing the Overwhelming Power deals higher damage compared to Advanced Desperado Mastery, however, the damage would not be stable (the gap between min and max damage is a little wide). Mastery skill helps minimize this gap so you can deal constant damage.

  240. yellow banana

    Hi Ayumi, overwhelming power and advanced desperado mastery which 1 should max 1st?

  241. iFateTwister

    Ayumi what hyper skills should I add?

  242. Demon259

    Hey ayumi, I’m a maplesea player, can you give me some places to train when I reach level 90, cuz I’m bored on doing pq.

  243. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks Bob for the correction, I’ll fix it right away.

  244. bob

    1. Can’t use any warrior weapons except for Despeardo

  245. bob

    Hey Ayumilove, your guides are awesome and I love them, but there is a typo on demon avenger. You put Despeardo instead of Desperado

  246. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Duane, get a Cleric to Bless you. It really helps me to hit enemies above my level with the accuracy boost from Bless.

  247. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Chris, Bravenger, Gravenger, Octavenger, Ravenger. Take your pick.

  248. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks iFateTwister, I have corrected Exceed: Execution specification to 600% damage at level 30 with 30% armour ignore.

  249. iFateTwister

    Ayumi, Exceed: Execution is 600% damage at level 30 with 30% armour ignore.

  250. Dylan

    When will DA come out? Will he be released on June 19th with the unleashed update? If not when will he?

  251. Bennett

    Ayumilove,how to get Hyper Skill SP

  252. Magnus Dan

    Hi Ayumilove my question is the next,¿the demon avenger is good on pvp?

  253. Chris

    can u make me an IGN for Demon Avenger >.<

  254. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Duane David, have a cleric giving his/her blessing to you. It’s a joy to have a cleric in party quests which buffs your accuracy stats by few hundred, allowing you for a perfect 100% success hit. I was able to train much more effectively and efficiently with 1 cleric in my party. Before that, most of my damage isn’t bypassing the enemy avoid/evade.

  255. Bennett

    I got 1 question also want ask u
    The Hyper skill Ap how to get??

  256. Duane David Immanuel Chung

    Thanks :D But I do have one more question :D
    What do you suggest I should do if I keep missing? Nowadays my Demon Avenger keeps missing, bringing down my damage output T.T

  257. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Duane David, I haven been to Zakum Raid with my Demon Avenger yet. But from the youtube videos displaying Demon Avenger soloing Zakum, his/her HP does not instantly fall to 1 but -40% HP instead. Probably due to the massive amount of HP that Demon Avenger has. Check this video out

  258. Duane David Immanuel Chung

    Hello :D
    Sorry if this sounds WAAAAAY late because I only started Maplestory just yesterday :p
    Firstly, this is a very nice guide ;D Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!

    So hence, my question is:
    You know when bosses have this skill that reduces your HP and MP to 1, does this have, by any means, the same effect on Demon Avenger?

    Sorry if you have already said it somewhere, I can’t find it XD
    Thank you so much for helping!

  259. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Nick, when you create a Demon Avenger, you will still need to go through Demon Slayer storyline until you reach to the Resistance HQ (Headquarter). Upon waking up from your unconsciousness/slumber, you will be given an option to choose either a Demon Avenger (white hair) or Demon Slayer (red-hair). If you choose White Hair, you current red-hair will turn into white. The link skill depends on what sub-job you have taken (DA/DS). If you selected Demon Avenger, you link skill is Wild Rage. You can’t have both Link Skill from DS and DA. Your min-max damage will be approximately be halved once your current HP % is 70% or below.

  260. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Bennett, you can get from Gachapon or FreeMarket. However, it is i-gachapon (not regular gachapon). Season 2 i-Gacha comprises of high level weapon and miracle scroll for both Demon Avenger and Angelic Buster. i-Gacha will only be around from the 29th May to the 5th June 2013,0900hrs(GMT+8).

  261. Nick

    Hi Ayumi! Your guide helped alot. Can’t wait until DA comes out in gms and i started to get ready for it!
    But 1 question. Since DA and DS will be in a group called demon(i think)
    and you get to chosse if your a da or ds when your lvl 10 at job adv. 1
    but before that, what look would you have? And also which link skill would you have?

    Also, about howmuch damage would you have at level 100 with 30% hp?
    thankyou ~

  262. Bennett

    Hi may I know the Demon Advenger thelionherat PainfulDestiny how to get?

