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Raid Shadow Legends Poison Skill allows a Champion to apply Poison debuff on 1 or more enemy Champions, so they take DoT (Damage over Time) whenever they start their turn. The Poison damage is inflicted based on ENEMY MAX HP. However, if an enemy Champion has Shield Buff with Poison Debuff, the Poison damage will reduce the Shield first before HP (Hit Points aka Life). This skill is excellent against enemies that has vast amount of HP especially enemies and bosses in Dungeons and Clan Boss. There are 2 versions of Poison debuff (2.5% and 5%). The first Poison debuff reduces enemy’s HP by 2.5% of Enemy MAX HP while the second Poison debuff reduces enemy’s HP by 5% of Enemy MAX HP.

Raid Shadow Legends Poison 2.5%

Poison 2.5%

Damages the target Champion by 2,5% of their MAX HP at the beginning of their Turn. This damage is only affected by Poison Sensitivity and scales in accordance with the Target’s MAX HP. Block Damage blocks it. If the Target Champion has a Shield, Poison damage will be applied to the Shield first.

Raid Shadow Legends Poison 5%

Poison 5%

Damages the target Champion by 5% of their MAX HP at the beginning of their Turn. This damage is only affected by Poison Sensitivity and scales in accordance with the Target’s MAX HP. Block Damage blocks it. If the Target Champion has a Shield, Poison damage will be applied to the Shield first.

5% Poison Champions (53)

5% Poison (AoE)


  1. Bad-el-Kazar (UH-LSF)
  2. Elenaril (HE-LAM)
  3. Guurda Bogbrew (OT-LSF)
  4. Harvest Jack (UH-LHS)
  5. Kalvalax (KR-LAS)
  6. Prince Kymar (DS-LSM)
  7. Richtoff the Bold (BL-LAS)
  8. Tomb Lord (KR-LSS)
  9. Zavia (DE-LAF)


  1. Taurus (SW-EAM)
  2. Toragi the Frog (SK-EHM)
  3. Urogrim (OT-ESV)
  4. Venomage (LZ-ESM)


  1. Coldheart (DE-RAV)
  2. Magus (KR-RAM)



5% Poison (Target)


  1. Narma the Returned (KR-LSM)
  2. Nethril (UH-LAS)
  3. Urost the Soulcage (UH-LHV)
  4. Venus (SO-LSV)
  5. Zavia (DE-LAF)


  1. Anax (UH-EAS)
  2. Aox the Rememberer (LZ-ESF)
  3. Cardinal (SO-ESV)
  4. Dark Kael (DE-EAM)
  5. Erinyes (DS-EAF)
  6. Fahrakin the Fat (BA-EAS)
  7. Fayne (SW-EAS)
  8. Fenshi (SK-EAF)
  9. Juliana (SO-EAM)
  10. Karam (UH-EAF)
  11. Luthiea (HE-EAF)
  12. Marksman (HE-EAS)
  13. Occult Brawler (OT-EHS)
  14. Rowan (BL-EAV)
  15. Scabrius (SW-EAM)
  16. Steelskull (SW-ESS)
  17. Taya (SK-EAV)
  18. Toragi the Frog (SK-EHM)
  19. Yaga the Insatiable (SW-EAF)


  1. Assassin (SK-RAM)
  2. Avir the Alchemage (DW-RSM)
  3. Bloodpainter (SW-RAF)
  4. Frozen Banshee (UH-RAM)
  5. Gravechill Killer (UH-RAM)
  6. Hyria (HE-RAS)
  7. Perforator (DW-RAF)
  8. Slayer (BA-RAF)
  9. Tigersoul (BA-RAS)


  1. Outlaw Monk (SO-UAF)


  1. Death Hound (UH-CAM)

5% Poison (Random)


  1. Dracomorph (LZ-LAM)


  1. Aothar (SO-EAF)
  2. Corpse Collector (UH-ESF)


  1. Kael (DE-RAM)


  1. Brute (OT-UAM)


2.5% Poison Champions (21)

