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Ayumilove MapleStory Hyper Stat Calculator Reboot (Simulator)

MapleStory Hyper Stats Overview

  • You will receive Hyper Stat Points beginning at Level 140.
  • Hyper Stat Points are used increase your Hyper Stats.
  • Hyper Stats is accessible by clicking “Hyper Stat” button in your Character Stat window.
  • Every 10 levels after Level 140, Hyper Stat Points you get upon level up will be increased.
  • Starting at Lv. 140, you will get 3 Hyper Stat Points per level up.
  • For every 10 levels after that, you will receive 1 more Hyper Stat Point per level up. (Ex: Lv.140 – 149 you’ll get 3, Lv.150 – 159 you’ll get 4, Lv.160 – 169 you’ll get 5, etc.)
  • As you level up a Hyper Stat, it starts to require more and more Hyper Stat Points to increase to the next level. Spend those points wisely.
  • If you’re unhappy with your current Hyper Stat Point allocation, you can reset your Hyper Stats for 10 million meso.

Hyper Stat Build Guide

This guide is applicable for Warrior, Bowman, Magician, Thief and Pirate. The hyper stat build guide mainly focuses on raw damage, so prioritize on maxing Hyper Stat damage, boss damage, minimum critical damage, maximum critical damage as these works for all jobs. Next are the complimentary hyper stats which are ignore defense, status resistance, primary stat, secondary stat, critical rate and stance. These complimentary hyper stats may or may not be suitable depending on the character’s job skills and equips that might already boost them to 100%. The table below is a reference guide for Hyper Stat Build.

Stat Level 200 Stat Amount Level 250 Stat Amount
Primary Stat 3/10 45 4/10 60
Secondary Stat 0/10 0 2/10 30
Critical Rate 6/10 7% 10/10 15%
Critical Damage 6/10 6% 10/10 10%
Ignore Enemy Defense (IED) 6/10 18% 10/10 30%
Damage 8/10 24% 10/10 30%
Boss Damage 7/10 23% 10/10 35%
Status Resistance 6/10 7% 7/10 9%
Stance 0/5 0% 5/5 10%
Total Skill Points 339 894
Remaining Skill Points 2 1


Open up both your ‘Stat Window’ and ‘Hyper Skill Window’, then add HSP (Hyper Skill Points) to the Hyper Stat below. Check whether you have already maxed one of your stat shown in the ‘Stat Window’. Example: Assuming you are a Demon Slayer with 100% Stance, distribute the remaining Hyper Skill Point to other Hyper Stat instead of Stance based on the sequence/priority of this build. Add Hyper Skill Points into Hyper Stats which are partially maxed with the ones closest to 10/10 or 5/5. This concept applies for other Hyper Stats too! This guide is meant for reference and should not be followed blindly as you may have equips (potential-ed/scrolled/hammered) or skills (e.g. Dual Blade with 4th Job Skill Shadow Meld = 100% Critical Rate) that boost their stats to 100%

Hyper Stats Build Notes

Hyper Stats

  • Warrior’s Primary Stat and Secondary Stat are STR and DEX.
  • Bowman’s primary stat and secondary stat are DEX and STR.
  • Magician’s primary stat and secondary stat are INT and LUK.
  • Thief’s primary stat and secondary stat are LUK and DEX.
  • Pirate’s primary stat and secondary stat depends on the sub job.
  • Bucaneer and Shade (Pirate) primary stat and secondary stat are STR and DEX.
  • Corsair and Jett (Pirate) primary stat and secondary stat are DEX and STR.
  • Demon Avenger primary stat and secondary stat are HP and STR.
  • Xenon primary stat are STR, DEX and LUK. No secondary stat.

