MapleStory Monster Familiar Guide

Monster familiars are versions of MapleStory enemies that you can summon to help you battle throughout Maple World. One of the first things to understand about monster familiars is that they are not pets. In fact, there are significant differences between familiars and pets that go beyond the fact that only familiars can be used in combat, such as:

  • Familiars cannot use pet equipment.
  • Familiars are summoned using cards, which can either be purchased from the Cash Shop or collected from monsters in Maple World. Pets are available through the Cash Shop only, except for the lovely Snail pet entrusted to you by Mar the Fairy.
  • Familiars cannot be summoned in the Free Market or Battle Square.
  • A familiar will be the same level as you when summoned. Familiar skills cannot be upgraded.
  • Familiars are rated based on how difficult they are to acquire. They come in Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Legendary types.

How to Get Cards

Cards can also be obtained by hunting monsters. Occasionally you will see a card drop from the monster you’ve killed. Pick up the card and it will move to the “Use” section of your inventory. You can hover your cursor over the card to see information about the familiar.

The Cash Shop offers packs of cards for sale. Starter Packs and Booster Packs are available regularly, and occasionally Legendary Booster Packs are sold. Click here to read more about how they work and what kinds of cards you can get from them.

Anatomy of a Card

  • Level: Your character must be this level or higher to summon the familiar.
  • Name: This is the generic name for the creature. When you add it to your Crusader Codex, you will have the opportunity to give it an individual name.
  • Friendship Time: When you acquire a familiar, you may only summon it for 30 days (real time). Registering a second card from the same monster increases its duration to 60 days and increases its max vitality, and registering three cards from the same monster increases its duration to a max of 90 days and increases its max vitality to its limit.
  • Attacks and Effects: This area details what type of special attacks the creature can make along with an effect that happens while the creature is summoned.
  • Attack Power and Range: The amount of damage the familiar can cause while attacking and how far away from you it will roam.
  • Vitality: How long the creature will be able to fight until exhausted.

Card Rarity

Cards come in different rarities. Do you see that orange star on the Red Drake card above, along with the orange number in the top left and the orange background behind the Red Drake image? All of those indicate that this is a rare card. You can tell the rarity of cards by the colors displayed in the corner of their image icons, and by certain color schemes and icons on the card details. The border around the familiar image box will also become more detailed depending on the rarity of the card.

Common: Gray/silver. Crescent moon displayed in the card details image.
Uncommon: Yellow. Blazing sun displayed in the card details image.
Rare: Orange. Five-pointed star displayed in the card details image.
Legendary: Purple. Eigh-pointed star displayed in the card details image.

Activating Cards

As long as the card is in your inventory, you will be able to trade it with another player. To activate a card, double-click it to move it into the Familiar tab in the Crusader Codex. Once registered in the Crusader Codex, the Friendship Timer will start ticking down.

Summoning Familiars

Once you’re ready to use your familiar, open your Crusader Codex, select the Familiar section, and double-click the monster you’d like to summon. The monster will appear next you, ready to battle on your behalf. Only one familiar may be summoned at a time and it will stay with you as you do most activities in MapleStory. Use the C, U, R, and L tabs to find a registered familiar based on its rarity.

A few important things to note about summoned familiars:

  • Familiars can only be summoned if they have full Vitality.
  • Familiars cannot be summoned in the Free Market or Battle Square. If you enter either area while a familiar is out, it will be dismissed.
  • Familiars will be dismissed when you ride a mount.

Familiar Abilities

Use CTRL+F to Find the Monster with the bolded ability.

Increases Vitality Recovery Speed +10/20/30
Recovers HP 5%/10%/15%
Recovers MP 5%/10%/15%
Recovers HP & MP 5%/10%/15%
Increases Speed +8/10/12
Increases Jump +8/10/12
Increases Speed & Jump +6/8/10
Increases W.DEF +20/30/50
Increases M.DEF + 20/30/50
Increases W.DEF & M.DEF +15/20/40/50
Increases Avoidability +10/15/30
Increases Accuracy +10/15/30
Increases Avoidability & Accuracy +6/12/24/30
Increases Speed, Jump, Avoid, Acc, W.DEF, M.DEF 8/6/20
Increases Item Drop rate +30%/50%/100%
Increases Meso Drop rate +30%/50%/100%
Increases Item & Meso Drop rate +20%/40%/60%
Produces Items
Produce Mesos 10/100/1000 mesos
Preventions: prevents slipping/HP loss
Increases STATS (works with %stats) +1/2/3
Character Appearance Effects
Soul Weapon: �A soul weapon that increases the absorption of souls.� +1/3/5
Party Effect