2.5% Poison (AoE)


  1. Gurptuk Moss-Beard (OT-LSF)



  1. Ragemonger (BA-RAV)


  1. Cultist (KR-UAF)
  2. Dead Crusader (UH-UDF)


2.5% Poison (Target)




  1. Bombardier (BL-RAF)
  2. Eviscerator (DE-RAV)
  3. Grappler (SW-RDS)
  4. Gravechill Killer (UH-RAM)
  5. Haruspex (LZ-RSV)
  6. Hollow (UH-RAV)
  7. Kael (DE-RAM)
  8. Totem (OR-RSS)
  9. Treefeller (OR-RAF)
  10. Warmaiden (BA-RAF)


  1. Fireblade (BL-UAS)
  2. Infiltrator (SK-UAF)
  3. Redeemer (DE-UAF)
  4. Tracker (OR-UAF)
  5. Tunnel Steward (DW-UAS)


  1. Lurker (DE-CAM)

2.5% Poison (Random)




  1. Ragemonger (BA-RAV)


  1. Cultist (KR-UAF)
  2. Dead Crusader (UH-UDF)


2.5% Poison (Self)



  1. Occult Brawler (OT-EHS)




Special Poison Champions (9)

Detonate Poison (AoE)


  1. Elenaril (HE-LAM)
  2. Zavia (DE-LAF)





Detonate Poison (Target)



  1. Karam (UH-EAF)




Activate Poison



  1. Dark Kael (DE-EAM)
  2. Taya (SK-EAV)
  3. Venomage (LZ-ESM)




Poison (Dependent)


  1. Bad-el-Kazar (UH-LSF)
  2. Kalvalax (KR-LAS)


  1. Scabrius (SW-EAM)




Poison (Passive)


  1. Kalvalax (KR-LAS)





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57 thoughts on “Poison Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Lixeldar

    Presumably the chance of applying a poison debuff is affected by acc and res like other debuffs?

  2. David Union

    you don’t have orn or noct, maybe some other new ones.

  3. Begone!

    You do not have Teodor the Savant listed here.

  4. Whyte Wizarrd

    Do you have a list of “Activate Poison” champions?

  5. partyshaker45

    Occult brawler as poison passive is missing 🙂

  6. Kulbangal


  7. assassin

    What’s the difference between activate poison and detonate poison? I’m at a loss here.

  8. Ayumilove Post author

    @Shane Williams: This page contains a list of champions who can apply Poison debuff.

  9. Shane Williams

    Why does clinking the link for Poison Debuff come to this page?

  10. Ayumilove Post author

    @Spotz: Urogrim has been added to the Poison champion list!

  11. Spotz

    Missing the new King of Poisons: Urogrim

  12. Ayumilove Post author

    @Alexander M Graves: Venomage has been added to the Poison champion skill list!

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    @Randy: Assassin has been added to the Poison champion skill list!

  14. Randy

    Assassin – Shadowkin
    A1 – attacks 1 enemy. 50% chance of placing a %5 poison
    A2 – attacks 1 enemy. 50% chance of increasing duration of all debuffs on enemy by 1 turn
    A3 – attacks 1 enemy. 75% chance of placing 15% weaken for 2 turns.

  15. Alexander M Graves

    Venomage | LZ-ESM

    A1 – Detonate 2 poisons

    A3 – AOE poison on A3

  16. Mikhail

    I assume that there is a maximum of Poison stacks debuff that can be applied to a target at once. Looks like no more than 10 at the same time; I tried to test it but can’t figure out whether the new Poison debuffs override the ones with shortest duration, or the ones with lower damage.

    Also note that although the damage counts as being dealt by the respective champion, it does not trigger Lifesteal, does not count as a hit from a skill, and is not affected by Weaken. On the bright side, it ignores all forms of Defense and has no damage cap on bosses other than CB.

  17. korn

    Zavia sometimes didn’t detonate poison on her A3. Does this skill require anything else like acc or crit hit?