Hyper Stats that you can raise are:

  • STR: +15/30/45/60/75/90/105/120/135/150 (max level 10)
  • DEX: +15/30/45/60/75/90/105/120/135/150 (max level 10)
  • INT: +15/30/45/60/75/90/105/120/135/150 (max level 10)
  • LUK: +15/30/45/60/75/90/105/120/135/150 (max level 10)
  • HP: +2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20% (max level 10)
  • MP: +2/4/6/8/10/12/14/16/18/20% (max level 10)
  • Demon Force: +10/20/30/40/50 (max level 5)
  • Speed: +4/8/12/16/20 (max level 5)
  • Jump: +2/4/6/8/10 (max level 5)
  • Critical Rate: +1/2/3/4/5/7/9/11/13/15% (max level 10)
  • Critical Damage: +1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10% (max level 10)
  • Ignore Enemy Defense (IED): +3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30% (max level 10)
  • Damage: +3/6/9/12/15/18/21/24/27/30% (max level 10)
  • Boss Damage: +3/6/9/12/15/19/23/27/31/35% (max level 10)
  • Elemental Resistance: +4/8/12/16/20% (max level 5)
  • Status Resistance: +1/2/3/4/5/7/9/11/13/15% (max level 10)
  • Stance: +2/4/6/8/10% (max level 5)

Hyper Stats SP Consumption

  • Level 1: 01 SP (Total: 1 SP)
  • Level 2: 02 SP (Total: 3 SP)
  • Level 3: 04 SP (Total: 7 SP)
  • Level 4: 08 SP (Total: 15 SP)
  • Level 5: 10 SP (Total: 25 SP)
  • Level 6: 15 SP (Total: 40 SP)
  • Level 7: 20 SP (Total: 60 SP)
  • Level 8: 25 SP (Total: 85 SP)
  • Level 9: 30 SP (Total: 115 SP)
  • Level 10: 35 SP (Total: 150 SP)

Total SP you gain per 10 Levels

  • Level 140: 3 SP
  • Level 150: 34 SP
  • Level 160: 75 SP
  • Level 170: 126 SP
  • Level 180: 187 SP
  • Level 190: 258 SP
  • Level 200: 339 SP
  • Level 210: 430 SP
  • Level 220: 531 SP
  • Level 230: 642 SP
  • Level 240: 763 SP
  • Level 250: 894 SP

MapleStory Hyper Skill Build Information


  • MapleStory Hyper Skills are introduced as a supplement in 4th Job Skills which are unlocked as you progress higher levels.
  • Each of these skills only requires 1 SP (Skill Point) to max!
  • You will gain Hyper Skill Points (HSP) every 10 levels starting at Level 140 to 200.
  • There are 2 types of Hyper Stats. Passive Hyper Skill Point to upgrade your existing job skill and Active Hyper Skill Point to unlock a new skill.
  • They are total of 5 Passive HSP and 3 Active HSP.
  • The only thing you need to worry is which skill you need to max for Passive Hyper Skills.
  • The Active Hyper Skill Points is sufficient to max all Active Hyper Skills.

Level : Hyper Skill Points

  • Level 140 : P (Passive Hyper Skill Point)
  • Level 150 : A (Active Hyper Skill Point)
  • Level 160 : P
  • Level 170 : A
  • Level 180 : P
  • Level 190 : P
  • Level 200 : P, A

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    and I am in MapleStory m… NAmerica

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  14. matrixphijr

    IED is multiplicative, not additive. That means that adding 30% to an already-existing 50% will NOT give you 80%.
    The actual formula goes like this: [1 – (1 – x) * (1 – y) * (1 – z)…]
    Or, less confusingly, take each source of IED you have separately, then multiply their inverses together (in decimal form — 30% becomes 1 – .3, or .7), then take the inverse of that (and round up, if necessary).
    For example, let’s take a character who has 5 sources of IED: 50%, 30%, 30%, 10%, and 10%. That character’s total IED is not 130%, of course. Instead, it’s .5 * .7 * .7 * .9 * .9, or .19845, which is then inverted to .80155 and rounded to 81%.
    Mathematically speaking, it is impossible for IED to ever reach 100%, and its returns diminish substantially the higher it goes (in fact, adding another separate source of 10% to the example character will only give you a total of 83% IED), and the more sources you have (if, instead of adding a separate 10%, one of the 30%s became 40%, the total IED would be 84%).
    That is why small additions do not necessarily impact the total. However, rest assured that it is not a waste. The difference between, say, 85% and 95% total IED is substantial. On high-level enemies, it can affect total DPS by millions of damage. And on bosses with PDR (Percent Damage Reduction), not having high IED can severely cripple your damage (that’s another long explanation into how that works). IED is crucial.