Increases Vitality Recovery Speed

+10 Vitality Recovery Speed

7. Green Mushroom, 38. Kid Mannequin, 39. Female Mannequin, 43. Cheap Amplified, 101. Ore Muncher, 98. Bone Fish, 131. Rexton, 153. Skelesaurus, 8. Cynical Orange Mushroom, 60. Water Goblin, White Mama Monkey, 43. Poisoned Spright, 12. Safe Guard, 28. Gamaa, 60. Voodoo, 30. Orange, 80. Master of Disguise, 124. Grim Phantom Watch, 100. Crimson Balrog, 150. Mini Bean, 43. Poisoned Lord Tree, 68. Gargoyle, 70. Green King Goblin, 43 Poisoned Lord Tree, 96. Mossy Snail, Toad,

+20 Vitality Recovery Speed

37. Black Sheep, 107. Cold Shark, 114. Prototype Lord, 130. Nibelung, 10. Researcher H, Bully Visitor, 68. Rombot

+30 Vitality Recovery Speed

1. Snail (snail-type), 6. Orange Mushroom (mushroom-type),
166. Mutant Slime, 7. Slime (slime-type), 8. Stump (stump-type), 7. Pig (pig-type), 18. Evil Eye (evil eye-type), 38. Star Pixie (pixie-type) , 65. Barnard Gray (gray-type), 66. Mateon (martian-type), 31. Skeledog (skeleton-type), 52. Drake (drake-type), 20. Stone Golem (Golem-type), 43. Jr. Pepe (pepe-type), 101. Hobi (hob-type), 105. Green Hobi (hob-type), 80. Dark Lord’s Clone, 80. Destroyed Doll, 80. Dances with Balrog’s Clone, 80. Grendal the Really Old’s Clone, 80. Athena Pierce’s Clone, 80. Shadow Kyrin, 120. Leviathan, 66. Myst Knight, 30. Fabio’s Firebomb, 100. Dreamy Ghost, 122. Bearwolf, 60. Toy Black Knight, Ravana, 110. Coco, 60. Hoodoo, Destroyer, 21. Ligator (crocodile-type), 26. Lupin (monkey-type), 70. Jr. Cactus (cactus-type), 73. Chronos (chronos-type), 70. Boogie (boogie-type), 142. Memory Monk (monk-type), 146. Memory Guardian (guardian-type), 117. Authheben, Angry Stray Dog, 100. King Centipede, 190. Shinsoo, Ifia,

Recovers HP

5% HP / 10seconds

3. Shroom, 15. Wild Monkey, 67. Punco,


5. Red Snail (in Victoria island), 5. Potted Sprout (in Edelstein), 36. Jr. Cellion (in Orbis), 39. Fire Sentinel (in El Nath), 60. Gold Captain, 63. Master Robo (in Ludibrium), 73. Cactus (in Nihal Desert), 78. Cube Slime (in Magatia), 81. Red Flower Serpent (in Mu Lung), 87. Reinforced Mithril Mutae (in Magatia), 112. Blood Harp (in Leafre), 78. Red Goblin,


10. Mano, 70. Prison Guard Boar, 134. Red Wyvern

Recovers MP

5%MP/10seconds: 17. Smirking Ghost Stump, 112. Mama Monkey, 66. Pachu.
10%MP/10seconds: 2. Blue Snail (in Victoria island), 6. Potted Morning Glory (in Edelstein), 43.Blue Goblin, 46. Grupin (in Orbis), 39. Ice Sentinel (in El Nath), 61. Robo (in Ludibrium), 81. Blue Flower Serpent (in Mu Lung), 76. Royal Cactus (in Nihal Desert), 80. Eleanor�s Coockatrice, 86. Mithril Mutae (in Magatia), 109. Harp (in Minar Forest)
15%MP/10seconds: 35. Jr. Boogie, 70. Prinson Guard Rhino, 137. Blue Wyvern ,

