MapleStory Archer Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Archer MapleStory Archer can advanced as a Bow Master or Marksman. This specific job route is determined when you reach Level 30. This guide takes account of the new changes aka revamp made by KMS (Korea MapleStory) Developers starting off with kMSt ver. 1.2.479 – Adventurer Warrior and Magician Reorganizations Patch! Bowmen, also known as Archers, are a part of Explorers and are the characters that wield Bows and Crossbows. They use long-range attacks and are capable dealing splash damage. They also have the highest accuracy, thus granting them the ability to fight Bosses earlier than the other classes. Their strength at long-range combat allows them to defeat creatures much larger than them earlier than other classes. However, they are one of the classes that have the lowest HP, causing them to wash HP or blood-mastering to gain more HP.

Archer Overview

CLASS: Adventurer/Explorer
SECONDARY WEAPON: *This is determined in 2nd-job*
MAPLE UNION EFFECT: *This is determined in 2nd-job*
BEST INNER ABILITY: *This is determined in 2nd-job*

Bowman Beginner Skills

Please refer to Explorer Beginner/Novice Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among Warrior, Archer, Magician, Thief and Pirate.

Bowman – Archer 1st Job Skills

Archer Mastery (Passive)
Builds proficiency in the fundamentals of Archery. Increases Range, Movement Speed, and Max Movement Speed.
Level 1: Range +8, Movement Speed +2, Max Movement Speed Increased to 146
Level 15: Range +120, Movement Speed +30, Max Movement Speed Increased to 160

Double Jump (Active)
Allows you to double-jump to cover more distance. Double-tap the ↑,↑ arrow keys to jump once in midair. Press the ↓,↓ arrow keys to descend quickly.
Level 1: MP Cost: 28, jumps further
Level 10: MP Cost: 10, jumps further

Arrow Blow (Active)
Shoots arrows at multiple enemies.
Level 1: MP Cost: 5, Damage: 200%, Max Enemies Hit: 4
Level 20: MP Cost: 11, Damage: 295%, Max Enemies Hit: 4

Critical Shot (Passive)
Increases Critical Rate.
Level 1: Critical Hit Rate: +2%
Level 20: Critical Hit Rate: +40%

Archer Skill Build Guide: Everything maxed.
1. Archer Mastery, Arrow Blow (1)
2. Double Jump (MAX)
3. Archer Mastery (MAX)
4. Arrow Blow (MAX)
5. Critical Shot (MAX)

MapleStory RED Archer primary attacking skill will be Arrow Blow. Add 1 SP into Arrow Blow to unlock it and leave it at Level 1 first as it will be sufficient for training purposes. Double Jump to reach monsters quicker and speed up traveling. Archer Mastery for additional stat and mastery. Arrow Blow for more damage. Max Critical Shot last since the extra damage pops up randomly whereas maxing Arrow Blow provides constant damage improvement.

Additional Information

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