  15. matrixphijr

    To all:
    Once a character reaches 250, they will have accumulated a total of 894 Hyper Stat points (as the guide states). Keeping that in mind, a character can have up to 5 level 10s (maxed), a level 9, a level 5, and 4 points left (potentially a level 2 and/or level 1 in something like Speed).

    The 5 most important Hyper Stats are, of course, Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Ignore Defense (IED), Damage, and Boss Damage. Beyond that, it depends on class and preference. If your class already has 90% Crit Rate, it would be dumb to add 10 points into Hyper Crit Rate, as it can’t go beyond 100%. Status Resist is always good, though it has diminishing returns. For Demon Slayers, getting extra Demon Fury might be helpful (or Kanna, as the DF Hyper also gives max mana for Kanna). %HP is an obvious choice for Demon Avengers, but can also be useful for any class. It’s all about preference. The only thing I would avoid would be the stat bonuses (STR, DEX, INT, LUK), as they are flat and do not stack with % potential. At most, put 1 or 2 points in your primary stat as a throwaway if you don’t need Status Resist or something. That’s one spot where I disagree with the guide.

  16. mgm

    Thanks for the guide but I am new and I don’t understand a lot of things. I’m a magician i/l lvl 170, how should I distribute my hyper stats points? Thanks in advance.

  17. CelestialOne

    Should be noted, as you near 80% (IED) the hyper skill doesnt raise it by +3% each time. As a mihile main, i have top quality gear such as superior gollux set, tyrants, etc. The point im getting to is that i set on 77% (IED), when i add a point to the hyperskill passive for (IED) it goes up to 78. As i add another point, it doesnt move and stays at 78. Adding a third point will increase it to 79 but it takes another 3 points to increase it, by 1%, to 80%. The last 4 points have to be used in order to reach 81%, 1% more. This is a waste and not worth putting points into if you have 75% (IED) already. I dont even have the link skill that ignores enemy defence, i will be getting it now though and finally obtain 100%(IED).

  18. OokamiNeko


    For the status resistance there is no percentage. For example its just +1/2/3/4….

  19. Joe

    Hello ayumilove. I am an Evan. Didn’t see any comments having Evan hyper stat . Not very sure about this . Still new . Able to help me ? Thanks

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  22. Chan

    hello, i want to ask what skill should i use mastery book 20 at?? can u list in order??

  23. Ayumilove

    @Guillermo: It’s always good to have boss damage% and damage% for bossing and training. For MapleStory characters, we have IED (Ignore Enemy Defense) stats that reduces the Monster Defense (PDR = Physical Damage Reduction which only monsters have and not MapleStory players). It’s good to have sufficient IED. If you have IED supplied from your scrolled/potential equips, it’s not necessary to add IED Hyper Stats.

  24. Guillermo

    Heelo Ayumilove thanks for this exclent guide of Hyper Stats.
    I wanted to ask. I have a Dk on Reboot server lvl 209 and i wanted to know if 10 points on boss % , dmg and pdr is good to have it max.
    And with Hyper skill should inuse to bossing i hope you can help me , Thanks!.