Recovers HP & MP

5%HP&MP/10seconds: 39. Stumpy, 69. Cuzco, 90. Firebrand (in Crimsonwood), 10. Candle Monster, 10. Coke Snail, 35. Black Goat, 126. Thanatos
10%HP&MP/10seconds: 12. Octopus (in Victoria island), 20. Water Theif Monster (in Edelstein), 20. White Baby Monkey, 25. Genin (in Showa town), 30. Goat (above sea), 36. Jr. Grupin (in Orbis), 40. Paper Lantern Ghost (in Mushroom Shrine), 54. Bloctopus (in Ludibrium), 70. Poison Poopa (in Aqaurium), 74. Platoon Chronos, 85. Rurumo (in Magatia), 90. Firebrand (in Crimsonwood), 135. Afterlord Type A (Neo Tokyo), 40. Clown Monkey (in Ximending), 8. Frog (in Floating Market), 67. Lord Pirate,
15%HP&MP/10seconds: 35. Gold Yeti and King Pepe, 92. D. Roy, 99. Mr. Alli, 117. Master Birk, 120. Margana, 58. Papa Pixie, 127. Castle Golem, Ultimate Visitor,

Increases Speed

+8 Speed: 11. Stirge, 41. Latest Hits Compliation, 60. Planey, 61. Tweeter, 30. Police, 36. Commander Skeleton, 85. Nightmare
+10 Speed: 10. Ribbon Pig (in Victoria Island), 53. Hector (in El Nath), 57. Propelly (in Ludibrium), 58. Hodori (in Korean Folk Town), 67. Zeta Gray (in Omega Sector), 76. Chipmunk (in Mu Lung), 56. Krappy (in Aqurium), 79. Kiyo (in Nihal Desert), 14. Patrol Robot (in Edelstein), 80. Rex, 130. Black Kitty
+12 Speed: 53. Roloduck

Increases Jump

+8 Jump: 32. Intoxicated pig, 30. Young, 28. King Slime, 103. Soaring Eagle
+10 Jump: 10. Bubbling (on Victoria island), 58. King Bloctopus (in Ludibrium), 55. Moon Bunny (in Korean Folk Town), 69. Plateon (in Omega sector), 67. Red Porky (in Mu Lung), 62. Krip (in Aqaurium), 84. Dark Sand Dwarf (in Nihal Desert), 95. Saite, 80. Halloween Event Frog, 16. Strang Sign (in Edelstein),
+12 Jump: 48. Spirit of Rock,

Increases Speed & Jump

+6 Speed/Jump: 57. Toy Trojan, 30. Malady, 70. Windraider, 15. Coke Slime, 10. Lost Reindeer, 10. OS4 Delivery Ship, Frostprey
+8 Speed/Jump: 13. Blue Ribbon Pig (in Victoria island), 36. Jr. Loiner (in Orbis), 56. Helly (in Ludibrium), 88. Roid (in Magatia), 114. Birk (in Minar Forest), 18. Serpent (in Edelstein), 25. Crow (in Mushroom Shrine), 50. Extra C (in Showa town), 50. Chunin (in Showa town), 100. Typhon, 25. Sheep (in Shanghai), 60. Male Bandit, 23. Stray Dog (in Ximending), 25. Yellow Lizard (in Floating Market), 155. Bodyguard B, 55. Red Slime, 48. Baby Balrog, 113. Master Harp, 60. Kunoichi, 50. Hawk Fighter
+10 Speed/Jump: 122. Flyeye, 120. Hsalf, 125. Grey Vulture

Increases W.DEF

+20 W.DEF: 64. Mask Fish, 30. Bear, 20. Kid Snowman
+30 W.DEF: 13. Horny Mushroom (on Victoria island), 46. Cellion (in Orbis), 117. Yeti (in El Nath), 51. Pink Teddy (in Ludibrium), 60. Hogul (in Korean Folk Town), 71. Mecateon (in Omega Sector), 91. Jar (in Mu Lung), 58. Cico (in Aqaurium), 72. Ear Plug Pleader (in Nihal Desert), 84. Reinforced Iron Mutae (in Magatia), 33. Baby Boulder Muncher (in Edelstein), 90. Tae Roon, 40. Angry Snowman,
+50 W.DEF: ] 133. Brexton, 80. Angry Frankenroid, 50. Coke Golem, 60. Giant Snowman