  263. SeriousAVG

    hi, may i know what hyper skill ( stats boost ) should i add ?

  264. Jonathan

    May I know where to hunt for Exceed: Execution 20 , Overwhelming Power 20 skillbooks ?

  265. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi dadada, both jobs uses different formula, therefore you can’t compare 15% hp = 15% str.

  266. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi dadada, try to get +hp%. I’m not sure whether stat% also increases your MaxHP%. You could experiment with it and post your experiment results here :)

  267. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi dadada, Demon Avenger primary stat is HP and not STR. Therefore, distribute all AP (Ability Points) into HP stat.

  268. dadada

    1 mourrr question…

    Does the dmg formula work the same for Demon Avenger? Like would +15% hp equip for Demon Avenger be the equivalent of +15% str on a Dark Knight?

  269. dadada

    And 1 more question.

    How does Demon Slayer character creation appearance work? Do we first use the Demon Slayer looks, and then when we advance in class, our hair turns white? Do Demon Avenger have unique faces? The video you posted seems like the female have a unique face.

  270. dadada

    NVM my previous Question. For demon avenger, they should buy gears that say +hp% instead of stat%?

  271. dadada

    Can you explain why you invest all points into HP instead of str? Is HP their primary stat?

  272. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Lion, purchase from Free Market with meso OR get Mystery Mastery Books and hope you can get Demon Avenger Mastery Books.

  273. lion

    hey ayumi where can i get the 4th skill books yeah?

  274. LJ

    hi, may i know what hyper skill ( stats boost ) should i add ?

  275. Jet Han

    Excuse me, where can i get Lovely Grim Seeker?

  276. kyleangel

    Hi does anyone knows where we can hunt for king pepe dim memory? Seems like king pepe pq doesn’t drop it. Thanks

  277. DeSnowy

    @alwin demon avenger has a beginner job skill that allows it to ignore the stat requirements for equipments.

  278. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi alwin, you do not need to worry whether Demon Avenger has sufficient STR (Strength) attribute since it has a unique beginner skill called Blood Contract that allows them to ignore warrior equipment stat requirement. Watch the video I made on Demon Avenger to see it for yourself :)

  279. alwin

    Hi ayumi , I am a new player , as if I add all my ap to hp , thats mean I cannot any other equipments ?example : lvl 30 desperado need 100 str , it means I couldnt equip it

  280. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jonathan, I got mine from Neo Huroid. They are located in Stage 4 of Romeo and Juliet Party Quest (RnJ PQ). Most of us camp there to earn experience but unexpectedly I get a Desperado. I receive tons of equipment there too but mostly for other classes which I npced after each PQ.

  281. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Lighted, when Demon Avenger first arrive to MapleStory, GM NPC will give a free Mastery Book at Level 70. From there you can choose either Overwhelming Power, Advanced Desperado Mastery, Exceed Execution. It would be great to choose Overwhelming Power for this matter to avoid recasting every 75 seconds at max Level 10. You could also obtain Demon Avenger Mastery Books from Mystery Books or purchase from Free Market. If the Mystery Book gives you a book that is not suited for your class, sell it off for meso to fund your Mastery Books.

  282. Jonathan

    Hi , Jonathan again here. May I know which monster drops it?

  283. Lighted

    can you tell me how to get DA Mastery Book?

  284. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jonathan, you can get it from monster drop. I obtained my Dragonic Primm Vagabond from RnJ PQ (Romeo and Juliet Party Quest), the place where you camp to earn EXP (Experience Points). I got mine after approximately 10+ rounds of camping there.

  285. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Eliza, all AP (Ability Points) should be distributed into HP (Health Points aka Hit Points) for Demon Avenger. You could also use Auto AP Distribution instead to quickly dump all 5 AP points into HP upon leveling up!

  286. eliza

    hello ayumilove! should i add all of my AP into HP??

  287. Jonathan

    May I know where to hunt for Dragonic Primm Vagabond. I am from Maplesea

  288. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ck Lim, try Phantom Watch, Bearwolf, Gigantic Spirit Viking.

  289. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ariealle, sorry for the late reply, I have someone helped me with the video recording, and the Demon Avenger skill preview is up for watching :)

  290. Ck Lim

    Hi im from maplese any suggest for 140lvl DA training spot??