  25. FChu

    In my opinion the Status Resistance hyper stat is no longer worth putting points into until the main 5 hyper skills are 10/10 (Damage, Boss Damage, IED, Crit Damage and Crit Chance). It is almost useless after the V patch to have high amounts of Status resistance, and the Cygnus link skill gives 25 all by itself, so maybe put a disclaimer for people to stop putting points into it once it starts decaying at around 50% status duration

  26. question

    @ ayumilove: yes i wanted to ask too. why put point into status resistance? 6 points in it increases my resistance from 50% to 52%. i dont think its worth it. does status resistance negate status if its higher? like the word resist comes out instead of halving the duration?

    @Timed_Out: why does it depend on luck? it does nt anymore since it only reduces the status effects by the amount.. eg 50% 10 sec duration become 5 sec. not like anyone will want to wait 5 sec also. they rather press all cure potion button. maybe if 90% status resistance only worth it but i dont think any class can reach it.

  27. Timed_Out

    Why is it recommended to put points into status resistance? Seems like a pretty useless stat because of how it depends on how lucky you are .

  28. Hexen

    Thank you for the hard work.
    Can you please suggest me what should I do with my Beast Tamer? (Bear+Cat).

    I’m asking regarding the Hyper skills + Hyper stats.
    What should I do? Where should I invest those points?

    Thank you very much, in advance.

  29. Alex Park

    I have an Aran lvl 161, and i havent touched these yet. What do you recommend i do with the stats?

  30. Ayumilove

    @Kai: It would be best to put points in all 3 stats (STR, LUK and DEX) instead of just distributing the AP (Ability Points) into a single stat. There was an experiment done to compare both of them, and the mix stats had an upperhand in a couple hundred damage more in range.

  31. Kai

    What would be good for xenons? Is putting points into all str luk and dex with it?

  32. WatEver

    Hi Ayumilove~ Can you please tell me how phantom point should be added!!~Thanks

  33. Ayumilove

    @Horacio: Add your Hyper Stat Points (HSP) to Damage%, Boss Damage%, Critical Damage% instead of LUK as they will grow your damage much more significantly compared to LUK.

  34. Jasberg

    Hi ayumilove, do you have any guide about potential stat for eq, and also the best stat for the eq category, mostly about weapon, secondary weapon, emblem.

  35. Horacio

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  36. Anonymous

    The calculator is out of date since Critical Damage became a stat instead of Min Crit/Max crit

  37. Qwerty

    Hi Ayumi, thanks for the great guides! I was wondering what would be the optimal hyper stats build for Kanna?

  38. Ayumilove

    @Krops: I would recommend you to go with Damage, Critical Damage, Critical Rate, Ignore Enemy Defense first. If you often go boss raid/solo, then adding into Boss Damage early seems a good idea. Once those are maxed, you can go with the non-essential such as Primary Stat, Secondary Stat, Stance and Status Resistance.

  39. Krops

    hi ayu i follow your guides for a very long time and you’r the most accuarate and the most easy to understand , specialy for news players , any way i just wonna ask about bucaneer , i made mine to be my main class , so i just reached 140 and iam newbie with this new hyper stats mode i wonna focus on str/crit/boss dmg , what do you think ? have a great day

  40. Ayumilove

    @Andrew: Demon Avenger’s primary stat is HP, so add skill points into it. The remaining can be placed into secondary stat which is STR (Strength). However, ensure all the essential damage boosting stats are maxed out first (example: Boss Damage, Critical Damage, Critical Rate, etc) as shown in the table above.

  41. Ayumilove

    @Jason: You can use the Warrior Build for Zero.

  42. Ayumilove

    @Xavier: Magicians depends on INT (primary stat) and LUK (secondary stat) for their damage. Since there isn’t sufficient SP (Skill Points) to be allocated into primary stat, the remaining is put into secondary stat.

  43. Ayumilove

    @Jordan: Yes, that’s correct. There isn’t sufficient stat points to be allocated into the primary stat. Therefore, the remaining skill points is distributed into secondary stat.

  44. Ayumilove

    @Quinny: Thanks for your feedback! I have corrected Critical Damage stats.