Increases M.DEF

+20 M.DEF: 36. Transformed Doll Claw Game,
+30 M.DEF: 10. Blue Mushroom (on Victoria island), 41. Lunar Pixie (in Orbis), 48. Seperated Pepe (in El Nath), 49. Brown Teddy (in Ludibrium), 61. Samiho (in Korean Folk Town), 70. Ultra Gray (in Omega sector), 95. Bellflower Root (in Mu Lung), 54. Seacle (in Aqaurium), 77. Scarf Plead (in Nihal Desert), 82. Triple Rumon (in Magatia), 35. Big Boulder Muncher (in Edelstein), 105. Dark Klock, 120. Black Witch, Ice Golem
+50 W.DEF: 126. Gatekeeper

Increases W.DEF & M.DEF

+15 W./M.DEF: 15. Grey Yeti and King Pepe, 80. Stormbreaker, 47. Biker Monkey, 30. OS3A Machine, 38. Cow (in Shanghai), 10. Jack-o-Lantern
+20 W./M.DEF: 15. Zombie Mushroom (in Victoria island), 70. Blue King Goblin (in Victoria island), 54. Lucida (in Orbis), 122. Yeti and Pepe (in El Nath), 54. Panda Teddy (in Ludibrium), 75. Zeno (in Omega Sector), 93. Ginseng Jar (in Mu Lung), 61. Flower Fish (in Aquarium), 76. Meerkat (in Nihal Desert), 89. Neo Huroid (in Magatia), 97. Rash (in Minar Forest), 31. Safety First (in Edelstein), 30. Fire Raccoon (in Mushroom shrine), 47. Extra B (in Showa Town), Maverick Type Y (?), 30. Ashigaru (in Ninja castle), 100. Headless Horseman (in Crimsonwood), 33. , Plow Ox, 60. Python (in Floating Market), 102. Chimera, 68. Door Block, 120. Kacchuu Musha, 120. Red Nirg
+40 W./M.DEF: 106. Deep Buffoon, 168. Lyka, 150. Dodo, [/i]127. Royal Guard, Golden Giant[/i]

Increases Avoidability

+10 Avoid.: 52. Drumming Bunny, 25. Coketump
+15 Avoid.: 19. Jr. Necki (in Victoria island), 46. Lioner (in Orbis), 132. Coolie Zombie (in El Nath), 82. Straw Target Dummy (in Mu Lung), 71. Bellamoa (in Nihal Desert), 81. Rumo (in Magatia), 103. Dark Rash (in Minar Forest), 22. Dust Box (in Edelstein), 73. Puco
+30 Avoid.:70. Scholar Ghost, Starling, 120. Heron

Increases Accuracy

+10 Accuracy: 39. Tortie, 30. Quiz, 30. Coketump Lite
+15 Accuracy: 16. Annoyed Zombie Mushroom (in Victoria island), 50. Jr. Lucida (in Orbis),
50. White Fang (in El Nath), 83. Wooden Target Dummy (in Mu Lung), 81. Scorpion (in Nihal Desert), 83. Iron Mutae (in Magatia), 105. Dual Beetle, 28. Patrol Robot S (in Edelstein), 96. Deet and Roi,
+30 Accuracy: 85. Opachu, Crow

Increases Avoidability & Accuracy

+6 Avoid./Acc.: 40. Male Mannequin, 40. Silver Slime, 100. Nightshadow, 36 Lord Skeleton, 30. Toy Clown, 17. Shade
+12 Avoid./Acc.: 20. Terrified Wild Board (in Victoria island), 43. Luster Pixie (in Orbis), 73. MT-09 (in Omega Sector), 86. Master Dummy (in Mu Lung), 107. Hankie (in Minar Forest), 25. Streetlight (in Edelstein), 80. Jonin (in Showa Town), 60. Nightghost (in Mushroom shrine), 64. Leader B (in Showa town), 143. Maverick Type A, 95. Elderwraith (in Crimsonwood), 25. Stylish Tray Dog (in Ximending), 40. Red Lizard (in Floating Market), 97. King Sage Cat, 95. Male Boss A, 20. Rotting Skeleton, 106. Master Hoblin, Sniper Visitor, 65. Female Bandit
+24 Avoid./Acc.: 116. Mastery Death Teddy, 112. Iruvuta, 100. Ninto, 120. Rellik

