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Raid Shadow Legends Hex Skill is a skill that applies Hex debuff on enemies to mark them, so the champion’s skill condition will apply to them. Each champion’s condition varies on how the Hex debuff interacts with its target. For instance, it reduces the target’s battle efficiency by reducing his/her speed, increasing damage intake, and so forth.
Hex is a unique debuff introduced into the game to provide some variation to the gameplay such as requiring 2 different champions that uses Hex debuff to apply different effects. Currently, there are not many champions that can apply Hex debuff as this Hex skill is recently introduced. As more champions are added to the game, the Hex champion list will be updated accordingly!

Hex Types

Raid Shadow Legends Hex


Champions under Hex debuffs take damage whenever their allies do. The damage from Hex debuffs ignores Champions’ DEF. The original targets all take full damage. Champions under Hex debuffs take 2% of AoE damage inflicted on their allies, and 10% of single-target damage inflicted on their allies. Champions under Hex debuffs only take extra damage from direct attacks on their allies, not lasting effects (like buffs or debuffs) – for example, damage from Poison, HP Burn, Bomb debuffs, Reflect Damage buffs, etc.

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35 thoughts on “Hex Champion List | Raid Shadow Legends

  1. Fiddle

    Cleopterix also has an aoe hex

  2. Todd M Miller

    Cleopetrix should be on this list too right?

  3. Aeon Mortis

    You’re missing Cleo under the aoe lego champ list. Her a3 places hex, at 75% unbooked.

  4. YoMammasBoy

    @Shizukuishi Enemies under Hex will now take a portion of the damage their allies take.

  5. Shizukuishi

    How is Amiger able to do so much damage to Spider when it is under the Hex buff?

  6. Radarclan

    You forgot teela gormane

  7. Slayer

    The first Hex champ I got was Thylessia and I found her a bit squishy so never used her much except in FW. Then Vildrax came along and did not look like much use either. However, When I got Cleopterix so had a Legendary Hexer, I started taking interest. Now I am halfway to adding Thea and slightly behind with Mithrala Lifebane, so I have decided to create a 100% Hex team if I can. It will be interesting to have a team all doing different Hex skills to see how they get on supporting each other. Fighting enemies who all constantly have one or more Hexes on them should be fun.

  8. Shalizmar

    Maranix needs to be added. Thank you for all you do.

  9. JedaiBilbao

    Mithrala con su Hex puesto en las Valky, etapas de Doom Tower y Facciones, las Valky no se bufean con su Contra-ataque no escudos… Pruebenla. Ese Hex causa diferentes efectos dependiendo del enemigo q tiene el Hex.

  10. $laugherLord

    i recant the statement i made regarding queen eva and hex. i was mistaken. i do however still request an updated description on the hex debuff, as it has been revamped.

  11. $laughterlord

    queen eva also applies hex i believe? since the update anyway, also, i think the aforementioned patch completely revamped hex’s application, effect, and casting ( multiple champion movesets were updated regarding their use of the hex debuff, the actual hex debuff itself, and how certain skills interact with the hex debuff.) correct me if im wrong, though. i know you do this list out of the kindness of your heart and experience, and trust, my whole clan thanks you. just want to keep it as current as possible, for everyone who wants to play as seriously as i do…

  12. Navi

    The Hex skill was recently changed by Plarium. Could you please update this when you get the chance? Thanks! Love the site. Use it constantly.

  13. Azqato.com

    – So… what does this do if the Hex comes from Minotaur?

    Read Minotaur’s first skill. He deals double damage to any enemies with Hex on them.

  14. Joseph Garrison

    So… what does this do if the Hex comes from Minotaur?

  15. Piperlot

    Yumeko is missing from the list.

  16. Ayumilove Post author

    @Dac_hole: I have added Holsring into the Hex champion list. Thanks!

  17. Ayumilove Post author

    @madang94, @Ryan Tracey: I have included Urticata into the Hex champion list!

  18. Dac_hole

    New legendary from Sacred Order, Holsring, applies Hex with his a3 “Witchfinder” ability. As I just got him, I haven’t played with him yet…but he seems to be a good character for Fire Knight…maybe hydra?

  19. Ryan Tracey

    Please update Urticata Demon Spawn

  20. madang94

    there one more..Urticata-demonspawn-epic tier-(wretched nexus)

  21. Tom Chapman Barros-Wing

    @NobleStiff120: the Hex’s debuff effect depends on the skill of the champion who ATTACKS the champion with the debuff. Each debuff champion has skills based on enemies having debuffs on them. It doesn’t matter what kind of champion has the debuff on them. The Hex doesn’t seem to have any inherent effect; it simply allows these 3 champions to do more things when it’s active. It’s quite unlike anything else in the game–closest analogy might be the extra skill effects that are active when two specific champions are both present.

    Thea: Hex debuffs on enemies increase her damage
    Ruel: Several different effects on enemies with Hex debuffs, depending on which skill he’s using.
    Thylessia: If a target has a Hex debuff AND at least one OTHER debuff, has a chance to copy 1 of those non-Hex debuffs and place it on other enemies.

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    @madang94: Thylessia has been added to the Hex champion list!

  23. madang94

    now we have one epic has hex debuff Thylessia from knight revenant 😁👍

  24. NobleStiff120

    So to be clear: The Hex debuff’s effect (eg what form of disability it will manifest on the target) depends uniquely upon each individual target? That IS kind’ve interesting. A total wild card. Players will have to discover by trial and error who its best to use against for their Team! BTW: wow Ayumi your site and how you keep up with replies are an example of excellence.

  25. Jeff

    I first noticed the Hex debuff applied to my champions while fighting the Minotaur.

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    @Tank: Hex debuff is a unique debuff in the game where the negative effect applied varies by champion. I would recommend looking up into each champion’s Hex ability to know more about it.

  27. Ayumilove Post author

    @Destroyer39: I have moved Thea the Tomb Angel from AoE Hex to Target Hex. Thanks!

  28. Tank

    Can anyone give an update on what exactly Hex does? Is it a mystery?

  29. Destroyer39

    Thea’s Hex isn’t an AOE

  30. Hexer

    I really want to HEX someone and have the champ transform into a frog and round around in circles. But this is Plarium, so unless there is a way to get your CC they won’t do anything.

  31. Richard

    I’ve asked this same question. There seems to be no standard. The hex debuff seems to be unique to each champion or boss that applies it.

  32. Sparkltaynt

    Very curious about this debuff. Not a lot of information here so im still a little confused on what it does exactly. Like it “reduces battle efficiency” AND makes enemies take extra damge?
    Or it “reduces battle efficiency” BY making enemies take extra damage?

  33. Desmeren

    With Ruel coming out soon, it would be great to have some actual numbers on the damage dealing decrease and damage taken increase. 🙂

  34. Richard

    What does the hex debuff do? How much does it increase damage and what other effects on the enemy does it have?

  35. Jeff

    When I hit an enemy with the HEX rebuff, what really happens? Does the enemy really take double damage?