  45. Quinny

    Critical Damage: +1/2/3/4/5/7/9/11/13/15% (max level 10)

    That’s wrong. As of the V patch, It’s now 1% per level. So 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10.

  46. Jason

    Not really sure what the build should be for Zero’s

  47. Xavier

    Sorry noob here, just curious why LUK on magicians? (Luminous)

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  50. Knightx

    Hi Ayumilove, Can you make a guide for xenon and pirate HSP?

  51. Andrew

    Hi for Demon Avenger’s hyper stats which would u recommend pumping??? Like Demon Avenger’s hyper Stat build?

  52. Ayumilove

    @Maak: Please refer to the table above on how to add Hyper Stat points as it applies to most jobs. In addition, kindly read the explanation above the table to determine the suitable stat to add for your job.

  53. Ayumilove

    @Alex: Thanks for the notice! I have replaced “Minimum Critical Damage” and “Maximum Critical Damage” with “Critical Damage” for V patch.

  54. Alex

    Please update the content for V patch… there’s no longer minimum or maximum critical

  55. Maak

    For shadower, how to add the hyper stats build @ lvl 200? don’t quite get the guide here.

  56. Dennis

    @Ayumilove How about kinesis hyper stat build>?

  57. Sickskillz

    Ouch, I seem to have invested quite a lot into Str already. So…..I’m meant to go by the first one, it’s the same for all classes except primary and secondary stat. How do you reset Hyper Skill Points?

  58. Ayumilove

    @Sickskillz: Sorry for the confusion. Basically, the guide is referring to MapleStory Region that has Reboot patch will apply the latest Hyper Stat system, whereas the one that does not have the Reboot Patch will use the old Hyper Stat System. Only the old Hyper Stat System has passive skills that boost physical and magic defense! I have updated the guide to make it clearer.

  59. Ayumilove

    @Tekkema: Damage stat boosts your min and max damage significantly compared to primary stat 🙂

  60. Sickskillz

    What should I do for Kaiser? I don’t see defense or magic defense in the non-reboot. I see what’s shown on reboot in the non-reboot.

  61. Tekkema

    Ayumilove Hello ^^ Long time reader of your guides and Im happy you update as often as you do:D.I was curious though,With a Zero and its primary stat being Strength.Would it be okay to follow the chart you placed above for this class aswell?I am also seeing that at lvl 200 you would apply only 3 stats to your primary stat and 8 to Damage. Why is that I ask? Im abit confused XD. Sorry for babbling.

  62. Arlordez

    Stance is the knockback when u get hit by monsters.

  63. DaysBreak

    May i ask what is the Stance for ?

  64. Javier

    Erm. Here’s my 2cents. Typically warriors have 100% stance. I think its redundant to include it in the guide as some players might be careless enough to follow blindly.

    Also, for shadowers, we have this skill that eventually makes our critical rate 100%, so if we can convert that 25 points into other stats, which 1 would be wise?

  65. GozaruDesuu

    Hyper stats for Night Walker?

  66. Ayumilove

    @Informer: Primary stat for Demon Avenger is HP, so add HP into it instead of STR/DEX. For Xenon, you can distribute these HSP for the primary stats equally for STR, DEX and LUK. The rest of the Hyper Stats can use as shown in the guide above (damage boosting stat) while the complimentary stat will based on your equipped being scrolled since everyone’s equip is different.

  67. Ayumilove

    @jowoo2000: How to use this guide is to know your character’s job specialty in stat (example: Demon Slayer has 100% stance, so we do not need to add any HSP/Hyper-Skill-Points into Stance Hyper Stat). Add HSP into the damage boosting hyper stat as described in the guide above. With the remaining HSP, you can max the lower priority ones but needs to take account of your equips that may have boosted those stats (ignore defense/critical rate/status resistance/etc). I have provided a calculator (made in Flash), you can use it to calculate how much HSP is required for your job!