  291. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Mikiying, all AP (Ability Points) are distributed into HP (Health Points aka Hit Points). Do not add any into STR (Strength). I have created a dummy Demon Avenger to test this by adding all AP into STR and sad to say, the damage increase is 3-4 times lesser than what an ordinary warrior should gain. In short, not really worth it but grab the high health points instead which makes you really invulnerable especially in Liberation of Aswan battles where towers takes 2-3 hits to kill you whereas ordinary warrior will be dead in 1 hit. Same applies to any boss raids with powerful magical attacks.

  292. Ariealle

    sorry, i forgot to say, i dont mind helping u with your video preview :D

  293. Gravers

    Hi Ayumi,
    Do you have guide on how to get Despeardo? Thanks a million! :)

  294. Ariealle

    hey ayumi, my DA is 4th job already,

  295. Mikiying

    Hi, Ayumi. I need your advice regarding about DA’s stat.. so each level up, which one i need to up? 1 str and the rest goes HP?

  296. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Yuuki, Desperado is a one-handed weapon since it can be used with a shield called Force Shield. However, Desperado can’t use one-handed sword scrolls since its not a sword but a new type of weapon similarly to Mercedes’s Dual Bowgun or Angelic Burster’s Soul Shooter.

  297. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Muhammad Zulhusni, I have corrected Moonlight Slash skill description. It hits 3 times instead of 2.

  298. Yuuki

    Hi, just wanted to know if Desperado’s are one-handed or two-handed weapons?

  299. Muhammad Zulhusni

    isn’t exceed-Moonlight Slash hit 3 time?

  300. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi dualbladerorDA, I find that Dual Blade offers more moveability compared to Demon Avenger and Kaiser. However, Kaiser overpowers both with sheer raw damage hands down.

  301. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Kim, I have fixed Shield Chasing Skill Description. Max Level is 30 instead of 20. Thanks for the notice!

  302. dualbladeorDA

    Hi, would dual blade still be a good character as compared to DA and the upcoming kkaiser in terms of DMG?

  303. Kim

    sorry but just asking, shield chasing has level 30, how come its not reflected in the 4th job skill?

  304. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi CallMePika, whats your Demon Avenger level right now? I’m currently looking for 4th Job Demon Avenger to help me with demonstrating some of the 4th job skills for my new video preview here. If anyone has one already, please comment here. :)

  305. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ivan Lua, I still prefer Kaiser though, its much stronger than Demon Slayer and Demon Avenger. Great character as a main. Take this opportunity to level up as high as possible before it gets nerfed :D

  306. Ivan Lua

    Hi, will demon avenger be nerfed soon? And is it good for a main after being nerfed?

  307. CallMePika

    Thanks Ayumi :) It would be best for all if they changed the quality better

  308. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi MixiAvenger, regarding the 124 SP (Skill Points) I assume you are referring to 3rd Job (Level 60 to 100 = 40 levels x 3 SP = 120 SP). The only skill which is less 1 SP is Shield Charging. Hope I have answered your first question. For the second question, you can grab either the Advanced Desperado Mastery or Exceed Execution. If you plan to level the skill quickly, you can get the Execution first as shown in the guide above. Take note that if you find that Advanced Desperado Mastery is much more expensive than the other books, you could get that and later purchase the other Mastery Books from FreeMarket.

  309. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Its Me, we could only use Desperado as a weapon for Demon Avenger. Stat requirement does not matter except for level requirement :) Oh yeah, no need to worry since this update has already remove the fame requirements.

  310. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Justin, current HP does affect the range. The lower your current HP, the lower your max damage will be reduced. Once it reaches 70% or below your max HP, you hit the lowest damage as a Demon Avenger.

  311. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi CallMePika, I found out the voice its a little damp too. Probably they have reduces the audio quality to 48kbps for voice / phone recording instead of crisp quality of 128 kbps.

  312. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Its Me, its not really messed up but yeah, it does not really matter with the Demon Strike nor Bat Swarm. Currently I have maxed Demon Strike, but you can have the option to max Bat Swarm instead of Demon Strike since it can be utilized during 3rd and 4th Job whereas your primary attacking skill will keep changing though. So I would like to gives a heads up to those new Demon Avengers about this first :)

  313. Its Me

    erm AyumiLove did u mess up with the 2nd job skill build? lol ._.

  314. ShYGuY154

    @MixiAvenger, I would usually recommend to go for these two, if you can get them.
    Defense Expertise- Increases your damage passively, and ignores enemies’ defenses, which basically increases your damage even more! Helpful against bosses as well.
    Advanced Desperado Mastery- Stablizes your damage even more (your hits become even more consistant instead of unstable and sudden bursts/drops of damage) and gives a slight boost in your attacks.