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    @REDAF: Narma the Returned is added to the Poison list!

  19. REDAF

    Where is Narma the Returned on the ST 5% poison list?

    Who else is missing?

  20. Aefir

    What is the viability for this champion in CB while running Vizier?

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    @Stephen: Anax has been added to the Poison skill champion list!

  22. Stephen

    Anax should be added to the list.

  23. Ayumilove Post author

    @jok5r: Harvest Jack converts Continuous Heal buff to Poison debuff.

  24. jok5r

    Harvest Jack does not do poisons…

  25. Ayumilove Post author

    @Linc: Harvest Jack converts Continuous Healing buff to Poison debuff.

  26. Linc

    Harvest Jack does not use Poison…

  27. p0yje

    how about tigersoul?

  28. Underworldcoin

    Coldheart is on the 5% poison AOE list?

  29. Ayumilove Post author

    @JimmyFLASH: I have updated the Poison Skill and Detonate Poison Skill champion list. Thanks!

  30. JimmyFLASH

    There is some issue on the page.
    I see just this:
    [list tags=”rsl_skill_poison2_aoe+rsl_rarity_legendary” title=”Legendary“]
    instead of Champ lists.
    THX for fix.

  31. Thegoodman


    This page is broken. Great work on the site!

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @WH4CH: I have added another section for “Detonate Poison” within this page (AoE and Target).

  33. Ayumilove Post author

    @Turel97: I have updated Dracomorph Poison AoE to Poison Random. Thanks for highlighting the error!

  34. WH4CH

    Please add “Deals damage from all poison Debuff instantly” (Elenaril – AOE)(Karam – target)…

  35. Turel97

    dracomorph has random poison towards enemies.
    not aoe.
    can you correct the information ?
    thanks .

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    @Phox: I believe Poison damage ignores the effect of Defense and Strengthen, and its scaled based on Target’s MAX HP. The Poison damage will increase if the target has Poison Sensitivity debuff.

  37. Ayumilove Post author

    @Vince: I have updated the Poison debuff description to include Poison Sensitivity.

  38. Vince


    Poison sensitivity increases those figures by 25%.

    Looks like this phrase in the description

    This damage is not affected by any other effects and only scales in accordance with the Target’s MAX HP.

    is inaccurate now.

  39. Slug

    HP Burn and Poison have a fixed amount of damage to clan bosses because they have a very high health pool.

    HP Burn

    Rare champions can only deal maximum 50k damage per turn.
    Epic and Legendary champions deal maximum 75k damage per turn.

    The maximum amount of damage is based on the difficulty of clan boss:
    Easy: 20k damage per turn
    Normal: 30k damage per turn
    Hard: 40k damage per turn
    Brutal/Ultra Nightmare: 50k damage per turn
    These are 5% poison damage.
    2.5% poison damage deal halves of the above values.

  40. Phox

    Is the poison dmg reduced by defense or Strengthen?

  41. Ayumilove Post author

    @Oleg: I have updated Frozen Banshee from AoE to Target.

  42. Oleg

    Frozen Banshee is not an AoE poisoner…

  43. Ayumilove Post author

    @Rodney: I have added Death Hound into the list above!

  44. Ayumilove Post author

    @Destroyer39: The champion listed here is mainly for Poison applied to enemies instead of allies. Gurptuk Moss-Beard will be added here if Plarium decides to change his skill to apply Poison to enemies instead of allies.

  45. Ayumilove Post author

    @Quriousity: I have updated the Poison Skill Champion List to be sub-categorized into 3 sections (AoE – Area of Effect, Target and Random)

  46. Rodney

    Death Hound is missing from the 5.0% list under common

  47. Quriousity

    Has someone a list of AoE Poisoners?

  48. Destroyer39

    Missing Gurptok Moss-Beard, he has a move that places 5% poison Debuffs on allies.