  68. Ayumilove

    @SwordFish: Thanks for your comment! I have added your notes into the guide above.

  69. SwordFish

    You have it as a pirate having its primary stat as DEX, and its secondary as STR, but a pirates primary and secondary depend on what type it is, bucc type (like shade) being STR, and sair type (like Jett) being DEX.

  70. Kitty

    hi there, can post the hyper skill build guide for Eunwol and DA? which needs to max at lvl 10 and what others hyper skill needs to be added. thx a bunch in advance for your great help. 🙂

  71. KPoopStarM9

    Can you post one for phantoms? Thank you!!

  72. Ayumilove

    @Informer: Will still use the above Hyper Skill Build guide since it’s focus primarily on damage. For other secondary skills, you can opt to add those skill points into your preferred stats (e.g. HP stat for Demon Avenger)

  73. Informer

    What about a build for oddball cases like Demon Avenger and Xenon?

  74. Viktor

    Hello! I would like to make an advertisement on your blog. Please contact me via email – viktor.nasserman (at) gmail (dot) com

  75. NuuyaChan

    Ayumi, thanks for everything you’ve done in here. I really need to ask you something, I’m building a beast tamer. Which Hyper Stats Buid you recommend? Thanks again :3

  76. jwoo2000

    Hey ayumi, how do I actually use this guide? Do I level up the stats that have the highest level first?

  77. Ayumilove

    @SpiritGuard: Damage and Boss Damage can go above 100% compared to other stats such as Critical Rate which maxed out at 100%.

  78. Ayumilove

    @Deathsphere: Thanks for spotting the mistake! I have updated Boss Damage in the table.

  79. Deathsphere

    Your boss damage % in the chart don’t match the % in the list below it.

  80. Yichor

    Hey Ayumilove,did demon slayer at reboot become nerf?

  81. Lex

    hi. what would be the HS build for mechanics in reboot? thank you 😀

  82. SpiritGuard

    So as a shade, your saying I dont need to put my hyper stat points into damage and boss damage? But str and crit?

  83. CodeNox

    What about for Night Walker? Not sure if stance is affected while we’re jump attacking, so would that be different? Also, is elemental resistence really that important? (Reboot World)

  84. Ayumilove

    @RandomStranger: Hyper Stats for Xenon will focus mainly on Critical Rate, Boss Damage, Minimum Critical Damage, Maximum Critical Damage, PDR (Ignore Defense = 80~86%). The hyper stats (DEX, STR, INT, LUK) provides a flat boost which means its not affected by stats%. It’s preferable to add till 5~6. 7 and above consumes a considerable amount of HSP (Hyper Stat Points) which I don’t feel worth it unless you are level 250 and this provides you with more HSP to distribute.

  85. RandomStranger

    Hey ayumilove, for the reboot world patch, any guides for the hyper stats build for xenon?

  86. xxjoexx

    thx for your guide,ayumi i hava 1 more question is my main charater is demon slayer its weapon def very easy become 9999 so did i still need to up hyper defence and magic defence because just magic defence did not 9999 only

  87. Ayumilove

    @xxjoexx: Hyper Speed does not increase attack speed. Only movement speed. Hyper Accuracy allows you to hit monsters with high avoid, especially the ones which are higher level than your character’s level. However, Hyper Accuracy does not increase Critical Success Rate.

  88. xxjoexx

    did hyper speed have increase attack or not ?
    and hyper accuaracy i heard ppl say can deal less miss and more critical is that true?

  89. Mike

    Why Stance for Warriors? Don’t they have 100% stance from 1st and 4th job skills combined?

  90. yichor

    hi ayumi for my demon slayer level 170 can i up my hyper accuary because i heard ppl say accuary can deal less miss and deal more critical did that is true?

  91. Elizabelle

    excuse me, just wondering if its better to just dump all hyper stat points into HP for demon avenger >< cant find a guide anywhere..