Increases Speed, Jump, Avoid, Acc, W.DEF, M.DEF

+8 Speed/Jump, +6 Accuracy/Avoidability, +20 W/M.DEF: 108. Giant Centipede, 6. Orange Mushroom, 188. Oz, 125. Demon Gargoyle

Increases Item Drop Rate

+30% Item Drop Rate: 96. Sr. Bellflower Root, 16. Ghost, 30. Jewelery
+50% Item Drop Rate: 11. Strange Pig (on Victoria island), 38. Sentinel (in Orbis), #119. Dark Yeti (in El Nath), 45. Black Ratz (in Ludibrium), 85. Grizzly (in Mu Lung), 73. Sparker (in Aquarium), 98. Homunculus (in Magatia), 70. Rococo (in Edelstein), 45. Dark Cloud Fox (in Mushroom Shrine), 62. Leader A (in Showa Town), 80. Mingu, 10. OS3D Diver
+100% Item Drop Rate: 100. Wolf Underling, 100. Black Kitty (halloween)

Increases Meso Drop Rate

+30% Meso Drop Rate: 30. Renegade Spores, 35. Yeti Doll Claw Game, 32. Mummydog, 1. Golden Slime, 20. Coke Mushroom, 31. Glutton Ghoul, 30. Gold
+50% Meso Drop Rate: 11. Crying Blue Mushroom (on Victoria island), 35. Jr. Sentinel (in Orbis), 49. Dark Pepe (in El Nath), 44. Ratz (in Ludibrium), 79. Black Porky (in Mu Lung), 68. Jr. Seal (in Aquarium), 92. Homun (in Magatia), 8. Grape Juice Bottle (in Edelstein), 30. Cloud Fox (in Mushroom Shrine), 45. Extra A (in Showa), 30. OS3M Miner, 200. Dark Muscle Stone
+100% Meso Drop Rate: 136. Eye of Time, 50. Frog (untransformed), 45. Leprechaun

Increases Item and Meso Drop Rate

+20% Item/Meso Drop Rate 26. Mixed Stone Golem, 57. Snow Witch, 92. Peach Monkey, 102. Bigfoot, 15. White Rooster, 32. Lupin Pig
+40% Item/Meso Drop Rate 8. Dejected Green Mushroom (in Victoria Island), 48. Ghost Pixie (in Orbis), 124. Dark Yeti and Pepe (in El Nath), 46. Retz (in Ludibrium), 64. Morphed Blin (in Korean Folk Town), 75. Chief Gray (in Omega Sector), 88. Reindeer (in Mu Lung), 42. Freezer (in Aquarium), 84. Dark Sand Dwarf (in Nihal Desert), 100. Homunscullo (in Magatia), 116. Dual Birk (in Minar Forest), 76. Racaroni (in Edelstein), 115. Ergoth, 22. Duck, 105. Overloard A
+60% Item/Meso Drop Rate 72. Big Spider, 180. Castella, 168. Mutant Ribbon Pig, 70. Kitty from Cheese Storage

Produce items

12. Axe Stump, 14. Dark Axe Stump, 16. Ghost Stump, 68. Desert Rabbit (M), 15. Mushmom, 150. Nest Golem, 85. Snack Bar, 15. Snowman, 10. OS4 Delivery Ship, 7. Treacherous Fox, 10. Candle Mob (2nd), Vip

Produces mesos

10 Mesos: 67. Desert Rabbit (F), 10. Dark Stump, 23. Zombie Mushmom
100 Mesos:
1000 Mesos 174. Dunas Type D


Slipping in El Nath: 40. Letty, 45. Jr. Yeti
HP Loss in El Nath: 42. Dark Letty, 46. Dark Jr. Yeti
HP Loss in Aquarium: 60. Bubble Fish, 70. Poopa, 66. Scuba Pepe