  315. CallMePika

    Erm, why are the voices for both Demon Slayer/Avenger sounds blurry in MapleSEA? KMS videos all showed them with clear voices though..

  316. MixiAvenger

    Hi, I am from Msea~
    Demon Avenger has been released and i have 2 questions if you would answer thank you very much
    1) There are 124 skill points and the total skill points required to max all is 125, which is skill should i put with 1 point less?
    2) 4th job is right around the corner, which Mastery book should i have first? Event allows you to choose one 4th job skill book when you reach level 70 so idk which.
    I await your reply, thnx :3

  317. ShYGuY154

    I haven’t made a Demon Avenger, but I;m just guessing that the damage range shown in the stat screen is increased more with STR put in, but the damage overall is increased much more when putting MaxHP in, despite the actual damage range showing less of a dramatic change. My guess :P
    Btw, @It’s Me, it’s known in the skill build

    Blood Contract
    Aggressively empowers the body through a blood contract. The contract has the effect of ignoring warrior armor, and the stats requirement of Demon Avenger equipment is ignored, allowing the equipment to be worn.

    Meaning the amount of STR written on, let’s say, a level 150 weapon will be ignored, as long as your level is 150 (ignoring stat requirement doesn’t mean ignoring level requirement)

  318. Its Me

    Hey guys, about the weapon, we can use weapon that requires str even though u doesnt have the amount of str needed for that. :)

  319. Justin

    But I thought hp doesn’t affect range?

  320. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Justin, I have created a dummy Demon Avenger and tested out by channeling all AP into STR but the damage increases is too little. Every 5 AP into STR only gives less than 5 max damage range. Might as well dump all into MaxHP as that increases a lot more.

  321. Its Me

    Pure str?! Feels really really not right lols

  322. Justin

    So we should go pure str?

  323. Its Me

    @Justin, I doesnt have the str ._. how do i even equip them lolx so shud i add some str?

  324. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Justin, I have tested it out on my Demon Avenger. It seems that adding STR does indeed increase the damage instead of adding MaxHP. Having more MaxHP does not increase the damage.

  325. Justin

    @its me. It doesn’t matter. You still can equip it

  326. Its Me

    Hey ayumilove, shud i add hp and str? or hp only? cause those weapon that demon avenger use need some str on need, so what do i do?

  327. Justin

    Hey ayumi, is it true that adding str will increase the damage of DA? Or is adding up better? Cause when I click auto, my range doesn’t seem to increase.

  328. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Its Me, you can try out Demon Avenger first, then later create a Demon Slayer to experience both. Basically they 90% the same but Demon Avenger is less constraining (more flexible) since you can keep spamming your special attack until your HP is low whereas Demon Slayer, you need to constantly kill enemies to charge up your Fury to perform your special attack. If there are no enemies (when people kill steal your target) you will be dealing regular attack damage, lesser damage but stable.

  329. Its Me

    I currently have a DA which is very low lvl. I doesnt own a DS too. I just wanna know what is more worth to play it and more funner:) I feel ds is quite catchy but everyone seems to said that DA have so much damage then DS have, and now maple is full of demons lols. Majority is DA. So what shud i choose? :) thx for replying.

  330. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks ericluo95 for MapleSEA new job release dates. Demon Avenger is a little special in its own ways as it uses a new system called Exceed. Do try out Demon Slayer and let me know which you prefer (DA-Demon Avenger or DS – Demon Slayer) :D

  331. Ayumilove Post author

    Demon Avenger (DA) feels much better than Demon Slayer (DS) since you do not need to use any potions (HP nor MP) If you are currently playing or own a Demon Avenger like me, you wouldn’t think about potions expenses as its all covered by the active and passive health recovery skills.

  332. Its Me

    Yep Its Me again :) which one feels better, DS or DA? thx for replying :) happy mapling~

  333. Shadowolfcub

    nevermind I just read the whole thing

  334. ericluo95

    Hi Ayumi, MapleSEA is already to patch Demon Avenger about 2 days ago, release date 29 May on Angelic Buster, 12 June on Kaiser, 3 July on Xenon. Coming a next 2 month for a new 4 classes. I think I like this new classes, but I never seen before Demon Avenger skill like that. Thanks.

  335. Shadowolfcub

    strange thought I had… the demon slayer and demon avenger have similar backgrounds. could that mean they’re kin to each other, as far as the story goes, like they’re brothers or something?