  92. AbsoZeroSil

    For my evan which hyper passive skill build should i follow?

  93. Chad

    Hi, i know that im supposed to get the hyper jump skill at level 146 so when i reached that level, i was expecting a hyper skill point so i could raise it. But i didnt get one so i thought id get one the next level. I just reached level 147 and i still cant raise it since i didnt get any hyper skill points. Is this supposed to happen?

  94. DragonManipulator372

    Never mind, I’m stupid, ignore me xD

  95. Ayumilove

    @toushirou3: Yeah for me I will go with Hyper Max Mana as its much more useful with Elixir Recovery Potions. However, for damage-optimizer player they can go with Hyper Dexterity.

  96. Ayumilove

    @Hua: I rarely reset my Hyper Skills. Therefore, I do not know the max reset costs for Hyper Skills. Perhaps other Mapler here who knows can comment about it 🙂

  97. Ayumilove

    @Gundir: Sorry for the late reply. I have added your Dual Blade Hyper Skill Build into the guide above!

  98. Hua

    It will cost max 10mil mesos after you reach* this amount. (typo) lol

  99. Hua

    What are the reset costs for resetting Hyper Skills?

    The first time you reset you have to pay 100k mesos, the 2nd time it will cost 1 mil mesos but after that I don’t know.

    Might be multiplied by 10 everytime, but it will be kinda fast to reach the maximum costs after 2 resets if that is true.

    It will cost max 10mil mesos after you read this amount.

  100. Gundir

    Hey Ayumi, I came up with a Dual Blader Hyper Skill build:

    – (140) Hyper Luck
    – (150) Hyper Strength
    – (160) Hyper Dexterity
    – (170) Hyper Defense
    – (190) Hyper Magic Defense
    – (200) Hyper Health

    So, this build might be a bit awkward, but a thief’s damage output benefits directly from Strength. On top of that, a higher critical rate is pretty much useless for a Dual Blader, seeing as Shadow Meld raises the critical rate to 100% for a few seconds.

  101. milhan

    terima kasih

  102. Ayumilove

    @Kai: Players will not receive additional HSP (Hyper Skill Points) and SP (Skill Points) after Level 200. Only AP (Ability Points) are continuously issued per level up after Level 200.

  103. Kai

    Hii, I would like to ask, will we able to receive hyper skill points after lv200 or in short max out all the hyper at lv250?

  104. Bryce

    why do all characters have a +50 DF hyper skill? is it a bug from nexon or, does it do anything?

  105. Anon


  106. Ayumilove

    Thanks skxy for sharing your Hyper Skill Build 😀 I’ll add it to the guide above so others can compare and see which 1 suits them best 🙂

  107. skxy

    Im IL mage, hyper skill i upped is different from your suggestion, just for sharing
    1. Hyper Intelligence
    2. Hyper Luck (Reason being, 5Luk = 1 Int, up this equal to adding 10 Int)
    – Replacing Hyper HP because Ice Aura has been made every mobs attack only deal 1 damage to my hp, hence shorter the hp can safe pot from bossing (eg. Hilla skill that only reduce hp)
    3. Hyper Max MP
    4. Hyper Critical Rate
    5. Hyper Physical Guard
    6. Hyper Movement
    – Replacing Hyper Magical Guard, having extra 500MD is very little from my base 5k MD, so I choose speed instead of defence

  108. Ayumilove

    Hi Logikable, accuracy doesn’t do much but allowing you to hit monsters successfully (with less misses). This is very helpful when training against monsters who are 5-8 levels above you using Cleric Blessing or Bishop Advanced Blessing. I have experienced it before and it allowed my Xenon to 1 hit KO those monsters with 0 misses.

  109. Logikable

    Ayumilove, I’m pretty sure accuracy no longer does anything.

  110. Ayumilove

    Thanks Lee Shao Wei for the correction. I have corrected MapleStory Mana to Hyper Mana.