Increases STATS

+1 STR: 19. Wild Boar, 28. Wooden Mask, 23. Croco, 35. Officer Skeleton, 45. Poison Golem, 34. Royal Guard Pepe, 26. Fire Boar, 32. Red Bubble Tea, 50. Copper Drake, 22. Cold Eye, 24. Iron Boar, 63. Block Golem, 15. Red Boogie, 30. Snake
+2 STR: 35. White Yeti and King Pepe, 24. Iron Hog, 44. Fancy Amplifier, 100. Stone Bug, 89. Panda, 67. Guard Robot, 25. Dyle, 104. Buffoon, 99. Beetle, 82. Raco, 63. Muscle Stone, Poison Golem, 55. Enraged Golem, Axe Visitor
+3 STR: 127. Werewolf, 164. Oblivion Guardian, Super-charged Poison Golem, 35. Scarred Bear, 70. Gentleman, 120 Blood Reindeer, 180. Advanced Knight C, Advanced Knight E

+1 INT: 68. Tick, 35. Jr. Pepe Doll Claw Game, 28. Zombie Lupin, 65. King Block Golem, 37. Blue Perfume, 54. Red Drake,90. Blue Mushmom, 30. Blue Boogie, 29. Rocky Mask, 30. Fairy 15. Lightwold P (Rideword P)
+2 INT: 15. Royal Fairy, 95. Buffy, 95. Sage Cat, 96. Soul Teddy, 96. Broken DF Android, 83. Elite Hoblin, Cleric Visitor, 170. Advanced Knight B, 80. Copper Giant, 30. Ice, 15. Rideword B
+3 INT: 163. Mutant Tino, 19. Official Knight, 121. Phantom Watch, 151. Qualm Monk, 30. Schiller, 66.Rowdy Puppet, 105. Shark, 85. Stick weilding Silver Giant, Rideword Y

+1 DEX: 75. Master Chronos, 23. Suspicious Thief, 20. Curse Eye, 50. Chirppy, 34. Green Bubble Tea, 37. Clang, Green Boogie, Suspicious Thief30. Doughnut
+2 DEX: 102. Mossy Mushroom, 91. Goby, 93. AF Android, 103. Risell Squid, 83. Hoblin Hector, 174. Official Knight D, Gunner Visitor, 75. Copper Martial Artist
+3 DEX: 148. Chief Memory Guardian, 57. Primitive Thief Boar, 70. Black Wing Henchman, 115. Crocky the Gatekeeper, Advanced Knight D, 90. Golden Martial Artist

+1 LUK: 33. Helmet Pepe, 36. Lorang, 33. Yellow Bubble Tea, 15. Wraith, 70. Tick-Tock, 37. Yellow Perfume, 34. Skeleton Soldier, 56. Ice Drake, 12. Trainee Spore
+2 LUK: 103. Kru, 65. Black Boogie, 168. Official Knight A, 94. Bamboo Warrior, 87. Security System, 85. Combat Hoblin, Assassin Visitor
+3 LUK: 119. Spirit Viking, 160. Oblivion Monk, 167. Mutant Tiguru, 177. Advanced Knight A, 80. Thief Crow, 30. Love

+1 ALL STATS: 40. King Clang, 97. Lazy Buffy, 58. Dark Drake, 79. Guard Robot L, 55. Eliza, 75. Bloody Boom, 50. Giant Centipede, 36. Transformed Doll Claw Game, 25. Muddy Swamp Monster, 38. Prime Minister, Cake Monster, 30. King, 30. Note, 30. Rose, 30. UFO, 30. Xmas
+2 ALL STATS: 52. Pinboom, Spirit Visitor, Golden Pig, 38. Star Pixie, 190. Empress Cygnus, 30. Earth, 30. Tea
+3 ALL STATS: 122. Snowman, 107. Dragonoir, 110. Coco, 10. Randall Machine, Golden Pig, 110. Yaoseng Martial Artist