  336. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi boring, Bat Swarm is not required to be max.

  337. boring ZZZ...

    Ayumi love,i cant max 2job,what dont need max?

  338. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ah Jin, for me, I just select the job which is much more fun and easy to play with. High damage and easy to move around. My preferences would be maneuverability over damage.

  339. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi jingkai, max Demon Strike :)

  340. Ah Jin

    But his damage depends on hp~It’s att get lower and lower~But Aran after combos,it gets higher and higher att~But Look like Aran have lower mobility and att speed~Now I am standing between both jobs~What should I do?=…=

  341. jing kai

    omg cant max 2nd job skill so max bat or demon strike?

  342. Ang Gian Chin

    Wild Rage (Passive)
    lvl 1 at what lvl?
    lvl2 at what lvl?

  343. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Espada, you can use the Auto-AP Distribution button to allocate 5 AP into MaxHP (1 AP = 30 HP) for you. MapleStory has become a lot simpler compared to before Tempest Update.

  344. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ah Jin, you could create a Demon Avenger now as MapleSEA has already release yesterday on May 15 2013. From there, you can judge how strong is Demon Avenger from Aran just by playing the first 2 job advancements.

  345. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Leozium, Demon Avenger has a skill that ignores STR requirement on equips. However, the level requirement of the equip still applies on Demon Avenger. Otherwise, this class can already equip high-level godly weapon and armor at low level.

  346. Espada

    So all i need to do is add hp? o.0

  347. Ah Jin

    So Demon Avenger stronger than Aran a lot?

  348. Leozium

    Ermm can i ask how do we equip eqs that req str when all we add is on hp?

  349. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Ah Jin, my Demon Slayer damage is higher than my current Aran when compared at the same level with the same equips. And Demon Avenger is slightly stronger than Demon Slayer since they have Exceed ability and more on Offensive abilities.

  350. Dylan

    Hey erm HP cap is increased to 500,000 since Tempest.

  351. Ah Jin

    Aran have higher damage or Demon Avenger?

  352. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi x31Degree, Demon Avenger is a nice class since it focuses purely on HP similarly to Angelic Buster only having HP instead of MP. Keeps things really simple. Also Demon Avenger saves tons of expenses on potions since HP potions are 50% cheaper than MP Potions. Demon’s Avenger damage formula uses STR (Strength) stats, so you could say that it is somewhat helpful. But it would be better to grab hold on HP% equipment since that would boost Demon Avenger’s damage by a huge amount. Demon Avenger deals the lowest damage when hp is 70% and below whereas 100% HP will deal full damage! So that is a bit complicated. Just keep your HP high to deal constant high damage. I’m uncertain whether MapleStory have remove the HP cap (30,000 Max HP). Let me know if they have changed it.

  353. ShYGuY154

    %str won’t give it as strong of a boost (if any) to a DA when compared to %hp. I’m assuming that because it’s a warrior, it has to gain some sort of attack boost from strength. I’m basing this off the idea of having a primary and secondary stat, whereas the strength is the secondary stat.

  354. x31Degree

    Is demon avenger is nice class? since demon avenger’s primary stat is HP, so str% is useless for DA?

  355. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Berserke, Demon Avenger primary stat is HP (Hit Points aka Health Points). When you click on the Auto-Assign-AP Button, all AP (Ability Points) will be channeled into HP. Each 1 AP provides 30 HP. Demon Avenger only uses Warrior equip. The special thing about Demon Avenger is they ignore stat requirement (STR/DEX/INT/LUK) on Warrior equips, but the level requirement still applies. Therefore, if Demon Avenger has less STR than the equip required but his level is equal or higher than the equip, he can still wear it. Hope that clarifies your doubts on Demon Avenger stats :)

  356. Berserke

    So u r saying that da doesn’t us str at all but hp meaning it has no primary stat nor secondary but just hp?

  357. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks aeria for the news on 5 new jobs in MapleSEA. Can’t wait to get on Xenon :)

  358. aeria

    in maplesea now we gotten all new 5 job between may-july
    and we getting demon avenger then angelic burster then kaiser&luminious and lastly xenon

  359. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi DemonKidzz, I guess Demon Avenger only pumps up his HP attribute since his damage increases when he has more Max HP. Kinda strange damage system but I think MapleStory Developers want to try out something new, similarly to how Dragon Knight loses more HP to deal double damage. (Berserk Skill)

  360. DemonKidzz

    Hi Ayumi,
    Does that mean that DA doesnt need to up his str and dex when lvls up?