  111. Lee Shao Wei

    Maplestory Mana ? shouldn’t it be hyper Mana ?

  112. Ayumilove

    Hi :D, I would recommend you to put the url of the guide on your blog linking to my site instead of copying and pasting the entire guide to your blog. The guides here goes through several updates to sync with MapleStory.

  113. :D

    I would edit some of your guide so to my preference if that is ok with you.

  114. :D

    Hi ayumi can i ask for permissions to upload your guide on my blog?

  115. Ayumilove

    Hi AranLiberator, grab the STR, HP and MP Boost. You can also grab the DEX and Accuracy to further boost your success rate of hitting enemies easily without missing.

  116. AranLiberator

    ayumi,i was wondering what hyperskill stat’s should i add for aran thanks

  117. Ayumilove

    Hi Jacky, accuracy is better for warrior. High accuracy means easier way to hit enemies with high avoid. For dex, it improves some damage and accuracy, but does not provide sufficient accuracy boost per dex compared to pure accuracy.

  118. Jacky

    Which is better hyper dex or Acc? Job = Kaiser & dual blade.
    Thanks in advance..

  119. Anzu

    Ayumilove, how many points do we get in total for the stats section, the passive section, and the active section?

  120. Andy liu

    Hi aymuilove do Jett have hyper skills?

  121. Ayumilove

    Hi steven, when you first reach Phantom 4th Job, you will not be able to find Phantom Blow. So I guess that skill requires a skill book which can be obtain from looting boss drops such as Zakum, Chaos Zakum, Hilla.

  122. steven

    Hi ayumi, do phantom blow still needs a skillbook?

  123. Ayumilove

    Hi T.o.p , it should be +20% Accuracy.

  124. T.o.p

    Hi ayumi.. Hyper accuracy add 20 accuracy or 20% ?

  125. xInfinit3

    hi ayumi, do u know where can i actually reset my hyperskills if i added it wrongly?

  126. Ayumilove

    Hi kostya, probably they will get Hyper Skills as how Explorer gets them.

  127. kostya

    is Ultimat explorer get a Hyper skill too?

  128. Unknown Name

    @Steven the only real use for hyper fury is for demon slayers for example at forth job for demon slayers they are capped at 120 demon fury but if you put a point into hyper fury the new fury cap is 170

  129. Steven

    Hi. I was wondering what is the Hyper Fury skill. What does it do? Thanks!

  130. Ayumilove

    Hi Tom, KMS (Korea MapleStory) has Hyper Skills enabled!

  131. Tom

    Then, do u know what server does enable hyper skill?

  132. Ayumilove

    Hi Tom, since ExtaliaMS is based from GMS, GMS might not have enabled those Hyper Skills yet or probably the developers in ExtaliaMS have not coded them.

  133. Tom

    By the way I am playing on ExtaliaMS.

  134. Tom

    Hi I would like to know how can I use the reg SP to upgrade the hyper skills, look I have reg SP but I dont know how can I use them as hyper SP?

  135. hjx

    if u playing SEA, there will be Hyper Skill next time not now coz the patch haven’t come

  136. chun nam

    i lvl 143 le no hyper skil??????

    my job pantom

    xobetox my pantom name

  137. Neash

    Hayato have Hyper Skill?

  138. Deity

    I hate to say this, but… this part of your website isn’t very good.

  139. Ayumilove

    Hi Aria, Xenon and Demon Avenger have yet to be released in GMS Region. Currently they are only available in KMS (Korea MapleStory). After GMS has released Hayato, they will be releasing Xenon and Demon Avenger after 3-6 months time (after they have translated those Korean text into English Text for Quest, Skills, Voice Over, etc)

  140. Aria

    Xenon and demon avenger are classes non available on gms or what are they?

  141. Ra

    Ayumi, can you make a list of Skill Links? I’ve been trying to track down various ones, but nothing seems solid. This seemed like the best place to ask.