  49. Grifton

    You have Gravechill Killer listed as a 2.5% poisoner but her A1 is a 5% and her A3 is a 2.5%

  50. Wei Ying

    First, toxic set applies 2.5% poison, second – damage depends on difficulty (on easy might be 12k, on normal 20k, hard 30k and so on from 5% poison), third – the overall damage clan boss receives is capped, check his last skill

  51. Bahi

    poit57: did you aply poison debuf on Clan Boss? If yes, there is much more damage from poison (20000/40000 i think)

  52. poit57

    I am fairly new to the game and trying to figure out the math on these poison debuffs. I don’t see how the damage it is displaying relates in any way to the target’s Max HP.

    I had a toxic set on one of my champions and was noticing that hit was only hitting the easy Clan Boss for about 6,000 damage. When I’m the first player attacking the easy Clan Boss in the morning when his max HP is 19.02M, that 6,000 damage is only about 0.03% of the target’s Max HP.

    Obviously, I’m not calculating the correct formula, so I was wondering if someone could clarify what source for the number that the 2.5% or 5% should be multiplied against.

  53. Maladapted

    I did some brief testing as I noticed the same problem with spider as the first commenter, and it seems that Skavag has additional unmarked resistance to poison as compared to other boss enemies. I tested vs Minotaur for the sake of comparison and from what I can tell Skavag takes 1/10 of the marked amount (.5 or .25%) while minotaur takes 2/5 the marked amount (2 or 1%). For the sake of reproducing, I was testing vs Minotaur 15 and Spider 10, both of which seem to have 5000 HP bar segments. Based on eyeballing, the Minotaur has about 120 segments and the spider has just under 100, and the numbers I was getting for minotaur were around 6000 while the numbers for Skavag were around 1300. I think it would be very helpful if someone made a table of poison resistances, because as far as I can tell there isn’t anything in the game that states this

  54. Ayumilove Post author

    @soulriven: Hi, I have switched from MapleStory to RAID Shadow Legends since the grind is too much for me to handle haha. What stage are you now in for Clan Boss? (e.g. Easy, Normal, Hard, Brutal, Nightmare, Ultra Nightmare). Poison team setup is quite good in all stages of Clan Boss. If you do not have any Counter Attack champion, I highly recommend having at least 2 Champions that can boost up your speed with Increase Speed Buff and Increase Turn Meter, so your champions can take more turns to inflict Poison debuff while at the same time healing from any enemy damages from Lifesteal Set or from Healer. If you have a Counter Attack champion such as Martyr, Skullcrusher or Valkyrie, speed tuned your champions based on the Clan Boss difficulty. Counter Attack team is best suited for Brutal, Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss, while Speed Team setup is best suited for Easy, Normal and Hard Clan Boss. The speed for each Clan Boss are as follows: Brutal (160 Speed), Nightmare (170 Speed), Ultra Nightmare (190 Speed). Have your Counter Attack champion to be the slowest in your team but at least 1 Speed higher than Clan Boss.

  55. soulriven

    Oh Wow, Blast from the past. when I looked up Raid shadowlegends to spec a good poison team. I didnt expect to find you Ayumi 0_o . Its been what feels like a decade and then some change since we last spoke on Maplestory. Glad to see you’re still alive and well! Great guide its a wonderful help.

    Anyway, should i focus on the speed stat for everyone in my poison team, above other stats, especially if I’m going this route? Thanks in advance

    P.S. Old character was Soulriven from Bera

    Much cheers!

  56. Ayumilove Post author

    @Juice: I wouldn’t recommend using Poison to take down the Skavag (Spider Boss) since it requires Skavag to take multiple turns to receive Poison damage. The longer you take the fight, the more powerful Skavag become since each time he consumes his spiderlings, he increase his damage by 10%.

  57. Juice

    Maybe my math is off but I very rarely see poison do a full 5% damage, an example of this when I have 6 stacks of poison on Spider I should counter act it’s healing yet it doesn’t… The spiderling heal 3% yet… Do way more than my poison stacks… I feel like something is off