  361. BookofBooks

    I work with a group of about 30 people. It’s a big job in a way because we try our best to make sure every single word is proper on English grammar and spelling. I cover skill translations

  362. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Random_guy, both skills are similar. Binding Darkness (Demon Slayer Skill) does DoT (Damage Over Time) whereas Bloody Imprison (Demon Avenger Skill) does not, based on the skill description.

  363. Random_guy

    Bloody imprison is the same as blinding darkness?

  364. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi XxslayerxX, in KMS (Korea MapleStory), although Demon Avenger has been nerfed 3 times, it is just slightly stronger than Demon Slayer.

  365. XxslayerxX

    Ayumi is da stronger than ds?

  366. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks aeria for the Demon Avenger release date for MapleSEA!

  367. aeria;

    in Maplesea,we now entering season 2 which is included tempest and unlimited patch and we getting demon avenger on 15/5/13

  368. Demon Avenger

    Demon Avenger is so STRONG!!!

  369. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks BookofBooks for the insider tips :) If its before end of summer, that would make it just fit within 8-9 months after KMS released their Demon Avenger. What does your job scope cover for translation? Do you work with a big group of translators (10-20 people) :D

  370. BookofBooks

    I’d just like to verify for you, Ayumilove. GMS gets everything that KMS gets, I have a job at Nexon, nothing major, I’m just a translator. Demon Avenger I can’t legally announce when they will get released. Fear not GMS maplers. Demon Avenger will be here before your summers end, I can say that :)


  371. Ayumilove Post author

    Thanks ShYGuY154 for the estimation on the Demon Avenger and Xenon :)

  372. ShYGuY154

    Demon Avenger was released in KMS around December, and Xenon came a month later. I expect both to appear in mid-summer to early autumn, if we ever get them. :P

  373. Ayummylove.

    When is Demon Avenger coming to GMS? Summer? and when did thet release in KMS????

  374. ReleaseDate

    May you kindly tell me when Demon Avengers are thought to come out in GMS? Around summer-time? ; O

  375. Eric Lac

    When is Demon Avenger coming out to GMS?

  376. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Charlie, I have not tried yet. Would you like to test it out and share with us here?

  377. Charlie

    Hey Ayumi! Thanks for all the great information! But I was wondering if Demon Avenger and Kanna Link Skills stack because they are both 5/10% damage at Link Levels 1 and 2, respectively. Thanks!

  378. Vince

    Hi Ayumi~ i would like to ask that the attack style of Demon Avenger is it similar to Demon Slayer or Aran which need to spam click attack key?

  379. jett tan

    tell me

  380. jett tan

    when will xenon release in malaysia maplestory

  381. Rob

    Will Demon Avengers be made avail in American MS?(GMS I believe its called). If so when is an approximate date?

  382. Lee

    they should make demon slayer stronger….. they look so weak in front of avengers

  383. iSolsticee

    Demon Avenger Does more damage with more health points , STR and Attack doesn’t benefit them . Also it came out yesterday on KMS.

  384. Deity

    Ok, but when did Demon Avenger come out?

  385. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Deity, I think Xenon will be arriving around January 2013 in KMST, so still have 3 weeks to go. Btw, if you come across any clean Demon Avenger Videos, let me know so I could make a video compilation of it :)

  386. Deity

    Also, can you add a Xenon skill build guide? I haven’t seen anything that shows what Xenon’s skills are, and I’m REALLY wanting to know the skills. Please reply ASAP.

  387. Deity

    Ayumilove, when did this come out in KMS? I would really like to know since this looks really cool and I know that stuff in KMS takes 6 months to come out in GMS, so please get back to me ASAP on this. P.S. BEST MAPLESTORY INFORMATION WEBSITE EVER!!!!!!

  388. teejianan

    can u teach me how to make such account like urs?

  389. Pwickles

    Hi ayumilove, I would like to know, since this class is based off hp, what equips would we wear to increase damage? Equips with +hp? Or would str and atk add more to their range since it’s a warrior?

  390. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi, I will be making one soon once MapleStory Demon Avenger is saturated in Youtube. Currently, I’m looking for videos with female and male voice in it without the person’s added music. If you have seen videos with these, let me know :)

  391. Elton

    Do You Have Make A Skill Preview video for Demon avenger???