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Raid Shadow Legends Intercept skill grants an Intercept buff to oneself or allies, providing robust protection against incoming debuffs. Functioning akin to Block Debuff, Intercept serves as a tactical response to the widespread Sheep meta (e.g. Polymorph Blessing, Sheep ability) in the Arena. Moreover, it shields against various crowd-control debuffs like Stun, Freeze, Petrification, Sleep, Fear, True Fear, and the notorious Sheep debuff.

Intercept FAQ

How does Intercept works?

Intercept functions as a formidable shield against debuffs through various mechanics: each stack of Intercept blocks one debuff attempt, vanishing upon successful block; it maintains an indefinite duration until thwarting a debuff. When a weaker Intercept is applied, the stronger stack prevails, ensuring sustained protection against debuffs.

How does Intercept complement Block Debuff or immunity against specific debuffs?

When both Intercept and Block Debuffs are active, a stack is only lost to unblockable debuffs. If a Champion is immune to specific debuffs, Intercept depletes only when faced with an unblockable threat.

Can Intercept be dispelled or removed by specific abilities or effects?

Intercept can be removed using Remove Buff or Steal Buff ability, or apply multiple variant debuffs simultaneously to remove all the Intercept stacks instantly.

What debuffs that Intercept cannot block?

Intercept buff cannot blocked protected debuff such as Enfeeble debuff from Phantom Shogun, or protected Brimstone debuff from Brimstone blessing.

Intercept Buff Types

Raid Shadow Legends Increase Defense 30%


Prevents an ally from receiving debuff from enemy with Intercept buff.

Intercept Champions (1)

Intercept (Target)



  1. Vault Keeper Wixwell (SO-LDF)





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  1. John doe

    just a grammar note: “Intercept buff cannot block protected debuffs such as the Enfeeble debuff from Phantom Shogun, or protected Brimstone debuff blessing”