Character appearance effect

Luminous Shadow: 13. Jr. Wraith
Crimson Luminous Shadow: 165. Mutant Tiru
Shadowy: 23. Dark Stone Golem, 24. Sugeon Eye, 100. Squid, 66. Black Knight,23. Devil Slime, Night
Crimson Shadow: 31. Poison Mushroom, 102. Klock, Blaze

Soul Weapon

+1 Soul Absorption: 123. Jr. Cerebes, 132. Miner Zombie, 120. Griffey, 147. Skelegon, 120. Phoenix, 115. Black Crow, Gatekeeper Rex
+3 Soul Absorption: 120. Crimson Guardian, 129. Lycanthrope, 141. Dark Wyvern, 125. Papulatus Clock, 125. Imperial Guard, 117. Dunas, 153. Lilynouch, 36. Commander
+5 Soul Absorption: 180. Pink Bean, 130. Female Boss, 70. Olivia, 164.Master Guardian, 119. Kentaurus King, Golden Pig, 118. Reindeer, 164. Mutant Orange Mushroom, 169. Dawn, 125. Red Crocky, 123. Mini Castle Golem

Party Effect

Increases Speed:
36. Commander Skeleton

Increases W.DEF:
+20 W.DEF: 134. Cerebes, 62. Tauromacis, 38. Coke Seal
+30 W.DEF: 88. Desert Giant, 136. Bain, 128. Red Dragon Turtle, 65. Master Muscle Stone, 120. Scarlet Phoenix
+50 W.DEF: 157. Chief Qualm Guardian, 66. Strong Stone Goblin

Increases M.DEF:
+20 W.DEF: 98. Master Soul Teddy, 64. Taurospear, 70. Yellow King Goblin, 42. Play Seal
+30 W.DEF: 37. Pink Perfume, 127. Blue Dragon Turtle, 77. Frankeroid, 120. Azure Ocelot
+50 W.DEF: 144. Memory Monk Trainee

Increases W.DEF & M.DEF:
+50 W.DEF: 10.Ribbon Pig, Golden Pig, 188. Mikhail

Increases Avoidability:
+10 Avoid.: 70. Nine-Tailed Fox, Perfect Sprite
+15 Avoid.: 45. Greatest Oldies, 142. Dark Cornian
+30 Avoid.:

Increases Accuracy:
+10 Acc.: 144. Dual Ghost Pirate, 90. Enhanced Security System, 86. Ferocious Hoblin, Willi
+15 Acc.: 134. Richie, 122. Gigantic Spirit Viking
+15 Acc.: Speedy Visitor

Increases Avoidability & Accuracy:
+30 Avoid./Acc.:10. Slime, Golden Pig, 188. Irena

Recovers HP:
5%HP/10second: 84. The Book Ghost.
10%HP/10second: 80. Deo
15%HP/10second: 70. Prison Guard Boar, 118. Red Kentaurus, 152. Body Guard A, 166. Chief Oblivion Guardian

Recovers MP:
5%MP/10second: 33. Faust
10%MP/10second: 63. Seruf, 112. Death Teddy, 118. Blue Kentaurus
15%MP/10second: 70. Prison Guard Rhino, 72. Extra D, 155. Qualm Guardian

Recovers HP & MP:
5%HP&MP/10second: 45. Pixiemom, 69. Timer, 118. Black Kentaurus
10%HP&MP/10second: 20. Rooster, 45. Igloo Turtle
15%HP&MP/10second: 120. Black Bird, 140, Unjust Visitor, 162. Mutant Snail

Increases Speed:
+8 Speed: 104. Primitive Boar, 110. Ghost Pirate, 74. Cart Bear, 83. Elite Green Hoblin, 60. Wild Kargo, 62. Jr. Gargoyle, 20. Blood Stirge,
+10 Speed: 88. Security Camera, 103. Soaring Hawk, 35. Coke Pig
+12 Speed: 177. Thunder

Increases Jump:
+8 Jump: 28. King Slime
+10 Jump: 120. Dragon Rider
+12 Jump: 173. Wind

Increases Speed & Jump:
+12 Speed/Jump: 5. Red Snail, Golden Pig, 122. Eckhart

+3 ALL STATS: 15. Zombie Mushroom, Golden Pig, 70. Prison Guard Ani, 188. Hawkeye

Increases Recovers Vitality Speed:
+10 Vitality Speed: 98. Tree Rod, 105 Captain, 66. Jr. Balrog, 136. Green Cornian, 120. Manon, 153. Qualm Monk Trainee, 125. Papulatus, 67. Puppet Golem, 54. Mimic, 43. Poisoned Stone Bug, 50. Queen Pepe, 162. Oblivion Monk Trainee,
+20 Vitality Speed: The Boss, 70. Yeti and Coketump,
+30 Vitality Speed: 38. Alishar, Shammos,

Monster Familiar Starter, Booster, and Legendary Booster Packs

Starter Pack Booster Pack Legendary Booster Pack
Regular price:
2,500 NX (1) Regular price:
5,500 NX (1) Regular price:
11,000 NX (1)

Start your Monster Familiar collection off strong. Only one Starter Pack can be purchased per account, but there is no restriction on the numbers of Booster and Legendary Booster Packs you can buy. Each pack is consumed after one use. The Starter Pack and Booster Packs are available in the Game section under the Etc tab. The Legendary Booster Packs are available in the Event section under the Event tab.

Here’s what each type of packs contains:

Starter Pack
Four Familiar cards: Pig, Cloud Fox, Terrified Wild Boar, Red Drake

Booster Pack
Three random Familiar cards.
The first card will be common.
The second card will have a 50/50 chance of being common or uncommon.
The third card will have a 60% chance to be uncommon and a 40% chance to be rare.

Legendary Booster Pack
Three random rare or higher ranked Familiar cards; one below level 50, one below level 100, and one level 100 or higher. When you flip the card for the Lv.100 rare Familiar card, there is a chance that it will actually be a legendary Familiar card that can be of any level.
As a bonus, opening a Legendary Booster Pack will give you a Volatile Legend Familiar Stamp in the Use tab of your item inventory.
Collect 20 Volatile Legend Familiar Stamps and double-click them to get a Volatile Legend Familiar Ticket in the Use tab of your item inventory.
Double-click a Volatile Legend Familiar Ticket to get a random Legendary Familiar!

Here’s how to use the packs:
Purchase a pack of your choice in the Cash Shop.
Double-click the pack in your Cash inventory to move it to your item inventory, then exit the Cash Shop.
Double-click a pack in the Cash tab of your item inventory to receive the cards.
Double-click a card in the Use tab of your item inventory to register it in your Crusader Codex.
Open your Crusader Codex (default: N Key).
Select the Familiar tab on the left.
Double-click a familiar to summon it.

Legendary Booster Packs are occasionally not for sale. Check the current Cash Shop post in the in progress events to see if they are available at this time.

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9 thoughts on “MapleStory Monster Familiar Guide

  1. Robin Lionheart

    Smaill tip: If while hunting 250 Racaroni for the Verne Mine stamp in Maple Guide (the faster to return to Shaft 2 with!), its familiar should drop, a Racaroni familiar makes a better stepping stone than Mixed Golem for hunting the Big Spider familiar.

  2. Robin Lionheart

    Incidentally, doing price checks in the auction house can often let you see the specs on legendary familiars you can’t see in the Creature Codex.

  3. Robin Lionheart

    Platoon Chronos should also be listed as party HP/MP recovery.

    Thanatos and Castle Golem have the effect of recovering HP/MP to nearby people.

  4. Ryan!!!

    you got master birk familiar wrong

    master birk should be in the party effect because it also dos party members

  5. Reimi

    I just got back into the game after 6 years. I was told that some places do not have Familiar Card drops at all, & I’d like to know where not to bother grinding for them, because I want to Catch Them All.

  6. Lee Shao Wei

    why aren’t the monster familiars available in MSEA ?

  7. snowball

    which one would be the best for demon avenger

  8. Chris

    Hey does getting 3 mutant ribbon pig cards have better drop rate than only 1?

  9. Mia

    Thank you for this guide! Very helpful.
    But how would I find this “Kitty from Cheese Storage” familiar which increases meso and drops rate? I’ve looked it up but all I have been able to find is that it’s located in the Cheese Storage…